Sinbad and the War of the Furies (2016) Script

Hey Sinbad, do you have any idea where we're going?

Nope. Why should I start that now?

Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up.

Is my treasure hunting interfering with your online dating?

As a matter a fact, it is.

I want to see what kind of women are available here.

You know, you mind shutting that thing that's below your nose?

It's making a lot of noise. I'm trying to focus here, man.

What is this?

You can't die yet.

You still owe me a thousand bucks.

Leave it. A millennia from now maybe two guys will find it, convince somebody it's a historic relic and make a big pile of money.

But what if-- No. Nothing. Come on. I found it.


This is where he hide.

Wait. So Perseus hid his treasure in Mexico?

This place wasn't called Mexico back then.

Perseus was just staring at a big black map looking for a place to hide his fortune.

You see, when the kid who killed medusa be came an old man, he went crazy with Dementia.

He was convinced Zeus was after his fortune.

So he packed up his ship and spent 10 years searching for the perfect place to hide it.

Eventually, he hoarded all his wealth up in a cave.

This cave.

Wait, so Perseus discovered the New World?

Yeah. It's all in my book.

At least what should be my book.

Sinbad, not now.

How did we even get in this place?

Same way Perseus killed Medusa.

Through the neck.

Open sesame.

The treasure of Perseus.

Whoo. What? Oh yeah.

Someone's been here. Recently.

Why didn't they take nothing?

Probably some academic moron who wants to preserve this place.

How do you even know that?

Because I use to be one of those academic morons.

Let's hurry.

Oh yeah. That's nice. That's nice.

That's nasty, man. Look, just leave it, alright? Let's just go.

No, no, no.

This bitch made it personal.

I'm going to sell this thing and buy a yacht the size of a football field.

Hi. We were just browsing.

What kind of return policy do you guys have?

Who are you? We were just leaving.


Want that?

Ha Ha!

Get him!

Go! Go! Go!

Oh, come on.


That kid just stole the next atom bomb.

I want it back.

Find him immediately. Understood? -Yeah.

Left this though.


You should log into his Facebook. Say something stupid. -Ssh! Don't talk.

Ten thousand dollar. My final offer. The gold alone is worth that.

Fine. The new price is nine thousand. -Nine? What happened to ten?

You annoy me. Service charge.

Wait, have you actually sucked the life right out of a man?

Because right now I feel like I w ant a divorce and we're not even married.

So go sell it somewhere else. But I doubt they'll give you cash today.

Come on. Throw in some hazard pay? I almost go shot getting this.

Who did you try to kill for this?

They tried to kill me.

Were they government?

No. Fortune hunters like me. Big guy had an eye patch.

The other was wearing a thingy. Like-- -The other one...

Was he a bit of a...dandy?

Do you interrupt everybody's conversations?

I was going to introduce you after our deal. Sinbad, meet Ace Adar.

I'm an aficionado of you, young man.

Well that sound a little bit dirty. -No.

Half of my collections at home are pieces you've found and sold to Lyta here.

Anything of interest?

No artifacts this time. Just gems.

"Just gems." Lyta, give me what I need for my boat so I can leave town and end our torrid love affair.

Ooh! -Ooh! You hurt so good.

Careful. That gave me a chemical burn when I touched it.



Do you know what this is?

Oh, Oh yes.

I believe you found the Heart of Medusa.

Legend says that while her eyes could turn a man to stone, her heart could turn the world to stone.

Sounds like a premium price to me.


I'll give you twenty five thousand for the stone.

Ooh, and double for the scimitar.

This isn't for sale.



Some things can't be bought.


My Dad gave this to me.

He said it was handed down by Old SIndibad himself.

Wait. Seven Seas-Arabian Knights Sindibad?

Maybe. All I know for sure is that it's a great way to open up champagne bottles.

Ah. Oof.

If that's the true Scimitar Sindibad, they opened up throats of both men and demigods.

I don't believe in any of that. My Dad did.

He even said I look like him.

You do.


See. Here.

You must forgive me. I forget that trinkets I collect are family heirlooms.

I have more of your history at my home in Los Angeles.

That's okay. You keep it.

No, no. I insist.

It hasn't brought me luck. Maybe it'll make your wish come true.

See, already working.


I'm the buyer. You're the seller.

You keep talking dirty to me, Lyta. You're turning me on.

And if you're serious about buying a boat, may I suggest you do so and lay low.

The men who I met at the cave. The "dandy." You know them?

Yes, I do.

He sounds like Manta.

Another collector of rare antiquities. Except for one difference.

Not as weird?

To me, artifacts are a taste of history.

But to Manta, they are weapons of magical destruction.

Weapons? Come on, you believe that?

No, no, no. But Manta does.

Rumors are he slaughtered an entire Amazon tribe with the amulet of Silverado in an attempt to look eternally young.

Trust me. It didn't work.

Why didn't he just use photoshop?

You joke now. But Manta is deadly serious about his tactics.

Well then let's get together and kick this guy's ass.

I ain't afraid of him. You should be.

I'm leaving for California tonight. I'm curious to find out more why Manta wants this stone.

Please join me.

My estate is secluded and off the grid.

You'll be safe if Manta chooses to look for you.

I'm not hiding from this guy. Especially not in LA.

If Manta messes with me, I'll mess back.

Besides, this time tomorrow I'll be half-way to Chile.

Well if you reconsider, you always have an ally and a confidant in me.

Like you I keep a low profile, but you can always find my consignment shop in the city's Tehrangeles market.

That's my card.

Lyta, always a pleasure.

Good luck to you.

I already took out my twenty percent.

Why are you giving me more?

Consider it my donation to the "Snarky Bitch Club."

So how we make out? We got enough for the boat.

The good one.

Aye, aye, captain.

So we'll set sail tomorrow. Or we could go north?

I'm never going back to the United States.

What? -Hey.

Do you think I look like this guy?

Nah. He's actually good looking.


Pack up. We're leaving in the morning.

Why so soon?

You want to be around if eye patch and that Russian guy track us back here?

Good point.

Weapons of magical destruction.




What are you trying to do kill me?

Why are you sneaking in here?

I didn't think you'd be home.

Oh God.

Here, I'll get you some ice.

How did you find me?

Who did you think I was- The cops?

Yes. I mean, no.



Does that feel better?

You're making it worse.

Oh, you big baby.

Just hold it on there for a minute. -There's no bag.


What are you doing here?

Well I'm spending the summer here studying old missionary customs.

And then when I saw you were also here-- -No one knows I'm here.

You have a snapchat account.

With pictures of yourself in San Lucas.

I like they way the filters make me look.


Well, I hope that you're not that upset that I brought it.

I thought it might help patch things up.

Patch things up?

Okay. Maybe patch is the wrong word.

Pants can be patched. Tires can be patched.

You can find pumpkins in a patch. But my reputation--

I'm sorry! Look, how many times do I have to say that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that your father ruined my reputation.

You can't blame him forever.

He stole my work and then blames me for what he stole.

Okay. You know what, you're right.

It was a stupid thing to do.

He was afraid he'd lose tenure.

Well I lost my degree and now spend my time hiding from the law.

That was your choice, Sinbad. -Was it?

Sinbad, you stole the university's collection of Egyptian dynasty gems and then you sold them online.

Because I was very, very upset.

Are you trying to decapitate me?

Jealous of my skills?

Oh yeah. I am just heartbroken over you skills.

Seriously, Sinbad.

You could have been the greatest archeological professor in the world.

Now you're just a lousy thief.

I prefer the term undercover entrepreneur.

Oh really?

Then how come you can't do any better than selling buried treasure to old crone Lyta downtown, huh?

At least I'm honest about who I am.


He did put you in the book.


"Special thanks to Sinbad Siridad."


I want to help you start over.


Because if you really wanted to be a criminal, then I wouldn't still be in love with you.


Here's my "special thanks."

And then out of nowhere, this cyclops comes running-- -He wasn't a cyclops.

It was a bloody cyclops. Just because a guy wears an eye patch doesn't make him a "cyclops." -I bet he was born with one eye.

Well, you only have one ball.

Sinbad and his bad jokes. Remember buddy, I own half the deed on this mine.

I know. So we set sail tomorrow.

Alright, well we have a 90 foot schooner.

It's a traditional Turkish motor sailer with a transform stern.

Technically, it's a 35 foot fishing boat with an off board motor.

Do we have a crew? -Are we just gonna go with those dudes you found on Craigslist?

You know they work cheap.


As long as you're on board, I'm fine.

Wait. So you're going to trust a deaf guy over me?

Any day. No one's more trustworthy than a man who can't hear anything.

Was that even sign language? -Nah.

Sebastian reads lips.

I was just trying to look smart. -Hmm.

See you tomorrow.

The rest of you, godspeed and wadaeaan.


I'm embracing my culture.

So now you're embracing your culture?

Help me pack up the rest of this stuff. Just the essentials.


See you on the boat, baby.



I thought we were gonna, explore the women of the world and screw the seven seas.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, still gonna do that.

With your girlfriend around?

Nah. Well, you know, she-- she's like--

You bought her a flower. You're in love.

I'm- I'm not in love.

You are hopelessly devoted.

No. I'm just... yeah. Yeah. I'm in love.

But she's coming with us, alright?

It's my boat, too. So do you have a problem with that?


Very chivalrous of you.

I'm going to take a shower.

She's a lucky lady, Nicky boy! Yeah. Yeah.

May we come in?


Get out of the shower.


The Heart of Medusa.

We know you stole it.


Remember Cyclops and the Russian guy we met at the cave?


I think they sent Charlie's pissed off angels to get their stuff back.

What? Dude, there's nothing right there?

Let me ask one more time.

Or do you prefer a different language.

Where is the Heart of Medusa?

I don't have what you want.

I still smell her heart on you.

The stone's residue sours the skin.

I didn't hold anyone's heart.

How can you lie when the proof is branded on your skin?

If you're talking about the emerald, I sold it.

Who did you give it to?

This one's a fighter.

Manipulate the coward instead.

Tell us where the heart is. Or rip your friend's out instead.

Why just his heart?

When he has such other such delicate intimacies we can rip open.

I sold the damn thing.

To who? To a woman who I thought was the world's biggest bitch.

Until you walked in the door.


Man, come one, Sinbad. Man, Stop pissing them off!

Look, it was Lyta. Lyta!

How do we know you're not lying?

Because this one is crying.

Who the hell are you guys?

You're a man. You don't get to ask me questions.

You're Arabian?

You know him?

You ladies want this, too?

What do you think this place is- QVC?

When I get that stone back, I'm coming back here to break open your head the same way it broke mine. -And mine!


It's Lyta.

It's still there. Huh?

What a nightmare.

I know who did this.

They think it was an animal attack.

I had no idea they'd kill her.


Three women.

They knocked me out before I could her they were coming for the emerald they sold.

Why didn't they come back for me?

I should tell them. -No, wait.

You're on probation.

They'll probably just blame you so they have an easy case to close.

I can't stand back and do nothing.

Okay. Well, why don't you try telling them what's going on?

The I can see if I can help.

So what's so special about this amulet that you had?

Someone told me it's the Heart of Medusa.

The Heart of Medusa?

Oh my God.

Who all knows that you have this?

I was chased down by a Russian guy.

Manta? Manta Marquis?

How do you know about him?

I was the one who told him where to find the Heart of Medusa in the first place.

You told someone else of my theory of Perseus burying his treasure out here?

Okay. I's not just your theory.

Look, we shouldn't talk here.

It's not safe. Let's go to my office.

That's them.

Who are they?

The Furies.

The living manifestations if vengeance, Jealousy, and unresting rage.

So Manta hired three look a-likes to scare me into giving back the Heart of Medusa?

That guy is sick.

And you led them to me.

Or maybe she led you to me.

What the hell are you doing here?

I came to render additional services from the doctor, but instead I find her keeping interesting company.

What's going on?

You two know each other?

We had a deal.

Or so I thought.

Manta hired me to map out a potential location of Medusa's heart.

And when Dad's book was published--

A book based on my theories.

A lot of people came out looking for treasure.

Fortune hunters like Manta hire me all the time to help them map out spots.

I had no idea he'd actually find it.

But I did.

And now I find you coercing with the man who stole it. Why?

No. You tell me why you killed Lyta to get it back.

Or maybe you know?

How dare you accuse me of being involved in that. I don't even know this guy.

Once he paid me for the map, I was done with him.

I've spilled no blood. Yet.

You just have your women do it for you.

I don't associate with the newer sex.

They're devious, as the good doctor proves. Where is the stone?

Lyta sold it. Ask her. Oh, wait. You can't, because she's kind of dead now.

Its too bad. I thought you might know.

Kill them. Starting with her.

You okay?

I am the great Manta.


He's so strong, AHH!

So we're getting a boat and leaving tonight, right?

In this storm? No way.

We have to wait till morning.

But what if Manta find us here?

Trust me. If Manta finds us in here we are more than prepared.

What's wrong?

What is it? -That guy threw one hell of a punch.

Here. Let me see it.

Does that hurt?

A little bit. -Yeah.

Yeah. It's a little blue.

No. Doesn't hurt.

So who did you sell the Heart of Medusa to?

Never you mind who I sold that heart to.

Sinbad, I'm serious.

What's to stop Manta from going after that guy?

We made a deal under the table.

Lyta doesn't keep records.

There's no way Manta can find out who it is.

Don't you think you should warn the buyer?

This buyers isn't afraid of Manta.

And I don't want you to be either.

I am. I feel responsible for getting you into this mess.

Well make it up to me.


You afraid of remembering how much you like kissing me?

No. I just don't want to lose you again.

I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you.

It's not me that I'm worried about.

It's you.


Someone has to worry about you.



Damn girl. I missed you so much.

Hello, lover.

You lied.

One more time. We want the heart.

I told you, I don't have it.

If you won't tell us, We'll have to pull it out of his whore instead.

Is it in there?


What was that?


Everyone on the boat. We're leaving right now.

Shouldn't we call the cops?

Yeah. I'd love to see how they'd handle this.

Everyone wants this stone so bad and I want to find out why.

If anyone knows, it's this Ace dude.

Voicemail. -Shoot.

Ace, this is Sinbad.

I'm taking you up on that offer you made me.

Hide that stone I sold you. Manta is after it.

And the Furies.

It's going to take me about two days to get to your shop.

You said if I ever got in trouble I'd be safe with you. I hope you meant it.

You in?

Well I'm not sticking around here.

Plus, I'd like to see the Heart of Medusa for myself.

Yeah. I'm coming with you. Me and the fellas, we got your back.

And me. -Baby, no.

You're leaving me here by myself?

I will not put the woman that I want to propose to in danger.

This is how you propose? -I will propose when I get back, baby. I promise.

I hope you're worth it.

You and me both.

Let's get our asses to Los Angeles.

Hey. Keep an eye on those RPMs.

We lose this engine we'll be sitting ducks.

You know if you didn't have such a criminal records, we could have flown there.

And miss all this aquatic comradery?

Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

We're about an hour ahead of schedule. If you can keep this up all day and night, we should be in Los Angeles about dawn.

Hey. It's going to be okay.

You're not alone in this.

Not with me around.

Yeah, I know.

Look. Dolphins.

They're a good omen.

How so?

When pirates attacked Dionysus, she turned them into Dolphins.

And then she charged them with helping sailors, instead of harming them.

Sweet story.

Too bad it's not true.

I think that what we saw last night, it can all be true.

What you call magic, I call science.

Okay, then how do you explain what those women turned into?

I mean, they flew away.

Biotechnological weaponry. Manta's Russian after all.

That is paranoid and delusional thinking. What are you, an American?

And you believing in gods and goddesses and magic dolphins isn't paranoid and delusional thinking?

As always, logic wins the debate.

You want science?


Come on.

Come on!

You ever study numerology?

That's on my list of things never to do.

Well when they showed up at your door that first night, you know what time it was?

I don't know. Late. Real late.

Was it after 3:30?


When those two women grabbed me last night, I happened to look at the clock.

It was exactly 3:33.

Now there's 3 women.

That's one Roma numeral for each woman.

Now, 3+3+3 is 9. -Hold on.

9. Yep. Good work.

A group of 9 is called an ennead.

Multiple enneads is called Erineys.

Which is a Greek term for-- -Furies.


We live in a mathematical universe.

Somehow the time of 3:33 unlocks a dimension between our world and theirs.

Is that central or mountain time?

I just can't figure out why they can't stay in our world?

What keeps sending them back each time?

Maybe they have part-time jobs as telemarketers.

That would explain why they're so pissed off all the time. -Sinbad, come on.

Be serious. I'm trying to save your life here.

And my life. Nick's life.

I appreciate it. I really do. -I'm scared that your sword isn't gonna save you this time. -I'm not.

This isn't paranoid or delusional. -Oh my gosh.

What is it gonna take to convince you that these women maybe supernatural?


SINBAD! SINBAD! Oh my God! Sinbad!

Ooh! -It finally happened.

David Duchovny turned me into a dolphin.

It's Dionysus, you idiot! And quit making fun of me!

I'm okay. Thanks for asking.

How you ever been with a Merman, girl?

You want to go to Atlantis? Right under the sea.

Are we gonna celebrate this ship's inaugural trip or what?

And may I point out how long this trip is since some of us can't fly?


What kinda of adventure do you got me going on?

Your last one.

Before you settle down and become and old man.

And you will get back to Mexico, give Daphne a proper proposal, and become and old man. I promise.

That ain't for you.

Nick wasn't kidding.

He really does love that girl.

Do you want to get married?

Are you proposing?


Eww. I'm asking in general.

It's not really my style.

Yeah. I didn't think I liked tradition either.

I think I'm staring to change my mind.

About a lot of thing actually.

Like the Furies.

Even though they scare me, I feel strangely comforted by the fact that magic and myth could be real.


The Ancient World was a madhouse.

And you prefer that over the mindless chaos of the modern world?

I mean, at least back then, you could appease a god by making a sacrifice to it.

Sinbad! Come join the party!

It would be rude to not go up and have a couple brewskis.

Cheers. "Party on!"


Maybe they overslept.

Did you get any sleep at all?



I thought for sure I'd figured it out.

Maybe they can't manifest in water?

And can only crawl out of the earth from where their blood was first spilt?

So you do believe!

No. But you do. It's cute.

I'm sorry they're just regular assassins.

I'm so embarrassed.

Don't be. I used to stay up all night waiting for Santa Claus to show up. So what?

You stayed up all night waiting for the brides of Satan to show up.

It is a little weird. I guess, I can see how you'd be a little embarrassed.

Why are you up so early?

We're half hour from port.

Oh really?

Thirty minutes.

That was fast.

Hey, can I see those binoculars?


I gotta go help up top.

Go pack up your books.

I want to be ready to rock as soon as we dock.

Wait. Wait, do you see that over there?

On that cliff.

Where? Here.


Go back up.

Everybody up!

Approaching land!

I never thought I'd be back here.

What? The United States or with Jax?

Hey! We're not like official.

Keep it straight! I can't control it.

Keep it straight! I'm getting pulled towards the rocks!

I'm going to go shut off the engine. Alright.


We're in trouble! Sebastian, grab the wheel!

Mikey! Eyes up top!

Special K is out of the plates.

It's the Furies! Not now Jax!

Ah! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Please!

Help! Sebastian!


Sebastian! Help me hold him down!


Are you okay?

Okay. Help the other crew! Hurry!


What happened?

Furies! Come on!


You want him?


Come and get him!


Finally Arabian.

Your payment for my vengeance is long overdue.




Looking for Ace Adar. You heard of him?

He wasn't very nice.

Let's try that guy.


Oh, no thanks.

Don't look now but that guy back there has been following us for a while now.

You're about as subtle as a drunken goat in a convalescent home.

No thank you. It's pretty.

Come on. Let's go around. Gotta find this Ace guy.

That's too expensive. Thank you though.

Not to worry, Dr. Kree.

Compliments of Manta Marquis.

Let's get out of here!

Stop! Thief! Thief!

In there!

All clear.

What about these?

You're not gonna like this.

I must be crazy.

You... -Oh my God. are welcome.

Thank you.

Mr. Siridad!

Who are you?

I want to help you.

Why have you been following us all day?

I wasn't sure if it was you.

You an assassin, too?

I'm your driver.

Ace Adar sent me. He wanted you to arrive in style.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Come. This way.

Mr. Siridad, we have arrived.


Welcome! -Hey you!


How fragrant you are.

You didn't pick up your phone.

I lost the damn thing again.

Me and modern day don't mingle well.

Ace, I'd like you to meet-- -Shh!


Let me guess your name.

Okay. Mm-hmm. -Please come closer.

I want to read your palm.



Somebody's been a naughty girl.


Yet naive in some matters.

Excuse me?

It's okay. I'm a raving idiot about mechanics, but I know every constellation by heart.


You have a secret dream. You're scared to tell the other about.

Don't me all?

Now, as enchanting as this is, we really do have to--

Ah. Ah.

Here it is.

You have your aunt's name.



Oh my God! That's incredible.

Try him next.

Oh no, no, no, no. Sorry. My skills only work on women.

Please, come inside.

Come inside.

Thank you.


Thanks. -Thanks.



Come in my friends.

Welcome to my home.

The Babylonaica?

But these volumes were lost when the Library of Alexandria burned down, right?

You have a good eye.

Actually, those are only reproductions.

The originals are stored safely in my vaults.

But don't tell. Every armchair archeologist with a blog will be flying in to check it out.

Please. Come and sit down.

Oh my gosh.

Do you still have the Heart of Medusa?

Of course. Along with the liver of Prometheus, the loins of Adonis--

Keep your loins to yourself.

Manta knows we're in Los Angeles.

His men attached us by your shop.

Ooh. That's awfully bold of him.

Like the other artifacts he recovered, he must believe the heart can be used as a weapon as well.

Is this stone a weapon?

Hard to say.

Anything can be mutated into a device of destruction.

Just look at what we've done with the atoms in the air.

Three women are also after us.

Jax believes they're the Furies.

I know they're the Furies.


You're on the hit list for both the Russians and the Greek gods?

Popular boy.

Give me the heart and let's all get out of here.

And who's going to reimburse me?

Where would you take us that's safer than here?

Not every problem can be solved by running away, Sinbad.

Fine. What's your solution?

What do you think we should do with the heart?

Destroy it.

If the stone no longer exists, there's nothing for Manta or these Furies to take.

No. That stone is an invaluable artifact.

To be studied and learned from. Not to be destroyed.

My past experience ditching the evidence only pisses of the people you owe even more.

Ace, what is the deal with this stone?

I'm not sure but I believe there is someone that can tell us what we're dealing with.


But you rather give me a migraine while I try to figure out what you're thinking outside your head?

The heart isn't the only treasure I own with mystical appeal.

You have a skill with these artifacts. I would like to take advantage of.

If you want me to do magic tricks, there's a two drink minimum.

But first, you need to take a bath and change.

To look at some artifacts?

Let's just say it's best to make a good impression on her.




No. "Her."

Okay. Alright you guy. Well I think a shower sounds wonderful.

But unfortunately, We don't have ant clothes that we can change into.

Not to worry. I have ample wardrobe selection for you both.

I hope you don't mind a more traditional style.

Show our guests to their rooms.

And lay out the clothes I prepared.

We are running for our lives and you're planning a dinner party?

Who's supposed to jump in and save the day, Martha Stewart?

Oh, she' much better than Martha.

Who is this lady you want me to impress?

I've never met her myself, But I believe you can draw her out.

Come my friends. Go.

So where's Sinbad?

This is going to make and impression.

Was he an Arabian Chippendale?

Very nice.

I just can't do the turban.

Not to worry. I wouldn't wear it either.

But you look magnificent.

A spitting image if I may say so myself.

You know, we may just fool her.

Who else is here besides us?

Ace, instead of playing dress up, we should be figuring what this stone can do and how to stop Manta and those women from getting it. -Mmhm. Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

Does it feel heavy?

Yeah. I should feel overly exposed, odd weight to it. -Like, aura of armor, yes?

Where did you get this?

The desert's too hot for heavy armor, so old Sindibad had it woven from the silk of the Calypso Spider to give him an advantage in war.

I want to live here forever.

I love this!

Sinbad, isn't this awesome?

Fits me perfectly.

Yeah. It is perfect. For a five year old birthday party.

Guys, enough games. Ace, where's the heart?

Upstairs. That's the best place for us to try this.

Just in case things get a little boisterous.

You know, if the Furies do come tonight, and it's safe to assume they will, we're going to need a magical bodyguard ourselves.

Please, come on. Yes.

This way.


Oh, I'm good I'll stay here. I found some reading. -You sure?

Yeah. -Okay.

How do these furies keep finding me?

And if they're so magically powerful and all-knowing, why don't they know you have the heart?

Maybe it's not all they want.

What aren't you telling me?

I wonder if the Furies really want the Heart of the Medusa back.

I'm beginning to believe that they could be after you instead.

Watch your step.

Oh! Oof!

Is this where you keep the dead bodies?

I know. It's the heart.

Where is it?

In that basket.

I tried covering it up to contain the smell, but it just gets stronger.


Sorry. That's Cleopatra's asp.

What a great ass she had.

Some say it's Cesar.

Dude. get a new hobby.

Try the other.


There's definitely a chemical breakdown in that jewel like nothing I've encountered before.

Wha is all this stuff?

Ah. This... is my more eclectic treasures.

Aladdin's carpets.

Here, the tears of Allah.

This is a perfect atmosphere for us to try using this.

It never worked for me.

Not even as a traditional lamp.

But perhaps if a descendant of the original Old Sindibad lights it, maybe it will bring her our of her slumber.

Okay. Come on.

What do you have to lose?

Try it.

I've tried all kinds of oils.

It's not a lamp. It's a puzzle box. -Really?

How do we open it?


Solve the riddle.

My lord.

I had no idea it had such a shine.

It's like brand new.

What's it saying?

It's some kind of Ancient Genie dialect. I'm a bit rusty but let me try.

She said she can manifest reality three times if you're too lazy to do it yourself. Oh! She's witty.

Manifest reality, like... Anything?

She said, you can limit yourself if you like.

Millions do it everyday.

Ask her what the Heart of Medusa is and why Manta and those rejects from Lita Ford School of Rock want it so bad.

That's a mouth full.

Let me try.

She's getting angry. She said she can't read minds and the stone can't do anything, It's just matter without consciousness.

But you just said she could.

Let me try.

She's getting really mad.

She says, "Make a wish. Any wish. Get a life!"

Bring my friend Nick back to life.

You said you can do anything.

She can turn time forward, but she can't turn time back.

Okay. What else can't you do?

She won't intentionally harm anyone and she won't give you money.

That would involve taking it away from someone.

So you can't kill the Furies?

I am a Genie, not a machine gun.

Wait a minute, you speak english now?

What is this? Some weird elaborate hoax?

I had no idea.

I don't have time for this.

You are different than the other Sinbad.

You have an air of arrogance.

And yet you are actually humble.

A valiant hero trying to be a thief.

You're wishes don't work because you're actually pretending to be something else.

A rogue.

If you think I'm a joke, say it to my face.

I don't need some industrial Light and Magic rip-off making fun of me.

I came here for one reason. To get the stone. Now that I have it--

Hey! That's got the snake in it.

Which you should get rid of because it's illegal to keep exotic pets in California.

Look at the thief peaching the law.

The Jinn was right. Deep down, you are a hero at heart.

Sebastian, we're out of here.

Sinbad, wait.

Get your stuff. We're out of here.

This guy has done nothing but waste our time and play games.

Sinbad, I'm sorry. I never meant to offend you.

Offended I can handle. But lied to?

I never miss let you.

And you told me you were going to share the magical mysteries of my family.

And I have!

If my heritage involves playing footsie with some second-rate Barbara Eden wanna-be you keep locked up on the attic, I pray to God I'm adopted.

Young man, that lamp hasn't worked for anyone for hundreds of years.

Who knows what you're capable of if you just embraced your legacy!

I don't care about my heritage.

I don't want the lamp. I don't want the heart. I wish I'd never even found it.

I'd rethink that if I were you.

Why? What's so special about it?

Well it says here that the Heart of Medusa has the power of twenty gods.

Big deal.

And it can transform the shape of continents.

Oh yeah? I think Global Warming has dibs on that one.

Okay. Well I think with these ancient texts backing up these claims, that gem it could easily be worth over one hundred million dollars.

I will fight to the death to keep that stone away from anyone who tries to take it or wishes us harm.

How do you know that anyway?


I found the instruction manual.

I forgot I owned that book.

These texts are endless allegories about the Heart of Medusa is a warning that revenge and anger just trap a person in some kind of prison of rage so that they can't move on with their life.

Sound like wise words to me.

Cardinal, bring another bottle of wine.

The Domaine Jean-Louise Rhone 2005.

Not the 2003? You common Peasant!

Oh, I'm impressed.

Fetch the good vintage. I must live up to Sinbad's standards.

You seem pretty calm on the eve of Armageddon.

Well, I learned long ago to let fate have her way with me.

All I can control is whether I face her sober.

This is useless.

Ah. Let me see your finds.

I'm not even sure if the Heart of Medusa is a weapon anymore.

Then we stick with what we know works.


I picked these up at the market yesterday.

These work.

I highly recommend them.

Instead of striking back at the Furies, perhaps there's another way to quell their anger towards you.

Why do they hate me so much?

What's this grievance they have against me?

Hmm. The "useless" wisdom our dear doctor discarded is actually the instructions we're looking for.

Here it is.

You ancestor, Old Sindibad, sailed seven voyages.

Most with passion and glory, but it says here his fourth voyage, i'm sad to say, brought out the worst in him.

He shipwrecked on an island and married the kingdom's princess.

Not long after the wedding, she fell ill and died.

It was then he learned the land's dastardly custom.

If one spouse died, the living spouse was buried alive with them.

You know what, they use to do that in India.

Except it was only the wives that had to be buried alive with their dead husbands.

No the other way around.

Which is sexist.

Why did you look at me when you said that?

Sinbad was thrown into the communal tomb with just a little bit of water

and a small loaf of bread.

Weeks passed. Just when he was about to die, the tomb opened and another couple-

this time the husband dead, but the wife was alive.

She was thrown into the cavern.

Only thinking about himself, Sindibad killed

the woman and took her rations to stay alive.

He did this two more times with two other women thrown into the tomb.

Eventually he had enough rations to regain his strength and escape.

Those three women he killed became the Furies.

The stone he used to beat them dead was the actual hardened heart of the slain Medusa, discarded in the cave, but given new life by the anger of the three murdered women.

Resurrected by mad magic as the Furies, they swore to one day use the stone to punish all men for Old Sindibad for Old Sindibad's crimes.

The stone keeps them confined to this earth in an infinite cycle.

As long as their rage is eternal, their lifeline will have no end.

So is the stone a life force for them?

Would explain the desire and need for it.

And why they never stay dead.

Each night they're born anew.

Old Sindibad's eighth voyage was meant to be one of redemption.

To use his wrath to break their rage.

He died before completing it.

But perhaps that for you to do.


Ace, wait.

Get back pretty boy.

Get your hand off the butter knife.

Hello, treasure hunter.

I'd like my property back, hmm?

Where is the Heart of Medusa?

How dare you enter my home!

You are a terrible host.

We came all this way just to see you.

Cy, find the stone. I want to test my theory of it.

Right here. Right now.

Oh yeah, you got a theory?

What "theory" is that?

Unlike you, this stone has untapped potential.

Cy, find the stone.

Where is the stone?

Sebastian, tell him where he can find it.

Yes, Sebastian.


Drop it!

Hey, hey! Stab her neck.

I will filet your neck right now if you don't tell him to let her go.

Oh you won't dare, Big boy.

Snap her neck, Let her go!

Let her go! -He's going to snap her neck. It's easy. She's going to die.

Don't snap her neck. Tell him not to snap her neck.

Let go of me first and I'll let her live.

Oh? Hmm? Then you'll get a little on the side? Huh?



Alright. -You like that?

Yeah, Wow.


You. Little rich man.

You're going to tell me where the Heart of Medusa is?

Because you know and I don't. I want to find it so badly. Hmm?

Right on time.

Who's that?

Sure as hell ain't the Avon lady.

We better get the hell out of here. -No. No.

We don't have to do anything. Hmm?

Cy, go check the door.

Fine, you stay here watch them. me and my new friend will go check the door, okay?


I would listen to Sinbad.

Cy, you're my bodyguard.

I pay you to guard my body. You're going to go first.

Then we're going to come in after you.

And you, my man, you're doing great.

You keep your gun on them. If he sneezes you shoot him in the kneecap, okay?

What are you doing? Go. -He punched me in the throat.

I will punch you in the clavicle. Go! Now!

Promotions for you.

Who wants to play?

Did you order strippers? What's wrong with you?

Hand over.

Ta-ta-ta-ta. Who are you? What do you want?

Rage shouldn't be wasted on those we have no quarrel with.

So let's not disappoint them.

What is this, hmm?

Some kind of parlor fit for you try to seduce me? No, no. no. -I want you. Do you want me?

Ehh! No, you're woman--

She's got no penis for me to play with.

What is wrong with you and your stupid lady brain.


Bob, get in here!

Take care of these women.

Trust me. You do not want to hear what these women have to say.

Come on.

We can get out through here!

Too high. We need a rope or something.

They're going to bust their way in.

Not if we barricade the door.

Come on.

Take that.

This should buy us some time.

Oh God. is it some kind of acid or something?

I don't know. It look magical. I'm taking it.

Okay. Come on.

Books. Come on.


What the heck is this?

Sword. Big flower thing.

Jax, are you serious?

Everything else Ace's shown us in here has worked. Why not this?

How? -I think it's a good idea.

Ask. -The Genie is a jerk.

Do it! Hurry!

I don't have time to take a Rosetta Stone class. Speak English!

That's a demand. Not a wish.


How do I use that?

You really want to know? -Yes! -I'll tell you.

Are you ready? -Yes.

Oh my god! They're breaking in.

Wake up!

I know how to fly carpets!

Come on.

Get on.


Breaking systems.

Ready? -Start the thing!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I didn't need my spleen anyway.

Oh no!

The stone is okay.

It's still in tact.

Don't look directly into it, Jax.

Oh God.

Ace was right.

It does hurt to look at it.

Aww, is it beautiful.

Come on. We have to get Ace and bring Manta to the authorities.


Sinbad, you're a wanted man. They're just going to arrest you.

Then I'll do my time.

I'm tired of hiding. No more running away.

You're going legit?

I guess I am.

I knew you were a lousy thief.

I suck at it.

You know, I have to admit, this whole time I secretly blamed you for what your father did to me.

Taking credit for my work.

Stealing everything I ever had.

You're nothing like your father.

I wish that were true.

Why didn't you take the stone and run? Yeah, with those things running every night? I don't think so.

And I did wait for you, didn't I?

You wanted to cut me out and take the stone all for yourself.

Don't tell me that my act was so convincing that I fooled the great Manta.

Don't try to out bitch a bitch.

Thank God you're alive.

I was worried you'd been knocked into a coma.

Why are you doing this, Jax?

Mr. Siridad! Just in time.

You two are in this together.

I found the location of the stone and Manta brought the man power to get it.

And you almost ruined everything with your big man muscles.


Of all the caves you could have explored, Sinbad. Why that one? Huh?

All through I'm still not sure why I still let you convince me I should leave the stone where I found it.

I was right about it being guarded, wasn't I?

Jax, why are you doing this?

I have my reasons.

One hundred million to be exact.

One hundred million split between us. Hmm?

Of course.

You said the stone couldn't be used as a weapon.

What mystical powers it has, I still don't know.

But it does have a practical use.

It is after all, it's still a mineral.

The Heart of Medusa is actually a complex emerald made up of chromium and vanadium.

Chromium helps regulate your blood sugar and vanadium is a very rare chemical capable of binding steel together.

The gun chips off a bit of the gem here, the it oxides in this chamber, and when the particles are combined and projected into someone--

It turns them to stone.

In a way.

The overdose of chromium ruptures your blood vessels, carrying the vanadium throughout your body, hardening all your organic tissue before you finally combust. -We call it the Medusa 2.0.

All through I wanted to call it the gore gun, but Jax here thought--

Isn't it fascinating?


Why do you have Ace and I tied up?


To give you and audience?

No, silly.

So we can test it out.

On you.

Rock hard Sinbad right in front of me.

An new age is dawning.

One where technology and magic are combined.

Unlike our ancestors, we won't bow down and worship the gods.


This time around, we are the gods.

May I do the honors?

Better have Cy. Just in case it vaporizes whoever is holding it.

We still have some of the kinks to work out.

Good idea.

Cy, will you do the honors?

You know I can hear you. -What?

Ace, I'm so sorry.

No, you've inspired me.

Just as I will inspire you.

My friend, don't waste your journey.



It's still calibrating!

Get'em you stupid idiot!

Where they go? That way!

How do I stop this?

Be more specific with your intention to get what you want.

I can't do this alone. Can you--

It is impossible for me-- -Kill anyone. I know.

What should I do?

I suggest using your enemy to fight your enemy.

The Furies?

Man, they want to kill me.

And you think I can get them in my side?

If that is your wish.

Shall I bring them forward to follow your will.


It's daylight.

Is it?

Why did you summons us, Arabian?

I don't mean to hurt you.

I mean to serve you.

I mean, if you're willing to serve me.

You can give is the weapon that can also annihilate us? -It's a trick.

Look, we're on the same side now, okay?

We're not adversaries anymore.

The enemy of my enemy is also my friend.

There's people up there that have done some really messed up stuff.

I don't think you guys would appreciate either. I think if we--

-What you stole from us other have perverted and desecrated.

Help me fight them to get it back.

This is a limited alliance.

You're too much like the one who cured us.

If you think we'll befriend you-- -I don't exactly want to have a picnic with you guys either, okay?

Could you stop blabbing and start screaming?

Protect yourself.

Did you guys here that scream?

Do you think those women are coming back?

If they so they're going have to deal with me.

The money is in the account.

We fly to Russia tonight.

First I need to fix the calibration on this thing.

So there's no delay between shots.

No, you will do as I say.

Must I?

Yes, dearest doctor. You will.

I am so sick of you talking down to me.

Too bad.


The queen is dead. Long live the queen.

Damn right.

Hand over the weapon, Jax!


You get Sinbad. I'll get the last one.

You moron.

Sinbad, come out. I'm not playing hide and seek, especially not with my ex.

She's picking us off one by one.

We can't hide from here forever.

So let her find me.


I'm coming out.

So we can talk.

I've been thinking.

Maybe it's not too late for us.


It's not too late.

We can still take that magic carpet and fly to Cabo.

Wait, wait, wait.

Answer me one question.

Do you believe in soul mate?


Me neither.


Give it to me! I've earned it!

Please. We had a bargain.

This has to end.

I'm free.

Unlock your heart.

Stop your sufferings. Set free your rage.

Right now this rage is all I got.

Everyone I ever loved is dead.

Every dream I have gone.

Go to your ship, Sinbad.

See why the Jinn couldn't grant your deepest wish.

How could she? You can't resurrect the living.


You're alive!

Dude! Dude! I've been working all hard all day to get the army to find you.

The fact that I had no idea where you were hindered those plans a bit.

Bro, I saw you drown.

Yeah. A lifeboat pulled me out the water that's to Daphne.

I few up and didn't let the Coast Guard sleep until they found him.

I got a bit of a bump on my head but at least I got the boat fixed up and running.

What'd I miss?

Nothing important.

Everything all good with the heart?

Yeah. Yeah.

Everything's just fine.

Should I call off the troops?

Yeah. Call them off right now. They find out who we are, we're all gonna be in trouble.

Most definitely.

Right. Right.

So, can we go to Chile now?

We can go... where ever we want.