Smithereens (1982) Script


Uh, small world, isn't it?

My name's Paul, what's yours?

I, I have one already.

Hey yo, sweetheart, I'm on the guest list!

Come on, get back here all right?

Hi, remember me?

I think you're really great.

Hey you know, I've been thinking of starting a band of my own, I thought maybe you could help me out, you know give me a couple of pointers or something?

Hey, baby what's happening?

I changed my mind, forget it.

Come on, let's get out of here.

That's the last time I'm wasting good money in that dump.

What a bunch of losers.

I heard better music in an elevator.

I thought it was okay.

Are you kidding?

Ah, whadda you know.

Well, see ya around.

Good night.

You waiting for something?

Do you want to go out tomorrow night or something?

I don't know, I'm kinda busy tomorrow night.

Maybe some other time.

See ya.


Where'd you say you're from?



This your van, man?


I'll give you 600 for it.

I don't want to sell it.

650, cash.

It's not for sale.

700 that's my final offer.

Look, really I'm sorry, but I don't want to sell it.

I'll catch you later.

It's dangerous to park around here, you know?


I would have rung your buzzer but I didn't know which one it was.

Long time no see.

It's Friday night.


We have a date remember?

Look don't you have anything better to do than follow me around?

Well, no to tell you the truth I don't know anybody else in New York except for you.

Did you have other plans tonight or something?

Yeah, I always got plans.

I'm doing this business thing, you know like I told you.

I got some appointments it'd be pretty hard to get out of.

Well I thought maybe I could take you out to dinner or we could go out to a movie or something.


[Voiceover[ Karen, Karen, You look so sleepy.

Yes, you are, aren't you?

You're in a deep sleep.

At last, the time is here, it was been a long waiting, but over now.

Time to invade the bodies of these things called humans.

This specimen excites me.

Perfect subject.

Anonymous, a creature that will never amount to the faintest echo of the tiniest whisper in the thunder of time.

A blindingly ignorant human female.

Feel no fear, breathe no breeze don't be scared.

Stop! Stop you fool!

This creature and I won't come together again in a billion years.

So what do you want to do now?

Well, I got a van down by the Westside Highway.

You gotta van?

Yeah, I told you that before, remember?

Oh yeah, right, I remember.

Anyway, I thought maybe we could go back down there, I got some tapes and a tape deck.

We could just sit around and listen to music.

Maybe sit up, drink a couple of beers.

Oh, I also got a surprise for you.

Where do you think you're going Eric?

I'm getting my cigarettes here on the seat.

You're not getting shit..

Wanna bet?

I don't care, take them.

What are you doing?

Give me back my purse.

Hey, give me that.

Here's your purse, get in the cab.

You can't leave me without any money!

Get her out of here!

Eric I hate your guts, I hate you!

I hate you!

Hey come on, I think I know that guy.

You know I got in a fight on a bus once, some jerk's giving me a hard time, you know lawyer type, reading the New York Times, and he kept inching his shoulder closer to mine, so I kept moving away but all the time he's hiding behind his paper like he's minding his own business..

Two more.

So you know what I did?

I pretended like I was lighting a cigarette and then I reached over and I lit his New York Times on fire.

Boy was he pissed.

So was the bus driver, he kicked me off the bus.

I got a good laugh out of it, I had to pay to get on the bus anyway.

You didn't really do that.

Yeah I did.

It's no big deal.

Hey, mon ami, you having a good time?


Okay, how about this?

16 bucks 24 carat gold, what do you think?

So who's that lady in the cab?

Your girlfriend or something?

What's so funny?


Come on, tell me.

500 bucks uptown I'm not even going to tell you what it's going to cost you cause you're just going to try it on and if you like it Look, I told you, I don't want a watch.

You know that girl a long time?

Long enough to know she makes me sick.

How come she makes you sick?

She talks too much.

Try this deal here, Silver with stone, you can be Omar Sharif, right?

10 bucks, And I don't have a girlfriend either.

All right, sucker.

Wren, can I talk to you for a minute?

Yeah, sure, what do you want?

I mean in private.

I'll be right back.

Come on, Wren, let's get out of here.

What's wrong?

Isn't that guy a little bit weird.

Everyone's a little bit weird these days, it's normal.

Wren, I just want to get out of here.

Aren't you having a good time?

Who are you with tonight?

Are you with him or with me?

Look, Paul, I'm telling you this is business.

This guy used to play in a band, it's a connection.

A connection?

Look, five minutes then we'll go, okay?

Five minutes, I swear to God.

Your friend isn't enjoying himself too much.

He's all right.

I don't want to cause a divorce or nothing.

He's just a friend.

* We will try to understand

* That he's just a lonely man

* With a love like yours

* With a love like yours

* Yes, with a love like yours

* You're just a lonely girl

* Why did you have to break his heart

* Why did you have to pull it all apart

* Why did you have to break his heart *

Hey, you're going to wake up the rats.


Want a beer?


* When somebody loves you

* It's no good unless he loves you

* All the way

* Through the golden years

* And for all the in between years

* Come what may

* But if you let me love you

* It's for sure I'm going to love you

* All the way

Hey did you sell many of these?

Did okay.

There's no money left though.

You know you gotta watch who you get mixed up with because everybody's out to get what they can.

Yeah, at least you got to make a record.

I'm making another one soon too.

In L.A.

I got something really good going with some people out there.

You ever been to L.A.?

No, I had a couple chances to go once, but I wasn't interested.

You know I've been trying to hook up with a band.

Guy I know the other night was talking to me about being a road manager.


Yeah, he thought I'd work really great with a band.

You know he was going to L.A. too.

I don't know I've been thinking maybe L.A.'s not so bad, maybe I should check it out.

Hey, you got a bathroom around here?

Who are you?

I live here.

What you mean you're staying with Eric?

He's staying with me.

Are you and Eric going to make it or anything?

I'll stay in here.

Who's is this?


You can use it.

I'm supposed to be at Sheila's place.

Yeah? So what happened?

I was drinking and I got sick.

I was too drunk to get out of bed when I had to throw up.

I really pissed her off.

So what are you going to do, stay in here all night?


Just till he's asleep.

Well, see ya.

Hey, you want to make with me first?

Don't make me sick.

Hey, wake up.

And his heart is being softened with the gentle still voice of the choruses and songs of the choir.

He said in an interview conversation that

" we will change to Christianity because of the choruses in the songs," Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, The power of the ministry of music Amen.

Knock it off!

Because music soothes the savage beast

Music reaches out and....

You want to get into bed?


You busy tonight?

Yeah, I got a lot of people to talk to, trying to get things organized before I leave town.

Hey, you know, I had this dream last night about California.

I was there during an earthquake, a really big one, everybody thought it was the end, only what happened was just this crack in the earth and the rest of the country fell in the ocean but California stayed on top.

You were there.


Hey, want me to make you some breakfast?

I could open something.

Nah, I'm in a hurry.

Well, gotta go, I got a lot of appointments today.

You know I'd give you my numbers by all my phones are out of service, you know whole place is being rewired.

Sounds like a pain in the ass.

Yeah, well, like I said, I gotta move soon anyway.

Building's going co-op.

Well, see ya.

Wait a minute.

What's your name?


See ya round Wren.


Ah, excuse me but there seems to be a lock on my door.

Okay, all right, I got the message.

Look, It's really funny, I was just getting paid tomorrow I was going to give it to you then.

So you could just take it off so I can get in?

I don't want to hear one of your stories.

No, really, I was getting paid tomorrow I can give you the whole thing at nine o'clock?

How's that?

Okay, I'll get my roommates to get you something tonight.

That's a laugh.

They ran out of here in the middle of the night.

Maybe if your slept in your own bed once in a while you'd be able to keep track of them.

You can't just lock somebody out of their apartment.

You know I'll call my lawyer and take you to court.

You ain't taking no one no where except yourself outta here.

Oh yeah, try and make me.

Look I'll call the police and have you arrested for stealing, what about my stuff, huh?

What about four months back rent?

Shit, I don't believe it.

What you're just going to kick me out, just like that, huh?

Well gee, I hate to bother you, but can I least have something to wear?

I can't walk around in the same clothes.

You wait outside.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Come over here lady, come on!

Everybody's a winner!

You bet 20 you win 100, you bet 20 you win 100 You bet 10 you win 50, You bet 100 you win 500!

Come over here lady.

Hey! Quit throwing my stuff around!

How much you want for this?

Give me that you little...

Fat bitch!

You're going to pay for this!

You'll hear from my lawyer!

Hi Christine, where's your mother?


So how you been?


What's new?


Hey Terry how you doing?


What are you doing here?

Just visiting.

Christine, come on, beat it.

Come on, get in the kitchen and clean up that mess.

Been to see Mom and Dad lately?

They've been asking me about you.

Yeah, I'm breaking their heart, I know.

Listen, Terry, I got this problem I want to talk to you about, okay?

You need money.

Yeah, well I've been kicked out of my apartment.

The landlord's got all my stuff locked up.

I mean, I don't need much, just enough to get my stuff back.

She's got everything, my underwear, my socks, my TV.

Hey Terry, where's that lunch?

Just a minute!

Gosh, he's driving me crazy.

All he does is polish is goddamned car.

He won't even let me and the kids ride in it because he's afraid we're going to mess up the upholstery.

Come on, Terry, can't you help me out, please?

I don't know.

Why don't you move back home?

Because I'm not setting foot in New Jersey again, ever.

That's why.

I mean it's just loan, I'm getting paid next week, I swear to God.

Let me talk to Mike about it.

Yeah Mike hates me.

Yo Terry, come on, I'm starving.

Look who's here.

Yeah. What about food?

All right, I'm getting it!

When? This year sometime maybe?

All right! All right! I'm going!

Want some Beef-a-roni?

Yeah, okay.

Hi Mike.


How you doin'?

You come here to borrow money?


Then what'd you come here for?

For lunch.

What are you doing?

What's it look like i'm doing?

Oh boy, car looks great, real clean.

Hey what kind of car is it anyway?

A Buick or something?

Wren, you can be as nice as you want, but you're not getting any money.

I gotta go.

Already, what about lunch?

Forget it, I'm not hungry.

Hey Mike?


Thanks for reminding me what it's like to be related to an asshole!

Get outta here!

Hey Wren, I'm sorry we couldn't help ya out this time, I guess you're just going to have to have the kid Mike!

Hey! Hey, where you going?

Hey you know I've been looking all over for you.

How come you left me with that creep last night?


Look, I forgive you for ditching me, but if you want to make it up there's one favor you can do for me, okay?

Yeah, Wren there's a favor you can do for me too.

Yeah, what?

Leave me alone will ya?

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Look, I've been locked out of my apartment and I need my stuff, okay?

Come on.

Get out!

I thought you were so dynamic, so different.

Well you're not, you're just like all the other creeps I thought were my friends.

Jesus Christ.

Ah, forget it.

You don't have to help me.

Just let me sit here for a while.

You know it's really painful to lose your best friend.

Especially on the day you find out he's your only friend.

You think I'm a jerk, don't you?

You think you can just tell me anything and I'll believe it, right?

Well I haven't been in New York very long, but I'm sure I'm not as big of a jerk as you think I am!

I don't think you're a jerk.

I think you're a nice person.

Nicer than I deserve.

I know, Paul, I'm really rotten.

I'm really disgusting.

You know when I was nine years old Sister Theresa said to me, don't let your mother know how bad you are, it'll kill her.

Come on, can't you help me out, please?

Forget it, Wren I'm leaving, get out.

Hurry up!

I'm doing the best I can.

Here, give me that, let me try.

I got it, I got it.

From Hollywood, we bring you the Lawrence Welk Show!

Now here he is, Mr. Music Maker himself, Lawrence Welk!

What the hell is going on here?


Hold still, will ya?

You know something?


We should have at least shot the dog.

Put it out of its misery.

No bullets.

No bullets? Are you kidding?

I think a lot of people should be put out of their misery, don't you?

You say the weirdest things sometimes.

It's true.

Listen, I think I'm going to get something to wrap this up, okay?

It looks kinda neat, doesn't it?

It'll look even better when it starts to turn yellow.

Hey, you know maybe we shouldn't cover it up.

Oh yeah?

Maybe then it'll get infected.

Maybe then we'll have to amputate it, that'll look kinda neat wouldn't it?

Hey what are you doing with a gun anyway?

My dad gave it to me.

He thought I might need it in case I ended up in New York.

He was right.

Dear Mary Ann, well I told you I'd write so here it is.

Hey what are doing reading my postcard...

New York's the greatest Hey, who's Mary Ann?

Never mind that's who.

Oh don't tell me, I know.

I bet she's a girl from home, right?


She's probably the first girl who let you put your hand down her pants, right?

Come on, don't get mad.

You could be engaged to her for all I care.

Are you?

You know everything, you tell me.

Look, I don't care who Mary Ann is, you and I are just roommates, that's all.

Look, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

I was thinking of leaving New York pretty soon anyway.

No you're not.

Oh yeah? You know everything don't you?

No. Just everything important.

Besides if you left what would I do?

Sleep on the subway?

You'd take care of yourself.

Yeah, I suppose.

* Head wrapped in your hair

* In a box lined with silk, yeah

* You can't learn to talk, babe

* And the air is your milk, you milk


I don't think she likes me too much.

What are you doing here?

Didn't you say come back any time?


Oh, could have sworn you did.

What the fuck did you do?

How'd you get in here?

Did that asshole Billy let you in?

Hey is this really...

How'd you get in here?

Jesus Christ.

God, you wouldn't believe what happened to me, I finally had to get out of where I was living...

You just can't do shit like this.

So now I'm in a new place, I guess you'd call it like a mobile home...

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You just can't do shit like this, I don't care about her, but I bring people back here you know, business people, I can't have you busting in whenever you want.

I gotta have some privacy.

Look at me!

I meet you one night, I meet you one night and you act like I owe you something.

What do you want from me anyway?

You want to live here?

You want to move in?

You want to fuck me?

Jesus Christ.

I don't have to take this.

That's right.

I know it's right, I got a million places to spend my time.


Good is right!

And as for me coming her to fuck you you'd probably just fall asleep anyway.


Wait a minute.



Recognize me?

I was hanging around the corner when you walk by in the morning.

Me and my friends we always wave at you.


Listen, you want me to keep you company for a while?

20 bucks.

I don't think so.

You want me to go down on you, I do that for 15.

Um, I don't.

For my hand it's only 10.

Thanks anyway, but I don't think so.

Look can I just sit here for a while?

It's cold outside.


Crazy weather, huh?

One day it's hot, the next day it's freezing.

I guess you gotta be outside a lot, huh?

Yeah, well it's the nature of my business, I guess.

You hungry?

No, I don't want to eat your dinner.

You let me use your truck.

Go ahead, I got an egg in here anyway.

It's chicken salad with mayonnaise on em, my mother made it.

I visited my mother the other day.

Boy was that a trip.

She's sweet but I think she's getting a little senile.

How's the sandwich?

It's good.

What do you do?


I draw portraits.


I'm not an artist or anything, really.

I just do it for the money.

Yeah, well, don't we all.

I'm really not even very good.

Art was my favorite subject in school.

I made a lot of clay turtles.

I was really into clay turtles.

This thing run?

Yeah, sometimes.

Bill, the guy I work for, he'd really like to own this thing.

Yeah, I don't know if I want to sell it though.

I put a lot of work into it.

I've had it for a pretty long time.

Sentimentally attached to it, huh?


Listen, you sure you don't want to get it on with me?

I got a scar, I'll show it to you for five dollars.


It's in a real interesting place.


I don't think so.

Thanks anyway, but...

Well, I gotta go.

How come someone so cute as you is sitting here all by yourself?

Don't you got a girlfriend or boyfriend or nothing?

Boy is it cold out here.

See you around.

The new potentials for disaster are increasing, slowly, insidiously.

And while they provide us with the things that make for the good life, they also provide dangers, many of which may become a threat to our very existence.

The disasters of nature will always be with us.

And disasters made by man are increasing.

Both have one thing in common.

The next victim could be you.

* Look out, here he comes again

* Look out, here he comes again

* Meeting with the kid with the replaceable head

What are you doing?

My mom misses me so she bought me this camera, so I could send her some pictures.

("The Kid with the Replaceable Head by Richard Hell and the Voidoids)

* Too you to drink and too smart to think

* Attaches on his head with the missing link

* He's skinny as a snake and fast as a mink

* But he ain't for sale unless you add the kitchen sink Wren!

* Look out, here he comes agin

Wren we've almost been thrown out of here three times already and the people downstairs hate us.

Fuck 'em!


Is he nice?

He's not nice, he's great.

Does he like you?

Well he wouldn't ask me to go with him to L.A. if he didn't, right?

Yeah? He really asked you to go?

Well nothing's definite.

He's making the arrangements the next couple of weeks.

Wow, that's great.

My folks want me to move back to Ohio.

They said a Xerox copy center opened up downtown.

Hmm, sounds interesting.

So you gonna go?

I don't know.

Someone's gotta live in Ohio.

Not me!

I didn't say you, I said someone.

Hey, Cecile I've been thinking Hm-mm.

You know this place isn't so small.

Why don't I just stay here till me and Eric leave for L.A?

I don't know, Wren, we got four people living here already.

Oh come on, just for a little while.

You got no idea what a drag it is living in a van.

The landlord said if he saw one more person walk out of here in the morning, he'd throw us all out.

Well besides, it's really Susan and Denise's apartment anyway and you know how much they hate you.

Thanks a lot.

Why don't you stay with Eric?

Well he wants me to, but I don't want to rush into it.

You want to call him from here?

Maybe he could set me up with a friend of his.

A drummer or something.

After what kind of friend you turned out to be?

Forget it.

Oh Wren, I'd help you if I could.


Give me that.

This doesn't mean you're going to get to meet him.

Oh come on!

I'm sorry, but if you can't help me out, I can't help you out.

Hello is Eric there?

Is this a friend of his?

Oh yeah, I remember you.

Look, is he there?

Well could I talk to him?

Okay, listen, ask him if he wants me to come over.

Yeah, go!

No one says you're going anywhere.

Okay, tell him I'm coming.


Aw come on, Wren!

What are you going to do for me?

I can't let you stay here, it's impossible.

* Well too young to drink and too smart to think

* Attaches on his head with the missing link

* He's skinny as a snake and fast as a mink

* But he ain't for sale unless you add the kitchen sink That's ridiculous, where is he?

He'll be back soon.

Come on Cecile we're getting out of here.

Wait, we still got another bottle.

Stay a while longer, sit down, relax.

Yeah, Wren.

* Bom bom bom bom

* When you live on a planet the size of a town

* You can't get your kicks by getting around, yeah

* Fun's hard to find on such familiar ground

* So you invent it, the mental, it's better than found

* Look out, here he comes again

* they say he's dead, he's my three best friends

* he's so honest that the dishonest dread Hey will you give Eric a message for me?

I'm leaving my address for Eric, I want you to make sure he gets it.

So you want to make it with me tonight?

Don't you ever get tired of asking people to make it with you and always having them say no.

They don't always say no.

Sure they don't.

Cecile, you've got to be kidding.

Hey, you want to take a bath.

No, she doesn't want to take a bath.

You have any bubbles?

Cecile, you don't need a bath!

* Look out, here he comes again

* they say he's dead, he's my three best friends

* he's so honest that the dishonest dread

* Meeting the kid with the replaceable head *

Would this be okay?


Come on, Cecile, let's get out of here.

Come on, Cecile.

Where we goin?

This guy's a real creep, you don't want to stay here.

I don't?




Paul? What's going on?

Nothing. Go back to sleep.

What are you doing?

Nothing, I said, go back to sleep.

So this is how it's going to be, right?

How what's going to be?

You just come in whenever you want to, whenever you can't find somebody else to take you in, right?

What are you jealous or something?

No, I'm not jealous, it's just that I can't take this much longer, that's all.

Take what?

Last night you didn't come home at all and tonight you decide to come back stinking like an old drunk, that's what.

What do you want me to do sign a lease or something?

No, I don't want you to sign a lease, it's just that I don't think I can take this much longer.

Fine, I'll leave then.

I got a million and one places to go.

Where you going?

Take a leak is that all right with you?

So how long do you think it'll take you to find a new place to live?

Oh, so you're going to kick me out, huh?

Oh, come on Wren, it's hard for two people to live in the same place unless they're together.

What do you mean together?

You know what I mean, together, like in a relationship.

We have a relationship.

We're roommates.

Goddammit Wren, I don't want a roommate!

Well I'm thinking of going to L.A. soon anyway.

I'm going to make up my mind in a couple weeks.

You got one week Wren, exactly seven days and then I'm leaving New York.

Yeah maybe you should take Cecile with you the two of you can go to Ohio and open up a Xerox copy center.

Is he there?

When's he coming back?

Look, do you know where he is?


Cafe Orlean.


He's at Cafe Orlean.

The way I see it, all you really need is money, right?

If someone could help you find an investor, then you're on your way.

And the thing about investors, is they're all over the place.


You know the strangest people have money that they're willing to spend.

I'm serious.

You know, half the rock-n-roll industry is financed by dentists.



I'm going to go make a phone call.

These guys I met last night you should talk to.

Good connections.

Oh hey, and if you want anything else, just order it, okay?

I'll be right back.

Hey, long time no see.

Hi Wren.

What's new?

Whatcha been doing?


Yeah, me too.

I've been real busy.

That's why it's probably been hard to get ahold of me.

You know, I've been thinking about L.A. a lot.

You know, trying to plan ahead.

I have this idea.

I figure instead of getting a house or an apartment, why don't we just get a mobile home?

You know, and that way if we don't like where we are we can just move, right?

And also I figured...

Nobody home.

Um, I'll have a diet Pepsi.

Uh, I look like the waitress to you or something?

Get out of my seat.

What do you mean your seat?

I don't see your name written on it or nothin'.

Listen asshole get the fuck out of my seat.

Eric and I are discussing business.

Doesn't your pimp usually take care of that for you?

Anyway, Eric I was thinking. you know I know...

Get out of my seat!

Wren, I'll talk to you later.

Well, anyway, those guys I was telling you about, they weren't home.

But you know we could go over there later, and we could meet them, I mean they ain't exactly rich themselves, but they know people who've gotten money when they needed it.

Anybody got a light?

No light.

I am talking cash, we could be in the studio next week...

Can I have a drink of you Pepsi?

It's not Pepsi, it's Coke.

I hate Coke.

Shit, Wren!

Oh look there, looky here, hey baby where you going?

Yo, it's my man with the van, hey, hey you think about selling that yet?

Well you think some more.

Come on, honey, I got something to sell.

Come here I want to tell you something.

Check it out, honey, come on.

Well look who's here.

I guess you didn't have anything better to do than hang around with me tonight, huh, Wren?


What's going on?

Leave me alone.

What's the matter?

Just go away, okay?

What are you doing?

What happened to you?

I was bored and slugged myself in the face.

Let me fix it.

Leave me alone, okay?


They're all a bunch of creeps out there.

Everyone's trying so hard to be cool and they're all a bunch of big zeros.

Do I look ugly?


Does it hurt?

You know I had this dream last night, the whole world had been blown up five years ago, right to smithereens and everyone was just floating around on parts of it and they hadn't even realized what had happened yet.

Tell me the truth, am I like really awful or something?


No, I don't know, you're just

I don't know.

For some unfortunate reason if you're ever in New Jersey and you happen to see me there, shoot me, it'll be what I deserve.

Why New Jersey?

It's where I'm from.

Shoot me.

I mean it, you gotta promise.

All right I promise.

Now can I fix your face?



You want to know why I came back here tonight?

Yeah, why?

Cause I missed you.



You thinking about Mary Lou?

Mary Ann?


I haven't thought about her for a long time.

You know what?


From now on, this van's always going to remind you of me.

Oh yeah?


I gotta get out of this city, Wren.


I don't know, it's just not for me.

You know i was only supposed to be here for about a week when I first got here.


So I think I'm going to be moving on, that's all.

I mean I might stay here for a couple more days and after that I think I'm going to go up to New Hampshire.

I got some friends up there.

And God it's beautiful.

There's lots of fresh air and trees.

New Hampshire?

What am I supposed to do, sleep on the subway?

I was sorta hoping you'd come with me.



It took me two hours to find this place.

How's your friend, the lady wrestler?

She's not a friend of mine, she's just some girl that hangs around.

Yeah I've run into that girl before.

She had it in for me.

She doesn't matter.

She sure doesn't.

Is the van yours?

Yeah it's mine.

You ever try to sell it?

I bet you could get 600 bucks for that.

Yeah, well actually it's part mine, most of it's my friends and he wouldn't want to sell it.

Anyway it doesn't even run.


Well the ride to L.A. fell through.

My friend who's going out there wants money and I'm broke.

Just thought I'd come by and tell you.


I told him I wanted to take you along, but I figured you didn't have any more money than me.

Do you?

Yeah well my money's kinda tied up right now.


Anyway, I'm thinking of going to New Hampshire.

My friend's leaving tomorrow and he wants me to come along.

You going to go?

I might. It could be interesting, you never know.

Well that's too bad because I did think of this idea to make some money.

L.A. sure would be nice.

Forget it, I'm not interested.

Yeah, I didn't think you would be.

It's kinda dangerous anyway.

I'll see you around.

What idea?

Ah, the sunshine of my life.

You know that reminds me of woman I knew of, who worked in this neighborhood, she had sunshine in her life, I'd like to sing to you about how she lost it.

Hit it please, * Her name was Lola

* She was a showgirl

* With yellow feathers in her hair

* And a dress but down to there Come on, Ed, down the hatchet.

* Across the crowded floor

* They worked from eight to four

* They were young and they had each other

* Who could ask for more?

* At the Copa

* Copacabana

* The hottest spot north You always drink bourbon, Ed?

No I never drink it.

Sometimes when my wife and I got out to dinner or to a wedding or something like that, I might have a grasshopper or a pink squirrel but my wife Jane says drinking and driving don't mix.

Well Ed, we can just take a cab home so you don't have to drive, okay?

You have a match?

Listen, Ed, what hotel you staying at?

The Statler Hilton, that's where the convention is.

Are you getting tired?

I am feeling a little light-headed, these drinks and the place and music and all that.

Hey, why don't we go someplace else?

I don't know.

We can go back and have a drink in your room?

I was planning to call my wife after 11 o'clock when the rates go down.


* Still in the dress she used to wear

* Faded feathers in her hair

* She sits there so refined

* And drinks herself half-blind

* She lost her youth she lost her Tony

* Now she's lost her mind

* At the Copa

* Copacabana

* The hottest spot...

Statler Hilton please?

Oh, Ed.

Hey, what's going on?

I'm just sharing the cab, okay?

You know what this is?


It's a gun.

I've got it pointed at your gut.

I'm going to blow a hole in it if you do anything stupid.

My God.

Give me your wallet and your keys.

Your rings and any money you got in your pants.

His watch too.


Gimme the other ring.

It's my wedding ring.

Let him keep it.


Let him keep it.

Take your pants off.

Why? What are you going to do to me?

Do what he says.

Please don't do anything weird to me.

Shut up, shut up.

We're going to get off at the next corner, our friend here's going on.

Bye, Ed.

60, 80, 100, Wow Ed was loaded.

140, 160, 170...

Hey this must be Jane and the kids

175, 176 and change in the pants.

You picked a good one Yeah I got a good look at the watch he had on.

Hey, how much do you think we can get for this?

Why you like it?


Keep it.


Sure, we got enough.

What part of L.A. you want to live in?

I don't know.


Is that in L.A.?

It's out there somewhere.

I just want to be in a swimming pool, eating tacos and signing autographs, that's all.


Have a good time?


I don't know, wherever you were last night.

It was okay.

Yeah and how about the night before that with me, was that okay too?



Good because I hate to think you weren't having enough fun for yourself or anything.

I meant what I said about leaving New York.

I'm going as soon as I can.

Good. I'm going too.

You are?

Yep, remember what I said about going to L.A.?

Well, it's really happening, big time.

Well, guess that's it.

If I forgot anything you can have it.

Oh, I left you the TV, it's too heavy to carry.

I don't want your TV.

I don't know if it works anyway.

So I guess you'll be leaving soon, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

Vermont's going to seem pretty dull after all this.

New Hampshire.

It'll be all right.

I didn't say it wouldn't be okay, I just said it might be boring.

Well, see ya.


You can't keep doing this forever, you can't just go ahead and use people when you feel like it and then when you're done with them you go and use somebody else.

All you ever think about is yourself.

Well other people got feelings too, don't you know that?

Well I guess I'm going now.

You don't even know what I'm talking about do you?

Paul, I just can't.

I mean, New Hampshire?

I don't even like trees.

See ya.


Hey Eric!

Nobody's there.

He got into a car and drive away.

You liar.

Eric open up!

Asshole, after all I did for you, where the fuck are you?

Fucking asshole!

You were going to L.A. with him?

Yeah and he's got all my money.

He gets lots of people's money.

The day we met I lent him 600 bucks.

I was going to manage his group.

I was going to do that once too.

So what happened?

Same thing that happened to you.

Were you his girlfriend for a long time?

Just for a couple weeks.

And then we got married, so now I'm his wife.

You and Eric are married?

Since when?

About a month.

He never told me he was married.

I think he was trying to forget.

He's really fucked isn't he?

Life is fucked.

Oh hi Susan long time no...

Hey! Open the door!


Hey Cecile!

You can't stay here, Wren.

I don't want to stay here, Well Cecile says you do.


Cecile, Wren says you're a liar.

I did not.

Hi Wren, why aren't you in California?

I changed my mind.

She can't stay here.

I know.

She can't even come in.

God I hate that bitch.

You own part of that apartment, why can't I stay in your part?

You just can't.

Where's Paul?

I don't know.

Well stay with him.

I'm tired of living in a van.

Better than living no where.

Oh, thanks for the advice.

I don't know what to do, Wren.

Forget it, Cecile, forget it.

I don't need you, or Eric or Paul, I got a million and one places to spend my time.


Get back here!

I'm on the guest list!


Hey, I think your band's really good, hey, you think you'll be leaving soon?

I thought maybe we could leave together.

I know a lot of places we could go.

Okay, let's go sweetheart.

Hey! I'm with him, I'm with him!

Is she with you?


Come on!

I can play better and I don't even know how!

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Would somebody call the fucking police?

Goddammit let go of me!

* You made your offer

* A little too soon

* It's not the first time it's happened

* In a moment you said

* You don't want to know me

* It seems as though that's never done

* What I'm seeing as hopeless

* You're seeing as won



Hey, who the hell is this?

* It doesn't seem important

* I'd like to know what matters then

* As it happened they already did

* I don't remember it

* Loveless love

* Is not my plan

* Loveless love

* Said it isn't romance

* Loveless love

* You think its cool, I think it stinks

* Loveless love

* You don't care what I think

* Well nobody's perfect

* It's not the way you were raised to behave

* Try to understand

* That's not the way to be

You're still here!

I didn't think you would be.

I mean, I hoped you would but I didn't know.


Hey Paul!

Who are you?

What do you want?

That's my friend's van.

No, it's not your friend's van, it's my van, I paid 700 bucks for this piece of shit the fucking thing doesn't even work!

I'd push my mother down a ramp on roller skates for a good marriage.

That's what it says right here.

I'd push my mama down on a skateboard At 34, she's found the man she was looking for French film director, Louis Malin, Say hi, bitch Time will tell if the rumors that Candace is pregnant are true.

She got a loaf in the oven, huh?

I guess so, yeah.

Listen though, till then remember that Louis has lots to recommend him to any girl talent, intelligence, class and lots of family money...

Hey how you doing?

Would you like a ride?

I'm alone, you're alone, we'll get together, what do you say, huh?

Don't want to talk to me, okay, forget it.


Hey, listen, I'm really a very nice guy.

Got an extra beer, you want one?

What are you walking away for?

You got all those heavy packages, come on, hop in the car.

You got a better place to spend your time?

* You said no commitment

* When I asked you for a compromise

* Just a compromise

* Now I don't know why I ask you

* It's always such a problem

* Why make it a problem

* You must be waiting for things to happen

* Expecting something to happen

* But nothing ever happens

* Your voice raised in anger

* Who knows what you're after

* You don't know what you're after

* You never seem to notice

* The distance between us

* The distance

* You're only waiting for things to happen

* Expecting something to happen

* But nothing ever happens

* Your weakness is getting stronger

* With your disregard for conventions

* I'm not looking for some

* New kind of social age anyway

* It all seems the same

* Oh-oh-oh-oh