Shree 420 (1955) Script

Damn it!

One, two, three cars... Absolutely useless.

What's wrong? What happened, driver? Why stop?

Sir, a vagrant is lying unconscious on the ground He must be a miserable fellow with no money Driver, put him in the car You know it's my duty to serve humanity

He is unconscious. It looks as if he hasn't eaten a thing.

He may be love sick He looks like a... Driver fast to the hospital

O God! Save my soul. Doctors want only to operate So you were faking it, pretending, eh?

I was completely worn out. I didn't have train fare Driver, stop the car!

Blasphemy! Fake! Get out of the car!

As you please. You were kind a minute ago Does he suffer from fits?

How dare you! Do you know who you're talking to?

Seth Dharamanand I don't have any sympathy for your sort If you want to reform, swear that you won't lie or cheat And you'll speak only the truth On the contrary, if you lie, you drive in a huge car Soft hands apply eau-de-cologne Speaking the truth you suffer Driver, let's go. He looks like a crook Seth Sonachand, if I'm a crook, a 420...


Bombay 420.

Let's go, old pal

My shoes are Japanese. My trousers are English.

The cap on my head is Russian but my heart is Indian.

I venture into the big, wide world I walk with my head held high Where does my destination lie, where will I ever settle?

The Creator up above us only knows Like true soldiers, we forge ahead

Up and down, round and round...

...flow the eternal waves of life

Foolish are those who sit on the side lines With little care for their country's fate To forge ahead is like life, To stop still is like death

There may be many a prince, many a ruler I am like a prince, just as spoilt

I sit on the mighty throne Whenever I feel in the mood

Cry the crowds in amazement: He looks very familar The cap on my head is Russian but my heart is Indian.


Is Bombay filled with only deaf people?

Only the deaf live here. And the blind People in Bombay hear the jingle of coins This is Bombay, Bombay High buildings are made of cement. People have hearts of stone Only one thing is sacred, that's money Move aside. It's time for business Business? You mean work?

That's what I'm looking for. What can I do to earn my keep?

Do what I do... beg!

Tell me, what kind of work can I find?

Let me think it over. Are you educated?

B.A. passed. Look at my degree. I have it here.


I have a medal for honesty, a gold medal Can you work hard? 24 hours a day.

No jobs here No jobs? No work even for someone educated? Why?

Because this is Bombay. It's a big city If you look for work, you'll never find it If you live by lying and cheating there are 420 ways

Thank you, boss. I've learnt a lot today

How much are these? Don't touch

8 annas a dozen, 2 annas for 3 What?

Eight annas a dozen or two annas for three Two annas for three. No, three annas for two.

3 annas for 2. It isn't free. How will I survive?

Take them at 2 annas for 3, or get lost.

Why do you insist? 3 annas for 2 No way! 2 annas for 3 Think it over

Two annas for three Three annas for two He must be nuts Come over here

You want 2 for 3 annas? Here...

Now we're talking

Oh yes, the money... I don't have any Some other time, but remember 3 annas for two

Here, pay me later

What if I never pay?

I'll think my son ate them

How old is your son? He's of your age.

Thank you.

You won't misunderstand?

You don't have bananas but a heart of gold I'll pay

He really is nuts, so naive

Like a banana?

Don't throw the skin anywhere. Some don't care about others They peel the banana and they fling... anywhere

Uncouth people eating bananas and throwing the peal anywhere.

What nonsense! This is Bombay Everyone laughs at others When they slip themselves, they stop laughing

You're right, brother

Tell me. Is there a pawn shop in the area?

It's over there. Everything is sold and bought

Vidya, you've come to collect your earrings?

No, I've come to sell these bangles as well The school isn't running well?

Get the money from the cashier.

Keep them. When you have the money, return it

Who knows? Maybe I won't ever see that day Why talk like that? It saddens me One day, a prince will come into your life He'll be handsome and rich. When he sees you, he'll be yours And then he'll marry you. He'll shower you with jewellery Then you can return all you owe me in one go Take the money. Greet your father. I'll visit on Friday What is it?

What can I show you?

Nothing to buy, something to sell That's exactly what they all say What is it? Honesty

What? I'll sell honesty

Here it is Rashtriya Orphanage Honesty Medal How much will I get?

If honesty is sold, what's left in life?

Did you say something? No, nothing Uncle, I'll be off

You pawning it or selling it?

I thought I'd sell it It's always been with me. I'll sell it and be done with it Maybe someday...

Forty rupees. To get it back, pay 50

Now you watch! With these 40 rupees, I'll buy Bombay

That's what everyone thinks. But no one can buy Bombay.

Bombay buys everyone. Everyone ends up right here

I've got money

Here's a 2 rupees


I'll pay 5 rupees. I have it here.

My money!

Who's taken it?

You scoundrels! 420's! Crooks!

Thieves! You play cards and you rob decent people Aren't you ashamed?

Where do you think you're going?

Can't you see this is reserved? Go away!

Would you mind if I slept here tonight?

Pay a shirt. No shirt I've a Russian cap instead. Don't you get it?

A deposit! I mean money, cash I paid 3 rupees. Pay half and stay Rs. 1.50?

That much just to sleep here? Yes, 1.50 What do you think? Even a dog has to pay to sleep here This footpath is specially very soft Next door to Seth Dharmanand

When he sits to dinner and the air blows here...

Ah, the aroma!

I don't have money even to buy poison.

Let me sleep here tonight. You are not home.

Why involve my family?

Well, what will you do if I sleep here?

What are you doing?

Picking on him as he's alone

May I ask if this pavement is yours?

No one owns this footpath, this is a side-walk It belongs to the State Hello, lady banana seller How come you're here?

What's going on? Nothing, really...

I was walking and felt tired so I sat down These brothers were looking after me.

Were they beating you? What were they up to?

Bravo! Hitting the poor boy.

Did they hurt you?

Where do you live? Where do you sleep?

Nowhere. Where do people who live nowhere, live?

Right here. Stay with us on the government's pavement.

Listen everyone, regard him as our son Take good care of him. Treat him well. Help him.

You'll stay here. This footpath is our domain

Sit comfortably Bring tea and snacks. Don't forget the chillies Forgive me if I hurt you. It happens, you know Don't worry. Ganga Ma's children are like brothers I'm like your brother, what's your name?

I told you all once, our day would come Our Raj is here

What do you do for a living?

I'm looking for work. What a job that is!

You seem to be new here, that's why you look for work Or else you'd have fun like us What do you do?


Our stories can be told in a single word: jobless.

Tell us your story. Where are you from?

If we're to be as one, tell your story.

Tell us something exciting, I feel sad today

O gently people, hear this story A simple story with no frills, aimed to give many thrills

I was once a boy of a poor family...

...who inherited his mother's destiny

Grief and suffering were my childhood friends Pain and breath did blend

Alas! With a face such as mine

A thief and I look one of a kind'

On the street, one day, for no rhyme or reason An officer took me away

An officer Peered over his spectacles

He looked me over barring no obstacles Said he: Can you see no more He's the warden's brother-in-law

I'm still bound by misery I'm happy but not in ecstasy

My destination lies before me. My feet are tied for all to see Rich folk hinder the fun

Heed me but tell none

Don't walk with head down

Don't sing without rhyme. Don't shout without reason Or you will end up in prison!

Why were you sleeping here? Sir?

The problem is, I had a row with my wife She threw me out of the house You know the women of today are like men

Get lost.

Is this a place to sleep? Get lost.

Go on! He must be a newcomer. He's nuts

What are you doing?

Can't you see?

Why are you doing that?

To see this wretched world you have to look at it upside down All the leaders of the country do the same thing Then, they see it right Behave yourself or I'll straighten you out Constable, is this a crime?

Get along

You broke the castle

Some people are like that, they can destroy, not build They sell honest and sin What must they do?


I agree

Hey you! Wait, Stop!

Were you trying to commit suicide?

What? Me? Committing suicide?

Yes, suicide You mean suicide?

You said that people like me should drown That was... I mean, I'm sorry

You're right, people like me should drown.

It's a sin to commit suicide You won't will you? Of course, I will It's the last sin. So what if you saved me?

Listen, I won't let you commit suicide.

Can you stop me, if I want to take my life?

I'll call the police to stop you

He's... What are you up to?

I'm up to something, but will she agree?

He... Let me tell you, come this way

She's the one Your wife?


She's pretty Don't get taken in by her face, she's poison She jumped into the sea, I had to get her out She says: I'll drown and take you with me She refuses to go home So that's it? I'll fix her You'll save a mariage from breaking up

What is it? Go home Where? Home You, too As you say, Constable Come, let's go Don't be cross What are you saying? Who are you to order me?

Hear that? She says who am I to order me?

Tell her who I am Go home or else to the police station Why? What have I done? Committing suicide But I was...

She says she dived in save me Not another word from you. Go home

Why bicker like children?

Wives should not leave their homes like that You're of the modern generation. A woman is a home's goddess.

Each Indian woman should regard her husband as a god.

That's enough! This is my home. Now go Have you started again? Get inside.

You're still following me?

I see you home, and you say I've no manners Vidya?

What is it? I've had it! Father I will tell him You can't go inside Why not?

Let me meet him Who are you arguing with? She is arguing with me, father.

Who are you? He's...

Shri. Ranbir Raj My father, Pandit Omkarnath Shastri

He dived into the sea Into the sea Tell her not to jump into such deep waters Don't interrupt, I'm talking. Luckily...

...I was there Or else, she would have been I didn't jump in Don't play with life That's what I said too, our life is given by God To misuse it is ungrateful He jumped in... Change your clothes I'll sit for a while. Be careful or you might catch pneumonia

He's right. Go and change your clothes Serve some tea to our guest Sit down.

Thank you, my son. You've done me a favour She's all I have in the world It was my duty. Who helps anyone these days?

You risked your life for her.

To jump in the sea is simple. I can swim for miles It's a pity that my expensive suit got wet Hurry with tea, he might catch a cold

You're cheerful

You put yourself to such bother The tea is hot, be careful Liars burn tongues Did you burn yours?

Not my tongue, but my heart

You're a very funny fellow. Hurry, Vidya The kids are waiting Hers? She has fifty Fifty, my God!

Father, I'd better go

We have a small school A school?

I see!

Since I've been paralysed, Vidya has run the school We live on little. The poor live here We are poor, too. We have nothing better to offer you.

We don't have even a comfortable chair for you to sit.

It's first class. Don't let it worry you Be careful! Are you hurt?

Don't worry It isn't your fault. I've put on a little weight.

One little seed, two seeds Seed on seed

On the roof the girl dances, The crazy boy takes his chances



There lived a little girl called Lalbai

She wears a red skirt that a pie

She burns your mouth and she makes your cry

Have a guess!

A chilli!

It's green and It's surrounded with pearls

Deep in the garden of the king it sways and whirls

Its hair is quite wild and filled with curls



It's a creature with money spread on its tail'

It wears a crown on its head like a sail

It dances full of glee, Full of joy in a gale.


A peacock!

One little seed, two seeds Seed on seed

Though it's quite out of sight, It stays close and near It eats, it drinks, have little or no fear Don't fall into its snare, Be careful, be wise, beware



No! It's me!

Did you see? She lost her own game.

Teacher lost the game She lost!

Celebrate with a holiday. Go home Sit down all of you!

Come back! Or you will be in for it

Uncouth, illiterate! Letting them go

Why get so cross? Let them have some fun Fun and game, eh? To be useless like you?

True, I don't have any work but...


...I'm not. That's the tragedy If I were, I would be a labourer What can I do? I am a graduate That's an even bigger lie!

Look at you. Do you look educated?

My appearance fools you If I were dressed grandly and had a car...

...You wouldn't have called me illiterate I don't blame you. The world is not compassionate Clothes make a man Fine clothes are more imporatant than human sentiments That isn't true. We aren't rich.

You see, poor people live here It's shameful that the poor forget the poor

Seeing how scruffy I look, one may assume I'm uneducated.

So I carry my diploma with me

Look... I am a graduate. B.A. passed

I am very sorry I don't understand why you dress and behave like a clown

You've got to stand on your head to see the world straight.

The mask of a clown is just the thing you need

If you ask me, the best way to hide one's suffering is to don...

...the mask of a clown. It's very useful

Stay longer. Is Panditji in?

Can I help you? Thank you, Vidya If I need help, I'll come to you. Right now I want to help myself My destiny beckons me What does your fate have in store for you?

Whatever I do, whichever path I tread...'ll see, I'll become famous and rich No one will look down on me I shall command respect and admiration.

Long live Dharamanand

Bombayities, accept my greetings Hindus: Ram Ram, Muslims: Salam Morning to Christians and Sat Sri Akal to Sikhs You all know the importance given to religion and culture Friends, look at my clothes From head to foot I am dressed in clothes made in India Gentlemen, look at me!

My shoes are Japanese, my trousers are British My cap is Russian, but my heart is Indian Let me repeat, the one thing that's Indian is my heart Our greatest problem is...


Bread! Chapatis, nan, idli, dosa Whatever you call it, bread is most essential.

Do I lie? No, It's the truth The problem of bread is one of the soul and peace of mind You cannot find peace of mind if you go hungry That's right!

Many cloud over real issues like history and religion Putting emphasis on... bread Brothers who want to eat real bread, come to me To swallow air, go over there


Brothers and Sisters! Heed the call of time, the call of truth Listen!

Come to me, lovers of bread No one is better equipped to solve this I will ask you one thing... What is required to eat bread?

Money? That's it. Bravo!

One thing's more important than money. You can deceive others You can beg, borrow or steal for bread But you can never eat bread without...

TEETH! Yes, brothers, teeth!

Is that clear to everyone?

If your teeth are not strong, how can you chew properly?

It will lead to indigestion... weakness and disease This will end up by weakening the entire nation Then enemies can invade and conquer us, making us slaves If you want to keep India free and the nation stronger...

Preserve your teeth!

Brush them with my invention: SUN AND MOON TOOTH POWDER Teeth will sparkle like the moon, the sun Four annas each! A bottle for me

Let's get in line

Someone's selling Tooth Powder. I see... a 420 Your teeth may be hurting, too. Why not try that powder?

Tell us something, what's the powder made of?

Does it contain crushed bones?

There's only coal and sand from Chowpatty in this Did you hear that? He's been cheating us Instead of powder, he's selling sand. Hit him!

Where did they hit you?

Well, what do you think you are doing?

It hurts. You deserved what you got

Stop it or you'll singe him Tell me what the problem is He was selling sand as tooth-powder, he asked for it He won't easily forget the thrashing he got Why laugh?

Tell me son, since when have you started racketeering?

What else can I do, Ganga Ma? Drink it up while it's hot

Rest for a few days. This is your home Call it a footpath, not a home He's crazy. If we have a footpath, we'll have a home Raj, you're educated. Tell us it can be possible One day, our government will build us homes Fine homes It's possible that like us will have homes How shall we pay the rent?

For anything one must have a job A worthwhile job Listen!

I was working in a laundry. I was paid 45 rupees a month The owner cut 20 rupees because I burnt a cloth. Is that fair?

I spit at honest work You left the job? But why?

I was fed up. I quit You won't go back?

I'll find work Where did you work? At the Jai Bharat Laundry

Have you worked in one?

I worked at the Sunlight Soap factory, I mean laundry I can't tell you how well I wash clothes Do you have an iron?

A wife? How can I? I don't have a job or a house.

I didn't say a 'wife', but an iron!

I thought you said a 'Wife'. About the ironing, sir...

I'm from a line of washermen You look a clown. Can you work hard?

Yes, Sir!

Will you be honest? Yes, Sir.

You've got the job.

You'll be paid 45 rupees. Start now.

Ram, how is it spelt? R... A... M

Raj, how is it spelt? R... A... J

Once, again, children!

I am sorry, I can't understand you

Why do you dress like this and act like a clown?

Who is it? Oh, it's you!

How are you? I came to give you this Why did you take the trouble? It was my duty.

How is Panditji? How are you?

I've some news. I have bought a laundry It's in Parsi bazaar. To get there walk...

...just left of Kharsi Parsi If you feel like it, come visit I got a new suit I couldn't visit earlier, I'm so busy at work At last, I found a spare moment today

I am very busy. It's late. I'll go now.

I thought I just saw you putting on a coat Fooled by appearance Clothes are tailored for human beings and not vice-versa I don't understand. Look The dress...

The man. What do you say?

I came to see how your laundry is doing Very well. 15 or 20 people work here I'm the boss We eat and drink well I didn't wear the suit. It may get spoilt in the rain.

What will you have?

Where will you have tea?

At the Taj or at the Greens?

They're too far away I'm very tired as well The local footpath Palace Hotel. It isn't very far

Here's the footpath restaurant. Limited furntiture Make yourself comfortable, I'll be back Two special teas, with milk and sugar... double the tea And the unpaid bills?

You don't seem to see the delicate predicament I'm in Please wait until I get paid. Look who's here with me.

Why should I care? You already owe me 6 rupees 10 annas Please understand Let me have some tea, my honour's at stake At least, Pay for today's order

Taste Uncle's tea, you won't go else where

Have you got two annas? You mean some change?

I've no change for a hundred and uncle never has any either Right, Uncle?

Can I ask something?

If two decent young people fall in love...

They should marry, right?

When they marry, they must have children They will need a home and clothes to dress the children Later, the children must be sent to school

I earn only rupees 45 at the laundry How can I dream of a marriage life on 45 rupees, tell me?

A man alone cannot do it, but if both of them work together You mean... Vidya, you and I?

I'll come to talk to your father tomorrow

We're in love, We know it's passion Why are our hearts filled with apprehension?

My heart warns me the path ahead isn't easy Little do we know where we go Our destination is hazy.

Assure me no change will enter our love's rhyme.

Assure me you'll not change with passing time One day, if you're no longer mine The moon will no longer shine

Each night will be filled with our story The youth of tomorrow will sing our melody Neither you nor I will remain But the tokens of our love will reign.

Constable! It's you.

Is your wife still angry?

Wife? The iron!

Oh Lord! Fire! Water!

Fetch some water!

Hurry up, bring the water!

What's going on? What's the matter?

What's this nonsense?

Stop this nonsense!

Who did it?

Whose iron is this?

It was my mistake, I left my iron here Well done! You spoke the truth, you will be fined You'll work tomorrow as well. But tomorrow's Sunday!

I must see someone. Shut Up!

Three jacks

Three queens What about you? Three kings Let me see Three aces Excellent!

Excuse me Madam, here are the clothes I'm only here delivering clothes Must be John's That's right I'm from Sunlight Laundry, I mean the Bharat Laundry

Sit down It was my mistake... Please forgive me Don't report it or else I'll be fired Sit down!

Madam, please, I don't know anything Don't misunderstand me, I was only passing time Deal now.

Look at your cards, 3 aces It's the truth, I'm not a crook, I'm not a 420

I'd better be off

I'm not a cardshark. Don't report me to the police.

I can't afford to lose my job.

Here's the bill. Please sign it.

Sit down. I'll be back

Come here, Johnny Meet a true magician He deals and three aces appear

Always drinking! I wish you were alert We've to rush to the party

What party? You mean for a game of cards?

I've specially set it up. You lie here drunk

I've found a Master at Cards. He'll teach you So what! Why don't you take him instead? I'm not going anywhere

I'll call it off!

Please don't tell the police. I have done you no wrong.


I'll inform the police right away unless you obey me What must I do?

I am a gentleman Sign the receipts, Madam and let me go I'll do that

Change the clothes

People call me Maya. I'm Raj I work at the Bharat Laundry. I earn Rs.45 and get fined... if I burn any clothes. If my boss sees me in this suit, I'll be fired Forget that you work in a laundry Forget that you earn 45 rupees I'm giving you a new life, do you understand?

You are no longer the same Raj of the laundry But a prince, a real Raj A rich man In these clothes...

...You will be respected wherever you go.

Rich and important people will be proud to have you as a friend I shall take you to a dreamland; the world of wealth.

Today, I shall open the gates of a bright new world

What Sir? I am only the waiter I am only a washerman

Why behave so idiotically?

Your face should have the grace of the royalty.

You should act and be royal, like a prince

I will remove one mask and replace it with another

Maya, you are a splendid sight Hello, Philachand. Meet Raj Kumar of...


Very suddenly, the game will be great Meet my friends

Mr. Raj Kumar is indeed great

I hope you're fond of playing cards. We play flush I produce three aces!

Today the party will be in great joy.

We've anxiously awaited you Meet Raj Kumar of...

...Pipalinagar Sonachand Dharamanand, the King of Cotton

Glad to meet you

I think I've met you somewhere before On the road?

Possibly. We're in the same business

Raj Kumar is indeed a great fellow Let's not waste time. Let's start now.

Not a bad idea. Hurry up, let's make a move

Why worry, madam?

A spot of luck and all this is yours It reminds me of Monte Carlo

Deal Raj Kumar I will see my hand first

I stake 200 rupees. The same for me Why are you getting worked up?

Very suddenly, the game has turned spectacular

400 for me I wish only you both were playing Blind. 200 rupees Why don't you see your cards? Four hundred, this time No one can compete with Raj Kumar

What do you say?

400 or 500 is nothing. A thousand

I hope it isn't a false move Here. I stake a thousand My play. Why waste your money?

I have no money left.

Let's see your hand. I have three kings You can't beat that Why rush?

Three aces!

Have a look. Yes, I have Three aces against three kings. That's what you call a hand!

He's a prince, after all. They say money begets money No, it's pure luck There's no such thing as luck. Everything lies in your fingers.

Aren't you tired of winning?

It's late. Let's go You have a plane to catch to Piplinagar.

Cash it at the counter I'll leave now. Play a round with me Very suddenly, it's grand Please sit down Very interesting. Just like Monte Carlo Pay cash

Excellent. It's been a good game

Good! My boss believes in the cash principle

Just a moment, Sahib. I'll shuffle the cards

Deal No, I won't

You suspect me. It's insulting You deal. It's a question of honour

100 rupees blind. 200 rupees blind

Same here. It will take far too long Let's finish it in one go

Blind, 1000

Two thousand!

Had you played partly blind it would have been interesting.

I stake 4000

I'll move

The game is serious. May I consult my brother on the telephone?

Go ahead... but your cards?

You met your match. Raj Kumar is big-hearted

Where is Piplinagar? Is it in Uttar Pradesh?

It is in Madhya Pradesh.

That's it, brother, the very same hand Fifty thousand! All right I'll come home soon

My brother will back me up to 50,000 if the cards are good My 10,000

What did you do? Why not see the hand?

No, Sir... it looks like you have three aces again.

Seth, I'll take your leave I'll...

Since you are leaving, show me your cards.

Two, three and five. Total bluff!

Sorry that you lost so much It's nothing. Meeting you means profit, only profit.

19,800 rupees

Madam... here's the suit

Put it there

How much dirty money is there? About 20,000. And so?

Twenty thousand? That much money?

My playing made so much Let's see how quickly you can leave the room Understand?

Madam, I have earned this money. We could divide it between us Equal share?

You think you're my equal? Who are you?

What is your status? A taste of the good life has turned your head You? My equal?

Don't forget you work in a laundry Look at your clothes, your face! Return to the gutter you're from

Here's the bill for the clothes you borrowed

Take this

10 rupees... your tip

Who are you? And your status?

A taste of the good life has turned your head. You? My equal?

Don't forget you work in a laundry Look at your clothes, your face! Return to the gutter you're from

Well, Mr. Raj Kumar!

Piplinagar specialises in washing lines, I see

Such a pity that a man of your kind of talent...

...should be rotting in a laundry

What can I do?

Maya cheated you. She was wrong

Honesty should be a policy in business

20,000 is a mere trifle for a man like you The Creator has given you a fine brain It's within your reach to earn thousands, millions You mean it isn't difficult to become a millionaire?

Take this and keep it. What is it?

Advance for a partnership

Didn't I tell you when we met that meeting you...

...means profit, only profit?

See you

Father, change your clothes Crazy girl!

Not a word. It's the Festival of Lights And you must be properly dressed

It's you.

I thought... Some gentleman, right?

My appearance has fooled you once again Don't take it seriously, they're hired They're hired?

In this world clothes, honour, everything's for hire

I wasn't sure you'd...

...have the time to visit the goddess Why did I come, then?

Take this What is it? Open it Accept my Diwali greetings, too Where's father? He's in

Such an expensive sari. That's if I'm not mistaken...

It isn't hired. It's the first gift I've bought Get ready soon. Where to?

The temple. In such an expensive sari?

Hurry up! Father Don't refuse his gift, it is an offering of love Try it on

Sit down, son

Which temple are you going to?

The temple of the Goddess of Wealth It's Diwali today. I thought I'd take Vidya to enjoy it all Of course, my son. You're looking smart today You look as though you've found a treasure Found a treasure? No, not exactly I have only the key. Very shortly, Panditji, Bombay will be all mine

Stay happy, my child. God bless you both

Won't you come to see the festival?

You both go and have a good time

Where are we? We were to go to the temple of Goddess Laxmi.

This is the temple and these are her devotees

You cleaned me out the other day and you're back From Pilpilinagar? No, Piplinagar Very suddenly, Where did you find this moon?

Introduce her to me. A Princess of...?

She is the Princess of Vidya Nagar

Vidya Devi does not like being called a princess I get it! A democratic princess. How do you do?

Please join us

Raj, why do you avoid me?

Been to the races?

Have a cigarette. Isn't she beautiful?

Some soda? Tell us how old are you?

How charming you look. Won't you play a round with us?

For a ten rupee tip? Excuse me, I am busy

It feels like we're in Monte Carlo. Look at her hand Very suddenly, everyone will be rich

Meet the Princess of Vidya Nagar

The Prince and the Princess are on the same level

You're wearing a lovely sari! Where is it from?

From Leelaram's?

I've an identical sari, I wanted to wear it But it's at the cleaners

It didn't return from the dry cleaners

Don't pay attention to what Maya says She is a wicked person

Wait, Vidya!

I will explain, later. Let's go elsewhere.

Thanks a lot. I know the way out Vidya!

Wait, Vidya! Who is she?

Where are you going? Vidya's gone If one goes, you'll find others Now you'll enter your new world It is the Festival of Lights. We have planned a big game

You've had an advance for the new trade But... Vidya

You don't need the wisdom of Vidya Today, you need the wealth of Maya

Don't look back, don't think of the past

As you journey through life, you are not alone I stand right beside you

Our destination is clearly before us The clouds are like waves, rolling past us The caravan of life never stops

Don't look back, don't think of the past

As you journey through life, you are not alone I stand right beside you

Look everyone straight in the eye Smile with each passing season The world is his who looks ahead

The world is his who adapts to the times The world is his who fits the mould The world is his who forges on

Come outside! Stop being a child Leave this world of morality and piety See the world as it really is

Do you know who I am? I'm but a slave

You're drunk

The world thinks that I am drunk

Laugh! It's such a happy occasion Laugh at the humiliation I suffered I have never been humiliated before. What'll they think?

Whatever they want to What good has the world done for me? Why care?

This world did not care when I was starving This world did not provide work when I was jobless When I was homeless it gave me no shelter.

Vidya, you'll see. They will respect me They will respect me well All because of this...

Money! Respect! Fame! Luxury!

A life of luxury. A new life for you and for me For both of us You have stolen, you have robbed A sleight of hand. One card moves from here to there You cheated at cards. Cheated!

Its fruit is bad. See the bad fruits, then You are chasing paper One day, a storm of fate will blow it all away You'll grovel in a pool of corruption Raj, don't fall into this trap. Don't be corrupted Tell the others who build empires on fraud Through fraud they make millions They rule the world Sermons and advice about honesty are given to the poor Keep working hard, slog away Eat the dry bread of honesty and thank God for your lot How you have changed!

You came in ragged clothes and I took you for a prince Forget that old Raj. Forget him What's past is past. Don't look back

We're entering a new world. Will you stand by me?

You live in a new world now where everyone is for sale.

But I'm not for sale, do you understand?

Very well, then I'll leave Remember, you and others like you who laud honesty...

...will perish with hunger I won't starve. I have money, I have wealth

O beloved for my sake Don't break my heart this way

I implore you Look back once before you leave

If you must leave, look back once before you go

You've left me with a broken heart. Don't forget me

Although I remain silent, my eyes implore you

Don't let me fall away let a tear from your eye

Welcome, Raj Kumar Sahib of Piplinagar Why do you hesitate? Come inside

Are you ready to start work?

Thank you. What do I have to do?


If you had to deliver a thousand tons of rice?

Only 800 tons?

There's no need to panic. If you can't find rice...

...then you can find 200 tons of bricks

Get it?

I'm starting to understand

I shall have to find work for you Absolutely!

It must be something that is of interest to people What do people want most in life?

People want to get rich overnight Win at the races or at cards or in gold mining Can you turn dirt into money?

I told you when we first met. It meant profit, only profit

Is this the Tibet Gold Company?

Whom do you want? This is Raj, Raj, Raj and Co

All three Rajs are inside? Yes

Hello, a long distance call?

Yes, this is Raj, Raj, Raj, Ltd. Managing agents for Tibet Gold

Twenty thousand? No, I can sell you 10,000 shares only.

Welcome Seth. Mr. Raj?

The other Mr. Raj? That's me, too I'm three Rajs rolled in one

What can I do for you? It's about the Tibet Gold Gold in Tibet. Everyone talks of gold in Tibet This gold business is a real headache.

From each and every corner of the world I keep getting phone calls

He must be a big shot Shall I book a call to Japan?

Oh no! A call from Japan

200 shares? Where do I get them from?

We mustn't lose him

I'm trying to beat him down to a 100

I finally persuaded him Seth, who started this gold mining business in India?

You did. No, we Indians did.

Everyone wants shares. Tell me what can I do?

Let's start business, I'm in the same trade Give me 50 shares

50 shares...? I'll buy more later The demand for shares is rising. You can have 20 How can you do this?

As this company is Indian, you should give us priority Who am I doing this for, anyway? Not more than 20 shares Have 5000 and give me the fifty shares It feels like we've known each other for years You're forcing me into this Get the certificates from Cashier May I give you some advice? Start mining in Tibet With your blessings, I already have

No, learning and knowledge cannot be sold Uncle, you can't keep helping us. Why do you say that?

I heard you're getting married soon. Then your luck will turn Uncle, that isn't it What is it, then?

Panditji told me you liked a young man, what happended?

Did he turn out to be bad? No, it's my luck that's bad.

You're lucky. Remember what I've always said:

One day, a prince will come into your life...

Come in, it's been ages since you last visited

Only goddesses are visited

What brings you here? To sell knowledge

You're here to sell knowledge I'm here to buy honesty

Here's 50 rupees, please can I have my medal back?

I'll fetch it, please wait

How is the school where you raise little saints?

The school is closed. My little saints have turned to crime They're preparing to be 420s The school's closed. It's terrible. Can I help?

Thank you. Open a school with your own money And teach them how to buy honesty Mister, your honesty!

Take your honesty with you

It's you? Me?

What is it? You! You look splendid!

Your white collar, your bow-tie, your suit, very handsome

You've found the way to become a big man. Now, you're happy

What is the matter? Aren't you happy?

No. Raj, I'm very sad

What's happened? You know I'm not a big man

Raj, where have you disappeared to?

Raj! Raju!

Vidya, you're very late today

Take this No uncle, I don't want any tea Why not? You're my regular customer I don't even have two annas. So what?

Many 420s drink their tea here and never show up again

You haven't been here for ages Don't you look grand? Sit down, I'll bring tea Wait, Vidya. I want to tell you something But I don't want to listen You have to listen. Sit down

Special tea for you

Do you remember...

...the day we had tea together?

We made promises to each other. We dreamt a dream

I told you we'd have a home We would send our children to school.

I'm trying to make it come true Do you have to do it dishonestly, through fraud?

Try and understand. I'm not as bad as you think.

I cheat those who cheat others Don't pity them If I pity anyone, it's you Do you know where this path will lead you to?

You wanted me as your wife You'll end up in jail, whose wife will I be then?

You wanted your children to go to school You know what they'll say? Their father is a crook

Think about it. How can people like us manage without money?

One can't breathe without it Money! Money! Money!

Raj, what have you done?

Why did you do it? You have shattered our dreams of a home Tell me if I have harmed you. Why did you do it?

You've been tempted by all false world, by clothes, by cars Tell me, Raj

You've lost everything for a sham world You've sold yourself to a tinsel world. Go back And buy the love you need.

I've given my heart to you. Only to you

Your eyes sparkled with the light of passion Your eyes never glinted with greed nor treason

You were another, you were not the same Your spirit was pure your heart inflicted no pain

Little does it matter if I regret or suffer in vain

In your new world, in your universe... in exchange of gold hearts are bought, hearts are sold

In our world, under the tree of sorrow Hearts skip a beat at the mention of love

Under the moon and starts the night in song flows

I've given my heart to you, only to you.

I've given my heart to you, only to you.

Memories haunt me, with a sweet pain I never learnt how to console my grieving heart

Little does it matter, if you don't return, if you forget I have not learnt how to love and then to forget

Even from that faraway place, just tell me once:

I've given my heart to you, only to you.

I've given my heart to you, only to you

The path is the same, the traveller is the same But I wonder where a shining star has disappeared to?

The world is the same, people are the same Little do they know a life has been plundered

Who will stay in my heart? Who will say to me:

I've given my heart to you, only you

Long live Raj!

Didn't I tell you, one day Raj will be back?

Then we'll have our own homes. My son is back We thought you forgot us One who lived on the footpath, won't forget friends made there

Tell us when our homes will be ready Homes? Your advertisement created a stir Advertisement?

Yes brother, look here



Long live Raj!

Seth Sonachand, who placed this advertisement?

Why did you leave the hotel?

Maya was most upset You shouldn't have let Maya down A home for 100 rupees? You did this. Who'll believe it?

How can you build one?

Which idiot told you we intend to build homes?

I am not selling houses. I am auctioning a dream You know how many people sleep on the footpath in this city?

All of them hope for one thing: A home of their own Understand? So even the poorest...

...among them will manage to collect 100 rupees So that we can build them a home

Seth Sonachand, I did everything under the sun to help you I cheated at the futures market, sold bogus shares You want me to cheat the poor to make you rich In this world we should not make any distinction...

...between the poor and the rich. No preferences Do you think I'll do this?

What choice do you have?

Who was the one who agreed to cheat in the first place?

You did Who floated the Raj, Raj, Raj, Company? You did Take back your money. Take everything

I want peace of mind

I don't want to work with you, do you hear?

Do I build castles in the air?

I can do away with you, like that Do you realise that each share has been signed by you?

Do you remember I was the first man to buy 50 shares?

I'll be the first to sue you. Under Section 420 No Raj, you cannot get out easily

Whatever Vidya said was right On that path you don't need Vidya, but Maya

Why? Have you become scared?

You're running away now Running where? To that worthless school teacher Nonsense!

I don't understand what you see in that girl I've seen dozens like her A dime a dozen What rubbish you talk! Don't get angry Witch! Aren't you ashamed to speak of her like that? I'll kill you Hit me as much a you like Remember, you will never have the ideal wife Such women are not for you I'm the only one who will accept you. Why are you sad?

You once worked in a laundry, now you have everything Money, fine clothes, a car, a house to live in

Wealth? Home? Name? Luxury?

Everywhere I go, I'm called 420 Remember something Raj, those who remain petty thieves...

...are called crooks. They are treated with disdain To be a crook, join the big time Be like Sonachand, play with millions No one will dare to call you 420 You will be called a philanthropist, a pious man A big shot A young man like you can do many things Today, Sonachand exploits you for his ends If you want, you can double-cross him

You're right, that's exactly how it's going to be


How many houses?

Around 114,557 people have been registered

Over twenty million Bravo, Raj! You are a genius I am nothing before you. Your genius works through me

What's this racket?

Who are they?

They are all partners who have contributed to the construction They are anxious that we start work We shall make an announcement today

To see people so enthusiastic frightens me

Frightened? Shall I return their money?

Some men are here to register their names Tell them to return tomorrow Have they cash? Let them in I do not know how to refuse money Go to your room. See you later Come back soon. We have to distribute the loot

Yes, Sir!

What a place he lives in!

Come in. Sit down

Remember friends, this is Bombay... Bombay Not the same Bombay I've heard you're building homes for the poor Here's a beggar's treasure I have 97 rupees, 6 annas and two counterfeit coins I am short of 2 annas don't add a bolt I want a house

Don't worry, brother, I'll pay the difference We're here to bless you In jest, you called me a goddess. You turned out to be a saint.

Take this

Here's 225 rupees It's their savings, make them a home Make up the difference with her wedding ornaments Add all this up and make them a home

Don't you want a house for yourself?

You worry about all Why bother about myself? I'll stay with one of them Are the homes relly being built?

Whatever you want will really happen You must be busy, we'll go Give us a house! God bless you!

Be ready Raj, I have made all the arrangements

I am going away, far away Take out the money from the safe, here is the bag

They must be anxious to collect their share Seth Dharamanand and his friends have everything set for you You will get only 20,000 and the air-ticket He'll announce that Raj has run with the money

I have arranged everything Give me the bag Can I come in?

I came here...

Vidya, you?

I hear you are building homes Do you want one?

What use is it to me?

It's up to a man to make a house into a home Why are you here? Can't you see we are busy?

I have a present for you


The medal for honesty you pawned It may come in use


A gold medal? Honesty?

It is sold at Rs. 80 a gram What you get is not honesty

What are you looking at? Give me the bag, hurry This money is not yours. It is yours It's not mine, either. Then whose it is? Nonsense!

Here's the passport, the air-tickets, a taxi's waiting We'll soon be far away from India Far from the police and Sonachand I can escape from the police and Sonachand...

...but I cannot escape from myself

So you plan to run away with the money

All the doors are closed

You want this money?

We must distribute it All this money, every cent, including a counterfeit coin And the jewels of a lady who dreamt of marrying How will you distribute it? If you can, then here it is

Is this place a maze?

Where are you taking it to? It is my money

Traitors! I raised you from the gutter and made you rich And you defy me?

My money!

The bag! Let go!

You are a cheap dancer

I am Sonachand speaking. There are thieves in my house


You can't escape Raj, we have got you You have had it. Stop talking rubbish!

Hand me the money. Give it to me You bicker for a mere trifle You want it?

Take it!

Men descended from the apes but money has turned them into dogs

These are only papers. The money?

Traitor! Treachery!

Only waste paper The notes you were fighting for are only made of paper, too For this paper you are capable of nothing.

To get it, you cheat people. Collect bogus insurance claims I am taking the proof of your crimes. It's the end for 420s Today, I will expose you all The world will...

...know your benevolence and Seth's true colours

Someone's shot Raju

They have shot him!

Who shot my son?

Who fired? What happened?

I shot him for the sake of each and every one of you He was running away with your money You don't know Raj, he was a real 420 All lies! You are lying Raj was not a crook, you made him into one When he first came to Bombay he was so good, so cheerful He wanted to work and you didn't give him work He had to live on the footpath and sell his honesty You taught him your evil ways If you want wealth, name and honour...

...then lie, play cards, dupe others and be a 420 You are the real criminals Nonsense! Do you know who I am?

Yes, she is absolutely right Raj was not a crook. You made him into one You old hag, if only you knew what kind of person Raj was Let the police get here

Who fired? I did Do you know who I am? Yes, Seth Sonachand You all know that my first duty is to serve humanity He was absconding with the money of the poor For their sake, I shot him If that makes me a criminal, they hang me For the sake of the people I'll give my life Don't tell such a lie! I am still alive

You did not die?

No, Seth Sahib. Life itself is a 420 You perhaps forgot that I put the pistol in the bag And I loaded it What is this? Why this masquerade?

In this nonsensical world one has to live by faking death Everything is ready To stop me, he fired 6 bullets. To stop a thief, one suffices Why six bullets? For the sake of the people?

Or for the million? What is this talk of money?

That is exactly what I want to know. Where is the money?

Their money is where they put it Inspector, take this key. The money is upstairs in the safe Ask them why the people's money interests them?

Fetch the money from upstairs and take Raj Sethji, all of you had better follow me

Take a close look at these people. They are respectable They are rich They cannot be counted in one hand, they are 420s Not just a simple 420, but Mister 420 Look at yourselves Who will say you are poor, unemployed and homeless?

Each of you has over a million rupees I have kept all your money safely I did not intend to cheat you. I wanted all of you to unite If you want, take back your money Don't waste such a vast fortune, don't disperse your strength How can you build a home with a 100? But with a million, yes Go to the government with this million Say we are a million people, we will build our own homes

Look carefully at me

I was one of you When I came to Bombay, I had everything I was honest and hopeful I hoped that I had be a big man And children whom I had to send to school I have lost everything

May God bless the noble person who stopped me She showed me that the cure to poverty is not deceit The cure is hard work. That's the prosperity of the nation

May God bless her. That is all I have to say May none of you make the same mistake

Come on Mr Raj

Let us go, old pal

I venture into the big wide world, I walk with my head held high

Where does my destination lie, where will I ever settle?

The Creator up above us only knows

Like true soldiers... We forge ahead The cap on my head is Russian but my heart is Indian

My heart is Indian