Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Script

Metal screams.

Something hits me square in the chest.

There's no up or down.

I don't weigh a thing.

I don't remember a thing.

This doesn't look good at all.

I've gone and done something again.

Wish I could remember what.

How did I get here?

What have I done? And why?

I must've forgotten my medicine.

I've got a condition.

It's bad to forget your medicine when you've got a condition.

Caught myself a bullet.

The wound's fresh, maybe an hour old.

I can't remember how I got it.

For the life of me, I can't remember.

The projects.

Ugly as ever.

What the hell am I doing here?

Put the pieces together.


It's Saturday, so I must've started the night at Kadie's joint.

Just another Saturday night.

Me and all the other losers like me sucking back the sauce and drooling like fools over Nancy.

I was in a mood.

Even watching Nancy couldn't cheer me up.

I get that way sometimes.

Empty in the gut, hollow in that lonely place, and wishing I had an excuse to break somebody's face.

It was just another Saturday night.

I was wondering what I was gonna do with myself when I smelled something awful.

Burning hair.

Burning meat.

Like these poor old winos didn't have it bad enough already.

Damn frat boys.

Damn rich, spoiled brats.

Leave him be.

Crawl back into your bottle, Bernini boy.

Why did he call me Bernie?

At least I know they're bad guys.

Nothing wrong with killing the bunch of them.

Hell, it's practically my civic duty.

Oh, these wormy little twits.

I hate these guys.

God, this really hurts.

They made a run for it.

I did what any good citizen would do.

Go to hell.

What the hell?

What the hell?

What the hell!

That's when I got my idea.

If they got back to their university out in Sacred Oaks, I'd never catch them.

I banged them around like a hockey puck.

Cut them off at every turn.

I left them no choice but to head over the hill to the projects.

I could just turn my back and leave them here.

My old neighbors would take care of them but good.

But hell, why should they have all the fun?

The projects.

I was born here.

My old neighborhood.


He's a dead man.

I'm telling you, I'm one bitch of a good shot, and he's a dead man.

My old neighbors.

They let me know they're watching.

I remind them who I am.

I tell them what to do.

No! No, please!

Please, I...

I've got money.

I've got a trust fund.

I can pay.

You'll pay.


Before, when you shot me, you called me Bernie.

Why did you call me Bernie?


It's a brand name.

That coat you're wearing.

It's a Bernini.

Really? Oh.

Thanks for clearing that up, kid.


Bernini, huh?

And one fine coat it is.

Somebody must've spent a fortune on it.

I wonder who.

And while I'm at it, where the heck did I get these gloves?

I can't remember for the life of me.


Savage power in gentlemen's hands.

It's a good game.

Now, who wants to play?

Sin City's where you go in with your eyes open...

Or you don't come out at all.

But a city's like a woman or a casino.

Somebody's gonna win, and it's gonna be me.

It's the kind of place your father doesn't want to talk about.

But where I come from, a father is a thing no one seems to be able to find.

I was feeling lucky.

I'd won money in joints all over town, and I finally made it to Kadie's... where the real score is.

What happened to the show?

How's tricks, stranger?

Heads or tails?


That's a trick.

That won't get you anywhere.

Follow the shiny object.

Where'd you come from, handsome?

Do me a favor and blow on this.

Does Lady Luck have a name?


Lucky man. Every time, ma'am.

Now where's the real action? Baby, you don't want to know.

I do want to know.

Whatever you say, boss.

Back of the bar. It's your funeral.

They'll eat you alive back there. I'm a pretty tough chew.

Come on.

Would you kiss it this time?

Oh, my God!

Hey there, Marcie. Yeah?

You want to go make some real money?


I'll check.

I'll bet $100.

Good night.

I'll play.

I'll fold.

Who's the slicker?

I busted this one for craps over at Josie's once.

He paid up. He's okay.

Whatever you do, kid, don't win too much.

I never lose.

What's with bringing a frail in here?

This is my good luck charm.

Besides, I'm heading to make a pretty nice dime tonight.

Got to have someone to spend it on, right?

Sylvio, let our young friend here do the honors.


This boy's good.

Nancy! Nancy!

Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Nancy!

And the dealer will take two.

One hand in.

I'll play.

I'm out.

Yeah, me, too.

I fold.

I'm done.

How dumb are you feeling now, boy?

Pretty dumb.

Well, Senator, I'm ready for your worst.

Boy, you don't even want to dream about my worst.

No, I don't imagine I do.

So why don't I just flatten your ass right now and we can call it a night.

Sure. This is a fair game, played by honorable men.

I'm gonna raise you $300.

Easy, kid.

You got any idea what you're up against?

Looks to me like I'm up against a man.

You're up against a Roark.

Yeah, I was born here, Senator.

I know who you are.

We all die here sooner or later.

I'm gonna raise you another $500.

I like this kid.

I like him a lot.

I'm gonna call you.

You won't be needing anything for cab fare, will you?

Now that's as fine a hand as you'll ever have, friend.

You just keep in mind what hands are made out of.

Will do.


Get your ass out of here.

Run like hell, you might still have a chance.

Oh, I can't miss tomorrow night's game.

Not any more than you can, Officer.

Besides, I already promised Marcie a night on the town.

I can't protect you.

Then why are you a cop?

Where we going, Johnny?


One of these days she'll pull the trigger, and then there's nothing I can do.

There's nothing I can do now.

And all I can do is ask...

Is don't.

Don't avenge me, Nancy.

It'll be the death of you.

I can't help.

I can't watch.

Death is just like life in Sin City.

There's nothing you can do.

And love doesn't conquer anything at all.

Good luck, Nancy.

Live while you're alive.

Just try, sweetheart.

We make Sin City history.

Hit every hot spot in town.

I blow through almost as much cash as I make at the tables.

The trouble starts when I try to use my credit cards.

I'm sure there must be some mistake.

We'd be happy to extend a line of credit.

How can all of them go bad on the same night?

It's not like you don't have cash.

That's not the point. Come on.

We got to get you home.

Something comes up behind us.

Smells all wrong.

This will slow us down.

You get to the side, Marcie.

I got to break some bones.

What are you talking about, you silly?

You just stay right there.

Gentlemen, listen, I think I know what this is about, and I want you to know you'll have no resistance from me.

That blackjack you got in your hand could split somebody's skull open.

What the hell was that all about?

You stay out of sight, now.

You'll be safe in Old Town.

Meet me at the Three Sheets Hotel.

Room 166.

One-six... Wait.

Let's get this over with.

Don't enjoy it too much, fellas.

You made a fool of me, boy, right in front of the wrong people.

You took your chances like we all did, and you lost.

You have any idea how easy I kill little snots like you?

Now, let's see about that winning hand.

Powerful men watch what happens at that table.

I need them to know the price of defiance.

Power is a fragile thing.

It tolerates no threat.

Defiance must be met with an example of the wages of defiance.

You'd be smart to kill me now.

I'll do far worse than kill you, boy.

What you have encountered, boy, is power.

Every time the wind blows cold and wet, that thing that was your hand will clutch at your leg in arthritic agony.

Whenever it rains, you'll remember me.

You'll remember me all the time...

My son.

Oh, yeah.

I know who you are.

I knew you were one of mine the minute I saw you, family resemblance, my boy.

I don't give a damn.

I only had one real son, Ethan, may he rest in peace, and he could've been president.

Did you really think that I was gonna claim you?

You beat me, Roark.

But when I get back it'll be a whole different game.

It's another hot night.

Dry and windless.

The kind that makes people do sweaty, secret things.

Things worth money to me.

This is the last time, Sally.

This has got to be the last time.

You always say that.

I mean it this time.

She glides out of her coat like it was Christmas wrapping, playing it for all it's worth.

And it's worth plenty.

This is the end for us. The end for us?

It's my wife.

She's asking all kinds of questions. She suspects something.

She'll sue and she'll get everything. Everything!

Everything you've worked so hard for.

I work my butt off.

I built my business up from out of nothing. Nothing.

Nobody appreciates you, do they, Joey?

Not the way you deserve.

Nobody. Not the employees, who would be out on the street if it wasn't for me. Not my wife, who I found on the street. And she lives in that mansion you bought her. Wearing all those clothes that I got her. With my money, my hard-earned money!

I think you're so strong.

You're damn right about that.

Do I get any credit?

They just take and take and take.

One of these days, I'm gonna fire the whole pack of 'em.

I'm gonna show them who's boss.

Show me, Joey.

Show me who's boss.


I'll show you.

I'm gonna show you.

Then she's moaning and saying "boss"

- in time with his movements. Boss! Bossy!

Bossy! Bossy!

It's all over pretty quickly.

I get everything I need.

The sad thing is, some of the compositions are pretty good.

You made me feel like a woman.

I know that sounds corny, but it's true.

I love you, baby.

You know I love you.

Even when you lie to me.

My wrist hurts, Joey.

You think you can get the key? It's just in my purse.

You don't have any idea how much I've sacrificed.

What are you doing, Joey?

It's tearing me up how much I love you, and what I got to do.

But I've worked too hard.

And Gloria will get everything.

And I can't let that happen.


I don't have a choice. It's all her fault.

Joey, please. I... I won't tell anyone, I swear to God.

I know you won't want to talk. I know that, but you're only human. Oh, my aching back.

Gloria's gonna find out about you, if she doesn't know already, and she's gonna offer you a lot of money, my money! And she's gonna give it to you to bring me down!

Then I'll go away. Who's gonna pay for the ticket?

The ticket and God knows what else!

Then the apartment! The clothes!

The car!

You're gonna suck me dry, and you'll never ever stop!

No. Please, no!

Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!

Nobody's killing anybody.

Not while I'm around.

Then can I have a ride?

I grab the key and uncuff her.

She gives him a good-bye that'll still hurt like hell when he comes to.

I leave the slob handcuffed to the bed for housekeeping to find.

I take Redondo over the hill toward Old Town.

Thanks for my life, man.

Sally blends into the sea of flesh that is Old Town.

They all come back...

The damn Old Town memories.

Drunken mornings and sweaty sex and stupid, bloody brawls.

And that thing I did.

You can't just pick and choose.

You can't take the good without the bad.

Not once you let the monster out.

I can't let it out.

Never again.

I drive ten blocks out of my way and stop for gas I don't need, avoiding the worst of this job.

My employer...

The wife.

This one's got a lawyer to pay the tab, so it's easier.

Please leave by the servants' exit.

The Mustang shudders, begging to cut loose and show what it can do.

It wants to take me all the way.

I don't let it.

I think about all the ways I've screwed up and what I'd give for one clear chance to wipe the slate clean.

I'd give anything just to cut loose, just to feel the fire...

One more time.

Never lose control, not for a second.

Never let the monster out.

Remember when you did.

Remember what you did.


Dwight, is that you?


I'm sorry to call.

I know I've got no right.

But I need to see you.


Please, Dwight, don't hang up. Please.

She keeps talking.

Like an idiot, I keep listening.



I should tell her to go to hell.

Instead, I show up 20 minutes early.

What the hell could she want with me now?

You can't drive two blocks in Sin City without coming across a saloon.

The bad kind.

Why here, Ava?

With you, everything always had to be first-class.

And when I couldn't foot the bill, you sure as hell found somebody who could.

I order up a ginger ale and stare at it for the better part of an hour.

She's late, like she always was.

And like always...

she's worth the wait.


How long has it been?

Four years?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Have a seat.

So many times I've wanted to call you.

I found myself thinking about you, constantly.

I've got places to go, how about you just tell me what you want. Don't be cold.

I don't think I could stand that right now.

I must still mean something to you.

You came here. You must still care.

Sure. You called and I came running.

You still got that much of a hold on me.

Maybe you always will.

But I got no reason at all to be nice to you.

I guess I deserve that.

Let's not screw around.

I'm here. I'm listening.

Just tell me what the hell it is you want.

There's only one thing I want from you, and I want it so desperately I could scream.

I want you to forgive me.

So you've got a conscience after all.

Fine. I forgive you.

You got your wish.

Now go home. Sleep tight.

You're right about me.

I'm a selfish slut who threw away the only man she ever loved.

But I was wrong.

Good one.

I was born at night, but it wasn't last night.

I'm in hell, Dwight.

It's worse than you can imagine.

You made your bed, sleep in it.

Forgive me, darling, I beg you.


I love you.



You do that again, I swear to hell I'll kill you.

If you can't forgive me... then please remember me.

They say you really never die as long as somebody remembers you.

What the devil are you talking about?

Mrs. Lord.

The weather's inclement, the neighborhood is bad, and your present company is low.

You're due at home, Mrs. Lord.

I'd say that's up to Mrs. Lord.

This is none of your concern, sir.

Any physical contest between us would have one outcome.

Hey, buddy, is that dickhead giving you a hard time?

You want me to break him down for you?

I got nothing going on tonight.

That would be an interesting contest.

It's not his fight.

Never mind, Dwight.

It is too late.

I'll go with him.

Too late for what, Ava?

For everything.

Just remember me, my love.

Remember me.

You have business tonight, Mrs. Lord.

Unpleasant business.

I don't care any more.

The night air hasn't gotten any colder.

It just feels that way.

Buddy, I don't mean to poke my nose where it don't belong, but...

That there is a dame to kill for.



Night turns to day and then it's night again, and there's nowhere to hide.

She isn't worth a moment's thought, and I can't get her out of my head.

What am I doing smoking?

Where did I get these cigarettes?

It's Ava making you crazy all over again.

Never let the monster out.

Shake her off.

Whatever she's in for, she deserves it.

But I have to know what's wrong.

It's a couple hours' drive out to Sacred Oaks.

It shouldn't take too much effort to get to the bottom of this.

Just a simple job of breaking and entering, punishable by up to five years in the slammer, even if I don't kill anybody.

I wind up seeing a lot more of Ava than I bargained for.

And she seems perfectly goddamn fine.

Not roughed up.

Just the rich man's wife she always intended to be.

I'm a damned fool.

Freeze, pervert.

Let me through, Manute.

I'm sorry, Dwight.

An atom bomb goes off between my legs.

A freight train barrels into my jaw.

I've taken a beating before, but never like this.

Never like this.

The sounds go wet.

Maybe he keeps hitting me.

I don't know.

I'm gone.

Gone to that place where there's no pain or thought.

I wake up in midair.

The pavement rushes up to give me a big sloppy kiss.

I'll be damned.

Door-to-door service.

Then I spot my Mustang, which makes no sense.

Why would they return my car?

Get out of here.


Put your clothes back on and get out of here now.


You had your chance.

I would have stayed away, but you came for me.

You still want me.

And I'm yours. Now.


Get out of my life once and for all, or I'll bash your teeth in.

If you can't love me... hate me.

If you can't forgive me, punish me.

Make me hurt like I've hurt you.

I call her every foul name there is.

She makes my name sound like music.

Like a chant to some dark god.

She's slippery with sweat.

Before long, my hatred is spent, but she won't let go.

She kisses me and coaxes me and the fire grows again.

I say all the things I swore I'd never say again.

She owns me.

Body and soul.

Tell me everything.

Manute, the man who beat you...

He's a specialist in inflicting pain.

Hideous pain, in all the places you just gave me joy.

That's sick.

That's crazy.

Damien, my husband, he talks and talks and watches.

It's worse each time.

He's getting closer to his final, sick climax.

He says I'll be very ugly before I die.

Ava, you're not gonna die.

You're coming with me.

It's hopeless.

He lets me run away.

Even laughs about it.

Doesn't care where I go, what I do.

He knows Manute will always find me.

Isn't that right, Manute?

Madam, Mr. Lord will require that you be disciplined.

No, Dwight! Don't fight him!

He'll kill you!

He's not human.

I punch a vault door.

It doesn't fall down, so I punch it again.

A wrecking ball hits me square in the chest.

Mrs. Lord, your coat.

We have an appointment.

They can't take her away from me.

Not this time.

I know exactly what to do.

I know exactly where to go.

Now here's a girl with protection.

She may be showing off everything she's got in a ratty dive full of horny drunks, but Nancy's the safest gal in the world.

Make a grab for Nancy and you're up against 300 pounds of iron that goes by the name of Marv.



I didn't even see you there.

What can I do you for?

I need your help.

It's bad.

It means going up against a lot of guns.

Count me in.

I could use a change of pace.

We finish off the bottle, letting its liquid darkness fill us both.

When I'm sure he's had enough to make him good and dangerous, I tell him about Ava, and his eyes go killer red.

I know he's willing to die for me, if that's what it takes.

So I'm using him.

So what?

So he breaks the faces I want him to break instead of somebody else's.

So he helps me get Ava back in my arms again instead of sleeping it off in a flophouse or gutter.

His life isn't worth a damn, anyway.

If I don't get him killed, the world will, one way or another.

I want you to leave that thing in the car.

Nobody's getting killed tonight.

Come on, Dwight. You ain't no fun at all.

We split up at the gate.

It doesn't take Marv long to get their attention.

You've trespassed on hallowed ground.

You're the slug that hurt my friend, huh?

Shall we?

Haven't had my hand around one of these in days.

I'll find the truth about Ava and what's happening to her now.

He'll tell me.

I'll get it out of him.

Damien Lord.

Where is she?

What have you done with her?

Have you come to take her away from all this?

And what is "all this," in her present stories?

I haven't the slightest notion what nonsense my wife has told you.

Nor do I care.

It's all lies.

Stay away from the desk.

The woman is pathological.

You've been deceived.

What did it feel like?


Murdering an innocent man.

I just want to know what it felt like.

Must have been beautiful.

What are you talking about, innocence?

I knew I could count on you.

Sex always made you stupid, ready to believe anything.

You've just made me a very rich woman.

Do me one last favor, lover.

Stay still long enough for me to blow your brains out.

I'm not much of a shot.

But I do my best. Ava...

I planned it and you fell for it.

This is the last time I'm ever gonna need anything from a man.

The last time I make my living on my back.

Manute never hurt you?

He wouldn't dare.

You're insane.

No, Dwight.

A crazy person would be anyone who believes me.

And that would be you.

If I kissed you now, Dwight, would you still believe it was... love?



Hey, I handled that big slug just like I promised.

I didn't kill him, I didn't even cripple him.

Six months in traction, that's all, tops.

I took an eye out of him, though.

Listen, before you say anything, I know I was supposed to take the 'Stang to make my getaway, but when I saw this beauty here sitting there, you know, the keys in the ignition and everything, I couldn't pass up a chance to take a drive in an honest-to-God Tucker.

Pull over!

You know, they only made a couple dozen of these beauties.

I saw a movie about it once.

Oh, here I am jabbering, and you're leaking all over the place.

I'll get you to a guy I know.

He's good with bullets and he don't ask questions.

Get me to Old Town.

Let me level with you, pal.

You ain't gonna make it to Old Town.

I'll make it.

I've got too much I've got to do to let myself die.

Old Town.

He left a lot of blood, Mrs. Lord.

He won't get far.

You said you knew him.

The killer's name is Dwight.

Dwight McCarthy.

You knew him in what sense?

Why, the biblical one.

I'm sorry, Lieutenant.

You've been so very patient with me.

Here we've barely met, and already I...

I feel I can trust you.

You can trust me.

We were together for a while a few years ago.

It went badly.

He went insane.

He started imagining things, accusing me of things.

He followed me wherever I went.

Recently, he broke into this very property.

He beat you?

When he drank, he drank a lot.

You stay with this nutcase?

Never mind that.

You'd be surprised how much a woman can take.

You were terrified.

It was Damien who took me away.

He was so gentle and sure.

I suppose I'm a woman who needs protection.

He made me feel safe.

But then, Dwight, he found me somehow.

He started calling me late at night, making awful threats.

And now Damien's dead and I'm alone.

Oh, please, Lieutenant!

Call me Mort.

Nothing like a widow in need of comfort.

I got a stiffy just watching.

Man, she is primed.

Just drop it, Bob.

You don't pass up a chance like that.

What's the point of being a Sin City cop, if you don't get the perks?

I'm a married man, Bob.

I don't care what you are.

I mean, just take a look at that babe.

That's enough, Bob.

This doesn't look good.

One squad car still chases us.

Must be a rookie driving.

His buddies should have told him the girls of Old Town have laws all their own.

And they don't take kindly to cops.

Old Town!

Oh, you're a genius, kid!

Here we are, pal.

All of a sudden, this doesn't look like the brightest idea you ever had.

You have ten seconds to tell us what you're doing bringing cops to Old Town.

We got us a problem.

I don't fight girls.


It's me.


What have they done to you?

A corkscrew stabs me square in the chest... and twists.

Get Molly!

Get everybody.

It's about time.


Mrs. Lord.



You're so kind to call.

I hope I didn't wake you.

No, I wasn't sleeping.

I haven't slept at all.

I'm jumping at every sound, just knowing he's still out there.

I guess I'm not a very strong person.

And me in this house, all alone.

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, Mrs. Lord.

You're having a very understandable reaction.

If there's anything at all I can do for you...

I know it's a bad thing to think of you the way I do.

It's inconvenient.

"But who ever loved, loved not at first sight?"

I've thought about you since I saw you.

I'm thinking about you now.

Are you thinking about me?


I hate myself for saying this, but...

I just don't know if I could bear to be alone tonight.

My heart beats.

I take in the rich, burnt smell of coffee.


She's reason enough to open my eyes.

Can you hear me, Dwight?

Cops want you bad, Dwight.

Really bad.

But don't worry.

We'll fix you up.

And when we do, when you're all better, I'll deck you for leaving in the first place.

I told you you'd be back.

I told you... you belong here.


I thought there was another world out there.

I thought I could be a part of it.

There's only Sin City.

Molly said you're ready to leave.

No, I'm staying. Wrong answer.


Deadly little Miho.

If she recognizes me, she doesn't let it show.

Oh, you picked the wrong neighborhood for your hideout.

Alive or dead, you're leaving.

I'm staying.

I don't think he can feel it, Miho.

Give it a twist.

You won't give with any more lip about staying here or Miho will have to exhale.

And that heart Molly worked so hard to fix will just pop like a grape.

He's staying.

And if you're going to kill him, you better kill me, too.

Even though he doesn't feel the same way about me, he's the only man I'll ever love.

They all seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Gail drops it.

It was dark in that alley, Miho, when you were 15.

You killed three of the Tong.

But the last two had the drop on you.

You were dead, until someone appeared.

You never got a good look at the man who saved you.

Take a look now.

I get more time... and more surgery.

Listen, there-there's only one person that has anything to gain from snuffing Damien Lord, and you're too busy banging the broad to bring her in for questioning. You don't know her.

You don't know anything about her, and I'll be damned if I let you use that kind of language when you talk about her.

You're in love with her.

You stupid schmuck.

It's one thing to poke a babe on the side, but you can't even think straight.

Shut the hell up!

I know what I'm doing.

I guess I should've told you everything.

Damn right you should have.

He raped me.

He almost killed me.

That son of a bitch.

I thought I could reason with him, but he was worse than ever.

His hands at my throat, strangling me while he did what he needed to do.

Not while I'm around.

He'll kill me.

Kill me! Kill me!

I have only you.

I love you, Mort.

Keep me safe.

Keep me! Keep me!

Keep me!

Ava Lord.

For once, you missed my heart.

I'm healing quickly, Ava.

I'll be coming for you soon.

You know where he is, and you won't do a damn thing about it.

You don't know what you're asking.

We have to wait for Old Town to give him up.

It's the only way.

You're a Sin City cop.

You've got a badge and a gun. You've got power.

Use it.

If you ever want to have this woman again, be a man.

If you're a man, kill him.

Don't move.


You never tortured her.

You two cooked that up.

You were her lover.

You're a fool.

The Goddess takes no lover.

The Goddess makes slaves of men.

In an instant, she can see to the heart of you and transform to your deepest desire.

To Damien Lord, she was the princess bride.

To you, a damsel in distress.

She devoured all of you.

You cannot defeat the Goddess.

She cannot die.

You're as crazy as she is.

If you were as rotten as her, I would blow your brains out right now, but I'm trying to be careful about who I kill, and all you did was pound the crap out of me.

You've already paid an eye for that.

I'm letting you go with a warning.

Stay in bed.

Don't go back to work.

And don't get in my way.

No, Ava, you're no goddess.

You're a witch.

A predator.

Maybe I only got what I deserved, but what about the others?

Good men driven mad.

You really lost it.

Bad enough you leave your wife for that skank.

You watch what you call her, you son of a bitch.

You're throwing away your career.

Hell, you're committing suicide, you stupid shit.

I know what I'm doing.

I'm going to Old Town.

I'm gonna nail this guy once and for all.

If I have to go it alone, I will.

Do me a favor, turn the car around and you go back to the station.

You got to come clean with the captain.

I'm a cop. I'm doing my job.

I'm hunting down a murderer.

Look, you got to ditch that dame.

That's enough!

We won't talk about Ava.

Somebody has got to set you straight.

You've got to forget about that stupid whore.

Turn the car around or I'm turning you in.

I warned you.

Every day, I warned you!

But you keep asking for it!

And asking for it!

Well, here it is, pal.

Mort, no.

A witch, a predator.

Destroying lives.

Sometimes for power.

Sometimes for profit.

Sometimes for sport.

But now you're locked away in your mansion.

A bird of prey in a gilded cage.

Are you ready to do something stupid?

I'm so happy you chose to attend my little party, Herr Wallenquist.

Your invitation surprised me, Mrs. Lord.

Your husband had no criminal associations.

Believe me, I tried.

May I speak truthfully, Mr. Wallenquist?


Old Town is a thorn in your side.

Indeed, it is.

All those profits in the hands of whores.

Surely you've wanted to put them in their place.

Make some adjustment to the balance of power.

Show them who rules Sin City.

You have limited influence on me, Mrs. Lord.

I haven't been doing so very badly.

But those two policemen, that was an embarrassing blunder.


I'm out of my league.

I need a stronger, more experienced hand.

I need Lord Enterprises joined in matrimony with the expertise and iron fist of Alarich Wallenquist.

What you need is the corpse of Dwight McCarthy and a suicide note in which he confesses to the murder of Damien Lord.

And you need to show those Old Town bitches who's boss.

Indeed, I do.

There's a specialist in Texas.

I could have him on a train tomorrow.

I'll brief him myself.

He'll be on your doorstep at midnight.

And I'll be yours forever.

Pray for your soul, Ava.

This won't be its last visit to Sin City.

Good evening, Mr. Campbell.

I'll take your bag.

Nobody touches my gear.

And I got somebody picking me up whose one hell of a lot cuter than you.

It was our understanding that you would travel alone.

I'm full of surprises.

Shuffle that booty over to the shotgun side, doll.

I'm driving.

We'll follow you.

Mrs. Lord may not be pleased.

She's the one with the problem.

I can always get back on the train.

Wait here.

Hurry back.

You know I get impatient.

And you know I get a little crazy when I get impatient.

Boogaard, watch this woman.


If this man moves, kill him.

I thought this was business.

My compliments to your surgeon, Mr. McCarthy.

Remarkable transformation, but you still have the eyes.

The eyes of a dead man.

I hate being left alone.

When I'm alone, it makes me want to do all kinds of crazy things.

No woman should be left alone with a man like you.

Do you want me to do something we shouldn't?

My lips are sealed.

There's something I need in the trunk.

Bear witness.

Mrs. Lord, the specialist has arrived.

The bathing thing with her was never about bathing.

It was always theater.

Or maybe it was retail.

You can't make a sale without showing the goods.

It's McCarthy.

Do you mind if I say that you're twice the man I thought you were.

You're a warrior.

A killer.

You're everything I want out of a man, but I could never get the honesty out of you.

You could've been everything I needed.

You still could be.

You're a new man.

Remember what she did.

Remember what she is.

Wait for your opening.

Wait for Gail to do her bit.

When you're immune to me, I'll let you know.

Step back, mistress.

Let me kill him.



Six shots without a single head wound.

Then it all gets down to speed and luck.

Her eyes are wet and full of love.

I never dreamed.

You're everything I've ever wanted.

Everything I need.

You and me, forever.

It's over.

Pain has set you free.

You're no good any more, Dwight.

You're more like me.

Be like me.

Let the old Dwight go.

Let it go with his old face.

She pulls close, and I've got to look.

And all I want is to be lost in the sight and sound and smell of her.

I can't think straight.

We can be free.

We can be happy.

Together forever.


Her kiss is a promise of paradise.


The gun barks and bucks in my hand.

Life leaves Ava with a sigh.

Sirens climb the hill.

We'll take the back roads.

The old bootlegger roads.

They'll never catch us.

I'm going home.

Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything.

I was told I could find a man here by the name of Mr. Kroenig.

That's Dr. Kroenig to you.

Yes, sir.

License or no license, these hands still got what it takes.

Once I'm prepped.

How much you got?

40 bucks you got, 40 bucks worth you get.

Steady as a rock... once I'm prepped.

40 bucks got you the bullet.

But that hand of yours, that's a lot of bones need setting.

I'll give you an hour for your shoes.

Take them.

I do my best to think about winning...


The old man must like popsicles.

He uses the sticks for splints.

He licks them first.

Not so much as a goddamn thank you.

Generosity don't count for shit, this... day and age.

Quite a job you did on me, Roark.

Even my shoes.

There's nothing more you could take, except...


The girl.

Oh, my Christ.


Oh, Marcie, you weren't a part of this.

You were just there to throw them off their game.

What have I dragged you into?

This has turned into a long, bad night.

The window's not locked.

Never a good sign.

Not in Sin City.

Look who decided to show up.

Give the man a hand.

Give the man another hand.

Ruined, penniless, friendless and forgotten.

You'd really be better off dead, Johnny.

But I like you just the way you are.

I got cocky.

I got cocky, and I got Marcie dead.

Damn it, Johnny.

Hate yourself when you got the time.

Think about tonight's game.

That's all that matters now.

And all you need is money.

Just one lousy buck would be enough to get you started.

Hello, ma'am.

I don't have the money to pay, but could I ask you for a glass of water?


Times are tough all over.

Thank you.

What's with the hand?

I beat the wrong guy at cards.

Tough break.

Thank you very much.

Just a second, you.

You don't stink of anything I don't like, and you kind of remind me of an old boyfriend, okay?

This won't take you very far.

Sweetheart, it's gonna take me to the moon.

Sin City, you never know.

Just don't spend it all in one place.

Hey, handsome.

What you gonna do with all that?

I'm gonna kill Roark.

The Roarks, they don't die that easy.

I just might surprise you.

Looks like something happened to your game hand, son.

I fold.

What's wrong, hotshot?

You're no good without that lady luck you brought the last time?

I'll be fine.

I'm done.

I'm out.

I need three.

Dealer takes two.

Check. Check.

I bet 100.



Just not the same without your game hand, is it?

I'm ambidextrous.


Check. Check.


I'm in.

I'll raise you...

500 more.

I fold.

I'm done.

I'll raise you five more, pretty boy.


You favor your mother.

She was a whore.

Not a very good one.

She was an angel.

I'm all in.

For the works.


That's four aces.

See, I told you I never lose.

I beat you.


That means I'm better than you are, and everybody knows it, 'cause I beat you again every time somebody tells that story, and they'll all say that they won't tell it, but they will.

That's a story that'll be told again and again until you're dead, and long after you're dead.

I beat you forever.

Now they'll all know what happens when you do.

Say hello to your mama.

She always was a stupid bitch.

Power is as power does.

If I could give any young man advice, it'd be this: wear a rubber.

Now take out that trash.

Let's get back to the game.

I can't lose you.

Not again.

You'll never lose me, Nancy.

All this time, she was right there.

Dancing in the club where you play poker.

You've got to have been looking for a chance to put this one through the wringer, Senator.

Nancy Callahan.

My son Ethan was killed because of her.

It's been four years now, and still she's planting flowers at Hartigan's grave.

She's showing gratitude, from the looks of it, to the cop.

Gratitude to the cop who ripped your son to pieces.

Hartigan turned my son into a freak.

Well... completed him as a freak.

But I can hardly blame the young lady for...


Just let the little fluff drown in her sorrow.

It might not be that simple.

Somehow she got her hands on Hartigan's old pistol.

She hits the range every night just before work.

She's become quite a good shot.

And I can only imagine whose face she sees on that target.

I'm listening.

She's been acting kind of crazy sometimes at work.

She's drinking.

Just in the past few weeks.

She never drank before.

It's all like she's building up to something.

Maybe building her nerve.

That'll be all, Lieutenant.

This little bitch is turning me on.

This place stinks.

I never used to notice.

Not when I danced.

Now I smell everything.

I see it all.

Every damn thing.

I know exactly where I am.

I know exactly what I am.

I don't use the stripper logic any more, that they're losers and I'm not.

It was when I couldn't shoot him that I realized I was dead.

That I wasn't a woman with a plan.

I was just a drunk.

I give them what they want.

Then I get the hell out of there.

Are you still there, Sam?

He shot me in the gut.

It wasn't me, Sam.

It was the babe.

Rotten town.

It soils everybody it touches.

This rotten town.

Those it can't corrupt, it soils.

It's soiled you, John Hartigan.

Put that bottle down, Nancy.

You've had enough.

It made you lie to me.

You're not even here right now.

You said you'd never leave me.

I never left you.

I never will.


You're not even here right now.

You're dead.

You blew your brains out.

Stuck your gun in your mouth and you blew your brains out.

I had my reasons.

There was no way out.

I hate you!

You swore you'd always love me.

And I always will.

No one has ever really guessed what hell is.

It's watching the people you love... in pain.

You're the only man I ever loved.

And you left me alone.

You never thought we'd stand a chance against goddamn Senator Roark.

You didn't believe in me.

You didn't think a little piece of ass like me could take down the most powerful man in the state.

Maybe I'll prove both of you wrong.

Maybe I'll go crazy.

Crazy's sounding pretty good right now.

I love you, Nancy.

You little slut.

You're gonna scream before you die.

You're out of your mind.

I appreciate the obsession, but you got nothing.

You could've killed me 50 times if you had the nerve, but you don't.

You are nothing.

You'll scream, just like my boy wanted you to.

Darling, where have you been and...

What have you done to your beautiful hair?

Don't worry, those bastards will get what they want.

They always get what they want.

This is great. This...

What's up with you?

Something's wrong.

I'm out of here.

Don't like watching my sister do the nasty.

I'm taking a hike.


You're beautiful, Nancy.

Don't do this to yourself.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

If a man did that to you, I'd tear him to pieces.

Lieutenant Hartigan, you just gave me a great idea.

No, baby.


Just give me a damn name.


We're up against a lot.

We'll need tools.

Looks like trouble.

Looks like Christmas.

Well, you missed last call, boys.


We're ripping this place a new asshole.

Move or die.

I hope you don't mind me saying this, but... you look hot.

There's no reason to leave anybody alive.

Nobody's innocent.

And we can't leave anybody able to talk.

Don't go soft on me, kid.

Don't leave anybody breathing.

I won't.

I'll work the perimeter and nail the guards.

Baby, you're a natural.

I'll work the inside.

How will I know when you're in?

You'll have a pretty good idea.

Damn thing misfired on me.

I nearly got them all, but this piece of shit, it was jammed up on me.

Piece of crap Uzi had to get all stuck.


Take a seat.

You're a peach.

I got this.

You clever, clever little whore.

I can't believe you made it this far.

You know, Hartigan blew my son's pecker off.

So... where shall I shoot you next?

That tight little belly of yours?

I'm holding a gun on you, young lady.

The rules are, you pretend there's a chance that I won't shoot you.

I told you you would scream before you die.

I owe it to my son.

Frankly, between you and me, I've finally accepted that Ethan was not presidential material.

I'd have had a hard time buying him an election in an insane asylum.

But he was my son, honey.

He was my son.

And now... he's gonna hear you scream.


This is for John Hartigan, fucker.

This rotten town.