Shylock (2020) Script

Excuse me, sir. You can't park your car here. - Get lost.

Hello sir. A person parked his car here without permission and went away, sir.


Hello man! What's up, man?

How are you? Yes! How are you doing?

You've brought only this?

This is for Jewel's birthday.

I have more for us, in my bag.


Didn't I tell you not to park your car here?

What's his problem? - He's been irritating since I reached, for parking here.

Give me that SIM card.


So, what plans tonight?

You've come after 3 years, right?

That too, on her birthday.

We will rock today, bro!

Okay, man!

So.. what's the plan?

I need to have some Indian food now.

What's the status of our film shoot?

It's been 20 days.

Heroine is the one I had suggested, right?

Your dad rejected her.

Now he has brought some new item.

Bloody old man! Won't listen to me!

Well.. Where to, now?

Go straight to Commissioner Uncle's office.

I'll pay my respects to your Daddy and go. Okay.

Sir, our land is right next to the land where they are building an apartment.

I vacated my land for them, upon a contract that me and my family would be given a flat for free in that building.

But only after the whole construction was over, we came to know...

.. that they had already sold all the flats even before the construction was over.

We had our own land and house, and now we're staying in a rented house.

Moreover, we can't even stay in peace, because we filed a complaint to the police.

The document that they signed, giving permission to build a flat on their own land, is on your table, sir.

We paid the money they asked for, too. In black!

No, sir. We haven't signed it off to anyone, nor have we taken any money!

They are trying to scare me by talking about police, courts and law, sir.

We and our company have a certain reputation, sir.

These are all complaints against you and your reputed company!

You know what section it is, if you grab land using force?

The land that they supposedly wrote in your name costs Rs. 2 Crores now.

Before noon tomorrow, you should pay them that entire amount.

Not as black money! As white money!

Otherwise, they will build a wall and start constructing a house at that land tomorrow.

I will lay its foundation stone.

Do you have any doubt?

24 hours.

You should settle it within that.


Get going!

You don't worry. I'll handle the rest.

Okay sir.

Sit down.

Commissioner sir seems to be very dutiful today.

When did you reach?

I'm on my way from the airport.

I thought I'll pay my respects to you and go.

Sir, don't create any trouble. Get lost.

Didn't I tell you that day itself?

Sir, don't let us down.

We are ready for the deal you made.

50 Lakhs in black.

Just tell us where we should bring the money.

Evening 5 PM. Taj.

Okay sir.

Did you understand now, why this policeman was dutiful?

Since you gave this trouble to the builder, you should be careful.

If they keep a hidden camera, you'll be trapped, uncle.

It's been 20 years since I started wearing this Khaki uniform.

I've seen many games.

If we do something wrong, there shouldn't be any evidence.

In that case, such an incident has never happened!

Even for this, no evidence would remain.

If anyone creates such an evidence, even he won't remain on this earth.

He said he has to go somewhere at 4 PM.

Only if we finish all these shots fast, we can leave him.

Sir.. What is it, Maneesh?

Out of the 40 Scorpio cars which were supposed to come, only 10 have arrived.

Just 10?

Go and call that Production Controller Saji!


You sent an elephant where a soldier was required, and sent a soldier where an elephant was required?

You guys will get me fired from this field!

Just a minute!

Shirley! Good morning, sir.

I asked you to come at 11 PM in the night, right?

And you've come at 11 AM in the morning?

Just a minute, Shirley.

Hello! My dear kiddo.. Don't call me now asking for a chance!

I am going crazy here.

Sir, tea.

Pour it on to my chest. Come on!

Just a minute.

Hey! I am busy now. I will call you later.

Learning piano long back, came of use now.

Ganapathy has come.

Who's he to come through railway tracks? Kurla Express?

Isn't everything okay, kiddo?

Nothing is okay, my dear Saji!

Boss and I are really angry.

Talk to the producer and find a solution to this.

You and your boss are angry, right?

I am boiling down here.

They have asked for 40 Scorpio cars to blow up for no reason!

That too, black colour.

This damn director.. His house is in Kothamangalam.

We've got only 10 of them. If we don't get 40, shoot will get cancelled.

Shoot will definitely get cancelled.

My dear Sugreevan... I mean, Ganapathy.

Let Prapathan sir come.

Here comes the man who will solve this.

Oops. 40 Scorpio cars are not ready.

Hey! I'll be right back. I'm in a hurry.

40? I mean... Hello?

Hey Shashi..

It's a plot at the centre of the town!

I'll sell it if I get 70 CR. Otherwise I'm not interested.

You talk to them and call me.

Good morning, sir. Good morning.

What's happening, director? How far has it progressed?

When are you planning to finish the shoot?

We can't finish it if we don't get at least 50 more days.

50 more days? Oh my God!

I told you when we planned this project itself...

... to finish it in 40 days.

Sir... Sit down.

I have to release this movie during Vishu festival (April).

If it goes on like this, I don't think it would release even during Christmas.

Moreover, he will be out of the industry, before this movie releases.

What's the plan today?

It's the hero's introduction today.

There's a fight, as well.


When I used to produce movies, this guy was just a junior artist!

Where is the hero then? He is ready.

Ask him to get ready quickly.

Or else, he'll also be out of the industry before this movie comes out.


It's an awesome brand!

Do they sell brandy too?

Go! Go on! Start working! Okay.

Sir, that Boss' driver Ganapathy has come.

Ask him to get going. Okay sir.

Boss, that production controller Saji is coming.

Kiddo, I've sorted everything out.

Prathapan sir told that he'll call Boss. You may go now, kiddo.

I waited in the sun for so long for this?

He needn't sort it alone.

Let him sort it after meeting Boss.

Sir, why aren't you picking up when Boss calls you?

You've been making us go in rounds, for 5-6 months now.

We were discussing about picking up your boss' calls now.

Right? Of course! Of course!

When we arrive at a decision, I'll pick up his call.

Tell that to Boss. You get going.

I can leave now. But if Boss intervenes directly, it will be a problem.

He doesn't care whether it's a movie or a shoot.

Once he arrives, he will conduct the fireworks and festivities of Thrisshur Pooram together!

Are you scaring me?

Do you know who that is?

Mafia Shashi.

Though they get beaten up in movies, they are perfectly capable of thrashing someone when required.

Don't get beaten up by Shashi. Get going.

My dear Ganapathy, let us shoot this.

It's the hero's introduction scene.

It will get done now. Just calm down, man!

My boss heard whatever your sir just said.

What did you say? This is the hero's introduction?

It's not the hero's, but the villain's introduction!

Ganapathy, you and your boss are creating a ruckus, at Malayalam cinema's No.1 Producer's shooting location.

Sajimon... These No. 1 and No. 2, are all child's play!

He is the only one!

The Mega 'One'!

With Hareesh Kanaran's body, don't behave like Balan K Nair, my dear Ganapathy.

Ready! Let's go for a rehearsal!

Whose car is that?

Boss is here!


It would be wise to escape now.

Why would I want to go right into the elephant's mouth? Oh my God!

Respected Prathapan Sir, Namaste.

I am really crazy about movies.

That's why, when you come and cry that you don't have money to finish your movies, I throw it at you guys.

And when I feel really sad that...

I got rejected while looking for chances in movies long back...

When someone like him says 'Action', I barge in between that, and vent it out.

That's the best way to get back the money I am owed.

No one has grown enough to say 'Cut' to my 'Action' here.

After creating mayhem on my set, do you think you can survive in Malayalam film industry, Boss?

My dear Prathapan! Pothan!

I've won a gold medal in creating mayhem!

You shouldn't have made me enter this tournament.

You made me! Right, Panicker?

Prathapan sir, even I have produced many movies.

You guys will borrow cash from people, and put it in your pockets.

And when they ask you to return that cash, you ask them to go to Kashi.

Fold that ugly behaviour of yours into eight, and hide it in your pockets!

This man is a different breed!

Now, those who don't pick up calls, will be bent over & thrashed!

That's the specialty of this company.

That is Boss! 'Master of Swag'

Whoever you are, get out of my set!

The place where I've come, is great!

Without having money to produce a movie in Malayalam film industry, you were begging and limping around, and I made you stand upright by giving you my money, and you made me... go in rounds!

When I ask back the money you owe me, if you say such lame punch dialogues,

I'll hammer up a thorn under your foot, and make you draw alphabets in the middle of the road with it.


If you want to see your wife and kids, you better return my money.


I'm in the mood to kill!

I won't spare your life!

Who is the director of this movie? It's me, sir.

Put him in the car. Come!

This would be his last movie. Come here, I say.

Him and his bloody cap!

You can't direct without a cap, huh?

Hi friends. My hearty welcome to you all.

All of you please bless my daughter... my pretty Jewel.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, dear Jewel!

Okay, friends.

Now it's time for dinner.

Please enjoy!

Why didn't you come to cut the cake, uncle?

Yeah, right! Great time to celebrate by cutting a cake!

It's a day when some outsider came and humiliated us.

If he has come to our set and put up a show, we have to lock him, Achaya!

The lock to lock him up is coming.

I'm at a birthday party. I'll get back to you tomorrow.


The trouble you had today, has spread all over town.

Why wouldn't it spread?

It would have come on Facebook, WhatsApp and what not!

He barged in and ruined it, while the director was saying 'Action'.

That too, with his damn movie dialogues!

If we had shot that and released it, it would have been a super hit.

Shut up, man!

What's your plan now?

We have to lock him, sir.

He should also know the feeling of the blow he would get, if he creates mayhem at Prathapa Varma's set.

The image I made by working so hard for so long, was tarnished by that rascal.

What all claims you had!

Prathapa Varma!

For the past 5 years, your movies have good collections only on Facebook, right?

And you're talking about image?

If you open your mouth again, I will torch you also!

Sir... Issac...

We need to nab someone tomorrow. A guy called Boss.

Collect the details from my office. Okay sir.

I will do it. What should I charge him for, sir?

I'll tell you what you should charge him for.

Okay sir.


What's your lock gonna be?

Money laundering act violation.

What? What kind of producer are you?

It's 'Operation Kubera'.


In his case, 'Operation Shylock'.

This is the guy.

Though people call him 'Boss' and 'Shylock', no one knows his actual name or place.

From 2016, he has been Malayalam cinema's unproclaimed God.

Shylock? What's that, sir?

The most cruel moneylender in this world.

A character written by Shakespeare.

That's why the movie industry named him 'Shylock'.

A God to producers of movies which were were stalled due to lack of funds.

This is Balakrishna Panicker.

An old Malayalam film producer.

Boss started his game by lending money to complete his last movie.

Finally, when he couldn't repay the loan, Boss made him his manager.

This is Ganapathy. He was Balakrishna Panicker's driver.

Ever since Panicker joined Boss, he became Boss' driver.

Now they are the left and right hands of Boss.

So why don't we catch them, sir?

Even they don't know more than what I said right now.

And... I don't need to bring you all here...

... to say that you can make them confess!

But sir, what's the complaint against him now?

When they couldn't repay their loans, many producers here were in the same situation that Panicker was in.

Most of their cars, houses and properties are with him now.

But no one has filed a complaint against him yet.

The God of the producers is now their Thanatos.

Sir... So, we are going to catch Thanatos?

My house was supposed to have 5-8 of these.


Now you don't have even an old Ambassador car.

Do you still do astrology like earlier?

Hey! You can mock me.

But don't mock me too much.

Why are you getting angry? I was just asking a doubt.

If we predict the future, it will be correct.

Nothing goes wrong. That's true.

That's why you are standing here like this.

That was some prediction!

Well, it should be correct at least 99% of the time.

But in my case alone, it went wrong.

Ammaal, wait.

Why do you go there with that plate everyday? Do you do voodoo there?

Voodoo? Do people do that?

Of course! Certain movie guys do all that.

That's how they survive.


I hear howls, cries and loud sounds from this house during certain nights.

There is some voodoo happening there.

What is it? Haven't I told you not to come this side?

Get going!

It's an alcoholic weather, Panicker!

I was going to say that to you.

A weird kind of chill, right?

Didn't I tell you?

No! I'm not doing movies for the next 5 years.

What's he doing here? What's the name of the movie?

'The Varicose vein of Kuriakose'?

Is the hero a nervous wreck or what?

Just a minute.

Panicker sir, Namaste.

Boss had freed the director whom we kidnapped yesterday.

Then what? - That movie is different. This is a different movie.

Who are you to do 10 movies at the same time? Badusha?

Yes. Dark Badusha!

Well, I came to ask about this house.

Didn't I tell you last time that we won't give this house for movie shoots?

Well, last time I couldn't meet Boss.

If I meet him directly this time, what if he gives it?

Boss is more interested in direct meetings.


They have come to take it directly. Please come!

Why have you come here?

Director is adamant that he wants to shoot here itself.

Well, if we meet you directly...

Hey controller Saji! Yes.

To get back the money I lent, I had to fight a case for 2.5 years.

Nothing happened!

So what did I do? I began staying here.

Now, I am the Mangalassery Neelakandan... and the Araykkal Madhavanunni of this place.

What do you want to do by holding this place?

I'm thinking about bombing this place!

That way, we can do fun stuff like chopping banana trees while the house is burning.

Hey Saji! - What is it, Boss? Get going with them!

Come. If we stay here any longer, we'll become like Mundaykkal Shekharan.

Get in quickly!

I guess they are looking for you. Why?

Did you rob anyone? Robbery?

Where is your boss? What's the matter, sir?

There's a warrant for your boss.

Boss, you have a warrant, it seems. What should we do?

Take it and keep it in the kitchen.

It will be awesome, if we cook it with chilli.

Yes, you rascal! Let's go to the station.

After going there, I'll cook you up!


To be so disrespectful, have we even studied together, sir?

I'll say all that after going to the station!

Oh no! Sir!

What all have you written in this?

Did you get scared?

This is not enough to scare me.

At least for holding this SI by his throat at the bar, or for stealing the superstar's car, or for invading this Mangalassery house, or for humiliating you like this now...

Without mentioning any such thuggery of mine, what kind of warrant is this, sir?

It's been a long while since I even talked to someone of a lower rank than an SP.

So you get going, sir.

When you go and come back, if you want to catch me, create some case in my name!

Everything mentioned in this, is in the name of that Balakrishna Panicker.

So you leave now, and bring something new next time.

When you bring it, it should be a case of at least 100-150 Crores.

Otherwise it's a shame for me.

Also... when you bring this... the one who brings it needs to have many more stars than these.

The one who signed on this would be fine. You..!!

Get out!

You asked him to get out, and you are walking out?

To get out as soon as I say, they are not my employees.

They will go slowly. Didn't you wash the car today?

To wash the car daily, this Ganapathy is not a Bengali.

I am a Malayali.

Stop blabbering and wash the car. I have to go out.

Do Malayalis have horns or what?

I shouldn't say a punch dialogue.

He wants to say all the punch dialogues!

I think he would hire a Bengali as a driver very soon.

Boss, that Prathapa Varma has started his game again.

I've been called by the Producers' association. What should I do?

Since they have called, you should definitely go.

It will be bad for you otherwise.

You just go there. We'll see what happens after that.

Yes, Sathish. Tell me.

Prathapan sir's son has come here with a new team.

I'll tell him. Call me if something comes up.


What's up with Sathish?

Prathapan's son is up to something new.

That dance bar in Pollachi they mortgaged while borrowing money from us?

He is planning to sell it to someone else now.

It's some team from outside.

Shall we destroy that dance bar?

Shut up, man!

Ganapathy! Boss!

Take the car to the bar!

Let's see how his business is. Okay Boss.

My dear sweetheart...

Everyone loves you. Do you know that?

Your style and glamour have not left you yet.

A gym-boy is coming here, Boss.

For the money your daddy borrowed from me, he mortgaged this bar to me, and you tried to sell it without my knowledge.

That's why I did this performance over here.

Do one thing, kiddo.

Make an account of all the losses, injuries and medical expenses that happened here today, and send it to your daddy!

Then, call your daddy and tell him.

The item dance at Tandav bar today...

... was by Boss!

Who are you?


You are the first person in Kerala, to look at me and ask this question.

I'll handle you separately!

Have you come to buy this? Yes.

Dream on!

You're lucky that you didn't get thrashed.

Shall I upload Boss' fight on Facebook?


How many likes for Boss who made so many goons fly?

If we have to work, we should work with such people.

Action, comedy, mass and what not! What about me, then?

You are so shady!

You don't have to give me the idea to file a case against him, for creating a mayhem at the bar.

I don't want to lock him in such a small case.

You went there to create profit for your dad, and do you know how much I lost now?

I have to roll out Lakhs to get that bar to its old state.

Have I ever had any benefit from you guys?

My son should do something now.

Eat and drink whatever you want, and roam around wherever you want.

We'll finish what we started.

In a way, your son is lucky.

One can't bear the sight of that bar's present condition.

Keep quiet, Chacko.

What all claims you made! Money laundering act!

Operation Shylock!

And what the hell happened?

These are not old times.

Where is CI Issac who left from here saying that... there is a huge media attention against sir?

No one can even pluck his hair with thuggery and law here.

I'm going to bring people from outside and finish him off.

I don't care how much I have to spend for it!

Bringing goons from outside, paying money to finish him off...

Shout at me like this only after remembering who taught you all this.

After playing the thief and the cop at the same time, like your son got beaten up, will the dad also end up getting thrashed and humiliated?

Now I'm not going to play, Chacko.

I'm going to make him play.

Do you know what we do with an enemy we can't get a hold of?

We should go to his den.

And then, in that den, we should choke him and make him suffocate...

Don't drown me. I'll lose my buzz!

If you talk too much, you'll die choking like this.

Aditya, we have a dirty plan.

How can you sit here gaping, after calling all of us here?

If some of us have to make movies here, should we be scared of him and his goons?

You should find a solution to this, Secretary.

What's the point in blaming him?

It's the other guy who's playing behind him, right?

When I tried to catch him for creating a ruckus on my set, the interruption was all because of his name.

Either you should admit it, and get out of this.

Or if you are planning to stand by his side, we will forget the sentiments that... you are an old producer in Malayalam, and a poor chap.

Open your mouth and say something!

When I said that such a meeting is happening, it was Boss who told me that I must attend this programme.

Boss said that this is a place, where those who have escaped after borrowing money, and those who don't pick up calls, come together.

So if you have to ask or say something, do it directly with him.


You were sitting here, Thambichayan?

There's been no news from you after you left to outer space, saying that you'll repay me, once you sell your satellite rights.

You didn't call me because there was no signal there, is it?

If you don't pay up my money within 5 PM today, I will get on your stupid channel and read the 7 PM news, myself.

If I read it, you know right?

It will be really messed up.


Don't insult gentlemen by barging into the meeting!


Where are the gentlemen here?

Including you, the Secretary, who are the gentlemen here?

Leave all that.

If there is anyone here who doesn't owe me money, they can leave now.

The gentlemen who do not owe money to Boss, get out!

Boss, don't create a ruckus.



Have I created a ruckus anywhere else, apart from the set of that guy who's checking his mobile?


Even if I sell the property he mortgaged, it won't make up the interest.

Leave alone the capital.

Still I kept quiet for 6 months.

Why? You mentioned earlier, right? Decency!

Even if the guy who borrowed money doesn't have it, I do.

What? Decency!

I've spent an entire movie's budget by filling petrol and making calls, chasing him.

I know how to get back that money from him.

Mr. Prathapa Varma Thamburan!

That Mercedes Benz lying outside? Whom does it belong to?

I took the key from the driver.

You bloody... Boss!

We're taking that as interest!

We need it. You should give it to us.

Shall I click a selfie with you?

We're making an album with photos of people who owe money to us.

We didn't have your photo alone.

So don't feel so high about yourself. Bye!

The building is nice.

But the real estate business is quite down now, Prathapan Sir.

No sales are happening, right?

How is it down?

Our flat in Kakkanad was sold out when it was only half constructed.

Now we've bought a plot in Thevara.

We'll start construction there soon.

Will you get sanctions at all these places, brother?

No problem getting that.

We have the City Police Commissioner with us, right?

Is he the Commissioner?

He is a silent partner of mine.

So there won't be any problems in those matters.

I need protection, sir! I need protection!

I need police protection, sir.

When I went to ask for the money I am owed, they tried to frame me in a false case, sir.

To get over that grief, when I went to the bar to have a couple of drinks, they sent goons to beat me up, sir.

I need protection, sir. I need protection!

I've heard many people saying that you are a smart player!

By playing too much, you laid your hands on my son yesterday.

Many who played with me and my kids, have been baptized by drowning in this Kochi lake.

Do you also want to drown?

Don't do anything to me, sir.

Just advise me. I will be a good boy.

Have you seen the real game by the police?

I've played the 'Thief & Police' game during childhood, sir.

I am always the thief. That is safe.

You know how the police plays that game, right?

We'll close our eyes and count from 1 to 10.

Within that, the thief would run as far as he can, and play all the games that he can.

I just closed my eyes to see what all games you would play.

Your time is over.

Don't say all this and scare him, sir.

He will understand if we tell him clearly.

Right, Boss?

And about trying to beat you to death at the bar...

The three of us know what the real story is, right?

Hey! If you ever come in front of any of us, asking for the money we owe you...

Did your Benz have a sunroof, sir?

I left it open last night, by mistake.

It was raining heavily and all that went straight into the car!

Really sad!

What did you say, sir?

Now, no more saying. Only doing!

No, sir. Let him go.

Hey Boss!

The money we owe you can be repaid.

But all this thuggery that you're doing in that name, will remain forever.

That's what. I came here to inform you that.


Unless my accounts are settled, I won't leave Kochi.

Even if the Commissioner stops me, or the DGP!

You created a ruckus at my location, and took my car.. Adding all that...

Close your account!

All that thuggery you did to us...

We will forgive that, as well.

Oh! Poor guy!

'The large hearted Aashan, has forgiven Gopalakrishnan'.

Namaste, bro. Namaste, brother.

I'm reminded of my own brother seeing you.

Have you come to buy this, brother? Yes, brother.

My dear brother, you understood my situation, right?

Are you gonna stay or leave? Thank you, brother.

Very very welcome! Come on!

So... I'll call you.


Add this to the losses I made so far...

... and forgive me, sir.

See ya!


I should ask Boss to make a swimming pool here.

Then we can bathe and booze!

Bathing and boozing will happen at the same time.

If you're not interested, fine.

Look at a producer's current situation!

Fry it and make it really crispy.

Otherwise Boss will fire you. That's why.

What is this, Boss? A whale?

This is an item that can swallow a whale. Prathapa Varma.

Boss is going to fry it upright. Right, Boss?

Poor Varma. Chopped into three pieces!

Prathapa Varma has announced a new movie today.

So it's not that he doesn't have money.

He's not planning to repay our money anytime.

Moreover, he's planning to give us big trouble, along with the Commissioner.

What will they do?

We will make a grand entry at his next movie's location, then we take the director along with us, after a couple of punch dialogues!

This is not the first time they are doing this.

They have cheated many financiers earlier as well.

That's why I asked you not to give so much money to him, when he came asking.

And what happened now? You lost your money & I'm an accused in a case.

Breaking news.

Son's disappearance : Producer approached the police with a complaint.

Famous producer Prathapa Varma's son Adithya Varma has gone missing.

Prathapa Varma filed a complaint to the district police chief, regarding this.

He had been studying in Australia for 3 years.

He came to Kerala only a couple of days back.

He went outside yesterday morning.

After that, till now, there has been no information.

Sir, why should you be so scared when a young man doesn't come home for one night?

That too, to the extent of filing a police case?

Related to some financial transactions of a movie, there were death threats against me and my family.

2 days back, some people had beaten up my son and his friend at a hotel.

When I was about to file a complaint for that, my son went missing.

Their threat was that they would destroy me and my family, just because I owe some money to them.

That's why I got scared when my son went missing.

Sir, this.. No! Please! Please!

Enough! Come, Prathapan. Please move.

After many days, loan mafia has returned to Kochi.

It's a movie producer who has become their victim this time.


That trouble you spoke about, has come.

This trouble will make us win a trophy!

You wait here.

I'll go out for a round. Should I come? - No.

Where is he going? I don't know.

Anyway, our lock has worked this time, sir.

There's no news from him for the past 2 days.

If he has to escape from this, he will sweat quite a bit.

Hey! Where's the green bottle you brought from America?

It must be there somewhere. Check!

He keeps it at random places!

He's not the kind who would get scared and run away with this!

If we have to lock him, we have to go to his den and lock him!

We will lock him!

Son of a gun! Where has he gone, switching off his phone?

Son of a gun! That's correct!

He must be up to something shady after switching off his phone.

He is your son, right?

Send a message to Adithyan.

Ask him not to roam around outside too much.

Issac? We searched his entire house, sir.

I think he has escaped with that servant hag!

His phone is switched off since yesterday.

The last tower location was Kadavanthra.

Update me if you get some information. Okay sir.


[Song from 'Angamaly Diaries']

What is it?

Isn't this your office, sir?

Tik Tok-ing with friends!

Waiting for Commissioner sir.

What is it? - Sir, this sir had asked for the AC remote.

I knew that you'll be hot-headed when you come, sir.

I asked for the AC remote to cool down the place by then.

You reached here before that.

Get going. Sir.

So, how's it gonna be, sir?

Did the police chase and catch me, or did I surrender myself?

What will be tomorrow's news?

After doing all this, this confidence of yours to come and show off in front of me?

You'll know how it feels if you mess with the police.

You won't see your wife & kids.

Sorry, sir. I'm not married. I am single.

Is it?

Anyway, I'll put an end to your arrogance by tomorrow morning.

Wow, you beauty!

If I say a counter punch dialogue to your dialogue, you will rough me up for that, right?

No need of that, sir.

Inform the press that we've caught him. Sir.

The loan mafia head Boss, who's known as Shylock, has been arrested.

Boss' arrest will shed light on to more information about loan sharks in cinema.

Boss has been taken to Aluva police club, for further interrogation.

Has the accused admitted to the crime, sir?

Did you get any information about Adithya Varma, who went missing?

Sir, what do you have to say? Nothing can be said now.

We're just begun interrogating him.

I'll update you later.

Which is this photo?

This one is good!

Who's that shining light on to my face?

You, sir? Welcome, sir. Sit down.

Please sit down.

'The bangles are clinking' Stop it!

I won't stop it! What will you do?

What will you do? Shut up!

Didn't you see the news?

To be watching incidents happening right outside the room through a TV...

That situation is quite terrible, right Boss?

I asked them to put on the TV for you, so that you would know it.

Is it?

You walked into this trap yourself.

Do you think you can escape easily from here? - No.

Or like you do everywhere else, will you use your cinematic gimmicks.. to switch those handcuffs on to my hands and vanish from here?

Like actor Vijay?

Not Vijay, sir.

Vijay Sethupathy!

'Shall I tell you a story, sir?'

Once upon a time there was a thief and a police!

For the thief to hide, the police will close his eyes and count till ten.

By the time he counts to ten, the thief should hide.

If he doesn't hide, police will catch him.

Here... when the police is counting with closed eyes, the thief is in front of him.

Even when he finishes counting and opens his eyes, the thief is standing in front of him, just like that.

While he was counting with closed eyes, does the policeman have any idea what all games the thief might have played?

Still, the policeman says 'I've caught the thief! I've caught the thief'.

Do you have any idea how this game is going to end?

Switch on the TV, sir.

You can find out what the thief did, while the police had closed his eyes. Here!

Adithya Varma who was supposedly kidnapped, was with the daughter of Felix John, the Commissioner who is investigating that case, at a resort in Nagpur the previous day, celebrating Holi festival.

These visuals have come out now.

This visuals are pointing fingers at major controversies.

My hold doesn't stop here, sir.

I have a strong hold in Nagpur too!

Here, hold this.

Sir.. Yes, sir.

Okay, sir. I'll do it, sir.

Boss' manager Balakrishna Panicker & driver Ganapathy are joining us with more information.

Is there any conspiracy behind this?

What conspiracy?

He eloped with the daughter of the Commissioner who's investigating this case.

As soon as you get something, you'll come carrying your cameras!

You guys are making it really difficult to live!

Shall I go, sir?

Let me go back home, with that kick I got.

Thanks a lot.

And what you mentioned earlier... Cinematic bullshit!

That will go on until this game ends, sir.

See ya!

Here they come again. Sir...

Your innocence has been proved after the investigation and interrogation which lasted for 2 days.

What is your response now?

When Prathapan sir came and told me that his shoot will get stalled... since he doesn't have money, it's true that I helped him by giving him some money.

When his repayment was delayed by 2-3 weeks, I went and questioned him a couple of times. That's also true.

But to say that I kidnapped Varma sir's son for that?

I have heard of it only in movies.

I can't do all that, sir.

Did the police hurt you?

I lost my money.

Now I'm a loan shark and a swindler in front of the people.

After getting beaten and kicked by them in here for 2 days, I'm afraid of everything now, sir.

I'm afraid of you... and everything else!

Come, boys.

I am really grateful to that great man who gave you that video, and to you all, who played it on TV.

I'll never forget this.

We can see him leaving after breaking down in tears in front of the media.

Got rid of the idiot and the fool, and won the cup too!

Hurray! Open the door!

He will get it royally from me today.

Please come.

Where is my son?

There was news now that your son was spotted in Nagpur!

Didn't you call him? You..!!

The game is between us.

If you drag my son in between that... you will suffer, Boss!

If the game was between us... why did you use your son for a checkmate against me?

I had confirmed when I saw the TV news that your son is missing, that it was a cup for me!

Your son who went to roam around with the Commissioner's daughter...

Where did he go, Prathapan?

Did he fly away in the wind?

Are you going to say where he is... or do you want me to make you say it?

By holding him captive, if you think that I'll settle your accounts, that's a misconception, Boss.

About the accounts...

Didn't I tell you that day itself?

I will leave Kochi only after adding, subtracting and multiplying every account!

Wasn't it you and Commissioner sir, who made me appear for this accounts exam, Prathapan?

So I will leave from here only after studying, writing the exam, and getting a certificate.

Where, how and when I settle the account is not the point.

If there is no evidence for something we have done, such an incident has not happened!

Isn't that how it is, sir?

Someone might have kidnapped him from Nagpur.

He might have been hung upside down for 2 days and thrashed!

He might have cried out to his dad in pain!

Someone might have inserted an iron rod into his mouth while he was crying aloud!

While he was trying to escape, a car might have hit him!

That car might have run over his body, while he was bleeding on the road.

That car might belong to his father Prathapa Varma.

That car might have been driven by...

... B-O-S-S...


You can't do any ****** thing!

The body will reach your house in the evening.

Tell your partner.

See ya!

Come on!

Stop it, man!

Stop it!

Listening to all of you, I gave away my son to be murdered.

The one who was supposed to enjoy everything I made, is lying cold, covered in a sheet downstairs.

In a game we played together, though blood was spilled in your house now, the loss is for both of us!

My daughter hasn't become normal yet.

This is not an attack against me alone, sir.

It's the beginning of an attack against all of us.

The dialogue he told me at the end...

It's not his!

It was a dialogue you said to someone, sometime back.

He has come holding the tail of something we had done long back.

If he is involved.. You are, too!

If you both are involved... I am, too!

Him too!

Whatever score he has come to settle... he shouldn't walk on both legs hereafter.

Like we cried... he should also cry, sir.

If you have to do something, do it to him.

He doesn't have a wife, sister or mother!

Or he'll come quoting a dialogue from some other movie, to attack us!

It's so sad to get run out while batting really well.

It might be due to your mistake or your partner's.

I know that my son didn't die in an accident.

But I won't go after any law to prove that.

I want you, Boss.


So no one has understood the story yet, is it?

But why?

Though there are so many policemen and film guys, no one enquired what my flashback was, right?

But why? Why? Why?

It's only because I wanted to start with your son, while settling scores between us, that there was so much delay.

He is just an interval punch!

You all have scenes until this movie is over!

Shall I go, sir? Come on!

Boss, what is happening here?

Is there any truth in what you said there? What?

Did you kill him with your own hands?

Start the car! - Killing someone because he didn't repay the loan?

Will you be able to do that?

If that was the case, you should have killed me first, right?

Somehow... I'm unable to believe this.

You needn't believe it. Start the car!

Sir.. Stop crying and tell me the matter.

What happened? Why are you crying so much?

Come fast. I'm on my way.

Start the car!

Anna (brother)! It's nothing, Anna!

Nothing will happen to you.

Have these tablets.

I know, Anna.

You won't die until we settle all the scores.

You shouldn't die.

Anna... Anna.. Look at this.

I finished him off!

Nothing will happen to you.


What is all this?

It's been 3 years since I first saw you.

From then till now, I haven't you shedding even a drop of tear.

Now if these eyes have to turn moist...

I don't want to know who you are...

This secret that you carried for all these years without letting even us know.

I need to know who this is, lying here.

Greetings, Annai!


You wait here, okay? Okay, brother.

Greetings to everyone.

This Panchayat has assembled here because... our Ayyanar's brother Velmurugan... and Rangan's sister Poonkuzhali, are in love.

We've gathered here to settle the dispute between these two families, which has been happening due to that.

Ayyanar and Rangan have come here to discuss about a compromise.

I haven't come to compromise.

What did you say?

Ayyanar's brother Vel?


Chinnamma, does Ayyanar have any younger brothers? - No.

He is a single child.

Uncle, is there anything else that you know about?

He calls every random guy his brother, and we have to give our girl to them?

That's what!


All are brothers to me here.

I have respect for everyone.

I have come here to talk, only out of that respect.

This Murugan is not just my brother. He is like my son.

Give your sister to him. He will treat her like a queen!


Brother or son? Make that clear first.

Hey Moustache!

He wasn't born to this man's father or mother.

Then how can he be his brother?

Ask him at least what caste he is from!

What are you going to do with his caste?

If a girl has to live a good life, her happiness and peace of mind is most important.

No caste can provide that.

Only a good heart can!

The 'Head' is uttering punch dialogues!

Come on! Clap your hands!

Swag! So much swag!

Did you find only my sister to pimp for this guy without an address?

You think you have humiliated me by talking like this?


You have only showed your standard!

You are not important to me! Only your sister is!

Hey Poonkuzhali...

You would like to marry my brother Velmurugan, right?

Damn it!

Hey! Chop him into pieces!

Hey! What are you staring at?

Come and chop him up!

What did you ask?

What caste he is from, right?

We are all from the human caste, man! You are from some other caste!

After that, what did you ask? Who his parents are, right?

No one is born in this world without parents!

I told Annan that you won't understand all this.

What did Annan say then?

'He is like my brother. He will understand if I explain'.

But Annan realized only now that this brother would understand, only if birds fly out of his head!

You have to think a hundred times before you lay your hands on my family!

If you think about it once, you'll never be able to think thereafter!

"Hasta la vista, baby."

Great fight, bro. You ripped him apart.

This is just a simple matter.

If I hit someone, it will have a weight of 1.5 tonnes!

How can you alone think of all these movie quotes correctly?

You talk just like a movie star!

I didn't get a chance in the movies. Let me say it at least here, sir.

Hey! Don't say that. You are my Thalapathy (Commander).

I will make you act in movies.

I'll make you a hero!

Really? I swear.

Then get me a chance in Malayalam movies.


Youngsters get more opportunities over there!

Like me! Okay, done!

I'll do that!

You donkey!

What are you doing?

Calm down! Humiliating our own girl?

It's a shame for us, if people find out.

She should be beaten to death.

Dad, don't interfere in this. We'll handle it.

Look, dad! Even after all this, look at her arrogance!

She will have arrogance! Because she is his sister.

Hey! Take her inside.

Come, dear.

Look at her stare, uncle!

I'll slice you up! Why, man?

Calm down!

Hey! Don't you advise everyone?

Why don't you advise her?

What should I say?

She has saved the family honour, right?


Even after you did all this, did you see pain in her eyes?

Did you see fear? No, right?

Because the intoxication of love in her head, is more than your alcohol intoxication!

Doesn't matter how much you hit her!

Hey Ranga!

It's not that easy to spill the blood of that family.

Like there's a snake on the neck of Lord Paramasiva, it's that 'Tail' who is protecting that Ayyanar's family.

Only if you chop off that 'Tail', you can take the 'Head'.

I will chop off that 'Tail'.

Hey! You brought me to say something important, right?

Let me finish this first. Only then I can talk freely, Anna.

Yeah, right! You need to booze even if you are happy or sad!

Don't you want some? No.

Murugan... Why are you dull?

Nothing, Anna. I am fine.

Hey! Are you upset that Ranga called you an orphan in front of everyone?

Why should I be upset about it, bro?

I have all of you, right?

Then why are you looking so dull?

Is it because I thrashed your future brother-in-law? - No.

Or... are you afraid that you won't get Poonkuzhali?

You needn't be afraid about that.

Whatever happens, Poonkuzhali will be yours.

Once I commit to something, I won't listen even to myself!

Do you know the story behind our Anna marrying Lakshmi?

I was born and raised on the streets.

At Palakkad.

I did whatever jobs I could, ate food with the money I earned, and watched movies for the rest.

Even back then, I was crazy about Tamil movies.

After a long time, I started working at a house.

There was a girl there. Lakshmi.

She considered me like her own brother.

That was when a businessman came to do business with Lakshmi's father.

They fell in love somehow.

She couldn't live without him.

But once the boss heard about this, he asked me to chop off the arms & legs of that businessman.

Since I wasn't interested in seeing even a drop of tear in my Lakshmi's eyes, I went straight to Theni with her.

That's how Annan married her.

Since I walked around tailing her, Annan named me 'Tail'.

Since then, he is Mammootty, and I am Rajinikanth.

I had eaten earlier.

But I'll eat again. You eat, man!

Where is 'Tail'? He's slightly busy.

Busy with what? The usual...

Acting classes!

No one knows how and when I will come.

But I will arrive correctly, when I am supposed to.

Tail... Come and have breakfast. Don't they have any other job?

Here comes the Terror Star 'Tail'.

Get lost, man! Call your daddy 'Tail'.

Do you know who Rajinikanth was?

Before he joined the movies? He was a bus conductor.

Like that, I will also become a superstar someday!

Then, if you have to see me, you'll have to stand in queue to buy tickets.

If you respect me well enough now, I'll make you my touch-up boy!

Oh! Not required!

Always Idly.. Dosa... Sambar...

Vada.. Chutney...

Isn't it high time to try something else, Ammaal?

What? Nothing! Nothing!

Don't irritate Meenakshi Ammaal in the morning...

Get ready to leave to Chennai.

'Don't go to Chennai, dear'... Where is Annan?

Let's go!

I called yesterday morning as well, Anna. No response.

Call Broker Kumar. Yes, Anna.

If he doesn't respond, message from my phone. - Yes, Anna.

Rahim, if you want food, go and eat.

Is it enough if you keep talking business here?

What happened to you?

Poonkuzhali had called.

She was crying non-stop.

When I heard her crying, I was reminded of myself.

This problem won't be solved if you men fight with each other.

Let all of us go and talk to them, in person.

If Lakshmi has such an opinion, we can go and talk, Anna.

Okay. Go and get ready.

I'll bring the car.


You needn't come. We will go alone.

How can we go without 'Tail'?

No, dear. Him and that Rangan can't meet eye-to-eye.

I gave him what he deserved yesterday itself. What trouble will I create now?

He will listen to you. I will also come. Tell him!

Don't you understand if I say it once?

If Annan says something once, it's like he has said it a hundred times!

Brother, all the accounts are wrong. Hey!

You don't have hair on your head. Don't you have brains either?

Forgive me, brother. I won't make this mistake again.

Get lost!


Who is it?

Please come. Welcome!

Why have you come with the ceremonial plate, Mahalakshmi?

My brothers...

Raman... Murugan... Rahim...

It was the eldest of my younger brothers, who brought all three of them to me.

They were orphans. We embraced them.

Now... we work hard together... we eat together... we bet our lives on each other.


At the Panchayat... only because you tried to stab my brother...

I had to slap you hastily.

I apologize to you for that.


A woman will be happy in life, only if she gets the man she loves, right?

Please convince him. No one has to convince me.

You may go.

Convince me?

Get lost!

Lakshmi.. Call Poonkuzhali.


Poonkuzhali, don't you wish to get married to Murugan?

Then come with us.


Going with some loser, right in front of my eyes?


Poonkuzhali has come to our side, to marry my brother.

From this moment onwards, Poonkuzhali is my daughter-in-law.

I won't let anyone lay their hands on my daughter-in-law.

Heard that? He honked, realizing that there's some problem here.

I've brought him under the condition that he shouldn't leave the car.

You know what will happen if he gets down, right?

Mind it!

Hey 'Tail'!

Hey 'Tail'! Anna is calling you.

Call your daddy 'Tail'.

Does it stink?

It does, right?

Okay, right? Okay, bro.

Where did you go? I was inside...

Why are you looking unusually tired?

Shall I get you some butter-milk?

Have some. No!

Are you happy now, dear? Really happy.

That's how you should be.

I am going on talking. You say something.

Wherever, whenever, whatever happens... with fire in the eyes, and force in the hands, with daring in the heart, he is handling everything all alone!

That's a real man!

Just like this... Whatever we begin talking, he goes round and round and finally ends with cinema dialogues.

He's a great fan of cinema!

Anna, Kumar has come.

Send him upstairs.

You guys keep talking.

You wait here. I'll go meet him and come.

Greetings, Annachi. Greetings.

Sit down.

What about my money? Have you brought it?

I came to talk about that.

To talk about it, I didn't ask 'you' to come, right?

Where is your Sir?

Anna, I had called two weeks earlier, to talk about your money.

Now when I call, he's not picking up the phone.

Is that so? - Yes. Not picking up for two weeks?

Give me your phone.

Rahim, take his phone.

Give it.

What's happening, Kumar? Did you meet him?

What's your Annachi saying?

What's happening, sir?

Is your business going well?

Annachi, we are facing some troubles here. (in Tamil)

You can talk in Malayalam.

I didn't pick up when you called, because we had some problems here.

The money I produced with the money you gave, became a flop here.

That's why, I...


I watched the movie's success meet on YouTube.

What, sir? Are you trying to cheat me?

Is money lying in plenty on the road, to just throw away to random guys?

If you are genuinely in a difficulty, I am ready to help you even now.

But if you betray my trust, I won't bear it.

You better return my money!

Otherwise, you'll see a different face of mine.

Hey Annachi...!! Don't try to scare me!

Oh no, sir! I wasn't trying to scare you!

I'm not going to call you again, asking for money.

I will give you two days time.

Within that, you should come here in person, and settle it.

Otherwise... the 'benami' documents you gave me while borrowing money?

I'll take all the houses, estates, cars and everything else on it.

What do you want me to do now?

Come here in person. We'll talk.

Moorthy Sir is calling from Chennai.

Tell him that you'll come tomorrow.

Sir... Okay. Give it. I'll talk.

Sir... I'll send my brother tomorrow.

Finish everything in 2 days, and send him back.

Okay, sir. Anna, I...

What happened after they came?

Why are you getting tensed like this?

Didn't I ask you to forget about that money?

Whatever we need, we get it in double from here every year, right?

After borrowing money from us, they are making Crores, and when I ask it back, he's trying to cheat me.

'Tail' asked me a couple of times, who these people are.

He is really short-tempered.

If he comes to know that this guy is cheating us... he will get angry, and create a big problem.


Okay. It's his birthday after two days, right?

I have a surprise gift for him then.

That day, I will explain everything to him.


You 'Head' and 'Tail' can do whatever you want.

Let me go and be with Poonkuzhali. She is alone there.

So what I'm saying is that... if we have to do something, we should do it now.

That 'Tail' won't be there for 2 days.

He is going to Chennai.

Brother... This is the best time!

If you can't, leave it.

But Ranga Anna... after humiliating you so much that you can't step outside your house, they both will celebrate their first night together tomorrow.

Think about it and do whatever you want.

I said what I had to say.

When Annan wakes up, tell him that I left.

Don't disturb him in his sleep.

When will you return?

I'll reach here as soon as my job is done.

Give those sweets to sir.

And drop by at the Perumal temple on your way back.

What's special over there? Day after tomorrow is your birthday.

So it's my birthday day after?

Happy birthday to me!

Annan said that he has a gift for you.

What gift is it? That's a surprise.

Okay! Okay!

You could have started tomorrow morning.

How many times have I told you not to drive during the night?

Okay. Since you've started...

Drive carefully.


Anna... He has come downstairs.

Ask him to come. Okay Anna.

Come, Menon sir. Please sit down.

Have you come alone?


You won't be able to understand my present situation, even if I try to explain.

That's why I didn't talk to you when you called me.

Before this, your situation was much more worse.

No financier gave you money trusting you, despite you pledging all your properties.

But I did.

How can you think of cheating me?

Whatever you say now, I am obliged to hear it.

I have no means to return that money to you now.


Taking one of my properties which I mortgaged to you, please help me by lending some money.

Without starting a new project, I cannot survive.

No one will be able to give any more money, for the properties you've mortgaged.


I'll give you an idea.

You produce a movie.

I'll give you money for that.

You don't have to return any of the money that you owe me.

I have a younger brother.

You haven't seen him.

He is really handsome.

He's crazy about acting in movies.

Do this project with him as the hero of the movie.

That's my only condition.

None of that is in my hands now.

In that case, like I told Prathap, I'll sell all the properties and take my money.

Don't take such harsh decisions, Annachi.

Annachi, I'll come to the point quickly.

We are the benami owners of the properties that Menon sir has mortgaged, in return for the money he borrowed from you.

And contrary to what you said, making some Tamil guy act in a Malayalam movie, is not possible!

Though they are all hard earned assets of Menon sir, they are all in our names now.

If someone decides to swallow all that, all of a sudden...

Can we bear it, Annachi?

And to talk about myself...

How long will I work under him as a production controller?

It's really boring!

And the only thing we can do now is...

What is this, Annachi?

Just because he made a delay in repaying a loan, did you have to kill Menon sir?

Where are our documents?

Where are those documents?

I don't think Annachi will give it, if we ask like this.

Rahim, don't worry. Nothing will happen to you.

Nothing will happen to you. I'm here for you.

Hey! Lakshmi!


Go, Lakshmi!

No. Go!

We came here to finish you.

Only when we came here, Kumar told us that they also need you.

So all of us joined together!

Tonight is not going to be your brother's first night.

It will be his last night!




This guy is indeed profitable for us.

He already did the job we had left for the end.

Bloody rascal!

You gained our trust, and betrayed us?

I won't spare you!

Go and find those documents, wherever they are! Go!



Leave him!


Did you get it?

We took all this trouble for this.


You were threatening us over the phone all this while, just because you had these documents with you, right?

Isn't it, you loser?

This is worth Crores of Rupees.

Even if we have to kill you, we will leave only after taking this.

When it comes to settling scores, it doesn't matter where and when it's done.

We should settle it once and for all!

And since the guy who killed, and got killed are all here...

I'm not saying this as a police officer...

No law will come looking for us.

That's how it is.

When we do something, if there is no evidence to prove that, such an incident has never happened!

Shall I go, dear?


Hello Papa!

He's dead.



Who's that?






We must perform the surgery immediately.

Even if the surgery is done, I can't say for sure whether... he would be able to walk or talk like earlier.

They've stabbed him with a knife at two places.

They have applied poison to the knife and stabbed him.

I can say something only after 48 hours.

Since it's your issue, I haven't informed this to the police.

We don't need the police, sir.


I will find out which snake's poison was on that knife.

Can I go in and see him, sir? Please.

I had gone to Chennai.

I met Moorthy sir.

Like you said, I finished it all in one day, instead of two days.

On my way back, Lakshmi had asked me to go to the temple.

I went there too.

She told me that, you have a gift for me for my birthday, when I come back.

That birthday gift...

Was it this?

When I was away for two days... this was the gift you saved for me?

Murugan is lying outside.

Rahim is in the hall.


Suffered a lot of pain...

Poonkuzhali too...

I didn't go where the kids were lying...

Who betrayed us, Anna?

Whose idea was it to stab you with a poisoned knife?

Tell me.

Tell me, Anna.

Who was it?

Who was it?

Don't spare him!

You must torture him to death!

Before that...

Before that... you should kill his son.

Whom? Whose son?

I need to see you killing him, with my own eyes.

Who is it, Anna? My Lakshmi...

My Lakshmi...

My children...

My children...

Everything is gone!

Don't spare them!

Who is he, Anna?


Who is it?

Tell me, Anna.

Tell me.



I want him alive, even after the 48 hours.

Because we've lost many lives, sir.

I want him to see me avenge those lives, with his own eyes.

Please, sir.


I waited all this while for his son to reach.

While spilling their blood, Annan had asked me to start with him!

Is it to settle the score of the blood they spilled in the name of cinema, that I decided to become the big daddy of the film industry!

Whose car is it? I don't know.

What is it, sir? Why did you ask me to come?

Do you remember him?


What is he doing here? What do you want?

Boss is a remnant of something we did long back...

Didn't you say so the other day?

Do you remember the Tamilian who asked us to make his brother act in a movie?

The 'Head'.

Didn't we chop that 'Head' back then itself, sir?

Didn't we pay whatever money he asked for and sent him to Malaysia, out of that happiness?

Sir, I received a call on my number.

He said he will finish me, whichever corner of the world I would hide in.

It was Ayyanar who called me.

Ayyanar? Yes.

Wasn't it you who told us that he was long dead?


Wasn't it your son who confirmed that?

And since there was no evidence against us, didn't Commissioner sir say that no one will come looking for us?

But we were wrong!

He had started his game from there itself.

The game we started using this guy... though unknowingly, he brought it till here, using the same guy.

The one who told that he would kill you wherever you may hide in this world?

He has been here for the past 3 years.

Now he made you also take his bait, and brought you here.

While killing a snake, it's not enough if you hit it on its head and bury it.

The whole body has to be burnt.

Or it will rise up, gaining life from the 'Tail', and bite the forehead of the one who hit it.

He had been waiting for your son, for the past 3 years.

The day your son landed in Kochi after completing his studies, that day he started his game, by creating a ruckus on your set.

He is the 'Tail' who has come to take revenge for the 'Head' being chopped.

The most dangerous and poisonous snake.

So what he played so far.. was not a comedy movie.

Right, sir?

After comedy...

After thriller...

It's a revenge movie now.

He would have given this guy to us on a bait.

Either he will kill you... or we will kill you.

Anyway, your death is confirmed.

Hey! Papa!

Chacko will be in our Kakkanad flat.

Go and bring him to Thevara. Okay Papa.

How are you?

We're coming there directly to let you know how we are.

Prepare a feast and wait!

Are you sure, sir?

Before that, you have a courier, sir.

It's COD, sir. Chacko on delivery, sir.


He is quite drunk, sir.

Please collect him soon, sir.


What is it, sir?

Shucks! It's switched off.

Let's go there then.

Check upstairs. I'll turn on the main switch.


Felix sir, you've reached much ahead of time!

But Felix sir...

Ahead of the the time I specified, I've handed over the courier to Chacko sir.

If you like it, please give me at least a 5-star rating, sir.

Okay! See ya!

Varma... Sir...

He is here.

He is sloshed!

Where is Joel then?

Come, get up!





He will kill you!

He will kill everyone!

You can't even touch a hair-strand of his!


He was the only person remaining, for him to make his moves against us.

We shouldn't give him that chance.

Now the game is between him and us!

When I gave you a surprise, you gave me a surprise, huh?

Thank you so much for reducing my work load, sir.

Prepare for the final game!

This game will be over only after ending what we left unfinished long back.

Even after seeing your son lying dead, you're saying punch dialogues, without being affected at all?

That's how a villain should be!

So Mr. Villain, come here directly!

Don't stress by searching for me.

Don't waste time either.

The place where you began all this?

Come there.

I'll be waiting there.

After preparing everything for you!

The time I will take to reach there.

You will be alive only until then!

Your game is over!

The game is over!

This is a game which is gonna be the massive hit of the year!

Welcome to Cumbum-Theni.

How is the set-up for the climax, Commissioner sir?

All this started at the courtyard of this house, in the name of a movie, right?

So let the climax also be at the courtyard of this house!

Close his account!!

What, Commissioner sir?

Since we're doing it cinema style, don't we need a twist, Boss?

It's the climax, right? Shouldn't we make it grand?

Just turn around!

How is this twist?

It's the age of new generation cinema, right?

A time when villains turn into heroes!

Your time is over.

Go and plan a second part. We'll see then.

The 'Head' and 'Tail' said that you'll finish me off, whichever corner of the world I would hide in, right?

Your 'Head' is at the edge of my knife.

What the hell will you do?

Hey Kumar!

Finish off that paralyzed loser!

Be it old generation or old generation, Boss is always a hero! A hero!

One... Two... Three...


Commissioner sir, when you destroyed everything in this house, one by one, you forgot one thing.

To check whether there was life in this body!

If you had left after taking his life that day, I wouldn't have come in search of you guys.

If all of them were dead, I would have committed suicide.

How can the 'Tail' be without the 'Head'?

That tiny spark of life you left behind?

I did all this, so that he can see it.

Even though he is paralyzed, when I talk about spilling your blood, I've seen a sparkle in his eyes.

I played this game for the past 3 years for that, sir!

And about the second part you spoke about...

That will definitely happen, sir.

But none of you would have scenes in it.

So let's end this game, right sir?

Hey Boss!

I haven't forgotten about you! Come!