Shukujo wa nani o wasureta ka (1937) Script

Right, then. Go straight to the office...

Don't dawdle on the way.

Don't worry.

I'll call in 30 minutes to check.

Oh, hello, Fujio.

Is your mother here, too?

Why are you outside?

It's no fun listening to women's talk.

Well, why don't we go in together?

I'm fine out here.

Right, you wait out here.

Aunty! Tell mom...

If she's not out soon, I'm leaving!

I'll tell her.

Mrs. Ishino has arrived.



Please come in.

I hope you're well.

Been here long?

A little while.

You're very pretty today.

You look stunning today.

Today you're really beautiful.

What's with the “today-today”?

She always thinks she's beautiful.


That's a lovely wrap!

You're being sarcastic.

You bought it at Mitsukoshi?

No, is it too earthy?


You don't think so?

How old are you?

Old enough.

Terrible, terrible.

What's so funny?

Isn't that it?

Perhaps you're right.

Getting a lot of lines recently.

Growing older?

You don't have to spell it out.

Only when laughing, though.

I've tried it in front of the mirror.

See, no lines that time? Isn't there?

Let's hear it again.

Reminds one of a zoo.


Gotta give it up.

Fujio is tired of waiting.

You'd better leave.

Can you solve this?


If you have thirty two 5 sen and 1 sen coins...

And you're short 2 sen on a bill of 130 yen.

How many of each denomination did you have?

What is it?

Fujio's homework, from yesterday.

He's starting junior high this year.

The preliminaries are so complicated.

And if I can't do the work he's been set...

It kept me up till 2 a.m Working on this?

Yes. Go on, solve it.

Thirty two 5 sen and 1 sen coins...

...2 sen short on a bill of 130 yen.

Forget it. It's our cross to bear Wait. If you call it X...

You can't do it like that!

No using algebra.

A total of 32 coins...

And no using real coins!


I've got it!

It just takes patience. No, that's wrong too.

You don't have to get upset about it.

They don't do this in junior high.

If you could do it you'd say they do.

Couldn't the doctor find me a tutor?

Perhaps from among his students.

I simply can't do it myself. Please ask him.

You worry too much.

I don't really care who, just so long as he's clean.

You're just after a Fredrick March type.

That would be lovely.

Please, I'm serious.

I'll keep my eyes open.

Don't forget, will you?

Please, for Fujio's sake.

You're leaving?

Off to the Ginza. Today's act of motherly love.

My niece from Osaka arrives here tomorrow.

It'll be good to see her again.

I like the girl.

She's such a smart, tidy girl.



Didn't know you had a sister like this.

Be serious. Silly.


I'm getting hungry. Is there anything to eat?

There are some biscuits.

Anything a little more solid?

Like what?

What is there?



How about sushi?

A bit too cold...

Then what...Rice?

Topped with eel. But then again...

You're hard to please.

Rice with a helping of eel on the side.

In a tiered box.

You eat a lot! Is one enough?

If not, I'll have biscuits.


Is the doctor home?

No, he's at the university.

Right, he teaches on Wednesdays.

It's Nakanishi on the phone.

I'll take it in here.

Hello, I'm just testing now.

It looks bad for you.

You'll never have children.

Tidy this up, please.

Sir, it's time for your class.

Which room?

Number 27


The book I ordered has arrived.

Can you bring it to my place?

Salmonella was rife in the town of Frankenhausen when Dr. Gartner discovered the baccilus named...

...after him in 1888.

The mode of infection is yet to be discovered But a detectable relationship...

...has been established with the spirochette...

...of the encephalitic bacterium which reaches epidemic proportions What we call encephalitis nowadays...

...was identified by a Dr. Ekonomo in Vienna in 1919.

Whether the two are the same or not is still a matter of speculation.

Looking beyond these questions... Dr. Ekonomo's diagnosis of lethargic encephalitis...

Like our friend here there's no evidence it attacks during winter So he doesn't have it.


Going back to the original question...



No, I'm actually very good.

I can drive at 60 kph on Route 2.

It's such a good feeling.

You want to come along?

No, thanks.

Your family doesn't object?

I see, but it sounds dangerous.

You see, I'm the best road racer.

Shall I show you?

So here's where you are.

I'm talking to uncle.

First put your bags away.

She's learning to drive.

Driving? There'll be none of that in Tokyo!

Restrict your accidents to Osaka, please.

You smoke?

Yes, I do.

It's bad for you!

But you smoke!

Put it out. You're still a minor.

I'll just finish it off.


Mind you wash behind your ears, young lady.

Are they dirty?

Clean them for me.

Ugh! How dirty!

Master Okada is here.


Please come in.

Am I intruding?

Not at all. This is our niece Setsuko, Mr. Okada.

I owe a lot to your uncle.

Sir, I brought your book.

Good lad. Sit down.

It's alright. Please.

It's alright. Please

How'd you like to be a tutor?

What subject?

Arithmetic. Exam preparations.

For Fujio.

In junior high, already?

Will you?

But children and I...

It'd be easy for you. Please do it.

But the doctor...

He approves, don't you?

Then it's settled? You'll do it? Good!

But Mrs. Komiya...

It's been decided.

Thanks a lot!

You're stuck with it.

Seems so.

The area of the sea is 3 times that of the land, 3/4 of which is in the northern hemisphere.

How many times is the area of the sea in relation to land in the northern hemisphere?

How many times...

Well, that's...

3/4 of the sea is in the northern hemisphere...

Wait, I just have the thing!

It's easy when you use this.

That's a good idea!

3/4 of the area...

Ethiopia's over here.

How many times is the area of the sea in relation to land?

Come in. Hello.


Did you get question three?

How does it go?

The earth's area becomes 1, then land area equals 1/4.

So land in the N.H. is...

1/4 times 3/4 = 3/16.

Therefore, the area of the sea... understand?

1/2 minus 3/16.

Where'd you get the half?

This? By calling the area 1 ...

The northern hemisphere becomes one half.

Oh, really?

So the equation is 5/16.

That's the sea area.

So 5/16 divided by 3/16... 1 and 2/3, that's the answer.

Yes! That's right!

Where'd you graduate from?

The university.

You did graduate?

Yes, I did.

Junior high, too?


And you studied arithmetic?

Of course.

So we've nothing to worry about.

So it seems.



Please come in.


It's been a while. Come in.

Everything's fine?

Yes, thank you. You always look good.

You too, you look younger every time I see you.

Your flattery has improved.

I mean it.

Your Aunt's not coming.

No, but I remembered you like these.

Thank you very much.

This is from Aunty.

Oh, really!

She helped get a tutor for Fujio.

Mr. Okada?

He's been very helpful. He's here now.

Is he?

You ready? France!

Wrong! South America!



Wrong! Africa!


No, it's the ocean!



It's OK, it's only Aunty.

Again! Quickly!

You ready? Taiwan!



What're you playing?

“Hit the spot.” Can you hit it?

It's not easy!

Have a try.

I will.


North Pole.

That's cheating!

Is arithmetic so difficult?

Yes. Can't make any headway. Especially today's question.


I don't think I could pass his exam myself.

What a teacher!

I'm serious.

An unreliable teacher!


Are you working?

I came for a quick smoke.

Aunty's rather strict.

Still playing golf?

Yes, I am.

I play most Saturdays.

How did it go?

About 33-34.

That's quite big.

I got quite good but I gave it up.

I got callouses and didn't really have time.

Because I'm studying classical voice.

So you sing “kiyomoto”?

Yes and my teacher praised my rendition of “Ochudo”.

Is that so?

You're not golfing today?

I have to work on this, so I won't go today Really?

You still here? Do you know the time?

I'm pondering whether or not to go.

Why? You must go. The exercise is good for you.

I'm going out for a while.

Setsuko, I want you to stay until I get back.

Uncle, are you going?

Looks like I have to.

Then I'll be here alone.

Well, someone has to stay.


Professor, please come in. Hullo.

Nice quiet place you have here.

Sardines, they look delicious.

Playing golf today, sir?

I'm thinking.

Working on your thesis?

Can I leave these here?

You're not playing today?

No, and I'd like to stay here overnight.

Stay? Here, sir?

Will I bother you?

No, please do.

And say nothing to my wife.

I'm going out for a while.

Yes, sir.

To a bar in the Ginza Why don't you join me later?

The doctor is late today.

You always seem to wait for him.

You know why they call this “Dimple”?

The blender's name?

Because of the dimple, just like this one.

Really? You're not just kidding me?

No, truly Welcome.

You're late.

I'm sorry.

No clubs?

I'm not going today.


Just don't feel up to it.

Is that so?

Maybe I'll pass, too.

My wife thinks I should play on Saturdays.

She kicked me out the house!

That's sad, but go play, anyway.

And post this for me while you're there.

To your wife?

I always send her one.

I see.

So what'll you do today?

Well, you know...

Know what?

Madame, he's picking up the tab today.

It's not what you think.

Then why don't you pay?

And you, beware of the bunkers!

That was just a bad day for me.

I think I'm getting a cold.

You should be careful.

A good looking man.

Who is he?

That's Mr. Uehara.

Mr. Uehara?

I thought all the girls knew him from Kanagawa.

Oh, that Uehara.

Where are your clubs?

I left them at a friend's.

A lady friend?

Don't be silly.


Setsuko, what's this?

How did you find me here?

A lucky guess. You're a good man.

It's terrible that she makes you go play golf.

That almost made me despise you.

What are you drinking?

I'll have the same.

Fix me one, please.

You shouldn't be drinking.

Don't worry.

You'll get drunk.

Come on.

I can handle 2 or 3 with ease.

I'd like to visit a Tokyo geisha house.


Please take me You're not going home tonight, are you? Come on! Let's go.

Well done.

You want another one?

I've had plenty.

What a bore!

Setsuko, you've had enough.

Leave me alone.

Want one?

Thank you.

Tokyo geisha, you have real class Thank you.

Good to see you, professor.

Tonight again. You're here with a beautiful young lady.

My niece. She's bubbling with vigor.

A rare beauty.

Thank you.

Please enjoy yourselves!

Thank you very much.


You never tire.

So it seems.

May I see it?

I really like it. Do you want to swap?

Don't mind, it's alright!

But yours is so...

Never mind, take it please.

I've taken a shine to yours.

It's time we were leaving.

I don't want to leave yet.

I can sleep here tonight.

Come on, we're going.

You have to get back.

But my head hurts so.

Why such a hurry?

Setsuko! We're leaving!

We've got to get you home.

Can you carry me?

I'm supposed to be golfing.

Well, there's nothing to be done?

Please call Okada at this number.

Tell him to come at once.

No! I'll stay here.


You never answer me!

Setsuko's late. When did she go out?

About four o'clock.

And it's past 1 am!

Should I go and look for her?

No idea where she's gone, so where would you look?

She's back, Ma'am.

I'm back.

Still up?

Where've you been?


You've been drinking!

A drop or two.

Such a troublesome girl!

Setsuko! Come here!

Sit down!

Don't go getting upset.

You're not supposed to drink.

You're still a minor!

Now sit down!

Don't worry!


Wake up, young lady!

I said wake up!

Where've you been out drinking until this hour?


I was fast asleep.

Felt good. Don't want to hear anymore.

What if something happened while he's away at golf?

You're our responsibility!

I've been worried sick!

You could help by getting me a glass of water.



Ma'am, the car that brought her home...

With Mr. Okada?

Was it raining when you got up?

I wonder when it started?

Probably around dawn.

I hadn't reckoned on that.

We were due for a change.

They're cooked, sir!


It's really pelting down.

It certainly is!

That's not good.

What do you mean, sir?

I sent a postcard saying the weather was fine.

A friend posted it from the golf course.

He should realise, he's not that kind of man.

Really, sir? That is a problem.

It's no joking matter.

You think it rained in Izu?

I can't tell.

Nationwide, don't you think?

That is a problem.

They're done, sir!


Is Aunty home?

Home all day?

She has no plans to go out.




Where's Setsuko?

In her room.

She's not to go out.


The master is back.

Welcome back.

To unseasonable weather.

How did it go?

Just so so.

By the way...

I'm angry with Setsuko.

Soon as you left, she was out the door!

Carousing until one o'clock! Came home dead drunk!

Drunk, you say?

She treated me with contempt!

And didn't listen to a word I said.

She came back with young Okada.

With Okada?.

If anything happens while she's in our care...

You have a point there.

I want you to lay down the rules to her.

Right! Send her to my room!

You uncle wants a word with you.


Ah, Setsuko!

I need a favor.


The postcard I had sent...

I don't want your aunt to see it.

Why not?

I wrote that the weather was fine.

Just leave it to me I will.

You've been at Okada's all this time?


I've got a terrible hangover.

Aunty's in a terrible rage.

She's said barely a word to me all day.

It was bad luck she found out Okada's role in this.

Fumiya saw us together.

And she's taken it the wrong way.

I wouldn't mind if he were at least handsome.


Look at me! Don't go gazing away! On your feet, young lady!

I'm telling you for your own good.

When you go out, you tell us where you're going!

And you can't stay out late!

You should know better!

Remember what he says, young lady!

You understand?

And pay heed to what your aunt tells you! You hear me?

What a good liar! I'm surprised.


You're good and Okada and I are never right!

This time you've no excuse.

And pay particular heed to what your Aunty says You understand?

That wasn't her. It was the wind. How stupid!

Professor, this is very hard on me.

She got very angry with me.

Said I betrayed her trust and barred me from the house.

She misunderstood and it's more than I can bear.

Sir, please explain.

Sir, I'm begging you.

I considered telling her the truth.

You're right, but please just bear with it.

I'll return the favour one day. Please?

I let him have a piece of my mind.

I introduced him to you but now I wash my hands off him.

He seems so upright, a lad of morals.

What is it?

I'm embarrassed to say it.

Say what?


You are.

But we've been married for 14 years.


It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Even hippos have babies.


Dr. Komiya could attend to you.

I'd be indebted for life if he did.

Your husband will be thrilled.

He's sick in bed, now.

Since when?

How's your husband?

Why do you ask?

Well, playing golf in the rain Rain? That's strange...

“Weather's fine”, “Great for golf” That is strange.

The master has returned.

Uncle, something dreadful has happened She read the postcard!

I thought I'd get to it first. She's certainly fast!


You played golf with Sugiyama?

Apparently it rained.

What's the meaning of “Great for golf”?

Aunty, forget it.

You shut up!

It doesn't matter if it rained or not.

You shut up!

Out, get out of the room!

Out! Now!

Isn't it strange?

The same golf course and he gets wet bathed in the sunshine.

If it rains the weather is certainly not “fine”.

“Great for golf”, did it rain all around you?

He got a bad cold.

Can you explain how that happened?

Can you tell me why?

Your guests are leaving.

You should see them off.

I'll get to the bottom of this.

I'm hungry.

Ask for eel. They do wonders with it.

Why the hurry to leave?

Stay a little longer.

Why don't you take your time?

I was going to order eel, your favorites.

Yes, but...

You'll leave?

See you soon.

Fumiya, our guests are leaving!



Don't forget.

The master?

He left through the garden.

That was close. They barely made it.

Your Aunt is fuming!

Don't worry about it!

Are you really frightened of her?

Not what you'd call frightened.

Then why so glum?

Drink up.

You worry too much about her.

That's why she walks all over you.

I'm just the niece. You're the husband! The master!

If it were me, I'd tell her!

Fickle like the weather I'd make her change!

But...I couldn't.

You can, you just don't.

Want to go to the geisha house? I'll pay.

Uncle, let's go.

Uncle. Doctor!

Let's go!

Welcome home!

Where've you been?


Where did you go?


You've been drinking again!

I told you before!

What have you two been up to?


Answer me!

Speak up!

Say something!

We went for a walk.


I've had enough of you!


Back to Osaka!

She doesn't have to.

You shut up!

Out! Go home! Not at your command.

I'll go when I'm ready!


You put her up to this! That's why she's so insolent.

You're the insolent one!

I treat you well and you try to walk all over me.

Just think a little.

If she doesn't want to go, she doesn't have to.

Well done!

She needed that. That made me feel good.

I'll sleep well tonight.

I'll go to bed, goodnight!


I was very rude.

Please forgive me!

It just slipped out.

It all became so complicated.

Of course he's wrong, too.

He didn't play golf that day.

Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but sometimes he doesn't want to.

He stayed the night at Okada's place.

Before that, he was with me.

I'm sorry I drank and made a fool of myself and made you worry.

Forgive me!

I was wrong.

So of course you're right to be angry with me.

But I feel sorry for Uncle.

I was wrong and I ask for your forgiveness.

You weren't wrong So you don't have to say sorry. But...

Please forgive me!

I'm sorry for what I did.

I couldn't control myself... but hitting you was wrong.

You have a right to be angry, but forgive me.

It was very wrong of me.

No, I made a mess.

She said you stayed at Okada's instead of going to golf.

Well...yes You believe me?

I didn't know so I just assumed the worst.

I didn't have a chance to tell the truth.

Okada came out worst of all.

I'm grateful you understand me. I'm sorry!

I'm truly sorry.



Why the funny face?!

Uncle! What is it?

I covered for you.

There was no need for you to apologise, too?

She had to.

You started out well but finished terribly.

Let's see it again!

The man should be stronger.

That was sufficient.

Not at all.

That's something you don't understand yet.

Some men treat their wives badly.

But that's not a good thing.

Wives should be respected.

They like to think they're in control so it's better to let them think that... like scolding children by praising them.

That's the best way, the opposite approach.

Opposite approach?

I've never thought about that.

I've have to remember that.

I would like to see that.

A real hard one?

How many times?

Once. Where?

Across the face.

A good solid whack? Yes.

Did it hurt?


My husband's a wimp, not so much as a love tap.

With a face a like that...


You think it'll suit him?

Too colorful.

What? He's still young.

I'll get one, too.

Sorry for you, no-one to buy for.

What about Fujio?


When's Setsuko leaving?

We're eating out tonight and she'll leave from there to take the 9pm express.

You should've brought her along with us.

But she's out shopping with Okada.

“Opposite approach”?

I didn't know, myself. We're both a couple of fools.

Don't use it when we marry.

No, I'd never.

You probably will.

I'm the straightforward type.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

If you do, I'll use the “opposite-opposite” approach.

When are you coming again?

For the college baseball match.

I'm a Waseda fan.

I like Waseda, too.

Flattering again. Sounds like “opposite”.

This time tomorrow, I'll be in Osaka.

I wonder where she is by now?

Around Numazu, I guess.

She's probably fast asleep.


The house seems very lonely with her away.

She'll come again soon.

It'd be nice to have her come often.


Would you like a coffee?

I won't be able to sleep.

You'll sleep well.

Fumiya! Goodnight!