Skinwalkers (2006) Script

There are some things|in this world so frightening, that we pretend|they don't exist.

Stuff of nightmares.

We tell ourselves, ''There's no such thing.''

But the truth is, they're out there...

...even closer than we fear.

Silver bullets.

Nice touch.

So, caretaker.

Looks like you're out of a job.

You and your people have been defending|these pathetic creatures for a long time.

But it'll all be over soon enough.

We'll attack each of these camps and destroy them.

And this disgrace to our true nature|will be over forever.

So, what was on the tape?

You'll never find the boy|in time.

No. lt can't be. lt's already begun.

The legend is true.

Where's the boy?

Tell me!

Not in this lifetime.

Hurry. Gather your men.

We have four days till full moon.

Take this to Varek. He goes north.

Tell him there's no time to lose.

You find this boy|or it's the end of us.

You can see for yourself.

The boy is safe.

But with the red moon, we should be ready for anything.

Just to make sure.

And you be careful.

The red moon's powers|will be very strong.

And you'll have to lock down|till this is over.

l gotta go.

Good luck. Stay sharp.

He's gonna make it.

We all are.

This isn't a dream anymore.

Four more days.

Well, that's the good news.

Bad news is now you all|gotta spend the night downstairs.

lt's probably just a fuse. l'll be right back.



Oh, my God.

Tell me when, Varek, and they're all dead.

So it's true?

The boy's alive.

Where is he?

Don't hurt him!

That's not what l want. lf you cooperate with us, then you will be spared,|along with your husband. lf you choose otherwise, then you will be forced|to watch him suffer in agony, allowing you one last|look at the life that you elected to end.

Do you understand?


Now... where's the child?

We don't know.

We never have.

She's lyin'.

They gotta know, Varek.

You think we hadn't thought|of something like this?

Of someone like you?

You think you're a martyr.

You might as well|be holding the blade.

No! No! No!

That's it?

You believe her? lt doesn't make any sense.|lt's not possible, Varek. lt makes perfect sense.

They can't tell us|what they don't know, no matter what we do to them. lt's foolproof.

They're dying for some kid|they've never even seen?

They have faith. lt's all they need.

Think of something.|This kid is out there. l'd rather die than|go back to that.

We'll find the child.

There is no alternative.

We'll find him, Sonja.

You can't even see the kid's face.

So that's how they did it.

Boosted morale|without risking a thing.

We're wasting our time, Varek.

We only have four more nights|to find this kid.



You see that?

What?|- Right there.

Look at the mirror.


Come on, baby, breathe.

Please, just breathe.

Will, he can't breathe. l gave him his shot this morning.|l don't understand.

His inhaler doesn't help!

He just keeps getting|worse and worse.

Rachel. lt's gonna be okay.

Tim, l want you to breathe deep...

...and don't move.

Come on, sweetie.

Thank you.

Man, this stuff smells like crap.


Hey, baby.

You okay?

You want to see something freaky?

lsn't that awesome?

Did you have another bad dream?

No, l'm fine.

Oh, come here, you.

Let's snuggle.

l love you, Mom. l love you, too, baby.

Everything all right? l was worried when|you weren't there this morning.

Tim had another attack.

A bad one.

He's all right now.|He's sleeping.

So is Rachel. She was up|most of the night.

The, um...

The|getting very powerful.

This may get worse.

Well, thank God for you, Will.

You've always been there for us. l don't know what we'd|do without you. lt's all in a day's work.


Tim looks well.


He gets sick|and he gets better. lt's his whole life.

He comforts me.


What's wrong, Rachel?

There's something|l have to tell you. lt's time for me and Tim to leave.

We have to. l have to learn to be a mother.

A good mother.

Figure out what l want to do|with the rest of my life.

You guys have raised Tim.|l haven't. l'm so goddamned dependent|on everyone here. l have to learn to stand|on my own two feet.

He's been dead|over 13 years now, Jonas.

What progress have l made?

His ghost is all around me, every time l look|at you, Nana, Katherine. l still see him.

Come on, Rachel.|Don't fool yourself.

My brother's ghost is gonna be|with you wherever you go.

So you need to be strong despite that.

He'd want you to. l'm sorry, Jonas.

l've already made my decision.

Hey, Doak!


What up, dog?

You know.|Gotta give 'em what they want.

What's that, D? l don't know. Let me see|what l got in here.

Uh, oh. New DVD.|- Yes!

Morning.|- Morning.

Good morning, Rachel.|- Hi, Mom.

What's everyone doing here?|Did l miss something?

Mail.|- Muffins.

Oh, you're forgetting your nametag.

Oh, shoot.|- Here.

Thanks, Nana.

Come on, Kat. Let's go hang.


Be cool, fool.

Ooh! Aw, shoot.

This piece of track keeps catching.

Uh, when did we start|wielding blades?

Oh, a few days ago.


Mom gave it to me.

All right.|- She was saving it for my birthday. l caught her trying|to hide it in her jewelry box.

So l got it early.|- Nice.

Let me see that.

Oh, sure. lt looks so, uh, used. lt was my dad's.

Hey, look what|the cat dragged in.

Hey, Adam.|- Baby.

Hey, babe.

How you feelin', big guy? l'm hungry.

All right. He said it.

Let's go get some breakfast.

Easy.|- Why does he have to do that?

Hey. Heard you had|a bit of a scare last night.

How do you feel?

Huge. Check that out.

Check this out.

Thanks, Uncle Jonas.

Early birthday present.

Wow, Dad. ls that a smile?

Adam taking care of you?

Come on.

How about that moon last night? lt was pretty wild, huh?

Shoot. l'm late.

So, you'll drop Timmy at the store?

We'll be there.

Wave to Courtney.

Hey, Adam! Rachel!

How's Tim?

All better?

He's fine. Thanks.

Good news.

Tim had an attack last night.

Last night.

We can't even sneeze in this town without anyone knowing our business. lsn't that weird? l mean, it's not normal. lt's not.

We're not here right now.

Leave a message and we'll|get right back to you.


Hey, guys, it's me.

Where are you? l thought you'd be here by now. lt's getting late. Um...

Where are you?


Do you think the moon|will be red again tonight?

Yeah, maybe.

Really?|What makes it red? lt's getting late.|Let's just get you to the store.


Come on.

All we want is the boy.

Did you hear guns?

Nana, stay down!

l'll explain later. Right now,|learn how to load a gun.

Adam, what are you doing?

We need to move now.


Quick! Get down!


Head straight for the saddle shop.

Stay there until l come for you. l'm not leaving you, Nana.

Do as l say.


Go! Get the boy!


Oh, my God.

Are you okay?

Don't move until l tell you.

Now we need... get to my garage.

Trust me.


They're on us.

Where's Jonas?

Go. Let's move!

Come on! Come on!

Come on.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand, Rachel.

Come on!

Adam, get her in the truck!

Give me your hand!


Get out of here!

l can't believe...

Anyone else hit?

Get the bandages.


Wait, let me see this.

Put some pressure.|Put pressure.

Nana! lt's Nana!

How did they find us,|Jonas? How?

What the hell is happening?

They want Timothy.

What are you talking about?

They want to kill him, Rachel.

And they're not gonna|stop until he's dead.

Why would anyone want|to kill Tim? He's just a boy. ln three days, on a full moon, something's gonna|happen to Timothy.

Something they can't allow.

l'll find them.

You know that.

You're not making any sense.

We're cursed.

We kept you in the dark|all these years because it was the best way|to prevent them from finding Timothy...ever.

And we kept him safe, Rachel.

For 13 years, we kept him safe.


We call ourselves Skinwalkers.

l don't understand.

You would call us werewolves.

Who were they?


But not like us.

lt's really quite simple.

We want the curse to end.|They don't.

Why do they want me?

'Cause you're the only one who has the power to end|the curse forever.

You're special, Timothy.

You have your mother's blood and ours.

Nana was one of us.

So was your father.


That's impossible. Not my husband.

Pull this thing over.|We're getting out.

Rachel, please!|- Don't you get it? l don't believe you.|You're no better--

Mom! lt's gonna be okay. l promise.

Don't worry. She's safe.

They're locked down.

She needs to see it to believe it.

You're not like them. l'm just a friend. l knew your father|when he was your age, and Jonas and l go way back.

My people have been taking|care of these people for a long time.

There's a legend, a belief, that if a child who's--

A half breed?

Something like that.

And if he lives to be 13 years old, there's gonna be a red moon, which is a signal to all Skinwalkers that the prophecy will|be fulfilled at midnight on the day of your 13th birthday.

When they turn, the craving|for human blood is so intense, that if they break free and feed, they will become the beast forever.

The ones trying to kill me, they don't want the curse to end?

To them, it's not a curse.

The lust and desire|to consume human blood is so overwhelming for them, it's like drugs to an addict.

The first Skinwalkers|were Native American.

They believed that the power|of the wolf was a gift, but it mutated and... many couldn't control|the lust for power, couldn't fight the beast|inside them.

What makes you think l can?

lf l live through this, what is it that l'm supposed|to be able to do exactly?

l don't know.


Here you go, little girl.

Thanks, LJ.|- Anytime.

l'll take your money.|How much was it, anyway?

Come to Daddy, baby.

Keep dreaming.

Yeah.|- Hey.

So, are we gonna play some pool?

Let's play, baby.

Oh, yeah.|We're gonna play, all right.

Hey! Get your hands off me!

How about two against one?

No!|- Party now. Yeah!

Get off me! Get off of me!

Hey, sweetheart.|You want some of this?

What the--

Please forgive us.

We're refueled. l'm gonna head for the stronghold.

All right.

Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

You know, you might even|like it if you try it.

Not in this lifetime.

Where the hell|are we gonna go?

Follow the leader.



Let's get it done.

l'm the same man, Rachel.


You're not.

Not to me.

You've been living like|this your whole life?

Every month?

What about them?

The ones coming after us.

When they change, do they--

They hunt and they kill.

They're addicted to blood.

Once you feed, you can't go back.

Those beasts killed my husband and now they're after my son?

How is a 13-year-old boy|gonna end all of this?

He's special.

The nightmares, the asthma...


Timothy's body is at war with itself.

And he needs you.

We need you.

So, what now?

How do we keep my son safe?

Now we keep together,|and we stay out of sight.

Now there's just two more days.

We're so close, Rachel.

Hey.|- Hey.

What is it, baby?

Mom, l... l don't feel so good.

lt's okay, baby. l'm here. lt's gonna be okay, Tim.

What happened?

You passed out.

You'll be back|in the game in no time.

You'll be good.

So when you get the nurse...

... l want you to do a walk around. l don't know this place. l don't want any surprises.

All right, l'll do it.

What is going on upstairs?

Damn it.


Tim's gonna make it.

He always does.

He's stronger than|all of us put together.

Yeah. l know that.

And l believe that. l just... l'm sick of looking over my shoulder and not knowing who to trust.

How do you feel, young man?


Now that you're here.|- Tim. lt's fine. lt's cute.

Cute, huh?

You had all the lab technicians|scratching their heads.

Let me guess. l'm a werewolf.

Not quite.

But he does have|a very rare blood type.

Not only that,|but his white blood count was off the charts.

Uh, he gets that from me.|l'm AB negative.

That's not it.|What about his father?

That's a tough one.

Well, we're not sure.


You have some pretty strong blood running through you.


We are so close.

Before we know it,|our lives are gonna be our own.

We can be|whatever we want to be.


We're so close. l want to be your better half.

Well, it's long hours.


What's the pay? lt's more about the benefits.

How long before|we can be on our way?

Let me go talk to the doctor.

Don't be a stranger.

Thank you.

What? l'm almost 13, you know.

How is he?

He's doing okay. We'll be|out of here in no time.

Adam, get to the roof.

You might see something we can't.

Kat, you take the back entrance. l'm gonna stay here.

Mom? l want to get out of here.

We need to leave. l know. Doak's gone|to find someone. lt'll be a minute.

Car accident. Head trauma.

Let's take a look.


Bring the RV around now.

Excuse me.

Can you get a doctor, please?|We'd like to leave.

Hey, what are you doing?


No! No!

lt's time to die.


Tim, get up!

Go, Timmy, go! Go!|Get off!

You okay? Come on, get up!|Get up, Mom!

Come on!

Let's go. Come on!



Get ready, Doak!

Now! Go! Go! Go!

Move, move, move!

Move! Move! Move!



lt's okay.|-No! No!

Come here.

Come on! ln the truck!

Take him.|- Come on! Come on!


Let's stop all of this...

Cover me, Will.

Let her go, Caleb.


Don't make me do something|l don't want to do.

Join me.

We're one and the same. l'm nothing like you. l am what l was meant to be.

You live a lie.

You were wrong. l know what you're feeling. Trust me.

Trust you?

You're killing|fellow human beings. l am not human.

And l will not risk spending|the rest of my days as one.

Diseased and flawed.

We're better than that.

Let her go, Caleb.

Let her go. l'll make you a deal.

Katherine for the boy.

My daughter for your son.


What the hell's|he talkin' about, Varek?


Screw this!

You told me he was dead,|Uncle Jonas.

You all told me that.

You all lied to me.

You said he was dead!

No! Mom!

They've got her.

Oh, my God, Jonas!|They've got Kat!

How you holdin' up, kiddo?

l thought he was dead.

Well, you were wrong.

Now he's trying to kill my son.

His son.

We have to keep on.

She was your wife? lt was another life.

And that was your son? l didn't know. lt changes nothing. lt changes everything.

That kid has to die.

You know,|Sonja's right, Varek.

This is screwed up.|That boy has to die! l know. l don't care whose kid it is.

You can't hesitate.

You shut your mouth.

You question my resolve?

That boy has no father.

And l have no son.


This is our best chance, Adam.

Will and l know this place.|lt's safe.

We'll be able to wait it out here.

We can protect him here.

Tell me she isn't worth it.

Tell me she isn't worth|going back for.

Why are you doing this?

He knows he's got|my only weakness.

That's why she's still alive, Adam.

And that's why we can't go back, because that's|what he's counting on.

They're gonna torture|her mercilessly...

Please don't.

Well, this should be interesting.

...and you know she won't break.

Can you live with that?

Neither can l. lt's just one more day, Adam,|and all this will be over.

Everything we believe in|lives in Timothy.

Everything l believe in is out there.

She's gone, Adam.

Now, if you go back,|it'll be the end of us.


We're as safe|as we're gonna get.

Time to lock down.

All right.

Adam, you first. Let's go.

The red moon is gonna be|even stronger tonight.


Adam, l want you to find|some higher ground and keep your eyes peeled.


Get Timothy. We're leaving now.

We're no longer safe here.

How did he become one of them?

The night of the attack,|we thought he was dead.

But we were wrong.

Now, he must have survived|and he must have hunted, 'cause now he's one of them.

Jonas, it's Caleb.

My husband. Your brother!

The Caleb that you loved|died that night.

He is not dead.

How could you lie to me|all these years? l did it to protect you.

Now, he's taken Katherine.

You don't think|that l feel any of that?

Do you? l'm not like you, Jonas.

Any of you. Remember?

l don't have a beast inside of me.

Well, you better find it, or your son will die.


He found her.

l told you not to go.|Now You've led them to us. l didn't see anyone.

Everybody in the truck.

We gotta go now.


You okay, baby?

l couldn't believe|that it was him, Daddy.

He looked so different.

He...He wanted to know|where we were headed.

The others|wanted me dead, but...

...he wouldn't allow it.

l guess he saved my life.

They're gonna be on our tail now.

Hopefully we can make up|some time tonight. l'm sorry, Jonas. l couldn't leave her.

Yeah, l know.

l love you.

lt's all right.|lt's okay. lt's okay, sweetheart.

We'll talk about it in the morning. l'll finish with Kat.

You two get yourselves locked up.

She's gonna need some time. l'm sorry. l just don't remember. lt's all right. l wish l had more for you. lt's okay.

Jonas. We gotta get locked down.

You're gonna be okay, Katherine.

Try and relax.

We're gonna take this|one step at a time.

My head.

Daddy, something's|wrong with me.

Kat, what is it?

Get you hands off me,|you son of a--

Will, lock her down. Do it now.

Don't! Just leave me alone. l don't know what's happening. l can't control it. lt's impossible.|They left her for dead.


Will, damn it! He made her feed!

Do it now! Lock her down!

He gave me life.


Will, what happened?


She'll kill us, and she'll kill Timothy. lt's what Varek wanted.

Baby... you have no idea|what you're missing.

God, it's so amazing.

We can feel it together.

She's gone, Adam. She's turned.

Let me kiss you.|- That's not Katherine anymore.

Don't make me do this.

Jonas, please.|- She's gone, Adam.

You gotta do it!|You gotta do something!


You shot me, you little prick! l'm sorry. lt'll be okay.

All right? l...You'll...


Help me.

Please. l don't know.

She's gone, Adam.

You gotta do something.|She's gone.

Adam. She's gone.


Don't. Don't do it.

Don't, Katherine.

Kat, l love you. l lo--

You love me, too.

All right, that's enough, baby.

That's enough.


Please, Katherine.

Give me that.


You were wrong, Daddy.


Open the door, kiddo.

Timothy, don't!

Timothy, stay down.|- No, Timothy. Don't!

Keep the door closed!|- Quiet!


Come on, kiddo.|- No!

Sit...down.|- Timothy, come out!

Keep the door closed, Tim.

lt doesn't have to be this way.

Don't you want to feel|what l'm feeling?


Think about what you're doing.

You helped raise that boy.

This is not you. lt's not you.

You have to fight it.

Kat, you have to fight it.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.|- Timothy.

Open the door.

No! Keep the door closed!

Uncle Jonas is trying to hurt me.

Keep driving!

Timothy, don't.

Timothy!|- Close the door! He's gonna die!

Kat?|- Close the door!

Rachel, keep driving!

Don't stop! Keep driving!

Close the door, now!

Please. Please, stop it. l'll miss you, Daddy.

No, don't do it.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

There it is.

We only have to make it|till midnight.

Three bodies, but there's no kid.

There's nothin' back there.

They're all gone.

They're close.

Just one more hour.

We'll be safe in here. lt has a steel door.

Lock's on the inside.

What are you thinking?|- Well, l'm out there, and you're in here with Tim.

You want to go out there alone? l got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Let me help you, Jonas.

Now, you listen to me.

After l turn, l'm gonna be|fighting the need to feed.

We're here. We can help you.

On anything...and anyone.

Now, l don't know|what's gonna happen.

But if l feed,|l'll probably lose control.

And you're not gonna|have a choice.

Kill me.

You gotta kill me.

You swear it.

Swear to it, Rachel.

You'll have no choice.

lt's not for another hour,|but happy birthday, Timothy.

We just have to last until midnight.

You're gonna be okay, Tim.

Don't open the door.


Uncle Jo--

Get down.


We've gotta move now.


Don't hurt him.



Mom, wake up! Please!

Mom, get up!

Mom, wake up!


Uncle Jonas is in trouble.

Uncle Jonas! No!


Uncle Jonas.

Let's get the hell out of here.


Are you okay?



Can l help you?

We'd like a room.

l need your names and a credit card. lt'll be cash.

Cash works.

Sorry. My wife's a little jumpy.

Yeah, sorry. lt's just one of those nights.

So many people sacrificed|their lives for me.

And now we make sure|they didn't die in vain.

Uncle Jonas was right after all.

l do have the power|to end the curse.

lt's just not going to be|as easy as they all hoped.

The power is in my blood.

l've heard...

l'm here to be cured.

For some, l am salvation.

For the others...