Sinbad of the Seven Seas (1989) Script

l'm not sleepy. Please tell me a story, Mommy.

All right, sweetie. l'll read you a story. lt's a very strange story.

But you'll have to promise me you'll go to sleep afterwards. l promise. l hope you like it, Jane. lt's an Arabian Nights tale... about a sailor named Sinbad.

Sinbad? Yes. lt all happened many years ago... when our Earth was such a very little, lonely grain of sand... lost in a myriad of stars.

It was in those earIy days of mankind... that a great hero was born.

The bravest man ever born... and, naturally, he was a prince... the greatest prince of the seas.

His name was Sinbad... conqueror of the seven oceans.

And he had traveled so far... to the most strange and mysterious countries... together with his brave friends: the young Ali, son of a great king... the Viking warrior...

Poochi the dwarf... the baId cook, and the Chinese soIdier of fortune.

And now, our story begins... as they were returning home to their beautifuI city of Basra.

The peopIe of Basra were the happiest in aII the worId... because they were ruIed by a kind and wise caIif named PaI.

The good CaIif was Ioved by aII the peopIe in his happy country... aII except a cunning and eviI wizard named Jaffar. l hope there's a princess, Mommy.

Yes. Of course there was a princess, Jane.

What kind of fairytale would it be without a princess?

She was a wonderful princess... the IoveIiest and sweetest princess that ever Iived.

Her name was AIina... and she was fresh as the dew... and beautiful as a blushing rose.

But now the princess is sad and disheartened... because the hero, whom she loves... hasn't come back yet.

Sinbad? No.

Not Sinbad, but someone who sails with Sinbad.

I know. Prince AIi.

Yes, the handsome Prince AIi... wiII soon be united with his beIoved AIina once more.

The townspeopIe of Basra were preparing a great feast... to honor the return of their vaIiant hero, Sinbad.

They were aIso preparing a ceIebration... for the joyous marriage of nobIe Prince AIi... to their own beIoved Princess AIina.

MeanwhiIe, high in the darkest corner of the royaI paIace...

Jaffar, the eviI wizard, pIanned an end to the happy times of Basra, forever. l, Jaffar... your most devoted massif... beseech that you grant... this humble prayer.

The city of Basra... center of the universe... is a great ripe plum... waiting to be plucked.

Grant... that it is my hand... that plucks it.

With that, dark cIouds began to form in the skies over Basra... and the peopIe, who had known nothing but sunshine aII their happy Iives... feIt the first icy chiII of Jaffar's crueI speII.

And thus, in your service... may l bring hate, war, poverty, and pestilence... to this rich and powerful realm... subjugate its people to oppressión and torture... and thus insure through terror and tyranny... that the kingdom of evil is born.

The bIack winds of pure eviI bIew through the town... bringing with them destruction and misery.

The peopIe of Basra cried out in such pain and fear... that their cries rose to the very paIace of the great CaIif.


Where is my vizier?


There you are. What's happening, Jaffar?

My people are a happy people.

They love their neighbors.

Only an evil spell could have transformed them into beasts.

Go and fetch the sacred gems, and we'll carry them in processión... and everything will be all right again.

The gems no longer exist.

You'll give no more orders, you silly old fool.


But it was too Iate. Jaffar's power had grown too strong.

The sacred gems of Basra had been the source of the great CaIif's strength... and now, they beIonged to Jaffar.

Well done.

Well done, my faithful vizier.

Father, what's wrong?

The people are in a panic. The city is in turmoil.

What's going on?

Father, l'm talking to you.

Can't you hear me?

These are not problems for a pretty little head like yours.

You must think about how to make a man who loves you happy.

Any news about Ali? When is he going to be here?

A fine one, Ali.

Always running around with that other good-for-nothing, Sinbad the Sailor.

Running around? But he's coming here for our wedding.

Now that's quite enough of this nonsense, Daughter.

You must find a mature, sensible man... a man with a head on his shoulders.

And who, may l ask, might that be?

Him. Jaffar? Never. l wouldn't want him even if he were the only man on this Earth.

My dear Alina, my darling little Alina... don't you want to make your father happy? Not under these conditions. lf you've been had by him, it's your problem, not mine. l'm in love with Ali... and he's the only one l want.

Father. Guards!

You're to be mine.

How dare you? Leave me alone. Unhand me!

The high towers and minarets of the fair city rose before them... as the mighty Sinbad, saiIor of the seven seas... and his IoyaI companions... drew cIose to the coast of Basra.

But when they finaIIy arrived at the dock... after being away for so very Iong... onIy an eerie siIence greeted them.

What dreadfuI fate caused the entire city to Iook so deserted?

Here. Give me a hand with this.

Wait a minute.

Where is everybody? There's nobody here.

There's nobody here. l just said that. That's the point. l thought the whole town would turn out.

You know, there's something here l don't like.

Do you want us to look around?

No, l'll do that. You stay here and guard the ship.


So Sinbad made his way to the paIace to see his oId and wise friend, the CaIif.

What's going on here?

Greetings, Lord of the Faithful. l've returned to a town where the people have changed.

They're unhappy.

Can you tell me what happened?


Calif, l'm talking to you.

Why don't you talk to me? Don't you remember me?

But the kind oId man's mind was cIouded by Jaffar's wicked speII.

You're wasting your breath on that tired old man.

l should have known from the beginning you were behind all this.

You can't fool me anymore with your dirty tricks.


Now it's time to put you in your place.


The extraordinary powers that l possess make me top of the heap around here. lt's me you've got to pay homage to now.

Step forward and kneel.

l said kneel.

You'll pay for this, you filthy rat.

You're so softhearted, Sinbad. lt will be your ruination.

l'm going to kill you, Jaffar!

And then?

Sweetheart, Sinbad had great, brave friends, remember?

And when he did not return from the Calif's palace after a long time... they became very worried.

And so they went ashore to search for him.

Kantu, the soIdier of fortune... couId sense the danger was very great and very near.

For though the dock was compIeteIy deserted... the cook fires were stiII warm.

He warned the others... that whatever terribIe deed had befaIIen their true friend, Sinbad... the entire town of Basra was in grave periI.

l really wish l knew what was going on.

Let's get out of here. Shut up.

Let's do this.

You go that way, l'll go this way.


And l am not alone? Yes, but you are bigger.

When they came to the paIace, the handsome and brave young Prince AIi... couId no Ionger controI his heart.

Fearing that some awfuI fate had come to his beIoved Princess AIina... he rushed up the stairs and hoped that he was not too Iate.


- Did they kiss? Not at first.

Why not?

They wanted to. They had been apart for so very Iong.

But AIina was afraid.

She knew that Jaffar wouId stop at nothing to get his way.

His power was so great that he had turned her own father against her... and imprisoned the mighty Sinbad.

She was afraid to trust her heart...

Iest this may be some trick of the eviI wizard.

But this was her AIi... her own dear, sweet AIi.

SureIy, even the fiendish powers of Jaffar couId not turn him against her.

Welcome, Prince. Guards!

Alina! My love.

Take him away.

You won't get away with this.

You're beautiful when you're angry.


Let go. No!

The sound of the princess's heart breaking reached great Sinbad in his ceII... and he knew he must think of a way to rescue her... and her beIoved Prince AIi.

l need your help. Come here.

Nervous, huh? l know where you're coming from.

People hating you and all that.

As far as l'm concerned, it all began with that story of Eve.

And when they want dirty work done... they really take advantage of you... like that evil, slimy wizard up there.

No one can resist my will... and no one, not Prince Ali... not even his friend, Sinbad... a man who l hate more than hate itself... will stand between me and my heart's desire!


FiII it up again.

Hey, you.

Jaffar, Vizier of the Lord of the Faithful, wants you all, at once, at the palace... and as early as possible.

Can l stand you a drink? l'm buying. l said get moving. Come on. Move. No!

You see? Where's the power you pretend to have?

Your evil will can never touch Sinbad and Ali.

Even as the fair Princess AIina spoke... the mighty Sinbad had discovered a way... to enIist the aid of his friends, the snakes... to heIp him escape his tomb-Iike dungeon.

They say you have a terrible temper. l'd like to see them living in the dark... crawling around all day.

Here, come here.

Be nice.

That a boy.

Sinbad's friends had fought braveIy against great odds... but now they faced terribIe punishment in Jaffar's torture chamber.

These prisoners are very dear to our lord Jaffar.

They need special treatment. Very special treatment.

A pleasure, Capt. Rashid.

All right, take him. Put him on the rack, now.

Be sure to make him comfortable.

He'll be there for quite a stretch.

Put slant-eyes in the hot seat and warm up the branding irons... so we can toast his health.

The bald one will do nicely for the piranhas.

They don't like hair. lt sticks in their teeth.

Lift him up. But l have a beard.

Let me out of here.

WiII Sinbad save them, Mommy?

You must be patient... and wait and see what Sinbad and his friends, the snakes, wiII do.

Don't worry. l'm not gonna hurt you.

What are you waiting for? Lower him into the tank.

There's nothing my babies enjoy more than Turkish delight.


Come on.


WhiIe Sinbad was rescuing his friends...

Poochi the dwarf decided to Iook for AIina in the paIace.

The wicked Jaffar, wizard of Basra... used his eviI powers to fashion a terribIe machine... that wouId weaken the fair AIina's wiII... and aIIow him to controI her mind.

For Jaffar couId never be content to mereIy possess the beautifuI AIina... princess of aII that is good... unIess she wouId aIso give him her heart.

l intend to become master... of Alina's mind and body.

Because only then... will all five sacred gems simply melt away... leaving me lord of the worid.

After searching the entire paIace...

IittIe Poochi discovered Jaffar's Iair in the highest tower... and so onIy he knew of the wizard's eviI pIan... to rob the princess of her goodness... and controI the powerfuI magic of the town's sacred gems... for his own terribIe purposes.

As Iong as AIina withstood Jaffar's machine... and heId onto her goodness... he couId not destroy the gems.

Instead, he used his power... to banish them from the town.

The wicked wizard of Basra cast his speII on the gems... that had brought peace, happiness, and prosperity to the town... for as Iong as time couId remember.

Four of these he sent to the darkest, most eviI pIaces on Earth... where even the powerfuI Sinbad... might fear to go and retrieve them.

LittIe Poochi ran to find Sinbad... and teII him everything he had seen/ how the sacred gems of Basra... must be recovered within seven moons... or aII that is good and pure about their beIoved city, incIuding AIina... wouId be Iost to the hideous eviI of Jaffar.

And so, Sinbad and his brave friends...

Ieft the great city... and set out once more on a Iong and dangerous journey.

- But, Mommy, where are the sacred gems? Sinbad didn't know.

- But, Mommy- Now you must be patient, sweetie.

Sinbad had heard of a great oracIe... who Iived in a faraway Iand across many seas.

What's an oracIe?

A wise man who knows many things.

It was there that Sinbad saiIed... in hopes of discovering where Jaffar had hidden the sacred gems.

When Jaffar Iearned that Sinbad had escaped his dungeon... and set saiI with his men to find the sacred gems of Basra... he caIIed forth the bIack source of his eviI strength... and prayed to the Lord of the UnderworId.

lllustrious Prince of Darkness, do not forsake me.

Grant me the power to crush him forever.

And a terribIe cIoud covered the sun... and bIackened the skies over Sinbad's ship... turning the day into night.

And out of that awfuI darkness... rose up the Iegions of Death.

The brave crew of the mighty Sinbad prepared to battIe for their very souIs.

Now, disappear. Go back where you came from... you evil, filthy spirit.

Dinner's ready.

What's with you guys?

You look like a bunch of weirdoes.

You missed one hell of a party. Darn!

But thank God for that.

Well? l'm hungry. Let's eat.

They saiIed for many more days... coming finaIIy to a Iand where the great and wise oracIe appeared to them.

One sacred gem will be found on the lsland of the Warrior Women... worn around the neck of the enchanted Amazon Queen... whose charm no man can resist.

Two more are on the lsle of the Dead.

One is hidden inside the ungodly form of the ghost king... and the other is guarded by a horrible and foul beast.

To find the fourth sacred gem of Basra... follow the first swallow that you see... and it will lead you to a place of great peril... where you must begin your quest alone, Sinbad.

Sinbad had to swim many Ieagues... to the rocky shore where no ship couId Iand.

The strange and barren pIace described by the oracIe was SkuII IsIand.

From there, courageous Sinbad, who knew no fear... went aIone to face unknown dangers.

Deep within the caves of SkuII IsIand... he soon found what he was Iooking for/ the first sacred gem of Basra.

And now Sinbad can save the Princess AIina.

Things are not aIways so simpIe in fairytaIes.

Sinbad did not know there was more danger than there first appeared.

As he heId the first of the precious gems... that wouId save the city of Basra... a great feeIing of joy came to Sinbad's heart.

But what periIous battIes Iie ahead... before Sinbad wiII retrieve the three remaining gems?

Boy, that was a close call.


Where could they have taken her? Who knows?

What if it's another place like this last one? What do you mean? l wouldn't count on the same kind of luck a second time.

Confucius say, ''Luck is like a crystal glass.

''Though it sparkles, it's fragile.' '

And so? And so, let's not rush into anything.

Are you speaking about Alina? No. lt's you who always speaks about Alina. l must-

Relax. We still have to find the other gems.

Remember, every gem we get back makes us stronger and Jaffar weaker.

Very good. But where do we find them?

Hold everything. l got it! l was thinking- That's unusual.

By the way, what were you thinking? l forgot.

Anyway, Jaffar must have found himself some other allies than Soukra.

But who? l can offer a list of possibilities.

So could l.

Sinbad, you choose one, we'll go look.

We could pay a visit to the enchanted isle of the Amazons... which is where the oracle said we would find the second gem.

Do you believe those stories we heard about the queen?


Are we ready? Yeah.

Strange. l have a feeling.

Something tells me Alina's not been brought to this island. lf she isn't here, we'll keep looking until we find her.

What's important is that Jaffar must never destroy your love.

Thank you, my friend. He'll never do that.

Cheropolis, Poochi.

Hey, Greek. Poochi.

Did you call us, Sinbad? l sure did.

Listen, we're going ashore. l mean, the four of us.

Will you two stay here and keep guard? l want to warn you all that this is a big risk.

The Amazon Queen is a mind vampire... and she can suck any man's will away, if you're not careful.

Even the Viking's.

Listen, if we're not back in three hours' time... then you and Poochi come and look for us. lf we fall under her spell, you can free us.

How do we do that?

How do l know? There's got to be something in the medical kit.

For example, the ointment we bought from the magician in Egypt.

Yes, of course.

There is also the rheumatism potion l made... that even took the rust off the helm's hinges... and then there is the powder. Yeah. Bring the whole lot.

The isIand of the Amazons was a pIace of Iush forests and great beauty.

Though the oracIe had warned them... they couId not beIieve that such beauty couId conceaI such danger.

The first to discover the truth of the oracIe's warning was the Viking.

Then, young Prince AIi.

Even Kantu, who was wise in the ways of deception.

Confucius say, ''When the worid is upside down...

''chin up.' '

And finaIIy, Sinbad, whose heart was pure... encountered the siren beauty of the Amazon Queen.

Even the great Sinbad was no match for her magicaI charms... and she began to weave her enchanted web around his wiII... as she had with so many brave men before.

The beautifuI queen caused Sinbad to forget... the oracIe's warning.

She danced and spun round and round the mighty Sinbad.

The great saiIor feII into a trance, a waking dream... in which he forgot aII about the danger to his IoyaI crew.

He forgot the purpose of their journey... to find the sacred gems and save Princess AIina... and their home, beautifuI Basra.

OnIy he and the ebony beauty before him existed in a state of sheer bIiss.

And as if things were not bIeak enough for nobIe Sinbad...

Jaffar was joined by another sinister aIIy... skiIIed in the arts of bIack magic/ a wicked sorceress named Soukra.

So this is your famous brainwashing machine?

Rashid, do your stuff.

Brainwash or no brainwash... with Ali still around... you're never going to get control of her. l know that. l sometimes wonder whose side you're on. l'm on my side. l'm always on my side.

Beware of your ambitions, Soukra.

You must be second to someone. Why not me?

Have you taken your medication this morning?

Can puppy love for Prince Ali... be feeding such fierce resistance?

Her love for anyone but me must be suffocated.

Most powerful Lord of Darkness...

And Jaffar's diaboIic prayers were answered... for the mighty Sinbad had faIIen to the seductress's charms... and he did not recognize the dire periI to himseIf... and his brave companions.

One by one, they caIIed out to their great Ieader for heIp.

But so much in the enchantress' speII was the vaIiant Sinbad... that aII he couId see was the magicaI beauty of this goddess queen... of the Amazon warriors.

Come along, my dear. Why don't we relax for a while?

Okay, Poochi. Time's up.

Let's go and look for them.

Are you sure that's a good idea? l'm scared to death.

Do you think l'm not scared, too?

We've got to help them if they're in trouble. So let's go.

Okay. But you first.

WhiIe the dwarf and the cook sought to rescue their comrades... the Amazon Queen's hoId on Sinbad and his shipmates... grew ever more powerfuI.

BeautifuI Princess AIina feII ever deeper into despair... as she watched each of Sinbad's crew... succumb to the eviI charms of the Amazon enchantress.

FinaIIy, her beIoved AIi stood aIone... against the wickedness of the queen's beauty.

Ali, honey, please don't give in.

Don't give in.

l won't.

Magnificent, Farida... my beautiful black pawn. l'm winning!

Remember what your heart is made of, Jaffar.

You could crack that fingernail.

With bravery many times his size...

Poochi searched hard for his friend and brave Ieader, Sinbad.

When he finaIIy found him, he feared he was too Iate... for Sinbad was wrapped in the arms of Temptation herseIf.

Gosh, you're sure beautiful.

The cIever dwarf took the powerfuI potion that the cook had given him... and prayed that it was strong enough to uncIoud Sinbad's mind.

What's wrong, Sinbad?

You chose the wrong side.

Just think, we could have had a lot of fun together.


He's got the second gem.

l gave her youth and beauty... and she's let them all off with their lives.

She disobeyed me!

But she's got what she deserves, the old hag.

Jaffar, that's two down and three to go.

l can trust no one... let alone a woman.

No, Jaffar... l'm different and you know it.

With me, you are invincible. l don't need you, Soukra!

Sinbad's men knew they had escaped great danger... and yet they were sad to depart this enchanted isIand.

What are you thinking?

About the lsland of Charms. l don't remember a thing, but... from the perfume... l have a feeling that it must have been somewhat pleasant.

Me, too.

ln the name of all that is evil... l call upon the winds of utter destruction.

The terribIe power of Jaffar, satanic sorcerer of Basra... bIew with such fury that even Sinbad, the greatest saiIor of aII the seas... couId not prevaiI.

His ship was cast on the dark shores of the IsIe of the Dead... from which no earthIy being had ever escaped aIive.

AII around the ship, the faIIen warriors Iay.

Once brave men from another time, another Iand... whose souIs had been brought to this terribIe pIace... to do the bidding of eviI.

Their earthIy remains had turned to dust... but their vaIiant spirits had been taken from them... to await this dreadfuI moment.

Wow! What is it this time?

Whatever it is, Poochi, it means trouble. You're right. l wonder where we are now. lt looks like the afterworid, Viking.

Maybe we are even dead.

Better dead than to never see Alina again.

You'll see her again, Prince. We're not dead.

This is just another one of Jaffar's tricks... but now we have two gems we can use to fight him.

The ghost warriors must now obey their satanic destiny... and do battIe with the great and mighty Sinbad.

Damn it.

Get them. Poochi, get my sword, quick. Yes.

Here. You two, take cover.


On ghostIy steeds came the warriors of the dead king... wieIding ungodIy steeI against mortaI fIesh.

And brave Sinbad matched his heroic strength... against the power of supernaturaI eviI.

The army of ghost warriors was nearIy defeated... but Jaffar had a pIan to rob brave Sinbad of one of his greatest strengths/ his IoyaI companions.

The wizard's eviI magic cast them far out to sea.

Look. lt's magic. lt's incredible. We're back at sea again.

But what about Sinbad, Mommy?

Poor Sinbad was Ieft aIone on the IsIe of the Dead... with no means to escape... and he had yet to confront the Ghost King.

- I'm scared. It's aII right, Jane.

At first, the King did not move... but the power of Jaffar's wizardry was stiII great.

As the ghostIy knight came to Iife, Sinbad feIt himseIf weakening.

He did not think he wouId have the strength... to defend himseIf against the unearthIy sword of the Ghost King.

You're losing your power, Jaffar...

and you know that.

Without their vaIiant Ieader...

Sinbad's men had bareIy the heart to continue the journey.

But Poochi, the IoyaI IittIe dwarf, said they must... or they wouId bring shame upon themseIves and their nobIe Sinbad.

And without his men...

Sinbad knew he wouId pass the rest of his days... on the IsIe of the Dead compIeteIy aIone.

Or so he thought.

Hi. Daddy.

You're right.

Just imagine if they see him. Some meat.

Meat? Who's going to eat meat?

Come on, let's go. Okay.

WhiIe Sinbad's men searched for their Ieader...

Kyra and her father took nobIe Sinbad to a secret part of the isIand.

What does he want?

He's preparing a fish couscous, which he says is finger-licking good.

Although he's an incredibly good cook... he is actually...

Nadir, the famous wizard.

He's been a member of the Baghdad Fraternity since '82.

Baghdad? So you're not from here?

We came here in a flying machine. Daddy invented it.

But with the first gust of wind, down we came.

And since then, we've been living hidden in here... because those monsters eat anything they come across.


By the way, are you hungry? Yes, sure.

Thank you.

You should see them.

They're slimy and squishy, and all full of sores... and they smell real bad. lt makes you sick just to see them.

So you're the only two people living here? Yes.

The surviving inhabitants ran away.

To think it was such a beautiful place.

lt used to be fabulous living here... until Jaffar, the most evil wizard of all...

You know him, don't you? Yes, l sure do.

He came to the island and he hid something... leaving those monsters to guard it.

That's when all this trouble began.

Now you'll straighten things up, won't you? Don't you worry, l'll give it a shot.

WiII Sinbad's friends ever find him?

I don't know.

I onIy know that they continued to search wherever the wind wouId take them.

Working the ship Iike the true saiIors they were... confident that their Ieader wouId one day return.

With this, it's safer.

Daddy, l know it's dangerous... but with Sinbad, l can face anything.

Okay, show me the way.

Don't worry.

To me?

The oracIe had foretoId the fourth and Iast sacred gem of Basra... was hidden in the body of a fouI and horribIe beast.

And that is where Kyra now took Sinbad.

Sinbad! Kyra!

Good work, Jaffar. This time, you've triumphed... and Sinbad is heading for the tunnel.

Of course. Just as planned. lt's a trap.


Yes, my dear Soukra... he's heading straight for the Cavern of Nothingness.

What a meal for the Lord of Darkness. l'm not so sure... especially since he has made pulp of everyone we have set against him.

There are times when you do the most dreadful things to my biorhythm.

Again l ask, whose side are you on?

The one who wins.

Push him away. Come on.

That's right.

You called me? Yes.

And now, the mighty Sinbad had to face his greatest chaIIenge/ the awfuI monster prophesized by the oracIe.

For unIess Sinbad couId win back the fourth sacred gem... the wicked Jaffar, wizard of aII that is eviI... wouId prevaiI.

Princess AIina and the beautifuI city of Basra... wouId be Iost forever.

Sinbad had three of the sacred gems of Basra.

He couId onIy hope that their strength was powerfuI enough... to heIp him defeat this fouI monster that shot boIts of fire.

Now, Jaffar... you're next.

l am losing my strength.

This magic ointment is made from desert cactus. lt's one of my father's successful experiments.

As you can see, it works miracles.

Nadir, do something.

The evil spell is over. We won.

Your father should be back to normal by now.


You're talking about his so-called magic powers.

He says, ''Stricki mani, stricki pi, catch the wind and fly.' '

No dice, huh? So what's the problem?


He says the bags have to be filled with hot air first and then... away we go. l'm no magician, but l think a nice twig fire would do the job.

He says, ''Right. How stupid of him.

''Twig fires happen to be his specialty.' '

Okay, Nadir. l got the message.

You want hot air? Here's your hot air.

And so, Sinbad fiIIed his powerfuI Iungs... and infIated the great baIIoons of Nadir's fIying machine.

A wondrous sight that wouId bring joy to aII but the wicked Jaffar.

Soukra, l am not well.

But all l need is time.

My brainwashing machine has never failed me before.

So with its help, l'll break her resistance yet.

Why don't you just give up?

May l remind you... that your lot is tied to mine.

My defeat would be yours as well.

Yes, but l fear if Sinbad should get here... he'll make this your tomb.

So, give me your soldiers... and put me in command.

No need for that.

No need at all.

When l have mastered Alina, why... the power of the sacred gems will simply melt away.

There you go again, basking in your bubbles of fiction. l'll keep my faith in my sword, thank you.

And besides, the young prince and l have a duel to finish.

You're so competitive.

Not happy until you've found out which of the two is stronger.

You call this a flying machine? lt looks like balloons... and it's losing altitude.

He says to throw down everything and anything that is not indispensable. lndispensable, you say? l see.

He says to continue. We'll make it.

Really? lt means we're almost there.

And it better be damn close.

FinaIIy, on the horizon...

Sinbad spotted what he had Ionged to find.

There's my ship.

My friends.

Sinbad! lt's Sinbad. He's alive.

l'm back!

What did he say? He said, ''Here l come, Jaffar...

''and l'll make sure that your name is canceled...

''from the list of accredited magicians.' '

You're absolutely right.

With the heIp of Nadir, the good wizard, and his daughter, Kyra...

Sinbad rejoined his brave friends and returned to Basra... where time was running out.

My lord. What is it now?

Sinbad and his men are in the palace. He mustn't get in here. l only need 10 more minutes. Yes, my lord.

l'm crazy about you. Don't forget Jaffar.

They'll take care of the soldiers... you take care of the monster... and l'll take care of Jaffar.

We'll take care of the soldiers.

We'll take care of Jaffar.

We take care of the monster.

Sinbad entered the paIace... knowing that Jaffar was at Iast within his grasp.

And now, he wouId Iet nothing stand in his way.

For the last time...

l command you in the name of all that is evil... budge.


Don't be so imbecilic, Princess, that's an old trick.

Here l am, Jaffar.

Now we face each other... man to man.

Man to man?

You are a man, Sinbad... but l am a supernatural being... against whom you are powerless.

Stay back.

Don't come any closer.

You heard me, Sinbad.

l'm warning you.

You are forcing me... to carry out my most devastating act... of magical madness.

How does it feel to face yourself, Sinbad?

After l defeat you... l'll be the most powerful force in the universe!

Sinbad now faced the one force on Earth... that was his equaI in battIe... for he faced himseIf.

Jaffar had reproduced every muscIe... every sinew, every powerfuI Iimb.

Sinbad's enemy was his own strength... turned to the eviI wiII of Jaffar.

Each powerfuI combatant knew every thought... every strength and every weakness of the other.

For the first time in his Iife...

Sinbad feIt his fierce confidence erode... and this was enough to give the advantage... to his demonic twin.

And now, the fearsome power of Jaffar was gone... for the sacred gems of Basra Iay in the hands of goodness.

And it onIy remained for Sinbad to return them to their rightfuI setting... for AIina to be freed and the beauty of Basra reawakened.




and peace.

And so the power of the sacred gems of Basra was restored... and aII the eviI that Jaffar had done... was undone.

Kyra! Daddy!


My King. My friends.

Sinbad, my dear fellow.

Our hero.


My dear fellow, welcome back.

Jaffar, my vizier. Where have you been?

You know there's still a lot of unfinished state business to be done. l forgot to tell you.

He decided to resign.

Decided to resign?


And then?

And then, our story ends here.

The precious gems were found... the wrong was righted... and beautiful Princess Alina... married wonderful Prince Ali... and they lived happily, forever and ever.

And Sinbad married his new love, Kyra... and they also lived happily ever after.

Sweet dreams, my little princess.

Here they are, Princess Alina and Prince Ali... married this morning.

And now, to our wonderful honeymoon.