Sicario (2015) Script

Get down! Get down!

Don't move!

FBI! Don't move!

Get down! Get down!

Where are the hostages? Where are the hostages?

FBI, Police! Don't move! Down! Stay down!

Cross your legs! Cross your legs and put your hands in the air!

Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move!

Get down! Get down!

Clear! Police! Search warrant. Don't move!

Steppin' out! Police, don't move!

Police, don't move! Search warrant!


Are you hit?

I'm good.


Front room, clear!

Team leader! Status?

Front clear! We're clear, ma'am!

Two suspects in custody!

You okay, Macer? Yeah.

Why'd he shoot? There's no one here.


What the fuck?


Those weren't our hostages.

No. That was something else.

Macer? Yeah?

U.S. Attorney wants a statement. What do you want me to say to her?

The truth.

Looks like Sonora...


How many total?

We've got 15 in this hall here, about 20 in the back bedroom.

We haven't even checked the attic or under the crawl space.

Call DOJ, let 'em know what we have.

This one of the houses owned by Manuel Diaz?

No way to connect him, but he owns it.

Jesus Christ.

Reg, step out. It's okay.

Vickers! I need bolt cutters!


PD found something.



Such a heavy body count this close to Phoenix is without a doubt a major escalation for the cartels.

There will be pressure in Washington to explain how such a dramatic outrage could happen so deep inside the American heartland.

We may be talking about the victims of a turf war or maybe some illegal immigrants who are tied to a ransom, but it will be some weeks before we have a clearer picture on who the victims...

What's goin' on?

I have no idea.

She's been leading our kidnap response team for three years.

Put her through the grinder since she got here, and she hasn't blinked.

She's in the front line.

Nobody's gonna be happier than Kate to see these guys go down.

So she's a thumper.

Today was her fifth O.l.S.

5-and-0, not bad for a rookie.

She never worked cases?

Been kicking doors since day one.

I like her already. What about the partner? He seen any action?

He's only been with us 18 months.

What's his background?

He's a sharp kid.

ROTC scholarship to Maryland, did a tour in Iraq, got his law degree from UNC.

He's green, but he's good.

No lawyers on this train. Just give me the girl.

We did this by the book, right?

Come on, of course.

Jesus. What?

Oh, shit.

Would you step in here, Kate?

Quite a find today, the loss of two officers notwithstanding.

Yes, sir.

How familiar are you with Manuel Diaz's operation?

His company, Sun Oasis, has 80 or so foreclosure properties.

He has other legitimate businesses. Um...

But he's rumored to be linked with one of the Mexican cartels.

Manuel Diaz works for the Sonora Cartel.

He's most likely their senior member in the United States.

What do you know about his brother?

I wasn't aware he had one.

Guillermo. His brother's name is Guillermo.

Do you know anything about his cousin?

I didn't know he had one of those either. None of that is in his file.

His cousin is Fausto Alarcon.

I don't know who that is.

No one does. He's off the grid.

He's number three in the Sonora Cartel.

This is not my department, sir.

Like I said, Agent Macer doesn't work narcotics.

She runs a kidnap response team.

Are you married?

Am I married?

Do you have a husband?




Anything else?

No. Thanks, Kate. If you could wait outside, please.

Well? I have no clue.

Who are those people? You know?

No idea.

Thanks for coming in, guys.

Will you come back in, Kate?

DOJ wants advisors that focus on cartels involved in pursuing Mr. Diaz.

This is Matt Graver. He'll be leading the team.

Isn't this Phoenix homicide now?

No, we're expanding the scope of the investigation a bit.

You'll act as a liaison.

What does that mean?

They need an agent with tactical experience, like you.

State Department is pulling an agent from the field that specializes in responding to escalated cartel activity.

You'll be part of the team.

You'll meet up with them at Luke, uh, tomorrow?

Day after. Early.

Air Force Base?

Yeah, we're gonna go see Guillermo.

Diaz's brother?

That's the one.

Where is he?

Uh, he's in the El Paso area.

What's our objective?

To dramatically overreact.

Kate, you must volunteer for an inter-agency task force.

Think very hard before you respond.

You wanna be a part of this?

Do we get an opportunity at the men responsible for today?

The men who were really responsible for today, yeah.

I'll volunteer.





You keep an eye on that doughy prick with the flip-flops.

Don't trust him.

How you doin', sir?


She's on the list, but you're not.

Well, what's she supposed to do?

I need you to turn this around for me.

It's fine. It's good.

I'll call you when we're headed back.

All right.

Morning. Morning. Am I late?

No, no, no. We just landed. Come on, this way.

My bird dog over there, Alejandro.

Are we taking this?

Yeah. Only the best for you.

DOD flies you around in private jets now?

Yeah. You guys don't have one of these?


Is there any food on this flight?

Uh, there's some bitchin' peanuts in the back.

But it's kind of a self-serve deal.

Kate Macer.

Have you been to Juérez before?


No, I... We're goin' to El Paso, right?

Yeah, amazing. Okay.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

So, um...

So this is your specialty?


The cartels in Mexico are your specialty?

Yeah. Yeah.

Is there anything I should know?

Uh, you're asking me how a watch works.

For now, let's just keep an eye on the time.


How you doin'?

Howdy! How you been?

Good, buddy. How you feelin'?

Well, when I pee, it burns.

Maybe it's gonorrhea.

What color is it?

Yellow with red specks.

Red specks or blood?

I'm tryin' to get DOD to let me look into this conspiracy to sink Fiji.

Fiji? Yeah.

Leave Fiji alone, terrorists!

Yeah. Exactly. I figure a month or two over there, we'll get it all worked out.

So who's goin' over there today?

Marshals, DEA... I pulled a team for you, Matt.

Oh, man, I love it when you say "a team." it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Oh, they're a crack bunch, too. Just rotated back from Afghanistan.

Wow. Where's everybody linking up?


Good, good, good.

Mexican Federal Police will meet you at the border and proceed with you to the courthouse, located here.

This is a high-level target.

The most likely spots for an attempt will be at the exchange and at the border crossing on the return.

The Marshals will enter...

Kevin, Keith, you wanna stand up?

Now, the Marshals' response team is in Laredo...

Love Texans.

So our friends from Delta have volunteered to come along and will escort the Marshals on the exchange.

And here's the man of the hour.

You comin' with or waitin' here?

We'll take the tour with you. Loan us a couple pop guns.

All right, this is turning into an all-star affair!

Keith, you want another hand on the exchange?

You sober?

Will be by the time we get there.

Got a bottle in the truck in case your hands get shaky.

I know I could always count on you, Keith.

All right, we'll gear you up as soon as we're done here.

Now, Matt, you can be the tip of the spear, and we don't have to rob a guy from Delta.

Now, be careful on the turnaround.

If the Federale's a shooter, it's gonna happen on the turnaround.

Delta's Team One will be the lead vehicle.

We can divide Team Two between the carry car and the trail vehicle. That okay?

Good. Now, Delta, if you can identify yourselves so everyone knows who to hide behind if shit hits the fan.

The most likely spot for a hit will be at the border crossing on the return.

Anywhere along the way, anyone not in this room is a potential shooter.

The op isn't over until we get back here.


Be alert. Be vigilant. And be aware. Let's go.


Hey! I thought you were in prison.

They took me out.

They needed somebody for this job.

For good behavior or bad behavior?

Have you ever been over there?

I worked in Juérez.

For the DEA?


For who?

For Mexico.

I was a prosecutor.

You're not American?


Who do you work for now?

Oh, I go where I'm sent.

Where were you sent from?




Nothing will make sense to your American ears.

And you will doubt everything that we do.

But in the end, you will understand.

Here, try this on. See if it fits.

Is he CIA? Are you?

He's a DOD advisor, just like me.

No, he's not.

Just pay attention to Alejandro and if he says to do somethin', just do it.

I'm not authorized to follow orders from Alejandro!

Especially in Mexico!

Fine. Then stay here.

But you don't want to, do you?

I just wanna know what I'm getting into.

Kate, you volunteered to get on this train because you know you're doing nothing in Phoenix.

Yeah, you're just sweeping up a fucking mess.

In six months, every single house you raid will be rigged with explosives.

Do you want to find the guys responsible? Yes or no?


'Yes? 'Yes!

This is where we start.

Try it on.

There she is.

The beast.


You know, 1900s, President Taft went to visit President Diaz.

Took 4,000 men with him.

And it almost was called off.

Some guy had a pistol.

Was gonna walk right up to Taft and just blow his brains out.

But it was avoided. 4,000 troops!

Think he felt safe?

Welcome to Juérez.

It's brilliant what they do.

When they mutilate a body like that, they make people think they must have been involved, they must have deserved such a death 'cause they did something.

Oh, it's brilliant what they do.

You hear that?

Those aren't firecrackers.

Mexicans are adjusting our route.

There's activity ahead, we need to go around.

Everyone hold on.

Nothing will happen here.

They try anything, it will be at the border.

Keep an eye out for the State Police.

They're not always the good guys.

Spotter vehicle, left lane. Left lane!

Spotter vehicle, nine o'clock.

I'm gettin' a boner.

Is that one of ours?

Watch the right, watch the right.

No, that's a lone wolf.

Eyes on rooftops.

MAN 2-. Nothing.

Rooftops clear.

Bridge is one klick out.

Road is clear. Hotfoot it, gentlemen.

Everyone stay in this lane. Our agents at the border are waving traffic through to get us over as quickly as they can.

Everyone stay frosty.

Okay, it's a fuck-up. What are we gonna do now?

Here's the deal, a car broke down up ahead.

It's being sorted out, but it's gonna take a while. Stand by.

Get your service weapon out.

Red Impala, two lanes over, on my ten.

Copy that. Red Impala, two lanes left.

Roger that.

Three lanes left. Seven o'clock. Green Civic.

Bring your window down.


Gun. Gun left!

What are the rules here?

We must be engaged to engage.

Permission to get out of the vehicle and set a perimeter?

Stay in your vehicle.

You can do what they do. If they get out, you get out.

Get ready. They can see our lane clearing.

If it's coming, it's coming now.

- Move! Wait, wait, wait.

Get outta the car.

Jesus Christ!

Don't move! Calmate!

No, no, no, no!

What the fuck are we doing?


Lane's clear! The lane's clear!

Don't look at me!

Put your hands behind your head! Go! Hands behind your head!

All clear! I got this!

Go, go, go!

Move, move, move!

This is gonna be on the front page of every newspaper in America.

No, it won't. It won't even make the papers in El Paso.


Come here.

Got a little nutty, huh?

Nutty? Yeah. Yeah, that was fucking illegal.

You wanna start a war? You're a fucking spook!

And him! I mean, who the fuck is that?

Told you, you could stay here.

Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. You just spray bullets at...

Yeah, sure there's just fucking civilians everywhere.

I'm not a soldier! This is not what I do!

Whoa! Don't sell yourself short, all right?

The reason Reggie's home is I know he wasn't ready for this.

But he better get ready real quick because this is the future, Kate!

Juérez is what happens when they dig in. This is it!

What am I doing here?

What you're doing here is you're giving us the opportunity to shake the tree and create chaos.

That's what this is!

In the meantime, just sponge everything up you see.

Learn! That's why you're here.


You're giving him a belly full of water, you devil.

You didn't think we'd get you here, did you?

No hablo Inglés.

No hablo Inglés?

I love it when they no hablo Inglés.

You know, I brought an old buddy of yours.

I bet you hablo to him. Yeah.

I didn't know ghosts got thirsty.

I know someone kept him alive for us.

I doubt it was easy.

What's easy these days?

I'm sorry about what happened on the return.

I control only what I can.

It's not your fault.


There's rumors of a tunnel.

Fausto's main road into Arizona.

If you're doing what I think you're doing, that's the best place to cross.

If you can find it. But time is against you.

In three days, nobody will be where they are today.

Shall we?

No, it's better if you don't.

Something happens in that room,

it's easier to say you didn't see anything.

Aw, Alejandro, I think he remembers you.

I'm gonna step out.


What do you keep lookin' at me for?

No hablo Inglés, remember'?

No, no.

Can I have one of those?

Thank you.

You like fireworks? Huh?

Wanna see something cool?

Come on.

Here we go.

Look right there.


That's what happens when you chop the head off a chicken.


I can see.

Can you get 'em all in one place?

We just landed back in Phoenix. I'm on a clock, I can't wait.

All right, look, contact Bob Fisks.

Have him hold 'em in the staging area.

Yeah. How long does it take to get to Tucson?

Um, from here it's a little over two hours.

All right. We'll be there around 2:00. Yeah.

Are we going to Tucson?

Yeah, you gotta learn how to sleep on a plane.

They let me on the base when you need a ride, don't they?

You Okay?

She's fine. I didn't ask you.

And yet I answered.

Kate, who's that?

We're goin' to Tucson.

What's the deal, Matt? Why you holdin' up my transport?

Don't worry, Bob. We'll be quick.

How's the auditor gonna react to an $8,000 check to fuckin' Domino's Pizza?

Don't be so dramatic, okay? This is Kate Macer with the FBI.

This is her partner, what's-his-name. It was her call.

Yeah, it wasn't my call. Have you got another one of those?

Finish it before you get up there.

No problem.

Hey, Kate.

Tell me what happened in El Paso.

We weren't in El Paso. We were in Mexico.

I guess we're not following any procedures.

What do you wanna do?

We want to talk to the people caught around the Nogales area.

Okay. That group.

This group here. And that group.

Okay. They stay and the rest can go.


On the bus. Andale.

What are we looking for?

Just keep watching.

In Arizona. Arizona.



Arizona. Arizona...

Talk to me. What are we doing?

I don't have any answers for you.

Let's get some, then.

Do you think I haven't asked these questions?

Do you think you can do better?

Yeah. Go ahead.

Matt, can we talk for a minute?

What's up?

Everything okay?

You look very serious.

There's "in the dark" and there's the way you're treating us.

I want to know the objective or I walk, period.

Then go. I didn't ask you to be here. She did.

I walk, too.

What do you wanna know? Everything.

Fuckin' lawyers.

All right.

Guillermo told us about a tunnel east of Nogales, near Sasabe.

Now we're tryin' to find out what areas near there migrants avoid so we can find the tunnel.

That better?

And Guillermo is...

Guillermo, he just told you where the drug tunnel is?

He just told you?

Guillermo didn't have any other options.

We send him back across the border, he's a dead man.

Now he gets to spend the next 30 years in an American prison, In relative safety.

Just tell us the truth, man.

We are gonna make enough noise that Manuel Diaz is called back to Mexico to see his boss.

That's the truth.

And then?

And then we know where his boss is.

His name is Fausto Alarcon. El Verdugo.

Every day across that border, people are kidnapped or killed by his hand or with his blessing.

To find him would be like discovering a vaccine.

You understand the value of that.

All right, we're good. Just don't keep us in the dark.


You afraid of the dark?


It's been a humdinger of a day. Go home. Get some rest.

We'll find our own ride. We'll see you tomorrow!

I just drove a hundred fucking miles.

It's a fucking blessing, trust me.

Got you smokin' again?


Who the fuck's Guillermo?

Gotta get you a new bra, woman.

The list of things I need.

I'm just saying, you know. Some nice lacy somethin'.

It's been a while since someone's seen me in a bra, except you.

Oh, God, don't look at me like that. I don't want your pity.

How was seeing Evan the other day?

I don't know...

Miss him? Ask me something else.

You know, I used to see guys like Matt in Iraq.

Gotta be careful around these people.

CIA's not supposed to work this side of the fence.

He's a DOD advisor.

You really believe that?

You need somebody watching your six, 'cause I promise you they aren't.

You know, we're not even scratching the surface doing what we're doing.

And they are.

Mmm. Well, you sure picked the motherfuckers to show us.

What's the password?


This is our spot.

No way! No, no.

Are you getting this? Mmm-hmm.


That's our way across.

So Guillermo was tellin' the truth.

It's gonna be a good day.

Hey, Kate. Got any friends at Phoenix SWAT?

Uh, yeah, we use them in breaches all the time.

Good, 'cause we're gonna need their help.

What for?

We are gonna fuck with Manuel Diaz's wallet.

This is our Smurf, guys. Blonde hair, white purse.

You know the Heimlich? Oh, yeah.

She tries to eat that deposit receipt, you Heimlich it right out of her, hear me?

Copy that.

There she goes. All right, go get 'em, tiger.

Take 'em.

Get down!

Hold Still! Hold Still!


You want bank computers for evidence?

No, no. Just the money.

But freeze all his accounts, everything.

Even if his dog opened an account, I want you to freeze it.

What you got?

Got a mobile money launderer.

Pack it up.

Come on. Come on!

You coming?

No, don't go in the bank.

This is something we can actually build a case on.

Don't go in the bank, Kate!

There you go, and she's goin' in the bank.

These are all Manuel Diaz's accounts?

Yeah. Cash deposits made daily in $9,000 increments.

So, it doesn't have to be reported. That's right.

And you can seize those?

I already have. And I'll go through these wire transfer numbers and freeze all these accounts as well.

Here you go.

Oh, damn, that's smart. What?

This is a bank line of credit.

See, you make payments over what you owe and it doesn't show up as cash, it shows up as a negative loan balance.

It's never reported to anyone. IRS, DEA...

This money is invisible.

How much does he have?

Take a look.

Oh, my God.

They just seized $17 million.

It's a bogus bust, Kate. What?

You can't prosecute it.

No one controls who deposits money in an account.

An attorney will have that money back in a few months, but a lot of heads will roll before that.

But we can arrest Manuel for now. We can get him off the street.

We gotta get Manuel called back to Mexico. That's the objective.

We have no jurisdiction in Mexico.

We have nothing. We need to do something now.

Can't arrest him.



Wait a minute.


$9,000 is deposited into this account every day, in cash, for five years.

It's not illegal. It's suspect, but it isn't illegal.

I think the IRS might think it's illegal.

What do you want, Kate? What would you like done here?

I want to follow some semblance of procedure.

That's what I want. To build a prosecutable case.

We prosecuted more felony drug cases in this region last year than in the two previous years combined.

Are you feeling that on the street?

You getting the vibe that we're winning?


Do you?

No, sir, I don't.

Advisors like Matt come in, they stir the pot, they cause the criminals to react and make mistakes.

That's how we build cases against the individuals that actually make a difference in this fight.

It's when they're nervous, when they stop trusting their crews, when they move their money.

These are all opportunities to strike.

And that's the purpose of people like Matt.

Kate, this isn't something that I dreamed up myself.

I don't have the authority to hire advisors or authorize joint agency missions, or fly agents from Air Force bases.

Are you understanding me?

These decisions are made far from here by officials elected to office, not appointed to them.

So if your fear is operating out of bounds, I am telling you, you are not.

The boundary's been moved.

Are we clear?

Yes, sir.

I need a fucking drink.

Where you wanna go? Anywhere.

I'm gonna go get a table.

I guess it's on me. Thanks.

What'll it be? Two beers.

Thank you.

I want a cigarette so bad.



I hate to go on about this, but I think the bra situation's the least of your problems.


'Cause you look like shit.

You do. You look like shit. Everybody on the team's talkin' about it.

They're like, "Kate used to be a number one draft pick."

"Now look at her. She looks like fuckin' shit."

Look at you. Your eyebrows are a mess.

No, they're not!

They're like caterpillars, like wild beasts. You're losing weight...

I'm eating.

Look at you. What is it, one T-shirt a week?

At least work on your personal hygiene, huh?

You sound like my mother.

Maybe I am your mother.

First we work on personal hygiene, then we move on to the shopping.

Get you some potatoes, yeah? Eat some food...

Where have you taken me? What is this place?

It's a bar.

It's full of cowboys.

I'm a cowboy.

You're a redneck?

I'm a redneck. Got a trailer. Got a wife.

What are you talking about?

I got a trailer, I got a wife. She's my sister.

Big Reg.

Ted! What's goin' on, man?

Long time. How you been? Yeah, it's good to see you, man.

Good to see you, too. How you been?

Gettin' your groove on, huh?

No, man. We just started. We just got here.

All right. You, uh...

Gonna introduce me, man? Oh.

Ted, Phoenix PD, Kate, my partner.

How you doin'? Just Ted's fine.

I saw you play softball once.


She was at the game, Ted.

“The game?“.


Where you struck out in slow-pitch softball.

You played really, really well.

Yeah, I appreciate that.

I'm gonna head back to that bar now. Well, can I get y'all another round?

Yeah, sure. Cool.

All right.

Ted, he's a good guy.



Just give me one second, I'll be right with you.

All right...

Just wait, wait, wait a second...

What, what, what? Is that too much?

Just wait one minute. I just need a second.

All right. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Hey, Kate?

Hey! Hey, come here, stop, stop, talk to me.

Just talk to me. Okay? Relax. Okay? Just take it...

Whoa, shit! Kate...

What is it? What? Stop.

Stop. Stop.

Shit, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Don't... What the fuck are you...


You fuckin' try to shoot me? You fuckin' crazy?

Stop that! Get off me!

Fuck that...

Damn it, Kate! Just fucking stop!


Stop, bitch! Stop! Fuck!

Fuckin' stop!

Stop. Shh.


This is you, you hear me? You did this. You did this.


You used me as bait.

Nah, you used yourself as bait.

I told you not to go in the bank.

You brought him back here, though. That was smart.

Yeah. Love how we're gonna pretend like I planned this.

Why don't you just write that in your report.

Come on! This is good news!

They're gonna call Manuel back soon.

Isn't that the point?

It's okay, Reg.

I thought he was a friend.

I know.

Want me to stay tonight? No. I'm good.

You sure? I'm good.

How y'all want me to talk to you when you keep fuckin' hittin' me?

How many other corrupt motherfuckers are you workin' with on this side of the border?

All right. Look...

It's exactly what I told you, all right? They just...

They came to me and they wanted details about our case and, yes, I did it. I gave it to them, but I never wanted anybody to get hurt.

I would never gotten involved with them pieces of shit if I thought that there was any...

Ahh! Fuck! Okay!

Okay! Fuck! Okay!

"Okay, okay, okay," is not what we're lookin' for, Ted.

You know what the beauty is of you being so beat to a pulp?

'Cause no one's gonna notice a few more scratches.

This is a new deal, Ted.

I'm the one who decides whether your daughter'll get Federal protection...

Aw, fuck...

Or whether we post your ex-wife's address on the Internet.

I decide whether you go to prison in a work camp in Missouri, or a kill house like Corcoran.

All right.

This is where you negotiate how to survive, my friend.

Okay. Look...

I feel like this whole thing's just gotten away from me...

I fucked up. Okay, I fucked up and I'm in over my fuckin' head right now.

I'm sorry... Ahh!

Fuck! Get it out! Get it the fuck out!

Fuck! Get it the fuck out! Get it out!

Motherfucker! And fuck you!


How many officers do they have working on the force?

I'll tell you everything you wanna know.

You just gotta promise me that my daughter's gonna be safe, okay?

You make me that promise.

You want the truth?


Give me all the names of all the motherfuckers they got working on the force.

Okay, okay...

All right? Okay...

Okay. So which phone do we start with?

It's in that one. It's that shitty one.

That's the shitty one? Yes, sir!

HOW you feelin'?

Better. Uh-huh.

Well, you should've shot him.

I just tried to have sex with my hitman.

Nah. He's no assassin.

He just wanted to know what you know.

They're after us, not you.

Thank you.

You remind me of someone very special to me.


Get some rest.

Tomorrow they'll call Manuel Diaz back to Mexico and we'll cut a leg from them.

Hello, sixty.

We have eyes on the objective.

Can we get a closer visual?

Ten meters going down east of the ridge.


Football? Si, Papa.


Come on in.

Tasty beverage?

Okay, boys.

What's going on? What's the plan?

We're going hunting.

Looks like Manuel Diaz is being called back to Mexico.

Just waiting for confirmation.

There's the tunnel right there.

All right, listen up.

Let's clarify the op.

We're gonna drive to location, proceed on foot...

How are you? Good. How are you?

I'm fine. How's the neck?

It's better, thank you.

Good, good.

These diagrams are based on other tunnels that have been mapped.

They're for reference only, they're not accurate.

Once on the Mexican side of the border, there'll be a small staging area, then another shaft will lead to the main warehouse and the road that returns to Mexico.

Once we clear the mules, we don't expect more than a dozen bandits.

No. They use Mexican police for vehicle transport.

If you see a uniform in the tunnel, consider him a bandit, too.

Okay. Uh, you want to discuss ROE?

Nah, we'll save that for later.


This is an in and out. We're clearing, placing an agent.

It's all about creating a diversion.

Want the mother of all diversions, boys.

Need a lot of noise. Fourth of July on steroids.

All right. Weapons check. Let's go, boys.

This looks like confirmation.

I need to fit your guy with a locator. Yeah, do it.

Those are Special Ops. Are we going in on this?

Nah. You guys aren't really dressed for it.

Well, you didn't fuckin' tell us.

Yeah, well, you two went cryin' to Daddy yesterday, and we don't want Daddy to know everything. Oh, give me a fucking break!

All right, we'll get you some extra gear.

We have tac gear in the car.

All right. Good.

You guys will hang back when we get there, okay?

Then why are we going?

'Cause CIA can't operate within US borders...

Without a domestic agency attached.

I told you you'd be useful.

So that's it. That's why I'm here.

Yeah, that's it.

That's why you're here.

Hey, we find any drugs, you guys get to confiscate 'em.

It's gonna be a big day.

Un-fucking real!

Front and back. Kate.

Kate, come on. Fuck these people, man. They've been using us from the beginning.

We don't have to do this.

I need to know what they used us for.

Doesn't matter what! Yes, it does!

I say we walk. We walk and make them eat this whole fucked-up operation.

No. I have to know.

Black Mercedes... Plate number, Romeo-India-November three-one-Bravo-seven. Heading south by southeast.



We gotta hit the tunnel the minute we get on the ground.

Pretty exciting, huh?

What is target's location?

14 miles south of Nogales heading west, rapidly.

Keep your fuckin' safeties on, barrels pointed down.

Stay in the back.

Don't shoot anyone on my fuckin' team. Right?

Gear check?

Thermal camera, check.

Night vision goggles, check.

Get those guys.

Wanna take Alpha squad, I'll take B squad?

You got it. Let's do it. Let's go, boys.

Control, you copy?

Roger, Alpha. We read.

Fifty meters. Your three o'clock, Alpha.

Stand by. Getting close to objective.

Alpha, Bravo, be advised.

12 meters straight ahead.

All right, we need to boogie and we need to do it quiet till we find the center.

Draw the fighters to you and make some noise.

Don't follow me. I'll be fine.

What are the rules of engagement?

Weapons free, my friend. Weapons free.

Weapons free, boys.

Good luck.

Oh, God!

You okay? MY gun!

Leave it. Stay on my six.


Step away from him.

Put that down.

I mean it! Move away from him right now!

Don't ever point a weapon at me again.

Catch your breath. Then get back up there.

I am through. Do you have my location?

Roger, we have you.

Target is east and north of you.

Looks like Highway 56 to 17. Will intercept him if he stays on 17.

Go east on 56 off Highway 2.


Is he through yet?

We have joy. GPS is transmitting. Audio is transmitting.

Should intercept in 20.

That was a clean, clean fucking op, my friend.

Except for these two assholes.

Well, you're better overseas. You don't have to babysit.

Where's Kate?

I thought she was with you.

We gotta go back.

Oh, shit. Boys, we're missin' one. Let's go.


Whoa, whoa!

Just lay back, baby. Let it happen.

Stop. Stop moving.

Get off me!

Stop moving! Stop!

Stop it.

Just relax. Just relax.

All right? You gonna stay there?

Are you gonna stay there?

All right.

Now, you listen.

You went up the wrong tunnel.

You saw things you shouldn't have seen.

What is Medellin?


Medellin refers to a time when one group controlled every aspect of the drug trade, providing a measure of order that we could control.

And until somebody finds a way to convince 20% of the population to stop snorting and smoking that shit,

Order's the best we can hope for.

And what you saw up there was Alejandro working toward returning that order.

Alejandro works for the fucking Colombian Cartel.

He works for the competition.

Alejandro works for anyone who will point him toward the people who made him.



Anyone who will turn him loose.

So he can get the person that cut off his wife's head, and threw his daughter into a vat of acid.


That's what we're dealing with.

You can't do this.

You can't.

I'm sure as shit not the person you're gonna hide it all behind.

You need to just take a breath.

I'm gonna fuckin' talk.

No, you're not. Yeah.

I'm gonna tell everyone what you did.

That would be a major mistake.

Is that the target up ahead? Confirm.

Roger that. Black Mercedes, 60 meters ahead.

This motherfucker...


What happens when we get to the house?

You'll stop the car, I'll get out.

What will happen to me?

Slow down.

Senior Diaz?

Six remain.

We're going blind.



Every night you have families killed.

And yet, here you dine.

Tonight should be no different.

Do you think the people that sent you here are any different?

Who do you think we learned it from?

The grieving lawyer.

Your wife, you think she'd be proud of what you've become?

Don't forget about my daughter.

Ah, Si.

Not in front of my boys.

Go ahead and finish your meal.

I would recommend not standing on balconies for a while, Kate.

Sit down.

You look like a little girl when you're scared.

You remind me of the daughter they took away from me.

I need you to sign this piece of paper.

It basically says that everything we did was done by the book.

I can't sign that.

Sign it.

It's okay.

It's all right.

I can't sign that.


You would be committing suicide, Kate.

Come on. Sign it.

You should move to a small town, where the rule of law still exists.

You will not survive here.

You are not a wolf.

And this is the land of wolves now.