Silver Bullet (1985) Script

The last full moon of that spring...

...came a little more than a month before school let out for summer vacation.

Our town's long nightmare began that night.

My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer Think of Rheingold whenever you buy beer It's not bitter, not sweet, it's a real frosty treat Won't you buy, won't you buy...

Won't you try, won't you buy, Rheingold Beer.

Jesus, Arnie, are you afraid of the boogeyman?

God... Come on outta there, Buster, and give me a hand.

All right. What is it that you want, Arnie?

I want some Rheingold.

And what're you gonna do... Soon as I get that dirt outta there...

Rheingold time, Arnie!

Oh, shit!

The killing had begun. But at first no one knew it.

You see, Arnie Westrum was a chronic drunk.

And what happened seemed like an accident.

The county coroner concluded that Arnie had passed out on the tracks.

There wasn't enough evidence to conclude anything else.

Yeah! Did you remember the deviled-ham?

It's such a wonderful day!

This is Tarker's Mills, where I grew up.

And this is how it looked that spring.

A town where people cared about each other as much as they cared about themselves.

I was nearly 15 years old and my brother Marty was 11.

We'd like to get things started now.

May I have your attention please, everybody?

We'd like to get things started now, if we could.

A lotta chairs down here. Come on right down and sit down.

Alright, without further ado, I'd like to turn things over to Reverend Lowe.

I'm gonna go, okay?

Alright, but stay close. Thank you, folks.

Now, last June the... And make sure your brother's okay.

"Make sure your brother's okay."

Marty's a booger.

Wow! Marty was the cross I had to bear.

Isn't that a garter snake?

Hell, no. He wasn't so bad, actually.

Lemme hold him.

He was just constantly thrown in my face by my parents.

I have an idea. What?

Oh, you wouldn't.

Oh, you would.

Only let's not go bananas or anything. Who, me?

An endeavor like this seems to me to be the very definition of "community".



Aww, Janie! Goddammit!

Come on, Jane, it was just a garden snake.

Look at my hose!

Oh, I hate you!

Jane, I'm shocked at you!

Stop it, Brady.

Look alive!

Hey, Jane, did you wet your pants?

Jane, I'm sorry.

Oh, yeah, sure.

I didn't mean to. Oh, no...!

You never mean to! I hate you, you booger!

I hate you!

Well, sure looks like we got her goat this time, didn't we?

Shut up, Brady! You're warped.

Come here, for a minute, I have to talk to you.

Listen, I told you, it ain't my baby.

Don't you ever drag me off like that! I can't believe you'd say that.

You know it's your baby.

We've had this conversation before. You know I wasn't with anybody else.

I need help!

It's your oven. But it ain't my bun you're baking!

I have to have some help! Remember the good times.

You know, what I mean?

I want you two to bury the hatchet. You're being very silly, Jane.

Did you see my knee? Did you see my outfit?

Marty has apologized.

And you know he couldn't have climbed the tree to stop Brady anyway.

You always take his side because he's crippled.

Well, it's not my fault he's crippled!

You just wanna be quiet or I'm gonna smack you now, I mean it!

Come on, Jane, I'm sorry. Brady wouldn't stop.

Hey, pumpkin, don't forget to help your brother.

Bob, I don't have my keys. Just a minute, sweetheart.

Don't sweat the small stuff, Janie.

Honey, where do you want this?

Come on. Hurry up.

Is Uncle Red still coming to visit?

Mom told dad that Uncle Red's getting a divorce. Another divorce.

And she said he was drunk. Now that's your great uncle. A chronic drunk!

He is not! He is so!


Janie, you awake?

What's the money for?

A new pair of panty hose.

Is it enough?

Jane, please take the money. It was Brady's idea. Honest to God.

I wanna make up.

I can get a pair of L'eggs down at the pharmacy for a dollar forty-nine.


Is it true what you said about Uncle Red?


I'm sorry I told you the way I did. It was mean.

It's okay.

I never did much like Sheila anyway.

Maybe I'll like the next one better.

Suicides go to hell.

Especially if they're pregnant.

And I don't even care.

It's not a normal situation down here.

Well, that's what you told me this morning.

Well, I'm happy to hear that. You think it'll be sometime this week?

Well, that's good. When and how many?

Hey, fuck off!

What'd he say, Joe?

He said they'd be here by noon.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea...

...telling that Smokey Bear from the detective division to fuck off.

Well, I waited till he hung up.

Jesus Christ, what a mess.

Joe Haller couldn't find his own ass if somebody rammed it full of radium...

...and gave him a Geiger counter. Could be.

I know a fella who's still P.O.'d...

...about being fined a couple hundred bucks for that little, uh...

...fender bender he had back on the Ridge Road last year.

Well, could be I know a fat ol' fella...

...who oughta take care of his mouth before someone turns it inside out.

We pay our taxes to keep this town safe.

And Joe Haller ain't doin' it.

Last town report said you were in arrears in your taxes, Andy.

Guess you caught up, huh?

Whatta you, tryin' to be smart?

Now you boys better turn down your thermostats or you can both get out!

You got me?

Now, who's drinkin'?

Have a wonderful summer. Yes, yourself.

Hey, it's Madman Marty in the Silver Bullet.

So, Marty, are you allowed to be out of jail?

No, I like school. Poor guy.

Be careful.

Not bad, huh?

Uncle Red changed the regular muffler for a cherry bomb.

What's that? Glasspack!

He said he's making me a new wheelchair. A custom job.

But now I dunno.

He's getting divorced and he's in the dog house with my mom.

For getting a divorce? Well, it is his third.

Come on, Tammy.

Thanks for coming home with me, Marty.

I was scared to pass her house alone.

Yeah, it is a little scary.

I mean, I saw her all the time.

Hey, take it easy.

I know how you feel. There's something else scary.



I've been hearing noises out there.


Tammy, get on in here! Help your mama with the laundry.

Well, I would go take a look myself...

...but I think the Bullet'd get stuck.

You would, wouldn't you?

Yeah, sure. No sweat.


I gotta go, Tammy.

Thanks again for coming home with me.

Damn cripples! Always end up on welfare!

I'd electrocute 'em all. Balance the Goddamn budget!

Oh, come on, baby.

Hey, Mr. Cutts. Well, Marty...

...I see you lucked out again.

Yep. Would you fill her up, please?

Want me to check the oil?

Yeah, sure.

Wipe the windshield, check the driver's bullshit level?

There was a guy sitting in a bar.

"Bartender.", he says, "Hey, jackass, gimme a drink".

So the bartender pours a drink.

And he drinks it. He sits for a while, then says, "Jackass, pour me another."

Se he pours another.

This other guys asks the bartender, "Why do you let him call you jackass?"

The bartender says: "Hee-aw, hee-aw, he always calls me that."

It's good isn't it? Yeah.

You might as well fold, because you don't stand a Chinaman's chance.


Uh, I'll see ya, and I'll raise you this.

You can't bet managers.

You can't bet managers. Okay, okay.

I always said you can't bet managers. So I'll bet a Yankee.

Piss on the Yankees, piss on the Indians...

Time for bed. Piss on...

Mom, come on.

Whoa, Nan. Let him finish the game.


Make it quick. Okay.

What did you say, "Yankee"? See your Yankee.

And I'll call ya. I got three kings. Read 'em and weep.

I got a straight to the Queen.

That's bullshit luck! Bullshit luck!

That's enough! That's enough! I'm thinkin'...

Hey, hold it! Can I say, can I at least say good night?

Good night.

Good night. Good night.

See you later. Okay.

See you in the morning. Wake me up. Okay.

No, I'll wake you up. Okay.


Honey, ask your sister to help you. I'll be up in a minute.

I will.

Good night.

I don't want you drinking around Marty.

Don't be tellin' me what to do! You've told me what to do all my life.

Red, I don't care how you live...

...but he is a very impressionable little boy.

You know, you think your only responsibility... gettin' his butt outta the chair and into the tub or the toilet.

You oughta realize there's more to Marty than him not being able to walk.

It's so easy for you, isn't it? Yeah, it is!

You blow in here once a month and you tell a few jokes and have a few beers...

...and then you wanna lecture me about how to raise my son!

I am the one who's responsible for how he feels when you're like this.

And for how he feels when you leave.


Marty has enough strikes against him as it is.

He doesn't have any strikes!

I'm scared that one day he'll quit!

He's not gonna give up!

What he doesn't need is you showin' him how!

Another wonderful night here at Sister Nan's.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen... the very best of professional wrestling:

World Wide Wrestling. And John, we got a very exciting match.

We have one of the young lions in there...

Come on, Rebel! We're gonna bust him up tonight!

We're gonna kick some ass! We're gonna kick some ass!

Bust him up! Bust his chops!

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah, Rebel, airplane!

Ooooh, that's it! Oh, that hurts my parts!


I'm just gonna have to do somethin' about this.

Let's see if you wanna come back and bust up my pots...

...after I put rock salt up your ass!

Come around bust up my pots, I'm gonna bust up your ass!


I hope you're in there cause I'm gonna blow your ass off with this salt!


Ain't that a hell of a note!

Isn't that something?

...observe Sheriff Haller's curfew, after 5 p.m., please stay indoors.


Well, you got any leads? I'm working on it, Mayor.

Mr. Mayor.


Mommy wants you to get inside.

Brady, I got it. Great!

Marty Coslaw, you get outta that tree!

Supper was ready an hour ago, dumbo.

Oh, Jeez, I forgot. Is she mad?

Yeah. At me for not finding you sooner!

Help me with the Bullet, please. I oughta let you fall.

Hey, Brady, you comin'?

In a while!

Come on, Marty.

Marty, it's getting late.

And we oughta make Joe Haller, uh, dog catcher.

You know, nothing big, just for poodles... Andy, lighten up!

Let Joe handle the investigation.

Investigation? Yeah.

This investigation is as efficient as a submarine with screen doors.

I've heard enough outta you, Andy Fairton.

Come on, Pete, it's not worth it! Let him go!

If you don't shut your mouth, I'm gonna shut it for you!

What'd you say?

You heard what I said, Motor Mouth!

You wanna dance, Snow boy? Come on!

Has anybody in here seen my son Brady?

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

Hail Mary, Mother of God...

Pray for us sinners... and at the hour of our death...

Herb, Herb, wait up, Herb!

Herb! Come on, Herb! Is that my boy?

Herb, don't go up there! Is that Brady?

Herb! Brady!

Mr. And Mrs. Kincaid have asked...

...that I say a word of comfort to you, if I could.

If there is any word of comfort I can give you, it's just this.

That the face of the beast always becomes known.

And the time of the beast always passes.

Nan, how about if I take the boy home?


Okay. Thank you.

Come on, Marty, you're going with me.

Jane, see you at the house. All right.

Come on. How do you feel?

How would you feel?

I guess they better get that guy.

Uncle Red? Yeah?

What if it's not a guy?

What do you mean?

Well, what if it's some kind of monster?

Yeah, what if it's some kind of monster?

You know, a werewolf or something? That's a good one! Yeah!

Here we go.

You know, Tammy told me she'd heard noises in the greenhouse.

Growling noises.

Her father was killed that night.

Listen, Marty! You have got to get this idea out of your head!

Psychotics are more active when the moon is full.

And this guy's a psycho.

When they catch him you're gonna find out he's just as human as you and me.

Let's get the show on the road! Okay, okay!

You all know what groups you're in and what areas you'll be covering.

Groups one through four in the woods north of the Sturmfuller place.

Okay! Five and six west of Carson Creek.

Yeah Yeah If he comes out in the moonlight tonight, we're gonna get that sucker!

I want all of you people to go home!

I don't remember deputizing a single one of you.

That's right, Joe!

The only deputy you got is that fat shit bag beside you.

And neither one of you has done anything about solving this case!

We'll catch him. You couldn't catch a cold!

The law has a name for what you people are planning.

It's called "private justice".

And private justice is about a step away from lynch mobs and hang ropes!

Now, I may be no J. Edgar Hoover, but I am the law in Tarker's Mills.

I want all you people to go home.

Don't let this guy scare you!

And what's he done since this whole thing started but hang his face out?

He ain't got so much as a fingerprint! Shut up, Andy!

No, don't tell me to shut up! Yes!

Shut up!

I just came from my boy's funeral.

Herb, I know how upset... grief-stricken you must be. He was torn apart.

I know that. I...



You don't know what those words mean.

My son was torn to pieces.


My son was torn to pieces!

You come in here and talk to these men about "private justice"?

You dare to do that!

Why don't you go out to Harmony Hill, Sheriff Haller...

...and dig up what's left of my boy Brady...

...and explain to him about "private justice".

Would you wanna do that?

As for me...

...I'm gonna go out and hunt up a little private justice.

You heard him!

Let's go! Yeah!

Come on, boys!

Get outta the way, Reverend. Stop! Stop!

Andy, Andy! Don't do this!

Joe! Let 'em go, Reverend.

This is that "community spirit" you talked about.

Come on, boys, let's go!

Virgil! Stop, stop! This is a bad idea. Don't do this!

No! David, no!


Please! Please!

It's about frickin' time!

Come on!

What was that? It's over there.

Don't point that at me.

Over here, Bob. Move it up there!

So we can tell which way it's going. Okay.

Come on up here. Come on, Jerry, this way.

Damn, Jack. Turn away! All right, all right.

Move the other way. I'm sorry.

Come on!

Jesus, that was close.

Come on. Be careful.

You gotta help me! What is it?

My foot! My foot! Get it off me! I'm coming, Sure. Sure.

Okay. Okay!

Hey, over here!

Hold on. I'll get it! I'll get it!

Watch each other's back now.

Andy, there ain't nothin' here. Let's go back to the car!

Bobby, come on.

Careful, Maggie. Damn!

Alright, we're gonna go through here.

You follow me one at a time. I'm right behind you.


It came from over there. As far as I could tell, it came in back of us.

He ain't down there, Andy.

We're gonna spread out in a skirmish line. That son-of-a-bitch tries to come around us.

We'll get him!

Okay, Edgar.

Oh, shit!

Come on.

I don't know...

What's wrong, Bobbie, you gonna make lemonade in your pants?

I ain't scared! Let's go.

Where's it coming from? Over there?

No, it's behind us.

I told you you couldn't trust this fog.

It's under the fog.

What are you saying?

It's right here with us.

I can't move!

Start backing up, Andy!

Real... slow.

Oh, my God!

Come on, come on!

Son-of-bitch! I'll get...

It's hard... a time like this to find the words to offer you any comfort.

There is no comfort!

There is only private justice.

The Bible tells us not to fear the terror...

...that creepeth by night.

Or that which flyeth by noon day.

And yet, we do. We do.

Because there's so much we don't know. And we feel very small.

Reverend! He was torn apart!



Let it end, dear God! Let it end.

Oh, they cancelled the fireworks! It's no fair.

Oh, look out world, Marty the Great didn't get something he wanted!

Stop it, Jane! I don't see why everybody cries...

...when Marty doesn't get what he wants. Pumpkin, what did your mother say?

It's time you backed off, young lady!

Oh, it's always my fault. Jane, you won't let up.

Come on, now, let's get home. I don't believe it.

Residents can insure their safety by observing the sheriff's curfew...

...and not by leaving town.

And a personal note, folks:

This is a time for pulling together, not for bailing out.

Now for Sue Ann Eckerstein.

I need the Phillips screwdriver.

It's not enough the monster killed all those people.

He killed Brady.

Now he's got them to cancel the fair.

And the fireworks. Yeah, and the fireworks.

That's another thing.

Where's your mom? She and Dad are lighting the barbeque.

And Jane's walking around in her new clothes showing off her tits.

Acts like nobody ever had tits before her.

Let me see if I got this right.

The guy killed your best friend.

Drove your best girl outta town.

Now he's responsible for cancelling the only carnival you got.

Am I lying?

Now, you're not lying, Uncle Red.

Well, it just so happens that I've got something that might cheer you up...

Oh, you mean I can see it?

Yeah, it's time.

Now? Yeah, now. Cover your eyes.

Oh, come on. Cover your eyes.

Oh, Jesus... I busted my ass on this deal.


It's an ass-kicker, isn't it?

Is that for me? Hell yes, it's for you!

Damn, looks good! Wow, it's beautiful!

Do you have a pilot's license? Do I need one?

Hey! Hey, Red.

The coast is clear. Are you ready? Oh, yeah.

I feel like a virgin on prom night.

Here's how you start it.

Remember what I told you? Yeah.

Now be damned careful. Okay.

Now, you start it. Okay.

Put your hand on the brake. Push?


Sounds good, doesn't it? Yeah.

Yeah, you ready? Yes.


Go get 'em, now!

Go! Be careful!

Stop, brake!

Oh, the kid's dead meat!

Oh, yes!

All right!

Oh, yeah!

That was wicked.

I hope you're happy. You're lookin' at a dying man here.

This thing goes super, super fast.

I know it goes super fast. And you better watch out.

Because if your mother finds out just how fast it goes...

...I'm gonna end up singing soprano in the boy's choir.

You know, I don't get you. I know you don't.

But listen to me.

I built that for you because I love ya, right from my heart.

And I want you to be careful on it.

Because if you got hurt, it'd kill me.

Let's get some barbecue, okay?

Boy I tell you, after every pork dinner I eat...

...I got fire in the hole.

One more piece of pie. Are you sure about that?

Oh, Jesus... Would anybody else like a bite?

The mayo's good. Well, go ahead.

Listen, no, put it down.

I've gotta go. Okay.

I've had a wonderful time. So have I.

I wish it could always be like this.

Maybe it will, if you keep inviting me to these pork dinners.

Okay, it's a deal. Well, nice to meet you.

Thanks. You too.

Bye. See you later, Janie.

Bob. So long, Red.

Good thing you didn't spill my drink. Okay.

Why don't you walk me to my car?

Walk me to my car and see if I can stay out of trouble.

Thanks! Bye!

Bye! Come on, let's go!

Can I have some more coffee?

I tell you, I'm gonna start up a reptile farm...

You're nuts. That'd be some kind of barbecue!

Here we go. Hold on.

Now, I said I had something for you, as I believe you do recall.

Yeah, what is it?

You're gonna have Fourth of July, but you're gonna have it in September.

Now remember, it isn't just the fireworks.

It's so no crazy shithead can stop the good guys...

If you can dig that. Yeah, I dig it.

Now stay near the house. Yeah, sure.


Save this for the last.

It's a rocket. You'll like it.

Thanks a million, Uncle Red. You're welcome a Million, Marty.

And stick 'em in the bushes for now, okay? All right.

Now remember... stay... near... the house. Okay?

I promise. Okay.

All right. That's good. I want you to have a good time.

Thanks a lot, Uncle Red.

Watch out for the werewolf! Bye.

All right.

This is for the good guys.

Oh, shit.

Hello? Uncle Red, it's me, Marty.

I saw the werewolf last night. Oh, Marty...

I saw the werewolf! Hey, buddy, you had a bad dream.

It wasn't a dream, Uncle Red. I saw the werewolf with the fireworks.

There are no such things as werewolves.

There is, I saw it! Uncle Red, it was a werewolf.

Have some pity on your poor uncle, okay?

Uncle Red, I saw it!


What? Who was that?

Obscene phone call.

Marty, you okay?

You've just been sitting here all morning.

Where's Mom?

Out shopping. Why?

Jane, I gotta talk to you.

About what?

Well, Uncle Red won't believe me, and if you don't help me...

What is it?

He told me something unbelievable. Yet somehow, I believed most of it.

But I understood one thing completely, Marty himself believed it all.

Marty had seen where the rocket had struck home, he said.

And I went out that day looking for more than just cans and bottles.

Hi, Mrs. Thayer.

I'm collecting returnable bottles and cans for the MEDCU drive.

I was wondering if you had any.

I was looking for a man or a woman with just one eye.

Hello, Jane.

Who is it? It's Jane Coslaw.

Hello, Jane.

I know what you're after, Jane, and you're outta luck.

Little Toby Whittislaw come in here yesterday, and I give 'em all to him.

That's okay.

Is that you, Mr. Fairton?

Got any bottles or cans? No.

Goodbye, Mr. McLaren. Bye, Jane.



I'm sorry to disturb your lunch.

I'm collecting bottles for the MEDCU drive.

I was just wondering if any of you had seen Mr. Robertson?

Oh, hi, Mr. Robertson. I was wondering if you had any.

I guess not. Thanks.

It's my own fault for believing Marty. The little asshole.

Hi, Reverend Lowe. I'm ready to turn my bottles in.

Hi, Janie. And how are you?

All right, I guess.

It's just that my brother gets me so mad sometimes.

Well, Jane...

...little brothers sometimes do that.

Take your cart on around to the garage and bring me your tally sheet.

Having some trouble?

Why Jane, you're trembling.

I don't feel well.

I think maybe I got too much sun. Well, would you like to come in the parlor...

...and lie down for a bit? No!

Or have a cold drink? I have some soda.

I think I should get home and help my mom with dinner.

I'll give you a ride. No!

Give my best to your brother, Jane.

I will!

Jeez... what did you do then?

I ran faster than I've ever run in my entire life. What do you think?

By the time I got back here I thought I was gonna faint.

Marty, what are we gonna do?

If we tell anyone... grownups, I mean, they'd laugh.

Well, what are we gonna do?

I think I know.

I mailed another letter from Marty the next day.

A third the day after that.

Then on Saturday we told Uncle Red what we'd been up to.

His reaction was less than serene.

Holy jumped-up, bald-headed, Jesus palomino!

Uncle Red... From him, I'd expect it.

Sometimes I think your common sense got paralyzed along with your legs.

But from you, Jane, you're Miss Polly Practical!

You don't understand.

I understand that my niece and my nephew...

...are sending little love notes to the local minister...

...suggesting that he gargle with broken glass...

...or eat a rat poison omelet! It came for me.

I shot it in the eye, now he's wearing an eye patch!

I wish I had a tape recorder so you could hear what you sound like.

What about the baseball bat Jane saw in his shed?

What about it? You know who used to have a bat like that?

Mr. Knopfler. So?

It looked like Bigfoot had used it for a toothpick.

Do you wanna know what I think?

No, we just wanted to admire you.

You better watch your mouth right now. You're on thin ice with me, son.

I think you had a hallucination. The thing was probably a broomstick.

It was not! Want me to show you?

I'm not afraid! I'll show it to you right now!

No, no, no, no, no.

I'm a little too old to be playing "the Hardy Boys meet Reverend Werewolf"!

Jane, forget it. Jesus! Yeah, forget it. Forget it.

Werewolf! Probably have gotten rid of it by now anyway.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Just forget it! It's crazy!

You see your suspect yet, Marty? Yes, I see him.

Are you saying he took a rocket in the eye...

...and now he's out here painting?

He'd be in the hospital or he would be dead.

I didn't shoot him when he was...

What? A werewolf? Oh, Jesus!

Jane, you don't believe this madness, do you?

I don't know exactly what I believe.

But I know that what I saw was a baseball bat, and not a broomstick.

And I know there was something strange about the way the garage smelled.

It smelled like an animal's den. And I believe in Marty.

You used to believe in him too, Uncle Red.


Hey, Marty, you wanna go to Robertson's for a soda?

No, thanks. I think I'm gonna go home.

Okay, see you! Yeah. See you!

Oh, shit!

Oh, my God!

Come on. Please!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!


I'm very sorry about this, Marty.

I don't know if you believe that or not, but it's true.

I would never willingly hurt a child.

Please... I won't tell anyone.

You should have let me alone, Marty.

I can't kill myself.

Our religion teaches that suicide is the greatest sin...

...a man or a woman can commit.

Stella was going to commit suicide.

And if she had done so, she would be burning in hell right now.

By killing her I took her physical life...

...but I saved her life eternal!

You see how all things serve the will and the mind of God.

You see! You meddling little shit!

You're going to have a terrible accident, Marty.

You're gonna fall in the river.

Mr. Zinneman! Help me, please! Help me!

Mr. Zinneman! Wait! Mr. Zinneman!

On the bridge! Help me, please!

That you, Marty?

Spooky in there, isn't it?

It's easier to swallow without the foaming jaws, the hair and teeth.

Did you talk to the Sheriff? Yes.

After Marty's latest, thrilling tale of wonder.

But he's had no complaints of poison pen pals.

See, told ya. Shut up, Marty.

What color is Lowe's car?


This blue.


That is the craziest, goddamn story I have ever heard in my life.

I know.

Do you believe any of this?

You do, don't you?

Well, let's just say I believe Reverend Lowe oughta be checked out.

That can be arranged.

Thank you, Joe.

Reverend Lowe?

Can I help you, Joe?

I think you'd better come along with me, Reverend.

It's not my fault!

Sheriff Haller said he'd check him out. And guess what?

No one sees him again.

What do you suggest I do about it?

I want you to turn this into a silver bullet.

You won't let go of it, will you?

I saw what I saw. Marty, the moon wasn't even full.

In the legends, the werewolf guy only changes when the moon is full.

But maybe he's like this almost all the time.

Only, as the moon gets fuller... ...the guy gets wolfier.

Shit... Here!

Take mine too. Why don't you guys tell me... this guy Lowe became a werewolf?

I don't know.

Maybe he doesn't know either.

I think he's going to come after me.

Not just because I know who he is...

...but because I hurt him.

And I think he'll wait till the moon's all the way full...

...and there's no Reverend Lowe at all.

Only the monster.

You've gone right outta your mind.

Will you do it?




My nephew has just discovered the Lone Ranger.

And I wondered if you could help me here.

You want a silver bullet, huh?

The man Uncle Red had gone to see was more than a gunsmith.

He was, Uncle Red said, "an old world craftsman ".

A sort of wizard of weapons.

He confirmed the high silver content of my crucifix and Marty's medallion.

He melted them down and molded them into a silver bullet.

Marty had read all the legends about werewolves.

And though they differed on several minor points, they all agreed on one.

It takes silver to kill a werewolf.

And we were taking no chances.

There it is.

Nicest piece of work I ever done, I think.

It's got a low-grain load so it won't tumble.

Oughta be pretty accurate. Well, shoot, it's just a gag.

I mean, what the heck you gonna shoot a 44 bullet at anyway, made of silver?

How about a werewolf?

The night of the next full moon came on Halloween.

And a happy coincidence left us in the sole care of Uncle Red.

Luggage for a month going to New York for a weekend.

At least it seemed like a coincidence. And remember, we'll be at the Plaza.

And I've got the number. Right.

Hey... goodbye! Bye!

Goodbye, honey. Goodbye.

Thank you! Thank you so much! Whoa, Sis.

It's just my luck to win a romantic trip for two...

...after Sheila leaves me. That's how it is.

Have you got the tickets? Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Okay, now go and have fun. Bye.

Have fun, Bob. You too, Red.

And don't let these kids run you ragged.

Naw, they won't run me ragged. And listen.

Don't let any trick-or-treaters in, even if they come.

We won't. We won't.

Bye-bye. Goodbye!

Bye-bye. Have fun.

Oh, listen! You kids go to bed early.

You're gonna hurt you head poppin' in-and-out like that!

Be good, kids!

Yeah, we will. Yeah, we will.

Could I tell you kids something? ' Sure, Uncle Red.

Me and Nan, were just like you guys when we were growin' up.

And the bitch of it is, we still are.

Did you really win a trip to New York from Publisher's Clearing House?


But the moon is full.

And your parents are gone.

And I did win a subscription to Popular Mechanics.

Oh, God!

You're gonna burn yourself up sometime doing that Uncle Red.

Probably will.

If that would have gone off, that've been the end of our Silver Bullet.

This is too much.

You guys are goin' to bed.

But Uncle Red, you said... I know what I said.

But it's ten till three in the morning and it's not coming.

The moon's not down yet. Well, it's damn near down.

I'm gonna sit up the rest of the night with this stupid gun in my lap...

...because I promised I'd do that.

But you're going to bed, so are you. What happens if I say no?

Then I'm gonna kick your ass!

It's a werewolf! I saw him! It's a werewolf! Wait, wait, wait!

What did you see? The werewolf!

What did you see? I was looking at you.

God damn...

Uh... it's okay. I'll go look, that's all.

A very familiar feeling is beginning to come over me.


I'm beginning to feel like a horse's ass, that's what.

He's out there! I saw him!

I know you did, Janie. Why don't you just go upstairs?

Now don't panic!

He's here.

Marty, it could be just a fuse.


Over here! Watch out!

Jane, get the gun!

Hurry, Marty! Please, hurry!

Leave him alone!

Shoot! Shoot!

Holy jumped up Jesus Palomino.


It's okay. I gotcha. I gotcha.

Don't worry. He's dead.

Are you all right?

All except for my legs.


I don't think I can walk.

I love you, Jane.

I love you, too.

I wasn't always able to say that.

But I can say it now.

I love you, too, Marty.

Good night.