Silmido (2003) Script

Produced and presented by Cinema Service Co-produced by Hanmac Films

State your mission.

Team 1, Blue House main building!

Team 2, guard room!

Team 3, secretary's office!

Team 4, take out guards, Seoul, night landscape and capture vehicles.

For the South's liberation, our unit 124 shall kill the South's leader, on our Great Leader's order...

What the hell?

Stop! We'll shoot!


Freeze, you bastard!

You bastard!

Don't move, or we'll shoot!

Throw down the knife!

Throw it down, you bastard!

I am KANG In-chan.

I am special agent KIM Shin-jo, from unit 124 of the People's Republic of Korea.

No home address.

What was your mission?

To rip out Park Chung-hee's throat.

Then what kind of soldiers were the deceased members of the unit?

Gang work was all I could do.

Specialists in murder, arson, kidnapping, military explosives...

Even though the victim lived, it was a grisly crime, planned carefully in advance.

As such, this court's judgement is as follows.

Defendant KANG In-chan, sentenced to death.

January 1968

Leave us.

Sit down.

KANG Min-ho was a fencing master.

Arrested as a resident spy, he escaped during trial, and was never found.

Assumed to have escaped to the North.

You, KANG In-chan, were his only son. You were 15.

After middle school, you tried to find work.

You applied 12 times in 2 years without success.

At 17, you were recruited by the Jindo gang.

Now, convicted to death for attempted murder.

This knife, latched onto a life ruined by your father.

If not for your father, you wouldn't be sentenced to death.

Who the hell are you?

Guilt by association. If you could escape your father's crimes, If you could completely start over again...

...would you wield this knife for your country?

Over here!

Proceed with the execution!


What the fuck?

Stupid moron.

You think you're a big shit, huh?

Hey soldier, if you got a smoke, give it here.

I'll earn some cash and buy you a full carton.

Fuck you!

Drop the gun and your badges, and let's fight man to man!

Thinking you're hot shit in that uniform.

What are you looking at, asshole?

You shithead!

Little punk never shuts up.

That's enough.

Damned moron.

What's your problem, huh?

Son of a bitch.

Everyone in the water, before I count to three.



Why don't you jump in?


It's goddamned freezing!


Two what?


So what?

It's okay. If you stay calm, you float.

Don't panic.


Pull out only the ones who are drowning.

Yes, sir!


Loyalty Soldiers, in formation!

Soldiers, in formation!

In formation!

As you can see, I am a soldier.

You are death row convicts, or men from society's gutter...

...human trash.

But if you put on this uniform, our goals become one.

To safeguard our nation, and to unify our homeland, we will unite under a single task.

These soldiers and I, to protect your lives and our nation's bidding, will train you.

The training will be much harsher than the real task awaiting you.

We will make no effort to ensure your safety.

However on the day you achieve your goal, you'll be able to face the world as Korea's proudest soldiers.

Those who are prepared, put on these uniforms.

Nowhere else to go.

And no clue how to get out of here.

Shit, we're dead either way.

Damn right!

I spent each day risking my life back home, too.


From now, you are members of Korean special unit 684.

Our unit's mission is... go to Pyongyang and slit the throat of Kim Il-sung.

Run, you bastards!


Heads down!

Kim Shin-jo's unit 124, in order to slit our president's throat, sent 31 men across the border.

They failed.

But the 31 men in our unit 684, must be one second faster, and move one step farther, then we will surely slit Kim Il-sung's throat!

Climb faster!

Faster, you bastards!

Faster, I said!

Faster, you bastards!

Gimme a real target...

What are you doing, bastard?!

Yes, sir!


No, sir.


No, sir!


No, sir!

To the right!

On your hands!

Did you waste enough bullets, you bastards?

Are you training these men?

You're wasting your country's money.

On your backs.

You think we can send those babies to Pyongyang?

They'll all be killed before reaching the border.

If you are captured, your best option is suicide.

We will provide you with tools for a quick and precise suicide.

You must learn the methods thoroughly.

But if you fail in suicide, you will face continuous torture.

If you scream during these drills, it is the same as revealing secrets to your enemies.

Revealing this information...

...puts the lives of the whole unit in your enemies' hands.




I burn easily, you know?

Shut up!



Oh that hurts!




Down! Get up!

On your back! Get up!

It can't have been easy. What did you think to endure it?

That I must go to Pyongyang!

Well... that bastard did it, so...

After leading my gang members all those years, is there anything I can't endure?

Divide them into teams.

Yes, sir!


Crouch down!

Down, you bastard!

Shit, are you telling me what to do?

That's enough.

I can fight!

Open your mouth.

I can fight, sergeant!

Open your mouth! I can fight!

Go on.

I'm going to tear you apart!

Winner, captain of team 3!

Team 1, gather your full gear.

Run faster!

Crouch down, huh?

What the hell?!

Yes, sir!

You see me later.


Out of the way!

Yes, sir!


Come on and fight, asshole.

I'm gonna tear you apart.

What the hell?

Fuck this! Fighting with gloves like girls.

Quitting at the first sign of blood, let's fight!

I can finish you off in a second.

You're gonna be pissing your pants, you coward.

Who's the coward?

Who's picking fights after losing in the ring?

Shut up, you!

Your captain just kept punching the same bruise, didn't you see?


That's called strategy.

Shut your mouth!

Because of you, we keep getting extra drills!

That's because you got a lousy captain.

Let's finish this once and for all!

Stop showing off, let's fight!


Swear now that the loser will slit his throat with this.

Then start fighting.

That's better, ain't it?

Or else you'll fight, and the barracks sergeant'll nab us, and we'll be out all night getting flogged.

Then later you'll want to fight again...

If you swear that one of you will end it, then we'll put up with it this once.

Got it?

If you won't fight to kill, then don't bother.

Fucking bastard!

What the hell?

We'll take the same route those commie bastards used.

After killing Kim Il-sung, they will take out the defense dept, and the dept of armed forces.

Going by land will take a week, that's too long.

Kim Shin-jo's group failed because of time.

Our 684 can surely outperform those Unit 124 bastards.

I'll make sure they do.

If they go by sea, they can go up Daedong River, and take Yanggak Rd. To Mt. Moran.

Then they could reach Kim's residence in an hour.

They must do more than just kill Kim Il-sung.

There are only 30 of them.

Just concentrating on Kim won't improve their chances.

Sergeant Park!

By sea they can reach Imjin River in 22 hours.

They can attack and leave Daedong River by 5am next day.

Two days will be enough for the whole operation.

It's not possible.

Swimming that far will be... Possible.

It's a course I've often taken.

42 seconds!

End it at 65 seconds.

Not yet...

Yes, sir!

Each group has 65 seconds to complete the task.

One second over, and you'll be riddled with bullets.

Soldiers, take position! In position!

What are you doing?

Are you gonna kill us all?

Shut up!

What the fuck?

You see me later!


Hurry up, you bastards!

Shit, they're fast.

We're gonna be running laps because of them.

Shut your trap!

What's wrong?

Kim Ji-yong! Hang from below!

Hurry up!

Soldiers, at ease!

It was a splendid decision.

If you had paused to save one life, all of you would've died.

If the same situation occurs in the future, remember today.


Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.


Yes, sir!

Loyalty! Loyalty!

PARK Chan-seok, get up.

Please let me stay!

It's not possible to treat you here. Get up!

If you put me back in jail, I don't want to live each day wondering if I'll be hanged.

You told us if we go to Pyongyang and kill Kim Il-sung, we could live, we'd get money, we could even become officers.

Stop it!

What can you do with that body?

Get up.

I'll cook or clean, I'll clean out the toilet.

I'll do whatever you ask!

Why don't you just kill me?


If someone does all this, we can concentrate on training.

It's more efficient, is it not?

What do you all think?

What is there to think?

Look of it from his position.

What crazy fool would ever want to go back?


Can you prepare decent meals for your colleagues?

Yes! I raised three younger brothers on my own.

Kimchi stew, bean paste stew, whatever you want.

Can you do grilled squid?

You wash your hands after taking a crap, or you're dead!

So we don't have to peel potatoes?

Hey, that punk's going to live?


I can't believe it.

It's a good opportunity. It'll strengthen their mindset.

Covering up their hard feelings after a man was killed?

What do you want to say?

If we'd stopped the drill, we could have saved him.

If it were just a drill, yes.

But we don't do drills here. Didn't you know?

You're always thinking.

This is right, that's wrong...

Is thinking wrong? It is.

This isn't a unit where you get commended for running laps.

Don't forget where you are.

This is Silmido.


I've been to Pyongyang over 20 times, but I never dreamed of killing Kim or blowing up his palace.

There was no way I could have.

I never had colleagues like you.

You depart tomorrow night.

To the strongest 31 men, including the deceased!

To the 31!

Stay within the grounds, and enjoy yourself tonight.

Yes, sir!

Supervising soldiers will eat separately.

In position! In position!

This just melts in the mouth. What's it made of?

It's made from snakes! Snakes?

They're all over the place.

This is great, but we need women!

If you drink this, you stay hard all night, huh?


Give me another cup.

Give me one too.

Me too!

Drink slower, assholes!

Just give me the whole kettle.

Don't you worry, guys. Drink it slowly.

I've been stowing this away for months.

What are you doing?

You're reviewing now?

Our work is done.


It's true.

It's all in their hands now.


Turn, turn!

Turn? What the hell?

Ah, yes sir.

Don't turn, don't turn!

You bastards! You've got to come back!

You need to come back alive!

You have to live, I'm 684 too, so we can shout that we re-unified the nation!

We'll take the money...

Shut up, you bastard! Shut your mouth!

You've got to live!

Don't die!

That son of a bitch. Let me go!

He's drunk. You stop it, too!

No matter how drunk he is, the moron shouldn't say that!

Just come back alive, huh?

We've done our best, what more can we do?

We can't die after all this...

Who said we'll die?

Stop talking about dying, for Christ's sake!

Who do you think we are?

We're unit 684! We're not gonna die!

Who's gonna kill us? Nobody can touch us!

That's right! We're invincible.

Until the East Sea dries up and Mt. Baektu crumbles, God will protect us...

Try to understand them, they're scared inside.

Are you...?

What? Is something wrong?

Aren't you scared, sir?

Lighten up, don't call me sir.

I'm just 21 years old.

All this time, it's really pained me to yell at you so.

You softie, how do you manage it here?

They'll all get back safely, won't they?

Of course.

That's why we suffered through all these hardships.

Fight tooth and nail!

Courage! There is no second place!

The historic re-unification of Korea begins now.

You will be writing the first page of this history.

For this day, you have staked your lives and youth.

The last thing Kim Il-sung will see as he leaves this world... are the guns and knives of the glorious unit 684!

Pierce his throat with the Korean flag and return home.

Your bravery and sacrifice will be remembered always.

Those who return to an undivided peninsula will live as the nation's greatest heroes.

Long live the Republic of Korea!

Long live the Republic of Korea!

Long live our reunified nation!

Long live our reunified nation!

Long live unit 684!

Long live unit 684!





Yes, drill captain speaking.


Yes, I understand.

Sergeant Jo.

The operation is cancelled. Turn back!

Don't pay attention, just row!

Bastards. Turn back!

Keep going!

Stop! We got an order from above to turn back.

If we go back, we'll receive the order soon.

Can't we just go on and slit his throat?

You need to get permission from those bastards first!

What are you doing? Keep rowing!

I don't want to do this, either!

Pull them out one at a time.

I won't go!

Please let us go!

We can do it!

We will do it!

We will succeed!

You assholes! Let us go!


At ease.

Please at least give us a date for the operation.

It's not for me to decide that.

They were at the sharpest state of readiness, right on schedule.

Excellent work.

Keeping them at this state is like ignoring a ticking bomb.

Whether this unit is a ticking time bomb, or crack soldiers, is a question of your ability, isn't it?

Can you at least tell us the reason for the cancellation?

The chief of intelligence who created the unit was replaced, so there isn't even anyone to ask, is there?

You're knocking at the wrong address here.

Give me some more.

Other people have to eat, too.

Okay, but give me more.

I won't eat next time.

Give it to him.

Shit, this is embarrassing.

Team 1, in position.

In position.

Team 2, in position.

In position.

Begin shooting!

Where are you shooting, asshole?

Our drill captain taught us to kill with a single shot.

For that, you must hit the head, the heart, or... his thing.

You little shit!

But if it just hangs there too long, you feel dead anyway.


Just quit it, alright?

What are you gonna do?

That bastard has stood there for 2 years, too.

For two years he keeps getting hit in the head and heart.

So I'm blasting away that useless part.


Are you okay, Lt. Kim?

My penis is also okay.

You must look after your penis well.

Your penis does not belong only to you, understand?

Do not worry.

I shall remain hard, and return home.

As you must.

Return home safe and hard to plug Young-sook.

It's not Young-sook, it's Sook-ja!

Can you not plug both Young-sook and Sook-ja, my friend?

Young-sook, Sook-ja or Hee-ja... just bring her over.

I'll keep her going for 4 days and 3 nights.

On their way over, tell them to bring soup, rice and kimchi.

I'm so damned hungry I can't even get it up.

What is it?

I need to go to the bathroom. My stomach...

Go on.

I need to go, too.

Give me a break!

We were so hungry earlier, and there was a tree with...

Hurry up!


Loyalty my ass, you idiots!

I warned you especially.

Be careful of the low tide, when the islands are connected!

Assemble on the grounds!

Hurry up!

Let me do it.

Stop, will you?

I can't believe you.

I wasn't done yet!

You've gone limp!

We're not this way usually.

We really didn't want to do this.


You bastard, we're dead!

Hey you pigs!

Do you think you can escape from me?

Not before you die.

Run your asses out here now!

Come out before we tear you to pieces!

Keep away! I'll kill this doctor.

Go ahead. You think I'm scared to kill one broad?

I can toss a grenade and kill you all.

End it quickly.

Why get her killed too?

Let her go and come out.

If we free her, will you let us live?

Wake up!

After 2 years, don't you know them by now?

You think I don't?

We'll give you three minutes.

When they're scared, it's no use trying to talk to them.

First, let them calm down.

Sergeants 1,2,3!

Say something, huh?

You know what?

The officers' pistols are to use for suicide.

Stop thinking and just come out!

When you're born again, be the son of a rich family.

You too, bastard.

Don't do it!

Jae-yong! Jae-yong!

Shut up, you!


Rape of a civilian.

Disobeying orders.

An unthinkable incident has threatened the honor of 684.

We will re-educate you in place of punishment.

So that this never happens again.

Physical training will restore your weakened mind.

With each blow, remember that one person's betrayal endangers all of unit 684.



It's okay.

Let's receive it from you, rather than the drill captain.

Don't lie down, your back will get injured. Get up!

What are you looking at, assholes?

Now I can die.

I did it with a woman! I did it!

I sucked her breasts too.

Hey, Chang-shik!

I'm not jerking off with my hand like you.

Duk-young! Other guys rape you, but you never get any yourself.

Stop hitting me!

Shut up!

Soldiers' corpses are wrapped in a bloody people's flag.

Before the bodies turn cold and stiff, the blood stains the flag red.

Raise it to the sky, the red-stained bloody flag and beneath it, make a solemn vow.

Cowards can leave, if they wish to go.

We will remain to protect our flag.

Our red-stained company... ... military service...


Don't move!

What's the meaning of this?

I did as I was taught.

You said to remove anything that hinders our unit.

This crazy fool is no longer useful to unit 684.

So I killed him.

Line up the soldiers.

Move to the platform. Line up in groups!

Please send us to Pyongyang.

Beat us or kill us, I don't care. Just send us.

Soldiers' corpses are wrapped in a bloody people's flag.

Before the bodies turn cold and stiff, the blood stains the flag red.

- Raise it to the sky... Hey!

Let him be.

...and beneath it, make a solemn vow.

Cowards can leave, if they wish to go.

We will remain to protect our flag.

You! Get up.

Get up!

He was mine. I should have done him in.


Don't hang your shoulders.

You did nothing wrong.

Smarten up, will you?

Get up!

Why is he getting more and more out of control?

What have you been doing, huh?

I'll do better, sir!

If I see one more spark of life in that commie's eyes, I'll kill you. Got it?

Yes, sir!


I will wait.

I will wait. I understand.

Drill captain, unit 684.

North-South relations keep changing all the time, When unit 684 was created, people in the streets would burn pictures of Kim Il-sung, that was the mood.

This is a unit created to fulfill the nation's aims.

If those aims vanish, the nation must take responsibility.

What sort of responsibility?

Recognize unit 684 as a formal unit of the air force.

There's no reason why the air force should be responsible.

The instructors and soldiers under me are from the air force.

Look here, don't you understand what I'm saying?

We provided the training and transportation, but central intelligence was in charge from the start.

The people who established the unit have all been discharged, you know the situation better than I do!

The members of unit 684... are being treated worse than prisoners.

Weren't they all prisoners to begin with?

Good afternoon!

I heard you had an esteemed guest.

Excellent work. My name is Oh.

Have a seat. Let's talk while sitting.

So, will we be able to put Silmido in order?

We were just discussing that.

One must discard the relics of past ages to open a new age.

Is unit 684 a relic?

The nation is moving towards peaceful reunification.

The murder unit made by the dismissed chief of intelligence... a relic, is it not?

Ordering death row convicts to slit Kim Il-sung?셲 throat, indulging in dehumanizing training...

If the foreign press hears, they'll think we're savages.

It's shameful, yes.

Our drill captain still has good years ahead of him.

With his wide training and 20 secret missions into the North, he was placed in charge at Silmido.

If this situation is cleaned up, his career will be looking up.

Won't it, General?

Yes, of course.

I put my trust in you.

It's all for the good of the country, isn't it?

What's with you?

Politicians practice politics, soldiers do military work, and if each side takes full responsibility for their duties, then the nation will surely prosper, won't it?

I see our Silmido captain is a romanticist.

Or does he prefer a murderous reunification of his own hand, as revenge for the wartime massacre of his family?

As a soldier, I have neither learned nor taught to let personal feelings affect one's mission.

That is a relief.

I'll believe in you.

So you keep throwing fits in order to see your father?

When you go to Pyongyang... No!

I should have guessed earlier, but I thought, "No way. "

Our mission is to kill a commie, who would have thought we'd have a commie among us?

That's not true.

Or on the other hand, this commie...

I'm not a communist!

Really? You're not communist?

Of course you are!

Someone who abandons his wife and brat and goes up North is a commie to the bone.

If a kid raised by that bastard isn't a commie, then who is?

I know you're a commie just by looking in your eyes.

For 3 years I've been through hell because of you.

In my final year, I keep getting beaten for your crazy glare!

I'm not a commie!

You're a commie, asshole.


If he weren't a commie, he couldn't leave his wife and brat, knowing how they would end up living here.

I'll find that bastard, put a bullet in his skull, and see what commie blood looks like.

Until then, I can't die and I can't back off. Understand?

Vicious bastard.

That's why I can't even die.

He should have killed me before leaving.

I'll take the head of his beloved Dear Leader and thrust it in his face. That's why I gotta go.

Got it?

You goddamned fool...

You goddamned fool...

Forgive me!

Bastard doesn't know fear!

If you overlook this, I'll do whatever you ask.

I can't let it fall apart now.

Please, save me!

The captain told me about your past and said, even if everyone else gives up, you'll remain to the end.

As long as my mother's alive, I can't be free of this.

Ever since he left, she hasn't slept comfortably once.

She doesn't heat the room.

I was in middle school, so it's been over ten years,

she'll probably sleep that way tonight.

Curled up like a bug.

She says a parent who failed her son can't lie comfortably.

If you succeed, they'll free you of your father's crimes?


The drill captain said that?



I'll say I beat you, and then I fell over and hit a rock.

You asked us to send unit 684 to Viet Nam?

Send them anywhere in the world and they will excel.

They'll be a great help to our troops in the Vietnam War.

As soon as those boys leave Silmido, the world will know of our plans to kill Kim Il-sung.

For 30 men, do we sacrifice 30 million citizens' hopes for peace?

I will ensure that everything concerning Silmido remains secret.

The surest way to keep secrets is to bury them.

But we promised them...

Isn't it a soldier's highest moral duty to be obedient?

The order given to you is to completely erase unit 684.

Where was this order given?

It is the nation's order.

Is central intelligence the nation?

Those with authority make decisions and pass down orders.

Those are the nation's orders.

Now the Republic is ordering that unit 684 be terminated.

Chief, are you all right?

Lead out our guest.

How can I kill them with my own hands?

Sergeant Jo, Sergeant Park, Staff Sergeants Ko and Han, and 35. young soldiers... do you wish to sacrifice them?

What do you mean? I'll give you a week.

After one week, we will storm unit 684 ourselves.

Everyone will be shot, you and the soldiers included.

Look at those idiots. Did they let in another goal?

Winning here doesn't get you anything, why bother?

But they run well for people with no food.

There's no beating these days, so they've got extra energy.

It's so quiet, aren't you nervous?

You feel uneasy if they don't beat you? Want me to do it?

What the hell?

You think we're friends now?

Hey, are they printed in America?

What? I know it all, you bastard.

I thought I'd tell Sergeant Dick and watch you get killed, but then they'd probably rip it up, so I controlled myself.

Let's look at it together.

What are you talking about?

This bastard's reading the classics alone each night.

Are they white girls or black girls?

Really? No.

Come on!

I'm telling you the truth!

Sang-pil, are you sure?

They didn't let us bring anything here.

Anything's possible.

In jail, I saw a guy who lived with 20 cigarettes up his ass.

Want to see?

Why didn't you say earlier?

What's this?

That girl isn't black or white.

That's yutdong. Pink color. Yutdong?

The name of the clothes.

My mom had one just the same.

When I entered middle school, she made one and wore it.

The word yutdong was so funny, we made jokes about it.

My brother and I kept laughing...

Hand it over Come on, hand it over!

It's the last photo of my mother.

I won't take it out again.

Hurry up, asshole!

Stop it.

Give it!

It's his mother's photo.

Unit 684 needs only orders and obedience.

His mother? Who needs shit like that?

What's with you? You have a photo of your mother too.

They have to go to Pyongyang.

If one of them gets distracted, our 3 years work will unravel.

Especially him, thinking the captain will protect him...

What's going on?


I'm disciplining team 3 captain for carrying personal items.

It's his mother's photo.

He'll hand it over.

Come on, man.


In-chan! No!

Control yourself!


If you shoot me, you can go see your mother in person.

First, I'll go to Pyongyang.

KANG In-chan! 24 hours solitary confinement.


At ease.

Do you regret it?

Taking my offer, three years ago.

No, sir.

A lot of time you spent here must've been worse than death.

I'm paying a price to get what I want, so no regrets.

Bring some water. Yes?

Bring some drinking water.

Yes, sir.

An order has come to terminate the unit.

It says for us to kill the boys ourselves.

Captain! It's an order from above.

This is ridiculous!

What are you doing? Say something!

What if we don't carry out the order?

Someone will come here to do it themselves.

What will happen to us?

If we leave first, then they'll terminate...

What are you saying?

What do you mean, terminate?

You should be saying this can't happen, not ask who!

Wait a minute!

What the hell are you thinking?


If the order is irreversible, we should obviously ensure our safety.

Obviously? What's obvious?

Will there be consequences if we disobey?

Then we'll be eliminated too.

If we don't carry out the order, they'll assume we sympathize with the soldiers, and concluding that we can't be trusted to keep this secret, they'll kill us as well.

This is absurd. None of this makes sense!

Why just kill such competent men?

Does that make sense? Because they're competent.

Killing them is safer.

You asshole!

Why do you keep taking the higher-ups' side?

How much time do we have?

Hey! Five days remain.

Can we use any method?

You son of a bitch!

Sergeant Jo!


Do you really have to...

Those pathetic bastards...

We can't die with them just because they're pathetic.

Would you choose them over your mother?

You want me to die, a month before my kid is born?

Even still, you bastard...

Even still, you bastard!

You dirty bastard.

Forgive me.

About the methods...

I'm leaving it up to the two of you.

Whether you follow the order or disobey it...

Yes, sir.

What are you doing?

What? Is something wrong?


These days, I almost feel like settling down here.


Sergeant Jo!

Don't be like this.

It's an order, after all.

An order?

Were you so nice to them all this time only to do this?

You coward.

Then what can you do about it?

If you're so brave, what will you do?

Don't say another word.

If you challenge me again, I'll kill you.

Our creed

Can you do it without Sergeant Jo?

At this stage, it's better without him.

I'll take responsibility.

Just send Sergeant Jo to the mainland, please.

If I send him under these circumstances will he just go?

Send him to argue once more on the soldiers' behalf.

He won't refuse such an order.

Did you see a ghost?

Hey... you'll hurt someone!

What's wrong, are you sick?

It looks like the heat got to him.

Last night he saw spirits.

He screamed out so loud, woke us all up.

Go take a rest.

Thank you.

Let's go. Come on.

Have a good trip.


What does it mean if Sergeant Jo's leaving?

That tonight they'll wipe us all out?


Sergeant Jo!


Going on vacation?

You think I'm so fortunate? I'm on business.

You'll be back today?

What's with you guys?

The boys were hoping you'd bring back something sweet.

Don't worry about it.

All right.

I'll bring you back something by tomorrow night.




You know these soldiers' abilities better than anyone.

In order to avoid a terrible slaughter, not one of them should be left by daybreak.

Go out quietly, in one line.

Do we wipe them all out?

Once it starts, it's a fight for our lives.

They started this.

We can't afford to feel guilty.

If we can't finish in 20 min. Our chances are slim.

Switch with me.

I can't do the communication barracks.

Park was going on holiday in a week, he was so excited.

Don't pretend you're the only one feeling bad.

Does anyone here want to kill their superior?

But your guy is new, you can't be that close to him.

You bastards!

It's time.

We're supposed to take our counterpart?

That seems a bit risky.

Is this the only way?

What if someone else...

Control yourself, Sergeant! Stop it!

What are you doing? This isn't like you!

What isn't like me?

You shitheads!

Kill them... If you don't, then we're all dead.

Got it?

Don't make that face, huh?

Go quickly now and contact the soldiers on guard duty, so they are informed of our plans.

The operation begins in 30 minutes.

In position, all of you!

In position!

You assholes!

You could have just sent us.

My mission was to kill you, not send you.

Your mission was to send us to Pyongyang.

My mission was not only to make unit 684 the greatest unit, but to respond at once to the nation's call.

The nation has ordered me to dissolve unit 684.

Now, my mission is to kill you.

Then you should've done it properly.

Why did you set me up to listen outside the door?

Knowing all this would happen!

Now all your subordinates will die.

As soldiers, they may die in carrying out their mission.

But my sense of duty won't let me break my promise to you.

That's a cowardly excuse!

Yes, so I let my subordinates choose.

I'm an incompetent coward.

Shoot me before leaving.

Or I'll have no choice but to kill you.

I'm sorry. Shit!

Over there!

Don't shoot!

Don't come any closer!

And you were the first one to betray us!

Even that mean bastard Sergeant Dick was against it.

You were all doomed anyway!

You were gonna die either way, why should we die too?

Why were we gonna die anyway?

After you came, they destroyed your national IDs.

You know what that means?

You're just ghosts, roped in on this island.

Whether successful or not, you were as good as buried...

Don't lie, you asshole!

He's not lying.

But if you tell us there was no other way, then it's no different when we take aim at you.

If you'd tried to find another way, if you'd thought... even once that our cursed lives are worth as much as yours...

What do you mean, the same?

You're all convicted criminals!

How can a bunch of nameless...

What I mean is...


Why am I nameless?

I'm HAN Sang-pil!

HAN Sang-pil, you fuckers!

Was that their plan from the beginning?

Was it?

To use us and then get rid of us with nobody knowing?

Even if we killed Kim Il-sung now, we'd still end up dead men.

We're better off dying.

But I won't even get my name on my gravestone.


I thought they'd bury us in the National Cemetery.

I was going to be the first success in my family.

If you're in Korea's best special unit, you're a success.

Best? Who will ever know?

Those sons of bitches who kill us and erase our past?

We can go and make sure that people know.

Beak 501, Beak 501.

DPS 351 confirm training, over.

What? There's no training!

They're moving, report. How many of them?

About 20. All armed.

Even without all of you, I can tell them all we want to say, so go wherever you like.

We won't stop you. Go if you want.

If I don't see the bastards who did this to us, it'll drive me crazy inside.

If Geun-je had lived, what would he say?

"Nowhere to go, and nothing to do once I get there. "

It's time.

The Blue House, don't take any detours.

We need to talk to the president, okay?

Don't cry, baby. Please!

Lady, all kids cry.

That's how they grow up.

Yes, sir.

There's no need to be scared of us.

We're just on our way to the President's House, and we had no money, so we borrowed this bus.

So you'll let us live?

Don't worry. Why kill someone for no reason?

Here is some breaking news...

20 armed Northern guerillas have landed via Incheon and are traveling along Kyung-in Road.

Heavily armed, they could be a threat to bystanders.

Citizens are advised to take extra-special precautions.

If those traveling on Kyung-in Road see suspicious soldiers...

Armed communists?

They're calling us armed communists?

Do they order armed communists to kill Kim Il-sung?

Those bastards!

There's nothing behind us.

Drive straight ahead.

Straight ahead?

Step on it!

Step on it!

Prepare to fire.



They're not communists!

Why are you saying that?

They're unit 684 of the Republic of Korea!


How can they call us communists?

Stay awake!

If we learn tactics on a deserted island,

and suddenly appear in stolen uniforms, we must look like communist guerrilas.

Open your eyes!

I can't even remember the national anthem.

Soldiers' corpses are wrapped in a bloody people's flag.

Before the bodies turn cold and stiff, the blood stains the flag red.

Raise it to the sky, the red-stained bloody flag and beneath it, make a solemn vow.


Cowards can leave, if they wish to go.

We will remain to protect our flag.

It's nothing to cry about!

He's just going a little sooner.

The same will happen to all us.

Young men!

You sing strange songs, and fight with our soldiers.

If you aren't communists, then what are you?

Risk your lives for our nation and people, to kill Kim Il-sung.

That is your mission.

We can't hold up any longer, chief.

Each region's soldiers and policemen have installed barricades, but each one has fallen.

Now they have just entered Seoul.

Gunfights are occurring, and the President is very uneasy.

Just give the order.

The army is prepared and standing by.

Now even you are in a panic.

If the situation blows up, it will be a huge problem.

You need to let the fire burn to get the hidden mice.

Now that it's reached this stage, the air force won't be able to deny responsibility.

All those people who praised Chief Kim's policy...

They'll have to run and hide, no?

Now you can start. Go ahead.

One, two, one...

What do we do?

Step on it.

Stop the bus.

Step on it!


But there are still civilians...

Yes, sir.

Determine the civilians' location and ready the snipers.

Yes, sir.

What's wrong? Are you scared?


Take everyone out.

If you say the crazy son of a commie was threatening to blow up everyone with a grenade, so you couldn't help but come along...


Shithead, there you go again.

Won-sang, lead everyone out.

You want us to leave?

Those bastards have brains, too.

Think they'll believe we got dragged here by one lunatic?

You need two lunatics.

Sang-pil! Shut up!

I'm not going to watch you be some damned hero.

You couldn't drag me here.

I came myself.

You shut up too.

What did we come here for?

Other people can leave, but I'm staying!

Three lunatics seem better than two.

You think you're still team captain here?

Once a captain, always a captain, bastard.


Once an underling, always an underling.

Think you can toss us out and play heroes yourself?


What would we do if we hadn't met those bastards?

They're up to something behind us!

Are you okay?

I'm okay!

Stop, you bastards!

There are civilians...

Hold your fire!

That's enough. The civilians are by the window.


Yes, sir. In 5 minutes, we open full fire.

The civilians...

Forget them!

Bystanders are watching us.

That's an order!

Loyalty! I'll go talk to them.

Who the hell are you?

The men in the bus are my subordinates.

Take him away!

They're not communists!

I can persuade them.

Get out!

Let go!

Get out! Let go of me, bastards!

Are you okay?

Hell, yeah. This is nothing.


I forgot to give this to you...

I couldn't find a few pieces. Shit.

But the skirt is all there.

The yutdong!

Sgt. Dick, the mean bastard, ripped it into such tiny pieces.

But I'm relieved that at least one mean bastard got out.

Sergeant Ko probably lived too!


I probably saved one too. He was a bit beat up, though.

Why can't you obey orders, huh?

We're all going to die anyway.

The newspapers will write about 19 dead communists.

That'll be funny. Fat communist 1.

Short-legged communist 2.

Constantly-eating communist 3.

Hairless left armpit communist 4.

CHOl Jang-su, whose name means "long life".

KIM Deok-young

CHOl Soo-young

KIM Ki-hwan

YOO Jae-seung

LEE Sung-min

LEE Min-ho.

Your name's missing.

Will this do?


Hurry up and get out!

Hurry, if you don't want to die!



Yes, ready!




Are you ready?

Yes, we're ready!

Daylight Terror in Seoul Civilian Convicts Lead Armed Revolt

survivors of blast sentenced to death by military tribunal.

True Account of Silmido Incident

Removal of 7th US Army Division Analysis of Rodong Newspaper True Account of Silmido Incident Preparations for North-South Red Cross Meeting

To the soldiers who risked death to answer their nation's call, and to the 31 trainees, abandoned by a divided nation, who cried out in search of their identities at their place of death, we dedicate this film.