Sleepwalkers (1992) Script

Martha and Carl Brodie, mother and son.

No one's seen them since Tuesday.

The car is a Trans Am, blue with yellow pinstriping.

California license 2CLG 592.

No one's seen that since Tuesday, either.

God, I just hope nothing horrible happened to them.

They were so close!

Ma'am, please, step back.

Sheriff, what do you think happened?

I don't know, but somebody sure doesn't like cats.


Looks like the place has been empty for a hundred years.

Well, it hasn’t.

What the hell was that?


It's a little girl.

What's that in her hair?

A rose.




He can't hear us.


Come on.

He'll be back.

You always get 'em sooner or later.

Dance with me.

I don't wanna dance.

Sure, you do, you'll love this one.

Come on.

What's for dinner?

Roast chicken and cranberry dressing.

Pumpkin pie for dessert.

Going anywhere tonight?

To the movies maybe.

With a friend, with a special friend?

All by my lonesome.

Oh, don't ask your mother.

Well, actually, there's a girl that works there.

I thought I might ask her out.

Oh, you might?

She's pretty too.

Is she nice?

I don't know.

I guess I'll find out, won't I?





Mm-hmm, concerned.

Should I be jealous?

Do you like that?

Oh, Mother.

You scared me.

Sorry, sorry.

Oh, no, I'll take that.

Charles Brady.

Thanks for the help, Charles Brady.

Don't mention it.

Could I get a popcorn and a medium Mr. Pibb, please?


I'm very embarrassed.

Am I blushing?

You look good in red, Tanya.

How'd you know my name?

English, period four, Creative Writing, Mr. Fallows, the weird and terrible.

Oh, you're the new guy, from Ohio?

Paradise Falls.



Go ahead.

You mean free?



I don't suppose you'd like a ride home after work tonight, would you?

My dad picks me up.

Nice dad.


Besides, what would your girlfriend say if you gave the popcorn girl a ride?

No girlfriend, I'm new in town, remember?

Thanks, I'll see you in class.

Oh, wait!

Welcome to Travis.


Thanks a lot.

Oh, my God!


I'm OK.

How's my girl?

I'm good, Dad.

Good, fasten your seat belt.


It's my son, officer.


Having himself one hissy fit, I'll tell you.

I'm sorry, officer, it's late, but this allergy is so severe.

Yeah, I know, I got one too.

Mine's the I.R.S.

Y'all have a good night.

Thank you, officer.

It just ignored the trap, it was right by the window.

It's OK, it's gone now.

I'll set some more traps in the morning.

Did you bring me anything?

Anything special in mind?

Am I beautiful?

You're always beautiful, Mother.

So, did you ask this mystery girl out?

What kind of a girl would go out with a guy she just met?

Not a very nice one, I suppose.

Another one?

Goddamn cats.

Don't swear, Mother.

Just you make sure you ask her out tomorrow.

What's her name?

Tanya Robertson.

Is she nice?

She's nice.

I'm sure of it.

She’s pure.


I'm famished, Charles.


They were sleepwalkers, hiding in human robes.

Feeding on virtue.

Loving to feed, feeding to breed.

So, in the end, they ran.

In the end, Robbie and his mother always had to run.

For one night, the men would come in their old cars, men with lights and guns.

And to the boy and his mother, their curses and their screams of rage always sound the same.

Like the laughter of cruel gods.

The time of happiness, too brief to be anything but golden, had run out.

Very good, Charles, very good.

Your teachers in Ohio must have been sorry to lose such a creative young man.

I beg your pardon, Mr. Fallows?

Isn't that where you transferred from, Ohio?

Oh, yes, yes, it is.


Ah, shit!

I suggest that next time you keep your hands to yourself, Mr. Crawford.

Yes, sir.


All right, any thoughts on Mr. Brady's Sleepwalkers?

Ms. Robertson?

I liked it.

You liked it?

It was different.

I thought it was very sad.

Sad, why?

Because they were always driven away.

Because they were such outsiders.

I think Ms. Robertson might be on to something.

Now, we all understand that a story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end, right?

But that's like saying a box has four sides.

Actually, Mr. Fallows, a box has six sides.



Ah, ah, ah!

You've actually talked to him?

Yeah, he's nice.

Real nice.

I'm serious!

I can see that.

Well, what happened, did he ask you out or anything?

Nothing specific, just a maybe.

We just talked at the theater.

That's all you would've done anyway.

What a waste!

Well, excuse me, but what would you have done?



Well, I may have plans of my own, and they just might include Homeland.


Yeah, right, I can just see you in the back seat at Homeland.

You guys!

Tanya, you gotta admit, your dad's gonna be there.

I can just see it.

My dad's not gonna be there!


Charles, hi.

Charles, do you know Jeanette and Carrie?

This is Charles Brady.


We are in the same class, Tanya.


Can I give you a ride home?

I mean, all of you?

No, we've got a ride.

But why don't you go, Tanya?

OK, see you later.

I, I also wanted to thank you.

For what?

For what you said in class.

I mean, you really nailed it.

No, you did, so thank you.

I think I know how they feel, the, what are they called?



At least sometimes I feel that different.


This yours?

Do you like it?



You know, some people use a door.



I heard that somewhere.

Did you?




She must be shopping or something.

Let's go upstairs.


Thanks for the ride home.


Oh, wow, these are interesting.


My mom does gravestone rubbings.

Pretty morbid, huh?

No, I like 'em.

You do?



My room.

Oh, you have a lot of pictures.

Yeah, it's kind of a hobby.

Oh, these are great!

Really nice.

Makes you want to...


Oh, just really get a good look at these kind of places.

You know, things that we never really see.

My favorite picture's over there.

Which one?



That one.

I like rocks.

You do?

You know, I'd really like to see how you see a photograph before you take it.

I mean, you don't even know me, but...

Well, actually, I was gonna shoot at Homeland tomorrow if, well, if you want to come.

What's Homeland?

Oh, it's an old graveyard.


Yeah, it's neat.

I love old graveyards.



Oh, oh, I'm sorry, dear, I didn't know you bad company.

Oh, this is Charles Brady.

This is my mom.


He gave me a ride home.

Oh, that's nice.


Very nice to meet you.


Well, we should go.

We were just going.

So we'll do that tomorrow?



I'll walk you out.


So you two are going out tomorrow?


Tanya's gonna show me Homeland.

Oh, really?

You see, I do rubbings too.

Not quite as fine as yours, but I figure there must be some old slate gravestones out there.

Yes, as a matter of fact, in the old section near the woods.

Tell me, Charles, do you use powder or stick?

I use stick, usually a number five.

Really, don't you find that a little hard?

Yeah, but, I'm clumsy, you know, powder's so messy and everything.

Tell me, Charles, where do you live?

66 Wicker Street.

And your father, what does he do?

He's dead, Mrs. Robertson.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It was a long time ago.

Well, the Brands will be coming to dinner tomorrow night.

So be back by 5:00, OK?


She will be.

How'd you know all that stuff?

I learned it a long time ago, from my mom.

See you tomorrow.


Mr. Fallows, hi.

Hello, Charles.

Checking out your new environment?

Boring, isn't it?

Disneyland for cows but for human beings?

Well, I like it, it's kind of peaceful.

Reminds you of Ohio, I suppose?

Yeah, well, you know.

No, actually, I don't, Charles, I don't know.

And you don't, either.

There is no Paradise Falls in Ohio.

Your transcripts are also fakes.

Clever fakes, but fakes.

Anything to say?

You're mistaken.

Oh, no, I'm not, but you are, Charles, if you think you can wiggle out of this.

I don't know who you are, but I know you're not who you say you are.

If this is blackmail, Mr. Fallows, I think you've picked the wrong guy.

This car is the only expensive thing I've got.

And I'm kind of sentimental about it.

I don't think I can sell it.


Sit still till I'm through with you.

Your generation is so mercenary, Charles.

Money this, money that.

Well, money is not the only medium of exchange.


You're right, Mr. Fellows, people really should learn to keep their hands to themselves.

Here's yours.

I'm sorry!

Come on, boy, get the bad guy for Daddy.

You know you want him, get this bad guy.

Come on, there you go, there you go, Clovis.

Come on, boy!

Come on, boy, get the bad guy.

Get the bad guy, get the bad guy, come on, Clovis!

Here we go, get that motherfucker!

Ha, ha, ha, all right!

Good boy, Clovis!

Yeah, that's a good boy, huh, Clovis?

Well, Clovis.

Looks like we found ourselves a goddamn speedster.

Unit Three calling home, you in there, Laurie?

Come on.

Andy, what you up to, bye.

Got ourselves one lawless perpetrator heading east Out here on Gray Road, copy.

Copy, need any help, bye.

No, I think I can handle this one all by myself.

What the, Jesus!

Oh, shit!

Jesus, no!

Everybody OK?

Go get him!

Son of a bitch.

Report, Unit Three, need a location.

I'm out on Pond Road, Laurie, still in pursuit.

Bastard almost ran down a little girl!

I think he tried to run her down.

And I think he's playing with me!

Get me some backup, bye.

Pull over!

Pull over, motherfucker!

Pull over!

What the fuck?

What's going on out there, Andy?

Please respond!

Not now, Laurie.

Christ, Clovis, what's he got in there, a supercharger?

I lost him.

How in the hell did I do that?

Stop looking at me.

Stop looking at me.

Stop looking at me, you fucking cat!

Shit, Clovis.

I know just how you feel.

Can I tell you something, Ira?

It's kind of weird, but...

Horace, if you laugh, I'm gonna break your jaw.

What is it?

Well, you know how I told you I couldn't see him because of how fast we were going, right?


Well, that wasn't entirely true.

How's that?

Well, we were both doing 90, I pulled right up beside him.

We might as well have been standing still!

So you did get a look at him.

Well, no, no, I didn't, cause, see,

he didn't have no face.

Andy, you got plenty of sick time coming.

Horace, shut your pie hole.

I mean his face, it was like a blur!


Shit, I don't know.

Maybe you got some grit in your eye.

Makes them water.

Yeah, I guess maybe that could've been it.

Andy, do me a favor.

When you do get this stampeder, just leave that part out when you talk To the county prosecutor, OK?

Anything else, Andy?

Anything at all?

Yeah, there was something.

Clovis here got a good look at him, and he didn't like him.

He didn't like him one little bit.

And it was the other guy too, he didn't like Clovis!

It was like he was scared of him.

Scared of a cat!


I'm gonna look for this guy on my way home.

And I'm gonna find him.

I'm gonna find him!

You didn't get it?


Why didn't you get anything?

I just couldn't.

What about the girl?

It wasn't the right time.

Tomorrow, I'll get it tomorrow.

What are you talking about?

I'm starving, Charles!

I need it, and you have to get it for me!


Oh, my poor baby!

What happened?

What always happens, Mom?

Someone saw you?

The deputy had a cat, maybe for a second or two.

He won't believe what be saw.

No, he probably won't.

Somebody will find the teacher that I dumped in the woods.

It's already started again, Mom!

Don't worry, don't worry.

But I have to feed you.

You'll see her tomorrow.

What if something happens to me?

You’ll starve!

We haven't even seen another sleepwalker.

Oh, we aren't the last.

You don't know that.

Yes, I do!

I can feel the others.

You'll feed tomorrow, and then you'll feed me, and then we will leave.

Nothing’s gonna happen.

We just have to take care of each other.


Remember, honey, I want you home by 5:00.

Make sure Charles understands that, OK?

Yes, Mommy, I'll be sure to pack extra didies too.

Nobody loves a smart-ass, Tanya.

She is smart, dear.

And I'm smart enough to know this is her first date with the new boy in town.

We do understand each other, don't we, Tan?

You know, Mom, I think we do.

Good, 5:00?


Bye, darlin'.

Bye, Dad.

Have a good time, honey.

I hope so!

Are we awful?

Terrible, God, I've become my mother.

Well, you met this kid, Is he OK?

Yeah, he’s terrific, he’s utterly charming.

Does it have to be her?

You care more for her than for me?

You know better than that.

Why are you being such a bitch?

Because I'm hungry!

You cannot be in love with this girl, Charles.


I'll get it, you stay here.

I love you, Mom.

Do you?


I know you were supposed to pick me up, but I was nearby.

Yeah, Tanya...

Oh, oh, this is a bad time.

Nonsense, I'm so glad you came by.

Thank you.

Well, we really ought to go.

The light for Tanya's pictures...

Will be just fine for hours yet.

Come in, Tanya, I have something for you.

You do?


I won't keep you long.

I know young people have to run and play.


Charles said you were nice, and he was right.

He usually is.

Oh, well, thank you, Charles is very nice himself.

You have a very beautiful home, Mrs. Brady.

Wow, these are beautiful figurines.

Oh, they've been in the family for a long time.

You probably wouldn't believe how long.

Mom, we really ought to be going.

Soon, Charles.


Just a second, dear.

This is beautiful.

Mmm, nice car.

Where's the Trans Am?

Oh, it's in the shop.

The Mustang belongs to...

His mother.


Those all your cats, there's a lot of them.

Oh, they're strays, but we'll get rid of them.

We're good at getting rid of pests.


It finishes you somehow.

Thank you, that's very sweet.

Oh, sweets to the sweet, I always say.

Right, Charles?

Go on now, you two, you'll lose the light.

Um, Mrs. Brady, it was really nice to meet you.

Oh, very nice to meet you.

This way.

Thank you, ma'am.

This is it.

It's really beautiful here.

And so are you, Tanya.

Thank you, Charles.

Well, I better get these out of the way right off.

Your mother’s gonna want to know some rubbing went on out here.

Me too, Charles.

Hey, wait up!




Oh, hold it.

Come on.

Hey, Clovis, hey Clovis, what's up?

You catching a nap?

What are you looking at?


Ah, oh, very nice, gotcha.

Oh, very nice, smile pretty.

Oh, very nice!

Oh, I'm sorry.


No sorrys.


Do you really feel alone, like the characters in your story?

'Cause I do.

I know.

It's wonderful to feel...

To feel like you're really with someone.


Look, I think we better...

Charles, Ssh.

You don't know me, Tanya.

But I want to.


A little slower.

But I thought we understood each other, Tanya.

I couldn't breathe.

Isn't this the excitement you were talking about, Tanya?

You're right, we do understand each other, Tanya.

See, this is just how we live, Tanya.


It doesn't have to hurt!

Don't you get it, Tanya?

I need you.

I need you to live!

Oh, God, please don't kill me!

Tanya, I don't think you're entering into the spirit of this.

Why don't you just think of yourself as lunch?



I lied!

It does have to hurt!

Feed me, Tanya, Mother's hungry!

Just look at this shirt!

My mother's gonna kill me!

Get off me, get off!

Stay away from me!

Now, Tanya, when exactly did I lose your trust?

Help me!

Somebody help me!

Well, well.

Hold the phone.

Hold the phone!

He, he, he, all right.

Help me, please, somebody help!

Help, oh, my God.

Help me, please, get me out of here!

He's trying to kill me!

OK, calm down, tell me what happened.

He's right behind me, please, he's right behind me!

We'll get him, we'll get him.

No, you don't understand.

One thing at a time, sweetheart, this guy have a name?

His name is Charles, but he's not human, his face changed.

His faced changed, get in the car, lock it, lock it!

No, we both have to go, please.

Look, just calm down.

No, no, we both have to go.

Calm down, OK?

But no...

Everything’s gonna be all right.

Cop kebab!


Isn't this fun?


I don't believe you fired a warning shot, Officer.

Oh, my God.

Now, where were we, Tanya?

Oh, my God.

Unit Three, Unit Three, state your 20, come on.

Hello, hello, help me, please, somebody help me!

Andy, get with the program, bye.


Somebody help me, please!

I'm in Homeland, a policeman is dead, please!

Please, please come.

Oh, God.

Please, please come.


My face is so hot.

I'm sorry, Mom, I tried.

I really, really tried.

It was the cat, you were right.

We've only get each other.


That doesn't matter.

Save your strength.

How bad is it?

You'll be OK, honey.

But I'm afraid they’ll be coming for so soon.

We can go, Mom, I'll be OK.


We've got to stay here until you're stronger.

Bot I want you to help me, try to make yourself dim.

Will you do that for me, honey?

Go on, try.

I can't, Mom, I can't do it.

It's all right, I'll do it for both of us.

There’s the car and the traps.


I'll take care of you.

Hey, buddy, buddy.

I ain't taking the rap on this.

I lock this place up every night.

It's not my fault if every pervert, weirdo, horny kid...

Don't talk to me, talk to someone in charge.

I'm busy.




It's not my fault if every horny kid and weirdo, pervert comes in here, I lock this place up.

I don't need this action.

OK, don't talk to me, talk to the sheriff.

I've checked six or seven times.

Sheriff, hey.

Not now.

OK, his name is Charles Brady, formerly of Paradise Falls, now living at Wicker Street.

And the rest of it, including the make and color of the car.

OK, we came in a red car.

And it was older.

Bot it wasn't the Trans Am.

See, he took me home in a Trans Am, it was a blue Trans Am.

And he left here in one.


Listen to me, I know I sound crazy!

You're not getting the point, Charles isn't human.

Excuse me, Miss.

Sheriff, I need to document these bruises.

All right.

Do you have to do this now?

Yeah, it'll just take a second, don't worry.

Gould you just turn your head, please?

Thanks, and the other way, please?

Oh, my God, my camera, did somebody find my camera?

I took his picture in my camera.

Yes, develop that film, you'll have his picture.

Get on it ASAP.

Yeah, sure.

This is Officer Rayburn.

He's gonna run you home.

I'll have to come over later tonight and ask you a few more questions, all right?


Are you sure his name is Charles Brady?

That's what he said.

Do you think he was telling the truth?

I don't know.

He was, he was very charming.

Take her home.

Excuse me.



Will you bring the cat this evening?

What for?

The cat saved my life.


Thank you.

Do her parents know a class one assault did not occur?

Do you mean she managed to avoid being raped by the bastard, yes.


Horace, don't let her out of your sight.



Drink some of this nice, cold water.

It'll make you feel better.

I'm dying, Mom.


My boy is not going to die.

Not ever!

They’re coming.

I'm going to make us dim, I can do it.

But you have to keep perfectly quiet.

I love you.

Quiet, Charles.

It can still be all right.

I'm scared.

Charles Brady, if you're in there, come out with your bands open and empty.

So scared, Mom.


I have to do us.

Keep still.


Open up, Brady, I'm in no mood to be polite!

Police, hands op!

Ira, Soames, there's nothing in the kitchen.

I told you to wait on my word.

I thought you gave it.

A lot of cats.

Well, I can see that, dickhead.


Aw, shit.

What a Polish fire drill, get out of there!

Get back in the damn car, new, move!

Move, Move!

Move, move!


There's a cold draft.

Use one right new, could you?

I'd like to set up checkpoints in and out of town.

The perp's history by now, Ira.

He killed one of my men.

Look, all you got is a hysterical little girl with a very vivid imagination.

What about the cats?

What about 'em, Ira?

Listen, that little girl needs a good smack on the butt.

And if her mama and daddy won't do it, I'll happily volunteer.

Stay away from her, Soames.


This is the best meal I've had since my wife passed on.

Boy, if Ira found out, he'd kill me.

Well, it was already made, Deputy.

There's one more ear of corn here, would you like it?

Well, yes, ma'am.

She's been up there an awfully long time, honey.

Do you think...

She's taking a nice, hot bath.

She just needs to get clean.

Honey, is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just getting out.

Your mother's keeping supper warm for you.


Um, thanks, Daddy.

I just thought I would lie down for a little while.

Could you call me when the sheriff gets here with the cat?

Yeah, I will.

I love you, honey.

I love you, too, Daddy.

What was that?

Who's there?

Identify yourself.

Police officers.

Maybe it was the wind.

It was not the fucking wind.

You're right, that was not the fucking wind.

Who could that be?

Let me take a peek.

State police, probably Soames.

Hope he don't think he's gonna question her before Ira gets here.

I'll get this.

Hi, I'm Mary Brady, Charles' mother.

Charles couldn't come himself.

Donald, who is it?

I'll take care of it, Helen, just stay in the kitchen.

Look, Mrs. Brady...

But I know he wanted you to have these flowers.


You have a lovely home, Mrs. Robertson.

I've had lovely homes too, we never stay long, though.


You stay away from them!

If you would just call your daughter for me...


My son is badly hurt, he may be dying.

Your daughter tried to kill my Charles.

Good, I hope he dies!

I hope you both die!

I hope you both die and rot in hell!

He's my son, my only son!





Oh, my God, Daddy.

Get off me!

This is how they came from the camera?

That's it.

So was the camera moving or?

No, see, the background and the clothes are in focus.

Laurie, would you get that damn thing?

Take a look at the collar.

Sheriff’s Department.

Where's Ira?

Horace, what's going on out there?

There's a woman here, she says she's the Brady kid's mother!

And I think she killed Don Robertson!

Slow down, Horace.

There's blood everywhere!

No vegetables, no dessert.

Those are the rules.


What's going on here, hello Horace?

Come on, Horace, answer the phone.

Are you there?

Horace, answer the damn phone!


Get that woman over there to safety.

Hold it right there, put her down!

Put the girl down.

Give me back my daughter!

Put her down!

Get Soames, every man he has!

Castle Rock too!

Put her down!

Drop the gun, lady, now!

Hello, dear.

What's happening, where are you taking me?

To see Charles, dear.



Let go of me!

Get in here, you bitch!

Oh, my God!

Charles, my beautiful Charles, Mommy's home.

See what Mommy's brought you.

He's dead.

Look at him, he's dead.

No, he's not dead!

He's sleeping, can't you see he's sleeping?

You know what I bet he'd love to do?

You'd like to dance,

wouldn't you, my darling?

That's his favorite song.

Did you know that?

I said, did you know that?


Yes, he's a wonderful dancer.

But you don't have to take my word for it.

You can see for yourself.


Dance with him.

Dance with...

With Charles.

Dance with my son.


He's a wonderful dancer.

He'll lead.


That's it, dance.




Yes, now, Charles, now!

Good, good, Charles.


Suck her dry!


Stop, you're killing him!



Tanya, get out of there!


Holy shit!

Wait a minute!

No, come on, we got to go!

Come on, damn it!

Charles was dead, wasn't he?

He was dead, wasn't he?

He was dead, yes, let's go!


Hey, Mom!


God, help me!


You killed my son!

My only son!


It's just you and me, Clovis.

Just you and me.