Sing (2016) Script

Our voices spread wings to fulfill your wishes for good things.

Our voices spread wings to fulfill your wishes for good things.

Any pain and anxiety, any sadness will disappear.

Any pain and anxiety, any sadness will vanish with beautiful rays of love...


This way she'll adapt more easily.

Well, did you see something interesting?

Very nice singing.

Yes, our choir... is quite famous.

We go to festivals, we are winning awards.

Can she still get in? - Of course.

Anyone can join the choir - this is my golden rule.

Do you love to sing?

SING (Everybody)


Quiet, Richie.

What is your name? - Zsofi Havasi.

Stop talking back there.

Class, arise!

Miss Yutka, present are 28... sorry, 29 students.

Nicollette Klein and Andrea Kolozsi are absent.

Thank you. Sit down.

Surely you have seen that we have a new student.

I introduce Zsofia. No need to get up, dear.

So, open your geography textbooks on page 42.

The largest geographical area in our country is Alfold.

Lisa, what are you doing back there? Me? Nothing.

Tommy, go out for five minutes.

Virag, I sit next to Lisa.

Not anymore.

Flora, please move.

I want to sit down.

Next to Lisa.

No, stop!

Stop it!

Hi. - Hi.

I like your bracelet. It's very beautiful. Can I see it?

Give me your hand.

Cool! Where did you have it?

Mom brought it to me from Vienna. It brings me luck.

Yours is nice, too.


It looks like a telephone cable.


Hello children. Good afternoon, Miss Erika.

So, dear choir, it's only ten days to the National Competition, and I have great news.

This year's winners will go on a trip to Sweden to the European Choral Festival.

Needless to say that we will win again, because we are the most beautiful and best choir in the country, right?


Now it is important to rehearse and concentrate.

Each of you must give everything. This is not a game.

Today we will list the repertoire and learn a new song.

Are you ready? - Yes.

And our newcomer, too?

Warm up.

Thank you, you were all wonderful. The next rehearsal will be on Wednesday, but we will insert an emergency parctice on Friday.

Don't forget.

We need to brace ourselves.

You know the rule - one candy per person.

Goodbye, Miss.

Zsofi? Zsofi is your name, right?

Please, stay for a little talk.

The door, please.

Let's sing "Pal, Kata, Peter"

Okay, enough.


From next rehearsal we'll do the following: instead of singing aloud, you'll imitate only.

You know what that means?

I do not sing? On the contrary, you'll sing in your mind.

You will open your mouth with the others, but without voice.

But why?

Because you need a lot of practising. You are not good enough.

I will pay special attention and I will tell you when you're ready to sing.

Zsofi? We will not tell this to the others.

You don't want them to think that you are not at their level, do you?


Get your candy.

Your shoes are awesome.

She praised you?

She is always like that, paying attention to everyone.

I think she's the coolest teacher and the prettiest. I love Miss Yutka, too.

But I hate Mr. Istvan.

Did you have a choir at your old school?

No, just the music class.

I've been doing it for a year, and love it.

My father workes at a radio station. He is a sound engeneer.

He said, if I do well, he'll get me in the radio choir, and they are the best.

Want to come to the audition?

Well... Want some?

Why are you sad?

I'm not.

What song did you like most?

I do not know, perhaps that of the rooster.

My favorite is "Bullfight"

And from Dad's collection: "Fox dance." Do you know it?


You want to come home to us? We can play them.

No, I have to go home now.

Okay, bye then. Bye.

Zsofi, dinner! Coming!

Why don't we go to your place. You could play that fox dance.

Why didn't you sing today? What?

Why did you not sing in the rehearsal?

Catch me!

One more time!

One more time!

Play it again!

Don't yell, I was just kidding.

You see, I knew you could sing.


What's wrong?


Why did you not sing today? But seriously.

If Miss Erika notices... She hears the smallest things.

She'll be angry at you.

But let's forget about her.

How can we win this way?

Say something.

Can you keep a secret?

I swear.

Miss Erika told me...

Rejoice, people, be happy.

Bear difficulties bravely.

Life on Earth is a great adventure.

Alternating good and bad times.

Let's sing, let's laugh to forget all worries.

This world is for the brave.

Only they will find delight.

Let's sing, let's laugh to forget all worries.

This world is for the brave.

Only they will find delight.

Let's sing, let's laugh forget all...

Stop, let's stop for a moment.

Lisa, have you swallowed your tongue?

No, Miss Erika, I haven't.

So, do your highness allow us to continue?



Sorry, I no longer I want to sing in the choir.

Nonsense. The competition is in a few days.

This is not fair.

Enough of this.

I know that you do not let them sing.

Neither Zsofi, nor Timi, neither Detti, nor Zoli and many others.

They just open their mouths like fish because you think they are not good enough!

This is not fair, Miss Erika!

Life is not always fair, honey.

Stop, Lisa, you don't go anywhere.

I know that you love the choir very much.

We all love it. We love doing it, we love being part of it.

And we all work hard to stay the best.

Yes, even those who do not sing aloud.

Not everyone is as lucky as you.

Would it be fair, if only lucky ones were allowed here?

If we allow everyone to sing, we will never be the best.

Some do not sing well, this is the truth.

I never wanted to shame anyone. It's not their fault.

But if you want it, then let's do it.

Well, children, to whom did I tell not to sing aloud?

Come on, raise your hands.

See? What was this good for?

If they mimic well, we will win the competitions.

And your beautiful voice will stand out even more.


And we can go together to a lot of cool places like Sweden.

And everyone here can say they are part of the best choir in the country.

Frankly, would it be fair if anyone could decide on a whim to deprive the others of all these good things?

Especially you, with your beautiful voice?

I think it would not be fair.

If someone wants to leave the choir now it's time to go.

The Director will not be pleased, and your parents will be disappointed

I don't mind, you are free to leave.


All right then. From the beginning...

Come, I will show you a place.

This is terribly unfair.

Jealous hag.

Everyone should have the right to sing.

I think I have an idea.

Well, are you ready?

Let's go, the bus is waiting for us.

Thank you for this nice song. And now...

Dare you to do anything...

The choir of elementary school "Virag" conducted by Miss Erika Tolnai.

Faster, close the order. All right.

Like that. Heads in between.

What's happening? Sing!


What's happening? Louder!

Everyone, aloud!

Everything is fine.

You can not do this.

Sing loudly!

Sing! Are you deaf? Aloud! All begin to sing!

I can not believe this. Come on!

Sing all!