Sniper: Legacy (2014) Script



I didn't think you'd come.

We chewed the same sand.

Yeah, I'm still pickin' it outta my teeth.

Shit, man.

Long time.

How ya doin', Smitty?

I haven't heard that nickname since Mission Sentinel.

I'm doin' good.

The German doctors down in Landstuhl, they stitched me back together pretty well.

When'd you get outta that sandbox?

Couple of months back.

Doin' okay?

They say I am.

Hey, they broke me, they gotta fix me.

Welcome to the world.

Listen, Smitty, I know this is not a good time to be lookin' for a job. But if...

I said I'm okay.

I got a line on a job over at Sembach Annex, training Army Snipers.

You know what they say, "Those who can't, teach."

Well, the Army owes you that.

It's my daughter Alex at school.

I didn't know you had a kid.

I got two, Alex and Lucy.

Don't see much of 'em. Not anymore.



You guys threw me under the bus on Sentinel.

We got sent on a bad mission and people died.

They hung that friendly-fire shit on me.

Your gun did it.

I was ordered to fire.

And I was ordered by the Colonel to give those orders.

Call it awash.

What are we doin' here, Smitty?

You got somethin' to say, say it.

Do you think that God will forgive us for all the shit that we've done?

We did things right, most of the time.

We were drinkin' from the devil's cup.

That's just war.

So that's it?

That's it.

Just like that.

So fuck you and fuck the Colonel, I did my job.

And I did mine.

Hey, did I tell ya?

Getting my citizenship next month.

Finally came through, huh? Mmm-hmm.

It pays to be a Marine.

God, I can't wait to have that blue passport.

Well deserved.

So, Corporal, you got an interesting nickname.

Mango? Yeah, where'd it come from?

My first live op, we were in East Timor.

Thirty days in the jungle, short on food supply.

Sol made my team a mango-snake salad.

What'd you season it with?

Sea salt.


Sounds good right about now.

Movement, one o'clock. Range me.

Thirteen hundred.

On target.

Hold scope. Wind?

It's comin' off the mountain at our one o'clock, quarter value, push two clicks to the right.


Descending 18 degrees, no adjustment.

More Syrians coming into Turkey. Who can blame 'em?

Your move, Reese.

White rook captures F five.


That's it, son. Check and mate.

NS-Two, NS-Two, this is NS-One, over.

NS-One, this is NS-Two, what's your traffic, over?

NS-Two, please advise on your sit rep, over.

Livin' the dream, baby.

How's your focus?

Currently, I am focused on cleaning my barrel.

I can see your silhouette.

Get back in your hide.

Can I shake first?

Oh, you got jokes?


Keeps me light, on the edge, where I need to be.

You need to be on your scope.

I know you're a member of the Green Jackets Team back in the UK, but sniping isn't just about shooting straight, you also have to shoot first, so get back on your rifle.

Tell knucklehead riding shotgun to put the chess set away.


Got something. Could be our guy. 12 o'clock.

This party's startin'.

NS-Two, put your dick away and lock it up.

Time to go to work.

Vehicle, belt-fed AK. They're coming heavy.

Call it out.

Target on ground. Head-wrap, sackcloth.

He's a real charmer.


Do the math.

970 meters.

Wind, one-half value.

Angle, 13 degrees descending. No adjustment.

On target.

Fire when ready.

Refugees are blocking my shot.

NS-Two, do you have a clean shot to the Tango, over?

Give me a sec.

Go two up.

This is a senior Taliban.

If you have a clean shot, send the mail now.

Roger that, over.

Put some lead on this guy, Reese.

Do it now!

Hey! Hey!

Miss. Ready for a gunfight?

Thought you'd never ask. Go to guns.


Give me a shot.

NS-Two, you have two hostile technicals approaching your position.

Fuck me! We're takin' heavy fire!

Man down! Man down!

Position to lead truck.

816 meters and closing, 25 miles an hour.

Two-mil lead.

Beckett, I need some help!

Large rock, 750 meters.

Two guys on foot.

Guy with the AK, on the ground, 800 meters.

Hostile threat down. Where's the target?

Heading south, fast.

Range me.

Range is long gone.

Call it in.

Let's pack it up.


Hog's Den, Hog's Den, this is North Star One.

Hostile threat down. Ready for evacuation, over.

Roger that, NS-One, move to extraction point LZ-Cobra.

Hold your position.

What the hell happened, Gunny?

You'll read about it in the report, sir.


Yahoo, no discipline.

That's why you're here, to train these yahoos.

Look around you.

This is a work in progress, not even the fucking paint's dry.

We had him.

Should've been clean, done.

It was that bad?


Reese got his spotter killed.

Well, let me buy you a drink. We'll talk it through.

I want out, Major.

What are you saying?

You sent us into a country we weren't even supposed to be in, with a team that wasn't qualified for the job.

We lost one today. We'll get him next time.

No, I had five kills today and we were only sent out for one target.

It's tough work.

Not really, that's what bothers me.

It was easy, five shots, five kills.

I was on the scope, correcting for wind and velocity, doing the trig work in my head, on the fly.

Yeah, it's just math.

No, everything was easy.

Second nature?


That's the goal.

Congratulations, you're a sniper.

It's what we do. Black on black.

It's ugly stuff.

You're not the first sniper to question his destiny.

We all do.

You think I like to kill?

I'm done.

You're assigned to a Multi-National Task Force authorized to carry weapons in a foreign country!

You can't just quit!

You're a natural, kid.

It's in your blood.

You're 10 minutes late.

Major, you still don't know when you're talking to a superior?

It's along time since we've had a come-to-Jesus face to face.

I'm not here.

The rest of us are in the shit and you're living the life out here.

Way off the grid, out of the grind, right where I need to be.

You must rate some serious juice with the brass stateside.

Pete Steffen, you remember him?

Yeah. Reasonably good man.

Got shot in Berlin, two days ago.


It would be a shame if it was just Steffen.

Hopkins and Carswell.


Hopkins got popped nine days ago in South Florida.


Medulla shot, two days back in London.

Shots were from 1,500 meters with a high-caliber bullet.

How high? Fifty.

That's not a just a kill, that's a statement.

It was a home-made bullet with its own calculated spindrift.


Hopkins' shot required an adjustment for extreme wind.

From 1,500 meters? Mmm-hmm.

This guy's a serious motherfucker.

Let's get the hell outta of here. You hungry?

Best octopus in the world.

You brought me here because you think I did it?

Why would you say that?

There are only a handful of guys can make those shots, and I'm one of them.

If I thought you did it, we wouldn't be talking.

Fair enough.

We have three men dead out of five who were put together for a particular mission in Afghanistan, a mission you turned down.

Didn't see any upside in it.

Everyone involved got a high-paying job with the corporation when they got back home.

With all due respect, sir, the men that get those high-paying jobs end up about six feet lower than I care to park my desk.

Who do you think did it?

Ideas or actionable intel?

What's your gut say?

Simpson. Got the raw talent.

He just got back from Afghanistan a couple months ago.

Spent time in the psych ward at Landstuhl.

He's been in the shit too long.

We think he's somewhere in Syria, tracking one of our members.


And we think your boy Beckett might also be on his list.

Why would he want Brandon?

Because last night there was a fourth killing.

Thomas Beckett?

He was taken out in Rome.

He was the best shooter I ever knew.

Fucker could thread a needle.

So what are you gonna do about it?

Find Simpson, shut him down.

There's an ax coming through your door, Colonel.

And this island's not so far off the grid.

That's why I've got you.

This is all the Intel we have.



They still calling you Bullet-Face?

So I hear you're lookin' for a transfer?

Word travels fast.

When were you gonna tell me?

Sanaa, I... No, look... Fine, it's fine.

Just thought we were friends.

We are.

Doesn't feel like it sometimes. It does to me.

It's so much easier for you guys, especially you with your legacy.

My legacy?

Wanna know why I became a sniper?


Republic of the Congo.

A sniper took out my entire squad, missed killing me by less than an inch.

I don't believe in misses.

The bullet either wants you or doesn't.


Hey, Beckett!

Bullet-Face is sending me home.

You rat-fucked me.

I did you a favor, Reese. Go home.

The Green Jackets will be happy to have their shooter back.

We've got some business to finish first.

You really wanna do this?

Oh, yeah.

Fucking Beckett!

So what was that all about?

Just a couple of guys who kill for a living getting into a bar fight.

What are you doing here, Brandon?

Chasin' a ghost.

Thomas Beckett?

Walkin' in the shadow of a giant.

He's just a man, Brandon.

I'll tell you a story about a girl and her father.

They lived in this small town in the south of Lebanon.

He was the mayor.

He was working with the police to try to stop local farmers from growing heroin poppy.

One day the girl came home from school.

She found her father's severed head on the front steps.

The police who had been hired to protect him, assassinated him.

I'm sorry.

My mom picked up our lives and moved us to Chicago.

Never looked back.

And you?

I joined the Corps.

Actually where I realized I could shoot.

Which brings me here, back in the Middle East, shooting long-guns with you at the command of Major Bidwell.

I actually learned a lot from him.

He taught me that no matter what country you're in, you don't really know who the bad guys are.

So you find a shooter who you trust and join forces with him.


Get dressed, I need a minute.


I'm not good at small talking over the facts of things, so I'm just gonna come out and say it.

A U.S. sniper went rogue and killed several military officers.

One of those men was your father.

My father?

I'm sorry, kid.



That's need to know.

I know you never knew him and maybe it doesn't matter to you, but he was the best shooter I ever knew.

He would've been proud of you.

Is that it?

No, I'm gonna take a small team and tie this thing off.

I can't take you with me because the Colonel says so.

Besides, you wouldn't know how to keep on the trigger without making it personal.

This isn't personal for you?

Yes, it is.

But I know how to make it a job.

Our training teaches us not to personalize killing.

I myself, I think there's something to be said for revenge.

So what are you saying?

What I'm saying is, I hope you don't sneak off the base and take this thing into your own hands.

Because if you do, you will be on loan-out to yourself.

And if you get caught, I will throw your ass under a fucking bus.

Yes, Major.

And, Gunny, I know he wasn't much of a father, but he was a hell of a man.

How's it goin', Mango?

Hey, Twinkle Toes Cantara.

I'm spottin' for you on this mission. I got your six.

Oh, cool, man.

We'll see ya, kid. Wheel's up! Let's roll!


Where's Brandon? He's not making this trip.

May I ask why?

Nope. Load up!

This is Viper-One to Command Op, we're 600 klicks from AFB Incirlik and rolling.

ETA approximately five hours.

Copy that, Viper-One. Be safe out there.

This is Tiger-Two Seven to Tower.

We're ready and awaitin' your command, over.

This is Tower.

You're cleared for take-off.

Confirm Team Viper's on board, ready for incursion.

That's affirmative, the team's locked and loaded.

We are approximately 80 minutes from DZ Alpha Bravo.

Roger that, Tiger-Two Seven, be safe out there.

Major Shope! Bidwell?


They call you Bullet-Face, right?

I have heard that before, yes.

This is Sanaa Malik, Eddie Cantara.


I prefer the word shooter.


Now we know who we all are.

Sol heard somebody wants me dead?

Well, tell 'em to take a number.

Everybody within a thousand klicks of here wants me dead.

Someone in particular, linked to what you were doing in Afghanistan on April the 22nd, 2004.

Yes, Sentinel. I remember that mission.


We were escorting a group of Army Intel out of theater.

We were ambushed.

It was a cluster fuck. We lost half the men to friendly fire.

Someone is killing every officer who served on that mission.

You're the last one alive.

380 tons of heroin and morphine is produced in Afghanistan and trafficked up into Europe.

The Heroin Highway starts in the Helmand River Valley and moves through Iran, Iraq and then into Syria before entering Turkey and making its way into Europe.

These drugs bankroll terrorism and it's our job to stop it.

They move through small villages, sometimes forcing the local men and women to work as slave labor.

These cartels are protected by kill squads.

At 1800 today, the group we've been hunting will deliver the heroin to a town on the outskirts of Bayda in exchange for weapons.

My team's forward deployed.

They're getting in position now.

We will be there to say hello and fuck them up.

In and out in 30 minutes.

This is an urban op, ladies.

I don't need to remind you there's an 88% casualty rate.

Don't silhouette, watch your angles and stay out of the fatal funnel.

The drugs and weapons will be destroyed on site.

This is not a recovery mission.

We leave zero signature.


Thank you.


While Major Shope and your I.N.L. team are busy fucking them up, my boys and girls will be on the green-side providing long-range support.

For those of you who skipped class, that's short for sniping in the weeds.

Thank you.

We'll also be filling the surrounding areas with these little babies.

GSM surveillance devices, real time HD audio and video with an IR range of 60 feet.

I'll be monitoring all the video feeds on the crisis zone.

If it moves with a gun, we will watch it in HD.

Whoever shows up to kill you is the bad guy.

We've invited him with a stream of unsecured radio chatter pinpointing the town and your team's presence there.

So, if this guy shows you've got my back?

We have.

You any good with those long-guns, Major?

I'd rather take my long-guns, than your short arms.

Well said.

Gear up.

Let's get it done.


I'm just passing through. I don't want any trouble.


Come on, guys. Let's not do this.

Here it is. Good.

800 meters out from the center of town.

Sir, if I may, why do they call you Bullet-Face?

I've had 74 confirmed kills.

And 67 of those have been face shots.

Quite a statement. More of a trademark.

Sir, why did you leave Brandon behind?

There's more at play here than you need to know about.

But I do what's right in the moment at the time.

You always know what's right for us? Yeah, pretty much.

You think you could ever be wrong?

Keeps me awake at night.

Okay, get ghillied-up, play hide.

Lots of friendlies out there, no tangos.

Roger that.

Viper-Two, Viper-Two, this is Viper-One, over.

Viper-One, this is Viper-Two, send your traffic, over.

Watch your target indicators down there.

You've got shine, over.

Roger that, over.

Pantyhose. Sexy.

If you saw half the shit I did with this, you would blush.

Fucking slut.

Nice hide, Mango.

We got movement, two o'clock, over.

Stay frosty, Viper-Two.

Safeties off.

Any sign of Tango, over?

Negative, over.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Find me Simpson. Viper-One, out.

Roger that.

Major, how's everything going out there?

This shithead pushing up daisies yet?

I'm in the middle of it now.

Gunnery Sergeant Beckett with you?

He's confined to base.

Is he?

That's where I left him.

Well, he's gone. Hasn't been seen since yesterday.

That's news to me.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this, Major.

Finish it!

So no pressure then. Just hurry up.

Exactly, Major.

No more Marines dying.

Roger that.

Okay, boys. Stay sharp now.

Viper-One, Viper-One, got a second truck at my 10 o'clock.

Roger that, Viper-Two.

Team Alpha, Team Bravo, get ready to bound.

Let's go.

Team Charlie, you are on me.

We're fire support.

Take that window.

You take that window.

Shit. We're made.


Take them! Take them now!

Which way? Which way?

Should we engage?

Protect Shope and look for Tango. That's our mission.

Keep your head down on that scope.

Advance, advance! Move in! Cover me! Cover me!

Viper-Two, Viper-Two, we've got enemy sniper fire.

ATB Tangos, 11 o'clock.


Cantara? Cantara?

Viper-One, Viper-One, this is Viper-Two. I got a man down!

They've got counter-sniper support. How copy?

Start shooting.

We're pinned!

We need to change this fucking game!

Gotcha, bitch.

Nice work. That's a game changer.

It wasn't me.







Move in! Move in! Hustle! Hustle!

Let's push the perimeter! Fucking push down, let's go! Move in!


Move in, rig the truck.

Blow all the merch.

Nothing gets back on the market!

Anybody with me?

I'm here.

Cantara's gone.

Corporal, you tough it out.

This is a high stress event.

It's the job.


We're blowing this truck!

Watch your backs!

Well, that was a goat fuck, huh?

Looks like your assassin didn't get the invitation.

Our Intel says he did!

Yeah, well, your Intel can blow me!

Job's done! Let's get the fuck outta...

Rookie mistake, Junior.

The air is heavy, the light is low and you don't got the range with that 308, do you, kid?

Sleep tight, kid.

Be advised, be advised, we've got an unidentified Marine coming in.

Identify yourself.

Thomas Beckett, former US Marine. Who are you?

What the hell?

The rumor was you were dead, Master Gunnery Sergeant.

I've been dead before, Major.

Where is Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Beckett?

I left him back at the base.

Bullshit, he was here.

He's a resourceful kid.

So, this is how you take care of my son?

Your son is a force recon Marine Scout Sniper highly skilled in field craft and marksmanship.

The Corps has spent a lot of time and money teaching him how to survive.

Now, are you gonna tell me why you're on this side of the ground?

Disappointed? A little.

Takes a lot to kill a legend.

If the assassin thought I was dead, I figured he'd do what you did.

And what would I do?

Go to the next man on the list.

So, who is the sniper?

Army Ranger David Simpson. Simpson?

Now that's a damn shame.

I put some lead on him, but he was too far for me to put his lights out.

Master Guns?

A word.

What's on your mind, Major?

To say you're a long way from home is an understatement.

We're in the middle of the Middle East.

Allah himself doesn't know that we're here.

So how do you?

I know people, too.

Are we playing on the same team?

I'm playing to keep Brandon alive, that's my mission.

And to kill Simpson.

My life, nah, my life's been lived.

Sun will be up in a couple of hours. We'll find this guy.


This blood's fresh. This was Simpson's hide.

I'll track Brandon and Simpson.

Yeah, we'll come with you.

Negative, Major.

I counted at least two other combatants that lived through your donnybrook and made it out.

They could be working with Simpson.

So you two have to go after them.

I'll go west. I know that terrain.

Yeah, I'll go to the east.

So if this is more than just Simpson, who are they working for?

We'll ask whoever we leave alive.

Happy hunting.

Drop your fucking gun.

Don't move. Put the weapon down.

I don't have one.

What are you doing?

I'm waiting for evac.


There's no evac coming for you.

End of the road.

They promised.

Who's "they"?

My recruiter.

My CO.

All of 'em.

What did they promise?

To know I was fighting for something that mattered.

I was doing good.

Maybe you were.


I wasn't.

Your old man was out there with me and it did not do me any good having him watch my six.

Ah, ah, ah.

Say hi to your old man when you see him.

My father's dead. Is he?

Well, you killed him. Well, I thought I did, but he's here.

Here? Yep.

He's on the scent, doing what he does best.

Now, I want you to do a favor for me.

Tell your old man and the Colonel that I'm coming for 'em.

Don't you hate that?

Let's talk. You cannot torture me.

Really? Who says?

Your government says.

I can do what the fuck I like. I'm in Syria.

You think my government sent me here to follow the rules?

They sent me here to take down creeps like you.

They don't ask me how I do it and I don't tell.

Don't ask, don't tell.

Excuse me.

Won't be long.


Sharpe's dead? - Yes, he is.

And I got to find out from a third party?

We've been busy.

Understood. We got to get this done, Major.

Listen, Colonel, I know this thing has gone a bit sideways and I'm willing to wear that, but I've got a piece of business right in front of me now.

What kind of business?

A captive hostile. How far can I take this?

No limits. Major, don't let this ax come to my door.

Roger that.

Now where were we?

Now you talk or you die.

He's gone.


Hello, son.

You need to rendezvous with the team.

You're a hard man to find, Master Gunnery Sergeant.


I guess that's the idea. Scout Sniper and all.

It's me.

Easy, Master Guns.

Still leaving the unit?

I don't know.

You're fighting a good war, Brandon.

We're on the right side of it.

Yeah. Well, maybe I just joined for the wrong reasons.

You should go talk to him.

I don't even know him.

And the next thing I knew, I became him. I'm not sure where to begin.

"Where the fuck you been my whole life?"

Start there.

Don't let this moment pass you.

Look here, I know there's some questions you want to ask me, Gunny.

And I'm afraid you're not gonna like the answers.

A sniper is just not a father.

I walked. It happened.

Should I go on or can we skip this sad story with all its tears?

Let's skip it. Let's talk about the mission.


Simpson, the assassin... Simpson's working alone.


No, he was never with them.

How do you know that?

Well, my guy turned out to be quite talkative.

Huh. So how do we catch him?


Who sent all of you out here?

Who else?

The last thing Simpson said to me was that he was gunning for you and the Colonel.

Sounds like a trap to me.

Or a misdirection.

Maybe he wants us to lead him there.

The Colonel's in Santorini.

In Greece?

That's his new pivot point?


Well, looks like we'll need a cruise ship.


He's the only one we didn't take on the mission.

Welcome to the shit, Reese. All right, let's load up.

Reese, we good?

I'm good.

Unless you wanna go again?

Not really. But we can.

Let's not. You kicked my ass the first time.

Are these scanners operational?

They should be.

What do you got in mind?

You said this shooter uses a remote control firing platform.

Remote-firing systems are linked in to cell signals.

With a cell-tuned scanner, I could pinpoint the exact location of his firing platform.

Get on that.

So, who is this guy anyway?

He's working for someone.

Or he's crazy.

Or both.

I hunted this kid once.

He did the hero side of Afghanistan from the Fifth Stryker Brigade.

A 15-month deployment in the Helmand River Valley.

Heavy action, really heavy.

You know, he was a good Marine, but it got to his soul.

Messed him up really good.

The psychs tagged him with PTSD, but they didn't discharge him.

They didn't really treat him either.

For three months he wandered the base with a weapon.

January first, he went into his hooch, grabbed his weapon and he shot up a New Year's Party.

Then he trekked up to Yosemite National Forest.

No food, no shelter, temperatures dropping below freezing.

When we finally spotted him, he was up the mountain above the snow line.

Just sitting there, staring into dawn's early light.

And then he ate his gun.

If Simpson's broken, he makes a perfect puppet for the Colonel.

What? You think he's in on this?

I sure hope to God he's not.

You don't drink coffee?

Not much.

No bad habits?

I like cars.

That's a bad habit?

It is if they're expensive.

How about you?

I like to fish.

Well, maybe we'll cast a line someday.

Hey, Dad? Yeah.

Might want to get square, if you're gonna go see a colonel.


If you get this Simpson in your sights, you put some hot lead into him.

One shot, one kill.

Yes, sir.


You hold my weapon.

Master Guns.

Excuse me, sir. You have a phone call.

Excuse me, please.

Yes, who's this?

Former Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett, sir.


Thought you were dead.

You mean you heard I was dead, but I'm betting you didn't believe it.

That's true.

Where are you?

On my way to see you.

Are you close?


Should I send someone?

No, I'll cab it.

1322 Thira Drive.

I know, over.

Say your positions, everybody.

Keep your eyes on the perimeter.


If Simpson's here, I want him dead.

Wow. Nice office.

You certainly made a deal with the devil, sir.

This is a breach of protocol.

You didn't have to see me, Colonel.

You call me up from the grave and expect me not to respond?

Do you know who I have up there?


The, uh...

The US Attorney General, Phil Daniels, the esteemed Senator from North Dakota, and the Syrian Rebel Forces.

And from the looks of it, a couple of Playboy Bunnies.

Well, we don't all wear a ghillie suit and creep around.


Did you send an assassin to track me and the other members of Mission Sentinel?

If I sent a kill squad for you, you would not be here having this conversation.

Damn, Thomas, we go back a long way.

Yeah, yep.

Twenty-five years. That's right.

So, if you think I'm gonna stand here and let you point your finger in my face, you can go to straight to hell, Beckett.

Well, then tell me what's happening.

What's happening is David Simpson.

He's been in the game too long and he had a meltdown.

And let me tell you something, there is no conspiracy here.

I'm telling you what I know.

Well, tell me something, Colonel, does this, um, black-on-black work ever wear you out?

Yeah, it does, when I think about it.

How's Brandon? Ah...

Sins of the father, I guess.

You've given up a lot for your country, Master Guns.

Maybe it's time you consider a change of venue.

You can have any job you want.

Because by far, you are the best Marine I have ever known.

Gunshot came from my six.

Find him and shut him down.

Get me a location, Malik. I'm on it.

God damn it, Thomas! You've led him right to me.

If he's using a remote platform, I'm not seeing it.

Got him, 2,600 meters out.

Missed, too far down range.

He's on the move, headed southbound on the ridge-line.

Roger that, on my way.

I've got a visual on him.

If you have a shot, take it.

That's a negative, I'm in pursuit on the southbound trail.


Put the weapon down.

Don't do it!

Don't do it.

Vintage Remington 308.

Not the best for accuracy.

Blow his fucking head off, Sarge!

Talk to me, Malik.

I'm getting a weak signal.

There's no signal with a remote, Brandon.

I've got the eastern side of the ruins covered.

Roger that.

I'm gonna draw him out. Watch for movement.

I'm on the scope, kid.

Waiting to get a vector on his position.

Give it up, Simpson! You're done!

This ends badly for you!

Any reading on that frequency yet, Malik?

I got it.

1,200 meters to the west, headed there now.

Isn't this fun?

Let's get to it, Junior!

I missed. He's still in play.

Remote platform's not here. He must have scrambled the signal.

I'm on my way down.

What happened to you, Simpson?

They lied!

I read the reports.

No one ordered you to fire on your own team.

It was an accident, friendly fire.

It wasn't an accident.

I was under orders.

They made me do it.

It was not my fault!

Welcome to my kill zone, Junior.

Come on!

Toss it now.

Get the fuck up.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Why shouldn't I?

This is my last hurrah.

The field sniper is a dinosaur.

You're extinct and you're right in my kill zone.

Now you're right in my kill zone.

Fucking Beckett.

Two shots, one kill.

You slipping, Master Guns?

It was intended.

The first shot was just to let him know.

Let him know?

Yeah, let him know he was about to die.

I feel it coming down Lying on the ground Kingdom's never safe When the king is fooling 'round A lighthouse on a hill A wave that never breaks I throw all my regrets into the sun As the sea forgets You take the key from my hand You press the button and reset I shout, I shout, I shout out at the sky From the roof of my car, oh I shout, I shout out into the night I need some answers right now, oh

You got a phone call.


Gunnery Sergeant Beckett.

Yes, Colonel.

I wanted to thank you for being a good Marine.

Not necessary, sir.

We tied this off, you did most of the heavy lifting.

That kind of work hits my radar.

Thank you, sir. Is that all?

I understand you put in a request for leave.

Yes, sir.

Just trying to sort some things out.

I get it, take some time, get some rest.

But when you come up for air, I'll be that knock at your door.

Forgive me if I don't answer, sir.

You'll answer.

Are you sure about that?

This work we do, it's in your DNA. Its who you are.

So, yeah, I'm sure about that.

There is one more thing though. There's been no decision yet, but if things stack up, there's a chance you might see a lot more of your dad.

How so?

He's gonna be your new CO.

Take care of that arm, Colonel.

Oh, and find yourself a new island.

That hide's been compromised.

Already done.

Swim into the ocean Lift yourself up off the floor An army on the street Marching to the beat, oh I shout, I shout I shout I shout, I shout, I shout out at the sky From the roof of my car, oh I shout, I shout out into the night I need some answers right now, oh Communication Why don't you call me?

Call me Communication Why don't you call me?