Silent Running (1972) Script

How are you today?

Feeling good?

I bet you'd like something to eat, wouldn't ya?

Here, I got something in my pocket here.

Some goodies.

I'll set the table for you here. Okay?

That's good.

Do I have to put signs up here to keep you guys off my grass?

Hey, I'm sorry.

Hey, get out of the way!

What do you think you're doing?

Watch it! Get out of the way, you mother!

Look out!

Did you see the way Lowell threw that rake at me?

Why don't you guys lay off Lowell for a while? We're just having a little fun.

Oh, yeah! Now, what is this?

Really a nice catch.

You guys are outrageous.

Hey, listen, Wolf, we've been here for six months. We got six months more to go.

Now doesn't that mean anything to you?

You know, he told me a whole story this morning, about how they're gonna refoliate the Earth.


Let's set this thing up the way it was before.

It missed. It failed.

First time.

Hey, let's not play with this thing, okay? Okay.

I'll tell you this for old flower-face, he sure knows how to play this thing. Plenty of time to practice.

Hey, Lowell.

How about a little of the old poker? Yeah. Later.

On this first day of a new century,

we humbly beg forgiveness... and dedicate these last forests... of our once beautiful nation, in the hope that they will one day return... and grace our foul Earth.

Until that day, may God bless these gardens... and the brave men who care for them.

Three. Three.

Dealer takes one.

Deck's still open. Your bet, Barker.



And 100.

Guts. Come on, son.

Throw it on in.

I fold.

You bet $50, and then you're folding? Right.

Well, boys, here's a three.

And there's another three.

And there are three big bullets.

Now I'll just reach in and gather up the teleports.

Beats me.

You bet it does.

I wish they'd hurry up with that transmission. I want to go to bed.

I suggest that you reach deep down inside yourself there... and try and find something that will keep you awake a little while longer... because this transmission coming up may just... rekindle your will to live. Think it'll be a recall?

Well, let's just say that I feel my communications... may finally bear some fruit.

Cantaloupes maybe.

I'll let that witticism slide by... because it's my feeling that they're about to reestablish... the parks and forest system.

With you as director? You can think of anybody better?

More qualified?

It's more likely that... Wait a second now.

Let me just ask him a question here.

I've spent my entire last eight years up here dedicated to this project.

Now, can you think of anybody more qualified?

It's more likely that they're gonna announce cutbacks.


There's no way they're gonna announce cutbacks, not after this amount of time.

Hey, Lowell, you're dreaming.

And you don't think it's time somebody had a dream again?

You don't think that it's time that somebody cared enough to have a dream?

What about the forests? You don't think anyone should care about these forests?

What's gonna happen if these forests and all this incredible beauty is lost for all time?

It's been too long. People got other things to do now.

This is for Valley Forge, Berkshire, Sequoia.

Valley Forge, Berkshire, Sequoia, this is Con Central.

Channel open for executive order A. U.C. 3423.

Listen to this, boys.

This is Anderson speaking.

Boys, I have to make an announcement.

We have just received orders... to abandon, then nuclear destruct all the forests... and return our ships to commercial service.

I have received no explanation, and we must begin at 0900 in the morning.

May God have mercy on us all.

This is it! We're going home!

I can't believe it. I told you, I told you. What'd I say?

We can pack up those domes and go home. of all forest units.

Kiss 'em good-bye, boys.

Hey, Lowell, I'm sorry.

Makes sense, you know? It's insane.

Let's go.

♪ Fields of children ♪

♪ Running wild ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Like a forest ♪

♪ Is your child ♪

♪ Growing wild ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Doomed ♪

♪ In his innocence ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Gather your children ♪

♪ To your side ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Tell them ♪

♪ All they love will die ♪

♪ Tell them why ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Tell them ♪

♪ It's not too late ♪

♪ Cultivate ♪

♪ One by one ♪

♪ Tell them to harvest ♪

♪ And rejoice ♪

♪ In the sun ♪♪

How far out do they go before they blow up?

About six miles. We should feel a hefty jolt.

I want a front-row seat when these babies go. I'll bet you do.

Lowell, do you have to eat that stuff? It stinks!

You never let up, do you? Well...

Now you hurt his feelings.

I'd like to know what any one of you knows about real food.

What do you mean "real food"? What, out of the dirt? That's real food?

That's right. This happens to be nature's greatest gift.

To a celibate, maybe.

Come on, you guys. Maybe he knows something we don't.

Lowell, give me a slice of that cantaloupe.

Don't ask Lowell. I'd be delighted to give you a slice of that cantaloupe.

Just sit down and shut up. Sit down, sit down, sit down!

Shut up and leave me alone, all of you! Let me eat!

What's the big deal? I can't see the difference between that and this.

You don't see the difference? The difference is I grew it!

That's what the difference is. That I picked it and I fixed it.

It has a taste, and it has some color!

And it has a smell!

It calls back a time when there were flowers all over the Earth!

And there were valleys!

And there were plains of tall, green grass that you could lie down in, that you could go to sleep in!

And there were blue skies, and there was fresh air!

And there were things growing all over the place, not just in domed enclosures blasted some millions of miles out into space!

Look at that stuff.

How can you guys sit there and really say anything to me about this.

Look at this crap! Look at that!

Dried, synthetic crap!

And you've become so dependent on it that I bet you can't live without it.

Why do we want to, Lowell?

Don't you realize how pitiful that is, what you just asked me?

On Earth, everywhere you go, the temperature is 75 degrees.

Everything is the same.

All the people are exactly the same.

What kind of life is that?

If it's so rotten, why do you want to go back?

Because it's not too late to change it.

What do you want, Lowell?

I mean, there's hardly any more disease. There's no more poverty.

Nobody's out of a job. That's right. Every time we have the argument, you give me the same three answers all the time.

The same thing. "Well, everybody has a job. " That's always the last one.

But you know what else there's no more of, my friend?

There is no more beauty, and there's no more imagination.

And there are no frontiers left to conquer. And you know why?

Only one reason why! One reason why!

The same attitude that you three guys are giving me right here in this room today, nobody cares.

Look on the wall behind you.

Look at that little girl's face.

I know you've seen it.

But do you know what she's never gonna be able to see?

She's never gonna be able to see the simple wonder of a leaf in her hand... because there's not gonna be any trees.

Now you think about that.

If people were interested, something would have been done a long time ago.

You ready?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready.

Hey, wait, wait. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I don't think you guys understand what this means.

Please don't blow up the domes. Which one first?

High forest. Let's do it first. Let's hit Six.

But they're not disposable. Ain't got any choice, Lowell.

But they're not replaceable.

Where's that tube?

My hand. Hey, you all right?

Get Lowell to fix that for you. Damn!

Really. Yeah.

Will you help me?

Oh, yeah.

What are you doing?


Get on in here now.

Come on.

Valley Forge, Valley Forge, safe distancing maneuver in five minutes.

Valley Forge, Valley Forge, please stand by for 1000 hours.

Safe distancing maneuver in five minutes.

I'm gonna need your help for that, you know, Lowell?



Okay, there you go. Thank you.


Set gyro to 4406.

Set gyro to 4406.

Valley Forge, this is Berkshire. Are you there, Marty? I'm on it, Neal.

Okay, we're counting now for your 4406 distancing.

About 20 seconds.

Set for distancing.


Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

That's a go.

Thanks, Marty, we're clear. Stand by for updates.

Hey, Andy.

The bomb, please. All right.

Loaded and ready to go.

99909 plus 4904 plus eight.


Okay, lookin' real good. That's a go.

Right. Hey, we're ready for some real fireworks here. Twenty-five seconds.

We're looking forward to it too, Neal.

Keep a steady hand. We don't want you boys getting hurt.

Right. Will do.

Hey, where the hell is Lowell now?

I think I saw him near One with some empty flower pots.

That must be Berkshire.

Do we need this?

Hey, Andy, easy with that.

No, we'll use the panel. It's safer.

John, would you get those lights?

Sure. Nothing on the board.

We'll set Six.


Okay. Arm Six. Armed.

Hit it.

We're standing by for a go for...


You're not comin' in here.

What are you doin', Lowell?

You're not comin' in here. Look, I know how you feel.

You don't know how I feel! If you knew how I felt, you wouldn't be in here with that.

Listen, I'm on a tight schedule, and I don't want to have to fight with you.

I don't care about your schedule.

You are not using those things in my forest. I ain't got time to argue!

Now, move! You're not gonna do it.

You can't blow up this forest.

Come in, Valley Forge. Reading 4040.

Berkshire to Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

Berkshire to Valley Forge.

Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

Reading 4040.

Berkshire to Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

Valley Forge to Berkshire.

You still there, Neal?

Yes, Barker. No, it's Lowell.

What's the trouble, Lowell?

Well, we seem to be experiencing... some kind of problem with the main coupling.

It might be one of your pins.

Right. That's what we figured it probably was.

So we're setting that right now.

We'll be gettin' back to you just as soon as we can.




Everything okay over there?

Yeah, okay.

Okay. Everything's okay.

We'll wait to hear, buddy.


Drone One, Drone Two, Drone Three, please report immediately to the main cargo area.

Berkshire to Valley Forge. Yeah, yeah.

Come in, Valley Forge. Berkshire to Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

Berkshire to Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

Come in. Berkshire to Valley Forge.

Valley Forge to Berkshire. Come in, Berkshire.

How's it goin', Lowell?

It's not goin' too well, Neal. I'm afraid we're gonna have to torch those pins.

Better move on it, buddy. Darkness coming up on you. 33201.

Right. We'll try our best.

Boys here are getting anxious for home.

Yeah, I understand.

Coming into darkness at 33201. Right.

Blow it any old way you can, Lowell. Big Billy wants to go.

We're tryin'.

Yellowstone reports final jettison.

Arcadia, Blue Ridge, Glacier, Mojave report final jettisons.

We got a hold on Valley Forge. Right.

Berkshire to Valley Forge. Berkshire to Valley Forge.

You're entering darkness. Lowell, do you read?

Right, Neal. We hear you.

Big Billy says blow it any way, Lowell.

Screw Big Billy. Didn't catch that, buddy.

Nothing. I just said we're right on it, Neal.

We're tryin'.

Valley Forge, what's wrong? You're accelerating!

Berkshire to Valley Forge! I have an emergency ignition on Valley Forge!

Reading Red-990! I get a 2-4 on Valley Forge reading red!

Valley Forge to Berkshire. I've got an emergency!

Neal? Can you read me, Neal? I read you.

I got a main bus blowout on numbers three, eight and ten panels, I've got a premature detonation on Dome Number Two... and I've got an explosion in the main cargo deck!

Please advise me immediately!

I read you. Put on Wolf, Lowell.

No, no, change that. Give me Barker.

I can't find Barker! I can't find Wolf or Keenan either!

I'm afraid, Neal, that they might have been in Dome Number Two!

God, Dome Two just blew up. Stand by.

Report Wolf, Keenan and Barker accidentally jettisoned from Valley Forge.

Wolf, Keenan and Barker missing.

What the hell is taking so long?

Coming up now, Valley Forge. Lowell, this is Anderson.

How are you, boy? I'm okay.

Listen, Lowell, if you continue as is, we figure you'll hit the northeastern quadrant of Saturn's outer rings... at 0302 tomorrow morning.

What does that mean?

Well, we don't think you'll make it through.

It's a very bad angle.

These ships weren't built to shoot the rapids.

The plan is to find where the explosion chopped the main bus and reroute it.

You'll have to do some cutting. Where do I start?

We tracked a bunch of cargo modules, probably off your starboard side.

So we figure maybe one of the cryotanks under the floor cut loose.

It may have exposed the main bus duct, if we're lucky.

I'll take a look at it.

Drone Number One.

This will stop 'em.

I need you guys to help me fix my leg.

From now on, you guys are working for me.

Here's a little medical program.

Drone One, Drone Two, Drone Three, please report immediately to surgery.

Drone Number Two... you'll perform the operation.

And Drone Number Three, you'll handle the oxygen anesthesia.

Drone Number One...

Number One... you'll assist.

Commander Anderson?

I can't get anywhere near that main bus duct.

Everything is just all torn up down there.

Listen, Freeman... That's your first name, right?


Any family, Freeman? No, sir.

Well, listen, Freeman, you've been with this project since the start, and you've known the risks. Yes, sir.

I don't really know how to say this, Freeman.

It's all right, sir.

We've got some trouble. I figured.

Yes, I'm really sorry, Freeman.

Sorry, sir? About what?

We'll never be able to stop you before you hit the rings.

I see.

Freeman, you might want to consider...

Suicide, sir?


I just don't think that I'd ever be able to do anything like that.

The best we can do then is send out a search party the long way around, but it's kind of like a needle in a hay stack, if you know what I mean.


Freeman? Yes, sir?

God bless you, Freeman.

You're a hell of an American.

Thank you, sir.

I think I am.

Drone Number Three!

Drone Number Three, keep moving!

Follow One and Two!

Follow One and Two!

Why didn't you follow them?

Now dig a hole for him.

Make it seven feet long and three feet wide.

Okay, now put him... Put him down in it.

And then remain there 'cause I would like to say something... before you cover him over.


I would like to be able to say a... a prayer...

but I don't... really know how to say it.

Wolf and Barker and Keenan.

They weren't exactly my friends, but I did like them.



I don't... I don't think... that I'll ever be able to... excuse what it is that I did, but I had to do it.


I guess that's all that I have to say.

You can cover him over now.


I'd like to make an announcement.

From now on...

Drone Number Two, you will answer to the name of Huey.

And Drone Number One... you will answer to the name of Dewey.

Little Louie, God bless him, he's...

He's not with us anymore.

Huey... you take one step forward.

That's super.

Now, Dewey, you also take one step forward.

Hey, that's really excellent.

Now... you see, what I've done is...

I've reprogrammed both of you... so that now you'll respond directly to me.

Now that means you'll still run the same maintenance checks... and perform the same duties that you've been doing on the ship, but you'll also be spending more time with me in the forest.

You shouldn't have much of a problem then... making the necessary readjustments.

And I realize that... we've really had a rough journey... and we sure got our work cut out for us, but I think that the three of us together, as a team, we can manage okay.

Is that all right with you guys?

The three of us together are gonna plant a tree.

We got a shovel, watering can and a tree.

Now... this is the mulch.

That's what makes the tree grow.

Now, Huey, you're gonna plant the tree, and, Dewey, you're gonna dig the ditch.

Now, we're gonna do it right here in the side of the hill.

That's a real good hole, Dewey.



Here's the tree.

Put a little mulch... Like that.

Okay, now plant the tree.

Well, that's pitiful. Pitiful.

That's exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to be.

♪ Earth between my toes ♪

♪ And a flower in my hair ♪

♪ That's what I was wearing when we lay ♪

♪ Among the ferns ♪

♪ Earth between my toes and a flower I will wear ♪

♪ When he returns ♪

♪ Wind upon his face ♪

♪ And my fingers in his hair ♪

♪ That's what he was wearing when we lay ♪

♪ Beneath the sky ♪

♪ Wind upon his face and my love he will wear ♪

♪ When swallows fly ♪

♪ Tears of sorrow running deep ♪

♪ Running silent ♪

♪ In my sleep ♪

♪ Running silent ♪

♪ In my sleep ♪♪

What's the matter?

I know you're sad about Louie.

But he got careless. See what happens when you get careless?

Okay, now, you guys go back to your work.

Hey, how are you today?

You bit my hand. Don't you ever bite my hand again.

♪ You can take a tip from Smokey that there's nothing like a tree ♪

♪ Oh, they're great for kids to climb in and they're beautiful to see ♪♪

Huey... and Dewey, I want you two guys to report right away... to the recreation room.

Well, I see you're already here.

I'll bet you wonder why I gathered you here, haven't you?

Well, I want to beg your indulgence.

Got some new programs here for you. Here you go.


Huey, come over and sit down here.

Dewey, you come right here and sit down.

You can come a little closer if you want to, Dewey.

That a boy. There's for you.

There's for you. And there's for me.

Okay, boys.


I'm about to take you two guys... for every dime you got.

Here we go.

Two. Three.

Five, five, five.

Now, boys, let's play cards.


Now... Dewey.

Okay. How many cards you want, Dewey?

What are you doing? You just threw down three kings.

You're nuts, you know that?

Your hand is obviously dead. Let's see what you got here.

He's got trash, so obviously I'm the winner with three sevens.

Thank you, boys. I'm sorry. You gotta be quicker than that.

You gotta get up in the morning to beat ol' Freeman, let me tell ya.

Early in the morning.

It's all mine. Now, this time we'll play another hand, and I don't want any mistakes.

It's up to you. We're not playing for oil here, we're playing for money.

Okay, now. Dewey, you took two.

No, I wasn't looking.

What have I said about talking between you guys?

Now, come on. That's not fair.

I'm here by myself, and you guys are talking between yourselves.

Now that's not fair. That's a house rule; no more talking. How many cards you want?

You don 't want any cards?

You just saw what the man did last hand, and you don't want any cards?

All right. Dealer's taking two.

All right, Huey.

What have you got?

The man has a full house, and he knew it!

Now, how about that? The man had a full house, and he knew it!

Huey and Dewey beat me at my own card game.

I know. I've actually been eating that crap.

Let's go to the forest and get some real food.

What has happened to the forest?

Huey, go get me the gray book.

I don't know.

I just cannot figure out what's wrong.

Okay, now listen to me.

I want you to make a slow, complete, 360-degree turn for me.

Okay. Yeah, that a boy.

Now, hold it. Stop right there. That's good.

Take a sample there. Oh, no.

We're coming to the dome. Wait right there, Huey.

Huey, I thought I told you to stay in the forest.

You're braced. You can't fall back.

It's okay, Huey. I got it, I got it.

That will make you rest a little easier now.

Your little light...

No, no, I know where it is.

Oh, no. That's okay, Huey.

Just hold steady now.

I won't hit that again.


Now, that should be better.

Dewey, go get me that L-arm circuit wrench.

I understand.

I think I can manage here without it.


Now, I'm screwing you in tight.

I'm sorry, Huey.

That's the best that I can do.

I tried, but that...

That's all I can do for him, Dewey.

I don't know, Huey. It's just not... working.

The forest is dying.

I have tried... everything.

And I just don't know what the hell it is.

Come in, Valley Forge. Berkshire to Valley Forge.

Do you read me?

Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

This is Berkshire. Can you read?

Valley Forge. Come in, Valley Forge.

This is Berkshire. Can you read?

We got a plot on you, Lowell. Fantastic.

We're looking forward to seeing you, buddy. We made it.

Transmit, will ya? Please acknowledge immediately.

Come in, Valley Forge. Can you read?

Please transmit immediately.

Berkshire to Valley Forge. Berkshire to Valley Forge.

How about a word, Lowell?

Hi. Lowell?

I'm mighty glad to see you, boy.

Who is this? This is Anderson, Lowell.

My God, we've looked high and low for you.

How did you find me? Why did you even try?

Hey, you must be kidding.

We couldn't just let you go without at least trying to find you.

We said we'd send out a search party. I guess I forgot.

It wasn't easy finding you either, even with our deep-space tracking.

I don't suppose it was. Freeman, you have to find some way to jettison the dome.

What? It's awfully dark out here, so it would be safer... if you don't blow it up. The sun. The sun.

That's what it is. The sun!

Did you hear what he said? It's the sun. What?

Nothing. I was just saying that everything is all right.

Where was your big explosion? We can't see it.

The explosion's on the other side, the far side of the ship. Other side? Okay.

We'll be instrument docking on your port side in six hours. Right. Six hours.

Huey and Dewey, come on. We can still save the forest!

It's gonna work.


I've taught you everything that I know about taking care of the forest here.


that's all that you have to do from now on, just maintain the forest.

Now, these lights here will do the job that the sun would do.

They'll help revive everything.


I just can't do it anymore.

You see, things... things just haven't worked out for me.

Take care of yourself, Dewey.

Huey, you have to come with me... because you're just not working well enough to help Dewey.

Berkshire to Valley Forge.

We'll be docking on your port side in two hours.

Stand by for updates.

Take good care of the forest, Dewey.

You know, when I was a kid, I put a note into a bottle, and it had my name and address on it.

And then I threw the bottle into the ocean.

And I never knew... if anybody ever found it.

♪ Fields of children ♪

♪ Running wild ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Like a forest ♪

♪ Is your child ♪

♪ Growing wild♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Doomed ♪

♪ In his innocence ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Gather your children ♪

♪ To your side ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Tell them ♪

♪ All they love will die ♪

♪ Tell them why ♪

♪ In the sun ♪

♪ Tell them ♪

♪ It's not too late ♪

♪ Cultivate ♪

♪ One by one ♪

♪ Tell them ♪

♪ To harvest ♪

♪ And rejoice ♪