Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist (1976) Script


Thank you. Please come again.


This is Mr. Matsui. He graduated from a university in Tokyo with honors.

I was first in my class. That's right, you were.

And now he works at the famous Daito Bank where he's very successful.

I might be the next branch manager.

Is that so? Well, that is wonderful.

My husband only finished grade school and worked his way up as an apprentice.

If you were to marry my daughter Kiku, it would be the answer to my prayers.

Right, Father? Yes. Uh...

What? Nothing, you're right.

Please have some tea.

Kiku has been taking a lot of lessons.

Right, Father?

Yes. She's learning tea ceremony and ikebana.

Oh, no! What's wrong, Kiku?

I forgot, I have an important training session.

I have to go right away. If you'll excuse me...

Don't be so ridiculous! This is about your future, Kiku!


Father, don't just sit there!

Go and bring Kiku back! Now!

Okay, okay. Kiku!

Wait! Wait a moment. Father, please let me go.

Kiku, I understand how you feel, but please think about me.

Your mother's hysterics will kill me. Can't you do something?


Ah, welcome.

Father! Just a minute.

Kiku, where are you going?

Come back here right now! Thanks, Dad.




Ouch! Be careful!

Don't be so rough!

That's strange...

Do you know where my uniform is? I don't know.

Oh, Kiku. Your uniform's here.

I washed it last night.

Again? You just washed it recently.

But I want you to have a clean uniform to wear every day, Kiku.

Ippei, what's this smell? Chanel NÂș5.

Disgusting! Oh, don't be like that.

What are you doing, Ippei? Nothing.

You're going to practice, too, aren't you? Hurry up and get changed!

I know.








Move it to the right!

Shall we start? Yes.

Let's go.

564. Take 4.

Ready... Action!


Miyamoto and Kudo, over here!

This is a Hollywood producer who'll be working with our studio.

His name is Mr. Spencer. This is Miyamoto.

And Kudo. Pleased to meet you.

And this is our advisor.

Thank you. Good job.

He plays Isami Kondo, and he plays Soji Okita.

Miyamoto is an 8th degree black belt in kendo.

And this sword... this katana isn't just a replica for filming, it's a real blade.

We're ready! Okay.

How about here? Let's try it...

Like this? Yes, careful.


Ready.... Action!

Everyone, listen up.

This is Mr. Spencer. He's come to Japan disguised as a Hollywood producer.

But he's actually our organization's Far East boss.

Continue. Yes, sir.

We get the drugs via the Sea of Japan route and pack them in Buddhist statues here.

Then they're sent to America. I'm impressed.

The Japanese branch of our organization does things very well.

Not at all. We can only do all this because Fujiyama's head of a movie studio.

This route is excellent.

However, I don't know how they heard, but apparently American agents are coming to Japan.

Agents? That's why I've come to Japan.

Soon as we know their faces, we'll get rid of them.

I'm Officer Takagi, Head of Narcotics.

Shit! Looks like he was thrown from the highway.

And this was our only lead.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHI I'm so happy. Thanks, sis.

How's this?

Have a seat, sis.

Michi, you're 18 today, so you must start acting more ladylike.

You too, sis! Not me. I'm special.

That's not fair!

What did he say?

He said that 18 years have passed.

He's remembering the time when I was born in Okinawa.

I heard you had a tough time.

Michi, can't you speak so I can understand?

I'm no good at English.

No, Japanese okay.

Kiku, we're from Okinawa. We have no friends.

But you're different, Kiku. You're family.

Please watch over Michi.

Michi, happy birthday! Thank you.

Who am I going to guard?

The question is whether you're going to guard or be guarded.

Well, the client's an American, so you're being used for your English.

So I'm just gonna be an interpreter?

Don't be so naive. You'll be interpreting and guarding!

He's an important client, so you'd better work hard.

Damn, I'm gonna get rusty in kendo again.

Who's coming here?

A famous profecha from Ford University.

Oh, you mean "professor"?

Yeah, professor.

It's a Professor Douglas.

Professor Douglas? That's right.

The world famous authority on Asian culture, Profecha...

No, I mean Professor Douglas.

This was discovered in the L.A. underworld two weeks ago.

I see.

So drugs were packed inside this statue and sent to America.

Totally possible, eh, Captain?

The question is how they're being trafficked and from where.

Mr. Douglas wants to check with some Japanese art dealers first.

He's not familiar with all of them, so he's asked for help.

Come in.

I've brought her in. Go on in, Michi.

This is Mr. Douglas.

You'll be going shopping with him.

Excuse me... Do you recognize this Buddhist statue?

No, I don't.

I see. Thanks.

This looks like a Moonlight Buddha.

I can't tell just from the picture, but it doesn't look very well made.

So you don't handle these here? No.


No, she's a customer.

I'll make arrangements to come and visit you again.

Thank you.

Welcome. Do you recognize this Buddhist statue?

It's a Moonlight Buddha. Just a moment, please.

Is something wrong?

Narcotics agents! Agents?

Kiku, this is Mr. Kaibara, president of the Kaibara Art Gallery.

Nice to meet you. My pleasure. Let me introduce you.

This is Mr. Spencer. He's a Hollywood movie producer.

This is Mr. Fujiyama, head of Far East Movie Studios.

Do you know each other?

Oh, he's here. Were you expecting someone?

Please excuse me for a moment. Kiku...

Make way, please!

Well, if it isn't Takagi! It's been a long time.

What a surprise to see you here!

I heard from my office that you'd called and asked for my address.

That wasn't me.

Kiku, this is Mr. Shuji Takagi.

He's the son of a good friend of mine and works for the Ministry of Health.

Takagi, this is my daughter, Kiku.

How do you do? Pleased to meet you.

Kiku's a 3rd degree black belt in Karate.

Come over here just a minute... Thanks, but I have a seat over there.

Takagi! Dad! Let him be.

What do you think of him, Kiku?

Takagi's different from other men.

Don't you like him?

We don't know where the enemy is, so be very careful, Mr. Douglas.

Congratulations, Mr. Fujiyama!

You must make this movie partnership with Mr. Spencer a success.

I'll do my best.

But we're not just competing in the small Japanese market anymore.

I'm relying on you. Movies have no borders.

Takagi, please come over to our table, just for a moment.

Sir, please excuse me today. I understand...

But Kiku's waiting over there.

Professor, Spencer says he has some secret information for you.

Please go alone.

Takagi, where are you going?

You bastard!

Why are you getting in the way?

Who is that guy?

Kiku, you saw him too.

That man killed Mr. Douglas.

Mr. Douglas was a narcotics agent from the U.S.

Narcotics agent? You are, as well?

Please cooperate in the investigation.

We're hunting down the largest drug ring since World War II.

That man must play a key role.


Arirang, Arirang Arariyo!

You're traveling over Arirang Hill My love, you are leaving me Your feet will be sore before you've even gone ten miles...

Jim, do you need something? I came to get what was promised.


The money. I got it here last time too.

Jim? What should we do?

Boss, Jim has been spotted at the Lucky Joy Club.

Didn't there used to be an old movie called OddMan Out?

That was a good movie.

I think it was directed by Carol Reed, wasn't it?

Jim's been seen. We can't let him live.

That's what the boss said.

Jim, I'll give you the money. It was 10 million, right? Come on.

Where to?

Just shut up and follow me.

Don't let him get away!

What the hell are you lot doing?

Jim didn't come home last night.

Didn't he contact you? No.

This has never happened before.

Sis, what do you want from Jim?

I just wanted to ask him about something.

What about?

What? Has Jim done something?

Is that why he didn't come home last night?

Well... I really don't know.

What's going on, Michi?

That phone call was from Jim, wasn't it?

It was from Jim, right? What did he say?

Michi, please tell me. What did he say?

Michi, this is very important.

Jim is involved in something very bad.

Whatever happens, I'm on your side.

You know I care about you the most.

I don't know what to do. Tell me!

Captain Takagi. This is Inoue.

Takagi here.

Kiku and Michi are heading somewhere. I'm following them.

Understood. Be careful.

Hi, Kiku. How's it going? Out for a drive?

Can you take me too? Just the two of us.

Just let your passenger out. It'd be fun!

Captain Takagi? Yes. This is Takagi.

This is Ippei. Kiku's car is headed toward Otsu. Over.




What, Jim? What?

I'm so sad.

Hang in there!

Lucky... Joy... Club.

Lucky Joy Club...

I promise you, we'll arrest the person responsible for killing your brother.

Don't cry.

Sis, give me some time alone.


I want to be alone. Please.

Go away!

Jim asked me to watch over you.

I can't leave you alone without a reason.


Jim and I had a dream.

We were going to go back to Okinawa and open a restaurant.

No matter how hard it was, we wanted to go back to Okinawa someday...

...and triumph over all the people who were mean to us.

We had the same mother,

but Jim's father was black and mine was white.

People were mean to us, treated us like animals.

But Jim always protected me.

He was the world's kindest big brother.

What are you doing here?

There's no school around here for people like you. Go away!

Hey! Hey! Black and white!

You jerk!

Jim's dead.

There's no point in my living.

I want to take revenge and be with Jim.

What are you saying, Michi?

Do you think Jim would be happy if you did such a thing?

You don't understand. Nobody understands.

Nobody can understand!

Please let Michi and me help in the investigation.

We want to avenge Jim's death with our own hands.

I promise we won't cause any trouble.

There must be something that only women could do to help.

Thanks, but you'd only get in the way.

I just got a call from your father.

He asked me if I'd like to go out with you.

He didn't even ask me first.

But why do you bother mentioning it? Anyway, you refused, right?

No. I said I'd think about it.

Kiku, you always say you don't want to lose to a man.

But men are attracted to a woman's gentleness.

Cooking good food for your husband and raising your children well...

Isn't that what makes a woman happy?

Kiku, women are women after all.

Try trusting a man once in a while.


Let's do it.

Next are the fan dancers. Please join me in welcoming them!

Michi, cut it out!



Tell me what you know!

Where the hell is your drug ring?

Where did you take Michi? Where?

NORIO OSAWA You asshole! Do you think I'm a fool? Talk!

Hold it.

So you're Norio Osawa?

They're your business cards, right?

"The Kaibara Art Gallery."

Is this connected with drug dealing too?


Mr. Takagi, do you know where Michi is yet?

You told me to trust you.

I'm sorry.

We'll find her, I promise. We have a lead.

We're questioning someone now.

Is he Jim's killer?

He's an important player in the drug ring.

Mr. Takagi, what's gonna happen to Michi?

I can't leave it to you anymore.

From now on, I'll do things my way.

Please don't interfere!

Don't mess things up.

Let go of me!

This is definitely Osawa. He used to work here.

Where is he now? He quit a week ago.

We have nothing to do with him now.

I had no idea that Osawa was such a bad person.

Well, it doesn't seem like he did any damage here.

But if anything comes up, we'll call the police right away.

That's not why I'm here.

I want your help uncovering a drug ring.

Drugs? I've never even seen any drugs.

I've heard stories about drugs, but it's a totally different world from ours.

How can there be such bad people?

Just in case, we'd like to search the premises here.

Go right ahead. Search as much as you like.

Please be careful.

Anything you break would cost more than you could repay in a lifetime!


What? They're going to kill Michi?

Yes. The office just radioed me.

A man called and left a message saying to stop the investigation for 48 hours.

Otherwise they'll kill Michi.

Has something happened? You look pale.

Why are you dressed like that?

Looks good on me, right? It's the hippie style.

I don't care what it's called! Go change your clothes!

No kimono dealer could face his neighbors with his daughter dressed like this!

I'm in a hurry! We can talk later.

Wait a minute. I've always let you do what you want.

But I just can't allow this. Enough!

Dad, mom is calling you.

Yes, coming! Mother?


Kiku! Kiku!

Kiku! Where did she go?

Mr. Spencer is a Hollywood movie producer.

This is Fujiyama, head of Far East Movie Studios.

Far East Movie Studios...?

Mr. Kaibara, it's all gone a bit crazy.

So we got them to stop for 48 hours.

We can get ready to go to the U.S. during that time.

Fujiyama, go buy four plane tickets to L.A.

Let's put a hold on the Sea of Japan route for a while.

We've already made quite a lot from it, so I guess it's time to quit.

Anyway, let's settle the accounts as far as today.

There were fifteen oranges, right?


One orange is 100 million. Altogether, that makes 1.5 billion.

Black oranges, I see!

The money's been divided and deposited at 15 well-known banks.

Weston Bank.

Chicago Central Bank.

Daito Bank.

I've come to see Mr. Kusuhara in General Affairs.

What purpose? Yes, well...

Call him. Yes, sir.

Good morning. Now put your wig on!

Hi. You're new here. Are you an extra?

Yes. I'm just here for today. What a gentle voice you have!

Are you a girl or a boy? Which?

Well, I'm a boy, but this is my first time.

Your first time? I like your hairstyle.

Hey, let's go out to dinner after this. My treat!

Stop it!

Go to Studio 3! Hurry up!

Master, please come.

Right there. Fine.

Don't forget to put down the screen. Go get it! Hurry up!

Fix the lighting! Are you sleeping?

Don't focus the light on me! I'm not the actor! Spread the light!

Almost ready? Oh, Mr. Kudo!

And Gen.

Hey, have you seen the extra?


Are you stalking someone again? Get your mind out of the gutter!

I'll give you a smack!

The set's filthy! And it's so cheap-looking!

Focus there.

Can we start?

All set?

Let's go. Ready... start!

Cut! Where the hell is the extra? The extra?

Please forgive me, sir.

It doesn't help, you apologizing! Go get the extra!

You! Get over here! What happened to the extra?

He was just here... But he's not here now!

Go look for him! Hurry!

Ishida, Kato! Come with me.

You idiot!

Good morning.

Could you make up another extra right away?

Who's gonna do it? There's no choice. I will.

You idiot! Think again!

Have you found him? I've no idea where he went.

You still can't find him?

What are you doing here? The Yamajima Gang set...

Who's there?


Thank you, sis! It's okay now.

Oh, sis...

Pull on it!

Michi, run away. Hurry!


Oh, there you are!

Michi, run! Hurry! Sis!

Go, go!

Don't move!

Put your hands up!

Kiku's at Far East Movie Studios?

Should I let Mr. Takagi know?

Okay. Stay put.


I wonder where Mr. Takagi disappeared to...

Good night!

Mr. Shuji Takagi. No, I said Shuji. Don't you understand?

Stop that! You'll break the phone! Who are you calling?

Every police department in Kyoto.

Are you crazy?

Hey, I need to see Kiku.

Takagi, you idiot! I've been looking all over for you!

Something terrible has happened!

You won't get in our way when you're dead.

Kill him!


Let's get out of here!

You bastard!

Open the gate!

Spare me, please!

I'll give you as much money as you want!

This is revenge for Jim.

Takagi. Takagi!

Kiku. I...

Takagi, hang in there! Come on!

Mr. Takagi!

Takagi, don't die!

You can't die!