Sleeping Beauty (2014) Script


Once upon a time, there was a king and queen.

Who have a very beautiful baby girl.

They ask all of the fairies in the kingdom of Olivet, to come and bestow blessing upon the child.

But, unfortunately, they forgot to invite one of them.

It's gonna look obviously we can't come up with the name by the time you have to make the announcement.


Uh, the kingdom will rise and like the dawn for her. perfect!

Then that is what she shall be named.


An heir for my kingdom.

To carry our wishes and our dreams into the future.

You make me so very very happy.

As you have me, my love.

I bet she will have your.. courage.

And your kindness.

And she shall have your beauty.

And stubbornness.

This is a moment of great celebration for Olivet.

Nothing could spoil this day.


The olds, ladies, and chantresses from the three kingdom.

Them beautiful people of Olivet.

We have invited you here today, to celebrate the lineage of this fair kingdom. please, come!

And welcome.

Our first born and heir. princess Dawn.

May you find true love evermore.

Your heart always lead you to the truth.

May happiness and love guide you all the way.

What's this?

A party I wasn't invited to.

Queen Violet, King David.

I am slated by your exception.

Queen Tambria, we meant you no offense.

We sent out until the last announce of the birth of our child.

I had nothing. perhaps, due to the inaccessibility of your abode.

My abode is where you shove me in the corner of your realm.

Mind I remind you, Queen Tambria, when your kingdom was demolished, we harbored you, out of the kindness of our hearts.

I only am here to bestow a gift upon the child.

You may.

Dear sweet beautiful child.

My gift to you is this.

By your sixteenth birthday, you will receive a prick by a spinfal by a spindle.

And impayment for your parents offense.

You should die.

You evil putrid soul..

A curse that has been done, can not be erased.

And so I cast a spell upon her grace.

Until a prince does play his part, and come to help pure heart, she shall laying protected sleep.

Until true love's kiss with passion deep.

The kingdom too shall sleep as well, until this kiss.

To break the spell.

You poor three little nymph.

As everyone here slumbers, I will take over the kingdom.

And make it only mine.

And as for you, Tambria.

Death and destruction will be your only companion.

That you should got for become evil.

And your power will be subject to this one throw.


Stop, Tambria!

We will not approving you.

And I am sure with you.

Don't you know that my power's so much more glorious than all you shall see.

You have killed my sister.

Now you'll pay for your betrayal.

You remain in this kingdom alone.

For as long as the spell is in place.


I will no longer be slated.

And you shall all rot in hell.

The Asylum presents Sleeping Beauty

To prevent the evil curse from ever coming through, the king ordered all spindles to be collected and burnt.

Until not a single one left in the kingdom of Olivet.

please mama, can you make me a cloth for winter?

You know you mustn't ask such things.

The king also ordered a wall to be built around the castle.

And princess Dawn to be locked away for her own protection, in the Ivy Tower.

Until her sixteenth birthday came to pass. 15 Years Later


Come in.


My dear girl! You're so excitable.

I apologize.

But, my sixteenth years almost upon us.

And, I can not wait to get out from my chamber.

Will there be a large party tonight? Yes.

And, will everyone in the kingdom be there? Of course.

Even the boy who brings bread everyday?

Tell me about him.

I see him from my window to the kitchen here today.

Has he seen you?

He's quite handsome.

Is he, no? perhaps, I an meet him someday. perhaps you can.

In the meantime you should keep up your studies.

You know I like wise princess.

Of course, mother.

Uh, so much to prepare.

I can hardly contain myself.

So excitable.


You are the most precious thing to me in the whole world.

I promise, tonight, when the moon rises, and you have not been pricked.

We all celebrate.


They say that only true love will break the spell.

It's all I can only hope for the curse never finds it place.

To my prince this dove shall fly.

And when the moon finally rose on Dawn's sixteenth birthday breaking the curse. There was celebrations through out the kingdom.


Are you ready, my dear? Your party awaits.

I'm a lilltle afraid. Oh...

Don't be afraid, my love. They're gonna love you, just as we love you.

I just can't believe it, I waits my whole life, now I finally free.

Yes, you are.

You'll never have to wait again.


May I have this dance, princess?

May I dance?

Ask your mother.

Of course, you have our permission.

You know that boy?

No, My King. That is one of the knightsmen. perhaps.

I have a present for you.

You do?

That is so very kind.

Not here.


It's been so very long since I've seen the sky above my head.

I just realize... What?

I've never seen the sky above my head.

It's so very... very beautiful.

That's not the only thing that is beautiful.

My present? perhaps it's not fit for a princess of your beauty.

But I've worked it for so very long.

Go ahead.

Open it.

I have never seen anything like it.

How ever did you make something so beautiful? promise not to tell?

Of course.

How could you make me such beautiful gift?

I made it with this.

What is it?

It's a spindle.

But of course you can't touch it.

Have you seen Dawn?

She's fine.

It is pass the full moon, the curse is no more.

Humor me, please. One last time.

For you, my love. Of course.

I mean... you're not supposed to touch the spindle.

Why not? Now the curseis no more. I'm passed my sixteenth birthday.

Let me see!

It's harmless.


You stupid little girl.

I mean, you're not supposed to touch the spindle.

The eagers of youth.

Don't you know that once a spell is cast, they cannot be broken?

Your impatience and impetuousness has not served you.

And as for your dear mother and father, well...

I hope they sleep tight tonight.


Oh, no. This can't be happening.

My dearest King and Queen, your child is falls asleep.

Get away from her.

And soon so shall you'd be.

The moon is full, or so it seems.

Only a few days till Dawn sixteenth.

I'm sorry that I have to come drop the inevitable, but I had to make sure that I got my kingdom.

And now I shall rule it for many-many years to come.

Blast that putrid little nymph!


A thousand curses to you faeries!

The curse and the counter spell, now in place.

All of Alfelter fell into a deep, deep slumber.

And the evil Tambria was left alone to rule a sleeping kingdom.

''100 years later. '' ''In the Kingdom of Lipscomb. ''

My father won't leave me his kingdom, unless I find a wife... and sire an heir.

You, come here. prince Jason has displeased The King. Again.

I didn't quite learn my lesson this morning.


Take the prince's punishment you putrid dog!



Oh, stop.

Don't whip him like an old woman.

Do it like this.

He must learn his lesson.

I'll take your punishment, but not from you.

Sire, the future king should not deal on his own punishment.


I'll let Grunner do it instead.

Whip him!

As if you were me.



Barrow, you may leave.

And you peter.

Argh! Wine, I want wine.

One of you, get me wine!

If you read this, please do know.

Let the vanity we begin to grow.

I needed the kiss to put away the charm.



You're up early.

What's that you have there?

I.. I found this notes in the nest.

Look! I make a map.

Oh, geez.

Who do you think wrote it?

There can only be one.

This can only be the word of the sleeping beauty.

Who is that?

When princess Dawn of Olivette was born..

An evil witch put a curse upon her.

That by her 16th year..

She would prick her finger and die.

Good fairies cast a spell of their own.

So that instead of dying, she fell into a deep slumber.

And no one can wake her?

The legend has it that.

The people of the kingdom into the same deep slumber.

No one has gone into that kingdom and returned..

This place of great evil.

And so the legend tells.

Where is this kingdom?

It's not far from here.

Just beyond those mountains.

All the people of Lundscape.

Know this legend. people say that magic and spells are just for children.

This seem so very sad more than this.


The prince requires your services.

What is this?

It's nothing, just..

A map.

Or some story. It's just something to fill the time.

You don't have enough to do?

This seem so taken up much of your time.

It's a writing.

What does it mean?

It's for little amusing and idle mind, pay no attention.

I'll let you know what I pay attention and what I don't pay attention to.

I leave you alone for 2 seconds.

And you come running down to the yard like boys.

What's this?

It is just something I've discovered.

Something you've discovered. peter.

What's it say?

My sleep will end when a prince bestow upon my lips with kiss.

And the curse will end, and my kingdom will through that prince shift.

Hmm.. What does it mean?

It means My Lord, that the sleeping beauty. princess Dawn will wake and the kingdom will pass To the prince who has bestow upon her the true love kiss.

A kingdom?

Of my very own.

Go away!

It's not so easy my Lord, there is evil.

Those who go to that kingdom, they not returned.

The Dark Queen live in the castle walls.

Demons, dark forces that protect that sleeping princess and the castle treasure You speak to me..

About kingdoms and treasure.

And expect me, a prince to care about an old lady and her unseen forces.

Do you think we can take this kingdom?

Oh, I could be King of my very own.

Anything is possible, My Lord.

Gruner. My Lord.

Fetch the horses.

We're off to get me a kingdom.

Yes, My Lord.

Oh, I forgot. You're coming too.

My Lord, he's just your whiping boy.

What help could he be to you?

Do you dare to question me?

No, My Lord.


You coming too.

Err, which way is the kingdom?

Err, I don't know my Liege, I look at my map first.

It says here the Evil Queen built a wall around the castle to keep people out.

Again with the Evil Queen.

A wall is of no concern, we'll just climb over it.

You can climb, aren't you?

Let's take over the castle.

If the legend is true, then no one will be sleeping.

It makes perfect sense to me, brother.

It says here that if we go near the castle, we're in great danger.

Yet to the river, boy.

How we supposed to get across there?

What is the map say?

It didn't say anything.


A boat.

Oh, that's strange.

Get on with it.

It so far too easy.

Come on, Gruner!

Don't be such a numby pumby.

What's the matter Grunner? You're afraid to get your feet wet?

I think he scare of the boat too.

I think he's afraid of the water.

Judging by the smell of them all, they all afraid of the water.

Come on! Let's move!

Come on, old man. Thanks.


What was that?

Oh, We'll gonna go in now.

Do you feel that? I did.

I just hope that we found a ground.

Keep row faster.

Whoa, there it is.

No, that just the fish.



Do it now!

Help! Help me!

Keep on guard!

Help me!

Help, someone help!

Make way, make way!


Quick, quick, quick!

Move! Get off the boat!

Come on, man, get out, go.


I told you..

It wasn't safe.

There's no turning back now.

You see what happened to Frederich?

Did you see it?

You did this! Shut up!

I told you, it wasn't safe!

Should've listen to Gruner.

My Lord, which way now?

My Lord!


Follow me.

You don't lead, you follow.

Follow me.

We'll keep moving!

What was that thing?

You can't seriously expect us to go on.

Frederich's dead!

I told you, it was part of the curse.

What do you say, Gruner?

How do you know of this curse?

Why don't you say anything sooner?

My grandfather was a night.

He tell my father the story and he told me.

That within the walls of that castle, the dead walk of a living snake.

The whole kingdom is berserk with a curse.

Why did you not say anything sooner? I never thought to pay much attention!

What does he mean?

It means we are all walking towards our own death.

Alright men, let's search for a way in.

I wouldn't much want a kingdom like this.


No one asked you.


My Lord..

There's some kind of force.

Surrounding the castle.

We can't get in any of the doors.

Or windows.

I've never seen anything like this.

No one has.

This is Tambria's magic.

Another warning.

We should rest here, my Lord.


We'll rest once I am inside my castle.

Look, there's something there on the walls.

What is that?

Something unholly..

From time to time, many sons of kings, came and try to force their way through.

But they were hold, in there they died a, an lamentable death.

Look, up there.

An open window.

Well, my Lord?

Are we going up?

I think it would be wise to let the men rest.

We'll make a camp over here, tonight.

Very well, we'll keep watch.

Before that..

We should have Barrow tested it out for us.

See if he can go up and down, without facing, what was it you said?

Oh, yes..

A lamentable death.

As you wish..



This is a bad, bad place.

Maybe we should go back.

Go back?

Through the lake?

Then we camp.

I want to stay here.

There's been no way out.

Look, hear me, brother.

We'll be alright.

The worst part is over.

Inside that castle, we will be rich, treasure.

And once we're inside, it'll all be ours.

Or we die.

What of this lady of yours said?

The wall is high, you're sure to die.


It doesn't look too bad.

It'll just be like, climbing the wall back home.


A little bit further, Barrow.

What can you see?

This is an empty roof.

Go inside..

Secure the rope.

We're all are going in tomorrow.

No lamentable death today.

Okay, heads up.



What are you a girl or a boy?

I don't know what you think you are, but my name is Nick.

Look, this men are thiefs and rapists.

You shouldn't be here.

And I could say the same for you.

This is no place for a heavy man, who rather jink and lay down women.

This is a dangerous place.

So we've seen.

What are you doing here?

What are you a fugitive or thief in your own mind?

We saw the terrible thing that happened to the king, starved, kicked, and ends up with the dogs.

So one day I left.

And how did you get in there?

I climbed for two days and I can't get out.

We took the lake.

You don't understand, once inside the curse kingdom of all us, the live don't leave.

Yeah, listen..

You're not safe here, you should stick with us.

Sleep on the ground, no thanks.



What was that noise?

It was the kingdom saying we're not welcome.

I'll have no such insolence in my ranks.

Now go and get the men some food.

And at first light, the prince wants to see if there's another way in.

A simple way.




Treasure in this castle must be great.

All this in this castle.

Well, she is of course very beautiful as legend has it.

Took my actual treasure.

Hope princess.. Whatever her name is.

Dawn, my liege Your future princess's name is, Dawn.

I know.

Don't threatened me.

What else do you know about her?

She's one of a full writer.

Has great in relationship.

Many people say she's one of the greatest mind in the three kingdom.


What's that give me a couple days.

She won't have time for such silliness.

Of course my liege.


Wake up!

Up, up!

Let's secure the grounds.

And the won't take my castle.

We have visitors.

Open the gate on their honor.

perhaps they would like to meet some of the king's family.

Kingdom is vast, my liege Well, Barrow.

How vast is my kingdom?

I don't say like that, my lord.

Well, it's bigger than old school, right?

I believe in that sir.

What do you say about this bridge?

It's not on the map.

It's not on the map.

Could be a trap.

I do not need your opinion of what to do, when I am be a king.

Okay, yes my majesty.

My lord.

They're wasting our time.


There's a thing I need to explain to you.

At first..

You are indeed coming all that you could be.

There is more..

What is that?

The undead, my Lord.

They're coming..

Run, go, go!


Go, go!

Go, go, go!


Come on, get in.

I'm not leaving..

You have to go, you have to go, come on!

I'll be fine. I'm not leaving you.

To the wall.

You first. No, you first.

I'll be first.

Wilhelm, Jacob! protect your future king.

Fight, you coward!



Let's go. We need to go back and save Earlin.

He's gone. Get up the wall.


Don't look down.

What all those things?

They're dead, my Lord.

It's the curse.

This is all your fault.

You show us the bridge, you are the one to blame.


What do we do now?

Hope place's sealed.

It's impenetrable.

The upstairs is completely blocked.

The undead are down below.

If we can't go up..

We suffer the same faith.

The only way out is the way we came in.

We need the distraction.


Take me up! pull me up!


They've made it to the castle.

Do you know this people, Dawn?

If you didn't done this earlier, brother.

You're telling me.

My Lord.

What do we do up here?

Leave him.

Let him cover us from the undead.

Help, let me out! psstt..

What are you doing here?

Told not to come to the castle.

Look, that doesn't matter.

What do I do about these things below?

You use tunnels and past, but you don't want to enter this castle.

Where are they?

Well above your head.

Okay, thank you.

You shouldn't thank me for showing the way to your death.

Where you going?

You're not coming?

I'm not allowing myself to goes in.

They're too malisce..

They're going to slaughtered them.

Listen, they're soldiers.

I won't worry about them.

You know that matters this is Queen Tambria kingdom.

You know that?

I know a little.

But she knows not of me.

I am sure of that.

We can't stay here.

So, Where we go?

We don't have the map.

It's with Barrow.


Go and get him.

Let me help you up! I found the way in.

Help the prince.

What's happen?

They invanded the castle walls hasn't they?

You know you're lucky we rescue you Barrow.

Did you hear something?


Have a bad feeling about this, brother.

Man.. Tightening up!

Stay close!

We're surrounded!

It's the time!

Hit them on the helmets!

Good job, Matt!

Is everyone alright?

Good job.

Move Barrow!

Time to plunder our treasure.

And claim, my kingdom!

Barrow, come.. Join us.

Well, is they think that they can kill some of my pets?

Then I'll have to use something stronger.

Try to carefuly man.

Be cautious..

Let's claim it. So it seem like the fact on the decoration of the death.

Barrow, what'd you know of this?

I'm suspected more undead.


Take this.

It's true..

All the stories are true.

Let's go wimps..

Friendship you a dance.

You dance like a dog.

Alright.. Don't worry darling.. It's only hurt a moment..

Stand down, brother!

Well, I'm does it best.


Leave her be! Watch your tongue!

Enough! Once we killed the witch.. And I kissed the princess..

You can have all the girls you want, now move!

My prince.. It's your treasure..

Mass spoiled are wait.

It's a trap.

How many time we getting this treasure on god?

But can't you see, this time are just a monster, and her golds are being..

A nuisance..


She is behind all the evil, my league.

I know..

Let me go first..

This is my kingdom..


Go fatch my treasure..

Carefull Barrow..

Hurry up, Barrow, bring me my treasure.. perhaps it's the best, if you secure the castle first.

Save the treasure, afterwards.

We don't have time for this bullshit.. He has the point, my lord.

The treasure won't way out us down.

Why don't we secure the castle and then..

If I wanted you opinion..

I'm asking you, right?

The work, my League..

I'll just fatch the treasure myself.

Come on! Help me!


What was that?

What? I felt something..



That was it again..

Get to the stairs!

Wait! The prince! It's took the prince!

Look, we have to go back!

This was a trap! We'll be damn if we go looking for him blindly!

This is all your fault!

You lead us here..

You told us to come here..

One good reason, why I shouldn't kill you right now!

Because I've got the map!

And forgive me if I'm wrong!

But I'm the only one who can read it!

Unless you can read! And if you can't..

Then maybe you should go save the prince!

And the princess!

Man, ready your sword!

We're going back in! Stay close!


You take the lead..


Follow me..

Okay.. This is where he went down..

Anyone see anything?


There is nothing over here..

Oh.. Okay..

This tunnel, we search here..

He must've go that way.

The prince is dead! Watch your tongue!


That's it, we not pulling back anymore.

We're leaving.

Would you want prince say, hah?

This is good if she's dead.

I thought you're soldiers.

Not common farm hands scare of legend of lord.

Nothing is call me a legend.

We must leave.

You're frighten?


The prince will be angry if we leave.

You wouldn't want to be a man of cravening now, would you?

I'm with you.


Follow me.

Don't think this way is your position.

That came from that direction.

One of the undead dead. Attack!

Move it! Wait! Wait!

It's fine. It's fine, I know her.

And then what is this, little twig?

The Lord of you are deep in trouble now.

This is Newt.

She's one of human other things living on this always.

That monster is condor of all those evil with this chamber.

And it here now.

You haven't a change to make out this castle alive.


You leave now.

Abandon your friends and prince.

You know we can't do that.

The prince is the only one who can save the princess.

Again with the prince, Do you think that monster cares who will eat and rip from limb to limb?

He cares not. Save yourself.

We can't.

Then may the heaven be with you.

Because you owe me to get out this castle alive.


Where did she go?


Wait, my grand father told me many tale a battle like this.

Backward, stand first!

Stand first!

I'm alive, right?

I'll be.. I'll be fine. I'll be fine.



You know, I..

Was respect on you so much.



You kill my brother.

Let him go.

Let's keep moving.

You're sitting in the king throne.

And I've just lay out a lovely feast.

The prince will let come.

I know your great grand father.

I guess I'll remember him well.

Brutal of a man.

Not terrible affliction if there I suppose that past down on your lineage He carry me away when my kingdom was destroyed.

Have you heard or maybe you like?

To have a kingdom destroyed.

They slide my husband throne over like a pig.

And then they burn my children alive.

Infont of me.

I wonder what the carried king of lives would think if I send his son had back.

On the steak.

I'm sorry If he slide at you.

I'm sorry..

If he slide at you.

I'm not like my father.

Or his father before him.

I'm saw what happen back there.

There's no way we can survive this place. Look.

The prince is the only one who can break the curse.

It's doubt for that if he still alive.

Listen, You'll be stay here to be a coward?

Or we can move forward and fight.

It's your call.

I rather have my brother's live back.

I'm sorry for your lose.

We can not allow your brother death vainly.



Continue to fight.


Get him attack now.

We fight well and destroy you.


You're alright.

I just saw in my live.

The undead will pass on that too.

I don't wanna be inside the castle anymore.

Look, you can stay here, but I'm going this way.

Which way?

I think is best if we split up.

I'll go with you. No.

You stay with Jacob.

Good luck.


Go to the hell!


He was right.

I think we can't make out of here alive.

I was thinking the same thing.

What happen?

A curse down here from begining.

That's what we do now.

Thank you.

I think nothing will lead is no place to hoping that to know right.

You've done well.

That's might to fight and neither we must make it out alive.

We dead man if we stay here.

We dead already.

Just two of us against untold number of monster and we're dead.

If Newt can do it, She can survive and so can we.

It is indeed that you and I and never refuse the challenge set main rule, you have an idea?

Actually, I did.

Are these your men who tortured my minions?

I know nothing.

I will take care of this.

My leash.

We're here to save you. Barrow.

Grulie, you're alive.

Does'nt matter how may you killed, there are other thousand minions.

I have infinite army that i can call whenever i wish.

For those who rise, and those who lie, i ask you recent, all thee who have died, rise up again, and walk with us.

Thank you.

You penetrate all the gate.

You broke the gate, unleashing my undead, into the three kingdoms.



See for yourself!


A family reunion of sorcs..

What is wrong with you?

My ghouls will make sure, that each and every person will bow down to me.

Nowhere.. and no one, will be safe.

Dawn? please, don't hurt her, just give her to me, i'll take her far away, you can have your kingdom, just please.. give her to me. prince Jayson, can you hear your friend here, He wants the princess all to himself.

He never did know his true position in life.

What should we do with him?

Leave him tied up.

We'll deal with him once we take care of Dawn.

What happened to you? Watch your tongue, Barrow.

Especially, when you're talking in front of.. my queen.

What about Dawn?

What about your quest for the kingdom?

You'll never be a prince, Barrow.

You are within boy, that is all you are.

And all you will ever be in this kingdom, and the next.

Why should i have one kingdom when i can have three, with Tambria.

Besides, my father will never give me his kingdom.

So i decide to do things my way.

This is my way.

Can we get on with this, please?

And kill her.

I need to see how deep your loyalty lies.

Which one of your friends would you like to kill first?

I would suggest you kill within boy guy.

What evil has penetrate the prince?

Believe me, i think it's been always his nature.

We'll never get out of here, especially on time to safe the princess.

Newt, ah, thank heaves.

You should'nt say that, it still is'nt finished.

You can't assist the princess is it? Yet.

You know where the princess? Of course, why not?

Could you take us to her? To take you to her? Of course, if you'd like.

I think she's headed this way.

What do you mean, you don't know where she is?

I've never been this way before.


Alright, you stay back.

You betrayed me.

I was just to save myself.

Did'nt seem like it.

What was i supposed to do? Throw myself on my soul as a sacrifice?

Tambria was going to kill me.

Is'nt sound like a bad idea.

Good men have died underneath your honor, and now you switch her side?

You are a coward.

You betrayed Dawn. I was never gonna kill Dawn.

How can i trust you? You have to.


I am sorry.

There was no.. other way.

She shall take us to the princess.

And kill Tambria.

I'll be your back up.


You should go yourself.

Here, take this, this is my crest.

She goes somewhere where i know she was looking, boy.

When my father took your father's kingdom, he took away your birth right.

I'm giving it back.

Atleast i can face this like a man.

You've returned.

perhaps you're more the man than i thought. perhaps i am.

If i'm to spend an eternity with someone, i need to know that they can be by my side.

You don't get anything until you kill Dawn.

You see my armies are out there conquering, and i can't enjoy it, because i'm stuck, in here.

I need you to kill her.

Oh, she's.. Beautiful? Is that what you're gonna say?

She's also about to be very dead.

Of course.

I just.. Stop talking!


I Need you to kill her.

Why me?

I've tried to kill her a thousand times, but every time I get close, I get pulled back.

It's part of the little fairy's cast.

Oh, look how sweet!

You try to wake her with the kiss, but don't you know that only a prince with the pure heart can do that?

Wake up! And it's obvious which one you are.

Oh, it's so hot that you trying to be a man, and you're so close..

You'll never get away with this.

How do you know that if you're not alive?

Bring me the bald one, I want to play with his head.


Violet, you're still alive. Of course, I am here to lead you to the princess let's go.

If you kill the princess, you'll have your own kingdom, not a very big kingdom, but a kingdom nonetheless and I'll obey eternally people.

What would you want me to do?

To stab her through her heart, I don't want to take any chances.

And you'll have whatever your heart desires.

What if I don't?

Then I will wake you a dog.

Why can't any of you just kill her?

Get back! Huh, you think you can challenge me?

You got nothing against me, you think you can save the princess?

I gotta a gift for you.

''Hail the evil, hail the faith, thou just killed, regenerate!''

They were cruel to you when they're alive, interesting to see how they treat you now.

What have you done?

My liege, listen to me, I know this gonna be hard, please, listen whithin!

You think he's got cutting his heart?

That's pretty heartless to meaning.

What do you think? You have nothing with heart? What do you think?

I think not!

I am sorry for you. Sorry for me?

You sad, I can see it in your eyes. The rest of your life, you will never understand true love.

You still hungry?

Eat, eat.

Finish him off!

Ethan, thank God you're alive, I never thought I'd see you again.

Tambria, I am not done with you!

I defeat your death, you rage, your monsters!

Not all of them [ ROARING ]

There, it's done! Release her.

Very well, begone!

I surrender, I cannot carry this weight any longer.

I have nothing left, princess is yours, so wake her up.

Love does conquer the reward.

Look out!

You liar!

He's death, you said that love conquers all.

And child, it has.

But I stand with the blood of my people.

Woe that us perished at the hand of the fire of the cruel.

Rise up for the death of the doom!

I revoke this place!

Devine power, avenge my blood and give me strength!

Avenge my blood!

Liege, if you don't pick up that sword and stab that sleeping beauty in the heart, We're all liege!

Come, come, all of you.

Go to her. Go to her.



A great creature, you.. you kissed me. Thank you.

If you think that you can ruin, this glorious future that I have conquer the last hundred years,

But since you are not sleeping anymore, I am gonna to kill you!

Stay back! That is no way to speak to my princess.

Tambriel, you are no longer walk in here. Leave.

Queen Tambriel, you henceful banish from my kingdom!

It is my kingdom!

One year later.

It's harmless.

You may want to come in, my lady, the party is about to begin.

One moment.

It just thing that I have think long ago.

All gents and ladies, the princess Dawn.

I remember the story of the day much likeness.

That was when I so young. You still young.

I am an a hundred years at least. Hmm, I guess we'll take.

Are you ready? I can hardly contain my self.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming for the celebration of the birth of our firstdaughter, Dave.

Come, the soul of blessing upon her.

May you always be safe.

And then it is, happily ever after.

Or perhaps not I would like to present a gift upon the child.