Slaughterbots (2017) Script

Customer pilots directed almost 3,000 precision strikes last year we're super proud of it.

It allows you to separate the bad guys from the good. It's a big deal.

But we have something much bigger.

Your kids probably have one of these right? Not quite.

Hell of a pilot?


That skill is all AI.

It's flying itself.

Its processor can react a hundred times faster than a human.

The stochastic motion is an anti-sniper feature.

Just like any mobile device these days, it has cameras and sensors. And just like your phones and social media apps, it does facial recognition.

Inside here is three grams of shaped explosive.

This is how it works?

Did you see that?

That little bang is enough to penetrate the skull and destroy the contents.

They used to say guns don't kill people people do.

Well people don't.

They get emotional, disobey orders, aim high.

Let's watch the weapons make the decisions.

Now trust me, these were all bad guys

Now that is an airstrike of surgical precision.

It's one of a range of products.

Trained as a team, they can penetrate buildings, cars, trains, evade people, bullets, pretty much any countermeasure. They cannot be stopped.

Now I said this was big. Why? Because we are thinking big. Watch.

A 25 million-dollar order now buys this.

Enough to kill half a city. The bad half.

Nuclear is obsolete. Take out your entire enemy virtually risk-free Just characterize him, release the swarm, and rest easy. These are available today.

We have a distribution network, taking orders from military, law enforcement, and specialists clients.

The nation is still recovering from yesterday's incident, which officials are describing as some kind of automated attack, which killed 11 US senators at the Capitol building?

They flew in from everywhere but attacked just one side of the aisle.

It was chaos, people were screaming.

You can see high windows, very small, precisely punctured to gain entry to the buildings.

What did you do to the victim? I just did what I could for him. The things weren't even interested in me. They're just buzzing --

Government sources admit the intelligence community has no idea who perpetrated the attack, nor whether it was a state, group, or even a single individual --

-- so if we can't defend ourselves, then we strike back.

We are investing very heavily in classified defense projects.

-- we make it our deterrent like our nuclear deterrent.

We stockpile in the millions, the billions --

-- at key facilities. The White House, the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street --

-- are the public safe in their homes?

Well we wish we had boots on the ground in every community in this country but we don't.


Ollie? Oh hi.

Hey mom.

Hi Ollie honey, how's Edinburgh today? How are all your studies going?

Good. Great.

Oh great. Hey aren't we doing a video call today?

I'm kinda with people so --

Oh well come on Oliver, put her on.

Oh no. It's it's not like that.

Listen I see some photos here with somebody and I can see lots of likes and what's that all about?

Geez, mom.

What is this video right here?

No, I'm not going to click on that. It's just this human rights thing about oppression or whatever.

Honey, honey. You're not going into politics are you?

Hey theater, just like you said it would be.

-- heavy traffic approaching the A720 this morning --

Police are not saying this morning what prompted the alert.

-- claim relaxing firearm legislation would be useless against the so-called "slaughterbots."

-- is to stay away from crowds.

When indoors keep windows covered with shutters --

-- to protect your family stay inside.

Mom! Mom! Oliver? Can you hear me?

Oliver can you hear me? Listen to me --

Authorities are still struggling to make sense of an attack on university campuses worldwide, which targeted some students and not others.

The search for a motive is apparently turning to social media and a video shared by the victims exposing corruption at the highest --

It's often surprising the weapons took away the expense, danger, and risk of waging war and now we can't afford to challenge anyone really.

It's it's not even not even smallest fringe group, or a crank.

Who could have done this?


Dumb weapons drop where you point them.

Smart weapons consume data.

When you can find your enemy using data, even by a hashtag, you can target an evil ideology right where it starts.

This short film is more than just speculation.

It shows the results of integrating and miniaturizing technologies that we already have.

I'm Stuart Russell, a professor of computer science at Berkeley. I've worked in AI for more than 35 years.

It's potential to benefit humanity is enormous, even in defense.

But allowing machines to choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom.

Thousands of my fellow researchers agree we have an opportunity to prevent the future you just saw, but the window to act is closing fast.