Sliver (1993) Script



Good morning. Hello, I'm Carla Norris.

I have an appointment with Mrs. McEvoy.

Through the garden, please. I'll tell her you're on your way there.


Hello, Mrs. McEvoy? Your 8:00 is here.

Good morning. Miss Norris?


Hello, I'm Evelyn McEvoy. Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.

This midtown traffic. I'll never get used to it.

Shall we see the apartment?

Yes. Sure.

Central air conditioning. Absolutely terrific kitchen.

I love the view. Yes. It's an airy place.

What is it that you do, Miss Norris?

I'm a book editor at Sutton.

What a strange tub. I like tubs myself.

This is a nice room for reading, isn't it?

For reading? Hmm.

Yes, it is, isn't it?

l've got two tickets for Pavarotti Friday.

I hate Pavarotti.

I don't care if l ever go to an opera for the rest of my life. Or the ballet.

What do you want me to do? Meet another charming man... Derek, and wake up seven years later...

...and realize I have no life? God, Carly, please.

Look, why don't you get tickets to.... Who?

Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam?


You know, you're being a putz.

How am I going to meet any attractive men by myself?

You love Pavarotti.

I am a putz. I wasted seven years of my life.

And I hate Pavarotti. Will you stop it?

You are ready for new adventures. New horizons. New lovers. New orgasms.

Well? Heh, I'm 35, I m not 25.

I don't need a date, I need a relationship.

Preferably one where something happens this time.

Sure, in case you've forgotten how it works...

...first you meet somebody, then you have a relationship.

Ooh, thank you, Dr. Ruth.

Do you work here, or do you go from office to office, offering advice?

Will you look at chapter six? I think I might have cut too deep.

You didn't show it to the author yet, did you? Yeah, l did.


He said, "I'll discuss it with Carly."

Heh, you cut too deep.

Never show it to the author before you give it to me first.

Sorry. It's okay.

I'm sure the cuts are good.

The author's a pussycat, don't worry about it. This is good.

Where are you with the James Dean bio? Marketing wants to up the publishing date.

I'll be done by the end of the weekend. You're a genius, Carly.

Sure, who wouldn't be on your social schedule?

Mrs. McEvoy on Line one. She says it's important.

Do you want to talk to her? Yeah.

And Mr. Parsons called. He wants to take you to lunch at L'Adagio.

That means I'm not getting my raise.

Mrs. McEvoy.

Good news, my dear.

Your application's been approved. Already? ls that a problem? No.

No, I.... I just didn't think it would happen this fast.

Oh, I thought you'd be pleased.

I am. I'm very excited. Thank you.

Well, then, we can get you in next week.

Next week will be fine. Splendid.

Goodbye. Bye.

There you go. Thank you.


Sorry I couldn t get the door for you, Miss Norris.

The movers will be here in about an hour.

I'll keep an eye out for you. Thank you.

He didn't want a "thank you." I think he wanted a tip.

Well, he didn't get the door for me, now, did he?

Sure he didn't.

Can I take one of these for you? I'm okay.

Come on, I've got two free arms.

You want me to take this other one for you?

No, I'm okay. You're sure?


I, uh, know the neighborhood real well, so...

...if you want the lowdown on stores and things like that.

I could.... How's the market across the street?

It's okay. The one over on 39th is cheaper.

Oh, heh, thanks.

I'm not gonna ask again if l can bring this for you.

Good. Don't. Here you go.

Thank you.

Welcome to 113. You'll like it here.

I will. Thank you.

You're right. These are getting heavy.

Sorry. I ll see you. Bye.

I need a check, okay, Register 3.

Check, okay, on Register 3, please.

You only have one thing. Why don't you go ahead?

Oh, good idea. Thanks.

Um, I m Gus Hale.

You're moving in today, aren't you? Mm-hm.

Well, welcome to 113. Thanks.

Um, I m in 23-B.

I'll take that for you. Thank you.

Hey, why are you walking here?

Forgive me, I don't usually follow women around.

I'm not a dirty old man, really not.

Are you certain? Sometimes I wish I were, but I'm not.

Why do you wish you were? Because it's boring when you're not.

You just really.... Well, you look like someone.

Someone you like or someone you dislike?

Oh, no. l liked her a lot.

What's really strange is...

...she was in 20-B as well.

Naomi Singer.

When did she move? Well, she didn't. She....

She jumped out the window.

Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, ugh.... I've never had much goddamned tact.

Ugh, I tell you what. I'm about to go off to Japan.

Perhaps when I get back, I can fill you in on all the gossip.

What are you gonna do there? I teach a class at NYU.

The Psychology of the Lens.

"The Psychology of the Lens," heh-heh-heh. Yes.

I teach all aspects. I mean, cameras, camcorders....

I'm going to look at the latest technology.

So you like salacious gossip?

I make a great cappuccino too.

Call me.

How can I call you when I don't even know your name?

How can you not know my name if you knew my apartment number?

Our doormen are spoiled. Five bucks only gets you half the information.

Carly Norris. Ah.

Must have liked her an awful lot to spend five bucks.

I did.

We were pals.

How's the market across the street?

It's okay.

Welcome to 113. You'll like it here.

Where do you live now? ln the village.

This will be quite a change.

Shall l show you the rest of the apartment?

Have you grown tired of the village?

Oh, I teach all aspects of it. Cameras, camcorders....

This way.

Now, why don't you talk to Lynn Nesbit about him?

His last book didn't sell very well. Perhaps he's getting itchy at Random.

Perhaps he's blaming their marketing and not the thinness of his characters.

Perhaps you can convince Lynn to alert him to the inadequacies...

...of their marketing department. Are we negotiating?

I wouldn't call it that.

Attractive man, isn't he?

Alex, I ask you for a raise, you take me out to lunch and try to set me up.

Jack Landsford.

Shred of Evidence, Flesh and Blood, police procedurals.

He hasn't written anything in five or six years...

...but he made so much off of Flesh and Blood, he doesn't have to.

He's got a ranch in Montana.

And speak of the devil, Hello, Alex.

How are you? All right, heh.

I'm the devil.

Carla Norris. Hello.

You look familiar to me.

Maybe that's because I live in your building.

Oh, yeah. Heh.

Jack, Carly is a big fan of yours. Mm.

She just loved Flesh and Blood.

Hey. I haven't read it.

I'm sorry.

Here you are. She hasn't read me.

Alex, why is it she hasn't read me?

Everybody's read me, heh. I'm easy to read.

I haven't. She has better taste than I thought.

She ll read me, though.

What if she doesn't like what she reads?

Hi, Jack. You ll read me.

I know you'll read me. Because you have good taste.

You've lost her now, Jack. She likes being in control.

So do l.

See you around the neighborhood. Yeah.


I spend seven years in a bad marriage, and you say I like being in control?

But you ended it, didn't you?

No. No way.


Fuck both of you. You said 700, Mike.

Yeah, l know it's not fucking Vogue. So what?

Well, it's your choice.

Look, I m hungry, I'm jet-lagged, and I don't need this shit. Goodbye, Michael.

God, I'm sorry. I m gonna get those right out of your way.

That's okay. I'm Vida.

Carly Norris. Hi.

I'll give you a hand. Thanks.

Damn doormen. I really tip them well too.

Everybody does.

They're never around when you need them.

You're right. You should see them at Christmas.

Like flies on shit then.

Oh, yeah, this guy was here.

He left this for you.

You're all moved in, then? Oh, God, no. l hate it.

I know. It's worse than anal intercourse.

You look like-- Yeah, the girl that....

Naomi. Yeah.

Somebody's already told you. I guess they would have.

Were you friends? Well, sort of.

I mean, she was only here about a year.

And most of that time, I was in Milan.

Ass-pinching Italians.

Ugh. My bum is still blue.

I couldn't believe it, though.

I mean, she just didn't seem like the type.

Were you here when she-- Yeah.

She came over to borrow some coffee the night before.

I didn't have any. Caffeine withdrawal.

That would do it to me.

That's my agent. He's a slimy bastard.

Just a goddamned second, all right, Michael?

Hey. Thanks.

Right. So see you around.

If you ever need any coffee or anything....

Just make sure you don't run out.

Mr. Brown. That's original. And where's he staying?

The Regency Arms?


And, uh, what's his room number?

627, got it.

Yeah, well, they all say they're producers or sheikhs.

Hi, putz. I m giving you your last chance for Pavarotti.

Hey, isn't Pearl Jam some sort of oriental sex thing?


Carla, this is Zeke Hawkins calling.

I, uh, hope you remember me. l live in the building too.

We met when you were moving in last weekend?

Anyway, listen, um, l was just calling to let you know that if you...

...need any help with anything, l've got some pull with the manager, so...

...don't be afraid to give me a call.

I m at home most of the day. My number's 5553126.

All righty? Okay, bye.

Hi, it's Peter.

We are moving up the pub date on the Dean book.

Just thought I d call and let you know. Bye.

Yeah, but what about the appointment with Sony in Osaka?

Seven thirty on Monday?

Oh, well. I'll do it any time they will.

I mean, I have to see them. They're state-of-the-art.

...defensive system is extraordinarily developed.

Acute schizophrenic, non-paranoid.

Classic Jekyll-and-Hyde syndrome.

Clearly a great danger to women.

No, no, no. It's so good to hear your voice.

We could rent one.

Well, that's an idea.

Hi, Zeke. It's Carla Norris.

Thanks for your call. l, uh, heh.... lf l ever get unpacked around here...

...l was thinking of having, um, a cocktail party on Friday night.

Um, sometime after 6:00 o clock.

And I was wondering if you'd like to come.

Okay, I hope that you do. Bye-bye.


You think that was funny? Yeah.

I didn't think that was funny. You scared the shit out of me.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I know.

Ah, I'm sorry. You're right, it wasn't funny. l....

It was a real dumb-ass thing to do. Really, I'm sorry.

Can we start over again, huh?

Heh, what for? I really don't see the point.

Hey, did you get the books? Yeah.

Did you read them? No.

Oh, yeah, you did. You can't fool me.

I read a few pages of one of them.

Uh-huh. You read both. You couldn t put them down.

I'm right, aren't I? Tell me I am right.

You're wrong.


You don't like sex and violence? It sells, you know.

It buys ranches in Montana, I'm told.

Oh-ho-ho-ho. You've been checking on me. I like that.

Thank you. For what?

For stopping.

Now, how about gossip? About James Dean, for instance.

Doesn't that sell?

You've been checking on me. I don't like that.

I hear you're, uh, very good at the tell-alls.

I guess that comes from being married to a very boring guy.

You just like all the juicy talk.

Fuck you. Would you like to?

I can try and make myself available. Hey, look....

I'm a writer. People tell me secrets...

...and I just take notes. Like Truman Capote.

You could tell me your secrets. I don't have any secrets.

Sure you do.

What secrets do I have?

I'd never tell.

Did you send me the telescope?

Telescope? Yeah.

Why would I send you a telescope?


I can't keep up with you.

No, you can't.


Excuse me, officers, let her through, please. She lives here. Come on.

Come on, Miss Norris. Come on.

Do you live here? Did you know Mr. Hale?

How long have you lived here? How do you feel about these accidents?

Yes, he was a lecturer at NYU. Mm-hm.

He doesn't seem to have had any family. That's about all I know.

Miss? Miss?

Are you a resident here? Yeah. Carla Norris.

Uh-huh. 20-B.


What happened? The guy in 23-B...

...the, uh, professor, Gus Hale...

...he fell in the shower and broke his neck.

Did you know Mr. Hale?

I talked to him. What about?

Well, uh, not that much, really. We talked about, uh...

...that he was going to Japan.

We talked about Naomi Singer. What did he say about Naomi Singer?

That they were friends, and, uh...

...that I look like her.

You do.

I don't remember giving you an invitation.

I have a nose for smelling parties in progress.

Also, a bottle of Dom Perignon. Hmm.

Come on in, honey. I like you already.

You hold and I ll pop. Yeah.

Jack Landsford, I'd like to introduce you... Judy, of course. Oh, heh.

Hi. Remember me?

We met in the doorway? Hmm.

And Peter. Hi. How are you?

Pete. Hey, Alex. Jack, how are you?

Good. How you been? And you know Vida.

Hi, I'm Vida Warren. Hello. Jack Landsford.

I'm sorry. I thought you two knew each other.

Say "cheese."


Jesus. Heh.

Oh, hey. Hello. Here you go.

Is this Dom Perignon too? California red.

I'm sorry.

Now, this is very interesting.

It looks like Lalique, but it's not. It's a copy.

You're right about that, Alex.

Nothing in the haunted house is what it appears to be.

They've remodeled it completely.

Who owns it?

I heard it was, uh, some law firm downtown.

No. That's a false front. I checked on that once.

I bet l could find out who owns it.

I know some people.

I could make a few calls if you really want to know.

Pete, don't.

It could be the mob. We could be supporting crack dealers.

Then what are we gonna do? Move out?

There's an idea.

Thank you.

It's a great party. Oh, thank you.

Hey there. Can I get you something?

I'm fine, thanks.

So how do you like the new place? Oh, yeah.

Did you know Naomi Singer?

Not really. I saw her around a few times.

I wonder why she did it.

Yeah. l don't know, l think I read something about boyfriend troubles.

Oh, they're doing it.

Oh, they are. I can't believe it.

Something exciting happening?

I don't believe it. They are, oh.

Let me see. Let me see.

Oh, they sure are.

Would you look at her? She's a voyeur. She can't get enough.

I am not. Yes, you are.

That's why you have this telescope here.

It's not even mine. You're a peeper.

Somebody gave this to me.

Right. Everybody has a telescope.

I don't. I do.

Thank you. I do too.

I'm shocked. I'm truly shocked. You people are shameless.

You're all shameless. What is with you guys?

Look at that. Come on.

Hurry up. Just a moment.

I wanna look too.

Oh, my God.

It looks like they're being Rolfed.

Bye. Bye. Bye.

Thank you for coming. Thanks. Bye.

Good night. Bye.

Good night. And thanks for the wine.

Sorry about the California Red. I like California Red.

Good night. Good night.

Listen, do you work out?

You mean like exercise bikes and stuff?

No, no. The real thing. Weights.

You want to check it out? Oh. No, thank you.

You would have a great time.

What do you think? Tomorrow morning?

You know, there are mirrors all over those places.

There are no mirrors.

They're everywhere you look.

No mirrors. Promise.

What do you say? 10:00 o'clock? I ll call you?

I'll call you. Bye.

That was a great party.

I thank you.

You're welcome.

Who knows, maybe next time I'll get an invitation, huh?

Heh, maybe. Oh, you got to be careful.

Maybe means "yes" to an old ex-journalist like myself.

The operative word being "ex."


But investigative reporters never lose the instinct... jump in at an opening.

That would explain you jumping out at me in the park, then, I guess.

Uh, no, ha.

That was a tactic I developed in junior high to get the babes.

It didn't work then, either.

You don't go out much, do you?

I thought...

...maybe in lieu of the gym... might want to go to dinner with me.


I'll take that maybe as a yes.

Good night, Carla. Good night, Jack.

Mild temperatures should climb to about 69 degrees.

Humidity levels slipping to about 15 percent.

Clouds and rain to return with possible showers on Monday.

Temperatures for that period should span the 60s and 70s.

Now, here's the traveler's advisory...

...with a look at temperatures...

...for selected cities across the nation.

Remember, weather on the One every 10 minutes, here on New York One.


Is somebody out there?

What's the matter? Jesus.

You okay, Miss Norris? Yes.

I hear something in my office.

What the hell happened? I was, uh....

The lights went out, and, uh...

...the door was jammed, and then I heard this sound. I just....

Look, it must have jammed.

Ugh, come on. I think all this haunted house crap is getting to you.

I don't believe it. You're such a liar.

Looks like they must have put up a few mirrors in here, huh?

Yeah, overnight, right?

Come on. The locker room's right here.

You conned me into this.

It'll be fun. Trust me.

Okay. Your turn.

I can't do that. Oh, yes, you can.

Come on. I'll teach you.

Okay, heh.

Great. Great.

Just keep your hips straight.

Anyone ever tell you you've got a very nice butt?

I already know you're a liar. You do.

Nobody's told me that in a long time.

That's because the wrong people have been looking at it.

That's true.

How often do you work out? Three, four times a week.


I'm starving. How about you?


How do you find the time?

I work at home. Argh, heh.

I design computer video games.

Oh, yeah?

You think I'm too young for you, don't you?


You do, don't you? No.

I wasn't thinking about that. Liar.

Yes, you were.

I'm not.

You like it?

Yeah. l love it. I play it all the time.

So you really do have the beer. I told you it wasn't a ruse.

Thank you.

What's that? A volcano.

I've always loved them.

I'd like to fly into one sometime.


I don't know. It sounds like fun.

Don't you think?

I have to go.

Please, I.... It's okay.

You're so beautiful, Carly.

They ll see.

I want to see.

I want to see you.

It's okay.

It's okay. I'm here.

What are you worried about?

Somebody's watching you like you watch them?

Why don't you come over here with me and lie down?

Why? So you can talk dirty to me some more?


Oh, I have to go.

It's my building, Carly. I own it.

I even helped redesign it.

My father owned a bunch of hotels, so I...

...I inherited a lot of money.

I didn't want to be bothered with a lot of hassles, so I don't tell people that l own it.

Did you tell Mrs. McEvoy to give me special treatment?


But I did approve your application quickly.

You had me all plotted out, huh?

I just thought we would like each other.

You're not angry with me, are you?

Boy, have I got something to tell you.

You're not going to believe it!

This is Judy. Will you call me?

Where have you been? I've been trying to call you all day.

Huh. Something's going on, I can smell it.

You've probably been having multiple orgasms.

You've probably been fucking your brains out. l have.

Carly, Alex is all over me about the Dean book.

Please, please, work on it this weekend. Bye.

Good night.

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

You do look like you fucked your brains out. Look at you.

What are you smiling at? That damn éclair?

I'm just smiling. That's all. Tell me.

I want to know everything. Every little grunt. Every wiggle.

There's nothing to tell.

You've been spending too much time with your vibrator.

I certainly have. I'm getting a plastic yeast infection.

Heh. Who is he? Do I know him? Tell me.

Tell me. You met him.

I met him? Uh-huh.

I didn't pin him to the wall and ravish him myself?

And you got him? Now I m pissed.

Shh, shh, shh. Who?

It's Zeke. You met him at my apartment.

That gorgeous, young, incredible.... Oh, my God, I hate you.

I really hate you. How is he?

Give me the goods. Is he insatiable? I bet he's insatiable, heh.

They all are at that age. Lead pencils.

I hate you. I really, really hate you.

I go away with the other one for what I think is going to be a hot steamy weekend...

...and you're reloading a lead pencil.

I must have done something terrible in my past life.

Wait. You went off with who? Jack Landsford.

Huh, who's not even a sharpened pencil, let me tell you.

We went to Montauk. Stayed in a cabin. Heh-heh-heh.

What happened? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

The earth definitely did not move. Heh.

All he did was ask about you. You know, you should go out with him.

Just to find out for me if he's even got a pencil.

I'll bet it's something blue.

Something intimate.

Something lacy.

Something whorish.

How did you get in here?

The door was open.

I've lived in New York for 10 years and I've never left my door open.

Well, maybe you did this time.

Maybe the super did. I don't think so. I want you to leave.

He was having an affair with Naomi Singer.

Maybe she smelled like flowers too.

Maybe you two use the same spermicide.

I'm calling-- She was seeing a shrink.

She told the shrink about your boyfriend.

And after Naomi was murdered, the shrink told the police.

He's not my boyfriend.

Oh? Well, what the hell is he, then?

The neighborhood florist? I saw you two in the lobby together.

I'm not blind.

My God, you really do look like her.

She died right here.

She went off that balcony.

You don't know what you're dealing with, do you?

He's fucked up.

He's so very, very sick.

You don't believe me, do you?

All right. Here.

You call Lieutenant Hendrix. 16th Precinct. Go on.

Go on. Ask her.

Your boyfriend owns the building.

I bet you didn't know that, did you?

He didn't tell you, did he?

Yes, he did.

You know how difficult it was for the police to discover that?

This guy has more false fronts, more high-powered attorneys...

...than Richard fucking Nixon.

You know what I think?

I think you can't write anymore.

And I think you're making this up to hide the fact that you can't.

I'm sorry for you, Jack.

I really am.

But if I ever find you in my apartment again...

...I'm gonna have you thrown out of the building.


Are you hungry?

I've already eaten. Liar.

You're afraid of me.

Do I look like a girl who would be frightened of you?

I did come on strong yesterday.

Well, I came on strong too.

Do you want to go out for truffles?


Now? Yeah, why not? l love truffles.

I don't have anything to wear. Wear what l sent you.

Meet me downstairs in one hour.

Hurry. One hour.

Taxi. Did you think l wasn't coming?


I knew you wanted me to think that you weren't coming.

You look good enough to eat.

Are you ready to order yet, sir? Not yet, thank you.

Very well, sir.

Your check, sir. Oh, thank you very much.

What? Nothing.

You like playing games, don't you?

I like playing games with people who like playing games.

What game do I like to play?


I hate Scrabble because I m awful at Scrabble.

I like poker, though. So do l.

Would you like to play? Now?

Right now.

The police came to see me today.

Found out I owned the building and were asking all sorts of questions...

...about the wiring.

I had such a terrible day, I couldn't get any work done.

Are we playing poker now?

We're about to start.

Did you like the bra and panties?


Are you wearing them?


I think you are.

Show me.

Right here? Right here.

I'm sorry. l can't see that. I'm near sighted.

Can you see this?


What about the panties?


Yes. The panties.

Are you wearing the panties?

Forget it.

I win, you lose, this game.

I can't tell.

I win, you lose.

This game.

Are you ready to, uh, order yet, sir?

Where are we going?

Thirteen. It's an unlucky number.

It's an unlucky apartment building.

Good night.

Put these on.

I wouldn't want you to catch a draft.

I'm okay. I'm pretty warm down there.

See you soon.



Damn you. You left the door open.

You knew I'd come.

I thought we came together.

Did you and Naomi come together?

I hardly knew her. l told you.

She told someone you had an affair with her.

That's crazy. She came on to me once.

Maybe she fantasized.

I heard she had an affair with your friend.

What friend? Your writer friend, Jack.

Who told you that? Your neighbor Vida.

She told me at your party. No big deal.

If you stay, you could wake up in my arms.

We could kiss to start the day.

I could make you breakfast.

We could go for a walk in the park and hold hands.

Am l scaring you again?

I don't wanna get hurt.

Hi, this is Vida. Leave a message.

Vida? Vida, are you there? It's Carly Norris.

Vida, I need to talk to you about something.

Can you give me a call?

It's really important.

Hello? Jack, it's Carly Norris.


Look, clearly this is none of my business, but, uh...

...Vida told me that it was you...

...that was having the affair with Naomi Singer.

That's bullshit.

Vida tell you that?

No, l think your boyfriend told you that, didn't he?

Vida didn't tell you that, did she?

Oh, no.

Hey, Vida.

Hi, I got your message. I'll call you tonight.

I've got a job and I'm late.

I just--

I just wanted to--

I don't wanna get caught in there.

Vida, I wanted to talk to you. I'll call you later, okay?

Well, okay.


Fucking building.

You just lie there. Be still.

Are you happy now? Are you happy?


Oh, Jesus!

Carly, don't run!

Did Miss Warren know Jack Landsford?

I think so.

Because I saw Jack and Vida on the street.

When was that? About a week ago.

Jack was giving her some money.

This isn't your knife, is it, Jack?

I don't think so.

Hey, Jack, you know Vida Warren?

No. I mean, uh, yeah.

I met her once at Carly Norris' party.

You're somewhat of a player, aren't you?

With the ladies, I mean.

I date, sure. So do you, McCracken, you hump.

You dating Vida Warren? No.

Oh, Jack. We got a problem.

We found these pictures of you all over her apartment.

Those are my publicity photos. I keep them in my desk.


He set me up.

Goddamn it, he set me up. Who set you up, Jack?

Zeke Hawkins, the guy in 13-A. You talked to him yet?

Why would he want to do that?

A woman.

A woman. What woman?

Naomi Singer. Remember her?

The suicide? Yeah.

You got any idea why this Singer woman would wanna kill herself, Jack?

No. Hey, you guys know me. I'm trying to find out. That's my craft.

Were you seeing her, Jack?


We got women dying all over the place around you, don't we, Jack?

Fuck you, McCracken. Hey, fuck you, Jack!

Back off, will you?

Mac. Take it easy, Jack.

Jesus Christ. You tell him to take it easy.

What's the matter with you guys? You know me. I didn't do this.

I want my attorney. All right.

You spent part of the year up in Montana.

You got some kind of a ranch there? Yes, so what?

What's the name of that place? The name?

Yeah, the name. The Flying L.

The Flying L, huh?

You parking your horse in Vida Warren's closet?

I want my attorney now. Now. All right. You'll get him.

The D.A. is gonna charge him.

He will make bail.

He's coming back here, isn't he?

We'll know it if he does.

How will we know? He could be there right now.

Let's see if he is.

Come on.

You know my mother was an actress on the soaps?

She used to spend most of the year in L.A.

I used to take a cab home from school and watch her on TV.

That was just about my life with her.

I had it custom-built in Osaka.

It cost me $6 million.

He's not there.

We'll know if he is, though.

Tomorrow night. Yeah, I have to be in at 5.

No, it's me. Can you believe it? There must have been 600 girls.

Put my apartment on.

There's nobody home there, either. Put it on.

Aren't you gonna come meet us?

Yeah, we're gonna be there in about a half hour, if I can get ready.

No, l think Henry will be there.

No, he just called me 20 minutes ago.

What does that have to do with anything? Have you slept with her?

Did you sleep with her? Simple question.

You're making me do something l don't want to do. l know.

You watch them?

You watch these people? So do you, Carly, with your telescope.

Oh, you.... I just have better technology.

You want gossip? I'll give you real gossip. Real life, Carly.

It's better than any book. Better than any movie.

It's a soap opera. It's real life.

It's a tragedy, it's funny, it's sad, it's unpredictable.

Look for yourself, Carly. It's wrong.

It's the same as your James Dean book.

Only nobody gets hurt.

You ready? Yes.

They don't even know.

Open the door, Zeke.

Look, Carly, don't....

I love you.

Give me a little bit more time, for God's sake.

You will ride with your dad, okay? That's it. No more.

He's not my father, and I'm not riding with him alone.

Get back in here! Joanie! Come here.

You be nicer to him!

He touches me. Stop it!

He puts his hands on me, Mom, every chance he gets.

Don't start. I don't wanna hear it.

He is a decent, hard-working man. l hate him! I hate him!

Don't you.... I hate you, Mom! I hate you!

The little girl s right. Every chance he gets.

I hate him, l really do. l hate him.

Whenever the mother's not around, he's got his hands all over her.

Why don't you give it a try? You just have to tap the touch screen.

There are some alternatives. l realize you're in a lot of pain.

Would you like something to eat? I'm not hungry.

You haven't eaten anything all day.

You're like a kid with a new toy.

But it's not a toy, is it?


Are you the one that sent me the telescope?


Why did you do that?

Not now, honey.

What did the x-ray show?

Some kind of shadow, that's all.

Don't worry. It could be anything.

Baby, please tell me everything. What did he say?

He said it might be a tumor. A tumor?

Were you watching Vida when she got killed?

No. The lights had gone down in the stairwell.

What about the others?

I wasn't watching.

I did see Gus Hale on the floor of the shower. I was the one who called the police.

Do you tape these?


Did you tape us?

Would you like to see?


There's so much on this tape.

Come on, where is it?

Sometimes I just let it run on record in one apartment for a while.

Like my own little soap opera.

I don't have the time to watch most of what I record.

It's amazing what l've found on these tapes.

Good morning.

Oh, God. Are you all right?

Carly. I'm fine.

We've been worried. Everybody's been calling.

I spent the weekend with an impotent maniac...

...hoping that he'd, you know.... The police even talked to me.

Carly Norris.

Will you come see me... It's Zeke Hawkins.

...and tell me the real skinny? I wanna hear everything.

Hello? Hey, guess what?

I called Ballinger, you know the guy who can't keep his hands... his stepdaughter? l told him if he ever touched her again, I d kill him.

What did he do? He panicked, that's what he did.

I wish you could have heard him.

Maybe we should start wiring the whole town, huh?

That way we could see everything.

You there, Carly?

I don't know what to do.

Just come home, you.

Bye. Bye.

Don't you scream. Don't. I m not gonna hurt you.

He set me up, Carly. Zeke set me up.

I believe you. I do, I believe you.

It's okay. Let me go. Let me go.

He's sick. That man is sick.

His mother died when he was 17. She was a soap opera actress.

Do you know how she died? She fell.

She fell? She fell in the shower.

Look! What?

Look, Carly. Thea Manning. That's his mother, Carly.

Who does she look like? Oh, she....

She looks like you, Carly.

Hello? Hi, it's me.

Hey, are you coming down?

Why don't you come over here? Why? What's up?

Well, because l have a surprise for you.

Great. I ll be right there.


Sit down. Okay.

Hey, you. Hi.

A little dark in here, don't you think?

He's got a gun! Sit down! All right, bastard!

Tell the truth, or I ll blow your brains out.

What the hell are you talking about? You killed Naomi Singer.

No, I didn't.

How'd your mother die, Zeke, hmm? My mother?

Yeah, she fell in the shower, wasn't that it?

She had an aneurysm and fell.

She fell in the shower the way you killed Gus Hale.

Gus Hale? Yeah, and he killed Vida too.

Didn't you? Didn't you?

Three now, Jack? l killed three people?

First of all, l didn't know Naomi Singer.

But you did, Jack. Because I saw you with her.

So I know why you would want to kill her. What do you mean, you saw us?

I saw her give you a key to this apartment.

Is that how he got in here this time, huh?

Is it? You still have the key, don't you?

Why don't you show us, huh? What are you talking about?

I'm talking about the fact that you couldn't get it up, could you?

I saw that too. Is that why you killed her, Jack?

Is it? Is it? He's lying, Carly. He's lying.

I don't know what to believe.

Just show me the key.

No, Jack! No.

Jack, let go! Jack. No!

Because he was already in this room, but I didn't see him.

And when he came out, I saw that he had a gun.

He started screaming at me.



And we, um, wrestled around on the ground.

And, uh...

...the gun skidded across the floor there...

...and I picked it up.

How did he get in?

Your door wasn't forced.

He must have had a key.

It was just like before. He was already in here.

He had these in his pocket.

Try them.

Jack Landsford's got a sheet with us. He's a known offender.

Assaulted his ex-wife more than once. She dropped charges.

I wish she hadn't.

Maybe we wouldn't have two women dead.

He didn't get in with these.

You guys about done here? Finished.

Where? Floor, next to the counter.

This yours?



Well, that wraps it.

The D.A.'s gonna need to see you both tomorrow morning...

...down at the precinct. Say, 9:30?

You know where it is.

Let's secure it.

I don't....

I don't want to stay here tonight.

Stay with me.


Joanie, can we talk for a minute?

Have you told anyone that I, uh....

Just Mom. You're sure?


Joanie, I'm sorry.

It was just-- l couldn't help myself.

It'll never happen again. l swear it. Never.

It's like playing God.

We'll only do good things. I don't want to do this.

I want my privacy. I want my own experiences.

Zeke, I want to have a real relationship.

Carly, I love you. You can have anything you want.

I want my tape.

If I have you, l don't need them, right?

Hold on.


You okay? Yeah.


And hungry, I guess.

I'll go get something for us. What would you like?


You're so beautiful.

Be right back.

You're so beautiful, Vida.

I love you.

You smell so good.

I love you, Naomi.

I love you. You smell like roses.


Come on. Come on, open the door! Let's go. Open up!

Hey, come on!

Carly...'re watching me, aren't you?

Are you looking at me?

You're looking at me. I can tell, I can feel it.

I love you, Carly.

Carly, let me in. Come on.

Peekaboo. You see me.

Come on, open the door. Now.

Now, Carly! Open the fucking door!

Come on, open this cocksucking door, now!

Open up. Come on.

Open the fucking door, Carly, now!

You like to watch? Watch this.

Carly! No, stop!

Those women meant nothing to me.

It was just sex, Carly.

I love you.

That was the past.

What we have is so powerful, Carly. Can't you feel it?

It feels so good.

You can feel it, can't you?

Give me the gun, Carly.

I love you, Carly.


Carly, please! Please don't!

Carly, please don't!


Get a life.

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