Sing si lip yan (1993) Script


Who am I? City Hunter is my nickname fighting crimes is the game I work alone and I'm a private detective.

My sidekick comes alone also.

But, I'm better at kung fu and much cuter smarter too.

I'm taller as well.

He's too humble.

We're best friends. We have been through a lot.


One time when he was alone he get sleep though Beat.

You're shot!

Are you okay? How do you feel?

How would you feel if you're hit by 20 shots?

Hey, you have to try, promise you won't die.

There is one thing...

Take care of my cousin Kaori, I'd appreciate it.

Ok, because you're a pal, I'll do it. It can't be any worse of getting shot.

One more thing, never seduce her.

I swear on it Ok, I can die in peace.

So sad...

On that day forward, Kaori became my only family.

One thing I had overlook however, was in how quickly little girls grow up.

One second they're cute innocent youngsters, than you turn your back on them for a moment and...

Not fair.

Why did I ever swear that I wouldn't seduce Kaori?

I bet if he was still alive my old friend would understand if I did?


Because of the promise I made, Kaori has never been more than my assistant.

And I never suspected how she truly felt about me.

Until one day...

Why doesn't he answer?


Come on, wake up now.

Come on, you're too lazy, get up.

You won't do it, prefer to get a little wet... no pool in here, so you're not drowning, are ya?

Won't your girlfriend get jealous if you're here with us?

What, her? She's not a girlfriend at all...

Right now she's at home cleaning the toilet.

You mean me? I'm doing what?

Tell us about your job.

So fat I have to carry on a.

She likes to eat.

She has seven meals daily.

And she misbehave very bad.

Then, when she wakes up, she wants to go out.

Tongue out, paws up, back and forth.

She's useless, I'd give her away but I feel too sorry for her.


Do it.

Wake up, will you? I'm tired of holding your head up.

He's City Hunter, I'm his assistant Kaori.

Mr. Imamura set for us.

Wake up, you're in the middle of an office and you haven't yet, understand?

Wake up!

Will anything wake you?

Aroma, such a perfect skin.

You're a model? - Oh, no.

Then what?

A secretary.


Somebody call my tailor.

Day dreaming?

What do you care?

As to why I brought you here, I'm Mr. Imamura, honor of Imamura newspapers.

My daughter Kiyoko.

She lost her mother early, and I brought the girl alone.

She's an only child.

I met a woman last year, we're in love with each other and we intend to wed.

Kiyoko coudn't stand the idea and ran away.

After a very discreet prowl, we learn she was staying in Hong Kong.

I suppose you'll pay for her return.

You'll want to use any force, or to harm her.

He is extremely gentle to the pretty ladies.

I know. But have you seen her anywhere?

Perhaps by the shirt.


Would you wander a surprise?

What skateboarding are you saying? What park?

Olsen Park?

Got it.

Ever been on the ocean?


A voyage at sea and all around stars.

Yeah, you know. Stay in touch now, will ya?

Were you saying something?

You never hear a thing I say.

Have a little pi๑a colada.

I'll go to Olsen Park. You check the galleries.

Go ahead.

Oh, and don't slam the door.

If you see her, call.

You drive me nuts!

That's it. Great. Like your car?

Well, I don't like it. Think you got the right to the whole road?

Yeah, that's right. Back off!

Who cares about your birthday?

So when you and me are going out?

We aren't going out. Just forget that.

Come on, we would go to disco.

We'll go dancing another time.


I'm in good luck. I found you pretty fast.


Come along, just go quiet, ok?

Wait a minute!

What's the matter?

That man is trying to molest me, stop him.

That's far enough.

Bastard stole me.

Go on!

Beg your pardon.

Hi, there. Pretty.

Excuse me. Hey, there sexy. You got a minute?

You, huh?

You, huh? You bet, handsome.


I'm starving.

I haven't eat all day.

Are you here or not?

My poor stomach.

My birthday?

So sad... My birthday and nothing to eat.

A cracker.

Kaori, make me some lunch.


Happy Birthday!

How fun.

You're all really pretty.

City Hunter!

Who are you?

Have we met?

It doesn't matter.

I want some cake.

No, once I tied you I can give the rest.

Let's go for it, come on.

Whatever you girls want.

Try again. That was a little high.

You should try again. We've never met you before today.

Is that right? Why I know you all?

You put all of our men into jail.

Now you'll pay.

Go on.

Wait. Hold it.

We got him now. Grab him.


Lay down your weapons. Don't move.


Oh, good.

Who are those women?

They're a bunch of murderers. That's what they are.

Yeah, and I guess you're scared to death. You got a gun.

Huh? This?

Who is she? Fat girl.


Catch, birthday boy.

You're despicable.

I'll sail away a cruiser. I won't be back.


A hero drop the gun.


You'll find out what I've got.

City Hunter is such a stupid fool.

Squinty eyed. Losing his hair. His ears are huge.

Now I am a pretty charm.

A new fashion?

I'll take you.

I'm sorry.

Who let you taking a vacation.

Now I guess you guys are all sharing a room.

You should really shine your hair a little more often.

You will always be ugly.

Are you familiar with all your pressure points like the one on your back?

Lost your pants.


Wait for me.

I'll be right there.

Come on, foxy lady.

I was getting late.

We don't wanna be late.

Sorry. Let's hurry.

Why is God so cruel?

He is cute. Who is the guy?

He's City Hunter. A big fool.

Huh, a private eye?

He's a pain in the ass, really.


Go right on board.

You have something you'd like to show me?

There you go.

This is gum, sir. I need to see your card.

Invitation, please.

A magician, that's great.

Wait. There's something odd.

Mah Jong club membership?

I really hate when this happens.


I need to eat something.

I'm so clever.

I'm starving.

Beg your pardon. Where do I eat?

Yes, you...

I'll be going. Wait.

Don't panic the passengers, but get that.

Hey, there. Drink?

Anyone? Care for a drink?

Thank you.

You looked under her skirt.

You're filthy.

No step on the bread.

Are you blind?

I demand you apologize. Go on.

There he is. Go that way.


You see him? - No.

We can't give up.

Look everywhere.

A ship! Blow the siren now!



Beautiful room.

Put away the luggage.

Gimme a hand.

You fall again?

I always lose my balance.

Yeah. Up you go.

You know what? I like living in style.

I heard this boat is filled with lots of single guys.

What if one came along who is rich and just perfect?

Hey, what is your mission?

I provide you with the cover.

I forgot. Is there a reward if we solve this case?

Sure there is.

If our information about the gang robbing the boat is correct and we stop them.

We get our money once they're caught?

I was sent to investigate by my superiors.

To see if the information is right.

Did you bring me a gun?

You're a thing.

Watch it. Don't hit me.

You're late.

We got caught in traffic.

Hey, what a beautiful room.

This is gonna do perfectly.

You bastard. I'm gonna warn you once. Don't be late again.

Don't get uptight. Just relax.

Trying to enjoy ourselves.

Till midnight.

If having your mouth full won't attract a lot of men.

I'm hungry. I coudn't wait.

Am I at a convention or is my hearing gone bad?


Hey, there's that cute guy. He looks like he's lost, doesn't he?

He's barely human. In fact he's repulsive.


Be you discreet!


He is reputed to be an sex feat.

I never met a man who wasn't.

He is always flerting.

You need some training.

No money at all.

Hamburger, come back.

Nice, huh?


Just wait. They'll be ours.

That way. Come on.


But why? You know that we're supposed to be lovers. It's written in the stars at above.

And will vow never to let the name of City Hunter be spoken. Never again.

You know that he'll come to find me.

He can't. How could even get here?

He gonna fly? We're at sea!


Hurry, protect me.

Move and die.

Who is that?

Where are your six girlfriends?

Couldn't they come?

Are you talking? I can't hear one thing.

You know him. My cousin has gone away.

Oh, it's scary. Not a single thing is getting in.

You're absolutely right. You refuse to hear.

Will I return?

No more flerting.

You can't sleep with other girls.

And you treat me like a queen.

I can't hear a single thing. Please repeat it.

Bastard. You're being so cruel.

Watch it, buddy.

If my cousin weren't here, I would put you on the floor.

Cowards quake when they face the Dragon's Claw.


Let's go.

Watch it.

That's true. Honest?

Yeah. I slept with them all. Everyone? The whole team?

Not with the coach.

I can hear everything now.

Mine's eight.

Banker has nine. Banker wins.


Nine, won.

Didn't I tell you? He is a winner.

Just you watch. You stay with the banker.

Wait, it doesn't make any sense at all.

Why staying in separate rooms?

You know that all great love affairs must be given an opportunity.

And ours is no different.

My room, or better yours?

Alright, you sleep in my room.


And I'll stay in yours.

Oh, she is gone.

But, no. I will still her for returnity.

It doesn't matter. A soul as pure as mine will never feel despirited.

I'm gonna make love to you, baby. Cos I'm so potent.

Potent. I'm a potent of man. I'm gonna show you all my charms.

You're Jane and I'm your Tarzan.

I'll possess her. On a chariot right straight to heaven.

Let's do a little gambling.

Don't forget, we're on a mission.

Oh, spoil sport. We can be looking for clues when we watch.

That man right there is cute. He could be wealthy.

Oh, he is. And I can tell you something else.

I know that he's dangerous.

But, gorgeous.

He means trouble.

In fact, murderer is another thing he was.

It's a seven.

Yeah, yeah.

An eight, he wins.

You win again? I think you cheat.

I polite. But losers are.

Search him. Yes, sir.


What's going on?

Self defense. Here, it's a tip.

Put this out, will ya?

And cash me out, please.

It's alright. Ok.

Thanks very much.

Your ace.

Yep. It's all yours. Bye.

Why did he have to give that card to you?

Good taste.

We must all pick the time.

Twenty nine minutes until midnight.

I want team A in place in 4 minutes.

Got it, boss.

Mike, you and team B will start in 9 minutes.


While we watch some beautiful girls.

Your balls are in a knot.

In the morning we are gonna be rich men so keep cool.

He's got a full proof plan.


I have sixteen names written down on this page.

All of them are millionaires.

We grab them and their money is ours.

What about the others?

Well, the sharks get hungry. So I'll throw 'em some food.

Take a look over there.

Yes, boss.

Let's go.

Who's there?

Room service.

In a minute.

It's open.

What's the matter, miss? Something wrong?

There is. In the next cabin.

I couldn't hear everything, but one came after me.

Now come down a minute.

I would be glad to help you in any way I can on this.

You don't appreciate the danger we're in.

I'm sure I can help you. Are you a little bit sea sick?

There are armed dangerous terrorists on the boat.

May I ask you how you know this?

I could hear the voices. They're getting ready to start right now.

I better get you to the captain. He'll wanna hear about this.

Watch your step.

I'm starving to death.

A rat.

Wow, my prays were answer to snack at last.

Where's the captain?

Up in the nightclub.

Why did you bring me here?

You mention that you tought you overheard some terrorists.

Yes, sir.

I'm one of them.


We'll take all the rich men on board to Thailand.

You scum.

Sorry, pretty girl.


What a blow. Who are ya?

I am City Hunter.

Gimme your hands. Hold this.

That was dinner.



Don't move. I'll shoot him, I swear.

Kiyoko, go away.

Good idea.

Shoot them.

Two bullets.

Attention: Intercept the couple. They clothe in white.

Wait for me.


Spread out.

Quick, quick. Here.

Drop it or I'll drop you.


Kiyoko, you're ok?


So princely.

Am I mean?

Yeah, I need that.

The tall black man is really getting his cloth cleaned.

Easy. I could fight a couple of those.

Hey, jump up quickly.


Listen. You need a worm if you're going fishing.

I won't do it.

You wasted all the bullets you fool.

My fists are hammers.

You'd fight a couple, huh?

Get hold of them!

Run away!

Kiyoko, how can we escape?

Oh, you say that.

How can we escape?

I'm gonna take care. Watch this.

Are you alright?

Hardly touch me. Don't worry.

It hurts.

No fair at all. I'm just a little guy.

Your feet are like boats.

Hey, watch it!

Help me!

Help me! Help me!

Put her down and fight.

Wath it!

Incredible, Hunter!

Were you hurt?

How many terrorists are there?

I don't know.

How many guns?

I don't know.

We need a hiding place.


Your room?

I just escaped from there.

They propably won't look for you there.

Hey, you're real good!

You too.

Hold it!

Don't move! Hands on your head!

We're taking over the boat.

Like hell.

Welcome, ladies and gentleman.

I'll now have Captain Williams the cerimonial champaign and wish you all a happy voyage.

I wish City Hunter were around.

I want you girl.

My bow tied?

Looks fine.

The terrorists, they're really here.

Take it easy.

Hey, you dropped the gun.

Hey, gorgeous we meet again.

Oh, you finished off one.

What are you doing?

He may have some food.

Tobacco. He doesn't care about his health.

How about chocolate?

Why? Not one snack.

Want some gum?

I suppose so.

What's that?

A micro-computer.

And it knows the data on every terrorist using his prints.

It reads the fingerprints from anything the man has touched.

Then the display appears on the screen. Huh, not bad.

Bend down.

Now let's just check you out.

Your bottoms has been touched at least once.

Known as City Hunter a private detective.

Distinguishing features: A handsome womanizer.

Undefeatable in battle, honest, intelligent and good to his mother.

It's you?


They were right next door. There must be some fingerprints.

Chow, Kim. International gun for hire wanted for murder.

An ex-member of at least two terrorist groups.

Huh, not bad. We'll see what else is around.

Hi, there.

Start to leave.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm known as Mac. Or call me Mc Donald.

Now, my friends...

Now, we're only after your money.

If you cooperate, you won't force us to murder.

Now, if you don't... We'll kill you.

This is a list. When you hear your name, please come forward.

I'll shoot and kill anyone who disobeys.

Ok. Here are the names.

First, Mr. Robinson.

Don't. No.

I must or I'll die.

Stay here.

Are you crazy? Get him.

Hey. What?

Want a turn?

We don't believe in violence.

What are you doing?

Playing videos together.

You know there's terrorists around?

You're terrifying us.

They'll kidnap or kill all of us.

What a bummer.

The best way to the casino?

Sure, the elevator.

How would I get there silently?

I know. In the elevator, don't whistle.

That's all. I had enough. I'm going.

Both you are better notify the police.

Alright. Bye.

Now what?

Here, this way.

This way?

Good. Excellent. Well, time for a little game now.

First, I'd like you to empty your pockets quickly and open every purse.

I need cash, watches. Give them all to the man ready as he goes pass.

Hurry. Come on. Let's go. Everyone.

You. In the bay.

After that, line on one after another.

Since you like gambling I'll be the banker I'll be happy to play with you.

Will you be a winner?

Let's go.

Someone's loose. I heard City Hunter might be on board.

Take a man with you. I want him alive.


There you are.

What's that? Hey, look at this.

A bomb?

Nah, a transmitter. It's the new 47-B.

A transmitter? Alright.

You're probably wandering how I get the real.

After we get rescued, you wanna play pinball?

Hey, you're dialing 1234? Yeah.

It's a cipher. What does it mean?

Look up. What does it say?


Stay in line.

You're first. Please, sit down.

You like baccarat?


Alright. Let's play.

Seven for me.

Seven, nice.

I have nine.




It's a tie, then.

Sorry, all ties to the bank.


I won't. You know I can't win.

Be gentle. It would be better on your room.

Let's go.

No, stop it.

No, wait. What's that?

No. Man, you wanna last all night. You need this little

I'll be next. Ok?


Ok, deal us another one.

That way.

Excellent. You're very good. You've won 29 games.

Hello, there. I bet you'd like to find City Hunter.

I want. Seen him?

Yes, sir.

Tell me where he is and I'll spare you.

Oh, forget it.

Go with them over there. Ok?

Hey, that was your fault.

Hey, what about me?

I'll come back.

Glad you made it.

You did a nice work.

That one man grab Kaori He took her.

I better rescue her.

Good idea.

Big muscle man, huh?

Why should we hurry? We are having a party.

You're so mighty. Fun, huh?

So you like to play games, huh?

It's my turn, ok?

Ok, come on.

Not there.


I want more.

Do you have a fall?

You animal.

I'm coming.


What you want?

What's going on?

What do you think? Handsome and I are having a game.

Who's that guy?

I am Hunter.

Oh, wow.

I hear that you can fight.

Know what? He's also strong.

Hit him now.

How dare you. At my girlfriend.

What was I hearing?

Girlfriend? Say that to me once.

What am I?

You moron.


I hit hard.

While you hit like a girl.

Hold it.

Don't move.


The gun.

No firearm. What's that?

Are you afraid to use your fist?

Get a hold of her. Now. Quick.

So, nice to meet you. City Hunter.

Easy now.

Throw away the gun and we'll use our hands, coronel.

You know who I am?

A Commando you used to work within the U.S. government.

All by now abandoned. A big shot.

That's right.

Don't do it.

No mercy. I'll shoot you. And quite soon.


Where is Hunter?

Who's asking me?

Don't be like that. Have you any idead where?

He might be captured.

There isn't to choice. All of us must defeat them.

Hey, we don't have a single gun. How do we use our fingers...

I have a gun.

I don't think we can get by him. Should we surprise him?

Forget that. I need a gun.

I'll distract him.

Great idea. Good for you.

You want a little practice before you go?

Cousin, go to the ladies aid right now.

You bet, darling.

I surrender, handsome. Be kind to me. Have mercy.

Now that I'm captured, I have to be anything you like.

What's that? I'm on a cruise. Yeah, that's right.


No, wait. I'm willing to cooperate.

Keep me company tonight.


Hey, you break down the door and us two go in.

Is it hard to do?

Really simple. Go.



Don't move.

Come on.

Get away.

White crane. Dragon Claw.

A private party?

Change and meet back here.



This way.

You will need weapons.

Hey, girl. Want a weapon?

No, I don't think so.


Oh, wait.

Go away.

There you go, teddy bear.

Are you both children?

You wanna put me over your knee?

We will save the hostages or City Hunter?


We will save the hostages.

I'll help you two.

Well, my friend. Today is your last day to see the sun.

I'd like to get one last wish.


Go pick me up a sandwich, I need to eat.

City Hunter is completely insane.

Sorry, no way.

Fine for you. I'm starving to death.

Dogs, get ready.

Hold it.

Why did you do this?

Well, a princess. What do you want?

I beg you let him go.

I'm rich, I'll make you both wealthy.

My father is the owner of the japanese newspaper and he's got plenty.

I'll have him give you a lot of cash.

Why should I believe you?

Listen, I can prove it.

Call 052789.

Take it down. Check it out.

This man means that much to you?

He's the best man that I've ever met.

Good. I'll call your dad with the news after we shoot your City Hunter.

You scumbag.

Nobody move.

Drop your weapons. Hurry.

Get them! Let's go.

Grab it! No, my hands are tied.

You're ok? Come on.

Where's the gun?

Take it.

Shoot the guy.

I'm heavy?

I'm being crushed.


Gimme that.

Go up and hide.

Where do I go?


Where? Go on.


You forgot about untieing me.

You really hit bottom.

What the hell was that? Run!

Thunder Strikers.

Spread out in circle.

Two in the walkway. Follow me.

Anybody here?

Oh, that's great.

What are you two playing at?

Quickly, untie this.

Quickly, untie.

You win.

Who's next?

You're ok?

What happened?

You had a fight.

Wow, you cleaned this clock.

He's still alive though.

Yeah, that's a pity.

Go back up on the deck. The Thunder Strikers have got here.

Ok. Alright.

Wait. Where's Kaori?

Kaori? At the casino.

The casino? I'll head there.

Like he said.


There's two more over there. Hurry.


Get away. Run.

One left. I'll try my luck.

Luck has ran out. No cards left.

Kao Ta.


Are you ok? I'm ok.

Thanks to your ace of hearts.

You better go to the upper deck.

Reinforcements are aboard.


No, to the casino to help him fight.

You'll be alright?

Oh, yeah. You and I should go out on a date someday.

Move out. Right.


Watch out!


No bullets again?

I'm loaded.

Behind us!

Not bad!

City Hunter.

You finally got here.

Don't move.

Don't move.

Hey, put her down.

What? She's a weapon, really.

That's why you're carrying her?

MacDonald, there's no way you can escape.

Soldiers are here.

With you as hostages I can go by lifeboat.

Let's make a deal.

You let me go and I will let her go.

Don't let him go.

He's beaten my cousin all to hell.

How bad?

Real bad. I feel awful.

Huh? It's pathetic.


Thank you for being the fool.

You're very welcome.

Say goodnight, you moron.

The end. All done. Finito.

Please don't kill me. I have seven children.

You've earn two centuries inside the jail.

I was wrong.

Yeah, that's true.

Your ears.

I got them. And you swear you won't be back?

I will never do it again.

Can I go?

Say "May I?".

Hunter, grab this.

That hurt.



Up, low, right.

You couldn't even hit the side of a barn.

Not even close.

You bastard.

I'm something, ain't I?




Are you alright? Wounded?

I'm just bruised.

May I lift you?

I'm mad.


Were you hurt? Very badly.

I see you ok. You were hold that coward.

Let me pick you up.

All better?

It's over now. Kaori, we're all set.

Oh. Where'd Kiyoko go, Hunter?

Where'd she gone?

Be right back.

Wait a second.


Kiyoko, please don't go away.

No, I won't. I won't leave ever again.

And I'll do anything you want.


I want a bowl of noodles.

City Hunter, are you ok?

Indeed. Again, you have our gratitude.

My pleasure.

Sit down.

City Hunter, I would like to speak with no one else present.

Don't be long.

I guess I'll leave.

Thank you.

Let's wander out.

Hold my calls. I want no interruptions.

Sir, I'm impressed.

My daughter has returned to me.

And she is changed for the better, thanks to you.

Don't mention it.

You know you really should date her.

I think you'll make a very fine husband.

You'll make an excellent son of mine and naturally when I retire my daughter and her family will inherit everything.

If I am choosing who marries my daughter then of course he'll be a wealthy man.

Well, can I assume you're in love?


Why not?

Well, I can't do that.

I don't want one. I want them all.

No one would work for me.

I figured you wanna know your friends are going.

It's no big deal.

Thank you, sir. Thanks a lot.

Hey, watch out now. Be quickly. I charge interest.

Where'd that girl go?

Outside. Outside?

Nice perfume.

How sweet.

Kaori, where are you going?

It's for you.

Kaori, what's wrong with you?

You rat.

Kaori will be what? Your maid?

I don't think you understand.

You heard and you think I said yes. I didn't.

Alright? Of course not.

City Hunter.

My, my.


You look bored.

You bet.

You want to go along for a ride?


Wow. What is that?

You want?


City Hunter.

I was born lucky.