Snow in Paradise (2014) Script

Look at that, man.

The class.


Should not much to impress you.

You see the money.

This is not true.

I just want to get away from home.

You want to look like that?

They are not like us.

They have laptops at the con and digital codes, but look at them. They are not happy.

Where you come from that?

They look happy.

They are afraid.

That's where we beat them.

What is this madness?

Afraid of what?

To live. Look at them.

Y is not one that crosses your glance.

If you entered, you envahirais their fucking space.

I do not call it living.

We live here too.

You're too stupid.

The branchouilles guys, it's beyond you.

They want to colonize us shit.

We saw a revolution and we can win.

A revolution?

With their cups of cockers, I doubt.

Here, take it. Aimed at those foods.

Do not be stupid, must move with the times.

Sink or swim.

Where are we going?

It's just a delivery.

I will pay you.

Shut up, watch my back and basta.

What's in the bag?

I know, I just have to deliver it. Raises no questions.

What's in the bag?

Jimmy did not tell me.


Your Uncle Jimmy thee foisted this bag?

Fucking your race.

You wanted a job, then not do shit.

It's just a bag.

A fast buck.

Good God.

Damn, Dave.

You kidding!

Without me, man. You'll give us away.

Without in December? It can take 20 years for this kind of bullshit!

We risk nothing. Shut up. You wanted a job.

Not that.

After that, I'll be one of them.

You'll attract la'nat on us. This is not true!

The what? The curse of Allah!

Do not do shit.

Make up your mind, Tariq.

I dip not in there.

Look at them.

Look at me.

I need you.


Got it?

You're late.

I was caught in traffic.

Who's swarthy?

My bodyguard.

You're a funny, you.

And the goods?

has just fucking.

You got a problem?

In the trunk.

You too.


You and your boyfriend, mount.

You gotta be kidding me?

I seem to laugh, kid?

I do not trust, little fagots.

I never saw you.

You are cops.



I am the nephew of Jimmy, Dave. I am of the family.

Of the family ...

From what family is?

This is my buddy.

It's legit.

There is a problem?

It's not in the rules.

This is not good.

Thou hast a sacred damn scared.

Sales pedals.

has went well?

Of the ball.

"On the ball"?

How do you mean?

Have you followed the rules as I told you?

You have not fucked?

The guys were fun.

That's good.

T'en imposed.

You're still here?

Damn, Jim.

I risked big. It may take 20 years for that.

You take me for a fool?

You gotta be kidding me?

I was first in line.

And then? a pose you a problem?

You wanted to be.

You got a short memory, son.

What are we doing here?

This is my mother, whore.

She will be happy, have you found your prayer mat.

What are they doing in there? Cloning?

I told you, life is not limited to that crap.


I stop. I want more of these jobs.

This is not funny, asshole.

I'll deposit your pay at your mother's house.

Hi guy. Nice, your dress.



From the fucking ball, asshole.

You got my dosh?

Have you changed your mind?


Motherfucker. I adore you too.

All for it.

No kidding, these guys told you what?


Anyway, that's not my style. Too stuck.

You're especially afraid of being thrown away.

Go there yourself, Casanova.

His skin and buttocks were those of a goddess When I dsape She was unleashed

Do not shit I have a headache.

You not listening to me.

She was sexy and frique.

You live in a council flat with your mother to your hooks.

And then?

You got no chance.

Damn. You never stop?


How is? has been a while.

Hi, Micky. As usual.

You know him?

Bones me a cow, I have fangs.

was going, son?

was going, young?

The old uncle Micky can sit here?

Make yourself at home.

You just drag the poor?

Hey, shit. I was born in Hoxton.

You're in Essex now.

You're super tan. Burnt limit.

It is legit?

Do not worry, this is my buddy.

You are hence, kid? I never seen you before.

I'm in the neighborhood.

It is a number, this small.

Nice, your cup.

And what are you doing?

I make music.

I'm rapper.

Congratulations. Hang on, it surely will end up paying.


Do yourself a favor.

Thank you, man.

You are sick.

I am very well.

I'm on top. Richard Gere in person.

Come here, you.

This kid could have been a champion.

Like his father.

A left hook and you talais them all.

Take this.

We have the right to be mowed ...

Not to have the broke air.


Still, it was better before.

Were less trouble.

Let me explain.

I need someone to protect my back, someone you trust.

I did a year of thunder I literally awash in the money.

I did not even have time to spend it.

The thing is that I'm all alone.

has interested?

I can not.

I am taken.

You have to think seriously to your future.

Anything can happen.

Okay, I will think.

That's good. And remember, we do not choose your family, but we can choose our friends.

You should work for him.

Jimmy treats you like shit.

It's not that simple. Why?

It is not family and he saw more here.

And then?

It is shielded.

Did you see his shoes?

He would pay you, him.

Shit then!

Hi guys.

You got a wedding or a funeral?

Make fart three bottles ros champagne.

Taste me that.

You saw Tariq and his girl?

What girl?

was torn.

Where you come from that?

costs. You know me.

I am motivated and I'm legit.

If you need help, you can count on me.

I, need help?

You know who I am?

Understand me well, small. As a family, you have to be loyal.

When we accept certain values, certain rules, we must stick to it or face the consequences.

We not review a contract.

You're with me now.

Guts, kid.



You know my nephew, Dave?

Charlie's son.

Hello, son.

I knew your father.

A legit type.

Like you.

Look at him, Jim.

It looks like a movie star.

It's a real burial suit.

was going?

Have you seen your face?

You should be happy.

What are you talking, Theresa?

You got people who watch over you, now.

I would say the same.

That's your answer?

Buys clothes.

Something class.

I will perhaps go out one evening.

I have too much luck.

Where have you been?

In the area.

Do not you have a contagious thing?

I worry about you.

To eat, you look like a corpse.

You refumes this shit?

No risk.

I'm not stupid.

Your father hated the drug.

Take care of yourself.

Your pay.

Thank you, Jim.

You saw Micky recently?

Micky how?

Micky Young.

He lives in Essex, it seems.

By the way, Dave. Your friend, the Paki ...

This is a good, reliable hyper guy.

Tell him I can do this work, throw.

I'm a rapper, a goddamn winner.

I nique losers, I cop your sisters.

you talk. Send.

you talk. Send.

Answer, whore. I have another job for you.

He has not come for two days.

I'll come back.

This is powerful, right?

Take your photo shit, bitch, and Run.

There are people here who have nothing to eat.

It's insulting.

Go elsewhere!


Can I help you?

Hi guy. I did not bother.

No problem. Everyone is welcome here.

I see. But I not seek a hotel.

I am looking for a mate.

His name is Tariq. You know him?

I regret.

Many brothers come here.

It's pretty. What is it?

The Koran.

You know Islam?

Me? No.

English Church. Zero religion.

Islam is peace.


It's not what we say. And you said what?

... With your holy war, you piss everybody.

You talk of jihad? It is a word taken out of context.

means a fight.

First, with oneself.

The inner struggle to control our anger, control our desires, forgive our oppressors ...

I'm not here for a sermon.

For you.

The food of the Prophet. It's a token of love for my brother.

You are nerds.

The next time.

Yeah, Jim?

I am going.

Who is it that is late, assholes?

Damn race.

In fact, small.

Your friend, the Paki ...

Tell him I can do this work, throw.

Convey our greetings to Jimmy.

It is a good guy.

He knows the rules.

The rules? What rules?

Missing anything?

There's no mistake this time?

Get out.

Good luck.

Jimmy said that you got ass lined with noodles.

has dry mouth, eh?


This coffee.

There's a trick that not happening?

You shit on you?


Say that again.

You're one of us now.

You must keep the distance.

Do you remember?

I thought I told you to quit this shit.

And answer the phone when I call you, damn it!

Watch over me, Dave.

Theresa ...

I do not even look after myself.

What is there?

I have to stop.

This is not good.

You turn in circles.

You should calm down.

When I am dead.

You really are kids.

I feel dirty.

Hello Darling.

was going?

You know I love you very much?

You're the generosity incarnate.

Do you love me?

This is Dave.

Raise the velvet curtain I would not miss it Sunset, Melrose, Hollywood It's me back again Chin, son.

I am here. Peinard.

You hear that?

No, I hear nothing.

Exactly. Silence.

All these years to break my ass.

I had everything, lost everything, all returned.

I lost my freedom.

And bam! The miracle.

I finally find it.


Obviously, this is not free.

has to pay.

Everything is paid.

to work like that?


You know well. The rules.

The rules?

What are you talking about? There's no rules.

He fuck you again?

Should you may learn that boxing smartly.

This is family.

It goes too far?

I'll tell you something.

I never send you into the den of lions.

I promise.

You'll be my sentinel. You will accompany me, and that's it.

I swear on everything I have. It's you I want.

Why me?

I do not want you to end as Charlie.

Or like him.

And then, you're a young mad dog. That's what I like about you.

I have to kill that?

Your father would be turning in his grave if he heard you.

We do not bury people, it enriches them.

Weapons or violence. Business and sunbathing.

And sangria galore.

Excuse me.

You should just relax. I am not kidding.

That's my offer.

10,000 in your pocket.

Go on, take them.

No, Mick.


Take. This is yours.

I can not.

This is not God.

He know nothing.

You can win on both sides.

Be a man.

Do not let him control you.

There you go.

Shit, then. I would like someone gives me 10,000.

Stay with Dave, darling.

Come here.

All is well.

To feel safe, I joined a gang.

I had a gun, a reputation.

I smoked to forget.

I am getting drunk.

I shootais me.

Anything to silence the little boy.

The baby cried in me.

One day, I took a bullet.

The good believer ...

The true believer will be a large tomb Such a window open to the garden of paradise.

So it is good to die?

It's beautiful.

It is beautiful to die even if not deserve?

You kidding me.

Death is inevitable.

That's what we do here and now that counts.

What do you mean?

We must answer for his actions.

I was a thug like you.

I was dropped until I found Islam.

In this life, we do not know the right choices.

We need rules.

The Qur'an provides us with.

You've filled your head.

I found salvation in peace, Simply.

You are also cons the evangelists.

Thank you.

Saved by curry.

There's no Papadums?

Like this.

You must eat with the right hand what is before you.

Only Sheitan eat with the left hand.

Who's Shere Khan?


The devil.

It takes different forms, it controls us and destroyed if not recognize.

He screams in our ears: "There is no God."

Where you go this crap?

Life is a spiritual war.

Islam is the armor that protects us.

Where are we going?

A pro never takes an automatic.

has jammed.

This is a gun to the movies.

38 mm, short barrel.

A safe tool.


Two in the belly, one in the neck!

It is not our old pal?

He resumed his shenanigans.

I never could stand him such.


He is married to Pauline Harrison.

A suction first.

Never one drop to the ground.


was going, son?

How are you, Jim?

What are you looking at?


You should be happy.

You would spend the rest of your life pinball, as shabby old?

It was the best friend of my father.

Say that again.

At least he was at the funeral.

You are taking back the too!

Little shit.


I am the only one to love you!


Talk about a rat!

Me, I go out.

You do not move, I suppose?

Hey, Dave.

I thought I told you to quit this shit.

Hey, Dave.

I hope you're not talking about him our family secrets.

You rods even your bitch?


It stung us a parcel.

Rule that.

The swings you how your bitch?

This bitch Theresa, you strung in front or behind?

That's wild.

Should they learn the rules.

Should the damn cage.

Must be punished.

Someone was taken hand in the bag.

Hold it.

It's not me.

Help me!

It lacked a kilo.

Right, Dave?

Trapping it.

Just leave him ... a frigged.

That's not in the rules.

Someone has to pay.

Trapping it.

You wanted to be.

You are there.

Trapping it!

Look who's here! was going, the homosexual?

You said what?

to go, Davey? You're weird. I offer you a drink?

I want. Two Black Russians and five field bottles.

Move your ass.

You want to be my friend, right?

Make fart all bottles!

Sends magnums! Send the total!

Calm down. We are friends.


I have no friends, fuck.

You have not seen Tariq?

You said what?

I asked you if you had seen My friend Tariq.

I want to know where he is.

Watch out.

It's a real burial suit.

Likes shabby.

A beer, fresh.

We only have bio.


Loosens up, dude!

You all, where you got the fuck?

You buy the neighborhood.

You detonate prices and you transfer us.

This is ethnic cleansing.

a ride for you.


Chiale not.

You'll be able to sell your apartment a fortune.

Learn to integrate you.

Integrates this.

Someone else wants to open his mouth?

who's next?

Talk! Not just stand there!

Bring you!

There is nobody!

So what the fuck?

You want my picture, asshole?

Move, damn!

Come here if you got balls!

You're dead, man.

It's you I'm talking about! You're dead!

You look bad, brother.

Can I help you?

You want to eat?

You can tell me anything.

It's nothing.

I'm fine.

I'm just looking for my friend.

Your friend?



As long as you like.

You've changed.

You've come to shoot you.

What I need you.

You always get it.

What's the plan?

What should I do this time?

Why did you do that?

Why have you brought me?

I do not know.

If you know.

You needed me.

Me, need you?

You were scared.

You were always afraid.

I fear nothing.

So why are you here?

I've seen stuff.

Believe me.

You want something to drink?

I am not thirsty, thank you.

I offer you a drink.

Give him a drink.

I like you, kid.


You remind me of a kid I once knew.

He was like you.

A little dingo a bit tared,

the type to freak.

But he was weak.

He is dead.

What is the concern?




I know the whole list of excuses.

I do not know.

I'm happy.


Are you happy?

Not happy.


The strong man is the one that dominates his anger.

Understand me well.

When we accept certain values, certain rules, we must stick to it or face the consequences.

I not right?

We not review a contract.

has not done.

This is not correct.

There is no God.

There is no devil.

Only me.

You sweat?

You sweat.

You feel bad?

Will you go see from me?

This old Micky.

Micky Young.

The best friend of your father.

Your friend.

would make him a pleasure to see you.

I'll see of you.

will not have to chat.

You're going to shut them off for good.

Can you do that for me?

I know you can.

You want me to be happy, not true?

You want to end up stinking corpse like a Paki?


He was my best friend.

You think it was me?

That was the deal Micky, not mine.

He did run into.

He paid for.

It's pretty here.

By selling your apartment, you'll have a nice pavilion here bobonne and for you.

Go ahead.

You know what you got to do.

This is Dave.

It's nice to spend. Between.

Leave us, darling.

Boys, come on.

was going, son?

I've never seen you like this.

You're a little stone?

What is there?

There is something you want to talk to me?

Have you thought about it?

Your famous job ... it is to be delivery?

No, asshole. It's a bit more than that.

I did that for Jimmy.

has left me with a bad taste.

I was too stupid.

I took my best friend with me.

My sentry.

You remember him?

My best buddy.


Yes, it comes back to me.

The bizarre cut.

It was a sacred number, huh?

It was?


Calm down. You unlock?

I knew not even that shit. What is wrong with you?

Shut up!

I thought he was nice.

Shut up!

It ended in a suitcase on your order.

Gently, son.

That's me.

It's me, Micky.

Weapons or violence.

Business and sunbathing. I do not run into people.

100 tickets? What are you talking about?

It was worth it to you?

Thou hast found.

Is that him?

At the coffee shop.

That's him, right?

It holds you.

You do not understand his game?

It is the devil incarnate.

He would say anything.

All that suits him.

He did the same with Charlie.

Your father.

He sent in the tomb.

Look at me.

He told you it was me?


I paid for?

And you think.

It was your deal!

It's me, Micky. What is wrong with you?

Look at you.


Why did you stubborn?

You already know the answer.

because of you, son.

Do not you know the rules?

Y has rules.

There always are.

You've taken your friend on to something big and thou hast served.

You thought you could get away?

It's your fault, son.

That of anyone else.

Just yours.

Do not be like them.

Save your skin.

You just make you pay, kid?

You never have the balls, you bastard.

How are you, Jim?

You turn round ...