Snapshots (2018) Script

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She never answers her phone!

It drives me nuts.

You're driving you nuts.

I thought you quit.

I did.

Hey. It's bad for you.

Life is bad for you.

Come on, baby.

Come on. Don't make such a fuss.

I shall die, but that is all I shall do for death.

I'm not on his payroll.


Mark just sent you a text.

Did he get the job yet?

Mom, don't read my texts.

Did he get the job?

Would you stop reading my texts?

You're leaving me, aren't you?

Mom, oh, my god!

Give me my phone.

I'll give you your phone if you answer my question.

Nothing's been decided yet, okay?

Oh, my god.


I didn't look.

I can't do this anymore. I'm calling in the cavalry.

Stop worrying. She's fine.

You know, I don't understand how you can be so casual about the fact that your 85-year-old grandmother lives by herself in the middle of nowhere.

I mean, anything could happen to her at anytime. You always say that and nothing ever does, just like when I was a kid.

Dad thought it was 'cause you were adopted, he always said so.

My shrink agrees. She says you have control issues.

Oh, well, thank your shrink for that observation.

And dad blamed everything on my adoption.

Did you tell your shrink that, by the way?

Okay, you're all set.

Can you just sign here?

Keep an eye on your gas Gauge when you're driving out here.

It's, like, really remote.

You might as well be on the moon.

You see?

Thank you.

I'm not an idiot, you know.

I mean, that probably is why I'm such a nutcase about your grandmother.

But you have to admit, she's not in very good shape.

She's in better shape than you are.

Oh, for heaven's sakes, what is going on with him?

If you stop asking me, maybe I'd tell you.

Come on.

She must be at the lake.

Oh, I hope she's at the lake.

Come on.

I got her a cellphone for just this reason and she never uses it.

It's so annoying.


What the heck happened?

Gran, you hurt?

Just my pride. I tripped over my damn tackle box.

How long were you out here?

Do you need to go to the hospital?

Well, I need some help getting up.

Where is that phone I bought you?


I can't keep track of those damn things.

Oh, mom, I can't believe you.

I mean, you could've been out here all day.

Can you imagine what might've happened?

Oh, what might've been is an abstraction remaining a perpetual possibility only.

Oh, for goodness sake, mother.

We're only here for one weekend in the summer, don't quote poetry when I'm trying to make a point.

Well, what exactly is your point?

Oh, never mind.

Come on, don't spoil today.

I love it when you're here.

Now, for the next three days, there'll be two forbidden topics, what-ifs and politics, agreed?

I'm in.


Everything is political, mom, whether you like it or not.

Come on.

Put that down and then tell me all.

I wanna hear everything.

Tell me about the job.

I got a promotion.

Oh, honey, that's terrific.

The magazine is doing a whole new restaurant section, so they're gonna feature a different restaurant every week and they hired me to photograph all the chefs, their specialties, everything.

Good for you! It's really kind of perfect.

It's everything I always wanted all in one job.

Now, tell me about Mark.

He's just been slammed at work, but he's good.

He's fine.

It's just getting a little complicated with, you know...

Who's all that for?

For us.

Oh, mom, we found a box of yours in the basement.

If I hadn't had to move, it would still be there behind the boiler. What's in it?

Oh, just some Christmas stuff, I think, and a few books. I'll go get it.

Oh, gran, I have a surprise for you.


Where'd that come from?

That box, right on top.

But that's not the surprise, this is.

So you know me, I can't resist old cameras.

I went to the store downtown to try to get some film for it, but what do you know? There was already a roll inside.


So I had them develop it for you.

I didn't look at it, just in case it's you and Poppy doing something I wouldn't want to see.

Ali! Don't talk to your grandmother like that, Ali.

Oh, come on, Patty.

I wasn't always a widow in her '80s.

Really, mom!


Wait, how do I focus this?

You don't have to.

If you can see me, shoot.

Okay, stand still. Say "cheese."


Oh, no! You closed your eyes.

Can I do it again?

Say "cheese."


It's so beautiful.

Don't you love it?

The rain this morning made the whole world new.

Well, what do you want to do now?

We row. Rosie, we row.

Who knows where we might end up?

Grab the other end.

Let's take this baby for a spin.

Well, all right, then.

♫ Row, row, row your boat ♫

♫ Gently down the stream ♫

♫ merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ♫

♫ Life is but a dream ♫

♫ Row, row, row your boat ♫

♫ gently down the stream ♫

♫ merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ♫

♫ Life is but a dream ♫

♫ Row, row, row... ♫

So, it just makes perfect sense.

I mean, you never use that place really, except for your craft things, and we could fix it up!

What are you talking about?

Mom, the cottage.

Weren't you listening to me?

I don't want a stranger in here.

What can I do to help?

You could listen to me.

Honey, the only reason you want to rent the cottage is so somebody is here and you don't have to worry about me.

Well, yeah.

But it would also be better for you.

You wouldn't be alone all the time.

Hey, don't talk to me like that.

Will you at least think about it?

Having a stranger here on the property would be worse than being here by myself.

Fuck you!

Not you, mom. Sorry, gran.

I can't do this right now.


Later, just...

Just later!

I don't wanna talk about it, okay?

Do you wanna tell us what's going on?

He just laid on me the news that he got an offer to join this hotshot firm in Chicago.

Well, you can move to Chicago.

Get a job there.

My career is in St. Louis, and I'm finally starting to make something happen for myself there.

Is Mark willing to turn this job down?

No, of course not.

They said that they would eventually make him a partner.

Well, he's gotta do it.

I know that, but I can't follow him there.

I would have to start over and I'm not about to start over.

He's the perfect guy.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's me who's fucked up.

Allison, please, language.

Sometimes "fuck" is the only word to describe shit!

She's right.

Don't encourage her, mother.

Don't follow her.

You're kidding.

At last tally, I was ahead 25 points.

That was two years ago.

You're on!

S-m-u- g, as in, that'll teach you not to be.


That's 25 points!

Who's ahead now?

Don't gloat.

Oh, I've gotta move before I petrify.

I'm going to the cottage.

Later, gator.


This what you're after?

Uh, where did you come from?

I was walking along the lake.

I saw you looking at the hawk, I saw the feather drop.

Figured you were looking for this.

Thanks, uh...



Am I ruining your fishing?

If I was trying to catch anything, then yes.

But that's not the objective?

Not mine. No, I like the quiet.

I throw them back most of the time.

I shall die, but that is all that I shall do for death.

Don't mind me, I'm given to quoting poetry.

It's a form of tourette's perhaps.

What's so special about that feather?

It is a red tail hawk feather.

Pretty hard to find, so thank you.

My pleasure.

Do you ever go in?

Every day. I did this morning.

I don't know how you can manage that, it's so cold.

I like to cross my comfort threshold at least twice a day.

Hmm. And now I have.

Do you have a house here?

Oh, god, I wish.

No, we're just renting one for the summer.

"We" as in husband and me?

Mm, Joe.

We live in St. Louis.

So do we.

Fancy that.

Zee and me.

We're down off the road.

A shack compared to most of 'em.

It's good for him, though.

Nobody likes to have a drummer too close.

Your husband's a musician?

When it pays.

When it doesn't, he does whatever he can between gigs.

Same as me.

We should have dinner together sometime.

All right. That would be nice.

Afraid you'll have to ask us.

Our shack only has a hot plate.

Oh, okay, sometime.

Thanks, we'd love to.

You're kind of...

You're kind of bold.

I've been called pushy, bossy, bitchy.

Bold just sounds much sexier.

Tonight? Tonight?

Uh, sure, I guess, but I have to ask Joe first.

3243. Call me.

So it's a Joe and...

Your name?


Is it as interesting as you?

No, hardly.

Uh, sorry, that sounded conceited.

It's just Rose.

Nothing special.


As in a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

How much more special do you wanna be?

It's open.


Well, hey.


I love your new stuff, gran.

It's really amazing.

Thank you.

It's kind of magical. I like it.

Aww, this is my favorite photo of you guys.

Poppy was kind of hot.

In my day, we called that cute.

Do you miss him?

I do.

He was my best friend.

Yeah, I felt that way about dad.

I miss him every day.

But I don't live in it like mom does, you know?

She's just so angry.

Well, the suddenness was so shocking, and there was so many loose ends between them.

Everything just feels so complicated lately.

That happens.

I feel stuck.


I'm not sure if I love Mark anymore, gran.

I mean, I care about him and I love him, but I don't know if I'm in love with him, does that make sense?

It does.

Oh, there you are!

Come on, she's rising!

Hurry up or you'll miss it!

At another time, my darling girls, we'd be suspected of being witches.

Or bitches.

I heard that.

To witches.

And bitches.

You've had enough, mom.

Oh, that's funny. That's really rich.

You're telling me what to do when you're busy ruining your whole life?

Cut it out, Patty.

Don't tell me to cut it out.

As far as you're concerned, she can do no wrong.

He wants a family, mom. Like, now.

He doesn't wanna wait for me to... So what?

What, you think you're gonna find somebody better than Mark?

Mark is a prince.

I know!

And I feel crazy, but, I mean...

Mom, tell her.

Tell her that she is gonna regret this for the rest of her life.

I can't tell her anything.

I understand how she feels.

You always take her side, don't you?

You always do.

It's not about sides.

It's about Ali making her own choices.

Well, not if they're mistakes.

I'm just not gonna stand by...

Okay, shut up!

Shut up, shut up!

Hmm, that's great.

Thanks, mom.

Once again, you have put a wedge between me and my daughter.

If there's a wedge here, it's in that bottle.

Back off, mother!

I can't imagine what a bore this summer would've been if our wives hadn't met. Right?

Think they'll ever stop yakking?

Let's hope not.

It gives me a break.

Cheers to that, my friend.

And it's just not enough to theoretically support negros.

You have to take action. Have you read James Baldwin?


My god. Rose, you have to.

I heard him speak and he's brilliant.

He's exploring not just race, but class, and sexual distinctions that are keeping us all in our place.

Oh, sweetie, listen to this. This is that song.

This is the song. ♫ come on, baby ♫ Oh, god, I love this!

♫ Let's do the twist ♫

♫ Come on, baby ♫ Yes.

This... this one.

That thing.

Come on, Joe! Dance with me.

No. Come on, honey.

Come on, hon. You know I got four left feet.

You don't need feet, buddy. Just rhythm. Just rhythm.

Yeah, okay. Just like that.

Like... like that? I got rhythm.

Go just like that. You're doing this.

That's what you're doing.

No, I'm doing this.

Yeah, real nice.

No, now... now, get her, there... she's the one with all that hip action.

Oh! Louise!

No. No, Louise. I don't dance.

Come on, Rosie. Swivel those hips, baby.

♫ Dada is sleeping ♫

♫ And my mama ain't around ♫ I'm doing what you're doing.

♫ Twisting, twisting, twisting ♫

♫ Until we tear that house down ♫

♫ Way down, now, baby, twist ♫ No, I was doing this.

I'm doing that. No, you're doing this.

It's the same thing. The heel.



Oh, no!

♫ You should see my little miss ♫ Oh, god! ♫ oh, do the twist ♫ I love this life!

♫ You, you, you should be my little miss ♫

♫ oh, do that twist... ♫

Can we talk for a minute?

Go away.

We can be teachers, nurses, or secretaries.

Do you know banks won't give credit cards to women?

Only their husbands. We're considered chattel.

I mean, think, we're still living in the middle ages.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I'm not sure why you need one of your own.

Oh, for god's sake, Joe!

What if you die?

Or, heaven forbid, divorce Rose?

How would she manage?

She couldn't buy a car or a house.

Anybody for tea?

Stick to bourbon, thanks.

Well, I've had a little too much, so I need to switch.


I'm dying to know.

What made you leave Iowa?


It's always a man, isn't it?


No, I was there in 1957...

'58. '58, right.

And there was this beautiful young girl and two of her friends and they were just leaning on the bar at Johnny and Kay's like they belonged there with the men.

We did.

You tell 'em, Rose.

Okay. Okay, ladies.

Anyway, she was not your typical young woman, and she caught my eye like she catches those fish.

At least she didn't throw you back.

No, lucky for me.

You were pretty confident yourself, Joe muller.

He walked right up to the bar and bought us a pitcher of beer.

Mm-hmm, and we were married six months later.

In des moines, where I'm from.

We got on a train to St. Louis and been there ever since.

So, what did St. Louis have that des moines didn't?

The best barbecue, and blues, and...


Translation... fun.

And sweet corn. Mm-hmm.

Mm. Sweet people.

You ever miss home?

No. Not when I'm here at the lake.

That's why I'm determined to buy this place.

So let's see, you all have been married for about three years.


Are kids in the plan?


The business is the baby for the moment.

What about you and zee?

Actually, we don't want kids.

I know it's a bit off the social grid, but neither one of wants to make the sacrifice.


That is off the grid.

Well, zee must've hit traffic, huh?

It's fierce on Fridays.

Cross your fingers, ladies.

If I hook this client, we've got ourselves a down payment.

This is Joe.

Hey, how you doing?

Yeah, I've got time.

Alone at last.


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

My mind's just skipping around.

What are you doing up?

I could ask you the same thing.

I couldn't sleep.

Well, neither could I.

I guess I should surrender to being awake.

I need coffee.

It's in the cupboard right over there.

I know where it is.

Sit down.

Don't worry.

I promise I won't bite.


It seems like...

It's as...

Though you're...

Flirting with you.


I am.

Don't worry. I'm not a man.

I only go where I'm invited.

Do I scare you?


It's more like a fascination.

You're so different.

And you're so daring.

I admire that.

It's so not me.

My candle burns at both ends.

It will not last the night.

But, ah, my foes, and, oh, my friends, it gives a lovely light.

That's beautiful. What is it?

"First fig," edna St. Vincent millay.

My first love.

The hazard at being a lit major at Smith.

Of course, I didn't finish, but that's another story.

I got edna.

Do you know her poetry?

No. I didn't go to college.

My father said it would be a waste for a girl.

And then I met Joe.

So, here I am, I guess.


We need half and half.

Another heavenly day.

I have a brutal headache.

Well, it's no wonder.

As long as you keep on drinking like that, you're gonna die, too.

David died of an aneurysm, not alcohol.

Yeah, it was terrible, but at least it wasn't self-inflicted.

Do you know how hard it is?

My husband drops dead two months after I find out that he's been having an affair with his secretary.

And as if that's not bad enough, I find out that he's hocked everything and got in mountains of debt.

So I have to sell my beautiful house and make some sort of a life out of nothing.

Which, may I point out, you have.

Loss is a part of the deal. We all lose people we love.

Well, it was different for you.

Daddy didn't cheat on you.

Contrary to popular opinion, your father was not a Saint.

He was in advertising for god's sake.

He traveled a lot, and he was, as Ali points out, hot.

With who?

I never asked.

And there were no late-night confessions.

We never talked about it.

Could be that's we lasted.

I'm stunned.

50 years is a long time.

Nobody's perfect.

Hey there.

You don't look so good.

That is definitely the 'effing pot calling the kettle.

Don't talk to me like that, Allison Michelle.

I'm sick of it.

Did you bring a hair dryer?

Hey. How are you?


What can I do?

Nothing really.

Everything more or less is finished.

I just feel so rude not waiting for zee.

Never wait for a drummer.

The only good time they keep is with a bass.

You're an expert at so many things.

Not anything important.

Don't denigrate your worth, Rose.

More butter? Yes.

Maybe a little more milk.

I like watching you.

You are so...

Lovely to watch. What are you...


What I've wanted to do since I first saw you.

Hey, guys! Anybody home?

We're in here, honey!

I can't believe I made it.

This fish is gorgeous, Rose.

You teach me to fish...

I'll teach you to be bold.

Honey, we're in here.

Hey, girls.

Hi, sweetie.

Ooh, smells good.


Hard day in the city.

Traffic getting out was a bear.

Here, this should soothe your soul.

You do know me. Thank you.

So where's the man? Um...

Yeah! Oh, there he is.

Oh, my friends, I made the damn deal!

Oh, Rosie, I am buying you this place just like I promised.

Oh, yes!

Oh. Uh!


Gran, you gotta help me. What is it?

It's mom! She's on a rampage, and just... Oh.

What's going on? I'm pregnant, okay?

I didn't mean to be, but I am, and I don't know if I wanna have this baby.

And I just took a test and I haven't even told Mark or anybody, but mom went on my computer and...

Slow down, slow down. Take a breath.

Sit down over here. Come on.

Oh. Oh, darling.

I guess I forgot to take the pill for, I don't know, maybe two days.

We had sex in there somewhere and...

Oh, god.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Will Mark want the baby?

Are you kidding?

He'd love for me to not work and be home with the kids.

Like, he's a throwback from your generation.

But that's not what I want at all.

And maybe we were too young to get married, but daddy had just died and I guess I just needed...

I was just so scared.

I mean, I do want to have kids one day.

I just, right now, I'm not sure if I even want to stay married, let alone have a baby.

What do you want to do?

I'm thinking about an abortion.


Oh, no. God, you're just like mom.

That's not true.

She thinks it's practically a criminal offense, but if I'm not ready, then maybe it's the more responsible thing to do.

Well, no one, not me, not your mom, not even Mark can tell you what to do.

But in my opinion...

You want my opinion?


You have to tell Mark. You can't keep it a secret.

I know, gran.

I'm just so crazy right now and...

Oh, god.


You got it! You got it, you got it.

You're good, you're good.


Whoa, whoa.

Put it in the bucket!



Yeah, beginner's luck.

Oh, so...

Oh, now what?

What do you mean?

I mean, is it supposed to do that?

I thought it would just be dead.

No, of course not. You have to kill him.

No! You do it!

No, he's your fish. It's your pole.

Then throw him back.

Oh, hell, no. I wanna eat it.

And that's why its death has purpose.


Hey, you guys got anything for me yet?

I caught my first fish, but Rose won't kill it for me.

Yeah, well, now you know why I don't like fishing.

Hey, you know what?

Here, take this.

And you just give it a whack. Mm-hmm.

Just right on the head, right?



Come on, sweetie.

Just pop it right in the head.

Smack it.

Forgive me, my friend.



Hi, sweet pea.

Are you feeling better?

A little. What are you doing?

Oh, I'm taking the scales off this beauty.

Then I'm going to drench it in cornmeal.

You wanna help?

You're a warrior, Rose.

I am a 20th century peasant, as common as these.

Oh, god.

That is hideously beautiful.

Hold it. Honey?

Bring my camera, please!


Thank you.

Look at you two in the kitchen making your men dinner.


What the hell are you shooting?

Guts and Gore.

That's my lady.

Make it quick, darling, the fire's happening.

Can't hurry art, zee zee. I know.

Oh, fantastic.

Okay, what do you do next?


I'm sorry, I must be dumb, but why do you want to photograph a carcass?

I like looking underneath.

What's on the surface, that's not what I want to see.

I wanna go below the ground, behind the smile, under the scales and skin.

That's where the truth is.

It's just hidden.

Oh, now step back.

I love this. Just love it.

You're either crazy or brilliant.


That what my professor said.

At Smith?

Hell, no. Chicago art institute, before they asked me to leave.


Shall we say that my aesthetic was not to their liking.

Where's my drink? Uh, here.

Oh. What does that mean?

Um, I did a project.

First year thesis thing.

I took all these photos of women.

These weren't models, just women.

All ages, sizes.

Some homeless, some teachers, secretaries, just being and doing whatever.

I shot one of them nude.

Just one.

I think it was the pubic hair that freaked them out.

They wouldn't let me hang that photograph.

That's it?

Real pubic hair on a real woman?

One photograph.

You would've thought I molested somebody.

Why'd you do that?

It's the other thing I wanted to do when I first saw you.

Shh. Stop it.

We can never go there again, Louise, okay?


Stop. Stop it.

It makes me very self-conscious.

All right. All right.

So what happened?

With what?

Ah, right.

Well, there was a great hue and cry.

The powers that be...

All men, mind you, called it pornography and demanded I take it down.

I said it was art and gave them the finger.

Hey, Rose! You throw it back in?

We're starving! The natives are restless.


Well, I think...

You're incredibly brave.

The line between foolhardy and courage is razor-thin, Rosie.

Be warned.

I'm not always sure which side I'm on.

I mean, sometimes I feel like I can't breathe with Mark, you know?

He wants to know what I'm doing, what I'm thinking and feeling, and he gets mad if I just wanna be in my own space to dream or create or whatever.

And it's like I'm abandoning him or betraying him if I'm not all about him every second.

And it's, like, suffocating.

I mean, if I don't text the second he texts me back, he freaks the fuck out.


That's all right.

And therapy seems to help, and thanks for the check, gran, but it only helps when we're in the room.

The minute we leave, it's like we were never there.

My therapist says I married my mother, which is enough to make me wanna, you know, off myself.

If you can, just try to just separate everything and deal with one thing at a time.

Thanks. You're the best.

You fortified me for mom.

Let me know when the coast is clear.

Yep. Pray for me or something.

Yes, I got it. Okay.

I just need some space over the weekend.


Yes, I promise.

I will.

Me, too.


Oh, sweetie.

It's okay.

He was crying, mom.

Like, really sobbing.

And I don't want to hurt him, but I...

You always used to ask me for a little sister.

Do you remember that?

I wanted to have more children.

Honestly, if I could've had a litter, I would have.

But your father, he was content with you.

But then when you were six years old, I got pregnant.

And we fought terribly about it.

So, finally, I did what he wanted.

You mean you got an abortion?

Then when he saw what a wreck I was, he agreed to have another child and I couldn't get pregnant.

I always regretted it.

I'm not ready to be a mother.

Oh, sweetie.

You'd be such a wonderful mother.

But in the end, you're the one that has to live with whatever you decide.


Oh, did you hear that?

I'm so... I'm frozen solid!

Oh, god.

We could get hypothermia.



I'm going to make us a fire.

Oh, god. Oh, my stuff is filthy!

Oh, let me see what zee's got.

Good thing we've been staying here. Perfect.

Where I grew up, we never had access to the real world like this, except for a little patch of woods behind our apartment complex.

I imagined so many worlds in that tiny wood.

My grandfather, he had a place in the lake district.

He's the one who taught me how to fish.


That sounds idyllic.

It was, when he was sober.

But when he wasn't, it was something out of grimms' fairy tales.

Take off your shirt.


You're soaked, Rosie.

Oh. Right.

Oh, gosh!


Being with you is like returning to childhood.

All play, no plans.

Pants, too, baby.

Don't be shy.

It's only us girls.

I hope the boys make it through the storm.

The back roads can get flooded sometimes.


Might delay them a bit.

Or it might not.

You know, it just depends on what time they...

Went to work.

Do you know how grateful I am that you helped zee get that job with Joe's company?

It changed our lives.

Photographing weddings and the occasional political city event wasn't cutting it.

Well, zee got that all on his own.

I mean, his jingles are good.

Besides, I have no clout with Joe when it comes to the business.

You mean you can't sweet talk that man?

About some things, yes.

Like, for instance, me coming up for a couple of weeks on my own?

There was some sweet talking involved.

Would you hand me a towel?

I'll do better than that.

Feels nice.


You have beautiful hair.

Beautiful skin.

It's so soft.

Like silk.


We can't do this.

All right.

Why did you kiss me that time in the kitchen?

Because I wanted to.

And you wanted me to.

It's not true.

I just...

Just what?

I'm confused.

I'm feeling so many feelings all at the same time, and I just...

I don't know what I'm feeling anymore at all.

I promise I won't kiss you ever again, okay?

Do you promise?


Do you want me to stop?



What about the boys?

They won't be home for hours, Rosie.

It's just you and me.

I'm scared.

Of what?

Baby, of what?

How right this feels.


Me, too.

Me, too.

Stay with me.

Stay with me.

How am I ever gonna look at Joe or get into bed with him?


Just be here with me now, my love.

Oh, my sweet, beautiful Rose.

Did you hear that?

Oh, my god. That was a car. They're here.

Don't panic.

It's okay. They won't come down here.

Zee knows better.

What's that supposed to mean?

Just that...

Zee doesn't go looking for me.

Don't look so shocked.

And, here, your button's wrong, let me fix it.

What are we gonna do?

Love each other whenever we get the chance.

Don't worry.

That Scarlet letter is only in your mind.


Shit. No service.

The landline still works.

Should we call gran?

Yeah, if there was a phone down there, we would.

Maybe you should go and check on her.


You girls here?

Is the power out here, too?

Mom, did you walk up here?

I didn't fly.

Anyway, the rain stopped.

But that path is very treacherous.

Yeah, I had my stick.

You're too much, mother.

You are out of your mind.

It hasn't been working almost since the day we got married.

I wish you had told me.

Maybe I could've helped.


We went to therapy, we did a couples' retreat.

We even tried bringing in a third sex partner.

Oh, t.M.I., Allison! Way too t.M.I.!

It can get a little weird when I want him to go down on me and there's another person. Oh, stop it, enough!


How could you help if you can't even hear that?

Sex isn't the only thing in a marriage. Let her finish, Patty.

The point is he's so controlling about everything. Like, really ocd, you know?

Like, if I don't put the books back in alphabetical order...

Oh, sweetie, everybody has eccentricities.

You have to learn... -He even read my journal, just like you used to.

So now I keep one for him and one for me...

Oh, when did you start doing that?

A long time ago, mom.

I got the idea from daddy because you used to read his journals...

Because he never gave me any information either.

I'm glad I read them, otherwise I wouldn't have known about...

A lot of things.

Oh, forget it, mom.

His affair is old news.

You knew?

Who in the world?

Stay there, I'll get it.

Oh, hi.

Did you speak to Mark?


Now I feel both bad and guilty.

It's marybeth from across the lake.

Hey. Hey.

How you doing? Hi.

Hey, I was just down the street at the mcdougals'.

Is Evelyn all right? Oh, yeah, yeah.

I went by to make sure, though.

They got a new generator since the last storm, so everything's cool there.

Anyway, I came out to a flat tire, so all they have are cells down there.

I was just wondering if you have a landline, I can call the garage.

I'm surprised you didn't fix it yourself.

Oh, well, I would've, but some fool didn't put the Jack back in the right place.

It's over here.

While you're waiting, would you like some soup?


Twist my arm.

I'll have a schlafly, too, if you've got one.

Coming right up.

The end.

Oh, man, that was fun.

Well, thank you for dinner, ladies.

And for some serious freakin' scrabble, but now that the power's on, I should go.

Speaking of which, the cottage I'm renting got sold and I need to find a new place.

So if anybody hears of anything or...

My cottage is empty.

Now, if you'll help me clean it out, it's yours.



Sure! Yeah!

Oh, my god. How much fun will this be?

Thanks, Rose.

All right, I'll call you next week.

Oh, that's terrific.

Night. See you then.

Bye, marybeth.

Great seeing you.

That was fun.

I knew when she got us on "periocular," we were done for.

Oh, it was the "apraxia" on the triple that killed me.

I mean, who knows medical terminology?

She was an EMT.

Oh. She's a good egg.

She's kind of tomboy-ish, don't you think?

You mean butch?

Well, no, I mean...

You mean gay.

Well, yeah.

Well, what if she is?

Well, nothing, it's just that...

I don't like the idea of it.

It's gross.


Did you just say "gross"?

I'm sorry, that's just how I feel.

This is why I can't talk to you.

What has this got to do with anything?

You're so goddamn judgmental!

I'm judgmental?

I mean, this is against nature, Ali.

Oh, my god!

Did you just say that?

What decade are you living in?

No wonder daddy had an affair.

You're impossible. Allison, that was...

Unfair and it was cruel.


Okay, well, what about you, gran?

You think your way is better?

Just stuffing your feelings, never talking about anything, just pretending that everything is fine, when all the time it's really fucked, it's fine?

You don't think that's cruel?

Mom, I heard what you said to gran about daddy after his funeral, that he dropped dead because he couldn't live with what he'd done and that it was better for everyone.

Well, it wasn't fucking better for me!

Don't, mom.

What is the matter with her?

This weekend is a disaster!

I'm gonna go get soused and take a nice hot bath.

I'll see you in the morning, mother, if I don't drown first.

Just breathe, flick your wrist.

Oh, did you see that?


Perfect. Where's that camera I brought you?

Take a picture! Nobody will believe this.


Okay, Rosie.

The time has come. For what?

You promised, if I let you teach me to fish, we were gonna go skinny dipping.

I didn't think you were serious.

I'm always serious.

Especially about fun.

Liquid courage.

Oh, no, you don't! Yes, I do!



I think I felt a lizard.

No, it was me.

I'm so in love with you.

I want you all the time.

Every moment, every breath.

♫ I love you, I do ♫

♫ Angel baby ♫

♫ My angel baby ♫ That lizard is back.

Yes, my love.

♫ Angel baby ♫

♫ My angel baby ♫

♫ Ooh, hoo, I love you ♫

♫ Ooh, hoo, I do ♫

♫ No one could love you ♫

♫ Like I do ♫

♫ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♫

♫ Whoo, hoo, ooh ♫

♫ Whoo, ooh, ooh ♫

♫ Whoo, ooh, ooh... ♫

♫ Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock ♫ And then the choir director says, "ma'am, you can't sing that part.

You're a woman."

To which she replies, with a dignified, straight face, "my dear, sir, there is no evidence that handel required his tenors to have balls."

What'd he say?

Well, what else could he say?

"On the count of three, then."

My wife has been known to sing bass.

Only when we're smoking pot.

Wait, you've tried that stuff?

Oh, yeah. It's great.

It loosens me up creatively.

And in other ways.

You know, I'd like to give it a try.


How 'bout now?

Oh, I don't know about that.

Well, why not?

Come on, Rosie. Be bold.

Just breathe it in.

Okay. And then...

As long as you can.

Maybe after dinner.

It's very, you know...



Makes all your senses come alive.

It's fantastic really.


It's majorly cool that you guys are having us over for Christmas.

And the best part is this house belongs to you guys!

Well, and the bank.

I think we should make this a lifelong tradition.

Well, I will be here.



The roast is ready.

Louise, do you wanna give me a hand?


Oh! Almost fell through.

Coming around.

How you feeling, buddy?

I don't know.

But that angel looks like she is about to fly across the room.


Right? Yeah, it does!

It does.

I can't wait to be alone.

Oh, god, me, too. Zee thinks I'm hormonal because I can't focus on anything.

Anything except you.

It drove me absolutely wild to see zee kiss you, and to know that...

Oh, god, we can't keep doing this.

We have to.

I can't keep my hands off you.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Careful, we must be careful.

You know I love you madly.

Hey, ladies, you want a hit?

No, thank you, honey! We're fine!

Meet me tomorrow at the cabin. Zee has to stay late for work.

Say yes. Yes.

And don't make love to Joe tonight, promise?

Promise? Promise.

The girl will grab the tri-lakes beer.

That means she wants him.

Ergo, you drink our beer if you want to get laid.

Bingo! That's brilliant.

Hey. Hey.

We just came to help.

You are looking especially pretty tonight.

Isn't she?

Mm-hmm, she is.


Oh, god. Oh, this platter's way too heavy.

Food. Okay, I'll take it.

Oh, how is the gentleman?

Well, I'm stoned and there's food, so I'm gonna take it.

Here, potatoes.

Thank you.

Oh, god, this food looks delicious, Rose.



So different than all your other friends.

She's an artist.



Like... a free spirit.

Well, just don't you turn into one, hmm?

'Cause I don't wanna lose you.

Oh, you won't.

You promise?

I already did, Joe.




Food's getting cold.


Is there any of that ginger tea up here?

It really helped.

Oh, I'll get it. I'll make it.

Go and sit out and get some air.


Ah, here you go. I hope it's strong enough.

This is such a special place, gran.

I'm so glad you're here.

Listen, I... I just wanna say...

You first. No, you got first, mom.

No, look, I gotta be first, 'cause I'm, like, the one who's been acting like a crazy person and I need to say that I'm sorry, okay?

To both of you.

I never should've said those things last night and I am really, really sorry.

I think I'm, like, off the charts hormonal.

I was the same way when I was carrying you.

You remember, mom?

I mean, I would scream and cry if a salt shaker was in the wrong place. It's true!

It's not just hormones.

I haven't been totally honest with you guys.

And I... I called my therapist and she said that I have to be, that it will help us to, you know, move through this.

You can tell us anything.

I'm not so sure, but, okay.


I've been seeing somebody else.

Oh, Ali, how could you?

That's not helpful, Patty.

Are you saying you're cheating?


Then the baby might not be his?

Oh, no. It's definitely his.

It can't be Dani's.

How can you be so sure?

I don't wanna freak you out.

I'm too old to be freaked out.

Dani's a woman.

Excuse me?

Are you telling me you're gay?

I'm telling you that I'm in a relationship with a woman and that it's, like, really serious.

So maybe I am. I don't know.

What difference does it make what you call it?

It's not a crime, Patty.

I mean, before any of this happened, Mark and I were not in a good place and I was thinking about leaving and...

But you got pregnant.

Yeah, I did because I wasn't being honest with him either.


Well, one thing is very clear, you cannot stay in this relationship.

How in god's name do you come to that conclusion?

Well, isn't it obvious?

I mean, she can't have the baby with a woman.

I don't see why not.

People do it all the time these days.

Think of the child!

What a terrible thing to do to a kid.

Two mothers?

For most of us, one is bad enough.

I don't understand you.

I made mistakes.

And Ali will make hers whether she has this child or she doesn't.

But who she chooses to love, and whether not you approve of it, it has absolutely nothing to do with that decision.

You listening, Ali?

Not one fucking thing!

You taste like rain.

Maybe because it poured today.

I'm in love with Rose!

I love you!

I love you!


I know you girls are dying to see what was inside that camera.

So here. Here they are.

Have a look.

How old are you here?


You were one hot mama, gran.


Well, at that age, who isn't?

We met these people before we even owned this house.

Actually, it was the first summer we were ever here.

That's zee and his wife Louise.

They were our best friends.

How come you never talked about them?

I don't know.

I came from a family where we never talked about the past, or anything that was difficult or painful.

Anyway, your dad hired zee to write some jingles.

He was a musician, and one of 'em became a huge success.

And it launched your father's company into orbit and we were able to buy this house.

And after that, zee and Louise would come down every summer for a couple of weeks.

Sometimes Louise would come and visit with me.

I was staying here a lot of the time and your dad would visit on weekends.

She'd come down here to keep me company and do her own thing.

What was her thing, gran?

She was a very fine photographer like you.

We even set up a dark room for her in the cottage at one point.

Amazing. This was before me?

Oh, honey, long before.

I was 25 when we met.

Well, she was quite the exhibitionist, wasn't she? Louise was a ball of fire.

She was always laughing and seeking out new experiences.

And, god, she pushed me, always tried to get me to experience something out of my comfort zone.

Everything we did felt dangerous to me.

But, Louise, she was just living.

They only thing I taught her was how to fish.

She taught me how to live.

55 years.

A lifetime in the blink of an eye.

I don't understand.

If you were such great friends, what happened?

My love.

My Lou.

I came.

I'm here.

I won't let you go, Louise, ever.

Stay with me.


Stay with me.

Thank you for coming.

I can't believe it's been a year and a half.

What happened, zee?


Burst appendix.

They... they didn't see it 'cause it was on the wrong side.

Why would she do anything the way you're supposed to do it, right?

I was, um... I was on my way out to a gig and she said, you know, "go, zee, it's probably just...

Indigestion or something," and then she collapsed.

She's young.

She's strong.

She's gonna be fine.


When they went in, they found...

Cancer everywhere.

They couldn't do anything, so they sewed her back up.

She wanted to...

She wanted to come home to...

To die.

She wanted to come home to die.

She didn't want me to...

To call you.

But when she went into a coma, you know, I called you.

She's here, baby.

Your Rosie's here.

I'm with you now.

I'm not going anywhere.

She died.

Oh, god, gran. I'm so sorry.

She was 33.

Full of life.

That's so sad.

You still miss her, don't you?

Every day.

When I fish, when I walk, when I read poetry.

She broke me open.

You don't understand what I'm saying?

We weren't just friends.

Louise was the love of my life.

I can't do this anymore.

We're heading into catastrophe here.

Zee knows, I'm sure of it, and I think Joe is just determined not to see.

I don't know what you mean.

Yes, you do, Rose. You do know.

Just because it hasn't been talked about doesn't mean it isn't known.

Baby, don't you get it?

I love you.

And I can't keep giving you up to Joe, and I can't keep lying to zee.

Louise, what choice do we have?

Come away with me.

We can go to New York or Paris or San Francisco, anywhere you want. I can freelance.

I've made connections with a couple of magazines.

If you want, you can go to school or...

What are you saying? I can't just leave my marriage.

Rosie, we both already left our marriages many times over.

I just can't keep going back.

I can't do this. I have to...

No, you can't keep running away.

You have to turn into this.

I can't.

I can't do that to Joe.

But you already have.

Don't you get it?

He is my husband, Louise.

I made a vow.

Which you break every time you kiss me or make me...

Stop. Stop, Louise.

Don't you understand?

I'm not like you.

I love you.

You love me.

That's all that matters.

What about a child?

You can't give me a child ever.

No matter how much you love me, you can't give me a child.

If you want a child, we'll find a way.

You're crazy.

I can't have a child with you.

And I can't do what you ask.

And I can't keep doing this, baby.

It's killing me.

Please don't say that, Lou.

I can't live without you.

Then come with me, or you will have to learn to live without me.

I was scared.

Scared of...

Not being normal.

My whole life until then was spent doing what I was supposed to do, being what my father, my grandfather, church, society expected me to do.

I didn't know you could choose your own life.

Have you ever, you know, been with anybody else besides her?

Another woman? No.

I fell in love with Louise, this extraordinary being who turned my life inside out.

She happened to be female.

Until Louise...

She was...

A paradigm shift.

As if I'd known the world was flat and she burst in to tell me it was very, very round.

These are incredible.

She promised she'd never show them to anyone.

You're the first to see them.

Except for zee.

He sent to me after she died.

She was, like, seriously talented.

I think Louise was ahead of her time.

Would you let me show these to my editor?

He's into this kind of stuff.

What's the point?

This way, she still lives on, gran.

Her work was her. Take them.

Show them, burn them, I don't care.


Live your life, no matter what the cost.

Don't live somebody else's.

Mind if I join you?

Where'd you find the rod?

In the shed.

Must've been dad's.


Joe hated fishing.

It belonged to Louise.

I'm sorry it all came out that way.

You should've told me, mom.

It doesn't matter that it happened before I was born.

You were carrying a secret that excluded all of us.

You know...

I always thought it was me.

That I wasn't enough for you.

That if I could just figure out what you wanted or...

Do some elusive something, whatever that was, that, finally, you'd let me in.

But now I understand.

That was never gonna happen because it wasn't me you wanted.

It was her.

Oh, sweetheart.

Those dots do not connect that way.

I wanted you more than I've ever wanted anything before or since.

I desperately wanted a child long before I discovered my body wasn't going to cooperate, long before Louise.

It's one of the reasons I stayed with Joe.

Yes, you're right, I...

I was grieving.

But we sought you out.

And I saw you.

And I wanted you.

Oh, boy, did I want you.

No matter what you think about all of this, you're wanted.

You're my girl, always.

Oh, my god!

I caught something!

I caught a fish!

What do I do?

I got something! Stay calm.

Look at that! Ooh!

Dessert first is my favorite tradition.

Mine, too.

Who started this one anyway?

I did. Ali was three years old the first summer we did it.

To tradition!

Listen, okay?

There's something that I have to tell you both that I haven't said.

I hope you can hear it.

Uh-oh. What is it?


Am not gay.

I feel so excluded!

Take care, okay?

And I'll call you, you know, when I figure myself out.

Follow your heart. That's your true north.

Here, take this.

Don't argue. It's yours anyway.

This way I have the pleasure of giving it while I'm still breathing.

Thanks, gran.

I love you.


And call me when you get in so I don't worry.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck worrying about you all the time.

That's not fair, is it?

No, not in the least.

I've been thinking, it would be nice to have somebody here.

I'm gonna follow up with marybeth about the cottage.

Oh, great.

It's perfect.

Go before you hit traffic.

Well, we had quite a run, didn't we, Rosie?

♫ I don't know what it is that makes me love you so ♫

♫ I only know I never want to let you go ♫

♫ 'Cause you started something ♫

♫ Oh, can't you see? ♫

♫ That ever since we met you've had a hold on me ♫

♫ It happens to be true ♫

♫ I only want to be with you ♫

♫ It doesn't matter where you go or what you do ♫

♫ I want to spend each moment of the day with you ♫

♫ Oh, look what has happened with just one kiss ♫

♫ I never knew that I could be in love like this ♫

♫ It's crazy, but it's true ♫

♫ I only want to be with you ♫

♫ Mmm, you stopped to smile at me ♫

♫ And ask me if I wanna dance ♫

♫ And I fell into your open arms ♫

♫ Oh, and I didn't stand a chance ♫

♫ Now, hold on, baby ♫

♫ I just want to be beside you everywhere ♫

♫ As long as we're together, baby ♫

♫ I don't care ♫

♫ 'Cause you started something ♫

♫ Oh, can't you see? ♫

♫ Now, ever since we met you had a hold on me ♫

♫ No matter what you do ♫

♫ Oh, I only want to be with you ♫

♫ Now, listen, honey ♫

♫ I just want to be beside you everywhere ♫

♫ As long as we're together, baby ♫

♫ I don't care ♫

♫ 'Cause you started something ♫

♫ Oh, can't you see? ♫

♫ That ever since we met you had a hold on me ♫

♫ No matter what you do ♫

♫ Oh, I only want to be with you ♫

♫ No matter what you do ♫

♫ I only want to be with you ♫