Sie totete in Ekstase (1971) Script


I miss you, my darling.

You left me, my only love.

Our time together was far too short.

Just two fleeting years.

And then disaster struck unexpectedly.

I'll never forget our time together.

You gave me more than I dreamed of.

How can I ever forget you? Your love, your caresses.

You are inside me, my darling. In me, you live on.

Nothing will destroy your memory.

Are you happy? Yes, incredibly happy.

In a week's time, I'll hear the decision of the Medical Council.

I know what those bigots think about my work... but they can't possibly reject it.

They'll have to support my achievement...

... my plans. They'll have to reach a positive decision.

Don't get too excited. We haven't got their answer yet.

Come on, sweetheart. I want to show you something.

This is the result of my research.

At first, I used animals.

But in the final phase, I used human embryos.

Human and animal hormones... are injected, resulting in revolutionary changes.

You get viable organisms.

The hormones make them more resistant to cancer, heart failure... and physical and mental decline.

Our love was a powerful, intense experience.

Our bodies merged, our soul became one.

We were united in love, passion and hope.

Your hopes for the future were in the hands of a few people.

They would determine the course of your research... and of both our lives.

They had the power to destroy you... or to confirm your greatness as a scientist.

Dr. Johnson, come forward, please.

Your experiments are inhuman. What do you mean?

They are even criminal. You are a charlatan.

Your plan to alter the human organism with the aid of hormones... is, in our view, a crime.

I'd like to go even further than my colleague Donen.

I followed your research with interest... but it is an infringement of the Hippocratic oath.

There can only be one answer. We will ask the Medical Council... to stop Dr. Johnson from practicing medicine.

Don't you understand? It's not about the Hippocratic oath.

It's about mankind, about a better existence.

It is neither a crime nor a violation.

I am right. You are guilty, not me!

Dr. Johnson, I have here reports about your embryo experiments.

You have denied human embryos the possibility of life.

I would call that a criminal act and a blasphemy.

Blasphemy? What kind of a world do you live in?

Only one thing counts: to help people, regardless of morals.

Dr. Johnson, the Council orders you not to continue with your experiments.

Why do you persist in your beliefs?

As you know, I have experimented with humans.

And what was the result? A convincing one.

Enough of that! Take your papers... and burn them!

Dr. Johnson, you've heard our decision. Stop your experiments.

What happened?

Darling! Darling!

They... They came and destroyed everything.

I tried to stop them, but they raged like madmen.

Who was it? I don't know.

There were lots of them. They really hate you.

They shouted your name. They want to kill you.

You're hurt. It's just a scratch.

Come on, darling.

Don't worry about me. You have yourself to think about.

You are a criminal, Dr. Johnson.

- You are committing blasphemy. - Charlatan!

- Johnson, you are a criminal. - Expelled!

- You should be killed! - You are an animal, Johnson!

An animal! An animal!

You are expelled for good, forever!

No, no, no, no! - Expelled! Expelled!

- An animal! An animal! - Forever! Forever!

An animal!

Yes, yes, yes!

I'm an animal!

Dr. Huston, please. It's Mrs. Johnson.

My husband is raging like a madman. I think he's going crazy.

Could you come over?

But if you just talk to him!

One word from you...

I took him away from the city.

We went to a small island where we had a house.

It was an isolated island, like the sky above the clouds.

The house was like a dream... a labyrinth where the steps echo... where words rebound and return again and again.



Do you know it?

I know it.

I can do it.

It is no crime.

No crime.

As doctors and humanists, we must strongly condemn those... who contravene ethics, the laws of humanity.

Under the guise of science, fanatical doctors all too often... don't even hesitate from committing criminal acts.

These dreamers must be stopped.

How is mankind to trust us if the charlatans amongst us... the unscrupulous criminals, are not excluded from our midst?

Research allows these people too many opportunities.

We are forced to defend ourselves with all the power we have available.

Otherwise, we dig our own grave.

We must not turn a blind eye to the abuse... committed in the name of medicine.

The countless victims accuse us. We must not turn a deaf ear.

We must try everything we can to protect people... from dubious experiments.

That's what we are sworn to do.

I thank Professor Walker for his passionate and honest words.

I don't have to go into the case Professor Walker refers to.

We all know about Dr. Johnson's damnable actions.

He will never practice again for as long as he lives.

At our request, the Medical Council has struck him off the register.

What do you want? I didn't mean to startle you.

Don't you remember me? I saw you after the laboratory was destroyed.

If you want to help us, find the men who destroyed my husband's life.

Who knows? I might just do that.

There is no doubt as to the crimes of which Dr. Johnson is guilty.

If more evidence is needed, we will provide it.

So much for the legal side of the case.

I can only say, like Professor Walker... that I am filled with disgust and loathing when I hear... of the crimes he committed in the name of science.

Excuse me. May I ask a stupid question?

Am I allowed to smoke in here? No, that's not permitted.

Thank you, Dr. Huston.

Excuse me...

How do you know my name? Have we met before?

No, but that doesn't matter. I just happen to know you.

Johnson is no doctor!

Criminal! Dr. Johnson! Blasphemy! Charlatan!

Criminal! Expelled! You should be killed!

An animal! Expelled! An animal! An animal! Forever!

Expelled! An animal! Forever! Expelled! An animal!

An animal!


Can you hear me, darling?

I want to help people.

Why won't you let me help? Why?

Can you hear me?

Do you hear me?

I just want to help you.

I love you.

I love you!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Why am I treated like a criminal? I can't take any more!

I can't take any more!

I am right. I am right.

Believe me, I just want to help.


- Johnson, it is blasphemy. - The spawn of hell!

You are crazy, Johnson. Crazy!

Crazy! Crazy!

Where are you?

No, no!

No, no!

I am searching for you, my love... even if it is only your breath caressing me... or a solitary gaze from your eyes.

You left me without a word.

How will I live without you? Tell me!

I can't do it without taking revenge on your killers.

My revenge will be cruel.

The price for our destroyed lives can only be death.

The world we live in today is ruled by one thing only... money.

Every day, people are more corrupted, more susceptible to crime.

If we don't fight against it, we will head towards chaos.

We should place all our hope in the young.

But what are they like? How do they behave?

Do they learn from their parents' mistakes?

One thing is certain. Today, the young are militant.

Or rather, they don't fit into a pattern.

They have their reservations and don't want to carry out orders.

They claim they want a better world.

They protest against war, demonstrate, incite riots.

All the things we read about every day in the papers.

And we mustn't forget drugs. These substances alter reality.

They convey an unreal image that doesn't agree with reality.

Inevitably, a young person on drugs rejects the social order.

He ends up being immoral, as it were.

He doesn't fit into the social order with which he must identify.

The question is, do we as adults have to think differently?

Many thanks, Professor Walker. My pleasure. Good-bye.

Excuse me. Have we met before? No, I don't think so.

Buenos Aires? No.

Montevideo? No.

Bogotá? Antofagasta? I'm sorry, no.

Mind if I join you? Go ahead.

My name is Professor Walker. Yes, I know you.

How nice. Why didn't you say? Maybe I enjoy guessing games.

Would you care for a drink? If you like.

Waiter! He took a girl to his room.

That's nice. I suggest we get a bottle and glasses... and find a quiet corner somewhere.

Why stay here? Don't you have a flat?

No, I'm staying in a hotel.

Which hotel?

Hotel Aimee. Not bad.

Would you like to come back for a drink?

That depends on how much you're paying.

We can come to an arrangement. I'm not stingy.

Don't you mind that I want money? Not in the least.

Why? Well, it makes everything easier.

Let's go.

We'd better, or you'll never get your money.

Wait here a minute, please.

I like it here. It's quiet and comfortable.

Don't you think so? That's why I stay here.

Stop it, please. You're making me nervous.

That is something I can't stand.

Get undressed.

Go on, get undressed.

Don't you want to help me?

Come here.

Wait a second.

You have to degrade me.

You must abuse me and swear at me. I need that.

Yes, because you're impotent.

You swine!

You're a rat!

I hate you! Yes, more.

You perverted swine! I'll kill you!

Yes, hit me. Please!

That's great.

Yes, yes! Go on. More!

Hello, Franklin. Hello.

I didn't know you were coming.

Donen sent me a letter.

Yes, he wrote to me as well. It's all very mysterious.

He said I should come alone and make sure nobody followed me.

Walker was killed last night. No, I can't believe it!

We stayed in the same hotel. I got in at about midnight.

We had adjacent rooms. I heard someone leaving his room.

I thought it was Walker. I opened the door.

It was a girl leaving his room.

The sort of girl you wouldn't normally bring back.

She was... She was dark-haired, vulgar.

Just how you imagine a prostitute. I went to his room...

and that's where I found him.

It was... It was a gruesome sight.

His throat was cut... and his penis was severed.

That's awful.

Terrible. That's just crazy!

Did you call the police? Of course.

But first, first I took something.

It was this note. Please, read it.

"This was the first. There'll be three more."

"J." J?

J as in Johnson. But Johnson is... He's dead.

Excuse me. Are you English? No.

I just thought because you're reading an English book, and...

I understand some English.

Look. Red flamingoes. I'm sorry?

There are lots on the other side. I'll have to go there.

Why don't you? You shouldn't always sit and read.

I don't know anybody here, and it's a bit boring on my own.

Take a guess where I'm from.

Canada? No.

South Africa? No.

I really don't know. I'm from Austria. From Vienna.

But of course!

You're delicate like porcelain and lively like a waltz.

Thank you very much.

I'm on my own, just like you, and I'm also very bored.

Do you have any more books? Yes, a lot.

I'll lend you some. That would be nice. Now?

Sure. Why not come with me? It's up there.

Fine. Let's go. Come on, then.

Usually, nobody lives there. No? Why not?

For special guests only. I'm in exile.

How exciting!

It's lovely here. Yes? Do you like it?

Would you like to pick the books? I'm not in a hurry.

Fine. As you wish. We have plenty of time.

I'm going to get us a drink.

Do you like sherry? Yes, thank you.

Thanks a lot.

Are you an artist? Yes.

I think your style is very masculine.

I wouldn't say masculine. It's rather individual.

Really very nice.

So beautiful! The pictures, of course.

I don't paint at the moment. I'm not in the mood.

You know what? I don't really like sherry.

But in your company, it tastes good.

Thank you.

I really love this picture. I would never part with it.

What does it mean? Whatever you want to see in it.

I like it, but somehow it depresses me.

The shapes are so hard.

It's just a composition.

A play of colors, nothing more. But I love it.

Because it's clear, like light, as I hope my soul will be one day.

This picture is like an image of myself. It appears hard... but it is soft and warm.

You are very beautiful.

Just wonderful.

Come on.

You are the second pig to die.

Sleep tight, my darling. Nobody will disturb your sleep now.

Professor Walker is dead. I did it.

The woman won't harm you either.

Are you happy now?

Are you?

Talk to me, please!

Dear congregation, let us pray.

Brothers, praise the Lord and thank Him for the good He does.

He gave you life and He will take it away again... so that you shall return to Him.

Let us sing.

What's the matter? Leave me alone.

I don't want to bother you, but when I saw you crying in church...

I'd like to help you. Believe me, please.

Is there anything I can do? No.

No... Thank you, but it's useless.

I got married in this church. This is the first time I've returned.

Excuse me, please.

Wait! Please.

Happy memories shouldn't make you cry, but you seem distraught.

My husband is very ill. I don't know how to help him.

Is your husband as young as you?

Nowadays, nearly every disease can be cured.

Nobody can help him.

I'm a doctor. Maybe I can help him. Shall we go and see him?

Please don't cry.

I'm Dr. Franklin Huston.

When I said my name, she was as scared as if I was the devil.

I kept thinking about it. She was a beautiful woman.

If she didn't know me, why should she be so scared?

I'm certain it was Johnson's wife.

Stop it! Don't talk nonsense.

The girl looks familiar.

Huston, wait here for me.

Who is the woman at that table? What woman?

Dr. Huston, please take a seat.

I take it you've heard about the Walker and Crawford killings.

Of course. I'm working on the cases.

I'm sure he wants to kill me too.

But why?

He wants to take revenge on Walker, Crawford, Donen and me.

What makes you think he wants to take revenge on you?

We rejected the research of a young doctor, Dr. Johnson.

He was barred from practicing. Nobody's going to die.

Besides, Dr. Johnson is dead.

It's not my job to hunt ghosts. I've got enough work with the living.

But you must do something! We'll see.

I'm not just anybody! I demand protection.

Fine. You can count on us.

But only when you're in serious danger. I'm sorry.


Do you have a light? Leave me alone.

Leave me alone!

What can I get you? A Bloody Mary.

Do you have a light now? Yes.

Here. Please.

Don't you want to talk to me? No!

I want to be left in peace. Leave me alone!

Why don't you come closer?

Why are you following me? Why are you doing this?

Are you scared?


I'm scared. Why?

You know why.

You're scared of a woman?

Yes. Very scared. Very.

Don't be silly. Do I look like a killer?

I know that Dr. Johnson wants to take revenge on me.

But I'm not Dr. Johnson.

Go on. Come here. You don't have to be scared of me.

You are the devil.

It's all over now.

The two of us, we'll go away together.

We'll go away together. Do you hear?

The two of us. Do you hear me?

We'll start again.

Just the two of us.

Just us.

My wife. Oh, God!

Why did my wife have to die too?

She was suffocated with a pillow, or something like that.

As far as we can tell, there must have been a struggle.

She has scratches all over her body.

Inspector... I'd say that it's very likely that it is work of the same killer.


They've brought in the body of the professor.

He has multiple stab wounds. The body is a mess.

What kind of person commits these atrocities?

Shall we bring up the body, Inspector?

Do that. Now only Dr. Huston survives. We'll have to watch him closely.

Come on, gentlemen. We have a lot to do.

I'm certain we'll find this madman, but we don't have a minute to lose.

You will have to suffer.

You must suffer like him. Like him!

My husband will rest easier after your death.

My love, we will be reunited... in death.

Not long now, and I'll be with you.

Inspector, Mrs. Johnson and her husband. They're both dead.

A dead man was held responsible for these crimes.

I believe it to be the truth.

Mrs. Johnson was a normal woman. If not for her husband's death... she wouldn't have committed these crimes.