Slipstream (2005) Script

Life happens in four dimensions.

Subtract time from the equation, and all you have is space. No motion, no change.

Take away time, and you change everything we know and believe, everything we understand.

Imagine a stopped clock.

There would be no rush hour.

No more rushing, because you could never be late.

No birth, no death, no broken hearts. Summer vacations would never end.

You'd never lose a job. Your wife could never leave you.

There'd be no crime, no war.

Nothing new and nothing old.

No " will be," no "want to be," no "has been."

Just one long uninterrupted "is."

It's hard to imagine, because all we know, or all we think we know, is that time passes.

We are taught it, from the cradle to the grave.

That time waits for no man.

A hundred years of invention have created an unseen network between us.

Streams of electrical energy, radio waves, microwaves, light waves, cell phones, PDAs, TV, wireless networks, remotes, garage door openers, you name it.

You've heard of the World Wide Web?

Well, you're the fly that just got stuck in it.

Time does not exist as we know it.

Even the universe is not what it appears to be.

It takes the light from those distant stars millions of years to get here.

You're seeing into the past.

Gazing out at a galaxy that might not be there anymore.

You're not looking at the night sky.

You're staring into the heart, a time machine.

Are you going to keep me in suspense?

Conway, Stuart.

Doctorate in Theoretical Physics, Berkeley.

Studied under Bernstein, who called him brilliant but irritating.

Fell out over the authorship of research papers.

Bernstein vanished in 1999.

Some wish Conway would, too.

I'm not going to try to pronounce the title of his thesis, but I'm sure it's completely fascinating.

He looks like all the other lonely programmers.

Recruited by Uncle Sam for military applications of string theory.

But came up with nothing in 5 years.

He alienated everyone he worked with, so they cut his funding.

Are you going to open that?

Let's see


Looks like your lonely programmer doesn't exist.

What's this?


Why delete all the background intel?

Maybe it's a homeland security project.

You'd be investigating yourself, and you wouldn't even know it.

It's a total waste of time.

I thought you liked hanging around parking lots with a fashionable guy.

I'm not saying I don't.

Just maybe I shouldn't.

So, where to?

Assuming you got no interest in tailing this guy.

I want to get some more coffee. You just had 3 cups.

I don't want to lose my edge.

Looks like he's approaching the speed limit.

Now, listen to this: 3 bedrooms, a washer-dryer, two-car garage, fenced-in yard.

Sounds great. You moving?

Last night you said my apartment was too small for both of us.

That was last night.

This is today. And it's cold.

I thought men don't like commitments. Only when it's their choice.

Bloody Yanks!

Not enough they drive on the wrong side. They're colorblind, as well.

Leave off. I'll do the driving.


He's just thrown off my schedule.

Hold onto your seatbelts, ducks.

That's your last cup of coffee. Wankers!


Why don't we just hit the armored truck?

Are you a complete jerk?

So, boys, when do we go for the money?


Runson? When the money is most available.

Genius. And when might that be?

When it's not in the armored car. They're hard work.

Hope they don't hurt themselves.

Want to tell me what's going on?

Can we talk about this later? Not on company time?

Oh I forgot. Your career.

One of us should take it seriously.

Okay. Let's drop the whole thing.

Look, you can almost see the sweat dripping down his palms.

In 2 minutes, the money will be placed behind the counter, but not yet in the safe.

The guards will have gone, and we'll have at most 5 minutes.

No gun fire, no problems.

Yeah? Stupids?

Who are you calling stupid? Stupid.

Them, Boss.

The next customer, please.

Hello, Margaret. Can you believe it?

Another payday The real question is: how are you today?

Tick, tick, tick. What's that?

Biological clock.

I thought you wanted to drop the whole thing.

My short-term memory hasn't been the same since college.

Do you need a deposit slip for that, sir?

I'd like to think we're on a first-name basis by now.

Good thing. You need a deposit slip?

It's Stuart.

It's Stuart.

I want to ask you a question.

Come here.

Ever wish you could do the same thing over and over again?

Like cashing a paycheck, for instance.

Just keep cashing it. Wouldn't that be... outrageously outrageous?

Sir, there are other people in line.

Yeah, I know. I'm just saying what if?

It's one of those hypotheticals, you know.

Right, yeah. Let me just cash my check and allow me to withdraw 2,000 dollars.

It leaves you with 1 dollar 47.


Looks quite flavorful.

Is that a nonfat soy foodarama? No. Are hundreds okay?

I love hundreds.

You know, Maggie?

Can I call you that? Maggie?

I've been coming here a couple times a week for several years.

I could go to the ATM, sure.

But, I'm old-fashioned. I'd like a bit of personal service.

You know, from a human being. From you, actually.

A hundred and eighteen, a hundred and nineteen, one hundred and twenty. Go, go, go!

Keep the motor running, baby. "Clockwork Orange."

Get 'em, babe.

Forgive me. I really want to get to know you, as a person. I want to have a deep conversation with you.

Every time I get the opportunity, I can't help but fixate on your perfect skin, your cornflower eyes, your scent.

It's like you just stepped out of a bath.

I hope you take this as a compliment. You're just so ripe.

Like a... piece of fruit. I can't stand it. I just want to eat you.

Is something wrong? Can't you leave me alone!

1 dollar 47. Wow!

My God, it works! What's the matter with him?

It works!

Are hundreds okay? Hundreds?

Hundreds are great. Make them all hundreds, please.

Are you all right, sir?

Uh, yeah. Listen, did we just have a conversation? About you?

Whatever you say.

You're not angry with me?

Sir, could I just finish cashing your check? There's a line.

Yeah. No. I...

Sorry. What I said must have sounded offbeat, but I'm having what you call a strange day. You, too. Huh?

You're having a bad one, too? Terrible.

Sorry to hear that.

No big deal.

I always wanted to talk to you, but I never knew what to say.

Why is that? I don't know.

You always wear those low-cut tops I mean, it's a real attention-grabber.

But when I look down there all I can think about is your...

I'm a mess.

120. Go, go, go!

I really want to get to know the real you.

I do. I can't help thinking about All I've got on my mind is you in black-lace panties.

Okay! Everybody down!

Everybody on the floor with their face down.


Nobody moves, and nobody gets hurt!

Hands on the fucking floor! Please!

Nothing stupid. Stupid people die. This is your career move.

Hey! Get the hell down!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to make a special withdrawal.

We don't want to hurt anybody, but we will if we have to.

It's not your money, so it's not worth dying for.

Not yet.

So, stay out of our fucking way!

Get over there!

Are you the manager? Yes. I don't have the combination.

That's why I got a little time drop. Stay away from that alarm, and get your face on the floor!

Sarah, wait.

Get a grip on yourself! I'd think about that twice!

FBI. Drop it! Shit!



What do I do now?

I don't believe it. What you doing with that gun?

I repeat, FBI, you're all under arrest.

Don't do anything clever, love. You're a little outnumbered.

You heard her. FBI, drop your weapons.

No change. Still outnumbered.

Not for long. Backup's on its way. This place'll be crawling with cops.

I can take her, boss. And I can take him.

Shut up. Nobody shoots anybody.

Violence is the last resort.

Besides, it don't come out of the carpet too well.

What you got there? Nothing.

Drop that thing right now. Don't worry. It's an...

Hold it!

We do it my fucking way.

Get over here.

Oh, my God.

Make no mistake, or I will kill her.

Call an ambulance.

Help me. Don't move. Help is coming.

Just give me that.


Touch it.

Get to know you as a person.

1 dollar 47.


I think I'm losing my mind.

What's up with Stuart?

Sir? What can I do for you?

Oh my God.

They're here. They're outside.

What's going on?

We've got to stop them. Call it in.

People, listen up. Agent Sarah Tanner, FBI.

We must all evacuate the building out the side door. Now.

She's right. You've got to go.

Evacuate the building immediately.

You've got to listen to me. Just go out of the back door.

You got to go! You don't want to go? Go!

Stuart Conway, you're under arrest.

Okay. Everybody down!

I want everybody on the floor with their face down!


Nobody moves, and nobody gets hurt! Down, down down!

Hands on the fucking floor! Please!

What did you do to us?

Nothing stupid. Stupid people die.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to make a special withdrawal.

We don't want to hurt anybody, but we will if we have to.

It's not your money, so it's not worth dying for.

So, stay out of our fucking way.

Use it again.

No. You don't know what you're doing. Give it to me.

Shut up! Get a grip on yourself!

Go outside and stop their van. What?

Their van, remember? It's pulling up in front of the bank.

I'll take that for a souvenir.

Looks expensive.



You stay right there.

Come on.

Good golly, come on!

Come on! You want to fight!

Come on! You want to fight?

Come on!

Well, that was brilliant.

They were tipped off.

Come on, step on it.

You stay awake. Hear me? Just stay awake!

I'll always be with you.

Don't go.

Don't go.

Up against the wall. Spread your legs. They're spread.

Where is it? Where's what?

That thing that took us back. What thing?

No games. I want to go back. Take me back!

I wish I could, but that psychopath took it.

It's gone. Hasta la vista. Did you see where they went?

No! You have no idea what I'm in for at work.

What's the deal, man?

All units: There's been a multiple vehicle accident on the 54 freeway.

A brown van matching the make of one leaving the bank is involved.

That's them. Yeah.

Proceed with caution. Priority one.

You going to arrest me? I didn't do anything.

Shut up.

Explain to me what it does. It's hard to explain.

Try me.

It's a temporal displacement device, a translocation unit.

In layman's terms, a time machine. But just a prototype.

Going back in time?

Backwards, forwards, theoretically if you had enough funding We can go back in time.

We just did, twice. What did you think that was?

Where are we going?

To get it back.

Getting it back is good. Then I'd have it which I shouldn't have had, but having it would be better.

Nice driving, sweetie.

Don't ask for my fare.

Put down that gun.

Boys, make yourselves at home. We're going to be here a while.

What's a while?

Until my whirlybird turns up.

You always wanted one of those.

Good things come to those who wait.

Congratulations. You survived a bank robbery. The grand prize is a hostage crisis.


Let's go.

Do I have to?


My seatbelt...

Get that fucking door shut!

The bus is too crowded.

Let's get half of them off here. It will buy us time.

No photo opportunity. Give me that!

You and your granny, get off. These two rows off!


Dead ringer for McCauley Culkin in the first of "Home Alone."

I thought more like River Phoenix in "Stand by Me."

You've got such an eye.

Tell them what a charmer I am.



What the hell were you and Hallman thinking of?

It better be good enough for every reporter and state official!

Sir, our target got caught up... Get in the car!


Who is this? That's our target, sir.

Did you recognize any of them?

Negative, sir. They were wearing masks.

Maybe we can stall him long enough to think of a way to dig ourselves out of this hole.

Sorry about Hallman.

Me, too, sir.

Creepy dude.

Listen, we got to get back that device.

If anyone realizes it's missing, I'm history.

This is Slipstream, isn't it? How'd you know?

It's classified information.

Why did you think we were in the bank and I knew your name?

You were investigating me? Somebody thinks you're a security risk.

After what I saw today, I'd say you're the risk.

How does it work? It uses seams in parallel Know about String Theory? No.

Worm holes? No.

Never mind.

It's kind of cool.

It exploits confluences in the space-time fabric by Can we go back before the bank robbery?


Why? We've never successfully operated outside a 10-minute window. In the bank we went back 3 minutes.

10 minutes?

But Jake's been gone more than 25, 30 minutes.

Even if I had the unit here, there's nothing I could do.

I'm sorry.

Take five.

Who is this guy?

He's from Mars. We got nothing on him. What are you offering him?

Why not start at zero and move down from there.

Come on.

I'm bored with this shit.

Let's have a sing along.

Go on! Sing! Sing!

Shut up! Can you hear me in there?

You're wasting your time and ours.

So, let's make a deal, and we can all go home.

Stupid bastard.

It's always pissing rain in England. Why go home to that?


My offer and my final offer is this:

You get me and my men a chopper within 30 minutes, and I won't kill these nice people in here.

Do it.

Okay, Runson. Let's get this party started.

You there, on the other side. Move! Move it!

Move the fuck over! Now!

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

What are you doing out of the car? Can you do it?

They're shooting at us. Get back in.

Hold your fucking fire!

Go on!

I need to know. Can it jump back more than 10 minutes?

We tried. We can't do it.

We've gone through dozens of lab rats We have to work in the 10-minute window.

In theory it is possible. Yes, but practically, no.

Nothing we sent back more than 10 minutes came back alive.

I won't take no for an answer. Can we get in? I can't take it.

You should have thought about that before.

Let her go! Let her go! She's one of ours.

"Kid, I gotta tell you something." " I've never shot anybody before."

" Butch Cassidy." Loved the ending.

Just your size.

Hey, remember me?

Well, well, well.

Fancy seeing you again. And who's your boyfriend?

Part of our deal. Let these people go and you can have us.

Why would I want you?

I've got something that can get you out of this mess.

Sounds exciting.

Come a little closer. I won't bite.

I don't think so.

I don't like him. He goes. You stay.

We're a package deal.

Take it or leave it.

I'll leave it.

You better get on the bus, love.

I can't get rid of you, can I? Who's this?

The bitch from the bank. She's persistent. I'll give her that.

I don't like brunettes.

Listen to me.

That guy you just shot had a small electronic device. It looks like a PDA, but it isn't.

Know what I'm talking about? This.

There are files on it that affect our national security.

That's all I want.

Give me that, and you get your chopper.

Show me.

Just you. No one else can hear.

I won't be a minute, pet. Step into my office.

Just in case something happens here, it's only fair to let you know I've been engaged to that lovely, heavily-armed lady for 12 years.

I'm sure we can work around it. Use that pretty mouth of yours.

This device, you can clean out any bank in the world with it.


A black box project. Government's discretionary fund.

Stealth technology.

Wars aren't only fought with guns.

The Falklands, Britain infiltrated Argentinian stock markets.

It nearly wiped the country out. It never recovered.

Looks like a computer phonebook. It's meant to.

But this baby can transfer any amount of cash from any bank into any account untraced.

The money simply disappears.

Whose idea was this?

NSA, CIA, Homeland Security. Take your pick.

Perfect for destabilizing unfriendly governments. Who do you work for?

FBI. We were following the dead guy outside.

He was about to make an unauthorized transfer into an offshore account.

And you're telling me this... Because you got what I want.

Let's make a deal. Why do I need you?

I know how to use it. You don't. I propose a 50-50 split.

I'm supposed to believe an FBI agent?

I work 70 hours a week for 46,000 dollars a year.

Can you blame me? You know what?

You know what? What?

I think you're full of shit.

We're a package deal. Take it or Stone me!

What just happened? You were dead. He shot you.

Again? Will you please stop shooting me?

I'll shoot both of you this time. Get on the bus. I'll have that.

Come on.

Nice story.

Now I want the truth. I told you.

No. From him.

What do you want to know? Either I'm dolally, or I went back in time.

What are you on?

Shut up a minute, pet. Now, how does this time machine work?

It's not a time machine. It's a poly- dimensional translocation device.


A time machine. Why can I remember and she can't?

She's got to be touching it or someone who's touching it, or else she won't intercept... She won't jump back in time.

So, it's a time machine. Take us back to yesterday.

I can't do that. Then to the bank. We'll walk back in and get double the money. As long as you maintain contact You naughty boy!

That's what you was doing there.

Now take us back. I'm trying to explain it. You can't!

There's a 10-minute time limit. Maximum.

Maybe I'm not explaining it properly.

I'll tell you what I told her, alright? It's impossible!

How the hell do I get out of this?

What's your name, love?

Sarah. Well, Sarah. Here we are, the 20 of us.

Looks like we're out of luck, yet in a position to help each other.

You get your box back and go back in time, but only when I get a chopper out of here.

Don't take all day thinking about it, love.

Once in a helicopter with guaranteed flight clearance, they'll release the hostages. Can't do it. It's not procedure.

Listen, you've got 30 seconds to decide if you want these people alive or carried out in bodybags.

Okay. You'll have a chopper here in 30 minutes.

When I see the helicopter landing, I'll release most of the hostages.

To insure our safety, I'll keep a few hostages until I'm on the bird.

Do you understand?

What does a man do to get a cup of tea around here?

Come here.

Like Bonnie and Clyde on mescaline.

Their parents must be proud.

Is that what I think it is?


Stuart, help me get this straight. Whenever you make it work, whoever's touching it or touching them will go back in time?

Yeah, and what you're wearing. Clothes, watch, anything you touch.

And nobody remembers, right? That's right.

That is right.

Jake didn't remember when the bank got robbed the first time, and you didn't remember anything outside the bus.

Why aren't the bullets still in you?

They must have just passed right through me.

Armor-piercing rounds.

You're lucky. Easy for you to say.

Do you have any wounds? No.

My body goes back in time, reversing anything that happened.

I shaved a rat and sent it back. It came back hairy.

Lights out.

The hostages are clear. Your chopper is ready.


I just want to go home. Stay calm. Please, don't move.

Then this stuff happens. Sir, I need to concentrate.

Please, get this thing off! I will.

I said, your chopper is ready.

My wife was making me a casserole.

I have to concentrate. Get this thing off.

Get it off!

No! No! No I don't want to die!

Please! I don't want to die! No!

Please, God! Help!

Sick bastards.

You all right?

I don't think so.

Take a breather.

Right here, mate.

Remember the last scene in "Butch Cassidy"?

Butch and Sundance.

At the end of the road. Holed up in a bank in Santiago somewhere.

Whole Bolivian army waiting outside.

Two divisions waiting for them to come out of the bank.

And then, they do. They burst through the doors into the sunlight.

They come out into the sunlight with everything they've got.

Guns blazing.

Bring her back!


Bring her back!


Get moving!

I'm not asking.

I can't get it to work. It's broken.

You've got 7 minutes. Six. You'd better get it working.


I'm out of service. Don't you see the light?

You're back in service now.

Gillian Barker. Partner to Winston Briggs, in life and crime. A couple of wild-eyed murderers.

Robbing banks up and down the West coast.

Sir, we found another one.

Be with you in a minute.

Be with you in a minute, too. Wait.


Oh shit, the plane tickets! Gill had them.

What a miserable fucking day!

Why have you stopped working? We passed the window.

Sorry. I'm a bit deaf. I didn't hear you right.

I've been trying to tell you. We have a finite window 10 minutes wide.

We're beyond it.

Build your self-confidence, boy. Travel more. Know what I mean?

Great advice.

Move it.

What are you doing?

I'm not moving. For the past 5 hours I've been arrested, taken hostage, shot twice, and killed once. Not to mention the nonfat soy foodarama thrown in my face by the woman I sexually fantasized about.

I've had enough! You can have it. Thank you.

Don't whine to me about the rotten day you've had.

I've lost everything today because of you.

Now get a fucking move on.


I know you and Hallman were close, but there's not much room for that in the Bureau. Believe me.

You went your own way, and sometimes it works.

But not this time.

I'm going to need your gun and your badge, Sarah.

Leave them on my desk in the morning.

Yes, sir.


Agent Tanner, FBI.

I need a quick look on that flight.

Thank you.


Run, rabbit, run.

You're very brave sitting next to me.

Most people don't want to sit next to a crying baby.

You're lucky we had extra seats. This flight's usually full.

Must be my lucky day.

I love that accent. Where are you from?

Little Gidding. An eel-fishing town outside London.

Glad to be out of it really.

Ever tried eel?

Eels? Don't think I have. You should.

They're very tasty.

I thought I knew all the pilots on this route.

I'm not on this route.

Caliber has one route. You've got lovely


And so do you.

Do you have any kids? No.

You have to find the right man. That's the hard part.

I had one. I'm afraid I lost him.

You can get him back. I'd bet my life on that.

I don't think so.

But if you love him, don't give up.

I ended with Jenny's dad, and I wish I had tried harder.

Come out of there, little git. Yeah, alright.

In a minute.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Caliber Airlines, Flight 19, to Acapulco. To operate your seatbelts, insert the metal tab If you don't know how, you probably shouldn't be out in public.

In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure...

I saw you get on late. Nervous about flying?

Oh, yeah.

I always get jumpy when I get on a plane.

Me, too. I try not to show it, because she'll pick up on it.

Sir, switch the video game off. You should know that.

Some people never grow up.

Not a word to anyone.

What's wrong with you?

Just scoot over a little? I'm dying here.


I have to use... You've already been.

I have to go again. Call it the gravitational pull of the bladder.

A nervous condition caused by stress.

Want to find out the hard way, just sit there.

Put the chicken in the oven.

Some passengers need a little talking to.


Leave that with me.


What are you going to do?

Make sure there's a greeting party when he gets off the plane and not another hostage situation.

Good. I think I have a theory about the machine.

It was dead. it just powered up. I think I know why.


At this altitude we got a direct line to all the cell towers we pass over.

So? So We can get enough power to get back beyond the window.

With one minor reservation.

Anything can happen? Yeah.

Stuart, tell me something I don't know already.

We just have to get it back from that gorilla.

Leave that to me.


You're not Grant Robert. I know Grant.

Grant P. Robert. Know what the P stands for?

Piss off!

Listen, I don't need to take that kind of talk from you.

You're not the captain on this flight.

Don't get your knickers in a twist.

Get me a large scotch with ice.

And another pillow.

You fat bastard.

Oh my God, she's got a gun!

Federal Air Marshall. Put it down! FBI. Lower your weapon!

Don't you fucking move.

We've got an FBI agent with a gun.

The air marshal? No, a real fed.

At least, I hope so.

You got it working?

It's powered up, but I don't know if it's working.

Show me!

You have to fix it!

I can't!

You can't, or you won't?

You don't want to hear this now, but this is awesome!

Wake up, Stuart. We're all gonna die.

Right, the plane's crashing. I have to think of something. Give me that.

Can I use your computer?

I need the cable for Firewire.

The screen is broken. I'm not sure it's gonna work.

I'll do my best.

I'll do it. I'll do it.

I think it's working.

No. Wait. He's got it working.

Are hundreds okay?

Are you a pilot?

Weren't you just

What happened to your jacket?

What the hell is he wearing?

Bloody hell!

You're not going to wear that?

I'll tell you what, lads.

We're going to abort this job.

Best instincts in the business.

It's like having a crystal ball. A pair of them.

Take us home, pet.

Jake? It's okay.

Sarah, what the hell is happening?

I can't say too much.

It's a classified government job in theoretical physics.

There have been some cutbacks. I still have my job though.

No way. I'm a Physics major.

Sounds like a dream job.

It sure beats working in a bank. And you're a pilot, too?

You must be busy.

You know, Margaret, from the first time I saw you I had this feeling that No matter how many times I say this, it's never going to get better.


Twin nonfat soy foodaramas, just you and me, somewhere?

Would you consider it?

If you're interested, you can instant message me.

Okay. That sounds really nice.


It's my handle, Stuartbombsom.


See you.

Sarah, you have to explain this to me.

I'm either going crazy, or this is a dream.

Don't worry. It's so much better than a dream.

I'm glad you're here. I've been meaning to talk to you.

Are you okay? Yeah.

I'm starving. We just ate an hour ago.

Really? Seems longer than that.

What about Conway? He'll turn up.

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