Smashing the 0-Line (1960) Script


You don't fancy catching a baseball game?

We can get something to eat with Sumi after.

I can't. You look after my sister.

You're not gonna make it for night duty.





DIRECTED BY SEIJUN SUZUKI SMASHING THE O-LINE Nishina! Kyokuto Newspaper's done it again.

Here it is. Kyokuto's 0-Line between Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Shit, it's by Katori... They're giving other papers a hard time.

It's appeared after three weeks' absence.

We didn't take this seriously, but we can beat them somehow.

I'll do it. For us.

For the honor of Nitto Newspaper. Exactly.

Hey, Cho, how come you look so smart today?

Laundry workers also have days off!

I dropped by, hoping to meet up with my father.

I see.

No problem. I'll come again. You seem in a hurry.

Sorry about that.

Let's go, Roku.

Cho, you've quit this, haven't you?

Trust me!

Now the third pitch. Straight in the middle.

The Giants are out on a limb.

Nagashima, third baseman.

That's the voice of Sumiko.

Sounds like it.

You shouldn't forget your lover's voice.

You're right.

Anything wrong? By the way, where do you want to go?

To Katori at the Kyokuto Newspaper. Kyokuto? Right.

Pull over at that telephone box for a moment.

Fifth batter, Sakazaki, right fielder. Number 19.

Thanks for waiting.

I don't know.

I haven't seen my brother for ages.

I see...

Reiko might know.

- I heard his body is inflexible. Even when he's batting...

...he seems as stiff' as a board...

Two strikes, no ball. Third pitch.

Number 6, Yonamine, left fielder.

That's Sumiko.

How's it going with Nishina?

Is Saeki well? I haven't seen him for a while.

My brother? I heard he's fine.

We were very close before.

We hardly see each other now.

When can I see you next?

Six years at least. Twelve years if unlucky.

Who's that? It's me!

What's up?

Reiko Saeki, right? I arrest you for concealing and trafficking drugs.


So what's going on?

You found this place. Well clone. You look tired.

Our evening edition can't catch up with your story on the 0-Line.

Join me, I'm meeting up with a friend from university.

But you can't go wearing that. Hurry up and get changed.

Where are we going to? No rush. We still have time.

Call your office. Big news is waiting.

Watch out.

Chiba, please look after Lee like you promised.

Right, as we discussed.

What about him? He won't make it in time.

Roku, hurry!

Is there a phone around here? I'm in a hurry!

Hey, that man...

Yeah, this is better.

Hello, this is Imaizumi, city news section. Oh, Nishina!

Oh, I see. I'll spare about 4 inches for 3 columns for you.

Oh, we have news too.

A woman called Reiko Saeki was arrested earlier on suspicion of drug dealing.

What? Reiko Saeki?

Katori set up Reiko Saeki?

Well, I'm in a hurry. I'll contact you later.

Mr. Katori!




I'm on a tight deadline to make the evening edition.

That's our aim. Thanks.

If you hurry, you can write a piece on this.

I can't write like you by selling out Saeki.

Nishina, do you have the courage to cover for a drug dealer?

Can you forgive a drug dealer just because he was your classmate?

Katori! Well clone. But I won't let you get away with it.

I'll destroy all the evidence!

Saeki! What happened?

Damn it! He's dead! He bit his tongue off.


What did you two come here for?

To see my stupid face? Go home!

I can't believe that Saeki and you are in this situation.

My brother might've betrayed you but... Stop it!

Are you asking me to thank you for coming?


I need neither sympathy nor comfort.

I can survive just fine on my hatred for your brother!

Give him a message.

Tell him that I'll return the favor for taking advantage of me.

Hey, how did it go? Anything from Reiko Saeki?

How can you say such things as if nothing had happened?

You look so serious. There's nothing for you to worry about.

Now that Saeki committed suicide, she'll be released for a lack of evidence.

Katori, I need to talk to you. Let's go somewhere else.

No, I'm not in the mood for a complex discussion with you.

Katori !

Let me introduce you. This is Ryuko Shima, she's a fashion model.

She's my girlfriend at the moment.

Nishina, let's go.

Why is he like that? I don't understand my brother at all.

Your brother's always been ambitious, even as a student.


Not in a bad sense.

A planner, so to speak.

Katori made a plan and Saeki executed it.

They were a good team.

Upon graduation, Katori had no alternative but to carry out the plan he made.

But there's something crazy about his current plan.

It seems to me there's something crazy about the way he pushes himself too.

Do you think about me too?

Oh, you fool...

Oh, hey, no!

Sumi, check the inside.

This is quite a catch, Nishina.

And it was in the middle of a date.

An evening team reaching this level? Right.

No rush! By the way, Shima, what's happening on your side?

Well, I found a nude model who must be the one...

One o'clock. Deadline for the morning edition has passed.


Oh, no, where's the nudity? You love that kind of stuff.

Nishina has a lot more knowledge about drugs. I'll ask for his help.

If this stuff is being dealt by a guy that Katori knows, I wonder if the police set him free, knowing that.

I don't think the police know. Me neither.

Katori's not the type to worry himself about such issues.

He's feigning ignorance.

Even if we report this to the police, we'll need a detailed plan on what to do.

Here it comes!

Hello, this is Imaizumi, city news section.

Damn! I'll send someone then.

Police raided the Kasumi Club in Azabu. Katori's busting his way through as usual.

Too late for the morning edition. Katori's up to his usual tricks.

Police raid!

Thank you.

That guy!

Hey! What are you doing?

Remember what you did today in Yokohama?

I witnessed the scene. Come with us.

Mr. Katori, what's going on?

Nishina, the police provided assurances for Lee.

Just because you missed a story tonight, you're playing dirty, eh?

I don't play as dirty as you think!

We have irrefutable evidence of his watch-smuggling operation.

Are you saying the police condoned it?

Wait! Don't let him go!

Let go of me! Mr. Katori! This is not what I was promised!

This is not what I was promised!

Don't make such a fuss. Just accompany them to the station.


Thank you.

Well, I'll head to Haneda then.

City news section. Oh, Nishina?

He was just released. Released?

Idiots! We have so much evidence!

Nishina... the police contacted our manager just now.

I don't understand. Katori must've done something.

Is Katori over there? Haneda? He's not at Haneda.

Katori never lets on where he goes. I'll go there anyway.

Was Katori here? He didn't show up today.

You are persistent.

I know nothing about Lee. The police acted on their own.

Don't play dumb.

It's a waste of time questioning you. But take some advice from a friend.

Advice? Yeah.

Like with Saeki before, or Lee this time, you just take advantage of everyone.

And you betray them so easily. You're worse than a rogue reporter!

You'll get hit hard one day. Have you ever considered that?

Never expected that from you.

Are you saying that I'm complicit in smuggling or drug trafficking?

I'm not joking, you bastard!

Have you ever considered Reiko Saeki's position?

Stop it. It's pitiful.

I can't let them clean up the mess from our affair.

If you're so concerned, why don't you do something?

Reiko will be happy to offer you her body.

Katori! How dare you?

Erm... Telephone call from Mr. Shimamura.


I forgot to tell you, I heard Reiko Saeki was released this morning due to lack of evidence.

You can visit her at least.

Usually at this time, she goes to Korakuen to receive the goods.

She deals in very small amounts. I see.

All we have to do is chase down the guy she meets.

That's right, but it'll be harder than you think.

Every time it's a different guy and there are plenty of visitors there.

That's Cho!

Who? A kid I've known for a while.

I can expect a good story, right?

As long as you guarantee my security, I'll keep on cooperating.


There's goods trading over there. Let's go, shall we?

Mr. Katori... What's wrong?

The trade's small, but if you investigate, you'll find goods worth 30 million yen hidden there.

Did you get conclusive evidence about Somei Ryu as promised?

Not yet.

You're becoming less reliable.

I can't deliver every time.

In the meantime, I'll offer you a big story.


Wait, Cho!

I need to talk to you!

Let me go! Let me go! No!

What do you want?

Open up and confess.

I know nothing. Damn!

Say it! I don't know the details!

It's something to do with a clinic in Kamakura.

That's all I know! What?

Lee. Let go of her.

I have a place in mind. Oh, you know it.

Impressive, Mr. Katori. I'm surprised.

Hurry and give us the goods, woman.

I don't have it. Don't play dumb!

She's in great shape.


Have your way with her before you go.

Mr. Katori...

Police? This is Katori of the Kyokuto Newspaper. I'd like to talk to Chiba.

Ah, Mr. Chiba? It's Katori.

In fact, I'm at a hotel in Sendagaya.

Lee is having a good time with a woman dealing drugs, so go and raid it.

What? Doesn't matter.

Looks like I'll get nothing out of this. See you.

Cho, are you not going to eat?

We're not going to take you to the police.

All we want to hear from you is where the drugs come from.

Yeah? Please.


I'd like to meet the head of the clinic.

Wait one moment.

Good evening. Is there anything I can help with?

Nothing much particularly, but from June 5th, you took 10 days off, right?

Yes, I was traveling in the Kansai area.

Not Hong Kong? Hong Kong? No.

I'm in the middle of doing something... I won't disturb you much.

Actually, our correspondent was working on a feature story on world travel and he took pictures of Kowloon City in Hong Kong.

We can clearly see your face in this photo.

The picture's small, but it's definitely your face.

You're mistaking me for someone else. I thought you'd say that.

So I blew up the photo.

Seems it was taken accidentally.

But oddly enough, as you said, you must've been in Japan on this day.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hadn't issued your passport.

How shall I put this?

I'd like to know how you traveled to Hong Kong without a passport...

That'll be no use. I'm far too shrewd for that.

Things were set up before I came here.

How much do you want?

Do you know a guy called Somei Ryu?

What do you want me to do?

How can I resist a beautiful lady offering me a big story right in front of my eyes?

I should show some respect. How about we go relax in your room?

Ah, Nishina! The police just contacted us.

They say they raided a hotel in Sendagaya and found Lee.


Rumor has it that Katori's stitched him up again.

Cho, won't you talk to me?

Fine. It's late, go home.

For a taxi. Thanks.

He's stubborn.

Mr. Nishina?

I wanted to see my father. That's why I needed money.

Did you find him?

But I needed money to go and see him. Where is he?

I can't tell you that. Please understand!

You should check out an orthopedic clinic called Magnolia in Kamakura!


Police department? We need a car!

I'm Detective Chiba.

Is Akiko Sugie at home? Yes, just a moment, please.

It's the police. Give me the stuff.

Trust me.

I won't let them take you so easily.

Yes? There's someone from the police here.

You're my precious news source. Give it to me.

Doctor? Coming.

Give it to me. It's either trust me or go to prison!

If you're released, meet at one in Hamarikyu Gardens.



We're conducting a raid on your property. Do you give consent?

Go ahead.

When did you first meet Zuisho Cho?

Hey, looks like the Nitto Newspaper is ahead of us this time.

Looks like they'll find nothing. Will she be released?

Excuse me.


He must be hiding something.

Inside a locker?

How did it go? Not great.

She's been released.


Things don't always turn out as you wish.

We've made sure that your new lover won't be showing up here today.

What? You've done her in?

Ridiculous! That's not a suicide.

You really think such a trick will work? The police will get you soon enough.

I'm no blundering amateur.

May I ask you to return the plaster mask?

No answer? You leave me no alternative.

Mr. Katori, she's your sister, isn't she?


See the girl coming over?

We'll exchange her for the stuff this guy has.

You're allowed to do anything once I beep the horn. Treat her as you like!

How about that? Sex-starved hooligans can do frightening things these days.

Would a heartless brother leave his own sister to die?

Give me a cigarette.

It's futile making any deal with you.


Alright. I accept your conditions. Take me to Yaesu.

Looks like even you have some mercy.

Don't underestimate me.

I won't deal with you, but directly with your boss.


Do you think I don't know the name of your boss, Somei Ryu?

I have no alternative but to take revenge against you.

It's a good bargain, buying the body of Sumiko for 30 million yen.

Sumiko's chastity will be blemished.

And I'll watch your face distort with agony.

You won't even help her as she's about to be raped?

Let me see your boss.

You said you knew no mercy. Well, learn what mercilessness is like!

Tamaki! We can kill him when we grab the evidence for Somei Ryu.

Then we can watch Katori's face as he dies.

Brother! Police! Shit!

Katori, you're also under suspicion, so I'm arresting you.

You bastard, Katori! How can you just walk right past Sumiko like that?

Nishina, is the girl alright?

It was close. She'll be fine after a few days of rest.

Anyway, you've been cooperating with us so far, so I'll release you.

But you haven't said a word to the investigating officers since last night.

That just makes your situation worse.

What do you want me to say?

You can get any info from that guy you caught at Yaesu Station yesterday.

This morning, that guy...

Are you saying he's bitten through his tongue like Saeki?

Am I right?

That's all you're good for!

I'm going home.

If there'd been no disruption caused by Nishina of the Nitto, we would've had an article already.

I'll resign if my manager demands it.

But first let me do one last thing.

Nishina, don't cut off the drug route that I'm struggling to put together.

Why did you call the cops to Tokyo Station?


Nishina, you've been walking along a stone-free path.

Even if you find a stone once in a while, you just kick it away out of your so-called sense of justice.

You're a decent and respectable man.

However, my way is to trip over the stone when I find one.

Decent manners can't get us through the cases we chase.

Tokyo is becoming a second Hong Kong.

A man's killed in broad daylight, and a drug king just swaggers around.

What I'm chasing is not a single drug offender, but a boss who's trying to turn Tokyo into the second Hong Kong!

Katori, I'm also a journalist.

I know all about Tokyo and Hong Kong.

But I disagree with your methods!

You're not even interested in Sumiko's wellbeing.

I am criticizing you for your callousness!

My sister has her own path to follow.

Listen, Nishina. I'm holding the last trump card.

Read tomorrow morning's edition.

Somei Ryu... I need to talk to you!

He's no match for your violent power.

Everything's been arranged.

You've no idea where Katori might go?

Has anything happened to Mr. Katori?

I know nothing.

Mr. Katori has gone too far. He'll get what he deserves.

Six days have passed.

Driver, will you stop in Yokohama?

Where are we going?

Well, I just thought of something.

Well, that Cho's a trouble-maker.

He's disappeared since then. I've no idea where he's gone.

He told me he'd found his father's whereabouts.

That's right.

He happened to see the Kyokuto Weekly...


It's my father.

Master! My father! My father!

Here. I've found my father! My father! My father!

Madame, it's my father! My father! I've found my father!

Which one? This man with a hat on.

So his father was in Hong Kong.

Akiko Sugie of Magnolia Clinic in Kamakura is also in the photo.

Let me share my thoughts. Go ahead.

It's unclear whether her death was suicide or murder, but the fact is, she had some kind of relationship with Katori.

I investigated Akiko Sugie as requested by Nishina, and she was supposed to be in Japan on the day this photo was taken.

Which means her passport wasn't issued. Interesting.

If you connect that with Katori, it's smuggling.

Hmm, that sounds promising.

By the way, does Cho's father have anything to do with Akiko Sugie?

We can't say exactly, but according to this photo, Cho's father looks like a manual laborer. A coolie, so to speak.

I think they just happened to be in the same shot.

I guess so.

But how do we to follow this up now that Akiko Sugie has died?

Editor, let me investigate further.

Katori seizes the initiative as he has experience of smuggling.

This picture might've been taken by him.

We'll never have an answer unless we fight to the bitter end.

Smuggling? No way.

I'm serious. It's all connected with this smuggling between Tokyo and Hong Kong.

I'm desperate to expose that.

I understand how you feel. But I'm uneasy about the smuggling.

Don't worry. I have an idea. An idea?

I'll do it legally.


What's wrong?

Nothing, it's fine. But...

It's alright. She is far more reliable than I thought.



Go ahead...


You're handsome.

Won't you join me upstairs?

What are you doing, Mr. Moroi? Customers stay away if you're around.

Any customers staying away? Once you've had a drink, just leave.

You've been up to something, right? Yeah, but it's no big deal.

Be careful around here.

It is full of guys who'll snitch to the police if it makes them money.

You're very kind.

Because I smell money on you.

Get into bed.

I don't feel like playing with Japanese girls.

What a snob!

Oh, I see. You're a stowaway.

I wonder if Hong Kong girls are really that good.

When did you get over here?

It wasn't like that...

I was abandoned by a girl and about to stow away to Hong Kong.

Abandoned by a girl? You should learn to lie better!

If you want to go to Hong Kong, I may be able to help you.

You know a route? I wouldn't know.

Your face has gone white!

The girl who had this room before me used to know.

It may be still operating at some port. What's her name?

She's that girl in the middle.

You don't know where she is?

I heard she's in Kushiro. But you're a month late.

Aren't you staying over? I'm off home. I'm taking this photo.

Are you going somewhere in the port?

Don't I even get a kiss?

You really are going.

It's expensive. I've got money.

What? Money.

That's too dodgy. I don't want you running off on me.

I've been had too many times. 10,000 yen as an introduction fee.

If you don't want to... Here you go.

Wait here.

I'll need your name. Even if it's a false one.

Horai Shu. Born in Taiwan and raised in Kobe.

Embarrassing, being Chinese and unable to speak Chinese.

You're Chinese? Yeah.

I used to run a shop in Yokohama.

Don't ask me any details. You don't sound like a liar.

He's being chased by the police, right? I think he's alright.

I'll accept him. The fee's 80,000 yen.

Don't tell him the name of the ship. Time and place, the same as always.


It's tonight.

You can stay here till then.

I trust you, but I'll wait somewhere else.

Thanks for everything. No reason to thank me.

I'd like to know your name, though. You may be my last woman in Japan.

It's Yukiko.

Of course, that's not my real name.

Yes, thanks for your cooperation.

Well, I am surprised.

I didn't recognize you when you came in.

I don't want my sister to find out. Please keep it secret.

Of course.

However, since Mr. Imaizumi flew here on the company plane, the case seems bigger than I thought.

No, it's no big deal.

Thank you.

Good job that your passport was issued in time.

Sorry for causing you any trouble.

Oh, this is from Sumiko. It's underwear, I think.

Ah, thanks. She doesn't miss a trick.

Let's move a little further away.

How about we follow you tonight to find out the name of the ship at least?

Impossible. They'll find out who we are.

And all the ships in the port have been through official procedures.

It might just be a small fishing boat.

It might be.

Anyway, we'll be in contact with the Hong Kong bureau.

I'm not going to lecture you, but you're going aboard as a newspaper journalist.

I don't want you to forget that.

Keep your wits about you. I understand.

A man who smuggles himself aboard with a concealed passport?

One day I hope we can have a laugh about it.

From today, I'm Horai Shu, a Chinese national.

I am Kinto Yo. You're punctual, I like that.

I'll show you around. But before that, change your clothes.

You'll be introduced as my ship's stoker. So be cautious, please.

Why are you wasting time?

What is this? Precautions in case of a body check.

It's filthy.

You'll get by as a Chinese who understands no Japanese at all.

The ship you're boarding is a passenger liner between Japan and Hong Kong, and it's gone through the official voyage procedure.

That's a surprise. I was expecting a small boat.

What's the ship's name? The name? No need to know that.

I can't wait to see how you're going to get me aboard.

We'll board from the pier. Just keep quiet and follow me.

Hey, where are you taking me?

I told you to keep quiet and follow me.

I paid you plenty. I won't be cheated so easily.

Don't waste your breath. Listen to me.

The fact that you're boarding the ship is shared between me and my colleagues only.

Neither the captain nor the officers know anything.

Where are we going? Shut up and get in.

Is this alright?

Listen. For those of us working below deck, salaries are low.

We need the money, that's why we carry stowaways behind the captain's back.

Keep that in mind. Are they often discovered?

Oh, you don't know about life on board.

Just like there's heaven and hell on earth, lives above and below deck are completely different.

Ah, let's say we've been having some fun with the ladies.

And it was your treat!

It's better if you smell of drink.


Hey, halt!

Ah, that went well.

Shh! No Japanese.

Hey! Hold it.

Where have you come from?

They've been out with some women. Free and easy, eh?

Baby doll...

Let's have a look at your shoes.

Hey! Your turn.

Hey, newcomer!

Hey, young man, enjoy yourself!

What are you guys doing?

These girls are traveling to Hong Kong. There are other girls too.

I'll provide you with one if you like. They're being sold, right?

These are my colleagues. There are stowaways over there like you.

Introduce yourself as you like.

I warn you, you're not allowed out of here until we reach Hong Kong.

I'm Wong. Good to meet you. Come over.

I'm Shu. I recognize your face.

KILLER OF THREE, WONG, CAPTURED IN HOKKAIDO You seem very proud of that. My job is smuggling.

I go back and forth many times on this ship.

Do you have any drugs?

I'll swap with you.

He's Tom. A runaway soldier. Be careful of him.

He gets demonic once his drugs run out!

There's one more, a young lad.

Mr. Nishina!

Hey, so tell me your story, then.

Who are you?

You're not welcome here. You know too much, just like Katori.

What are you doing?

What do you think you're doing?

Katori !

If you shout loud, it hurts.

You get only one slice of bread a day.

And you'll be eliminated once you get to Hong Kong.

But I haven't given up yet.

What are you doing?

I'll send a Morse code message to my company.

You'll see, all kinds of guys will be brought here soon, because this ship will go round Shanghai, Xiamen and Manila.

They'll publish an article on the 0-Line even though I'm stuck here.

What time's departure?


We need to inform our companies that we're here.

Nonsense. I have my own thing to do.

Are we just gonna wait to be killed?

I won't die.

Nishina, didn't I tell you that I survive in the situations imposed upon me?

I won't get killed!

If we stay here, we will.

I won't let them kill me!


Bring the others!


We're escaping!


Nishina! How come you're here, Chiba?

I've come to arrest Reiko Saeki on murder charges. That's his case.

Katori's here. Katori?

If you can hide until departure, you may be able to escape.

I'll let you escape.

In return, you tell me about your relationship with Somei Ryu.

There's no other way out for you.

I was tricked. By who?

Do you want to end up like this woman?

Katori !

I'll give you the whole picture of the 0-Line as you call it.

Somei Ryu is my father.

Somei Ryu?

Thanks for the great scoop.

But can you obtain conclusive evidence against my father?

I'll pray for your safety.

Mr. Katori!

I've been waiting for this chance.

I was going to kill you when you found an exclusive story.

You... don't wanna go?

You betrayed me.

Now that you've got your final scoop, I doubt you'll let me go.

Well, thanks.

I'll ask you to come in as witnesses another time.

You surprised me with that Morse code message, Nishina.

I feel sorry for you fools.

Nishina, how come you decided to stow away?

No, I just disguised myself as a stowaway.

I have my passport on me.

That's typical of you.

Katori, I can't push the boundaries like you do.

But my way of doing things isn't wrong.

You must've learned your lesson this time.


I'll never change my ways.

Nishina... I'll tell you this as a friend.

That guy who passed by us just now is Somei Ryu.

So that guy's Somei Ryu?

He's said to be a power broker in the Hong Kong underworld.

Get conclusive evidence against him your own way.

And I'll do it my way.

Katori !

Oh, it's nothing.