Shutter (2004) Script

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Let's drink until we drop.

Save something for your wife.

Are you kidding?

Alcohol revives me.

The later it gets, the hornier I get.

Another glass. A little sip.

Tell me, Jane...

What year are you in?

4th year.

A senior should know better.

What are you doing with Tun?

He's a hunk.

You keep saying that.

Making Jim ask for girl's numbers.

Then breaking their hearts.

Speaking of broken hearts...

Remember the time... that girl left him a drunken mess.

Her name was Kay.

Ignore them.

Wait. I have a question.

How can a guy like you get married?

What's wrong with me?

After a long tiring day...

I want to head home... to a wife's embrace or a pet's face.

Not waste my life... partying with you losers.

Not with me.

A good man... who went whoring with me last night.

Fooling around so soon?

Here she comes.


What's so funny?


One last thing...

One more glass!

What are we listening to?

Don't turn it off.

It's beautiful.

You guys seem tight.

Do you meet often?

What are you looking at?

Beautiful you.

What a sap.

Are you hurt?


Is she dead?


Drive away.

I said drive away!

Drive away!

Get closer, please.


Big smile, Nuch.

Or you won't look pretty.

All Science Majors... gather for a class photo.

They're calling you.

Where's Jane?

Taking photos with her friends.

I thought maybe you broke up.

Come! Let's go.

I phoned but you didn't pick up.

Was it on silent?

Nuch asked about you today.

When will you be free?

She wants to...


How can you act like this?

Pretending nothing happened.

Since that night...

I haven't slept soundly.

I'm upset as well.

At least we should have checked.

It was an accident.

That's easy for you to say.

You weren't behind the wheel...

Hi, Ti. / Hey.

How's business?

With you here this early... business should be bad.

Are my prints ready?

Yeah. Just a sec.


Is your processor broken?

Let's see.

The nerve.

Nice prints and you're great.

If they suck it's my fault.

Let's check the negative.

No way.

I took them. I should know.

We'll see.


Your negatives are bad.




Can you hear me?



Don't be scared. I'm here now.

What's wrong with your camera?

I don't know.

The whole roll is ruined.

That many?

What are these shadows?

My camera must be broken.

How should I tell Nuch?


Look at this picture.

That woman...

Do you think she's dead?

That's enough.

I'll have my camera fixed tomorrow.


Look at this picture.

Are you sure it was here?

Excuse me.

What happened?

A few days ago a car hit the billboard.

Must have been drunk.

Was anyone hurt?


Just the broken sign.

Are you sure?



Thank you.


You sure you checked everywhere?


Thanks anyways.

He called every precinct and hospital.

No accidents were reported that night.

That's not possible.

What about the girl we hit?

You sure he called every one?

Maybe someone helped her.

Maybe she's fine.

How could she be fine?

We ploughed her down.

And even if she's fine...

Something is in those pictures.

I told you they're not related to her.

They're just bad exposures.

Get it?


You need to make some merit.

These pictures... show that a spirit is haunting you.

How long have you been a photographer?

Why are you showing me these?

I know...

But don't you find these shadows strange?

You want to see spirits?

I'll show you some.


Auntie Cham's spirit.

You know where she is now?

She's selling grilled bananas next door.

Here's Auntie Cham. And here.

All Auntie Cham.

Taken on the same day.

They're just double exposures... and out of focus.

Come on. I know that.

Everyone is familiar with this place.

Just an ordinary location... that we pass... and see everyday.

Now look at these pictures...

taken of the same place.

In these... the bridge looks nicer.

That means photography... does not reproduce reality.

It depends on how... the image is framed.

What is revealed.

What is concealed.

Your perspective is critical.

Special Scoop: Spirit Pictures

Jane, you're early.

I'll get it.

Hello? / Hello, Tun.

It's Jane. I'll come by later.


Tun, can you hear me?






What's wrong?

I don't know.

My neck's hurt since the accident.

You should go see a doctor.

I'm sure it's not serious.

What's the use of talking to these spoofs?

Real Ghosts

Are you a reporter?


The funeral foundation sent us.

We run a legal operation.

We have all the right permits.

Excuse me.

Are all these pictures fakes?

Piak! Tell the boss he has guests.

Everyone fakes them.

You know... these photos are always a hit.

Any issue with them sells out.

But you think... we can always find real ones?

Isn't that deceiving the public?

Our readers... want to see scary photos.

They don't want love stories.

Does that mean every photo is fake?

I didn't say that.

Take a look.

See anything?

This is the first photo I had.

I took it at home.

The shadow... bears a likeness to my mom.

Believe what you will.

But this picture... was taken after she passed away.

You know... sometimes... spirits long for their loved ones.

In my opinion... these pictures... represent more than... macabre urban legends.

They are signs.

Think about it.

Why would the dead... return to the living...

without a message to convey?

Most importantly...

I believe... these shadows... are related to someone in the picture.

A father... mother... or lover.

Or someone... you maligned in life.

How can we tell if they're real... and not fakes?

What about polaroids?

Can you fake them?

You load the film and press the shutter.

The photo ejects.

Tell me then...

How can they be faked?

How do we know what they want?

Perhaps... the answer is in the photo.

Two more poses.

Big smiles.

Let's have a different pose.

Embrace her, hold the bouquet... and kiss her cheek.


We're done.

Thank you both.

Take them to the dressing room.

What the...

Who's doing that?

Aum, check the fuse!

Hey! Aum!

Who's doing that?

Is it you, Aum?

Who is it?

Who's there!

I asked who it is!

Where are you, Aum?

Who's there!

Please step off the scale.

Step on it again.

Been working hard lately?

Not really.

How long has it hurt?

For quite awhile.

But it's gotten worse lately.

I had a car accident.

An accident?

Physically, you're fine.

You shouldn't worry.

But it really hurts.

Your x-rays are normal.

It may be a sprain.

Try the medicine I prescribed.

Mr. Tun, please pick up your prescription.

Take this medicine...

3 times a day after meals... until the prescription runs out.

Lying bastard.




Lying bastard.

Lying bastard.

As for this medicine...


What's wrong? rarely seen.

When grasshoppers begin mating... the male smells the female... from a distance up to 100 meters.

The male carefully approaches the female.

It hooks itself onto her belly.

And they begin to mate.

The female's response is surprising.

The male becomes her prey.

She slowly eats off his head... while they are mating.

Eventually... the male succumbs to death.

Excuse me, where is Room 301?



Who's there?


What's wrong?


I'm going to die.

What's going on?

The photos...

Bring me those photos.

What photos?

Are you drunk?

Those photos...

Where did you hide them?

Give them to me.

Remember that bitch.

Calm down.

What photos?

Just give them to me!

Please calm down.

Tonn, calm down.

What photos?


I'll call your wife.

What are you doing?

Cleaning up.

Your neck still sore?


Take it easy. Don't work so much.

Natrenapa Chan-ngam, Honor Society 1995


It's Tun.

Are you home?


Are you home?


Natrenapa Chan-ngam





I'm really sorry.

Do you know... what was bothering him?

No. Suddenly he...

It's your gang's fault.

Have you all gone insane?

What do you mean?

You've all committed suicide.


Don't you know?

The other two... also killed themselves.

Which two?

The two who sat next to you.

Who's this woman?

Where did you get that?

She's the shadow in the photos, right?

Who is she?

How is she related to you?

I knew her in college.

Her name is Natre.

She was a quiet person...

without any friends.

We all thought she was weird.

I felt sorry for her.

We dated but I kept it secret.

She loved me a lot.

She threatened to slit her wrists.

I didn't know what to do.

My friends thought it was funny.

How were they involved?

Why are they dead?


What did they do?

I don't know.

Tonn said he'd take care of it.

After that, Natre disappeared.

I never saw her again.

Didn't you try to stop them?

How could you let it happen?

What could I do?

Now everyone is dead.


I'm going to die next.

It's funny how...

we always say... if we could turn back time... we... we would reverse all our wrongs.

Do you think she's okay?

Will she be there?

Go to sleep.

I'll keep you company tonight.

Excuse me.

Do you have any toilet paper?

Can I poo first?

I'm sorry.

What's bothering you?

What's wrong?

What is it?

Is it around here?

Excuse me.

Do you know where this is?

Mom, where is this house?


Excuse me...

Is this Natre's house?

What do you want?


We're her friends.

Natre's friends? Come inside.

Have some water. You must be tired.

Did you drive from Bangkok?


We'd like to ask about Natre.

She's not feeling well.

She's taking a nap.

Should I wake her?

Stay for dinner.

I was about to cook.

I'm making her favorite dish.

Natre will be so happy.

Her friends don't visit often.

Wait right here.

Where are you going?

How dare you?

Did she commit suicide?

We should cremate her.


I won't cremate her.


I don't know if you believe such things... but I'd like you to look at these photos.

They were taken around campus.

Some of the places... were rooms Natre had been in.

And these shadows appeared.

I think that...

Natre's spirit is restless.


My dear Natre.

Why don't you visit me?

Can you tell me what happened?

Why she left Bangkok?



These shadows... might mean her spirit is not at peace.

We should hold her funeral.


When she came home... she seemed different.

She wouldn't talk to anyone.

No one knows what happened in Bangkok.

Then she overdosed on pills.

Luckily, her mother found her... and got her to the hospital on time.

When she recovered... she climbed on the hospital roof... and jumped off the edge.

Why wouldn't her mom cremate her?

She's been distraught ever since Natre's death.

No matter what she refused to cremate her.

All the villagers were scared.

No one wanted to socialize with her.

Can't sleep?

Tell me the truth...

Did you love Natre?

I tried to...

I believed that one day I would.

But I was fooling myself.

When I broke it off...

I was a total asshole.

But she still loved me the same.

I want this to be over.

If she wants me to die I will.

Don't say that.

It's almost over.

No it's not.

I know she'll come for me.


We've come this far.

And you're sorry for what you did.

I'm sure she knows.

Don't talk about death anymore.

I'm sorry.

Do you still love me?

No matter what you won't leave me, right?





Where did you go?

Why did you leave me alone?

We've got to leave.


Why did you leave me?

Didn't you love me?

How could you leave me?

How could you leave me?


Are you feeling better?

What happened last night?




The abbot said...

Natre will be cremated today.

It's over.

Hello. / Hello, Jane.

Picking up photos?

Where's Tun?

He's busy.


When he's busy...

I get to see you.

You went on vacation?

To the beach.

When did you go?

Last week.

This photo is...

What's wrong?

You look fatter.

I didn't recognize you.


Jumbo prints.

Write your name, please.

Get her guys!


Why are you crying?


How could you be so cruel?

Where did you find these?

If I didn't find them...

I'd be a fool forever, right?

Let me explain.

What's there to say?

I always believed you.

I thought I knew you.


Take her picture... so she doesn't blab.

Tun, help me.

I know it was wrong.

Take her picture now!

What's wrong!

I'm your buddy!


Tun, help me.

I never forgave myself.

But I was young and stupid.

I've heard enough.

I'm going home.

Come on out!

Where are you?

I thought you loved me!

Loved me so much!

Till death do us part!

She's gone now.

Sometimes... spirits long for their loved ones.