Sleeping Beauty (2011) Script

Synced by: Danny_Z

-Hey. -Hi.

-Your autograph, please. -Sure.

Thank you.

Thanks for this.

Good. That's it.


I'm pushing the air in now, just a little.

So the pressure in the chest will change.

You're doing a great job.

Do you need a ride, Lucy?

No, thanks.

Think I might do the dry cleaners'.


See you.

Can I interest you in a line?

Yeah, why not?


My pleasure.

-This is Lucy. -Hi.

Hi, Lucy.

Lucy in the sky.

We were just talking about which one of us is gonna fuck you.


Why don't you toss for it then?

You in?

Heads or tails?



Head it is.

Yes, my prince. Did I say when?

Did I say tonight?

This year, next year.

Fair enough. We'll toss.

Tonight or next year.



-Tonight. -It's my lucky night.

Now, or in 5 hours?

OK, now.


Tails never fails.

Let's go then, shall we?


-Morning. -Morning.

Have you got the rent?

The rent?

The rent.

As in the rent. The rent is due, the rent is overdue.

Here's some. Won't kill them to wait.

You have no idea, do you? It's her house.

Is it your house? f It's her parent's house. It's no virtue on being born.

Just pay the fucking rent.

And while you're at it, clean the fucking bathroom.

As we all agreed, it's your turn.

-I did clean the bathroom. -You have to grout.

Grout. 58f In between the tiles, the black stuff.

It will give me great pleasure to grout.


Telephone. It's your mother.

-Line 3. -Thank you.

Hi, mom.

How did you get this number?


Do you want me to lose this job?

OK, yes. I've got it in my hand.

It's VISA.




The expiry is 04/15.


Yeah, I can see it. It's 399.

I have to go now, mom.

I have to go. OK, bye.

-Hello, Lucy. -Hello, Birdmann.

-Come in. -I bare gifts.


-So, how are you? -I'm very well, thank you. And you?

Oh yes, very well. Thank you.

-How's the family? -Very well, thank you. And yours?

-Oh yes, very well. -And how are the kids?

Yes, they're fantastic.

That's great.

It's good to see you.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

I have something important to tell you.

Do you remember that time... on the beach.

After we'd been to Andy's place, that moment.

I wanted to kiss you.

You must have wanted me to kiss you.

I couldn't because of my tongue.

My tongue was furred.

Furred and thick.


The asshole, of the asshole, of the asshole.

I couldn't kiss you.

That's OK.

I wanted you to know.

I just want to love my friends.

I know.

It's not an unreasonable request.

I'm so fucking tired... of watching Oprah.

Hi. I'm Melissa. I'm calling about the ad in the student paper.



What should I wear?

OK great. I look forward to seeing you.


Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea or coffee?

-Water? -No, I'm fine. Thanks.

Yes, I think we're ready.


-Hello. -Hi.

Please, come in.

-Sit down. -Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

Such a pleasure to see such a unique beauty.

Let me tell you how things should proceed.

I'll describe the job and then if you're interested... we'll discuss particulars, how does that sound?

Yes. Good.

We're looking for Silver service waitress to work at private functions... in lingerie that we will supply.

You will be working with other girls...

...some of whom will have more responsibilities.

There is room for promotion.

The pay is $250/hour cash.

You'll be engaged on a freelance basis.

Job by job.

Either one of us can terminate our arrangement at any time... so please be sure to maintain another more reliable source of income.

I understand.

We rely on mutual trust. And discretion.

And I'm obliged to tell you they're heavy penalties...

...very heavy penalties for any breaches of discretion.

-Am I clear? -Yes.

My sincere advice to you is to use the money wisely.

Think of it as a windfall, pay off a student loan.

Please, please do not think of this as a career.

Just work hard for a short amount of time.

Your vagina will not be penetrated.

-Your vagina will be a temple. -My vagina... not a temple.

While that's quite true my darling, you won?t ever be penetrated.

Now. Will you stand up for me please and strip.


Open your mouth, darling.

Not pierced?

Do you have any tattoos?


Stand your feet apart a few inches.

What's this?

I had a mole removed.

Please, get dressed.

I have some questions that I need to ask you.

Are you on any medication?

Just the pill.

Anything else?

-No allergies? Antidepressants? -No.

-Prozac? Effexor? -No.

Are you a smoker?


Maybe the occasional...

...jazz cigarette. Very rarely.

Other drugs? Anything at all toxic?

No, never.

Why not?

Throughout history humankind has used drugs. Drugs are a form of...


Aspirin for the soul.

My mother is an alcoholic with a violent temper.

She runs an astrology hotline.

We have a doctor that we'd like you to see. For blood tests.

-Will that be a problem? -No, that's fine.

You called us on a public telephone. You have mobile?

-Yes. -Good.

We'll cover all your expenses, all your work-related expenses.


Silver service.

-Are you familiar with Silver service? -Yes.

From what side does one serve the fish?

-Right side. -Left side.

Thomas, take note. Thomas is going to help you.

You are very beautiful. Very talented.

But we're going to make you even more beautiful.

Even more talented. Come.

And your name...

We'd like to call you Sara.

OK. Thank you.


-You all right, darling? -Yeah.

-Would you like a lavender tissue? -Sure.

I'm sorry.


-Good afternoon. -Good afternoon.

-How are you? -Very well, thank you. And how are you?

Oh yes, fine. Thank you.

OK sit down at the table.

To what do I owe this extraordinary pleasure?

Nothing special.

Just upgrading my skill set.

Nothing special?

White or white?

Can we watch some porn?


What have you done to your fingers?


Hi, Sara. I'm Sophie.

-You look lovely. -Thanks.

OK. Now, I need you to go into the dressing room for me and fix your make up.

You'll find a lipstick palette in there and I want you to match... exact match...

...match your lipstick to the color of your labia.

You're kidding me.

It's not a game.

You're OK? Good.


Let's go.

Thank you friends for coming here tonight.

As ever, it is wonderful to see you.

Thank you.

This evening we're serving Beluga caviar with toasted brioche.


Galantine of quail stuffed with black truffle on the nest of fried leek and herbs.

Curious choice.

I first tried that dish many years ago.

On the occasion of my 20th wedding anniversary.

But tonight, I've asked my chef to do what he can... bring it back to life.

Perhaps you'll be able to tell me whether it really does taste so good.

Or if it is the memories of Elizabeth and that night that make it so special.

To the dish itself.

To the dish.

To memories.

-Brandy? -Thank you.

Such fair skin.


Thank you.

Not to worry.

Upsy daisy.

No harm done.


Don't worry. You did really well.

Leave those for the cleaners.

We won't be needing you anymore tonight.


-You look lovely. -Yeah, you too.

Your hair looks great.

Can I leave early tonight?

-Just this once. -Thank you.

It gets a bit easier.

It's never easy, though.

How long have you been doing it for?

What kind of a question is that?

I'm sorry.

-Thanks. -No problem.

May I?

Yeah, be my guest.

Some people fake their deaths. I'm faking my life.

You're doing a good job.

I want to show you something.

I would really love to suck your cock.


Hi, Lucy.

What time is it?

It's morning.

Can I get you anything?


Yeah, coffee. Thanks.

Hey, Birdmann?

Will you marry me?


Thank you.

-Not at all. -It's very kind of you.

It's a pleasure.


I'm ready, I think.

I think I'm nearly ready.

We can get you back into detox.

I could, I'm flush.

Thank you.

I don't think I'd make it this time.

You could.

Do you believe that?

I don't know.

Sandhill Dunnart.

Nocturnal and endangered.

A marsupial mouse.

Thought to be extinct until recently.

Its main predators include owls and bats.

Little is known about the animal due to its rarity.

First they eat insects but will also eat meat on occasion.

Sharp, carnivore's teeth.

Scared, Sandhill Dunnart will make a loud noise... it moves into an offensive position.

What it really is...

...the Sandhill Dunnart... is a miniature, a more tenacious kangaroo.

Hi, Thomas. No time, no hear.

I'd be happy to do what I can, try me.


For how long?

That's it?

How much?

OK yes. Yeah, I understand.

OK. Bye.

-Hey. -Good afternoon.

Come in. Come through.

Welcome to my home.

I hope the trip wasn't too grueling.

-No, it was fine. Thank you. -Wonderful.

Perhaps you'd like a shower to refresh you after your long drive.

There's a bathroom at the end of the corridor on the right.

You'll find a robe behind the door.

Oh, and try not to let your hair get wet.


I'm ready.

-Are you feeling well? -Pardon?

Are you in good health?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You're going to sleep and wake up.

It'd be as if these hours never existed.

You won't even dream.

For an hour or two after you wake you'll feel, yes, slightly...

...groggy, but then fine.

Perfectly fine.

Not nearly as bad as a hangover.

Such a sleep works wonders.

You'll feel...

...profoundly restored.

Thank you, Clara.

A few months ago, a strange thing happened.

I was idling through my bookshelves, when I noticed a book... brother's once given me for my birthday.

A collection of short stories.

Well, I started to reread one of those stories.

It was about a man who one morning wakes up and cannot... bring himself to get out of bed.

He shuts his eyes is self defense.

He reexamines his life. He's seized with a restlessness.

He packs his bags, cuts all ties, he can no longer live among the people he knows.

They paralyze him.

He's monied, he goes to Rome.

He wants to burrow under the earth like a bulb, like a root.

But even in Rome he cannot escape people from his former life.

So, he decides to return to the city where he was born and educated... but which he can't quite bring himself to call home.

Well, the move doesn't help.

He feels he has no more right to return than a dead man.

What can he do? He desires an extreme solution to his conundrum.

He aches for nothing less than a new world, a new language.

Nothing changes.

Out of indifference, and because he can't think of anything better to do...

...he decides once more to leave his hometown, to do some hitching.

A man picks him up, they ride off into the night when BANG, the car smacks into a wall.

The driver dies, our man is hospitalized, broken up.

Months pass, his wounds heal.

Now he wishes for life.

He has a confidence in himself, in things he doesn't have to explain.

Things like the pores in his skin, all things corporeal.

He can't wait to get out of the hospital, away from the infirm and the moribund.

"I say unto thee, rise up and walk. None of your bones are broken".

The end.

When I reread those words "Rise up and walk. None of your bones are broken"...

...I felt a tremendous sadness.

Do you know what the opening line of the story is?

"When a man enters his 30th year people will not stop calling him young".


I'd been given the book for my thirtieth birthday.

"The Thirtieth Year" by Ingeborg Bachmann.

So I had heard.

I had been told.

I knew all along, even if I didn't really know.

The great true things are unsurprising.

But what did I do back then?

I carried on.

I carried on dutifully.

We were the happy couple, Elizabeth and I. That's how people saw us.

But in truth, I did not cherish my wife.

And I did not cherish my friends.

Or even my children.

I just carried on.

I was a success.

I made my way.

But with each step I cringed. I was on the back foot, the defensive.

And now...

...tonight, for the first time I say... bones are broken.


One day I will need your help.

All of my bones are broken.

You're safe.

There's no shame here. No one can see you.

But our rules must be respected. No penetration.

Thank you, Clara.

Take care.

You will feel better very soon.


Your instinct was right.

We'll see.

You really are a fuckwit.

2 weeks and you're out.

Adios amigo.

Chinga tu madre. (Fuck your mother)

I'm really sorry.

Me too.

Good morning.

Is this Excelon still available?

That's right. Fantastic place. Out of the city.

I have keys, I can show you if you like.

No, it's fine.

I'm sure the Excelon will be excellent.

-It is better to see it, though. -No, it's OK.

I have a friend in the building.

Well, if that's the case, then we can definitely do that.

Do you have photo ID?

Some paperwork. You know how it is.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Hi, Thomas. This is Sara.

I was just wondering if Clara is out of her meeting.

Maybe you could give me a hand.

Thing is, I have a new lease.

I was just wondering if there's any work available.

I'd be really grateful if you could keep me in mind.

Thanks very much. Bye, Thomas.

Nearly done.

It's OK.

Here it comes, it's all right.


I have an important call, I really have to take it.

I'll be back, Dr. Frankenstein.

OK. Bad monster.


It's my bag. I'm coming back, OK?

We have one rule. No penetration.

Only way I can get a hard on these days is if I swallow a truck load of Viagra...

...and then some beautiful woman jams her fingers up my ass.

I'm the one that needs the penetration.

I don't expect that good fortune tonight.

You're quite right.

Thanks, Clara.

Stretch your cunt, you little bitch.

I'm gonna press your button and make you all wet.

Then I'm gonna fuck you with my big dick.

I'm gonna fuck you with my horse's prick and make you fucking scream.

You fucking little bitch.

You fucking little whore.

You fucking little bitch.


OK, I'm coming.

Excuse me.

It's OK, I'm here.

Hello, Lucy.

Take your top off.

I love drinking. I'm really good at it.

When did you last see him?

About 3 or 4 months ago. Took him out to dinner.

He was wearing your old suit, I think. The gray one.

I haven't seen the Birdmann in...

Well, when was the last time I saw you?

A year?

They say it was 2 weeks before his brother found him.

2 weeks in this weather.

Will you marry me?



I mean...

Why now?

You had your chance.

Go on.

Fuck you.

Fuck you to death.

That's one way to put it.

I'm with Helen now.

I can't believe you.

I don't believe you.

You don't believe you.

Fuck it.

Helen is courteous.

You should try it sometime.



You'll be safe here.

There's no shame. No one can see you.

Thank you, Clara.

I do ask that there?ll be no penetration.

I also ask that you take care not to leave any marks.

Thank you.

We do fire people here, you know?


All right, you're fired.

Thank you.

Excuse me?

Hello, excuse me?

Hi. Can I get some help?

What do you think of this one?

Yeah, not bad.

OK, I'll take it then.

Cool. Up here.

OK. Let's get going.

We pick up with black 129, making a bold move to attack his triangle.

It's an impressive move, unexpected.

And then, what does the master do?

He counter attacks, with white 130 to the right.

White 130? Why did he do that?

After 27 long minutes of deliberation... why did the master play a move, that would result in his own defeat?

Are you gonna come to the party?

I can't. Have a big day tomorrow.

-How big? -I'm sleeping.

What? Live a little. Just a little.

-What is it? -I don't know.

But it's something good for you.

Why not?

There you go. Back from the dead.

Fear of death is the number 1 hoax.

Lucy, turn it off.


Yeah. In 2 minutes. OK.

You need to get some blinds. Fucking hell.


Come back inside.

-You're sure? -She's fine.

Can you pull over?

Pull over!

-Hello, darling. -Hi.

-Are you well? -Fine, thank you.

-You sure? -Yeah, I'm fine.

A shower always works wonders.

I'd like to ask a favor.

I need to see what goes on in there. Just once.

I understand. Believe me, I do.

But my clients...

How can I expose them, to be frank, to blackmail?

Just once.

That's not the way that we do things.

-Please, Clara. -I'm sorry.

And I can assume you're quite well?

Perfectly fine, thank you.

And you're in good health?


Good girl.

Thank you, Clara.

Are you sure?

Thank you.