Sniper: Reloaded (2011) Script

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Marine, this hearing falls under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Now, you understand this is a deposition, not a trial.

The charges against you are serious. Desertion of your post. Dereliction of duty.

Any legal actions that may or may not proceed from this investigation will be adjudicated under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Do you understand your rights in this matter?

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Abramowitz.

Sergeant Brandon Beckett, please can you tell us where you were on the 4th ofAugust, 2010?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.

What were you doing in Africa?

My squad had just transferred from Kabul, Afghanistan two months earlier.

Your assignment?

We were there as part ofATEP.

The Africa Train and Equip Program.

We were helping train the Congolese regular army to resist the incursion of well-armed rebel forces backed by terrorist groups.

In exchange, African troops would join the coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Can you describe the events that led to your going AWOL eight days later?

It started August 3rd at the parade ground...

The AKS-74, the Soviet weapon designed to replace the AK-47.

Most likely, this or one of its variants is what your enemy will be using.

The rifle is chambered for the 5.45 x 39mm round, similar to our 5.56mm NATO round.

Only the AKS uses a 52-grain steel-core bullet, designed to penetrate body armor.

This weapon's barrel has a one in eight twist.

That means there's enough spin to stabilize even the heavier 70-grain bullets.

It's accurate.

If you hear this thing going off, you get out of the line of fire.

Remember, in our exercises, you'll be using blanks and laser-activated MILES vests to score hits.

But when you get into a fire fight, the idea is not to get hit.

My men are good soldiers. They know how to fight.

They just don't know how to duck.

Look, Captain Ngoba, I know some of this is straight out of the book.

Your soldiers are courageous and brave, but they have to fight the natural tendency to start firing back from unsecured positions.

Yes, we know. You gotta aim if you want to maim.

Ngoba, get your men in formation and let's go again.

Captain Nelson, Colonel Jäger would like to see you in his office.

Brown, take over. Beckett with me.

What did we do wrong? Maybe my transfer came through.

You leaving the Marines? Anything to get away from you.

You wanted to see us, sir? Yes.

New orders for tomorrow.

New orders?

Training operations will be temporarily suspended.

You will be taking men into the DRC.

Sir, I thought it was off limits to outside military forces.

The Congolese government has cleared us for this one mission.

The rebels are threatening all Europeans in the DRC.

Most have moved out long ago after the country ceased being a Belgian colony.

But one last Belgian plantation owner, a Jean Van Brunt, has refused to respond to our communications, and his property is here.

Come on.

Here in Mukana, just over the border.

An old-style plantation that, like its owner, has outstayed its welcome.

Take 10 men.

You have to go in there and extract him and any persons still working for him.

I'll take five of my Marines and Ngoba's men.


Yes, sir. Dismissed.


Yes, Sergeant?

Why not airlift him out?

It's too dangerous to fly in the area, since the rebels have gotten their hands on Strela missiles.

If they have Strelas, what else do they have in store for us?

Hopefully, you don't find out.

So we're on babysitting duty tomorrow?

This is not a walk in the park.

There's rebel activity all over that area.


Don't worry, Paddy. We'll be in and out before they know what hit them.

Bing-bang, like a Chinese prom date. Man, you're a pig, you know that?

You love it.

Whoa. Check out the new chick.

Who is she?

She's from England.

That's military intel, bro. Don't even think about it.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means she'll want a man with brains, and you ain't smart, even for a Marine.

Well, she's looking over here.

It doesn't make any sense, but she's looking at you, dude.

Go for it, Sergeant. She wants you all up in there.

Not interested.

Ten bucks says you don't have the nerve to talk to her.

I'll second that. Yeah.

You're on.

Oh, yes. Oh, yeah!

Here we go. Go get it, B.

See you in five minutes.

Hey. I'm Sergeant Beckett. You're new here, right?

That's it?


That's your come-on line, Sergeant? "Hey, you're new?"

Yeah, I guess it's...

It's Abramowitz. Lieutenant Ellen Abramowitz.

Work on the line, Marine. Then get back to me.

I will.

How'd that work out? Fail, Sergeant.

Walk of shame.

Fraternizing with a superior officer.

Shot down. Way to go, B.

You knew she was a Lieutenant.

You owe me 10 bucks.

You struck out.

The bet was to talk to her.


What did she say?

What did you say? What did you say to her? Come on.

A gentleman never tells.

Shutting him off like a light switch.

That was pathetic.

I didn't see you talking to any women last night.

Brown's queer for Capobianco.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

See? Busting my balls.

Border coming up.

There's some fly women around here.

You're gonna take them back home with you?

I ain't saying I'm gonna take them home. I'm just saying...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, "I'll give you a new life."

Yeah. "Move to Utah."

Guys, guys, settle down. We're almost there.

Mukana's 10 klicks north of here, just past Uhuru.

What, they've got a town named after the chick from Star Trek?

That's Uhura, dick. Uhuru is "freedom" in Swahili.

Check out the big brain on the...

Bad joke, since the rebels have driven everyone out of that part of the country.

Right. I heard they walked. Settle down, Vincent.

Yes, this may not be Afghanistan or Fallujah, but be careful. It's the jungle of the Congo.

Okay, jungle faces on.

Sounds like a holiday.


Chandler and his rich European friends come to get trophies.

I thought it was too dangerous for Europeans in this area.

Down here, hunters are a big part of the economy.

They pay good money to the government and they feed the local villagers.

Keep your eyes open.

And Marines, behave.


You're Jean Van Brunt?

Who's asking?

Can we speak to you please, sir?

Come inside.

I don't understand these orders. It's simple. We have to take you out of here.

I have no problem here.

Where are your workers? They ran off.

They are afraid.

I'm not.

It's for your own protection, sir.

Leave this place? I can't.

I'm afraid we're under orders.

Screw your orders.

This plantation was built by my father.

It survived the Congo wars and several small uprisings since.

I'm not going to abandon everything he lived and died for.

No. No, everything that means anything to me is in the house and on that land.

My wife is buried out there, for God's sake.

You want me to walk out that door?

I'm sorry, but you have no choice.

All right. I will come with you. For now.

Take me to your commander. I'll talk to him.

Ngoba, get the vehicle. Let's go!

Everybody, move out! Okay.

Got to bring her around.

Sir, I don't know what to say, but when the fighting is over, you could come back.

To what? An empty field where this house once stood?

No. If you take me out of here, this place dies, and so do I.

Get down!

Fall back! Run for cover!

Find cover!

He's fucking hit!

Hoag, get down!

Get down!

Get fucking down! Hoag, get down!

Get the fuck down!

Fucking rebels.

I don't think it's a squad out there.

Why do you say that?

His rate of fire, the radius of attack. I think there's one guy out there.

One guy. A sniper. Sniper?

Fuck! Fuck!

Where is he? Where are those shots coming from?

I can't tell. I think he stopped shooting.

He's playing with us.

He can't see around the door.

He's moving around to a better location to get shots.

Maybe he's gone. I gotta get back into my house.

Fuck your house! You don't understand...

There's 50 yards of clear kill zone between here and that tree line.

He can pick us off one by one.

But in my house, my...


Objective is fucked!

Oh, my God. Damn it! Shit!

Come on, stop it!

It won't stop.

Look at me!

Breathe, breathe, breathe. I messed up.


I can't breathe. You stupid fuck.

Fuck it!

Why isn't he shooting? He must be moving positions.

Fuck! Fuck what?

This is a U.S. Army shipping container.

You see this case?

I've packed cases like this back at Pendleton.

Pelican model 1780 cases. Cases that hold 12 full-size M-1 6s each.

Shit. What the hell are they doing here?

I don't know.

Well, Captain, you got a plan, man?

Against the sniper?


Why are you looking at me? You're in charge.

Aren't you the sniper expert here?

Well, you know more about this shit than me, man.

That's beautiful. How do we fight this motherfucker?

We wait until darkness falls.

Well, what if he has NODs?

Night vision only works in darkness.

We'll make our move right at dusk.

He won't be able to use his NOD. His day vision will be compromised.

That's our best chance.

And if we can't get out of here?

Then what? Walk back to Zimbala?

Those motherfuckers walked us into an ambush.

We're on our own here, man! You led us into a fucking ambush!

I am going home. I am going home.

Two tours in fucking Iraq, one in Afghanistan and to die in Africa like this?

Fuck that, man. Fuck them!


Fuck! Fuck!

We're dead, man. We're fucking dead.

Not yet. Not yet.

Sun's going down. We gotta move together.

Okay. Which way?

The trees by the road are closest. We kick the door, but we run for it.

He'll have trouble with us moving fast.

You sound like you believe that shit.

I have to.

Ten bucks says you don't make it to that tree line.

You're on.


You're hit. You're gonna get yourself...


Where am I?

You're in my camp.

You're the hunter. Yeah. Martin Chandler.

You got a name, kid?

Beckett. Sergeant Brandon Beckett.

Okay, Brandon, you want to let go of my arm?


What were you gonna do with that knife?

I was gonna try and get the bullet out of your shoulder.

It's a clean entry, but it's gone in too deep.

Where are you going? You've got to get to a real hospital.

That wound's gonna get infected. You're lucky to be alive.

How did I get here?

I was scouting for kudu when I heard the shots.

By the time I got there, it was all over.

The plantation. I gotta get back there.

No, it's too dangerous.

Try and stop me.

Who are these kids?

They're orphans. Their parents were killed in the war.

I'm helping Duku protect them. They live here?

The rebels are always looking for new soldiers.

They force the young boys to join them and threaten to kill their families.

Sometimes just kill their families.

These are the sort of people you're up against, huh?

Can you give me directions back to the plantation?

A map of some type? I can't leave my friends out there.

Look, I knew Van Brunt. He was my friend.

He helped me set this place up in the early stages.

And he helped me with supplies when rebels cut off the shipments.

I also want to see his memory served.

By letting the people who killed him get away?


So you'll take me?

Yeah. I'm also crazy.

These hunters are going out early in the morning to shoot buffalo.

I'll take you to the plantation, but I gotta get back before they leave.

How do I thank you?

Just don't get me killed.

This is where I found the bodies.

Where are they? They were here.

You were the only one alive.

So someone took them?


Let's check the house.

They don't leave much unturned.

Fucking rebels.

You do business with them?

I trade them game meat so they don't kill my clients.

The same thing.

Yeah, yeah. I'll go upstairs.

Put that down.

Give that to me.

Just hold on. We're not gonna hurt you.

You killed my father.

I should kill you right now.

No, I didn't. I was here to help him.

I don't believe you.


Okay. Okay. Putting my gun down.

I'm a friend of your father's. My father had a lot of friends.

He would have spoken about me. I'm Chandler.

The hunter? Yeah.

I didn't know you'd be here.

Okay, you say you knew my father. Prove it.

Okay. He said you were away at school.


In Brugge. You're staying with your aunt. Is that correct?

Yes. Thank God you're okay.

You should come with us. We can get you out of...

And who are you?

My name is Brandon Beckett, with the United States Marine Corps.

In the Congo?

Working for the UN.

They sent us here to take your father back to our base.

They knew there was trouble with the rebels.

Rebels didn't kill my father.

Her father had hidden her in the safe room.

I was pretty sure we'd been cut down by a single shooter.

But Kelli said she'd heard looters in the house who spoke English.

Maybe it was the same pack who attacked Chandler's camp.

They're taking the children.

Kelli, get down!

Get down!

Where the hell is Chandler?



Were they looking for me? No, supplies and children.

Why did they take them?

They'll force them to fight for them.

Give a 1 2-year-old boy a rifle, and they call him a soldier.

We have to get back to the base. Can I borrow one of your vehicles?


They've stolen everything but the Land Rover we had.

I've got to use it to track down the rebels and find the children.

Are you coming? I can't.

I've got to turn Kelli over to base authorities.

How will we get back?

We'll walk.

We can't be more than four klicks to the border.

You don't know the bush well enough. I know how to use a compass.

Do you have a compass?

East, west.

The border is straight east from here.

It's too risky.

We'll be okay.

Not with that you won't.

Take this.

It's fine for rebels, but if you run into big game, that'll just piss them off.

Take this.

It's not loaded and the shells are in the side pocket.

Thanks. I'll bring it back.

That's if you live. Keep off the roads. Good luck.

Why didn't your father tell us you were in the house?

He didn't know you. He was scared, I guess.

But I thought he didn't have any enemies. What would he have been scared of?

I don't know, but he was worried.

I could tell.

Why would this have happened?

Can you tell me that? My father was everyone's friend.

I guess anything I say right now isn't going to help.

That's right.

Your mother?

She died when I was 10.

My father knew I needed a family, so he sent me to live with my aunt.

Finally, when I'm old enough,

I came 6,000 kilometers to see my father, only to lose him.

Now I have no one.

Kelli, you don't know me, but you have to trust me.

The men who did this to your father, I'm going to find them.

I swear.

Let's go.

Your wound is bleeding. Are you all right?

Yeah, great. Never better.

You're lying. Was it at all convincing?


It's not much further. We'll make it.

Is that more lying?

If it is, then I'm lying to myself, too.

United Nations!

I have to get back. I have to get back.

Medic! Radio the UN base!

His wound has gone septic. We need to get him to the hospital now!

What will happen to him?

You do not want to feel any strain on your muscles.

If you feel stressed, you will not be able to hold that position without moving.

You move, you give away your position.

You move, you die.

Now breathe and fire at will.

Once you have your mission, the most important thing for you to do is identify the location of your hide.

Now for this, you will use intel. You will use satellite maps.

You will use good old-fashioned reconnaissance.

Nakelski, what are we looking for in the final firing position?

Maximum field of fire and observation of target area, concealment from enemy and clear evac route.

God damn it, son. You are absolutely right.

A hide that seems good to you will also seem good to the enemy.

So you want to avoid high spots like towers, like crests of hills that will get you silhouetted.

Sir. Don't salute me, son. I have no rank.

Thank you, all the same.

Once you establish your FFP, you may have to hold this position for several days.

Days, sir? How do you... You don't.

You piss your pants and learn to love it. I love it so much I'm doing it right now.

You do not get to use the can till your mission is completed. Savvy?

Sir. Now breathe, fire at will.

That must have been a bad one.

Yeah. I'm burning up.

Drink up.

Slow down. You'll drown, Sergeant.

Where am I?

Zimbala, the UN base.

It was touch and go for a while, but your fever broke today.

You're really lucky you got here in time.

The girl? She's safe. Safe and sound.

I count the holes.


Little holes there in the acoustic ceiling. I count them.

It helps.

That helps you sleep?


It helps me stop thinking about the friends I lost, men I killed.

You've killed a lot of men?


Killing ain't hard, kid. It's just pulling the trigger.

It's living with it after. That's hard.

Who are you, sir?

My name is Miller.

I'm a friend of your father's, here to take you home.

Excuse me.

He cut us down like wheat.

My men died. I should have died with them.

I fell down and I lived. They were killed.

What you're feeling, kid, it's called survivor guilt.

It's irrational, but it's normal.

Someplace inside, you know it's not your fault.

You just gotta find that place.

I know what I need to find.

What? The sniper? And then what?

Kill him.

You can't fight something you don't understand.


Being a sniper is something completely different than being a field trooper.

So I should what? Become a sniper?

No way.

All that sneaky shit?

That's not fighting, sir.

Brandon, I know who your father is.

So do I.

Warfare is fighting face to face in the battlefield.

Sniping the enemy from a hiding place? That's pure chicken shit.

You gotta face your enemy.

Is that how you're gonna fight your sniper, up-close and personal?

I'll figure it out. Newsflash, kid.

Half the Congo is at war. It is not our war.

It's time to go home.

You can go if you want. I'm not finished here.

You're weak.

Your wounds are still healing.

I think I'll stick around.

Do whatever you want. It doesn't matter to me.

Good night.

On your feet.

What are we doing?

Quiet. Take this.

There, by the perimeter tower.

You see the sentry? I see the back of his head.

Good. Shoot him.

You want me to shoot him? He is your target. Take him out.

Who is he?

He's leaking information to the rebels.

Now you have your assignment. Take him out.

Look, I don't even know who this... You don't need to know.

What's the distance?

Two hundred yards. And how do you know that?

Through the scope. He's 10 mils high. Good. Switch him off.

What are you waiting for, sniper? You have your assignment. Shoot.

No. No?

I need to know more... What do you need to know?

That man is the fucking enemy. You put a bullet in his head.

I don't kill indiscriminately.

Correction. You don't follow orders.

You're not ready to take on a sniper, kid, because he would shoot that man on command.


So, end of the lesson.

Captain Ngoba, according to your report, your men were in a direct attack, and you were separated from the rest of the unit.

Once you determined your men had been killed and lacking sufficient cover, you chose to retreat to base.

And leave the rest of us to die. Sergeant!

Is that a correct reading of your report? Yes, sir.

That will be all, Captain.

Lieutenant Abramowitz, do we know who these attackers were?

It seems like a squad-sized force.

However, I think it may have been one shooter.

That seems unlikely, no?

The medics removed a Russian .30 caliber rifle round from his shoulder.

One hundred forty-seven grains, one in 11 .5-inch twist.

Are you sure about the twist?

It's what it says here.

Colonel, the rebels use Soviet weapons.

Their 7.62mm sniper rifle uses a one in nine-inch twist.

One in 11 .5. That's one of ours.

Ours? The M-24 U.S. Sniping System barrel uses that twist.

Whoever it was used a U.S. sniper rifle chambered for the Russian round.

There are millions of weapons of every caliber in this country.

Sir, if I may, just one more thing.

Ballistic suggests it was a sniper, but it must have been a squad that returned and sanitized the scene.

They removed the bodies, cleared Van Brunt's house and made it look like looting.

So? We'll never know.

Thank you for your report.

That's it?

My men were shot by what may have been U.S. weapons, and you say, "Thanks for the report"?

Sergeant, we've done all we can do.

Doesn't look like you've done anything.

The Colonel means the UN doesn't have the time or manpower to investigate.

Don't you care about what happened?

That's beside the point.

The conflict in the DRC is a flashpoint.

The government can topple any day.

We have no idea how this will affect diplomatic relations.

I can look into it on my own.

Oh, no. That's the last thing we need.

We cannot afford you running into the middle of an international incident like a cowboy, Sergeant.

Until further notice, you are confined to base.

Yeah, Captain? What do you want? I heard your story back there.

No, you did not, Sergeant.

Your men do not respect my men. We both know this.

But we are African soldiers and you are Marines.

That does not mean you can judge me.

This is my country.

We did not ask for you and people like you to come here.

It is unfortunate about your men, but I did what I thought was best at the time.


They told me you were still here. I was surprised.

They're still trying to contact my aunt. They told me you might die.

The medics always make it sound worse than it is so they can look like miracle workers when you pull through.

I brought you some DVDs. The Michael Jackson movie, Jonas Brothers.

You know, some of my favorites.

These are code five. Won't work in Belgium.

Maybe you can trade them.

Kelli, have you had any more thoughts about who may have wanted to kill your father?

I already told that woman.

Abramowitz? Same as I told you.

I don't know anyone who would.

In the house, there was a picture of your father with some soldiers.

It wasn't there when we went back. You know the one?


Was your father in the army?

No. But he would let the soldiers come to our plantation. He traded with them.

Did he trade with the rebels?

He traded with the rebels, tribes and the Congolese army.

He had to, to keep our home safe.

Sorry. I'm not used to the Officers' Mess.

It's been a long time since I've seen a tablecloth.


Here you go, sir.

The Dover sole is amazing.

You rather have an MRE?

No, no. This is great.

So, what do you want from me?

Well, you've asked me to dinner. Can't just be because you find me attractive.

I think you know more than you're letting on.

You spoke to Kelli. You know her father traded with the rebels.

Why did they kill him?

Between you and I, the UN may be moving out of here soon.

Chances are it was more than a rebel attack.

Even if I did have the authority to help, it's just me and four computer operators.

We just don't have the resources.

I know I can track him down.

It would be a suicide mission.

Mukana was a known hotspot, even before you got ambushed.

Let it go.

If it was your men, would you let it go?

I've seen your records.

Three suspensions during high school, disciplinary action in each of your two years ofjunior college.

I had a problem being told what to do.

So you joined the Marines?

I thought it would help me get over that.

Did it? I guess not.

Here I am in the principal's office again.

So tell me, how did you get here?

Why would you want to know about me?

Clearly, you've done your research on me.

Am I not allowed to know something about you?

Look, I mean, if it's too embarrassing...

My father was a sergeant major in the SAS at Hereford.

I grew up on the base.

That must have been fun.

Fun? No.

But it was interesting to grow up surrounded by people that had dedicated their lives to something grander than themselves. Their country.

So, I followed in his footsteps.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

Rule number one. Know your enemy.

I'm not your enemy, Brandon.

It feels that way.

Did I hurt it? No.

You didn't do anything.

It wasn't your fault that you survived.

What's important is that you did.

It doesn't feel that way.


Where are you going?

For a walk.

Into the Congo?

If you go up against a sniper in your condition, you're going to get yourself killed.

I'm a Marine.

I came into this world kicking and screaming, covered in someone else's blood.

I have no problem going out the same way.

Look, kid, last night was what we called a "stress fire" exercise.

Every sniper goes through it. Hell, I went through it. It's just a test.

And I failed, right? But you, you can save me.

Not until you get yourself into trouble.

Sergeant Beckett, do you mean that this office is expected to believe that you went AWOL to find your squad's assailants?

Yes, sir.

What did you think you were gonna do?

I needed help.

In all ofAfrica, I knew there was one man who could help me get to the rebels.

I needed to track down where the rebels were getting these weapons, including the one I was shot with.

I was hoping that's how I'd find the sniper.




Ma'am, it's okay. It's okay.

I just came to bring your gun back.

Why the hell did you come back here? I need your help.

The sniper who shot me, he's out there working with the rebels.

I need to find him. How the hell can I help you?

Listen, I'll help you get your kids back if you take me to the rebels.

I know where they're getting the guns.

Come on, son.

Africa is a place more alive than any you've ever been to.

You heed her rules, and she'll take care of you.

You stray, and your bones will bleach in tomorrow's sun.

Now, if you're up against an enemy that can kill you, that first clean bore shot could save your life.

Another patch.

There is a chance that they can kill you before you even get close to your target.

I'll get to my target.

Are you sure about that?

Soldiers just bull their way into situations. It's the way they're trained.

But a hunter's got to stalk.

When he's stalking, he's gotta use the terrain to his advantage.

It's basic training.

No. There's more to it than that.

When you're stalking your prey, you gotta become one with the land.

You probably know that from your father, huh?

Unfortunately, no. I never knew him that well.

I became a grunt to spite him.

And what does he think about that?

I don't know.

The men who attacked my camp.

Criminals led by a man that claims himself the spokesperson of God.

There will be no negotiating. I wasn't expecting any.


Those are your kids. Yeah.

They're going to take them to the other rebel camps.

I got to get them out of there now.

Okay, if you can distract them, I'll make my way down there behind them.

Are you up for this?

Let's do it.


Someone's helping us.

There's someone else out there.

No! He's on our side.

Who the hell is this?

Martin Chandler, this is Richard Miller.

You never told me your rank.

Not important. How you doing?

So, you're a spook?

Friendly ghost.

Okay, guys. Help each other, find everyone and get on that truck, okay?

What are you doing here?

I'm here to save your life.

Never met you before, but you flew halfway around the world just to give me a ride home.

Right. You know something.

I know snipers aren't sent to kill squads of men.

They're assigned a specific target.

Your men were collateral damage. Van Brunt was the primary target.

How do you know all of this?

I know who the sniper is.

I trained him.

What? They call him The Italian.

But he's not Italian, he's not Russian or Somalian.

His name is Vincent Masiello, and he's an American. He's a Marine.

We were shot by one of our own. Why?

I don't know why.

All I know is that order had to come from pretty high up in the chain of command.

Operation like that, I have to assume they wanted to keep Van Brunt from revealing delicate information.

He was the one supplying U.S. weapons to the rebels.

Then he must have got them from somebody on our side.

That's the kind of something the military would want to keep from the public.

Is that why you're here? Are you part of this cover-up?

If I were, we wouldn't be talking. You'd be dead.

I'm not here on anyone's orders.

When I heard Tom Beckett's son was ambushed in Africa, I decided to get my ass down here and bring him back before he got killed.

Why do you care?

I care because I knew your father.

He was my friend. He was my teacher. He taught me how to be a sniper.

And he saved my life.

Look, I'm not going back until I'm done here.

Does that include your funeral? Because you will never see Masiello coming.

Then I need to make him come to me.


Ellen. Brandon?

Where the hell are you?

I know who killed our men.

I need protection. You have to send a team to come pick me up.

You know I don't have the authority to do that.

I'll be right on the border.

An abandoned village east of Van Brunt's plantation named Uhuru.

Okay. I'll see what I can do.


You can trust her?

I don't have to.

If the conspiracy is coming from the base, it won't be legit UN force that'll show up.

It'll be Masiello, coming to kill me.

Colonel, I found him.

Uhuru, it's a town on the Zimbala-DRC border. 1300 today.

I cannot risk any more of the men in my command.

Beckett says he has evidence of the soldiers who ambushed his men.

It takes too long to get permission from whoever passes for today's provisional government.

We won't need a full-scale operation.

I could get him myself.

You'll need a security detail.

I want four of your best men to escort her. Get in there and get out as fast as you can.

Yes, Colonel.

Thank you, sir.

I'll get the kids across the border, then I'll come back and help you.

Not your fight, my friend.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Where will you go?

Out of the Congo.

Zambia. Maybe Namibia.

It's good hunting there. At least they'll be safe.

Thank you.

This is going to get hairy.

I'm ready.



He's not coming alone.

You're gonna have to engage the primary attack house to house. Pick your spots.

Is the com working?

Loud and clear. Good.

And one more thing.

Here. It's an LAR Grizzly Mark I.

I didn't know we had an artillery piece.

A little souvenir your father gave me.

In case he gets up close and personal. Plus, it's been chafing my ass.

I don't know what to say.

Let the weapon do the talking.

Where are you gonna be?

I'm going high.

A high hide's never a good idea. Who taught you that?

Same person who taught you.

Well, you're right. This time, we're doing the ambush.

I still don't know why you're staying in this.

I told you. I trained Masiello. I didn't train him to kill Americans.

What about when you get back to Pendleton?

You're gonna answer for this.

Are you kidding?

We're not gonna live through this.

Lovely view.

Totally exposed.

Vehicle coming. Look alive.

Wait with the vehicle, Captain Ngoba, until I make contact with him.

Yes, Lieutenant.



Quiet. What the fuck are you doing?

What are you doing here? I came to bring you back.

Are you crazy? Beckett?


Who is that young lady looking for?

Me. Shame.

What is this?

It was supposed to be an ambush, but you weren't supposed to be here.

Ambush? Tell me exactly what's going on here.

We got company.

Rebels? No.

UN 'flage, cute red hats. Doubt they're legit.

Anyway, they're taking position around the perimeter.

I brought soldiers from the base.

To bring me back.

It's them.

It's a hit squad.

They didn't come with me.

Why are they shooting at us?

They're not here to bring me back. They're here to kill us both.

Beckett! Give yourself up.

We have no choice.

I'll explain later, if we live.

Beckett? You trained us well, no?

No! They're still stacking up!

I see you.

One shot, two kills. You heard about that, huh?

Are you all right? Are you kidding?


Ellen. We're ready to move.

What's the plan?

Half a dozen uglies out that door, big guy.

I'll draw their fire. When I do, you go straight that way.

Okay. Make that a dozen. Baker's dozen.

Be careful.

See you back at the base.

Go, go, go!

Chasing down Ngoba?


I got your back, kid.

I am not fighting you.

You took us out to that ambush.

I am a soldier. I was following orders.

Where is he? Masiello!

I don't know. Who's behind this?

He'll kill me. I'll kill you! Who?

I have no proof.


Colonel Jäger? He was using Van Brunt to funnel American weapons to the rebels.

You knew this? Why didn't you report him?

Who would have believed me? You?

Would you have believed me?

My men were killed. Yours and mine!

And we are next.


Miller, do you read me?

My old instructor is at a loss for words, baby Beckett.


That saves introductions.

Last time we met, I missed you.

I'm gonna correct that mistake.

You still with me, baby Beckett?

Not good enough, Beckett.

Son of the great Thomas Beckett.

It skips a generation, huh?

Your father wouldn't have missed.

Let's see how you handle night vision.

What are you dragging this out for?

Well, that wasn't even close.

I switched scopes, thanks to you.

Won't miss next time.

I caught up with Lieutenant Abramowitz by midday.

Miller had disappeared.

It took most of the next day for us to get back to the base where I contacted U.S. consulate, who arranged to bring me back here.

In your debriefing, you said you believed a coalition officer was conspiring with the rebels. Yes.

And you identified that officer?


Sergeant Beckett, do you have any evidence to corroborate your accusation?


I'm afraid without further evidence, I have no choice but to proceed with the court-martial.

What about our men lying in an unmarked grave in Africa?

What are you gonna do about that?

The U.S. military can do nothing officially.

We have rules to obey, regulations to follow.

Of course, you don't.

Peter? Hans?

I think it's broken.

Your security detail won't be coming, Colonel.

You killed them?

I don't kill indiscriminately. I'm not you.

You must be good.

You survived The Italian.


He was good.

I was better.

You know how this works, right?

You're here to kill me?

You had my men killed.

Ngoba told you that?


Well, he's dead.

Think he would have testified?

You're in this picture.

Van Brunt had the same one in his house.

You two were friends, weren't you?

He helped you sell weapons to our enemies.

We sold weapons to both sides. Congolese government and the rebels.

Why? We didn't know who was going to win.

We need leverage with whoever is going to run the country.

Is that right?

That's the way we have done things for hundreds of years, Sergeant.

It's called politics.

Then why kill Van Brunt?

Want me to be honest? Because he knew too much.

He was the only one who could connect us to the rebels.

And my men? I'm sorry if your personal loss is more important to you than the bigger picture of the war.

But you should know, it looks like the rebels will be forming the new provisional government, and because of our policies here, they will not be hostile to working with us.

That's supposed to make it worth it?

I didn't create the situation.

But a scandal will not help us win a global war.

You've played the game for so long you forget what we fight for.

You know who my father was?

A real soldier, a man who honored his country with his service, who did his job even when betrayed by cowards and politicians like you.

Okay, so kill me.

Think that will change anything?

As long as there's war, there will be a necessity for things most people don't have the stomach for.

Did you get all that?

Even the sanctimonious part.

Colonel Jäger, under the United Nations military code of criminal justice, you are under arrest.

Brandon Beckett?

Major Ed Gulle, Special Operations Commander.

I'm not a Marine any more, Major.

I know. That's why we want to talk to you.

We got a job for you, kid.