Sightings (2017) Script

Sheriff's Department.

Hello, Donna, you gotta get somebody out here to see this.


I got somethin' big out here.

This better be for real.

I just finished tending to the bees and the yard lights got triggered and, and..

Well, where are your dogs?

There it was.

It was just walkin' across my yard.

Okay, now calm down, Rickey.

What was it?


Oh, this thing's big, hairy.

Oh. Well, you're far enough out there to get bears.

It ain't a bear.

Oh man. Oh, gracious.

Oh, oh, oh.

Rickey, what's happening?

Oh, this thing's a big old boy.

Is it a man?

Oh man. Oh man.

Get somebody out here to see this.

Rickey, what's going on?

He's starin' at me.

I didn't expect to see you.

What do you got this time, Rickey?

Well, it's done gone now.

Steered clear of the garden.

Ran out that way.

Your way, towards the ranch.

Well, I don't see any tracks.

I think they might be light on their feet.

I found both my dogs in the field yesterday and they'd been skinned, like a doctor with a scalpel.

I figured it was extraterrestrials comin' down to do their experiments on the dogs' fur, but after what I seen tonight, explains it.

It was probably just a wild animal got 'em.

I'd tell ya exactly what it was, but you wouldn't wanna hear it.

You'll be all right.

Oh, you don't have to worry about 'em sending me out anymore.

Tonight was my last night.

Waste of a call.

Often times it takes tragedy to bring out the best in people.

Chris Fox, KRLB News.

With Alfred Hitchcock the subject of this evening.

Is it chance that your first film was about murder most foul and?

I was interested in the macabre but I think that was an..


House is a mess, dishes go in the dishwasher, and apparently you've forgotten the ice tray rule.

Happy last day.

I saw this.

Another rejection?

It's fine.

I guess I'm just crazy for wanting to be a writer.

Hannah, your...

What was it your mom used to say?

Crazy ones are usually right, right?

Don't quote her.

Well, there doesn't seem to be a sign of blood or a struggle or nothin'.

Yeah, they musta been dead before they got here.

Well, no signs of the body bein' dragged down here.

Dead bodies just don't up and move themselves.

That's true.

Well, it's a tough first case for you.

Hell of a first day off for you.

Uh, Sheriff Mayfield?

Yeah, I think I wanna work with cattle instead of people from now on.

Ooh, real dream come true for ya, huh?

It's just Tom now.

This is Deputy LeMoine.

He's gonna be your lead officer.


We'll examine further, but I thought I'd go ahead and show ya.

The bones have some simple fractures, but the internal organs have been completely removed.


You ain't gotta show me everything, now.

I'm wondering how long they've been here like this.

We should know from the autopsy.

There's Hannah.

You might wanna take her outta here.

The cuts are very clean and precise.

Clearly, mm-hm.

I'm tryin' to figure out what...

You don't need to be seein' this.

Dad, cut it out.

And Hannah, I'm goin' into town to talk to a guy about a security system for the perimeter of the property.

Why don't you come with me?

Used to you woulda just told Mom we could handle ourselves.

You're just gonna have to turn those pictures over to the investigation.

They're public record.

I need visuals for my article.

You're not gonna write about this, Hannah.

The Thorndale Champion rejected my last article because they said it wasn't personal enough.

Well, Dad, three dead bodies on our ranch is pretty personal.

I wanna come out to your ranch and inspect the fence line to calculate how many alarm censors we'll need to secure the area.

When can you come?

First thing tomorrow?

All right.

Thank you for choosing Nagi Security, Mr. Mayfield.


Sheriff, can I ask you a few questions?

Do you have any comments about what's happened here on your property?

Is there any reason to believe we are in danger?

All right look, I am no longer the sheriff of Thorndale so if you're worried about your safety or bein' protected from whoever did this, that just ain't my job no more.

Dude, you guys have got some serious crazy doggie doo-doo goin' on out here.

What do you want?

I wanna talk to you and Hannah.

Somehow what I saw the other night's got something to do with what's in your woods.

Rickey, I don't wanna hear any ideas about all this, all right?

Lily always heard me out.

She was always listened.

Yeah, well last I looked Lily ain't around here anymore now is she?

And now whose fault is that?

She left us, Rickey.

Listen, I don't care what you think about my theories, but don't you think bad about her.

You know what, you need to get outta here.

Hey, Hannah. Hey.

Grandma's on the phone for you.

I'll call her later.

Hey, so listen, there's something I brought for ya.

I been growin' these.

They help protect ya.

A plant?

Now, the truth here is plain.

The Canadians, they call it Windego.

Them Aussies, they call it a Yowie.

Around these parts, pretty much just call it Bigfoot and I think we got ourselves a big old hairy mean one.

Now that there's the reality, all right?

In India they got them villages and they're usin' this plant to repel Rhesus monkeys so I figured it'd work on the old North American ape, too.

Now listen, Hannah here is the only piece of Lilian that we got left, so why don't you protect your daughter better than you did your wife.

You kidding me?


I don't want it.

What's this?

Me being productive.

I told you not to write about this.

Dad, I might get published.

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.

I suspect every third post'll do.

You want us to include the feature that alerts the authorities?

No, I just want a warning.

I can take care of myself from there.


I'll get my brothers out here and we'll start installing the perimeter.

200 acres?

All right, that's like a post every...

That's like 3,331 square feet.


Can I help you, Ma'am?

Yes, is this the Haggard Ranch?

Who's asking?

I'm sorry, my apologies.

My name is Rebecca Otis.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm not talkin' to reporters, Ma'am.

No, I'm actually more of a researcher.

Well, even moreso.

I can't help you, Ma'am.

Look, I have a theory of where those three women came from.

Look, please forgive me for my unwelcome arrival.

It's just in my line of work I don't have the luxury of giving advance notice.

I just learned of these events late yesterday and I came here all through the night from Kansas.

So, by researcher what I specifically mean is I'm a cryptozoologist and a conspirologist so I travel the world studying a variety of phenomenon and it just so happens that right now I'm exploring a theory on alien ancestry.

You see, the origins of the Rh blood type are entirely unknown, right?

Where did it come from?

I believe that there's a connection between..

Ma'am, this is of no interest to me.

Pardon me, are you the Rebecca Otis?


I've read all your work.

I followed your research on Loch Ness.

I'm a Akiro Nagi.

I'm a local member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Oh, that's great.

Yeah, I have a lot of respect for the BFRO.

Thank you.

Mr. Nagi, what about our security system?

Yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah.

All right, I can not help you, Miss.

I'm sorry.

Do you not wish to know my theory?

Look, if I could just go on your property and take a look at the place where the women were found.

That's all I'm asking.

Why don't you go and talk to my brother-in-law over here, all right?

He believes this sci-fi crap.

He even had my wife believin' it, too.

Are you not a believer in the paranormal, Mr. Mayfield?

I can see that you do believe despite your attempts to convince yourself otherwise.

I see it in people all the time.

They know deep down that these extraordinary occurrences are real, but they're afraid of what it might mean for their life.

You should know that I'm attempting to contact the coroner to uncover the blood types of the victims.

Good day.

So, you a hunter?

Uh, yes I am but that's not mine.

I've never really been.

Never even wanted to hunt.

I mean, not for animals.

Yeah, I been hunting criminals over the last decade.

So whose is this?

My wife's parents.

They lived here until they passed.

We moved onto the property about two and a half years ago.

I bet you're good at hunting.

You just stalk your prey, quiet, stealth like.


Are we gonna talk about the case?

Native Americans used signs and symbols to communicate their ideas in their history down through their tribes, all the way down through their generations.

The arrow carried many different meanings.

Two arrows facing the opposite direction?

Well that symbolized war.

Broken arrows, that symbolized peace.

But crossed arrows...

Crossed arrows represented friendship.

Now I wear the charm to remember that even though arrows can be used to be deadly and destructive,

they can also be used as a form of friendship.

I know I'm just some old city boy detective, but I hope that we can all be friends or at least friendly during this investigation.

Well, we're not standin' in your way.

All right.



Why don't you start by tellin' me what you remember from the night before your dad found the bodies.

Well, we were in the kitchen talking and we heard some noises so we went outside, but we didn't see anything.

Any minor details?

Well, my dad was mad at me because I didn't fill up the ice trays.

That's good.

Details are important in an investigation.


Uh, Hannah, take me to the next morning.

You know I already reported on all this.

Oh come on, Sheriff, you know how this goes.

I'm not the sheriff.

Hey, Tom, we just gotta do our due diligence.

Oh, excuse me.

You okay?


She's got thin blood, nosebleeds are common. 302 00:26:25,085 --> 00:26:25,046 Right.

Let me fill you in on this, Tom, okay?

Those women were found dead on your property the day after your resignation.

And the worst of it all is your footprints were the only ones found near the scene of the crime.

Those truths don't hold too well for you, my friend.

Now detective, I've known Tom since forever.

I'm not here to arrest anybody, but as of right now Tom here is our only suspect and he will be until I find out otherwise, all right?

Well, he's worked for the law longer than I have, you know, and he could help us in the investigation, right?

Nah. No.

Well you know what, Tom, I do have one more question.

What happened with your wife?

Your brother-in-law said that she was taken?

You never filed a missing persons report and you never opened up an investigation to go try to find her.

My wife's not missing.

She wasn't taken.

She left us.

Let's go take a look at that crime scene, shall we?

Nice piece of property you have here, Tom.

It's a nice piece of property.

How many acres did ya say ya have?



That's a lot.

I can get ya those other reports and photographs down at the office.

Yeah, I still wanna see the exact positions those bodies would be layin' in.

All right, sure.

Well, thanks for makin' yourself available, Tom.

This case might just give me that FBI spot.

I do not know how anybody can live out here.

It's not so bad once you get used to it.

You got me?

Am I here? Okay. Oh my gosh, I got ya.

Bold as ever.

But I'm glad to do it.

I know. I'm gonna pat myself on the back.

I think you should.

I'm gonna pat you, too.

You did a great job, hm?

I like my new camera.

I know.

All right, so, we have done it.

Welcome to our home.

Mom and Dad, I'll always miss you, but we are honored to now live on this property that you took such great care of.

Yeah, thank you.

Now my wife's gonna unpack and I'm goin' to bed.


Lily, look over here.

Don't be shy.

Would you come out from behind that camera?

No. Yeah, come hold my hand. I'm changin' jobs.

Pick flowers with me. I'm gonna become a cameraman.

This is our place.

I own some nice new property.

Look at this place, it's beautiful.

She's happy here, hm?

Yeah, she seems happy here.

You seem happy here.


Hannah, come back inside the gate.

Don't worry, Hannah, your Mom's just paranoid.

For real.

Rickey would agree.

It's not safe.

Goodbye, Mom.

Hannah I'm goin' into town to get some things.


You wanna ride with me.


And we'll be covering more of that later tonight.

But now we wanna update you..

So, Sheriff, what do ya think?

We gonna catch this murderer?

It's just Tom now, Caroline.

Well, it turns out serial killers are good for business.

Our very own Cynthia Rodriguez is in the field with the latest.

Could you, uh, turn that up?

We're discovering that now multiple homicides have emerged that are similar to the events that have affected the town of Thorndale.

So far, these cases have been discovered in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and the Carolinas.

I'm here with Detective Sydney.

Detective, what is the current status of your investigation?

Well, it's an evil crime that's taken place here, Cynthia.

I just want the citizens of Thorndale to know that this is my top priority.

Once we have the identification of these ladies I'll give you more.

And what about the rumors that Mr. Mayfield is being investigated?

Well, unfortunately there's more work that needs to be done, but I can guarantee this.

We're gonna follow the lead wherever it takes us.

That it?

Yeah, that's it.

Hey, look.

The news lady's talking to Rickey. Hi, Mr. Haggard.


You can just call me Rickey Hag.

And have you contacted the local authorities about what you think is going on at your brother-in-law's ranch?

Uh, that's my sister's ranch, but him and my niece, Hannah, still livin' there now, though.

I know exactly what's goin' on, but I don't think the authorities are willin' to open their minds enough to consider the truth.

And would you like to give your opinion now?


As a matter of fact, yes I would.


So, what we're dealin' with right now...

Rickey, get over here.

What is the matter with you?

It's okay for you to have your own conspiracy theories, but don't go around projectin' your crazy disease on everybody else.

Hey man, I don't know what it is about my theories that makes you so dagnab angry.

Tom, this is Miss Rebecca Otis.

Yeah, we've met.

Look, I was just discussing with Rickey the origins of the Rh negative strand and the purity of the O blood type.

It's not like..

Mayfield, what's happening here?

Tom, me and Miss Otis, we gotta talk to you.

We're all stocked up on aloe vera, thank you very much.

Look, my research has validity.

Tom, you and your daughter should take precautions.

Does that mean your daughter's in danger?

Cynthia, turn that camera off.

Tom. Tom!

Man, I know you think I'm all crazy talk but it's like Lily said.

Often times the crazy ones are right.

I am under investigation for all this and the last thing I wanna do is draw attention to me and my family and unfortunately that includes you.





Something's out there!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down.

Now, put this on and hold it tight, all right?


I told you not to go out there.

I need an injection.

What happened?



I had to go to crime scene for my article!



I told you not to write about this!

That's not the point!

What do I have to do to get you to listen to me?

If I listened to you we'd never do anything.

I just asked you to go to town with me.

Riding into town with you in the car?

That doesn't count as us doing something!

You know what?

You could've gone with your mother wherever she is.

Don't let me hold you back!

I'm sorry that I stuck around to help you out!

Big help you are!

Big help you are.

You know you're nothing but a lonely middle-aged redneck and you can't just cut yourself off from the entire world to get over Mom.




Something attacked me.

This thing was huge.

Yeah, I've hunted big animals before.

I wish you would quit law enforcement like I asked ya.

And then you'd be out here when stuff like this happens.

Who's gonna protect me if something happens to you, huh?

Protect you from what?

Put the camera away.

I rushed here as quick as I could.

Ya all right?

Well, you're prettier than a glob of butter meltin' on a stack of wheat cakes.

She's fine, she's just lettin' herself get all freaked out about nothin'.

No, I told you there were noises in the woods.

And whatever is out there, it was throwin' stones at the house.

And I went huntin' for it and I didn't see a thing.

But, guys, I brought these.

You gotta take a look at these.

All right, now what you're describing is common, but these creatures, they tend to be very territorial so maybe they're threatened by y'all bein' here.

Come on, Rickey.

I'm gonna play this back for you two so you can see how silly you are.

Tom, for the sake of your wife and child, you gotta take this seriously, man.

Tom, please.

Babe, I'm actually scared, okay?

You don't know what it's like out here by myself all day.

And now this?

I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Everyone's fine.


Holy cow, partner.

Yeah, it had to have been really big to have done this.

I reckon so.

So, what are we doin'?

We gotta find this thing.

One second.

This is Deputy LeMoine.

Oh hi, Detective, how ya doin'?

Oh, Detective, can ya hear me?



I'm losin' ya.

Y'all got a better signal at the house?

Yes, Sir.

I'm headin' in now.

Yes, Sir.


I'm sorry, I know I came all the way out here, but Pitney's got something big for me, so I gotta get back.


This thing attacked Hannah.

You okay?

I'm fine.

Brian, you gotta send me some guys or somethin'.

Look, we can't just go help every citizen with their wild animal problem.


Dad, forget it.

I'm sorry.

All right, look.

I'll come back and check in on you guys, okay?

Hey, Tom?

Have you visited Idaho, Montana, or Oregon any time in the last 20 years?


We've identified the three women and now that we're coordinating with officers in their jurisdiction, it'll be announced soon.

Made copies for ya.

Thought you might have some input.

Anyway, it's a good thing you haven't been in those places.

It now seems that local authorities have been able to identify the three victims that were found dead just a few days ago.

Kelly Belgrave went missing in 1993 in Salmon, Idaho.

Christina Killeen has not been seen since October of 1994 in Chiloquin, Oregon.

Elizabeth Hopkins was last seen in her hometown of Sydney, Montana on April 20, 2003.

Hm, our hearts certainly go out to the families of these victims.

We hope they are able to find some peace during this difficult time.

What's all this?

They're Mom's.

Hannah, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry The Champion rejected your article.

It's fine.

Guess writing's just not in my blood.

What's your blood type?

It's O negative just like Mom's.

We're goin'.

Because it wants my blood?

I don't know.

Hey there, Tom.

Now is not the time, Detective.

Where ya headin'?

We're goin' to Louisiana to see my family.


Lead suspect in a murder investigation heading outta town?

That don't look too good.

Are you gonna stop us?

No, I just have somethin' you might wanna hear.

I thought maybe we could go back up to the house and talk.

Nope, right here's just fine.

All right.

I guess you've heard of the matching cases that have emerged.

More have been discovered, Tom, and just like ours, the women, they've been reported missing in a different state to where they've been found.

I got a call out of Greenview, California, the authorities this morning.

They said they found three bodies, cut, gutted, out by Klamath National Forest.

And one of those bodies have ties right here to Thorndale, reported missing two years ago by Rickey Haggard.

That woman seems to be your wife, Lillian.

I'm sorry to give you that news, Tom.

I'd stick around here if I were y'all.


Tom, come on, Baby.

We gotta go, all of us, okay?

We've all gotta go.

Come on.

Thank you.



Baby, come on.

You have to come, okay?

Your Dad'll come if you come.



Because you heard some voices or the static of the TV telling you that they're comin' to get ya?

You know me.

Why can't you believe that this is real, huh?

There ain't nobody goin' anywhere.

This is ridiculous.

Give me my stuff.

Now, the rest'll have to come with y'all.

Hey, what's shakin'?

They won't listen.

Now, now I don't know the reasons why, but this thing is real and it's targeted Lily and we gotta get her outta here.

No, you're not doin' anything.

Hey, how can you protect your family from something you refuse to believe exists?

I shoulda protected my family from you and your crazy ideas.

Stop! Stop it.

Come on, come on both. Uncle Rickey, stop.

I want you to go and I'm gonna meet ya, okay?

I'm gonna meet ya in just a minute.

I'm so sorry, Rickey.

I do believe that whatever's in our woods had something to do with Lily's death.

And it deserves to die for it.

Mr. Mayfield, came as promptly as possible.

What I wanna do is shrink the perimeter, so installing the security system on this fence all the way around the house.

Did you bring the surveillance equipment?

Indeed, Sir.

You see, it compresses files while it records so we can maximize space for the hard drive, so we can see a particular area longer.

But what I'm actually excited to use is this.

Thermal scanner.

It senses heat rays, also infrared rays.

We're gonna set up surveillance throughout the night, hopefully capture this thing, see exactly what we're dealing with.

Oh, I could tell ya exactly what we're dealin' with.

I say we go get this thing right now.

It's an intelligent creature.

We gotta be more strategic.

All right, so let me ask you something, Akiro.

If you guys have been huntin' these things for decades with all this fancy equipment surveillance gear, why don't you have a carcass or a skeleton or somethin'?

Because Bigfoot is an alien.

Think about, guys.

He's dropped off in remote areas of the planet to scout it out and then taken away, never to be found.

Great, we're dealin' with Chewbacca.

Hope you don't mind I let myself in.

I say we walk straight up to this guy and we blow a shotgun shell right up its rear end.

No, I suggest we attempt to lure it out.

I have a supply of deer urine we could place in the yard.

They're known to track deer.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Let me see one of those.


Newton's First Law of Motion states an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force.

If we go to that thing and lure it out, it will be on the offensive and therefore aggressive, but if we go to it and come upon it when it's at rest, it won't have time to react and it will drop.

I'm with her.

You guys know this thing could be out there waitin' for us, right?

Heck yeah.


Hey. Hey.

I thought you said she was in danger.

Okay look, I don't know what Pitney's sayin', and I don't know what you're thinkin', but I'm convinced that something, not someone, killed those women.

And I need you to stay here and watch out for Hannah.

No. You're stayin' here, Hannah.

It's Hannah's backpack.

Was Hannah's.

We'll just wait 'til nightfall.

Hope we don't die.

We're all gonna die.

See, I told you you could see real good in the dark, right?

Right on.

Right there.

Right there.

And what are we lookin' at here, though?

Well, that's a tree.

It's kinda hard to get my bearings with that.

Watch, you can see better like that.

So, you writing your next book?

No, journaling.

You know how many famous people in history kept journals?

My favorite was Lewis and Clark.

They wrote about all the interesting things that they encountered in their exploration of the Northwest.

So, I don't know.

I just love the idea of people reading my journal about all the incredible things I've seen.

And Tinkerbell?

To me she symbolizes imagination and belief.

But mostly I got her because my mom told me not to.

Well, I know somebody like that.

You know, I was surprised when you called me.

What is it that changed your mind about all of this?

Well, I'm still not sure what all this is.

You know there's those who believe that this creature is what remains of an ancient alien civilization and the blood type with no Rhesus strand is said to date back to a time when there was crossbreeding between extraterrestrials and humans.


I know.

But there's also these ancient Hebrew manuscripts that talk about beings coming down from heaven and reproducing with the women of the earth.

Think about this, this coincidence, all those photos and maps you have pinned to your wall.

In the exact same areas there were reported UFO sightings within days of those women going missing.

Including your wife.


Oh, don't be alarmed.

Hannah! 769 01:04:08,056 --> 01:04:08,014 Shh.

I thought I told you to stay at home.

You filmin'?

I was using night vision.

Hey, Tom, look.

I'm sorry, I know you told me to keep her there, but when she started explainin' everything to me about Miss Otis's theory of this thing being some sort of vampire alien Bigfoot?

Well, I got spooked.

And so ya came out here?

Well, I just thought that, you know..

Dad, look.

If Rebecca's right and it's really after my blood then it's not gonna be out here if I'm in there.

And I'm probably less safe with just Brian than out here with all of you.

I mean, no offense.

Safety in numbers.

Hannah, that's not entirely accurate.

I'm also O negative so it could come after me.


Stay here, stay here.

Hey. Hey, buddy.

You okay?

Easy, here, come here.


Hold onto her!

Hold onto her!

We gotta get her back to the house.

Dad, we have to stop.

We have to stop the bleeding now.

We have to stop the bleeding now.

All right.

I'm gonna put ya down right here.

Okay. Okay?


Against the tree.

Okay, okay.

It won't clot.

I can't get it to clot!

Oh shit.

I want Mom.

I do, too, Hannah.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I shoulda protected Lily.

I shoulda protected 'em both.

It'll slow down.

It'll slow.

Baby, it's not safe.

Mom, no.


Please come.

Please stay.



Hey, hey.

Hey, Tom.

You fellas okay?

It's okay, it's all right.

Put your arm around me.

Think this thing'll still see in the dark?

Miss Otis!

Miss Otis!


I don't think we're alone.

All right, I'm gonna get Hannah back to the house.

You guys go and find Rebecca.

Come on, keep goin', keep goin'.

Let's go.

I can see it, come on!

Hey, hey, hey, what's goin' on?

There's somethin' out there.

All right, can someone please tell me what is goin' on?

Now what?

Hate to be the one that was right, but we shoulda lured it out.

Lured what?

I say we kill it.

Yes, Sir.

Wait, what do we lure it with?

With me.


You may recall me mentioning I got jars of deer urine in my vehicle.

Okay, but how do we keep it from gettin' in the house?

So you really think this thing is responsible?

I'm convinced.

Yeah, well you're not off my list yet.

All right, so how dumb does this intelligent creature have to be to fall for this, huh?

Intelligent creature doesn't mean smart creature.

Lots of examples of that in the human race.



No, what are you doin', Hannah?

Uncle Rickey!

Hannah! You better have that gun ready!

Rickey, shoot it!

Oh, I got you, Baby.

Hannah, stop.

Shoot it!

Oh, he really is a big old boy.

It's dead, right?

I say we shoot it in the head.

No, no, no.

No, we need it's brain.


This is much too important.

I need to file some reports, get some hair samples, call my brothers out here.

One's a doctor.

We'll get some blood samples.

Oh, I gotta call the BFRO chapter leader.

Okay, hey.

I don't care.

So, I guess we'll have to put out a search party for Miss Otis.

And listen, Tom, I'm not sure how any of this will affect the investigation or heck if any of it will, but...

We'll talk.

See ya later, Rickey.

You play purty now.

Always do.


Yesiree, this is gonna get me that FBI spot.

Hey, help me out a second.

No, he's got me, no!





Hoo! Hoo!

What's happening?

It's gonna be okay, Hannah.

It's all right, it's all right!


It's okay, Hannah, it's okay.



I'll always love you.

What's happening?

I don't know.

It's okay!

What was that?

What in the dagblast?


It's all gone. No.

They took Pitney and Akiro.

They're gone.

They're all gone.

I miss my mom.

She disappeared two years ago and was found dead over a thousand miles away.

What happened to her during that time I may never really know, but I do know what happened on my ranch.

So, in writing this I've done my best to tell you all the truth.

There are around 500 UFO sightings reported monthly just in the United States.

33% of adults believe intelligent beings from beyond our planet have visited Earth.

There are currently thousands of recorded Bigfoot sightings all throughout the world and 22% of the population truly believes Sasquatch is real.

Yet the rest, they're convinced there's no real evidence to support any of this.

Thank you for taking your time and give us this interview.

What is the status of the missing Mrs. Otis, Akiro Nagi, and Detective Pitney?

Well, I've already told everybody exactly what happened or you can read my daughter's article in The Champion.

It's important to know that the investigation is still ongoing.

And the most important question, are we safe?

None of us are safe.

There are dangers all around us.

So, we can live in fear of it

or we can ignore it

or we can prepare for it.

Thank you, Mr. Mayfield.

Sheriff Mayfield.

Thank you.

As you finish reading this article you'll have to make a choice.

Either my family and I are completely out of our minds or, as my mom used to say, the crazy ones are right.



Come here!

What's the matter?


What happened?

Hurry! Are you okay?

What's the matter?

Yes, we have an emergency.

We found a dead body on the beach.