Slow Creep (2015) Script

I admire your choice for wanting to watch this film but I must warn you it is haunted. Not like horror movie haunted but sort of like that. There's a creature out there who doesn't want anyone to see this.

We have an outstanding balance? No, you're squared up, but did you hear the part about the creature? It's tried to destroy every other copy of this film.

I don't care we're watching this tonight.

It's $2.50, it's due Wednesday. It is cursed.

Enjoy the film.

Good luck.

And look out for the...

This is really hard taking advantage of an empty house.

Yeah, this movie's going to be brutal.


Well then, Otter will go to bed.

Hey! Back with pizza!

That took so long! Let's go go go!

Hi Otter!

Good, you brought Tres.

We're all into this, okay?

Well anyone who isn't ready to let gore explode their brain should probably leave.

Just going to grab a beverage first.

Mom said he guys can't be alone!

Just because your mom said doesn't mean you have to not trust us.

It's okay, I want to not trust you.

Y'all are adorable.

What was that?

This TV's broken. I am murdering everyone.



Put them on coasters.

I'm gonna run to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

You guys can just start to move without me.

I'm just gonna go find Tres.

Okay but I might not wait for you.

Yes you will.

Come on Tres.

I'm watching the stupid movie.

Boy! What a great credit sequence!

Is it!?

You can go ahead and start it.

Tres is being a weirdo.

I'll be right back.


You alright?

You don't understand boy.

This monster ain't so easy to kill.

What the?

We need some special kind of weapon.


Any weapon that can kill a person will kill this monster.

Well, that sounds so hard.

Finding a magical weapon, that ain't hard.

What's hard is, seeing a horrible creature like this and having enough heart to run at it.

Instead of away.

Why are you even driving?

I'm so sorry. Don't you know there's a curfew. Judge's orders.

I thought you wanted to watch this movie with me, but I guess kissing can't wait.




Is this what you want? This movie? This stupid movie?

It's finally over now Priscilla.

And I can't think of a way better way to eulogize the dead... than by appreciating the simple fact that we're together now.