Si shi qing chun (2018) Script

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Attention Guangzhou Flight 215 passengers.

The flight to Guangzhou departing at 11:45 is now boarding...

Hunger is eating at my soul.

A rare downpour in Beijing.

As if slurping a cold soup, the subway systematically gulps the people down.

The harsh city makes the faces expressionless.

I'm probably one of them.

Going through the tedious cycle of life and trying to regain what I had cherished, I feel like I misplaced something.

Numbed, we lose the taste of home.

That taste which I had forgotten now comes back to me.

The memories, where did they all go?

As the season turns, I recall the taste of rice noodles from my hometown.

What gave me strength was the one with seasonal ingredients, the San Xian noodles.


For many people in Hunan, the day begins with a bowl of hot, steaming noodles, sweat on their face and taking in the moment.

Two bowls.

Thank you.

My memories from childhood begin at this noodle shop with no sign.

Good morning.

Xiao Ming, my dear.


Rice noodles here are handmade.

They are transparent and beautiful.

The flavor has a playful bounce, giving the day's start a leisurely feel.

It was my time with Grandma.

My parents were both working, so it was with her I spent my mornings.

We ate San Xian noodles.

I was hooked on them.

The mushrooms were firm and fresh, lustrous kikurage with a proper texture.

Blended into a thick soup, the flavors overlap, indulging my palate and melting my heart.

Oh, my.

Warm steam touching my skin, the soup's aroma, the sound of us munching.

No words could describe how much I loved this moment.

There were more secrets to its tastiness.

The meat and mushrooms were minced together, the eggs were soft and fluffy, mingling with the noodles down the throat.

And the flavors were enhanced by the amber-colored soup.

Other shops sometimes use MSG.

But here, they spent time and effort, just a husband and wife making the rice noodles with care.

Eat all you want.

-Do you want another bowl? -Yes!

I later found out the owner was a renowned chef in Beijing, one of the top masters in Hunan.

One day he set out on his own and settled here before I was born to open a noodle shop.

This shop made only San Xian noodles and kept it up for 20 years.

The handmade noodles always tasted the same, as well as the soup.

They didn't talk much, but their rice noodles were loved by all.

Many people traveled from far away to eat it, but there was no guarantee they could.

I lived right by the shop, so I was lucky to eat the noodles every day.

Grandma once told me, "If you like eating, you'll be blessed with delicious food."

All of a sudden, the owners closed the shop and disappeared.

It was said they were pushed out because of jealousy, or an old client of theirs wanted them back in Beijing.

FOR RENT Wherever they go, there will be many people who like to eat.

They are going to make those people happy with their noodles, that's for sure.

The noodles at the shop close to school weren't handmade and the texture was nothing special.

But the piping hot toppings were delicious.

Fried vegetables exuded flavor and flowed onto the soft noodles, blanketing the soup.

It was different from the shop I went to with Grandma, but I liked it nevertheless.

Aren't you a student at Fourth Academy's middle school?

-Yes. -My son goes there, too.

He's in his third year at the high school.

See you later, hon.

Maybe I can retire from this when my son finishes school and gets a job.

You are a growing boy. Eat to your heart's content.

Then study hard, okay?

Oh... thank you.

That girl was one year my senior, and she passed here every day on her way to school.

Her hair glistened hazel in the sun.

I wanted to gaze at it forever.

One of the reasons why I came here was so that I could see her.

It was the joy of my life.

I don't know why... I just felt this would last forever.

That fall...

What's the layout here?

The noodle shop changed its appearance.

The husband wanted to switch jobs and convinced his wife to open a fishing shop.

The happy mornings disappeared abruptly, and with them, the rice noodles and the glimpse of her hair.

And so, the fishing shop opened, but it seemed to not do very well.

What's going on?

You piss me off!

Let's get outta here!

Somebody call the teacher!

What is it? What happened?

Are you okay?

It's all your fault! You never say anything!

The injured student was the son of the woman at the noodle shop.

I don't know what caused the fight, but the fishing shop closed its doors.

In my third year of middle school, the noodle shop came back.

But something was different.

The husband was helping at the shop.

And there was another.

Thank you so much!

They looked happier than before.


I heard she recently graduated and went to another school far away.

It marked the end of my first love.

A very sad morning.

When I was little, I woke up to the smell of noodles.

The times I spent with Grandma, and in middle school, during those sweet moments looking at her.

Now I'm by myself.

San Xian noodles, please.

Coming right up.

Number 12, San Xian noodle.

The machine-made noodles were almost too perfect.

The flavor of the Chinese-style soup was not bad.

But there were fewer toppings and the price was higher.

I used to love San Xian noodles, but it just doesn't taste the same.

Hey, Dad.

What is it?

A 2.5-hour flight from Beijing.

I figured I could go home at any time, but the distance was further than I thought.

The bright lights below me make my heart churn even more.

Is that you, Xiao Ming?

I'm sorry, I don't think I can eat San Xian noodles with you anymore.

Don't say that. We are going to eat them together.


My shadow, dragged out by the night, melts away in the morning sun.

The torment I feel in my chest will someday heal with time.

Some things never change, and some things will change...

What can I get you?

-A bowl of San Xian noodles. -Got it.

The warmth still lingers today from the comfort that left me yesterday.

Days that fled will never come back.

But I feel certain something is pushing my timid self.

It stays in the back of my mind as the seasons pass.

It was like a lonely, pale morning, but also a morning blushed with hope.

Here you go.


Ever since I was a child, I've loved cute clothes.

If I was wearing my favorite clothes, I'd be happy all day.

I felt invincible.

I liked choosing clothes for my little sister.

We played princess with my hand-me-downs.

But I started growing taller, to the point where we couldn't exchange clothes anymore.

I've never liked being tall.

It attracts unnecessary attention, and I bump my head a lot.

But now, I'm grateful to my parents.

Lacking any other talents, I got my career thanks to the height my parents gave me.

Before I had a chance to thank them, they passed away.

I always realize the value of things after I lose them.

Everything that's precious.

The world's changing rapidly.

Clothing trends, people... and us models.

This career is not going to last forever.

But I still want to shine.

For my only family: my little sister.


-That's a wrap, Yi Lin. -Thank you, everyone.

-Thank you so much. -You are welcome.

Don't do such a thing. What if you get hurt?

-Those clothes are valuable, right? -But still...

I was so happy when my picture appeared on a magazine for the first time.

My sister could see me even though we lived far apart.

But now, it's an everyday thing.

What do you see?

Cameras, lights, girls.

You are standing where most girls can only dream of.

Such a dreary outlook. Anything else?

I'm not inspired to say anything witty right now.

Sorry to ask you. Great job, thank you.

Isn't that the new editor? You have to say something charming.

-Oh? -My dear...

How many years have you been doing this?

Can't you at least say something cute?

I'm more of an action-over-words type.

That mouth of yours.

We're all done! Thank you so much for your efforts.

I made... a cake for you.

Maybe Sis is busy.

Everyone ready?

Yi Lin, Happy Birthday!

-Happy Birthday! -Thank you.


I messed up.

Yi Lin!

Happy Birthday.

You came!

Your manager told me. Sorry to miss the photoshoot, but I was busy at work.

How about later?

Sorry. I gotta go back to the office.

I understand, if it's work...

Yi Lin!

-Have we met? -I'm Shui Jing. We're in the same agency.

-I've idolized you forever! -Really?

You're so popular in our school. Everyone copies you.

-Thank you. -Still a student? You're very mature.


You'll be a hit.

-A new generation's coming. -Thank you.

I was hoping I could get advice from you on how to be successful in this business.

Advice? I don't really have any.


-Give her some pointers. -Let me think...

Shui Jing, over here.

I'm coming!

Excuse me, I have to go.

I didn't say anything.

-She has it, the shine. -Didn't notice.

Don't think you're always going to be on the top.

-What's that supposed to mean? -I'm going to go say hi.

-Don't worry about it. -Shut up. Today's my birthday.

-You have bad taste in men. -Shut up.

Get hold of yourself.

Good evening, Lu Lu.

-Thank you so much. -Don't mention it. Part of the job.

That's why I said to bring Lu Lu.

I don't like when there are lots of people.

-How are you going to meet anyone? -You're one to talk.

Lu Lu's homemade cake is so delicious!

It really is good.

My Lu Lu's so handy, she can do anything.

That's not true.

You ate dinner, right?

I'm sorry, but Steve will eat my portion.

What, me?

Home is the best. Lu Lu is here with me.

-Good night. -You're being too irresponsible!

I'd love to show the staff Yi Lin's true self.

I'm sorry. You prepared all this for her.

-I was just making dinner for myself. -Such a feast?

It's all thanks to her.

Because of her, I could go to school.

Sorry I'm late!

-Sis... -Long time no see, Lu Lu.

From today, we will always be together.

Let's go eat. There are some great restaurants nearby.

I thought Sis was so gorgeous, shining, as if she was from another star.

And now she's a sea lion.


Don't be hitting on Lu Lu.

I don't hit on girls.

It's time for me to leave.

Yi Lin! Don't be late for the audition tomorrow.

Got it.

Sis, it's morning. Wake up.

Morning, Lu Lu.

-I'm going to school. Are you good? -No worries, see you later.

Five more minutes...

I'm in trouble... whole loads of trouble.

You're late. What's wrong with you?

-I overslept, all right? -You...


You are late.



Next. Next.

That place is for kids.

You think I'm too old?

You're supposed to say no.

There's always next time. Something more suitable for you.


Next time, huh? It's crowded at the top.

On my way to work. Talk to you later.

-I got the gig! -Shui Jing?

What's going on?

They told me on our way out Shui Jing was getting the job.

Don't tell me stuff like that.

Fashion Week is coming up.

Shui Jing is gonna be in it, too.

It's from Lu Lu. She's asking if you want dinner.

Why doesn't she ask me?

Because you don't answer.

Younger is better?

I can't believe something like this bothers me so much.

-Hey... -What is it?


-Did you eat? -I don't want to.

You're not eating lately.

Got to get ready for Fashion Week.

Take care of yourself.

Don't worry, I've been doing this forever.

-But Sis-- -What do you know?

What is it?

I'm fine. Do your own thing.

Sis... where are you going?

-To the gym. -Don't overdo it.

It's rough...

My secret to beauty?

Nothing special.

Yeah, right. I wish.

Do you know what it takes behind the scenes?

But I don't want Lu Lu to see me this way.

I can't, I won't.

After our parents died, we were sent to separate relatives.

I'm sure it was rough on her.

It was rough on me.

When I decided to take in Lu Lu, everyone said it was a bad idea, but I didn't care.

I am greedy.

A modeling career and being Lu Lu's amazing sister...

I want both.

You're kidding me...

The only thing I've got going for myself is this body.

Beauty will slip away if you let it.

No matter what it takes, I'm not letting it go.

You've been killing yourself. What's the matter?

It's not a big deal. I'm a professional.

I'm worried about you.

Please... let me go out there.


But know your limits.

You look awful.

Maybe you should skip this.

This is nothing.

I dreamed about this stage, now it's gonna come true.

But now, I want to see what's beyond this.

Do you see it? It's gonna happen right now.

It's almost showtime.

My glorious future!

Listen to me.

You watch me.

I still have it...

I... messed up.

Yi Lin, are you okay?!

You really like those clothes, don't you?

Yes! I love this color the most.

Let's go, Lu Lu.



-I saw Mom in my dream. -A dream?

When we were kids, she was always sewing.

When I'm sewing, I remember Mom, too.

She told me when she was sewing, she could see the skies of her hometown.

What's that mean?

I don't know.

What do you see, Lu Lu?

I see... the people who wear my clothes.

If my clothes make someone happy, I'll be happy, too.

That sounds nice.

My injury was going to take a while to heal.

When I stopped working, it seemed like I had disappeared.

There are plenty of replacements.

The world will move on just fine without me.

Now that rehab's done, you can finally get back to work.

About that... I'm kind of sick of it.

-Do you want to take a break? -I don't want to go back.

You want to... quit?

It may be time.

I see.

Can you teach me how to do that?

Using the sewing machine and stuff. I want to learn a trade.

How dare you!

Why are you talking to me like that?

I have to work. Who do you think I'm doing it for?

You mean you're doing it for me? That ends the conversation, doesn't it?

Don't look at me that way.

You don't get it!

-Where are you going? -School.

At this hour?


This is cute.

We lived together and I didn't know.

I didn't even try to.

I'm such a fool.

Ever since, she's been staying late at school, like she doesn't want to see me.

After being a stranger for so long, you call me for this?

We've never fought since we started living together.

-It seems you're back. -What're you talking about?

You can't fight without energy.

Anyways, you were... just kidding me, right? That thing about retiring.

Dead serious. I'm up there in age.

My job is over then.

-I guess so. -Everybody leaves me.

You and me could've been a team for a long time.

-What're you going to do? -I don't know.

-I can't see the future. -So you haven't a clue.

But I'm going to make money.

I'm giving up modeling, but I want to support Lu Lu.

Didn't you say you wanted both?

You're gonna lose both your career and Lu Lu.

You don't even have a man.

A loner.

-Why are you saying such mean things? -I'm no longer your manager.

I'll say whatever I want.

After all the money you made from me, you thankless ass!

You're the worst when you say things like that.

Maybe you said to Lu Lu, "Who do you think lets you live?"

No... I never said it that way.

But you say it in a different way. Ugh. Disgusting.

Do you really think I can come back after that embarrassing incident?

-It's up to you. -You are so cold about things like that.

You're supposed to encourage.

Can't you be supportive?

-Stop laughing. -You're getting your swagger back.

-That's the Yi Lin I know. -What?

I want you to come here at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow.


What is it, a job?

-Don't be late this time. -Wait a minute!

I don't want to go.

That's the weak me.

Honestly, I'm scared of failing.

Huh? There's something written.

Go get 'em, Sis!

Lu Lu...

We were expecting you.

This way.

What's this about?

-Sis! -Lu Lu!

Did I surprise you?

-The show's starting, so get dressed. -It's too sudden. I can't.

It'll be all right. Come now.

Wait a minute...

Which one is the older sister?

This dress...

It's my favorite color.

You remembered.

Lu Lu made it just for me.

Steve reached out to the people he knew.

You said you're not my manager anymore.

But I'm still your friend.

Thank you.

Lu Lu...

What I see from here...

I don't want to lose it. It's so dear to me.

I don't care if I embarrass myself.

I'm not letting it go.

After that, I finished school and started making clothes for a living.

Sis seems to be enjoying herself more, doing what she wants.

I make the clothes and she wears them.

Just by ourselves, we have our own little fashion show.


Have you ever thought about the future?

FALL 2008 I was asked that question a long time ago.

Why did it cross my mind?

How did I answer?

I don't even remember.

Li Mo, impulsive as always, huh?

When you say you're gonna move out, you move out right away.

Haven't exercised much since graduation. Today's been tough.

-What's the rent here? -100,000 a month.

That's steep. Can you afford it on your salary?

It's only been two years since you started.

This dinky hotel in Shikumen? You plan on building this?

It's urban development. Our firm's reputation is on the line.

Have you ever thought about the client's needs?

You don't see it, do you?

It's time you woke up!

Shut up! Just leave me alone!

I just said to wear warm clothes. It's nothing to get upset over.

Those little things are distracting. I need to focus on work.

I'm leaving the house. Already picked an apartment.

I knew it was childish...

Talk to him...

...but I said it, so I'm going to follow through.

Pan, one box is missing.

Really? I thought we got everything.

-We'll go pick it up tomorrow. -Can't wait.

There are tools I need inside. I've got to start on the blueprint.

This room's got a great view.

Don't open the window, Pan! The wind!

Wow, you can see Shikumen from here!

Some parts haven't been demolished. Your grandma still lives there, right?

When we were kids, that place was like a huge maze.

From here, it's just a blotch.

Leave the nostalgia for later and give me a hand here. This is from the high school exam prep...


This is a tape from Xiao Yu. You still had it?

What do you mean? What's it doing in here?

You were studying like crazy for the exam.

Xiao Yu asked me to give it to you.

It was kind of awkward, so I gave it to your mother.

You didn't know?

Do you have a cassette player?

Do you know what year it is? Of course I don't have one.

Over there.

Hey, where are you going?

What're you gonna do with this stuff?

If it wasn't the end, please let me hear it.

The love I shut out, the dream I chased...

Back then, you and me, we had it all.

Has too much time passed? Is it too late to ask for something other than a goodbye?

If you're not here, my heart will still ache tomorrow.



It's under construction. Watch your step.

Hello, ma'am.

How are the glasses, sir?

Oh, hi, Xiao Yu.

They're great. I can read the newspaper better.

Great to hear.

I got some flower seeds. I'll bring them next time.

Pan, play Xiao Yu's tape first.

There's no "ladies first" among friends.

-You idiot-- -Stop, you two. Let's listen to the song.

Give me one, too, Xiao Yu.

I knew Xiao Yu liked Li Mo.

You're such an idiot, Pan.

Why are you getting so worked up?

I guess I was right.

Xiao Yu likes Li Mo!

Xiao Yu likes Li Mo!

Xiao Yu likes Li Mo!

I'm going to beat you up. Seriously.

The tape!

-This is beyond fixing. -It's punishment from above.

-What'd you say? -Calm down. Let's listen to mine.

Going home already, Xiao Yu? Why don't you eat dinner with us?

Thank you, but there's a test tomorrow. I have to study.

Such a good girl.

Why don't you walk her home?

Grandpa! You sound like Pan.

Xiao Yu!

So much development going on around here.


-The road's cracked and they don't fix it. -True.

You can drop me off here. I can walk.

When I put you down earlier, you were like, "Ow, ow!"

Shut up!

I was saying it for your sake.

Stop, it hurts.

Just stay on! It's dangerous.

Hold on tight or you'll fall!

Will you be able to go to school with that leg?

If I can't go, can you record the lesson in class?

On this tape.

Say something funny, too. I'll listen to it over and over.

Sure, if it makes you happy.

Wow, can't wait! But maybe you'll be distracted in class.

Will you shut up?

Oh, hi, Li Mo.

This is from the class. Please give it to Xiao Yu.

Get well soon so you can go back to school.



Can you hear me, Xiao Yu?

Look at the second line on page six.

Li Mo! What are you mumbling about? What're you doing with a recorder?

If you want to sing, come up front.

I can explain...

Hey! Is your leg all right?

Yeah, thanks for your help. I recorded something, too.


Hey... have you thought about the future?

Where you're going to be, what you'll be doing?

I have. I'm going to build a house big enough for all of us.

Pan on the first floor, me on the second, and you on the third.

We'll listen to songs together, even when we're adults.

I never thought about it myself, so I wanted to ask you.

That's... not bad.

What's your favorite color?

I guess... red. It seems warm.

Favorite flower?

Sunflowers, 'cause they grow towards the sun.

Who is... your favorite person?

Li Mo, listen...

I'm taking the exam for Yangpu University Affiliate High School.

Are you serious about going to Yangpu? That's a super-elite school.

You've never mentioned it.

You can go to Yangpu University on merit from the high school.

My father insists I go.

Just because your parents tell you...

But it's far. How would you get there?


I'd have to move.

Xiao Yu...

What do you want to do?

I... don't want to move. But...

But you'll do what your parents say?

Go ahead then!

Where are you going? We're not done here!

What's wrong, Li Mo? You're not hungry?

Did something happen at school? Your studies must be hard.

Here, eat some meat. You need nutrients.

Mother, don't be so soft on him. It's not like he's aiming that high.

How about Xiao Yu? Where does she want to go?

Yangpu University Affiliate.

Knowing her, that's not surprising.

She was always smart.

You should be more like her.

I'm going to shoot for Yangpu, too.

Are you serious? With your grades, that's almost impossible.

And it's far. How are you going to get there?

You're not just saying this, are you?

I'm serious! I'll go to the high school, and then on to Yangpu University!

If you're serious, it may work out.

Work out?

A friend told me there's an opening for an apartment in Yangpu District.

This area might be demolished, so it may be a good opportunity to leave Shikumen.

Li Mo, give your best and don't regret it.

Clean your room and focus on your studies.

If you want to pass, there's no time to goof around.

Here is your tape.

There's nothing to record anymore.

Good luck on your exam.

Which school are you going to apply to?

A school close by, like everyone else.


Are you not going to say anything?

Yeah, it would be embarrassing if I failed.

If you say one word, our friendship is over.

That's crazy. You're out of your mind.

Just because Xiao Yu is taking the test you're reaching too high to be her match.

It's not like that. I just want to prove what I can do.

What did you just say?


Studying is important, but so is rest.

Don't burn yourself out. And...

Grandpa and Grandma are staying. So it'll only be us three moving.

And Pan asked me to give this tape to you.

He wants you to listen to it.

I don't have time. Put it in a box there.

What's the matter, Li Mo? What's the rush?

I need the cassette player.

I'm by myself, so I don't cook that much anymore.

It's okay. Don't worry about it, Grandma.

Are you hungry? Do you want some cookies?

They're demolishing this area, right?

Did you talk to Dad about it?

They started knocking down that side of the street but stopped here.

It doesn't look like they'll restart any time soon, so it's hard for me to leave.

Hey! Xiao Yu!

Are you home?

Be quiet. Xiao Yu is not home.

Last night was so crazy I couldn't sleep. Give me a break already.

Not home? What happened last night?

You are an embarrassment!

It seems Xiao Yu failed the test.

Her father was so upset about it.

He got violent, and she was taken to the hospital.

Police came, and it was such a mess...


Moving day came without seeing her.

Leaving home... and Grandma and Grandpa.

Life in a new town will soon begin.

Xiao Yu...

It was school you were supposed to go to.

What happened?

I can't help... thinking about you.

Looking at the sky above, after the rain.

SPRING 2002 Xiao Yu, let's sit and eat.


You're quite an adult now, Xiao Yu.

It's been a while since you three met.

This calls for a celebration!

I hear you!

Let's drink, Li Mo.

You're in high school.

And it's still midday!

We each went to different high schools.

We were once inseparable.

Now we can't communicate.

Unlike before, we don't know what to say.

You already have a CD player.

So does everyone else at school.

The sound's bad on tape.

I guess so... No more tapes...

That tape... you listened to it, right?

It's embarrassing, so can you throw it away?

A tape? What are you talking about?

No... it's nothing.

I'll be okay from here.

Go back to everyone else.

It's all right, I'll walk you home.

We walked this road so many times, I won't get lost.

I guess you're right.

Li Mo, is it true that you chose that school because of me?

Why do you say that?

I just wanted to prove to my parents I could do it.

It had nothing to do with you.

Oh, okay.

Pan said it was because of me.

Don't be silly.

You can't believe what he says.

I guess not. Okay.

I'm gonna go now.

We were too late to send her off.

Gosh, when is it going to move?

She could've told us about going to America to study.

I thought we were friends.

Excuse me, can you stop smoking?

It's smoky in the back...

Hey, Li Mo, don't play in the basketball game next week.

You're still injured.

Don't be reckless.

I'll tell your mom if you don't listen to me.

I'll do what I want.

I don't care what other people say, is that bad?

Reckless or not, I'm going to believe in myself.

You said you liked sunflowers, right?

I want to face the sun and grow, too.

I don't want to give up.

I'm not gonna make excuses to my future self and regret it.

Then... don't erase this tape, okay?

When we grow up, let's listen to it together.

I... thought about it.

I want to grow like a sunflower, too.

I don't want to have regrets.

That's why I won't go to Yangpu University Affiliate High School.


I don't want to be without you.

I can't rewind time.

I was too childish.

I didn't know... as if burning the heart alive, the twisting pain I inflicted on you.

Why didn't I... listen to your voice?

If I ever have a chance to see you again... the dream we had...

I still want it for us.

Clinging to it... praying...

Please watch your step.

Shikumen is like an antique, and the stairs are narrow.

You forgot the room key, Pan.

Welcome, do you have a reservation?

Li Mo! Xiao Yu! Hurry up!

Pan, don't run off by yourself!

He hasn't changed a bit.

Xiao Yu, wanna sit next to me?

You're over there!

Look how close the planes are.

Wow, you're right!

-I'm glad it's sunny today. -Yeah.

The flight to Guangzhou departing at 11:45 is now boarding...

Laughter and tears, weaved into a song. What kind of story will it tell?

From the standstill of yesterday, guiding our spirits toward the future, the footsteps of today will resonate and reach tomorrow.