Six Days Seven Nights (1998) Script

Hey! Ahh.

Good morning. Oh.

Thank you. No. Thank you.

Hello. Hi. I'm across the street.

Who? No. No, no. There's nothing wrong with the ad layouts.

I checked them myself.

No, no. Marjorie just must've gotten the months wrong again.

Yeah. Well, have you talked to Laslo yet?

I don't care if he's upset.

Call Peter back and tell him the layout has got to be four pages.

Not seven, not six, not five. Four.

After... Hey, Robin.

Well, that's because we changed photographers.

You must be kidding. I... I double-checked everything.

What's wrong with the ad layouts? What's wrong with the ad layouts, Leo?

I'll tell you what's wrong. Practically everything.

Because they're the wrong ad layouts. Marjorie, I... I have no idea...

Now, why am I standing here looking at 30 pages of wrong layouts, Leo?

I'll tell you why. Because someone...

Leo... didn't do their job!

Okay, the copy on the cover reads:

"Office Love Affairs... How To Get Him And Your Raise."

Good. Yeah?

Okay, look at me. Come in a little closer.

Okay, right here. Great. Good, I think we got it.

Carry on. Papaya diet?

Big problem. They're talking about changing the fruit.

What kind of fruit are we talking about? I don't know.

They said kiwi or something. I don't like kiwi.

These came for you. They're from Frank.

My goodness. He is so sweet. He was in London.

Very exotic and expensive. Ohh.

"Can't wait to see you. It's felt like an eternity."

How long has he been gone? Two days.

Two days? Yes.

"Meet me here at 7:30." Ooh, good choice.

"Bring doll."

Doll. He does this kind of thing all the time.

Hula dolls. Polynesian restaurant.

Now just what are you up to?

It's all part of the surprise. Thank you.

Thanks. Uh-huh. Surprise?

Surp... You're not breaking up with me, are you?

No. Okay. You sure?

Because 69% of all relationships break up in restaurants.

We're not breaking up. Okay.

In fact, I want to increase the romance in our lives.

Oh, you do? Uh-huh. First, close your eyes.

Now? Close 'em.

Okay. All right.

Now, remember all the times that you said we never go anywhere...

And we're always working... Uh-huh. Right.

And we never have any fun? Well, yeah.

Well, open your eyes and look where I'm taking you.

Oh. Come on.

Oh, you're kidding! You and me in two weeks.

In two weeks? I can't. Oh, oh, you can.

I can? Uh-huh. I cleared it with Marjorie.

You did? Oh, you're a sneak.

Yeah. Six days and seven nights on the secluded... tropical island paradise of Makatea.

Yeah. Yeah. We arrived 15 minutes late.

Oh, is that a problem? No, no. That's fine.

Uh, I'll tell you what. Why don't I go find the bags... and you... you get to go find the charter, okay?

I do? All right. Okay. Yeah. I'll see you in a few minutes.

Sweetie? Huh?

Love you. Love you.

Uh, excuse me. Aah! Son of a bitch!

Miserable piece of rat shit.

Could you help me? I'm looking for Tropical Charters.

You goin' to Makatea? Yes.

Well, we'll be ready in ten... twenty minutes.

But this... this isn't the plane.

What? The plane.

Where... Where's its mommy?

Oh. Tropical's plane is laid up in Fiji.

We're filling in. You're in luck. I'm your pilot.


No. I ca... Uh, no. I, um...

I can't go in this. It's, uh... It's broken.

No, it's not broken. It's being maintained.

This is my plane. Uh-huh.

This is a De Haviland Beaver.

This is one of the safest, most reliable planes ever built.

Sweetie, is there a problem?

Uh, yes. He, um... He seems to think we're gonna go in this old thing.

What? Uh, I-I think... I think we could find another charter.

Don't you? Won't find one.

There's a boat leaves from the port. Takes three days.

Honey. Frank, honey, honey. All right. All right.

Uh, sweetie, I'm sure the plane is perfectly safe... and I'm sure the pilot is a trained professional.

He is the pilot. He...

Well, if you're going, it'll be 20, 30 minutes.

I gotta get some oil.

Oil? He's gonna get some oil now. You're gonna need help with this luggage.

No, thanks. No, we're good.

All right. Everybody tied down?

Listen. Are these really necessary?

Only if we crash.

Hi. Everybody, this is Angelica, our flight service director.


Thank you. Hi.

Sorry. Excuse me. Oh! Ohh.

Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Oh! Hi, baby.

Mmm, hello. Are you guys going to Makatea?

We hope. Oh, you'll love it. Are you from the States?

Yes. I lived there for a while too. It's very fun.

Hey, Quinn, look. Look what I got. Check it out.

What's that, baby? It's a bathing suit, silly.

I thought it was an eye patch.

Welcome to Makatea.

Here we are. Thanks for flying Harris Freight... where frequent flyers earn bonus points good for valuable merchandise.

Hey, you're not trying to steal my vest, are you?

Mr Martin, Miss Monroe? Yes. Yes.

Welcome to Hanaiti. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm Phillippe St. Clair, the general manager. Hi.

Uh, can we have the reservation for Mr Martin?

Oh! Oh, this is beautiful.



Okay. All right, we're never leaving.


I want this to be the most unforgettable vacation of our lives.

Having a good time? Oh, honey, I'm having a great time.

Hey, you know what today is? What?

It's our anniversary. We have an anniversary?

Yeah, unofficially.

Oh. Three years ago today, we first met.

Today? Today? Today. You don't remember? We fought over a cab.

Oh, I called you a jerk. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Oh, great. That you remember.

Sorry. Yeah. See? But that's okay. It was all part of love's odyssey.

Odyssey? Mm-hmm.

If I asked, would you wear something special for me tonight?

What did you have in mind? This.

Will you marry me?

The Calypsonians were all gathered together Singing such a mournful tune I don't know if it was in the summertime It could be the month of May or June Believe me, baby, I know the best I'll be back in a sec, okay?

All right. When I find myself I poke out my chest, oh Over loving Over, over, over Over loving you

I always thought this was a beautiful island... but with you here, it is even more beautiful.

Oh! How long have you been on Makatea?

Oh, you're kidding, right? No.

Well, you brought me here.

Today? Five hours ago?

Oh, I'm so... So much has happened since...

Oh! Oops. Oopsy.

Wow. Here you go. What's...

I slipped. Yeah.

So, where's your, uh, copilot?

Oh, she's busy with the tourists.

Well, that sounds like you don't like us.

Oh, no. Never bite the hand that-that feeds... uh, your mouth, whatever.

Besides, you know, they're... they're good for a laugh.

You're a big laugher, are you? Oh, yeah.

Oh. Mm-hmm.

They come here looking for the magic... expecting to find romance... when they can't find it any other place.

Maybe they will.

It's an island, babe.

If you don't bring it here, you won't find it here.

Oh, heavy. Pilot and philosopher.

Let me buy you a drink. Hey, I'm here with somebody.

You remember him? He came in with me.

I meant both of you. No, you didn't.

You're from New York, aren't you?

Hey, is everything okay?

Oh, hi. Nice to see you again. Yeah, you too.

Let me buy you a drink. Oh, that's very, uh...

Let's go. Oh, but we're leaving, and so...

Well, maybe some other time...

Ta-ta. I'll buy you a drink.

Okay, bye. Was he bothering you?

Oh, no. He was just a little... Was he hitting on you?

From over there, it looked like he was hitting on you.

Maybe a little. He was?

Do you want me to do something about it? Like what?

Hey, I don't go to the gym every day just to watch old guys shower.

You know, I will... Really?

Yeah. Really?

Well done, ocean.

Well done, sky.

Well done, maitais.

Well done, silicone. Oh, my. Hey!

Hey, I'm, I'm getting a little toasty here.

You want me to put some cream on you, honey?

You'd do that for me? You... You'd cream me up?

Only for you. Where is it?

Excuse me. Miss Monroe? You have a phone call.

I do? You could take it at the bar.

What... Who would be calling you here?

I have no idea. I'll be right back.

Can I get two maitais, please? Yes, ma'am.

Thank you. Hello?

Look, I know you're on vacation... but this is a dire emergency.

Oh, no. The photo shoot's on... but it's an availability nightmare.

Vendela and Evander Holyfield only have a mutual 17-hour window.

If we don't get them now, nobody's available... for four months and we lose them for the May cover.

Well, there's gotta be somebody closer whose life you can screw up.

That's the ironic thing, dear. There's not.

Vendela's in Sydney. Evander's in Osaka.

I threw Taylor on a plane this morning to Papeete.

Tahiti? Yes. They're all coming to you.

All you have to do is fly back to Tahiti... baby-sit the shoot, fly back out.

Fifteen hours at the most. Look, this is complicated.

Uh, Frank proposed to me last night.

Oh, my God!

This is so exciting. Sweetie, I'm so happy for you.

Well, I'm glad, but...

The point is, what kind of message am I sending to Frank... if the day after our betrothal, I'm leaving him to go on some photo shoot?

An excellent message.

This is the perfect opportunity to establish parameters.

Oh, God. I read somewhere... that 38.6% of all women... are pressured into quitting their jobs in the first year of marriage.

Marjorie, you read that in our magazine, and we made it up.

Oh, Please, Robin, please. Please, please, Robin, please?

Deal. Oh, good!

Do you have a way back to Tahiti? Oh, yeah, I can...

That's good? Yeah? Mmm. Mm-hmm.


Don't move a muscle. Lay down. Stay. Yeah.

Hi. Hello. Hi.

Uh, I'm looking for... Quinny, it's for you.

Okay. Hi there.

Ohh. Hi. I'm really sorry to interrupt you.

I-I sort of have an emergency.

Emergency? What's going on?

Well, my boss called me, and she wants me to go to Tahiti tonight.

Oh, well, I'm sort of on my layover here.

Right. Uh, would $500 cut your layover short?

Um, baby, want to go to Papeete?

I can't. I have a show tonight. Tuesday is tamure night.

Uh, it's tamure night. Oh.

My hands are tied. That's for later.

You know, I'm stuck. I-I-I really...

This is really important. You'd be doing me a tremendous favour.

How would 700 be? Okay.

Yeah? Yeah.

Great. I'll meet you at the plane in...

Give me an hour. Great. Thank you.

Honey, it's a known fact that 38.6% of all women... are pressured into quitting their jobs the first year of marriage.

That was in your magazine. You probably made it up.

If you had to work, I would understand.

That's because you're not as romantic as I am.

Ohh. So, come with me.

No. How come?

Because if I go with you, I'll resent the fact that I'm there.

If I stay here, I'll miss you, but you'll feel guilty. I like that better.

Come on. It's only for one night, hubby.

Say that again. What, hubby?

I like that. Say it. Hubby.

Ready to go. Is it safe to fly?

It is with me. Oh, you're that good, huh?

I'm the best you've ever been with.

I'm not sure I trust your equipment.

We may be old, but we're sturdy.

Mm-hmm. What's all this?

Hotel overstocks, local trinkets. I was gonna fly 'em to Tahiti tomorrow.

But with your job, I got a twofer.

Oh, how handy for you.

Excuse me. I just want to keep this from flying at you.

There we go. Do you have my, uh, money?

Oh. Yes.

Thank you. It's all there.

I trust you.

So what kind of work do you do, uh, back there in New York?

I'm an assistant editor for a magazine called Dazzle.

Dazzle? Yeah.

Never heard of that one.

Well, you're not exactly the demographic we shoot for.

Uh, this is it.


"Your Derriere: Five Exercises to Tame the Beast."

"Ten Ways to Light His Fire."

For Pete's sake. "Ten Ways to Light His Fire."

You know how a woman gets a man excited?

How? She shows up.

That's it. We're guys. We're easy.

Of course, for that you can't charge six bucks an issue, can you?

Now, does that advice come with the $700... or do I need to pay extra for that?

It's on the house. Thanks.

Um, island flight watch, Beaver 0318.

We are at 3,500 on a heading of, uh, 1-1-0.

I'm looking for a weather update, please, uh, along our route of flight.

Thirty-six Victor, be advised...

...southwestern... Say again.

I'm sorry. This weather came up quicker than anybody anticipated.

We're gonna have to turn back to Makatea.

It's just not worth the risk. Uh, all right.

A line of squalls has got us boxed in.

Tighten up your seat belt. It's gonna get bumpy.

Wha... Uh.

Y-You don't-don't mind if I just come sit up here with you?

Get your seat belt on.

What are those? Uh, Xanax.

My doctor prescribed them for situations of tension.

I think this qualifies. Give me a couple.

You just drive.

What are you taking now? Xanax.

My doctor prescribed them for situations of "sension."

Give me those.

Whoo! Hey, that was close, huh? Whoo!

That was more than close. That hit us.

Oh, no. Shit. It fried the radios.

Oh, no. That's bad, huh?

Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.

Beaver 0318. Unable to maintain altitude.

Can anybody hear this?

Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. Attention, KMart shoppers!

Snow shovels are on sale for $12.99.

Put that down. I'm unable to maintain altitude.

Forty miles south-southeast of Makatea.

Mayday, mayday, mayday How many of those things did you take?

Um, you know, I just don't know.

Look. What?

We're in trouble here. I want you to sit back... be quiet, keep your seat belt tight and let me fly this thing.

Yes, sir.

There's an island down there.

I can see a beach.

I'm gonna set us down. Okeydokey.

Rock on the beach! There's a rock on the beach! Son of a bitch!

Good morning.

Could you get me a cup of coffee?

Sure, I'll get right on it, ma'am.

Oh, God, whe...

Where are we? Here.

Where? Where?

Somewhere between Makatea and Tahiti.

That's... That's the best I can do for you.

Whoa! What happened?

It crumpled the landing gear when we hit.

Well, aren't you gonna fix it?

I mean, can't we... can't we reattach it somehow?

Oh, sure. We'll, like, glue it back on.

How's that? Aren't you one of those guys?

What guys?

Those guy guys. You know, those guys with skills.

Skills? Yeah.

You send them out into the wilderness with a pocketknife and a Q-tip... and they build you a shopping mall.

You can't do that? No. No, I can't do that.

But I can do this. Does that help?

I can get us out of here.

Oh, good. Yeah.

Hey. Right? Huh?

Phone, huh? I'm gonna get us out of here.


Right. Come on, phone.

So, what are we, like, shipwrecked?

How do you want it? Excuse me?

Do you want it sugar-coated or right between the eyes?

You pick.

We've only got one wheel, so we can't take off.

Lightning fried the radio and the emergency location transmitter.

Air-Sea will probably try a rescue, but without a beacon to hone in... it's like trying to find a flea on an elephant's ass.

The only thing we've got is... this flare gun and a single flare.

Is it too late to get it sugar-coated?

That was sugar-coated.

Well, then, what's the bad news?

The bad news is we may be here for a long time.

You and me. For a long, long... long, long, long, long time.

Well, I want my $700 back.

What? You heard me. My $700. I want it back.

You said you were gonna take me to Tahiti. You didn't.

Give it back. Come on.

One, two, three...

Wha... I figure I got you halfway.

Halfway? Halfway?

Halfway. Halfway? Whoo!

Halfway? Oh, boy, you're good!

Whoo! You got me halfway! That's fantastic!

Wha... What are you doing? Hey! Hey! Get away from my plane!

Oh, you be quiet. Goddam it! Get outta there!

I'm gonna do something! Hey! Leave that stuff alone!

You shut up! Come on out! Get outta there!

What do you think you're doing? Leave my stuff a... Hey, hey, come on!

What's this? It's a boat.

It's a life raft. We can use that to get off the island.

Where are you gonna go? You don't even know where you are.

Last thing you wanna do is go bouncing around the ocean... in an eight-foot blowup boat.

Don't tell me what I want! Give that... Give it!

Hey, don't pull on that! Leave it alone! Hey, hey!

Oh! Oh! Get... Wait! Wait! Get me out! No! Oh!



Get me out of here!

Get me... Get me out of here!

Are you gonna stop acting like a lunatic?

Fuck you! Pardon me? What'd you say?

That's what I thought you said. Quinn.


Mr Martin? There's a telephone call for Miss Monroe.

Oh. I'll take it.

Hello? Hello?

We... This is Frank Martin. Who is...

Oh, hi, Marjorie. It's Frank.

No, she... she left yesterday.


Mary, it's Phillippe at Makatea.

Uh, Quinn flew a lady back to you last night.

Can you look if the De Haviland is at the gate? No, I'll wait.

I ran into Tony. He said that Quinny didn't make Tahiti.

Hold on, Angelica. We don't know anything yet.

Yes, Mary, right here.

Get Air-Sea Rescue, Mary. Call me back.

Oh, my God. Oh, no.

Come on. You wanna drink water, you gotta haul water. Let's go.

What are you lookin' at? Nothing.

Something. Nothing.

Oh, don't give me that. You were ogling.

Ogling? Yeah.

Ogling? Let me ask you something. What?

When you go into the store to buy something like that, what do you say to the clerk?

"Give me that outfit so nobody'll look at me"?

No, I like people looking. Just not you.

If it makes you feel any better, you're not my type.

Oh, good. Why? Why?

Yeah. You know, I'm making conversation. Why?

You talk too much. You're opinionated.

You're stubborn, sarcastic and stuck-up.

Your ass is too narrow, and your tits are too small.

Hey, you wanna know why you're not my type?


I'm American. Oh, thank God.

Tom Morrow. I'll take you up. Frank. Listen, so how do we find them?

Well, we're gonna fly over the water and look out the window.

Wh... Whoa-Whoa-Whoa-Whoa. That's it?

What about the, uh, the modern technology?

Don't you have, like, satellites, lasers...

Mr Martin, take a seat. Heat-seeking kind of...

Hey, I'm Ricky. Good. Great. I'm Frank.

Listen, money is no object, all right? Yeah. Just get in.

Try breathing very deeply. I find that helpful.

If they went into the water, it's only been 12 hours.

There's a good chance we'll find them. Okay.

Hey, Bwana, why don't you let me lead for a while?

Okay. This'll be interesting.

Now there. You see? I found it.

Come on, Quinny.

Oh, my God.

Oh, it's beautiful.

Quinn, this is... Whoa! Whoa!

Wha... Who... Wait! Oh, God!

Hey! Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey, hold on! Whoa!

What are you doin'? What the hell's that?

It's a pig. What are you worried about?

He's more afraid of us than we... Watch! Watch!

Hah! Go on! Go on!

Go on! Get outta here! Go on! Hyah! Hyah!

Ohh! Bye-bye! Come on!

Come on! Hey, Quinn?

Huh? What?


I'm sorry to interrupt you, but, uh, I'm having a bit of a problem.

What's the problem?

Some sort of creature has just swum up my pants.

I'm guessing... I'm guessing a snake.

Oh. That's bad.

So, uh, what do I do?

I mean, I could reach down and, and grab it.

No, that... that could be risky. It might be poisonous.

Well, right. But on the other hand, if it's poisonous and will bite me... do I want to allow it to continue to swim around in my shorts?

All good questions. Would you just give me some advice?

All right? Just advice, input, anything. Just give it to me.

I'm very open at this particular juncture, all right?

Just stand still. Still.

Stand still. Right. Yeah.

What are you doing? Relax.

All right.

Oh, God.

No. What?

Not good. What? Wha...

Shhh. I'm trying to concentrate here.

Okay. Okay.

All right, let's see.

Better not catch you smiling.

Oh, God. Oh, God!

Thanks. Well, I'm not without skills.

Oh. You're going on a date?

Do you like it? Why the fashion statement?

Goin' hunting. Oh. For what?

No! You wouldn't!

They are magnificent creatures!

And I hear they taste just like chicken.


Maybe I should have a taste.

You know, just in case somebody asks me someday, "Have you ever had peacock"...

I can say, "Yes, I have."

You won't regret it.

Okay. Perfect.

Whoa! Ah.

Oh. Oh, my God!

Mmm. Mmm. Wow.

Chicken. Okay, chicken.

Have you always been a pilot? All my grown-up life.

Like doing what? All kinds of flying.

Mm-hmm. I had my own very successful business.

What happened?

I found a better way of life, that's all.

Like what? Came out here... got a nice little house on a beautiful beach.

Mm-hmm. Got my plane.

Uh-oh. Hmm.

I'm doing what I wanna do. Got peace and quiet.

Living the life every man dreams of.

Well, yeah, until they're 12.

I'm sorry. That was out of line.

No. I'm just...

I'm just cranky, you know, from being shipwrecked.

Look at that sky. You don't see a sky like that in New York City.

No, that's a good sky.

Whoa. All right. Sorry. I'm...

I'm just a little tipsy. That's...

Good night.

Good night.


Really suave.


Oh, my God. It's a plane. Oh!

Oh, it's a plane. What do we, uh...

Flare! We need the flare! Uh, Quinn?

Quinn, uh, get up! There's a plane! We need...

Oh, God! Quinn, we need...

Okay. Oh. Oh!


Flare! Jesus!

Hey, baby. Oh, no.

Uh-oh. Oh, boy.

Oh! Oh, no.

Oh, uh-oh. Oh, no.

Wha... Oh, nuts.

What... Oh!

What the hell did you do? What the... You...

You wasted our only goddam flare to shoot a goddam palm tree?

I wouldn't have shot the goddam tree if you hadn't rolled into me.

I was trying to signal the goddam plane!

Wha... What goddam plane?

That goddam plane.

That goddam plane? Yeah.

That's a commercial airliner.

It's five miles high, going 600 miles an hour!

They wouldn't see a nuclear explosion if they were looking for it much less a flare!

How the hell was I supposed to know that?

If you hadn't drunken yourself into a coma, maybe you could've told me that!

Do you know what you've done? What?

Do you know what you've done? What?

You've taken our one good chance of being found and pissed it away!

Don't you dare blame this on me! If you were half a pilot... we wouldn't be on this island!

I am the best goddam pilot you're ever gonna meet!

Huh! I've flown with you twice. You've crashed half the time!

And there is nothing wrong with my tits!

There's so much water. Don't worry.

Wherever they are, Quinny is going to take good care of your girlfriend.

What do you mean by that?

Come on, let's pick up the pace a little.

I want to get to the top before dark.


I've had just about as much vacation as I can stand.

Whoo! Whoo! God!

Stop. Stop. Stop. What stop? What? Stop.

Stop! What?

Stop. What?


We better find the beacon.

This way.

That beacon better be up there.

Look, the storm blew us southwest 40 minutes.

Good chance this is Tamitange.

Ah, Tamitange. Well, that explains everything.

There's a radio navigation beacon on the top of Tamitange.

We find it. We shut it down. They come out and fix it. We're rescued.

It took 'em two years to fix the streetlight outside my apartment.


Oh, wow.

Wow, this is beautiful. Well?

So, where's the beacon?


Well... Oh, let me see.

Well, it's this one, right? Tamitange, the one with the funny-shaped peninsula to the north, right?

Yeah. Well, tha... that's north, right?

Right? Uh-huh. Yeah.

There's no peninsula.

Who stole the peninsula?

No. This isn't Tamitange?

So there is no beacon that we're gonna turn off... and they're gonna come fix it and find us?

Well, well, we could be, um...

We could be further to the south. This could be Mata Nui.

And what's on Mata Nui?


What? What do I want...

What are you doing?

Son of a bitch! Goddam it!

Uh, please don't do that again.

I just want one goddam thing to go right.

Oh, God. I know. Come on.

Ever since we've been here, you've been so confident.

You have all the answers. Well, I'm the captain.

That's my job. It's no good for me to go waving my arms in the air... and screaming, "Oh, shit, we're gonna die."

That doesn't evoke much confidence, does it?

No, no, that does not.

I need you to be my confident captain.

I can't tell you how difficult this is gonna be for me if you lose it.



I'm all right now. Oh, good. Good.

Wait. Quinn.

What? What?

What do you need? Hey. Come on. Get out of there.

What do you want? Look, look, look, look.

Oh, yes.

It's a boat.

Looks like they're puttin' in to that cove.

Yeah, well, how do we signal 'em?

A flare would be nice. Don't start. Come on.

What do we do? How do we get down there?

Well, we go...

Down the mountain, up the mountain, down the mountain. Yeah.

We get to our life raft... Uh-huh. and hope they'll still be there in the morning. Come on.

Oh, God.

Come on. I'll take over. Oh, God. Thanks.

So what's the deal with you and, um...

Angelica. Yeah.

No deal. We're friends.

She works at the hotel a couple months a year.

We have some laughs. Keep it simple.

Has it always been simple... or has there ever been anyone complicated?

That's a yes. Yes?

How complicated? Scale from one to ten?

Twelve. Twelve?

God. What happened?

Well, tragically, she, uh, she...

Died? Oh, my God. I'm so, I'm so...

No, she didn't die! Oh. Oh.

You gonna let me tell the story, or what? I'm sorry!

Sure. Tell it.

She, uh, fell in love with somebody else.

Not just somebody else.

My best friend. My partner. The guy I was in business with.

God. What did you do?

Well, I, uh, bowed out. I gave 'em my blessing.

Are they still together?

No. They broke up.

Not before I sold 'em my half of the business. Uh-huh.

Came out here. Got my plane.

Never looked back. Best thing that ever happened to me.

There are two boats. What? Two boats?

Two boats!


God, this is great, huh? Hello!


Sit down! We gotta get out of here! Why? Why?

We gotta get out of here! What? Get out of here?

Shit! Shit, shit, shit. What are you talking about?

Oh, my God!

Who... Who are they? Pirates!

Pi... Pirates? As in, "argh"?

Smugglers. Thieves.

They rob boats!

Rob boats? They just killed a guy! They'll kill us too.

Just for bein' here! Just for seein' 'em! Wha...

Shit, he just saw me. We got company.

Ohh. Oh, no.

They just lowered a boat!

What kind of a boat? A motorboat!

Shit! Shit!


Oh, God! Row faster!

Go! Go, go.

I can't.

Yes, you can.

How'd he get over there?

Go. Where? What?


Let's not make this difficult.

That was a very stupid thing to do. Now I'm gonna have to kill you.

Say goodbye. We've got gold.



Gold. Yeah, we've got gold.

I'm a jewellry designer.

I design jewellry with gold. And precious stones.

Precious stones, like, uh... I have sold to all the finest stores.

And, um, we've got display cases on the... on the boat.

Because, uh, we're expanding the business in the Far East.

But that's my husband's end of the business.

'Cause I'm-I'm in marketing. Wiz! You're a wiz!

Take us to the boat.


Oh, my God! Now what?

We go on three. One, two...

I can't! You go. Save yourself.

I'm sorry. For kissing me?

No. For this.



You know how some people say...

"You don't know what you had until you lose it"?

It's a load of crap.

I knew what I had.

God, I loved her.

Love her. Love her.

Not to insult you, but...

I don't think men know what love is.

I mean... I do.

Yeah? I do!

Well, guys, they tell me they love me all the time.

Well, I'm sure at least some of them mean it.

No, they don't.

Do you think they gave up?

I don't know. We shouldn't go back to the camp.

The plane's too easy to spot.

I am so scared.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm a little scared myself.

No. No, that does not make me feel better.

I thought that's what women wanted. What?

Men who weren't afraid to cry... who are in touch with their feminine side.

No, not when they're being chased by pirates. They like 'em mean and armed.


This is not a good island for aeroplanes.

It's a Japanese World War II float plane.

It's been up there for 50 years.


You don't think there's any way that you could...


This looks like a safe place to spend the night.

I'm gonna see if there's anything I can use up there.

Hi. Hey.

This is me here.

We gotta meet them at 6:00 a.m.

They're gonna widen the search.

I may be too drunk to wake up at 6:00 a.m.

I know how... how...

Are you sure you're okay? You're-You're fine?

Yeah, I'm...

I'm just going to take a shower... and get into bed.

Are you okay? I'm good. Yeah.

I mean, do you want to stay here tonight?

Stay? Yeah, with me.

I mean, you probably think I'm being slutty or something, but...

I'm feeling bad, and you're feeling bad.

And I'd really like for you to stay.

I-I just don't th...

Yeah. Sure, why not?

Yeah? No, no, I can't.

I mean, I'm, I'm still clinging to-to hope.

And if-if I... I mean, if-if we, you know...


No! No?

N-No, I...

Are you sure?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, no, I seem to be leaving the room.


It's not bread. It's not fruit.

I want to kiss you.

I really liked kissing you.

I liked kissing you.


But if I start, I'm not gonna be able to stop.

Sounds good. Doesn't it?

I-I... Oh.

I can't.

We should get some sleep.

Come here.

This feels good.

And safe. Feels good and safe.

Good morning.

Wh... What-What are you doin'?

I got a plan. Good.

Anything I can do to help?


Yeah, just a second.

What is it? What's wrong?

Angelica, the helicopter's going up in 20 minutes.

If you're going, vite, huh?

Oh, Geez, I didn't realize it was...

Okay. Thank you, Phillippe. Tell them I am on my way, okay?

The helicopter's going up in 20 minutes.

Oh, God. What did... What did I do?

And how many times did I do it?

Are you okay? Huh? No, no. This was wrong. This was all wrong.

Excuse me? How could you say that?

No, I mean, everything you did was very right.

But what I did was wrong! This was wrong!

No, no. It's just we are going through a terrible ordeal.

It's like when after a funeral...

Yeah? Everybody has sex.

Not everybody.

No? No!




You know that woman I was tellin' you about?

The heartbreaker? She was my wife.

Oh. Twelve years.

You have any kids?

No, we didn't have any kids, thank God.

But I always wanted kids.

A bunch of them. Really?

There's still time.

What? Come on.

How old are you?

Well, what do...

How old do you think I am?

Hmm. Let me think. Guess.



Fifty. You fifty?

You still look good.

I still am good.

Let's get these apart. We gotta take 'em down one by one.

You first.


You all right? I'm fine.

Okay, your turn.

How can I eat? I'm scum! I'm garbage!

This experience has tested me and has revealed no character whatsoever.

Stop beating yourself up. You're a guy. You can't help it.

Mr Martin, forgive me.

I just heard they decided to call off the search.

I'm sorry.

That's it?


It's working!

Keep comin'!


Ready? All right!

Put her down!

Oh, shit. Look!

Get out of here!

Too far back to the right.

Oh, God. Are you okay?

Oh, you're hit!

It's not bad.

It's not bad.

Come on, come on!

I'm in! I'm in! Get in the plane! Hurry!


All right! Hurry up!

Take off! Come on!


Damn! Get out of the way!

Reload! Quickly!

Take off! Take off!

We're gonna hit 'em!

We're gonna hit 'em!

Gimme a hand! Pull!

Pull! Pull.

Look out! Abandon ship!

Come on. Come on. Stay with me here.

Stay with me. You're doin' great.

Come on. Look.

I should tell you a few things about aeroplanes.

Why is that?

'Cause I may not be conscious when it comes time to land this thing.

Oh, shit.

Take the controls. I want you to get a feel for the yoke.

You're serious, aren't you?

I got it.

Okay. Okay. Sm... Hey! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Small corrections. Sorry.

Small corrections. Just look at the horizon.

When we get there... you're gonna line up about a hundred feet out from the beach.

Hundred feet out from the beach.

We are here today... to honour two fine people: Miss Robin Monroe... and an old friend, Mr...

Father, please forgive me, for I have sinned. I've been bad. Very bad.

Oh, God.


Quinn, don't make me do this alone. Please, Quinn, don't make me do this alone.


I would say a few words about our friend.

Quinn Norris was the kind of man...

It's Quinny! It's Quinny!


All right. I'm lined up with the beach.

Throttle to 65 knots.

What the hell's a knot?

It's Quinny! Look!

Thank... Thank you, God!

Uh, flaps. Flaps, flaps.

All right.

Nose slightly elevated for landing. Here we go.

And... Help me, God!

I'm coming, Sweetie!

Quinn? Quinn? Quinn!

We did it.

I'm coming! Robin!

Sweetie, hold...

Robin! Oh, my God, you're alive!

You're hurt! You're hurt! No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

He needs a doctor. Get him... Get him a doctor. A doctor! We need a doctor!

Come on, sweetie. Quinny? Are you okay, baby?

Can you move your leg? Be careful!

Watch out. Are you okay, baby?

I'm okay.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. Be careful.

They brought the tea! Oh, great.

You want some honey, sweetie?


The guy said the hotel's offered us... a month's free stay anytime we want.

They're probably afraid I'm gonna sue them.

How are you feeling? Are you all right? Oh, yeah. I'm just, you know, tired.

Here we go. Whoops. Sorry.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I didn't get much sleep.

Frank, Come here. Come here.

Sit down.

It was terrible.

I mean...

I think deep down, I, uh, I never expected to see you again.

You know, I was...

I was lost. I was...

We're just people, you know. You know?

Robin, we're not perfect. I mean, under... under that kind of pressure...

I mean, people do things.

You don't know... right, wrong... You're cra... You're nuts.

You know, you...



Keepin' busy?


How are you?

Good. Good, thanks. This is not so bad.

How 'bout you, your... It's fine.


What's the deal here?

Deal? With us.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

Was what happened on that island anything?

Or was it just something that happens to two people... when they're alone on an island together?

It was something.



So... now what?

Look, I'm... I'm pretty set in my ways, and... you got all kinds of possibilities.

You deserve someone... fresher.

Don't you think that's up to me to decide?

Let's be smart about this.

You're not gonna move out here and become my copilot.

And I'm not gonna go to New York and be your receptionist, so...

Where does that leave us?

I don't know. I guess it leaves us nowhere.

So let's not complicate things.

Oh, I forgot you like things simple.


All right.

Well, good luck.

Good luck to you too.

I hope everything works out... for you.

So, how's that shoulder today?

Need something for the pain?


Well, 14 more hours, then back to reality.

Frank? Hmm?

I don't think we should get married.


How come?

Because I think it's wrong for two people... to get married when something is hanging over their heads.

Oh, my God, I'm sorry! Robin, I'm sorry!

I was... I was... I was distraught.

And then she-she took off her blouse, and it was like, "Oh, my God."

But I... I walked away. I did.

I went back to our room. I tried to go to sleep, but I thought of you.

I thought, oh... I didn't know if you were dead or what.

So I went back to her bungalow, you know, just... just to...

And she... Robin, she answered the door with...


Who? Angelica.

You slept with Angelica? Who slept? Are you ki...

Didn't you know? How would I know?

Wait a minute. You just said there was something hanging over our...

What did... Wh-What do you mean?

Quinn and me.

Aha! Oh, Frank... something happened.

Something happened that shouldn't have happened if you and I were really...

In love.

Boarding flight number 58 to Honolulu.

All ticketed passengers should board immediately.

Hey! Sorry.


Hey, hey.

Where's the plane... plane to New York? Right there.

I-I'm sorry. I just had to get off the plane.

Well, I'm sorry I delayed the flight. I just...

Where are my bags? You don't speak any English?

What's in my bags is illegal?

Wait a minute. Oh, please don't search my bags.

It's just important that I stay.

You're here!

Why... Why did you get off the plane?

Wh-Why didn't you... Why did you come here?

I've decided my life is too simple.

It is?

Yeah. I w... I want to c-complicate the hell out of it.

So, uh, where are we goin'?

Um, your place is in New York, right?


I don't think I can wait that long. How 'bout my place?

Oh, yeah. Your little house on the beach.

More like a shack, actually.

A shack. It's, uh... It's not much.

Uh-huh. You do have a bed, don't you?

Are you gonna be this fussy about everything?

I wanna love ya And treat you right I wanna love ya

Every day and every night We'll be together

With a roof right over our head We'll share the shelter

Of my single bed We'll share the same room, yeah But Jah provide the bread Is this love, is this love is this love Is this love that I'm feelin'

Is this love, is this love is this love Is this love that I'm feelin'