Snabba cash (2010) Script

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Rolando! You ready?

Sergio! Sergio!

We made it! Freedom! Freedom! Come on, move!

It's not over yet, come on.

What's up?

Sergio, have you been in touch with the Arab?

Everything is set. They're just waiting for you.

Did you talk to Carlos? Yeah, 5 minutes ago.

What do you think? I just escaped from prison. Aren't we stopping for a bit?

We can go to the Texas Longhorn Restaurant. Maybe we can have a picnic?

Yeah, and smoke a joint.

Damn it.

Fucking pigs.

Tell the guy that I'll call him when I can.

Get out. Thanks for everything.

Who's in charge of the wardrobe? We're not interested.

Get the guy in charge. Come on in or leave.

Ok, come on in.

You fucking cunts.

Fucking cunts, we'll fuck you up.

You're so quiet. Everything ok?

It's hard. I don't know what's wrong.

Radovan is nagging me and you see how the fuckers at the door are acting.

We should fuck them up.

He left the wardrobe. Really? Come on.

You fuck! Give me my money!

You will pay!


It's a big shot investment guy with an interesting fetish.

He loves Bridge. World Cup in Cannes - he can't go.

Turns out this dude is working at his company.

Lasse from Gnesta, you know, the kind of dude that calls "skynfen" Bromma water.

They start chatting and it turns out that Lasse is one hell of Bridge player.

So he sends Lasse from Gnesta to Cannes to play the World Cup in Bridge.

Lasse is playing and after a while he needs to take a leak.

He goes to the urinal and there is Bill Fucking Gates.

Really? Bill Gates is standing next to him taking a leak.

Lasse feels that he has to talk to him and says: "Hello, Bill."

"I'm Lasse. Can you come up to my table?"

10 minutes later they're at the table, who walks up?

Bill Gates. Stands two meters away and says: "Hallo, Lasse! "

After which Lasse looks at his cards, then up at Bill- and says "Fuck off, Bill!"

You have 243SEK left on your account.

What a fucking evening. Yeah, shit.

You coming with us on the boat trip? Nice.

Nope, I'm outdoor at Berns and I should almost see you.

You coming with us to Sandhamn? No, I have some stuff to take care of today.

A couple of years ago financial growth and good times were predicted.

In such times consumption and credits increase, but savings decrease.

We've seen that many times before.

But the expectations accelerated faster than the growth.

The result was imbalance between debts and assets.

But in Chinese...

...the word for "crisis" is the same as the word for "opportunity".

Which player will grasp the opportunity?

Who'll be the artisan of fortune in this global tragedy. One of you?

Thanks for today.

Cheap. - Slow night, nothing's happening. Nothing's happening for you.

No fares. Taxi? Cheap.

Cheap. C-h-e-a-p taxi.

No one wants to go. I had a ride to Farsta for 100SEK.

How much? It barely covered the gas.

You took that ride? In half an hour nothing's happened.

Did you smoke? Snorted a bit...

That's why you do stupid rides. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Hi. You're mad late. I had a drop off in Sodertälje.

Is he in there? Yes.

I threw him out with his head first. What does he think?

Hey, JW. Hi.

How much did you get? -4500SEK.

You rock. The best one I got That's how he gets his cash.

He picks up small horny dudes that he'll do in the alley.

That's how he works You should work extra too, Mahmoud.

You're starting to look like a bum. Where'd you buy those shoes?

Listen to him.

I found the investment company. Not now.

Did you read the offer? Not now man.

Tell him to read the offer. Do you think he listens to me?

No one listens to you. Here.

Don't you want a line to get energized? Seven in the morning?

You have to be alert in school. You weren't very good in school, right?

I came further than you. We'll see.

Hi. Hi.

Hi. What's that? Burn it.

Everything ok? We got problems. Jorge escaped.

Jorge escaped from prison. I'm gonna fuck his mother.

And Radovan asked for you He's pissed.

Hi. It's me.

That Jorge has escaped.

Jorge Salinas. Radovan wants to find him ASAP.

I'll get 20 grand that'll go to whoever tells me where he is.

Okay. Then we have an agreement. Ciao.

Can I come in? No, the cops were here.

They took Andreas to the station. Is he here now?

No, he's out running. He needed fresh air.

Can I stay a few days on the couch? Please.

No, mom's sleeping in the guest room. You're no little boy anymore, Jorge.

Are you hungry? Yes.

You only had one more year to go.

Why'd you do it? I had to.

Paola? Paola!

Yes, mom. Is someone there?

No mom, no one is here.

You have to go now. Andreas will be home any second.

Did you gain weight? Don't be stupid. Don't you understand?

You're becoming an uncle.

No way! Look. Can't you see?

You serious?

Congratulations. Thanks, Jorge.

You have to go now.

Go now. Take care of yourself.

He's not supposed to fucking come here! He's just leaving.

Didn't you ruin enough?

I'll call the cops if you come here again!

JW! JW... ciao.

How's it going? Do you got my exam? Absolutely.

It turned out damn nice.

We're going to Lovhalla this weekend, to Sophie. A small get-together.

Wanna come? Love to.

Nice, fun. I'll call you about the details. See you later.

JW! Hi!

Hi, dude. Hey!

Let me look at you.

Come on, I'll show you.

Do you wanna meet the hostess? Sophie, this is JW.

I'm studying with him at Handels Hi. Johan.

Sophie. Welcome. This is Kalle.

Hi. Johan.

How long have they been dating? Jetset-Carl and Sophie?

On and off since Lundsberg. On and off?

He seems a bit stiff.

He's out of balance. His dad's bank has problems.

Same problems as everyone else? Mm, credits are frozen.

They have to sell all assets for really cheap.

Are you excited? Yes.

There are 3 kinds of people.

Type 1: The kind that always walks in with shoes on and has the right attitude.

A cool dude, like here.

Type 2: The one who's a bit insecure and checks what everyone else does.

A pretty disgusting guy you never know where you got.

Finally, type 3: The kind who always takes the shoes off.

Strolling around soundless with sweaty socks-

Leaving trails like a snail and is overall disgusting.

If there's a whole in the sock there's only one thing to do...


What kind of person are you, JW?

What kind of person?

Kalle, leave him alone.

No, no.

What kind of person?

Did you know that the heel represents- the phallic elements you women are suppressed by.

That's why I prefer my heels so thick.

And I prefer teenie-weenie? Well, you're sitting next to me.

You're fun Where'd you find this guy?

He's the king, prince, queen, the entire fucking court of Handels.

Is it good to be the king of Handels? It's always good to be the king.


Yep, the whole family is here. That's Fredrik and Carl.

Are you going hunting, Carl?

There's 3 kinds of people right...

When you had your confirmation...

Hi. What are you up to?

I was just spending some time with the family here and...

I can see that.

We're going hunting. Okay. Nice.

Do you... wanna come? Hunting?

You know a lot about high heels and phallic symbols.

I read a lot. I was kind of lonely as a kid.

I used to read several biographies at the same time.

For my friends.

You don't strike me as the kind of person who's been alone much.

How do I strike you? Like...

Like one who sees things.

What do you mean, "sees"?

I don't know, as if...

As if you see things.

This is one of the most beautiful dawns I've ever seen.

I guess so.


It feels as if you're experiencing this for the first time.

Is that good or bad?

I like it.

Is it ok if I kiss you?




You like her a bit, right?

Stop that. I'm just saying that because I like you.

What do you mean? No disrespect, JW...

You should stick to your own kind.

Hi, Abdulkarim. We have to discuss our business.

I need money now. What? I've got a ride for you.

I'm talking about our business. Something happened.

You get 20 grand, and we'll have a meeting. And I have a proposal.

20 grand for one ride? Yes, 20 grand.

Who am I supposed to pick up? Hey man, this is an important drive.

You'll get 20 grand. Go to Sollentuna, Malmvaegen.

Hi, buddy!

Are they speaking Spanish? No, they're Swedes.

I need help - a weapon. What did you say?

Why? For what? I'll explain later. Do you have one?

Yeah, I'll take care of that. Wait here. Okay, I'll wait here.


He's at Malmvagen 98. -98?

Third floor.

Good job. Thanks. Later.

It's clean.

Never been used.

Do you have to leave right now? Yes, they're waiting for me. Thanks.

Call me if you need any help. Ciao!

Some dude is coming out now. Latino, immigrant.

Is that who I'm supposed to pick up?

Should I pick him up? Check if there's any cops around.

Someone's coming out from a car. Swedish?

No, Russian or Yugoslavian. What's he doing?

I think he's following him. He's walking now, towards the train.

Follow - and you'll get 10 more grand. Ten?

Listen man. We're fucked without this guy.

Follow him and bring him home. What do you want?

30. Go!

Wait, wait, wait!

Is it the same? Yes.

Fucking cunt! Get up!

When is your stuff arriving? What stuff?

You're getting stuff from Germany. There is no stuff!

Stop the bus!

Fucking "horunge"!

What stuff, do you understand?

You're a fucking pussy as long as you work for Radovan.

Do you hear me?!

Are you spitting at me?! Do him!

I'm gonna kill this motherfucker!

Where did he go?


At the bottom.

On the floor. The floor!

Hi, JW.

Did someone rat him out?

He's totally beaten up. Of course someone ratted.

You can't have him here. He stays here.

What is it? Do you want money for everything now?

I've risked a lot today.

It doesn't really seem safe around that dude.


You'll get a grand for each day you keep him.

5 grand in advance Okay.


Give him 5 grand

Take him to us in two weeks. I've got something big coming up.

Will he be ok? Totally.

Who are you?

I'm the one who helped you.

I work for Abdulkarim.

What is this place? This is my student dorm.

You're not from here right?

No, I'm from Robertsfors in Norrland.

So north.

I know where that is.

Who are they? Your family? No, that's just clothes.

You look like a brat. Totally.

But you live like a fucking bum. Then you feel right at home, don't you?

Hi. Mrado.

Hi, Lovisa. I'm just gonna have a little chat with this lady.

Listen to me. You don't understand what I'm saying.

She can be at my place every now and then but she can't live there.

Listen, wait.

I can't have a kid around. I work day and night.

You have shared custody. She lives with Annika.

Yeah. That's legal talk... Legal talk!

You bullying cunt!

We can try to find a foster home but it might take some time.

Hopefully Annika will get some help with her drug addiction.

Annika's problems aren't mine.

I'm here for Lovisa. Good. Then you'll take care of her now.

Take the bag.

How are you? Good.

Are you sure? Yes.

You know, it's hard sometimes.

But you're a tough and brave girl. Like your daddy.

Everything will be alright. Do you think so?

You don't have to be in such a hurry.

Are you cool? Here's the money.

Fahdi. Hi.

You can walk. Damn, you're alive.

You okay bro? We gonna work or what?

Hi. We have to talk a bit.

We've known each other for two years, right?

I've checked you out. Your background.

Your mom and dad who live in Robertsfors.

Mom's working at the employment agency.

Dad is middle manager at the saw factory.

Slightly alcoholic, but...

Then we got the big sister Camilla.

Missing since four years.

I'm sorry.

You drive the cab so you can earn some money to party with your wealthy friends.

And that's another story-

I'm gonna work with Jorge's German friends. We'll import.

That will give good profits.

How much? -20 millions. Every third month.

My question is, JW...

Can you help me?

With what? Investments, revision.


May I have a glass of water?

What are you thinking?



Banks. You have to...

You have to collaborate with a bank in order for this to work out.

With such vast volumes. They report regularly to the Inspection of Finances.

Controlling the bank also gives you control over that information.

How would that be possible?

You buy a bank. It sounds unbelievable- but I know of a small investment bank currently in crisis.

If we approach them with a cash offer now...

My cash?

What will I get in exchange? Depending on its valuation...

...we can probably demand 40-60 % of the shares.

In that scenario we'd control assets through credits that are valued 20-30 times more- than our original investment. And the money's legal.

And what if you screw me over? I get a percentage off of this.

If you're profiting - I am too.

I'll get 20 % on all profits.

No hedgefund manager in the world takes less, so that's totally reasonable.

Hi, Mrado. Hi.

All well? We have some work to do. We're going to Radovan's.

He's asking for you, we have to go. No, I'm alone with my daughter.

Sorry, but you know that we have to go. He doesn't want to wait.

We have to go again. I'm just gonna get something, then I'll be right back.

Okay? Okay.

You're so pretty. What's your name? Are you behaving well?

Those fuckers...

How are you?

Join them over there, and I'll be right here.

Sit down. I'll be right back.

Business is good. Clubs, booze, cigarettes.

There's only one problem: cocaine.

We have to grab a piece of the market. Right?

They're just small time bitches.

Do you get what we are compared to them? We're Serbs. Right?

Proud, speak the same language. Strong brotherhood.

It's not that easy, Radovan.

Why not?

We know that they're importing cocaine to Denmark and Norway.

Major amounts.

Jorge made that happen through his connections.

And now we got this Arab at 24 hours.

He's backed by the Albanians in Gothenburg.

What can you say? It's a difficult situation They have to pay. Otherwise there'll be war. Right?


The cops are just waiting for a war.

So they can lock us up, one by one.

What do we gain from a war? We need money, not war.

I've got another suggestion. Nemanja! Come here!

When did you come home last night? Don't know.

When were you supposed to be home?

Sit down there!

Let me hear your suggestion. But no collaborations with Albanians or Arabs.

I don't trust them. They lie and they're backstabbers- and they don't worship the same God as you and I.

So let's hear your suggestion. All of us want to hear your suggestion.

When you say it like that...

Then war is all that's left. Right, exactly. Just war.

But if you would've taken care of that latino when I told you...

...we wouldn't have been in this mess right now.


She's gotten so big!

Little doll.

Listen. We'll do number one.

Agreed? - Go to daddy.

Go to daddy.

We'll send someone who'll have a chat with the Arab.

If he doesn't stop and start paying us there will be war.

Agreed? Yes.

Daddy, I'm tired. Can I sleep? Of course. Just lie down there.

We'll be home soon. Okay? Good night. Good night, daddy.

Did you hear that? She called me daddy.

You are her daddy.

I just hope you won't turn out to be an asshole like mine.

Only thing I remember from my dad is getting my ass kicked.

Like when I started first grade.

Forgot my gloves in school.

He beat me up so much- that I peed blood three weeks.

I was seven years old.

I'll never forget that day.

How he kicked me...

I'm sorry I'm late. It's a bit hectic now.

I read that your most recent equity issuance won't be approved.

Dad looked through your offer.

Two years ago, we were the most profitable bank in Sweden.

Now I'm here talking to a little kid like you. It's horrible.

JW is a stand up guy. I know exactly what JW is.

I'd like to talk to JW alone.

Where did you get the money? A group of individuals I represent.

They've got a lot of cash. Very liquid people.

They operate in a cash rich... I know what kind of business.

The money is still real.

Now, you have to ask yourself if you should take this...

...lifesaver I'm pushing your way- or if you think that it smells a bit bad- and drown instead..

If you succeed with this- you'll be very, very rich.

I can let you in to our bank and make your money white as snow.

But I want my share.

How much? We'll let the rate drop a while longer.

Miss out on another equity issuance. We're this close to death.

Then I'll join you and save the sinking ship.

I'll become a hero and I'll get 10 % of the company.

You'll get 40.

If we get 50 I think we have a deal.

Ok, because I like you.

Good, then we're done here.

These are the guys or what? Yep.

Hi. Hi.

I'm Jorge. Nice to meet you. Dito.

Come on.

Jorgito! Carlos. How's it going?

You look skinny.

This is Abdulkarim, Fahdi and JW.

This is the factory. We solve your problems.

See? I've implanted four 600 gram bags of cocaine under the skin.

Heals in a month and in two months the fur has grown out.

I thought I was a nutjob. Compared to him your totally sane.

Cabbage, borecole... Whatever you need we grow it.

This is how it looks.

How much in each? -20 grams. 50 pieces per pallet.

And we want? -40 kilos.

20 pallets. - Can I just...

Here's the stuff. This is the stuff.

Do you wanna try? Yes.

Las Vegas, baby. -100 percent.

We suggest that you order one batch of cabbage initially.

We'll take care of all the logistics, you'll just be there for the delivery.

Perfect. How much did you have in mind?

40 kilos.

40 kilos. As you know that's 40 million SEK on the streets in Sweden.

You'll pay 5 million before delivery and 5 when you receive the shipment.

A great deal for you. Yes.

Pay to our Swiss account. No, no. Sorry.

That's not very good anymore.

Four months ago-

75 Swiss shell corporations were busted- since Switzerland and the European Union started collaborating.

The bank secrecy is not what it used to be.

So I recommend you to open accounts in Andorra or Liechtenstein.

Yep, I heard that too.

This guy is very clever.

It's my guy.

I can recommend him.

It went smooth. You did great.

When you activated the car alarm in the forest...

That was very brave of you.

Order by Abdulkarim. For a pussy from north.

I will never forget that. Do you understand?

JW! Hi.

Welcome. Thanks.

Glad you could make it. Great to be here.

Huge thanks.

Feels nice to be able to help. You're half way to 60 now.


Why are you standing here all alone on your boyfriend's birthday?

He's not my boyfriend anymore.

Sorry to hear that.

Sophie is...

It's pretty much my first real relationship.

Is it nice?

My last relationship was with a prison guard.

I think she was unfaithful towards the end.

With the whole ward?

"Radolfo Rojas"...

Rodolfo. Rodolfo...

When will I see you again? Do you like the view from La Moneda...

Is that where your family lives? Nope.

Mom lives here. My sister too. And soon her kid.

Your sister's pregnant?

Man, it feels... It feels beautiful.

Here, let's do it. Light this up, it's a nice one.

Pussy... What's with these?

You can live like this huh?

I wanted to be a formula 1 driver when I was a kid.

I wanted to be a cowboy.

Don't laugh. My sister wanted to be a cowboy too.

Is that true?


Do you look alike? Camilla and I?

You totally look alike.

Do you look like your mom or dad?

Mom. Mom? Nice.

Do they live here? No, they live in India.

My dad works there. He's a diplomat.

Camilla too? Does she live in India or here?

Nah... she...


She disappeared.

She disappeared four years ago.

It was kind of...

...her and I against the world when we grew up.

Do you know anything? The police thinks she's dead.

So they've stopped looking.

But I believe she's out there somewhere.

I'm so happy I've met you.

So am I.

Sit down. Would you like some tea? No thanks.

Did you take care of what we were talking about?

No, not yet. But it's in progress.

And Mrado?

Mrado doesn't exist anymore. Everything will work out.

There will be war now.

Out, out! There's a fire. Out!

Out, out! Calm the fuck down!

Open the bag! Out, out!

What's happening? Get in! It's Radovan.

Just go!

What's wrong? Nothing.

I had a nightmare. Nightmare?

You're totally sweaty honey.

There was an old man at our place.

He was skinny like a skeleton.

He didn't have these, huh?

Do you want to feel?

He was happy at first. Laughing.

Then he became angry and threw the TV on the floor.

I got scared and hid myself.

Then he laid down on mommy and sounded weird.

And then... the middle of the night... I tried to wake mommy up.

She was just lying there.

I couldn't wake her up.

What did you do then? I went to Erik.

Is that the neighbor?

You should start doing some martial arts. Why?

You get more confident.

Maybe. Open the car daddy. Who'll be first?

Damn it! Run! To the car!

To the car!

Don't move, honey! Daddy!


It's ok.

Don't worry.

Sorry, honey.

It's ok now, don't worry.

I'll take care of you.

Gunshots were heard in a parking garage in Nacka.

A car was seen leaving the scene shortly afterwards...

What are you thinking about? Nothing.

Do you know what?

We're going to daddy's country.

To Belgrade. I lived there when I was a kid like you.

Does your mom and dad live there? They lived there when they were still alive.

Do you miss them?

Do you like the horse?

Nenad. This is Mrado.

Can I talk on your line? What's going on?

They tried to shoot me. Radovan.

How fast can you be here? I'll be on the next flight.

This is Mrado. I need to know when Abduls stuff is coming.

I don't know this time... I've got 200 grand.

Then you need to talk to JW.

Hello? It's me. We're outside.

I'll be right there. It'll take five minutes.

Will we be long? I'm gonna meet my girlfriend half past seven.

It's the first time I'm meeting her parents. Where are we going?

To Mahmoud. He was the only one who wasn't there when they tried to blow us up.

Knock and calm him down. Knock!

Why should I calm him down? I said knock. Now!

Johan? What are you doing here? Mahmoud, can I come in?

I'm having dinner with my family. It'll only be two minutes.

One minute, okay.

Fucking rat!

I know what you did!

Shut up!


Don't move. Cunt!

Rat! You fucking rat!

Look at me!


Abdulkarim, that's enough! Cunt! Rat!

I believe you. Let's go.

What happened? I got hold up with some stuff.

I'll explain later. Okay.

Mom, dad, this is Johan. Hi.

My name is Jan. Welcome. I'm Anne.

Some wine, Johan? Please.

Do you sail?

Yes, I love sailing. Great.

You can take care of Sophie when she gets seasick then.

I don't get seasick dad. I was 10 years old.

I need a strong man onboard. What do you think, Johan?

It would be... It would be an honor.

Sorry. I have to go to the restroom.

Stockholm School of Economics recruits people from all over the place.

What place are you from? What place?

You mean my...? We moved around quite a bit.

But mainly? Mainly? Well, I'm not from here.

My parents live in Cape Town. So does my sister.

Diplomacy or business?

Diplomacy, I'd say. I think we should make a toast.

Cheers, Johan. Cheers.

Do you want to go to my parent's house in France?

I didn't hear what you said. Do you want to go to France with me?

No, I don't think so. Why not?

I've got a job to take care of.

An education.

That's the only reason? What do you mean, only?

If you think we're moving forward too fast just say so.

I never said that it's going too fast.

I think you're afraid of this. That it's becoming too serious.

We've dated four months and I still haven't seen your place.

Don't go!

It'll be alright. I'm working on something.

Don't worry. It'll be okay.


What's gonna be okay?

I'm worried that you don't have the same feelings for me as I do for you.

I accept all your lies because I'm afraid...

What fucking lies?


You and your family just want a new Jetset-Carl to your perfect world.

A little brat fuck from some fucking aristocratic family!

My parents can be tough, but they tried. They liked you.

They liked me? How the fuck do you know that they liked me?

Why would they like me? Huh? Why would they like me?

Why? What's the matter with you?


Why would they like me?

It's all about money right?

There will be money soon.

But you have money.



I just want to talk.

I know that you're working for the Arab.

You've never done anything like this before, right?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I know about your shipment.

You shouldn't think that you know the people you work with.

I've been in this game for a long time.

I can see that you're not feeling well.

I know how you feel.

I know exactly how you feel.

And what's gonna happen now...

...when it's coming closer... that people get greedy and nervous.

You'll fight each other, backstab each other.

Your best friend will screw you over.

If that doesn't happen - good.

Continue working with them.

But you should know one thing...

In this business everyone puts themselves and the cash first.

You should do that too this time.

I'm not gonna do this anymore.

It doesn't work like that. ou can't just stop whenever you want to. They'll come after you.

They'll chase you like a dog.

Why would you be better?

A couple of months ago I'd probably have screwed you over too.

But I can't put myself first anymore.

That's why I need one last thing.

It has to work.

And I need you, JW.

You'll get two millions from me.

Two millions?

One million before, and one million after the job is done.

Then, you're out.

With me you'll make money.

Here, there's one number in there.

Dial it. I'll press "busy".

One hour after that we'll meet at Kristinebergs Hotel.

Lovisa? Come on, we're leaving.


Jorge, help me. Calm down, I can't hear. Paola?


What the hell did they do to you?

We said that we don't know where you are but...

They attacked Andreas. Punch after punch.

Then they kicked him.

Mom? No, mom knows nothing.

Mom wasn't here.

Andreas left me. I'll be alone.

No, baby sis.

If Andreas doesn't return I'll be with you during birth.

Do you mean that?

Of course.

I'll always take care of you.

The baby and you will never lack money. Never.

I don't want the kid to have the same childhood as we did.

You can't take care of anything. You think you're gonna be some cocaine king.

Where is your success? Where is the money?

You don't even have any friends. Only me.

I don't want you anywhere near me. You ruin everything.

Calm down. You say that you will take care of me!

But when the fuck did you ever do anything for me?

When did you do anything good for us?

Let me go, Jorge!

Dad ruined our childhood. You won't ruin the rest of my life.

Do you understand?

Get the hell out of here.

I'm not like dad. Do you understand?

Don't compare me with that old man. Do you hear me?

You think you know me?

Leave me alone, Jorge. What the hell do you know about my life? Huh?!

Look at me when I'm talking to you. Don't ever compare me with that son of a bitch!

Do you think Mahmoud is the rat?

Do you think he's the leak? Let it go, come on...

Come on...?

Abdulkarim, man... I don't know if I trust him.

Is he alright or what? Everyone in our business is a son of a bitch.

Three weeks from now I'll have my millions. Then I'll quit. Finish my degree.

You'll never get rich doing this, JW. It doesn't work that way.

You've been screwed.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I know the numbers and the bank connection. I know exactly what I'll get.

I've done my part and I'll split soon. Then I can't help you anymore.

Help me any more?

You're not gonna help me anymore? You haven't helped me at fucking all!

Think a bit now. Think!

You've done everything for them. all the hard work.

They can do the rest. Or they'll get someone who can.

For hundred grand. You're just a fucking cost now.

They say: "We'll get the cocaine into the country - then the dealers will deal it."

If you're lucky you might get some cash in half a year.

In half a year? Abdulkarim will grow tired of you soon.

Then the real problems start, because he'll replace you.

He uses you and tosses you out like garbage.

That's how it works. Everyone who does this is a son of a bitch.

Noone gives a shit about anyone.

But you give a shit about me?


You give a shit about me, right?

How can you be so fucking sure Abdulkarim's not gonna fuck you over?

I've got my passport and my cash is in South America, Mr. Mathematician.

If they want more cocaine- then they have to go to my cousin Carlos, my fucking cousin in Germany!

So Mr. Mathematician: they need to keep me happy, because my cousin provides the stuff.

You think you're fucking clever with your cheap suite and your model pictures.

You think you're so fucking clever! You fucking pathetic spic!

Fucking cunt! What the fuck do you think this is?

Touch me again and I'll fuck your family up motherfucker!

You think you know me?

I'll kill everyone you know! Do you hear me!?

Yo, man. What's up? Is Abdulkarim here?

Abdulkarim? It's JW.

What are you doing here?

When do I get my money?

Come in.

You're asking for money three weeks before the delivery?

Jorge got his money.

Is there a problem? No, it's all good.

You know that the delivery must come first?

And everything goes smooth.

Then the dealers must get the stuff.

Then they have to sell it.

Six months, then you'll have your money Six months?

Six months.

Anything else? No.

In half a year? Go home and sleep.

Johan? Are you there?

I mean...

I love you. Don't you realize that?

Sorry, Johan...

...but I understand now. Johan?

Is that you? Yes.

How are you?

Is that how you greet me, brother? With a gun?

Everything ok? Sure. But you look a bit pale?

What are the Swedish women doing to you? It's Radovan.

This is my daughter. Lovisa, say hi.

Hi, Lovisa. This is your Godfather.

It's been a long time since godfather saw you. You've grown so big! Daddy's girl.

She looks a lot like you. He says you look like daddy.

Look, a doll. Here you go, so you can buy ice cream for you and the doll.

Here you go.

Did you bring everything? Sure.

Lovisa, can you play on that side? He will show daddy something.

How old is she? Eight.

You haven't seen her for six years right? Then she was just a baby.

Add one hour to all times and subtract half on other numbers.

When I saw that there's a delivery in six days, I mean three days.

We'll set the phones five hours early in case someone checks it out afterwards.

Abdul, what's up with Radovan? We got the Albanians backing us if they try something again.

Are they gonna be there for the delivery? No, just us four and a guard.

We'll focus on the delivery. Nothing else. Okay?

We got two on the north side, and two on the east side.

The truck is at this dock.

If you follow that wall to the corner you'll find a door. I'll open it.

Is the guard down there? I guess so.

And just the four of you inside?

No surprises? Yes.

Get off here. Right.

What are you gonna do with me?

It's cool.

I mean, they'll...

So they don't get it. I'll take care of that.

I'll take care of it for you too. Okay?

Noone will get anything.

No one will be hurt? No one will be hurt.

We'll just go in and out.

Relax. This'll be good.


Come here.

Here's my little girl.

And that's for me...? The money?

Give me the money.

Is it boring?

One million? Thanks. See you later.

Let's go and have some ice cream.

Hello? It's me.

Jorge, is that you? Mom...

How do you feel? Good. You will become an uncle today.

I didn't want to say anything, but... Andreas has left her.

Hi. I want to know where my daughter is. Her name is Paola Salinas.

Okay, follow me.

In here. Thanks.

How's the stomach? I'm fine.

I'm so sick of all this. Don't worry.

It's just for her sake.

I'm just gonna take care of this then I'm off to Belgrade.

We'll taste this booze and I'll tell you.

Once I had a friend. A great friend. We were ten years old.

And he... we were waiting for the elevator.

And I...

We went in to the elevator and it got stuck.

Somehow we managed to open the door. It was stuck between two floors.

I get out first and he's right behind me.

Then he goes back in to get his sweater.

All of a sudden the elevator starts again...

...and cuts him in half.

That's life, dear brother.

Tomorrow we'll party in Belgrade with a lot of cash in our pockets.

Cheers! To health and money!

To money and to forget the past.

That's the trailer.

NEJL 47.

Repeat. NEJL 47.

Hello? Radovan. It's Gregor.

Aren't we having breakfast, daddy? Yes, soon honey.

I have to go to work now.

Will I be alone? I'll be back in two hours. tops.

But I don't wanna be alone. I've taken you every time.

But I want to come. Listen! Stop being annoying!

I'm scared. Don't be annoying like your mom.

I don't want to be alone! Please daddy!

Lovisa, don't you understand? That's enough! Stay here, don't mess around!

Do you remember when you were a kid and Paola got a appendectomy?

You went to a shop and stole a chocolate cookie.

The kind she liked.

You were just eleven years old.

So I had see go see her alone.

I'm happy you're here now. Me too... me too.

You're not leaving? No.

Wait her for one second. I'll be right back.

Yo! Drive.

I swear man...

I'm gonna send tickets to Paola and the kid every Christmas. Every Christmas.

You have to come see me. Totally.

It'll be really cool!

I don't care if it's a boy or a girl man...

I must admit that first I thought it'd be nice with a little guy.

But then, you know...

If I fail now...

Misery man. Misery.

Then I'll have nothing to give her. Nothing.

But there won't be any problems now. No problems now.

We got this motherfucker under control. We got this.

She's not picking up.

Come on. I have to take a leak.

Went well? Yes.


I'd like to talk to the police. I have information about a cocaine delivery.

Better that we find them than someone else. Good, or?

The shit!

Here. One more.

Give me the small one, and I'll break it myself.

Freeze! Hands on your head!

Fahdi! Fahdi!

What's happening? Down on your knees, on your knees!

Keep your hands together!

On your knees! Take this.

Look here!

Fucking rat! Shut up!

Hands together! On your knees!

JW, get up. Up!

Rat! You fucking cunt!

Hang in there brother. Hang in there. I feel cold.

How's it going? Good.

Is there any more?

That's the last one.

Where's the rest? Where's the rest?

Fahdi! Where's the rest? Where do you keep it?!

Any more?

Any more? I want everything. Everything!

Stop! Put the gun down! You're not gonna hurt Jorge.

Calm down, JW. What's happening?

You promised me no killing. I did it for you.

You're not hurting Jorge. Chill.

Calm down everybody. Calm down. You promised me that no one would die!

POLICE! Drop the gun!



I'm gonna fuck your mothers! Come on!


Get up! Fucking cunts. Go!

Think about your daughter, about Lovisa! Stop it! Get up!

Whores! Get out!

Damn it! Fucking cunts, leaving me here.

I'm gonna fuck your mothers! I'm not afraid.

We will die.

Damn it!

Fuck... Fuck...

Turn around.

Turn around!

Put your gun down, JW You promised you wouldn't hurt anyone.

I have a daughter, god damn it! JW!

Do you hear what I'm saying? You promised not to kill anyone!

JW, get in the car! Get in the fucking car, come on!

JW, get in the car!

In the car!

Go. The car.

Get in the car, JW.

Get in the car... Drive!


Get down! Hands behind your back!

Lovisa! We'll lift you up now.

Press the stomach when we lift you up.

I have to go to my daughter! Try not to move.

That's good. Try not to move. I have to go to my daughter!

Let go!

Do you want to call? What number? The last dialled.


Don't hang up.

I'm sorry I was so mean today. I'm sorry I was mean too.

You'll get your own horse. I promise.

Don't worry.

I'll never leave you again. I promise, I promise.

My princess...

Are we flying to Serbia today? We're flying today.

Now you'll get some oxygen. Dad?

Daddy? Daddy! Try not to move. There you go, good.


Fucking hell!

I'm going to France tomorrow.

To your parents?

Are you going alone?

I'm thinking about you all the time.

Do you have any feelings for me?

Right. Someone called...


He told me that everything worked out with him and his sister.

She had a daughter.

That's the only thing he said. If he calls again...

...say hi from the Mathematician.

Can you let me out now?