Showgirls (1995) Script

Hop in, pard.

Where you going?


Come on.

This is your lucky day.

You can sit a little bit closer if you want.

It was a bad idea.

Chill, okay? I'm chilled.

I sure am glad you're gonna be such good company.

Jesus saves!

I don't like Garth Brooks.

Me neither.

I don't know anybody that likes him.

You gonna keep that thing open all the way to Vegas?

You got a name?

Look, I'll just pull over and you can get out, okay?

I've been driving all the way from Kansas. I'm tired.

I ain't in the mood to get myself pig-stuck For doing somebody a favor. Okay?

I'll just pull on over.

All right?

So you got a name?

I'm Jeff.


What kind of name's that?

My mom was Italian.

Italian, huh?

You one of those mafia girls?

That why you got your blade?

What are you gonna Vegas for, you gonna win?

I'm gonna dance.

You gonna be one of them private escort dancers?

Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kid, you never go to sleep in Vegas.

There she is. You been here before?

Sure. I got an uncle. He's a host at the riviera.

You gamble? No.

You got to gamble if you're gonna win.

I'm gonna win.

You can use some of that mafia money you got in the suitcase.

Just leave your stuff in the car. I can talk to my uncle, See if he can help you get a job.

What, ain't anyone ever been nice to you?

Want to play a slot machine?


Here's 10 bucks. You win, we split it up.

No holding out on me either.

I'm gonna go see my uncle.

Meet you right back here.

Holy shit!


Ha ha ha!

Look at you.

Want to try some silver dollars? Sure.


You lose all your money, honey?

You want to make some more?

It won't take you any longer than 15 minutes.

Sooner or later, you're gonna have to sell it.



Fuck. Fuck!

Fuck the fucker! Fuck!

That's my car! I said that's my car.

I want my fucking suitcase!

Get off my car!

Jesus. Hey...

Leave me alone!

♪ trick or treat, smell my feet ♪

♪ give me something good to eat ♪ So...

What was in your suitcase?

Nothing. Just my stuff.

Everything I had.


I just got here.

Welcome to Vegas.

You know anybody here?

Got any family you can call?

I don't have any family.

Where are you from?

Back East.

From where back East?

Different places.


You can stay with me if you need a place to crash.

It's not much.

Until you get a job?

Are you hitting on me?


You're not a hooker, are you?



Andrew Carver, another smash...

"walk into the wind."

♪ soon we walk into the wind... ♪

Check it out!


They're great.

They're neat, huh? They're neat.

Want to come with me?

We've got this new lead.

She's really good.

I got to go to work.

Jerk, you don't have to be to work for three hours.

What are you gonna do, watch tv and eat chips?

Yeah. Where are the chips?

I don't know.

You ate them, didn't you?

Mnh-mnh. Yes, you did.

No, I didn't. Yes, you did!


Oh, come on, Nomi. You can show off your nails.

They'll all be so jealous.

You think? I think.

What am I gonna wear?

Wear the dress that I made last week.

The fringe one? Uh-huh.

I'm gonna put my hair up.

We do not have time for you to put your hair up.

I'll hurry. I promise! I promise!

All right, let's go. Let's do this.

Come on, we got two minutes.

Robes off. Ladies, how are we doing?

Annie. What?

You're naked. Fuck you!

What happened? - I don't know. It just ripped.

It's almost done.

They're gonna a smiling snatch if you don't fix this g-string.

I'll be right there, Annie.

She wants to smile her snatch.

She probably cut that string herself.

You're terrible, Julie. Okay, you're done.

What is that smell?

It's that damn monkey act. He feeds them garlic. - It stinks in here.

Do you want me to go on stage without a g?

I am fixing it right now. Give me one damn minute. Jesus!

Who wants to see her snatch anyway? I certainly wouldn't.

Nomi, come on.

All right, you guys, let's line it up.

You got four counts of eight. Let's go. Line it up.

Miss Connors. Just set them over there.

There! All right, let's move it!

Molly, my g! Here.

Wouldn't it be great if one of these nights she fell down the stairs?

Nomi, go up to the show room. Watch from there.

Can I go up there? Sure.

You guys, you got two counts of eight. What are you doing?

Brian, move your ass! Go!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Stardust proudly presents...

Miss Cristal Connors.

( audience cheering and applauding )

We could've brought anyone into this show.

Latoya, Suzanne, you name it.

We wanted Cristal.

Cristal Connors defines what Las Vegas is all about.

She's dazzling, she's exciting, And she's very, very sexy.

How does it feel to be back in Vegas?

How did you feel about the show tonight?

It's the best show I've ever been in.

I only hope I can do it justice.

You did, and you will.

We're thrilled to have you here.

And I'm thrilled to be here.

You, too, now.

Mr. Karlman, can we have one of you Handing Cristal the flowers?


Zack, you do it.

This is Zack Carey, The entertainment director of Stardust hotel.

He's so smooth.

Your bouquet, Ms. Connors. Can I keep them?

Okay, folks, that's it. Thank you very much for coming.

Thanks a lot. That's all.

She's great, isn't she?

She doesn't suck.

Molly, we still need you.

Come with me.

You can be my assistant. Come on.


Yes, miss Connors.

Cristal. Please.

And you are? I'm sorry.

Molly. Molly Abrams.

Molly, this top is too tight.

My breasts are getting crushed.

I can loosen it for you.

Okay, to about here. No, no, a little less.

I want my nipples to press, T I don't want them To look like they're levitating.

Okay. Thanks, darlin'.

You're welcome.

You were really great tonight, miss...

Cristal. Thanks, darlin'.

Andrew Carver sent you these?

If that's what the card says, Then that's who sent it.

I just love him.

Oh. This is my friend Nomi.

She's a dancer, too. Is she now?

Yes, and she's really good.

Where do you dance at?

At the Cheetah.

I don't know how good you are, darlin', And I don't know what it is you're good at, But if it's at the Cheetah, It's not dancing, I know that much.

You don't know shit!

I'm really sorry, miss Connors.


I told you.


Your friend has nice nails.

She does them herself.

Maybe she can do mine sometime.

Hey! Hey!


I work here, okay?

I need my paycheck.

I do not want her to be pissed at me.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. Jesus, Nomi.

I'll drive you to work, okay?

I'm not going.

They'll fire you.

Fuck, I don't care.

Yes, you do. No, I don't.

Okay, let's go.


You know where.


She can dance, can't she?

She thinks she can.

I'm gonna go dance with her.

Man, you can't do that. You're working.

T.C.'s gonna have your ass.

T.C.'s at the riviera playing craps.

You want to dance? I am dancing.

But do you want to dance with me?

You good? Yeah, I'm good.

I'm gonna have a drink.

You can dance.

I don't lie. You can't.

Then what am I doing?

Teasing my dick.

You got potential. I could teach you.




I'm not teasing it now, am I? Watch it, buddy.

Be cool. I'm a bouncer. You be cool, buddy.


Hey, you! Hey!

Hold her! She started it.

Fuck you! Fuck you, asshole! Party's over.

Malone. Yeah.

You're out of here.

Hey, your release papers.

Yo, what's up?

I bailed you out, girl.

Don't that even give me a cup of coffee?

All I did was tell you I'd teach you to dance.

I don't need nobody to teach me to dance.

That's because you're a bad-ass.

You got your arm straight out, Saying, "back off, motherfucker."

Back off, motherfucker!

Whoo! You know what?

My head hurts, my dick hurts, And you got me fired from my fucking job.

Shit happens, you know?

That's it? That's what I get, fucking wisdom?

That's it? Yeah, that's it.

You get wisdom.

You're not just a pa in my dick.

You're also a pain in my ass.

You're not just life sucks, you know? Y dick.

"life sucks"? "shit happens"?

You get this stuff off of t-shirts?

All I want is a cup of coffee.

Yeah? Yeah.

You got a quarter?

Sure. Here.

Buy yourself a cup.

Al is pissed.

He says if you miss another night...

How did you get out?

Him. He bailed me out.

How come? I kicked him in the nuts.

He liked it?

He must've. Nomi.

Nomi, do my boobs look any bigger to you?

Shit. Carmi thinks she's pregnant again.

Girl, you missed your period again?

I don't know. I don't think so.

It's like a Japanese convention out there.

Hey, mama!

Maybe you better get Your little weenie jokes cranked up there.

This thing isn't working again.

Come on, baby.

Come on, here we go.

One more time. Harder. Harder.

Yeah! Yeah!

Let me try it.

Ladies, hey!

Hey, I want you to meet hope.

Hi. Okay, cut it out.

Hope, this is Tiffany, Farrah, Heather, Henrietta.

My name isn't Hope. My name's Penny.

Ha ha ha...

They want class, dumb-dumb.

They don't want to fuck a Penny.

They want to fuck a Heather Or a Tiffany.

Or hope, huh?

This is a class joint.

You got that?

Gentlemen and those few ladies out there, What you've all been waiting for...

Henrietta... Queen of bazooms!

Hey, Henrietta! Hey, hey, hey! Pull your dress up.

You could never handle me With all these wrinkles of fat.

Why, you'd never even find the thing.

I'd have to piss on you to give you a clue.

You need more pink.

Thanks, Heather.

Have you ever done a lap dance before?


Got to talk them into it, okay?

50 bucks a pop, you take them in the back.

Touch and go. They touch, they go.

You can touch them. They cannot touch you.

Oh, that's good.

If they come, it's okay.

If they take it out, come all over you, call the bouncer.

If he gives you a big tip, it's okay.

You got that?



And you... Where the fuck were you last night?

I was having my period, al.

You don't want blood all over the place.

Do you?

I'm getting real tired of your shit, kid.

If you want to last longer than a week, You'll give me a blow job.

First I get you used to the money, Then I make you swallow.

Was he serious?

Here we are.


Oh, look, baby, you missed a spot. Thank you.

♪ the farmer in the dell ♪

♪ the farmer in the dell ♪

♪ I had a cherry once ♪

♪ and now it's shot to hell ♪ Hey, where you going? Get off the stage!

You better shut your hole, honey!

Mine's making money.

You know what they call that useless Piece of skin around a twat?

What? What?

A woman!

That's all, folks.

Ladies and gentlemen, The girl to tickle your pickle... Heather!



♪ take off your clothes ♪

♪ can I see it, baby? ♪

♪ I got a good shot... ♪

♪ well, you better come here ♪

♪ I like it ♪

♪ I just want to holler, scream, and shout ♪

♪ when you let your fingers do the walking... ♪

Phil, what'd he say?

He says in America, everyone's a gynecologist.

You like her?

I like you.

I'll buy her for you.

What the hell are you doing?

We got spenders out there.

Put your nightie on.

Tell him to go fuck himself.


I'll kick your ass out of here.

Tell him. Do yourself a favor.

Okay, I'll put my nightie on.

Hi. My name's Heather.

Whoo-hoo-hoo! Want a drink?

Hi, I'm Heather.

Would you like a private dance with me?

Could I suck your tits?

You can't touch me, but I can touch you.

I'd love to touch you.

I know where you can touch me.


What's going on?

They want a private dance with her.

So? Great, get over there.

Hi. My name is Heather.

Hey, Nomi. I love your nails.

We'd like you to private dance with both of us.

We don't do that. One at a time, no women.


Sorry. That's the rules.

200. You just do Zack, and I'll watch.



I said done.

You guys just sit over there, And I'll change the music.

What's this about, cris?

It's about fun.

Ha ha. Uh-huh.

You sit there, And I'll sit here.

♪ she's got to work it ♪

♪ for the pleasure of the people ♪

♪ she's gotta work it ♪

♪ for the pleasure of the people ♪

♪ she's gotta work it for the pleasure ♪

♪ of the people ♪

♪ she'll love it ♪

♪ state your mind ♪

♪ she's gotta work it ♪

♪ for the pleasure of the people ♪

♪ she'll love it ♪

♪ state your mind ♪

♪ sexy, yes ♪

♪ the heartbeat of a dreamer ♪

♪ watch out you're just wasting your time. ♪ Hey, what are you doing here, man?


You want it, you pay for it.

Thank you.


That was fun, wasn't it?

You're such a bitch.

Oh, but you love me.

Can you walk? Yeah.

Good night, girls.

Good night, al. Get some rest.

Go out and celebrate.

We can go to my place and smoke some dope.

You still got some of the thai stuff?

I love thighs. I almost get off on thighs.

I like armpits, too.

You want to come, Nomi? Not me.

I'll come. - Hey, you just got 500 off a lap dance.

Al, just stop.

You act like somebody died.


Wait a minute. Listen.

Just listen.

You got more natural talent when you dance Than anybody I've ever seen.

I've seen a lot of dancers.

I studied in new york... Alvin ailey.

You burn when you dance.

Yeah, you said I couldn't.

You got to hold some of it in.

You got some shit to learn. Dancing ain't fucking.

What's that, more wisdom? I know that.

No, you don't.

You dance like when you fucked that guy last night.

What guy? That guy with the chick.

You took them in the back.

I didn't fuck him. You fucked him and her.

Are you following me?

I didn't fuck anybody. I saw you!

Man, everybody got aids and shit.

What is it that you think you do?

You fuck them without fucking them. That's what you do.

Well, it ain't right.

To be right.Much talent for it Get out of here!

Bitch, I'm telling you the truth.

You want me to go, I'm out of here.

Boo! Uhh!

I got an "a." yay!

Four more classes and they're gonna have to give me that degree.


I haven't gotten laid in six months.

My right hand's so tight, I can barely thread a needle.

Use the left one.

For threading a needle? Yeah.

Oh! I like that.

I can make that.


Yeah, let's go to the fabric store.

I want to buy it. I've got the money.


I don't know. I just do.

I never had a dress like that.

It'll look great on me.

Won't it?


Ooh, what do you think?

Oh, my goodness.


It looks quite good on you.

It doesn't suck.

Ha ha ha ha.

I can't believe I bought it.

We'll celebrate. I'll buy you a burrito.

I'll even buy you some fajitas.

Oh, fajitas.

Fuck, I can't. I'm on early.

Al's on my back.

Don't worry. I'll drive you. - Okay.

Oh, my god! Aah!

's coming here!

Maybe you can meet him.

I wouldn't know what to say.

Say, "Andrew, I can't even thread a needle anymore."

Baby, mama's waiting for you. Come to me.

Stop! - I gotta get tickets to the concert.

Hey, baby, give it to me. Hey, come on.

Come on, baby.

Hey... fuck off!

Whoa, sorry. Remember me?

Phil Newkirk, Stardust Hotel.

Listen, there's a spot open in the chorus line.

We're auditioning tomorrow morning.

I think you should try out.

Me? Yeah, you.

You came here to ask me?

When I saw you dance, I thought, "yes."

She sent you, didn't she?

No, nobody sent me.

Be there at 10:00.


The queen of bazooms... Henrietta!

I want to see your ass.

♪ oh, show me a home ♪

♪ where the Buffalo roam ♪

♪ and I'll show you a home ♪

♪ full of shit! ♪ Thank you. Good night.



What? What is it?

I got an audition. Ha ha. Aah!

Hey, pollyanna.

What'd you call me? I said you look like pollyanna.

Okay, ladies, I'm Tony Moss.

I produce this show.

Some of you probably heard that I'm a prick.

I am a prick.

I got one interest here and that's the show.

I don't care whether you live or die.

I want to see you dance and smile.

I can't use you if you can't smile, I can't use you if you can't show.

I can't use you if you can't sell. Let me look at you.

Spread out.

Spread out. Jesus Christ!

Marty, look at these tits.

What are these, watermelons?

This is a stage, not a patch.

See ya.

I've seen you before.

Yes, Mr. Moss, I auditioned for you in January.

You told me to get my nose fixed.

Nose looks good. Thank you.

Nice smile, too. Thank you.

But your ears are sticking out. They are.

Come see me when you get 'em fixed. See ya.

Can you spell "mgm" backwards? I bet you can't.

M-g-m. I'm impressed.

Come back when you've fucked off this baby fat.

I hope you got some nice wigs, tennis ball. - I do.

What kind of classes have you had?

Ice skating classes, ballet classes, technique classes, Stretch classes, jazz classes, jazz technique classes.

This show is called Goddess, it ain't called classes.

See ya. What kind of classes have you had?

I haven't had classes.

What are you doing here?

I'm watching you be a prick.

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Gay, run them through the routine.

All right, everyone back up, find some space.

Start with your right leg, Slap it on 1, 2, uh-3, and 4.


Go, 5, 6, 7. Hit it!

Bum-bah! Ho! Ho!

Slam it! Bum-bah!

Ho! Kick!

Ha! Ha!

Go! Go! Go!

And... Stay there!

Relax. Take a break.

Okay, tennis ball, dark hair in the back...

Hello, doll.

So how's it going? Pretty good.


I want you to stay.


And you, too. Goodbye, ladies, you wasted my time and yours.

The other three, line 'em up.

Okay, show me your tits.

I got a topless show. Let me see your tits.

Very nice.

Very nice, ladies.

Gay, go to the other music. Marty, change the lights.

Cue angel. Let's come in at 20 seconds.

Jack, bring up the side spots.

All right!

I want to see some attitude!

I said attitude!

Come on, ladies! Sell! Sell your bodies!

Cut it!

Try yoga, babe, or hanging from the ceiling.

See ya. Marty, ice.

You got something wrong with your nipples? - No.

They're not sticking up. Stick them up. - What?

Play with them a little bit.

Pinch them a little.

You want me to, I'll do it.

I'm erect.

Why aren't you erect?

Here, put some ice on them.

I called that one right.

See ya, pollyanna.

That's it for today. Thank you.

You got me the audition, didn't you?



Maybe I like the way you dance.

Maybe I like you.

What difference does it make?

Did you enjoy that out there?

Yeah, darling, I think I did.

I hate you.

I know.

Sniffles )


Wipe your nose.

The orthodontist convention is over there.

The realtors are coming in in 20 minutes. Let's line 'em up!

Hey! Hey.

What are you doing here?

I just did an audition.

You want to be a showgirl?

Smith, what are you doing? Move those bags.

Didn't go too good, huh?

Well, I'm glad about that. I'm not in the mood!

Hey, Smith! Smith, I'm talking to you.

You don't want to be in this kind of show.

What you're doing, at least it's honest.

They want tits and ass, you give them tits and ass.

Here, they pretend they want something else, And you still show them tits and ass.

Work her on your own time. Go line up those bags.

I'm talking to her. You're what?

I'm talking to her. I'm not working her. I'm talking to her.

And you're interrupting my conversation, And that's rude. Now get the fuck out of here!

Asshole. You're fired!

Yeah? Take this jacket.

Come on. Look what you done.

You got me fired again.

You're a real bad-ass. Ain't you got no shame?

You know what? Look what a beautiful day it is.

The sun's shining, neon's blazing, money's flowing.

I'm gonna cheer you up. I'm gonna get you the best meal in town.

Yeah. Yeah?

You like that burger.


Where are you from?

Different places.

You like talking about you, huh?

Where are we?

My place. Why?

I want to show you something.

The best suite in town.

I had to beg and plead to get it.

This what you wanted to show me?

What, this nice big bed here?


I wrote this number.

It's about you.

You don't know anything about me.

I know you're a private dancer.

I only need three other girls.

We can put it on at the crave club.

I'll show you.

Stand right here. Watch me.

Wait a minute. Slow down! Like this?

Yeah? Yeah.


Come on now, follow me. I know you can.

Mmm! I got my period.

Yeah, right.


Oh. See?

It's all right. I got towels.

You can fuck me when you love me.

But I do love you. Yeah, right.

You don't fool me. I see you.

What do you see?

I see you hiding. From what?

From you.

You got into some bad shit someplace, didn't you?

Thanks for the hamburger. Hey!

Where were you? What happened? Tony Moss called.

He said to call him right away. Here's the number. Call him.

Oh, Jesus. I'll call him.

Tony Moss, please.

It's Nomi Malone.




I got it.

♪ she's the yellow rose of Texas ♪

♪ she charges 50 bucks ♪

♪ she's the richest whore in Texas ♪

♪ and all she does is fucks. ♪ You're late. I'm gone.

I got another job. Where you going?

You going to another club?

They giving you a better cut? I'll match it.

I'm in "Goddess" at the Stardust.

Oh. Ha ha ha ha!

What's so fucking funny?

She's going down to the Stardust.

She's gonna be in the show.

Good for her.

La de dah de dah de dah.

She'll be back.

No, I won't. I'll never come back.

You're a fucking stripper. Don't you get it?

I'm a dancer. - If you're a dancer, then Henry's the virgin Mary.

I got bigger tits than the fucking virgin Mary And I got a bigger mouth, too. Bye.

God damn it.

You're the only one who could get my tits popping right.

See ya, al.

I'm not hiring you back. You hear me?

Not even if you give me a fucking blow job.


James! Come on!

I got it!

Got what? I'm in the show...

In "Goddess."

Oh, man. What about the number I wrote for you?

I thought we were working on something.


She gonna be in your number?

I'll be right there.

She can't dance.

Yeah, but you're going to teach her, right?

She's got talent. Right?

You know, you and me, we ain't got no ties.

Dancing and fucking, right?

Yeah, that's right.

See ya.

Who was that?


Just somebody that wanted to be in the number.

You're not going to give her my part, are you?

No, baby. She can't dance. - No?

I wrote that number for you. You know that. Yeah.


Excuse me.

What can I do for you?

I'm supposed to see Mr. Moss. I'm Nomi Malone.

Okay, go on in.

One day she looks like pollyanna, The next day she looks like...

I don't know, Lolita maybe.

Nice dress.

Thanks. I bought it at Versayce.

In the forum.

Oh, yeah. Versayce.

I love Versayce. Me, too.

You know Marty. Hi.

Hi. Gay's our line Captain.

Hi. If you let me down, I could lose my reputation for being such an all-knowing prick.

I worked very hard for that reputation, So don't do it. Deal? Deal.

Gay will show you around. Let's get going.

Nomi, we'll do a run-through this afternoon.

Good luck. Thank you.

They always say that in Vegas just before they take your money.

You need to maintain your weight.

Eat a lot of brown rice and vegetables.

And stay indoors.

I don't want to see tan lines.

Your makeup and costumes are your responsibility. Don't take them home.

Whatever you do, don't ever, ever go out on stage crying.

You do eat brown rice and vegetables, don't you?

Sure. Good.

This is your table.

If you're smart... and I was smart...

You'll figure out a job and a man For later on. How'd you find your guy?

I chipped my tooth on a quaalude. He was my dentist.

You'll be running this monster six times a night.

I'll take you up to personnel.

They want some information. What kind of information?

Date of birth.

7-3, um...73.

Place of birth. New York.

New York, New York? Yeah.

Nearest family members.

I don't have any family.



Have you ever been arrested?

Charged with a criminal offense?


Social security.


I don't know. But let me check that for you, okay?

Hey, you got it.

Nice going. That's great.

Zack, this is Nomi Malone.

Sure, I remember her. Hi.

I bet you do remember her.

Well, she's pretty memorable.

Glad you're part of the team. Nice dress.

It's a Versayce.

It's Versace.


Versace. It's pronounced Versace.


You got great taste.

You look beautiful. Thank you.

Girls! Up at the ceiling.

This is Nomi. Nicky, Julie, Deena. You know Gay.

They'll run through it. You just watch and then we'll blend you in.

Have you eaten anything? No.

Jack! What do you want? Burger, fries, and soda.

Get her some brown rice, vegetables, And a bottle of Evian. Nomi, no, come take a look at this first.

Here we go! 5, 6, 7, 8!

Hah! Hoh! 2, 3!

Hah! Hah!

Hah! There!

You're gonna try it now. You ready? Yeah.

Try it now. Go! 5, 6, 7, hit it!

Hoh! Bam! Kick it! Work it!

Hold it! Nomi, what kind of turn was that?

Do a piqué turn. Come on. That's it.

Okay, music.

Go! Hah! Go!

Yes! Hah!

Higher. Not that high.

Stay in sync.

1, 2, 3, 1!

Thrust it! Thrust it! Thrust it!

Thrust it! Come on, thrust it!

Okay, that's enough. Thank you, ladies.

Good job. Thank you.

Gay, work with her on her turns. I'm worried about her balance.

How long before I can do the show?

You're starting tonight.

Tonight? You'll be fine.

How did she do?

She's no butterfly.

Tony, she's all pelvic thrust.

I mean, she prowls. She's got it.

I wonder how she got it.

She certainly didn't learn it.

She learned it, but they don't teach it in any class.

Wait, you need more orange.

Let me do it.

How do you feel? Oh! Don't ask.

Who the hell took my makeup?

Monkey alert! Monkey alert! - No!

God damn it, Hector!

I told you if this happened again...

They make babies. I'm sorry. - Babies?

Oh! Oh, get out.

Grab her! Grab her!

I've got one.

Thank you.

Julie, you fucking slut! Touch my makeup again, I'll kill you!

Oh, I'm a slut? You fucked that kid from the pizza place.

You fucked the meter reader.

Bitch! You're fucking dead!

Come on, you two! For Christ sakes!

Calm down! Stop it!

It's done! It's done!


Move it! You got four counts of eight.

Nomi, wait, your wig.

You're fine. Move up, you guys.

There's shit on the stage, honey.

It's that damn garlic.

Where is it, Jack? Up left.

Guys, upstage left... monkey shit.

You want some blow?

Last chance ice.

Go! Go! Pick it up. Let's go.

Come on, you guys. Move faster. Pick it up.

Brian, go!

See ya.

All right, everybody, let's go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

I love you.

Come on, you guys. Keep it moving. Nomi, pick it up.

Nomi, wait. Two beats.

1, 2. Go!

Oh! Shit.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Stardust proudly presents...

Miss Cristal Connors!


Nomi, you got two minutes. You gotta change into your red wig.

I'll get your costume.

Nomi, Nomi.

Slip this on.

Did I do okay? Yeah, you did fine.

Your right leg extension needs work. Eight steps on the sweep, not six.

I'll have someone work with you tomorrow. Be here at noon.

Okay. - Put this on. You're done.

Yay! Yay!

I didn't fall.

You did. You nearly fell.

Yo. Can I talk to you a minute?

Come on, please.



I'll get the car. I'll be right there.


Who sent you the flowers?

None of your business.

Okay, look, I just wanted to say...

You and me ain't got no ties.

I have a problem with pussy.

I always have, always gonna.

But I meant what I said.

I'm not interested in your problems.

I did write it for you, But I did tell her I'd teach her I did write it and I did fuck her.

Who you fuck is your business, And I'm not making it mine.

It's not like I'm seeing any money For writing that number.

I may well touch a little pussy.

You ain't got nothing to say?


Thanks for the flowers.

Tony said you did great.

I never got flowers before. Really?

Well, I'm sure you'll get lots of them.

He gave them to you?

Yeah, he did.

What is he, a pimp?

Only people I know got pimp cars are pimps.

He's the entertainment director.

That's exactly what I said... he's a pimp.

Hey, Nomes. Let's go.

Good luck with your number, James.

I'm sure you're gonna teach her To be a great dancer.


Anybody here? Back here.

What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

I'm doing some of the finest cocaine in the world, darlin'. You want some?


It's great for the muscles.

I told Marty I'd work on your turns with you, darlin', but I'm feeling a little turned inside-out myself today.

Cut the shit.


We got off on the wrong foot.

You want to start dancing all over again?

Why? Why not?

You want to walk down to Spago, get something to eat?

Where is it?

Just down from Versayce.

Versace. Oh, right. Versace.


Right this way.


I don't know what all this stuff is.

I'll order for you.

Don't they have Brown rice and vegetables?

Do you like brown rice and vegetables?


You do?

Sort of.


It's worse than dog food.

It is.

I've had dog food.

You have?

Mm-hmm. A long time ago.

Doggy Chow.

I used to love Doggy Chow.

I used to love Doggy Chow too.

I get a headache from champagne.

Oh, this isn't champagne.

This is holy water.

I named myself after this holy water.

Chrissie Lou Connors Used to have dingy brown hair And little bitty tits.

It's amazing what paint and a surgeon can do.

You have great tits.

They're really beautiful.

Thank you.

I like nice tits.

I always have. How about you?

I like having nice tits.

How do you like having them?

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

I like having them in a nice dress Or a tight top.


You like to show them off.

I didn't like showing them off at the Cheetah.

Why not? I liked looking at them there.

Everybody liked looking at them there.

Made me feel like a hooker.

You are a whore, darlin'. No, I'm not.

We all are. We take the cash, we cash the check. We show them what they want to see.

Maybe you are a whore, but I'm not.

You and me... we're exactly alike.


I'll never be like you.

Miss Connors, sorry to bother you.

Would you sign this for me?

I'd be happy to, darlin'. What's your name?

Frank. I'm from Galveston.

I'm just a little old farm girl from Del Rio myself, Frank.

I told you she was from Texas. Look at that.

Could I have me one?

You want a girl to use up all her lipstick on you?

You want to dance?

Right now? It's now or never.

That's what Elvis said.

Know the best advice I ever got?

You're up there on stage, Hoping on a spot.

If someone gets in your way, step on them.

If you're the only one left standing there, they hire you. That's about it.

Thank you and good night, ladies and gentlemen.

Elvis has left the building.

You see, darlin'?

You are a whore.


I guess we're done.

Right here. Right here. Thank you.

Nicky, can I talk to you for a second? Sure.

Listen, after the show...

Coming through.

Mommy, can we see the monkeys? Not now. They're busy.

Please, they're so cute. They have to work.

What are they doing? I want to see the monkeys!

Why can't we see the monkeys?

Get these fucking kids out of here!

You said the "f" word.

She said the "f" word.

You said the "f" word.

Shut the fuck up.

Shh. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. Let's get out of here.

Nomi, there's a boat convention Coming into town next week. They need a couple of girls.

Nicky's doing it. You interested?

Pays $1,000.


To do what?

Just represent your hotel for a day...

Wear your costumes and your smile and they take your picture.

$1,000? Mm-hmm.


Great. Cristal here recommended you.


My pleasure, darlin'. Just looking out for you.

We got to talk about that magazine layout. Later, later, later.

Don't do it.

What? It's $1,000. Why not?

Molly, I need you. Yes, I'm coming.

I know some girls who've done it before. Molly, I'm waiting.

They didn't like it.

Did you do it before?

Yeah. Did you like it?

Did I like it? Sure, I liked it.

Let's hear it for these two beautiful girls From "Goddess," the new smash at the Stardust!

Thank you. Pardon me.

Hey, hey, guys. Shit, here he comes.

How's it going? Hi.

Tough gig, huh? Very tough.

This is my good friend Mr. Okida. He's from Bangkok.

He's one of our very, very high rollers.

Ladies, we got a great idea.

We want to take you girls to dinner after the show... have some lobster, hear Caesar sing.

You ever heard Caesar sing? Man, that guy's great.

You'll love him.

Caesar sing. Yeah, Caesar will sing, And then we'll go back to my place and we'll sing, Just the four of us.

How about it?

We sing.

Yeah, we'll sing a lot of songs.

Yeah? Okay.

Okay, good deal. Okay, good deal.

Not me.

Whoa. Excuse me. Hey!

Hey, hey! Be nice.

Get your hands off me!

You're getting $1,000 for this.

For this! This!

Hey, forget it. Just forget it. No harm done.

No damage.


Is that right? Okay, tell me another one.

No, it's the truth. Come on, just tell me one more.

Zack. Yeah I want to talk to you.


Let's go upstairs.

Did you have a nice day, darlin'?


I'm sorry to hear that.


I'm sorry.

Some people just don't get it.

I'm on the stage.

Get me Phil Newkirk, would you?

Right. Thank you.

I want you to stay.

Yeah, the drop is up 32% on those 58 machines.

It's gonna make your bottom line about 250.



I got an mba for this.

That's what this business has come to...

Cost-analyzing every slot machine.

What's an mba?

An mba is a degree...

Zack, you in here? Yeah.

Excuse me.

Hey, hey, hey. What's going on?

I ever hear this again you're out of here.

Zack, nothing happened. Yeah, something happened.

She's jumping to conclusions.

If that happens again to anybody, You're gonna jump to your conclusion Without your golden parachute.

You owe her an apology.

Nomi, I'm sorry. I apologize.

Yeah, fine. Okay.

Get out of here. Yeah.

Give me some juice on three and four.

An MBA's a degree you pick up in college.

It's mostly worthless in the real world.

Let's get an audio check.

You go for it, don't you?

Yeah, I try to.


That's for sure.

Bring both of those back up.

Phil, you dumb fuck, get back up here, would you?

I know. I know.

I want to thank you for looking out for me.

So nice of you to recommend me to Phil.

What are friends for?


Molly, you were right about the convention.

Ooh! Sweet baby.

Do that again, I'll break your fucking fingers.

I can't help it you don't have a gay partner.

Fuck you.

He wants everybody to see how hetero he is.

Molly, bring your flashlight.

I want to see how big it is.

You want a knuckle sandwich?

Aw, can I have mine anally, please?

Come on, you guys, stop. Jesus!

Is everybody here? Let's line it up.

What are you looking at, bitch?

All right, let's go. Let's move it. Go, go, go!

Oh, my god.


oh, my god. Are you okay, Annie?

Don't move. Is it broken?

It's my leg or something.

Tell me when you feel something.

Ah! It's her knee.

It isn't broken, is it?

Daryl, what happened?

My foot went out from under me.


This is what happened.

I wonder how those got up there.

They probably came off a costume. we're gonna take you to the hospital.

Shit, no! - Jesus. Poor Annie. Tough break.

Let us through here, please.

Okay, see you later.

I'm the producer. It's my show.

I hired your show. You're my producer. You'll do what I say.

She was my understudy. I want a voice in this.

You can have a voice in this...

It is broken, kids.

Shit. That'll be three months.

At least.

Bad karma, huh?

Nomi, your mother's waiting for you.

My mother?

Well, for your sake, I hope she's not.

If a light sleeper can sleep with a light on, Can a hard sleeper sleep with a hard-on?

What do you call a tiger? A tiger's a big pussy...


I can get shit on, but I don't like getting spit on.

Hi.- Hi, al.

You look like shit.

She looks better than a 10-inch dick, and you know it.

So, you like it here?

What, you think she's gonna miss you?

Yeah, why not? We miss her.

She misses us like that lump on my twat I had taken off last week. Oh, Jesus, Henry.

I saw the show.

You were good.

Thank you, al.

Real good.

You take care, kid.

Must be weird not having anybody come on you.

Nomi. You want a ride?

I got one. Okay, good night.


You ever been in one of these? No.

I always wanted one.

Some car, isn't it? It doesn't suck.

All right. Where we headed?

You have to give me directions.

To your place.

Do you like Cristal?

I like a lot of different champagnes, But I always stick with champagne.

What's Andrew Carver like?

You nervous? Don't be.

I'm not.

I liked it when you came.

I liked your eyes.

Mmm. Oh!

Hey, stay with me.

I'll drive you back in the morning.

It is morning.

Please. I've got a taxi coming.

Send it back.

Cristal needs a new understudy.

There's an audition at noon.

You want to try?

Would you have told me about it If I hadn't come here?

It wasn't my idea to come here. It was yours.

I want to see you again.

We'll see how it goes.

What, the audition?


Thanks. Thank you.


Mmm. I hate you.

Who was he? Zack.

Oh, my god. Did you tie him up?

Oh, shit. What?

I forgot to untie him.

Are you high?

Maybe a little.

Oh. I can't go to sleep now.

I've got an audition at noon. Where are the sugar snaps?

In the cupboard. Nomi, don't get sucked into it.

Uh-oh. Look what I found.

Okay, whatever, Nomes.


She's not hot enough. She's got it down.

You can teach them to get it down.

She doesn't have Cristal's heat.

None of them have Cristal's heat.

I do love you, Gay.

Nomi's got heat.

Does she now?

Yes, she does.

In a totally different way, of course.

Come on! She's gonna take the lead?

This is a hotel show. This isn't the Cheetah.

Nobody's gonna take my lead anyway, darlin'.

I haven't missed a show in eight years.

You're not getting any younger, darlin'.

Eat me. You want to do it again with just Nomi?

No. Yeah, I do. Set it up, Marty.

This is bullshit. It's about your dick.

Nicky, Julie, thank you.

What do we know about her?

Nothing. I'm not even sure she gave us the right social security number. Find out, would you?

Find out what? Everything.

You fucked her, didn't you?

That piss you off because you're jealous, Cris, or because I beat you to the punch?

You fuck him for the spot or because you wanted to?

I say you did it for the spot.

Is that what you did, Cristal?

You don't want to piss me off Now that we're friends.

No, you shouldn't get pissed off.

It makes you look older.

Nomi. Yeah?

You got it.

I do? Yeah.

Marty and Gay are gonna work with you.

We'll get some glossies taken. You did good.

I'll call you for dinner.

We'll have some lobster. Did you ever hear Caesar sing?

You'll love it.


Congratulations. I see you have many talents.

I thought she did good.

I didn't even know about the audition until afterwards.

Do you like my nails?

Not as nice as yours.

Maybe I'll help you with yours sometime.

If you want.

Isn't that nice of you, darlin'?

What are friends for?

On second thought...

I'm not sure I want you to do mine.

I'm getting a little too old for that whorey look.

I'll think about it.


Close the door on your way out.

You gotta be shitting me! This is bullshit!

Hey, bring on the real dancers!

You suck! Get off the stage! Shit! Get off there!

All right! All right! Enough of this stuff.

Let's dance!


Hey. - I loved it. It was good.

What are you doing here...slumming?

Heather! Hope!

Were we good?

You were great.

She dances like a truck.

I do not!

Do you want something to drink?

Yeah, get me a beer, bitch.

Look what I got.

It's beautiful.

I stole it from my grandmother.

You did not! You got it at a pawn shop.

We're getting married.

You love her?

I don't know. She's having a baby.

What about this?

We ain't any good. You heard them.

"get outta here! Get off the stage!"

What are you gonna do?

Work in a grocery store. Her mother owns it.

We'll get a discount on baby food.

See ya.

Shit happens, you know? Life sucks.

I'm a student of t-shirts.

Hey, Nicky.

Hey, excuse me. Wait! You cannot go...

What's going on?

What do you mean "what's going on?"

Hey, cool it, all right?

Cool it? You told me I got it, then sent me this?

I didn't have a choice. She threatened to walk, got her lawyers into it.

So what? - So she's a star. You're not worth it.

I'm sorry, Nomi. I tried. Fuck!

So basically, my g-string snapped.

So there I was, dancing butt naked for five minutes.

I mean, my poor partner.

Hey... I thought about it, darlin'.

You think you could do my nails now?

Oh, okay.

Maybe some other time.

Come on... Slave girl.

Ha ha ha! Let's go, go!

Run, run, run! Go, run, run, run! Go, go, run!

Go, go, run, go!


You guys, let me through!

Oh, my god! Shit!

Cristal, can you hear me?

Somebody get Marty here!


What the hell happened? I don't know.

Somebody get an ambulance now!

Who was behind her?

I was. What happened?

I don't know. She just went down.

She slipped. I saw it.

Nomi wasn't even close to her.

Tough break, huh?

What's the matter? Nothing.


All right, thanks. Keep me informed.

Well, she's got a concussion.

That'll be all right.

But she's got a compound fracture of the right hip.

You know how long those take to heal?

We got to shut the show down.

Not a chance. The show goes on.

The Stardust is never dark. It's never been.

It never will be, not while I'm alive.

Who was her understudy?

Well, we had a girl who...

What's funny? Cristal Connors is a star, Sam.

You can't just replace her.

What if we could we just bring somebody in while she's recuperating?

She could be out a year. Like who?

Janet Jackson. Paula Abdul.

Paula Abdul. In my show?

We're not gonna pay those kinds of salaries.

In that case, We do what we do in Vegas.

What? We gamble.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Stardust proudly presents...

Miss Nomi Malone!

We could've brought anyone into this show... Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul.

Nomi Malone is what Las Vegas is all about.

She's dazzling, she's exciting, And very, very sexy. Thank you, Zack. - Yes, sir.

Miss Malone, how did you feel about the show tonight?

I just hope I can be as good as the show.

You are, my dear.

You are the show. Hear! Hear!

Miss Malone, please.

Come on, come on, over here, Nomi.

That's great, Nomi. One more. Please, please.

Congratulations, Nomi.

Hey, you ready to party?

Where? - The Paradiso. I rented out the bungalows.

For what? For you.


Hurry up. I got a limo waiting.

I don't have anything to wear. Yes, you do.

Andrew Carver's coming. He saw the show. He thought you were great!

Did you hear that? Andrew Carver is gonna be there!

Yeah, I heard. Hey.

What's wrong with you?

You pushed her, didn't you?


How can you talk that shit to me? Julie saw it.

She couldn't have seen it.

I saw Julie, and her back was to you.

She saw it.



Have fun at your party.

Molly, Molly! Come here, Molly!

You got to come. Andrew's gonna be there.

I don't care.


It ain't a party without you.

Let go of me. Let go of me.

Miss Malone! Miss Malone!

One more, this way! One more, one more!

This way, Nomi!

♪ to the one ♪

♪ and only ♪ Surprise!

♪ beautiful girl in the world. ♪

One minute.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

So what I want to know is...

Where's Andrew?


I love your outfit. Thank you.

Nomi, think I could be your understudy?

I'll see what I can do, okay?

Thanks, darlin'.

Hey, Andrew Carver's here. Come on, I want to introduce you, let's go.

Andrew's here!

One more, Andrew! Great, Andrew, this way!

Zack. How you doing?

Andrew Carver... Nomi Malone.

How you doin'? You were sensational tonight.

Thank you. You're welcome.


Wherever did you find her?

I'll never tell.

I like your songs. Thank you.

You know, I like your ass.

Call me.

Molly Abrams...

Andrew Carver.

Hi, Molly. Andrew.

I can't even thread a needle anymore.


Molly's one of your biggest fans.

Well, then, let me get you a drink.

Okay. Come on.

Oh, my god.


You look beautiful tonight. Thank you.

♪ should we walk into the wind? ♪

♪ maybe fall when autumn falls ♪

♪ let's walk into the wind ♪

♪ you have to learn to touch ♪

♪ by touching ♪

♪ touch me, touch me, if you dare ♪

♪ we will reach the end of the beginning ♪

♪ in this beatnik love affair... ♪

What's going on?

Just want to party, baby.

Let me go! Get her!

Let me go! Shut the fuck up!

Throw her down!

Black pussy!

Fuck her, man! Fuck her! Fuck her!

Fuck her! Let me go!

Fuck her!

♪ maybe fall when autumn falls ♪

♪ let's walk into the wind... ♪ I could fall in love with you.

♪ take my hand, hold on tight ♪

♪ I promise you it'll be all right... ♪

♪ ooh-ooh ♪

♪ walk into the wind. ♪

Let's get out of here.


We have her sedated.

She's in shock.

She has a broken nose, vaginal tears.

She'll be here three or four days.

Zack, Zack...

Look at this and look at this.

Later. Where are the police?

They're not here. Why the fuck aren't they here?

Because they're not coming.

Don't do it...


How did you find out?

You were busted for disturbing the peace at the Crave Club.

The police took your fingerprints.

I'm don't have to listen to this.

Yes, you do.

Polly Ann Costello.

Your father killed your mother, then killed himself.

You ran away from a foster home in Oakland, December 1990.

Arrests... Denver, soliciting. Stop it!

San Jose, soliciting. Cheyenne, soliciting.

Shall I read the rest of them, huh? Possession of crack cocaine.

Assault with a deadly weapon.

Tell me something... why did you stop hooking?

You had your future pretty well mapped out for yourself.

I did what I had to do.

Just like you did with Cristal.

I'm not a whore.

No, you're not.

You're gonna be a big star.

Your face is gonna be up on billboards.

And you're gonna make a lot of money for the Stardust.

You're not gonna let them get away with this.

Andrew Carver is at the paradiso this year.

But he might be at the Riviera next year or the Stardust the year after... he's part of a team. So are you.

What about Molly?

You like her? I'll make sure he gives her enough money.

She can have a dress shop.

Tell me something.

What did you charge?



$100 sometimes.

You got low self-esteem, baby.

You're a fantastic fuck.

I was paying you a compliment.

It's showtime.

Andrew Carver, please.

Hello, baby. Hi.

Lookin' good. He's ready for you. Thank you.

Didn't take you long.


I like you better topless.

Wait till you see me bottomless.

I'm waiting.

Take the rest off.


Next time I'll fucking kill you!

Okay. Okay, okay

Oh, man, no.

Fucker! Fuck off!

He says he wants to sleep.

Tired him out, huh? Yeah.

She's still out. It's the medication.

Is she okay?

She's okay.

Molly, Molly.

I just went to Carver.

I kicked the shit out of him.

I love you.

Cristal Connors, please.

Room 319.

You know the best advice I ever gave you?

If you're the only one left standing up there...

They'll hire you.

Thank you, and good night, ladies and gentlemen.

Cristal has left the building.

I'm sorry, Cristal.

Yeah, I know just how sorry you are.

How do you think I got my first lead?

There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.

Why didn't you tell anyone?

Oh, hell, darlin'.

I needed a rest.

Besides my lawyers got me a real nice settlement.

I gotta go. Aren't you gonna come here and give me a big kiss?

Bye, darlin'.

Bye, darlin'.

Come on, hurry up!

Hop in, pard. This here's your lucky day.


Let's go.

So did you gamble?

Did you win?

What'd you win?


Oh, fuck.

It's you.

I want my fucking suitcase...

Asshole! Hey, wait a minute!

I'm driving here! Jesus fuckin' Christ!

Watch the fuckin' road! Be cool, be cool.

I'll get your suitcase, all right?

♪ hello, I'm jumping in my new skin ♪

♪ hello, hello ♪

♪ I'm hungry for some new skin ♪

♪ hello, it's me ♪

♪ I'm coming for some new skin ♪

♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ so take the dips with the tricks ♪

♪ gimme shimmy shimmy hippie shake ♪

♪ hello, hello ♪

♪ let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ hello, hello ♪

♪ I'm coming in my new skin ♪

♪ yeah yeah yeah fuck you ♪

♪ hey, hey, let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ hey, hey, let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ hey, hey, let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ hey, hey, let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ hey, hey, let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ hey, hey, let's kick out the trash ♪

♪ I woke up ♪

♪ wanting you ♪

♪ but you are rarely there ♪

♪ I howl a song, and I prowl and long ♪

♪ I drown, but you don't care ♪

♪ I can't get anything done ♪

♪ with you shakin' around like that ♪

♪ I can't take f-f-fun ♪

♪ with that animal on you ♪

♪ I can't get anything done ♪

♪ with you shakin' around like that ♪

♪ I can't take f-f-fun ♪

♪ with that animal on your back ♪

♪ animal! ♪

♪ do you like that? ♪

♪ or this? Or this? ♪

( animal grunting and snuffling )

♪ animal ♪

♪ our naked history ♪

♪ shattered in a bad rap ♪

♪ but those days are dead days ♪

♪ dollars and centuries ♪

♪ it's a tail in a trap ♪

♪ you really don't know, do ya? ♪

♪ your scent is all I need ♪

♪ to bring out the savage in me ♪

♪ your scent is all I need ♪

♪ to bring out the animal in me ♪

♪ with you shakin' around like that ♪

♪ I can't take f-f-fun ♪

♪ with that animal on your back ♪

♪ animal! ♪

♪ animal! ♪

♪ animal! Animal! ♪

♪ animal! Animal! ♪