Siembamba (2017) Script

While our men were fighting in the hills, the British placed us in concentration camps.

Behind the wire, they did what they wanted.

They raped the women.

But if one of us fell pregnant, the priest and the midwife would make certain that the baby would never see a sunrise.


You lay with the enemy!


The devil is inside this child.

You've sinned against your country, against your people and against God!

The Devil is inside this child!

Come on.

You need to push now.

One more time. One big one.

Come on, you can do it.

One big one.

Give me a push.

I can't!

You have to.

Mommy, please!

I'm sorry, Mommy. Last big one.

Give me a push.

I can't.

You have to.

You are almost there, Chloe, come on.

Go! Push!

Use your strength, now push!

It's fine. Give him to me.

Come here, baby boy.

Come here.

It's your son, Chloe.

He has a nice face.

♪ Siembamba ♪

♪ Mama se kindjie ♪

♪ Momma's little baby ♪

♪ Siembamba ♪

♪ Momma's little baby ♪

♪ Ring his neck and throw him in a ditch ♪

♪ Step on his head ♪

♪ Make sure he is dead ♪

♪ Siembamba ♪

♪ Momma's little baby ♪

♪ Siembamba ♪

♪ Ring his neck and throw him in a ditch ♪

♪ Step on his head ♪

♪ Make sure he's dead ♪

Only so much I can do in two days.

Sorry Mom.

There's a chair and a cot.

Hello, Liam.

So, Liam, do you like your new home?

Only on the day your water breaks.

I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

If the police hadn't informed me that your were fine, I would've lost my mind.

Sorry, Mom.

Give him to me.

He's my grandson.


There we go.


It's nice here, isn't it?

I think so too.

If only your mommy wasn't so bloody foolish, huh?

Who's the dad?

I see.

Mom, really it's not like that.

And Adam?

What about him?

This is gonna break his heart.

I don't think so, Mom.

That boy has always loved you, Chloe.

Come on.

He waited for you, you know?

To come back.

This is what happens when you run away from home.

When you leave me.

Oh, you're such a silly girl, Chloe.

I'm sorry.

This is all my fault.

No, Mom.

You've done this to spite me.


Please don't blame yourself.

I did this.

You're right, I should never have left.

But you did.


You ruined everything.

It doesn't matter now.

None of it matters.

You're back.

My dear, sweet Chloe.

Never leave me again.

I've gotta go sell a house.

Oh, Liam.

Come baby.

Sleep tight, baby.

It's okay.

Gonna sleep in your cot, okay?

Like a big boy.


Let's have a little sleepy.

There we go.

It's gonna be okay.



I told you, Liam has to sleep in his cot.

You can't sleep with the baby in a chair like that.

You will drop him.

It's the only way I can get him to stop crying.

We were up again the whole night.

I heard.

It's been days since I've had a good night's rest.

You're too quick to pick him up.

You need to leave him to cry it out.

You don't want to spoil him.

If he's crying, then surly there must be something wrong.

Chloe, babies cry for attention.

He'll learn to self-sooth.

I'm showing the O'Dan property today.

You're on your own.

Remember to feed him.

He doesn't want me.

Chloe, use the pump, okay?

No, it hurts.

Motherhood is hard, Chloe.

Sooner you realize that, the better.

Stop moaning and look after him.

Stupid thing.




Look who's back.


I mean, I thought I'd never see you again.

You know?

Adam, I'm really sorry.

I mean, you just up and left.

Forget about it.

You don't look too well.

I'm fine.

And you?

How've you been?

I'm good.

I'm just glad that you're back.

I missed you.

It's been a while.

This is Liam.


What's going on?

Mommy, please help!

The lock, it's jammed!

Calm down!


Chloe, what is this mess?



Just clean it up.

Mommy's so sorry, sweet baby boy.

So, so sorry.




What happened?

What's wrong with you?

Come on.

He scratched his face.


I told you to cut his nails.


Take him.

I can't.

Oh, Chloe.

I can't.

It's okay.

Okay, baby.

Come with me.


How very nice to see you.

Come in.

Thank you.

Sorry to just barge in unannounced.


I know how strict you are with your time.

There's no need for you to apologize.

Friends are always welcome.

It's been awhile, Ruby, since we've seen each other.

Chloe's back, Dr. Reed.

Good news, is it not?

She has a baby now.

Congratulations, you're a grandmother.

I know I should probably stop taking these.


They calm you down, don't they?

They could become a crutch.

We all have crutches.

It's how we deal with life.

There's no side effects.

Non-additive, you'll be fine.

How do you cope?

I have my butterflies.

You haven't lost interest yet.

Habits are very hard to break.

Especially when you still enjoy them so much.

Tell me about Chloe.

Come Liam.

Mommy needs to cut your nails.

Such tiny, little fingers.

Hold still, baby.

Hold still.



There's something in the bathroom.


It's okay.

You never leave a baby in the water like this!

What is wrong with you?

Liam could've drowned.

Don't you ever do that again!

You recognize yourself in Chloe, as a new mother.

She's overwhelmed.



She sees things that aren't there.

She's adapting to motherhood.

And you of all people should understand this apprehension better than anyone else.

What are you not telling me, Ruby?

I've noticed bruises on Liam.

What sorts of bruises?

Strange marks.

She's handling him too hard.

You think Chloe is abusing Liam?


I'm certain she's not.

How does the father fit into all of this?

I don't know.

She's come back with this baby.

She refuses to speak about the father.

So you know nothing about the father.


She shut me out, doctor.

She's detached.

About this whole thing.

I knew this would happen.

She's probably done all sorts of immoral things.

Just to get back at me.

Strange bruises on Liam.

Chloe seeing things.

And you have no idea who the father is.

Maybe I should see Chloe.


It is vital that we find out what happened to Chloe and who the father is.

We need to help her, for Liam's sake.

I don't mean to scare you, Ruby, but the bruises, they concern me.

Let me help Chloe.


Mom, it wasn't me.

Why're you so clumsy?

Just sit down.


Sit down and have a meal with me.

What is wrong with you these days?

I feel empty.


Like there's nothing inside me.

The big, black hole where Liam used to live.



I won't feel anything.

Dr. Reed wants to see you.


To make sure you're adjusting to motherhood.

Mom, what have you told him?

I agree with him.

I think it would be good for Liam if you spoke to a professional.

I'm sorry about the other day.

I was horrible to you.

You just caught me off guard.

I wasn't expecting you to have...

A baby?


It's a little out of your character, don't you think?

Character can change, Adam.

Come on, Chloe, I'm trying not to be weird about this entire thing, but you've got to admit it doesn't look good.

I mean, people are talking.

What do you care?

I care, Chloe.

I've always cared.

Chloe, calm down!

Chloe, it's only juice.

I can get you another one.

Just leave it.

Thank you for accepting my invitation, Chloe.

Adam persuaded me.

Friend of yours?

He's always wanted to be more than good friends.

But you don't?

You must still value his opinion.

You're here.

It seems that my mother and Adam think I'm not coping with Liam.

What do you think?

I think that things aren't normal.


And whose version of normality are we bringing into question here?

Mine, I suppose.

I get these visions

where I hurt Liam.

You fantasize about killing Liam?

There not fantasies.

I hate them.

I should feel... elated, blessed.

I don't feel any of that.

And what do you feel?




I have to use a machine to pump...

These visions,

tell me more in detail.

I only get them when I'm with Liam.

I get this strange urge to kill him.

And sometimes, in my visions, I kill him.

And it makes you feel good.

No, of course not.

What do you do with these?

I am a collector.

I collect.

What do you collect?

I used to collect porcelain dolls.

My father...

You still believe these came from your father!

Your father?

Tell me more about your father, Chloe.

Stupid girl.

Your dad didn't send you these dolls.

I did!

What do you mean?

Your father blew his brains out, Chloe!

And I had to clean up his blood off our kitchen floor!

I had to look at the mess of what he's done!

Why are you telling me this now?

Because it's time you grew up.

Your father didn't know the first thing about love and neither do you!

Oh, that's right!

I'm such a terrible mother.

I lived this lie for you!

And let you believe that your daddy loved you.

I drove him away!

Don't you ever speak to me about your father again!

Your father was a worthless piece of shit!

You lied to me.

I did what I thought was right.

Everything was for you.

I raised you!

I lived this lie for you!

I'm leaving you.

Over my dead body! You get back here!

You can't leave.

I'm all you have.

No Mom. I'm old enough not to be with you anymore.

Chloe, get out of my house then!

Chloe, I'm warning you.

If you walk out that door, you're never coming back.

I never want to see you again!






You think I'm losing my mind.

I think that you're hormones are fluctuating.

I think that your body is going through some extreme changes.

It's very normal.


To want to kill my baby?

You're only thinking about killing your baby.

Most new moms do.

Look at you.


There's still something bothering me.

What's that?

Why in the hell did you come back?

I had nowhere to go, Adam.

I have a baby.

Oh Chloe, you could've seen the world.

You need money for that.

Doesn't take that much to leave Eden Rock.

At least you know what to expect.

Out there, Eden Rock's not so bad.

There's a reason why they call it Eden Rock.

There are fucking rocks everywhere, rock after rock after rock.

Heck, even the people start looking like stones.

Might as well live in a graveyard.

I'll probably die here too.

Don't say that.

You can still leave.

Why would I want to leave?

You're here.

Thanks for the brie.

It was good.

What was that?

You know what they say about these woods.

It's just ghost stories.

I'm not so sure.

At night, when it gets real quiet, I can still hear the babies cry.

Stop it.

It's true.

During the war, I mean.

Back then, rape was worse than dying.

It's just stupid stories.

I love you, Liam.

Don't you ever think that I don't.

I should never have left Eden Rock.

Mommy won't let anything bad happen to you.

Never, ever.


Did she ever try to communicate with you?

Is all she does.

My colleagues would say that you're suffering from the "baby blues."

My take is that you're reliving the dark past of this little town.

I've heard the myths.

They're not myths, Chloe.

In 1901, the British soldiers annexed this little town and they took over the church.

Used it as a hospital for their wounded troops.

They killed all the children and raped all the women.

Now for a Calvinistic, conservative woman, rape was worse than death.

These women would find refuge in a priest who would help them deliver these bastard children from their sins.

By murdering them?

It's not murder if you're saving a soul from condemnation.

This woman that you are seeing is merely a figment of your imagination.

Your mild depression encourages the state of mind.

My current state of mind is that I'm losing my mind.

The freezer, was that the worst vision you had?

Tell me.

Please, tell me Chloe.

I'm standing over Liam.

Where is she?

Behind me.

What is she doing?

Breathing down my neck.


What is she whispering?

Tell me, Chloe, tell me.

Kill my baby.

"Kill my baby?"

Kill my baby. Kill my baby.


I'm scared.

How are you sleeping at night?


I'm gonna prescribe something for you.

I don't want drugs.

I'm breast feeding.

So he's latched?

He will.

Tell me about the baby's father.

Haven't you heard the rumors yet?

I'm not in the habit of listen to small town people who've got nothing better to do with their lives.

Dr. Reed,

what're you doing in Eden Rock?

You're an acclaimed psychiatrist.

You could live anywhere you want.

I choose to live here.

What is here that interests you so much?

My copper butterflies.

What do you see when you look at them?

Something reproduced

from fragments that was once a whole.

A whole that you destroyed.

Certain actions have certain consequences.

Despite your consequences, you continue to pursue your position.

Tell me about Liam's father.

There's nothing to tell.

You won't find him interesting.

Oh, I find all human beings interesting.

Chloe, I want you to do me a favor.

I want you to start allowing these visions to consume you.

Stop fighting them.

Do what they tell you to do.

Dr. Reed, that sounds dangerous.

This is a method that I've used on other patients that have the same kind of issue.

Allow me to help you the way I help them.

♪ Siembamba ♪

♪ Mama se kindjie ♪

♪ Siembamba ♪

It was just a bad dream.

You look better.

I took the pills.



Liam should drink.

Okay, baby.

Here we go.

You're okay.

Come on, baby.

Are you hungry?

Latch for Mommy.

You have to let Chloe experience motherhood.

On her own terms.

Excuse me?

Let me take you to dinner.

Dr. Reed, isn't that unethical?

I've never really considered you a patient.

I guess we have come a long way together, you and I.

We have to get you out of the house tonight, away from Chloe and Liam.

Chloe needs to be with her son tonight, alone.

What if she hurts him?

Everything is coming together just as it should.

She's almost there.

Just a little bit more encouragement.

Dr. Reed?


Why? That's so strange.

Because he asked me out.

I deserve to go out too, from time to time, you know.

You expect me to just sit around the house all day?

Mom, please.




You guys have a good night.



Get away from my baby!

Get away from my baby!


Help me! Somebody!


Where's my baby?!

Where's my baby?!

No! Give me my baby!

Give him to me!

Give me my baby!

I will find you!





It's okay.

What's the matter?

Something terrible has happened!

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

You should've never left.

It was your biggest mistake.

I know.

It was going to be us against the world.

Then you left.

I know.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

I was selfish.

I could've come with you.

Hey, wanna lift?

Come on.

It's okay, hop in.

Where you heading?


You never gave me a chance.

You let someone else have you first.

Am I so terrible that you can't be with me?


I wouldn't touch him.


Your beauty's astounding.


Adam, stop it.

Adam, stop it!

Adam, what're you doing?

Adam, stop it!


Stop it, Adam!

Please, stop it, Adam!

What are you doing?!


Don't move.

Just calm down!

I said stop!

Stop it!


Stop it!


No idea, Dr. Reed.

No, she wasn't here when I got home.

I told you she wasn't in here right mind.

She just left the baby here.

He's fine.

Oh my god.


Who is on the phone?

It's nobody.


Tell me what's happening.

Dr. Reed?


Why didn't you want to help me?

Chloe, calm down.

I did something.

What have you done?

I did something.

Tell me, Chloe, what have you done?




Where have have you been?

What has happened to you?


Get away from me!


I came home and he was all on his own.

Shut up!

You're lying!

You took Liam and locked me out of the house!

I would never do that.

I saw the bruises on Liam!

You hurt him!

You hurt my baby!


You made those bruises.

No, I would never do that!


I saw you take Liam and the woman!

What woman?

Duh! The woman!

The one I keep seeing!

The one with the bonnet on!

I told Dr. Reed, but he wouldn't listen to me!

And you don't listen to me!

I saw you taking him!

I saw you taking him!

I'm listening.

This is all in your mind.

You cleaned the glass!

What glass?

Stop trying to confuse me, Mom!

I submitted the portraits!

You did everything!

I saw it with my own eyes!

Chloe, please let me help you.

It's not...

Get away from me!

It's not your fault, okay?

You're sick, my darling.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up, I said! Shut up!

You hurt my baby!

I rescued him!

You hurt my baby!

Please, Mom, just tell me the truth!

I am.

Darling, I am, please.

It's not your fault, okay?

It's not your fault.

You're sick.

Let me just help you, please.

I'm not a bad mother?

No, you're not.

Come here.

It's okay, my baby.

You're a good mother, I love you.

I'm so sorry.

So sorry, Mom.

I'm so sorry.

I love you.


Mom, no.

No, Mom.



No, no, no.

What do you want from me?!

What do you want from me?!

I'm so sorry.

How are you feeling?


So very, very tired.

Tell me what happened.

I saved Liam.

I saved my baby.



He's mine.

He's my baby.

He's my baby.

He's my baby.