Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997) Script


We'll be home soon, Lilliana.


I can't breathe.

Dear God!


The baby.

You must save the baby.

She's coming.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.



Where is that child?

Oh, dear.



Don't play with me today, child.

I'm too old and my backside is too easy a target.

There you are.

Your father has been asking for you.

You'll be the death of me.

Tell me the story, Nannau.

Put your two feet next to mine and we'll see.

Tell me, Nannau, please.

All right then.

Let me catch my breath.

One day, not so long ago... your mother was sitting in the window, looking out on the snow that covered the land.

She was sewing a cap. A winter cap?

A winter cap, yes.

And wishing for a child to grow inside her belly.

Suddenly, she pricked her finger with the needle, and her blood fell into the snow.

And she looked and thought to herself, "I would like a baby boy."

A little girl, Nannau.

Go on with you. You know it better than I do.

A little girl with hair as black as the ebony window frame, and skin as pale as the snow, and lips as red as blood.

Slow down, child.

Careful. Careful!

Good day.

Good day. Good day.

Good day, Thomas.



What kind of mischief have you been up to today?

I picked roses and irises from the garden with Greta and Ilsa.

And I helped in the kitchen.

Did you read the scripture?

Yes. Good, good.

Papa, why does God give us wings when we die?

God gives us wings so we can... fly out from paradise and look down upon the world.

Does Mama look down on me? Yes... and she smiles when she hears your prayers.

Do you still love Mama?


Then why is she coming?

Come here, little bird.



What if she doesn't like me?

She will adore you.

Just as I do.

There she is! She's coming!


Where is Lilli?


My lady.

You're welcome in my house. Thank you, Frederick.

Welcome, my lady.


Lilliana, where have you been?

Look what I found.

It'll be a butterfly someday.

Lilli, I want you to meet Lady Claudia.

Can I put her in a box?

Who? The caterpillar.

Let me see.

What will you do with her when she grows wings?

I'll let her go.

I have a box with a special surprise inside.

Just for you.

Treat him well and he will always be faithful.

Look, Nannau. Come along now, child.

It's beautiful.

Now it is yours as well.

This is my brother, Gustav.

God did not bless him with a graceful tongue, but he more than compensates with the wit of his hands.

Now, I will leave you to unpack.

What a lovely view. Yes, milady.

It was Lady Hoffman's favorite.

Was it?

Please be careful. It was my mother's.

Thank you. All of you.

Out. Out.

Tomorrow I will be a wife.

A Hoffman.

What would mother say if she could see me now?


Would she be happy for me?

Would she smile?

Or would she be angry... knowing that the world, which so despised her... has embraced me?

I do love him, Gustav.

And he will love me.

I just wanted to be sure that you have everything you need.

Thank you, my lord. But I am not well provided for at all.

How's that? I have everything I need.

Your company.

You are very beautiful, Claudia.

I love to hear the sound of my name on your lips.

Your hands are cold. Warm them for me.

Amen. Amen.

Go on, child.







I saw you come in here, child.

Now show yourself.



May she rest in peace.

Do you remember my mother, Ilsa? I was young. But I remember her.

Is my face like hers? Yes.

Especially when you smile.

My father worshipped her, didn't he?

It's not for me to say, milady.

What is it, Odo?

It's Peter. What? Back so soon from Paris?

Hold on now. You can't go running off in your shift. You'll catch your death.

Don't you ever wonder what's out there, Ilsa, beyond the fields and walls?

The beasts of the forest, I imagine.

There must be more to the world than the forest.

Why would you want to leave your good home?

Because it's not the same home anymore. It hasn't been for a long time.

Nine years... of casting the runes.

Nine long years of waiting for you to come.

And now you move inside of me.

Your blood mingles with mine.

You grow stronger with every beat of my heart.

And I seem to grow more beautiful with each beat of yours.

Father in heaven... in thy mercy I pray.

Grant me a son.

It was round, like a ball. And on it was a picture of all the lands in the world.

It sounds fantastic. It was.

Tell me about Paris. Tell me how the ladies spend their days.

Lady Hoffman. Dr. Gutenberg, how was your trip?

Much too long, I'm afraid. It doesn't show on you at all.

You're looking radiant as always. Thank you.

Lilli, shouldn't you be getting ready for tonight?

I wanted to speak with Peter for a moment.

But your dress is not appropriate for such a conversation.

Ladies, if you'll excuse me.


Lilli, I have a dress for you to try on for tonight.

I'll try it on later.

I think if you are going to wear it tonight you should try it on now.

Ilsa, will you help Lilli into it? And cover... I don't know if I am going to wear it.

Why not? It's very pretty.

See? It's lovely.

It's just like all my other dresses.

I want to wear something special for tonight.

This is special. I wore it myself when I was a girl.

I'm not a girl anymore.

Lilli, why must we struggle so?

See that it fits. Yes, my lady.

Frederick, you have said nothing about my gown tonight.

A blessing on your child, Lady Hoffman.

You look lovely as always. To a healthy son, my lord.

You make "always" sound quite monotonous.

Where's Lilli?

It's her habit to be late. How could she be late tonight of all nights?

Must we spend all of our time worrying about Lilli?

To a healthy child, milady.

Lilli, why are you wearing your mother's gown?

I wanted you to be proud of me.

You look so like her.




Your silence is no comfort to me, Peter.

Frederick, the boy was stillborn.

And what of my wife? She is in no danger.

But she will never bear another child.


No! Leave me alone!

Don't let them throw him away.

He's mine.

God bless his soul.

Why is this happening to me?

Why is this happening to me?



Is someone there?




You are beautiful.

Yes. Your face is perfection.

Is it? I will always tell you the truth.

Yes. There is so much to envy.


They have always envied you.


Your enemies.


Come in, Lilliana.

I know we've never gotten along.

I know I pushed you away.

From the beginning.

I must have blamed you for so many things.

But I never meant to hurt you.

Can you forgive me?

You're such a lovely girl, Lilliana.

I don't think I ever realized... how lovely... until now.

I have very much enjoyed our time together these past few weeks.

So have I.

Have you really? Yes.

I must be leaving for Paris in a few days.

I know.

Before I go...

I intend to ask your father for your hand in marriage.

That is, if you approve.

Yes, Peter, I approve.

Beg pardon, Dr. Gutenberg, but Lady Hoffman requests your presence.

At once.

Will you ride in with me?

I'll meet you at the stables.


Hello, Gustav.

What's wrong? Are you all right?

What is it?

How did she look in that final moment?

Did she cry out?

Did she beg for her life?

Did she know it was me?


You mustn't feel remorse.

The blood you spilled was just the venom of a scheming child.

Why don't you take what's left to the kitchen?

Put it in the stew by the fire.

What the devil is keeping them?

You worry too much, Frederick.

I am sure she will be arriving any moment.

Bon appetit.


You must eat, Frederick.

My lord, pardon the intrusion.

What is it, Peter? I've just come from the stables.

Your groomsmen found Lilli's horse on the road.

Where? Near the forest.




Frederick. Frederick.

You know the truth.

You failed.

If you want to live, don't make a sound.

Steady, clear the door. Behind the stairs.

Lay him on the table.

Gently. He has broken his leg.

Oh, my dear husband.

Are you in pain?

I've been praying since you left that you would find her.

We have to keep looking. We have to.

Of course. We will, my beloved.

Are you here alone?

She could be lying.

Who are you?

Why are you here? What's your name, child?

She is no child.

Maybe she can't speak.

Can't speak.

Then she won't make a fuss when the wolves eat her.

I say we throw her out.

She smells good.

I bet she tastes good, too.

My father is Frederick Hoffman.

So, we got us a little princess here.

Who steals bread.

Who steals bread.

Do you want to see what Lord Hoffman and his judges do to people who steal?

I was hungry.

So was I.

It is not her blood.

Not her heart?

The sweat on his brow.

The tears in his eyes.







Why did you betray me, traitor?



Here, feed the princess.

No, you don't.

Give it to me.

Why are you treating me this way? I have done nothing wrong to any of you.

Maybe she wants a bow... and a kiss. A kiss.

A bow and a kiss.

Here, princess, kiss this here brown bottom.

You boys don't see it, do you?

See what? See what?

We could get rich off this little morsel.

Your brain's gone soggy with that rotgut you're always swilling.

We scratch around here like rats in the ground and what does it ever get us?

Closer to the mother lode, boy.

Closer to nothing.

No one is asking you to stay, are they?

I'll bet your daddy wishes his little girl was back home again.

Leave me alone.

I bet he'd... No!

...offer just about all his gold to have his little princess back home again.

Get off me. Safe, without so much as a scratch.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind too much if we took just a little something for ourselves... before we give you back. I mean, he's a big man, right?

I bet he'd understand.

Let her be, Rolf.

Maybe you ought to soak yourself in the river.

I'm just trying to keep things lively.

Go on, go.

Get out!

Why don't you just leave? Go on.

You're going to die down there.

Under the ground.

All of you is gonna die.

Give me your eyes.

And your wings.

The world is a dangerous place, princess. Keep this close.

What about her? What about her?

What if she flees? Runs away?

Let her.

She'll never find her way out of here.

I don't like it.

The little princess is following us.

Hey, Lars, maybe she'll help us find the gold.

Put her to work with a pick and a shovel.

You're not afraid, are you, my child?

My sweetest son, I will keep you safe... and warm with me.

And she will never hurt you again...

when she's buried in the ground.

Did you think you could hide from me?

Did you think I wouldn't be able to find you?

What's the matter?

Are you frightened?

Is your little heart beginning to pound?

Goodbye, Lilli.

Lilli, get the rope! Grab the rope.

Pull. Pull!

Go on.

Gilbert, hold on! Wait.

Keep climbing!

Come on, Gilbert! Take hold of my hand.

Come on! I can't do it.

Ilsa. Yes, milady?

Would you take some of this lovely soup to my husband?

Yes, milady.

And cover your hair.

Maybe Rolf was right. Maybe we should have ransomed her.

She's brought nothing but black luck since she came here.

The day is leaving us.

Let's get moving.


Damn it, where is everybody?


It's just the two of us now, Frederick.

Your little girl is gone.

Perhaps the earth has swallowed her up.

You must be sure.

Never look a raven in the eye for too long.

It might steal your soul and fly away with it.

Why are you staring at me?

It hadn't occurred to me to look anywhere else.

It's very rude. It's one of my better habits.

I take it you have no manners then.

No manners then... and no manners now.

Are you trying to be funny?

I was just wondering what it would take... to make a princess smile.

I'm not a princess. What are you then?

I am the daughter of Frederick Hoffman.


So, you're nothing more than a name.

What right do you have to say that? You know nothing about me.

I know enough of your kind.

How could you know anything about anyone?

You live like an animal, you hide out like a criminal.

And what are you doing, princess? Is this some holiday you're taking?

My father will...

Where's this great father of yours? How come he hasn't rescued you?

He'll find me, I know it!

What if he doesn't?

I don't like the way you speak to me. How would you have me speak?

Like a civilized gentleman, not some savage.

That is a word I will not bear from the lips of any man or woman.

The last time I heard that word spoken... was by one of your so-called gentlemen.

And there was nothing gentle about it.

Or civilized.

Let go of me.


Because you frighten me.


Lady Hoffman?


Lady Hoffman!


Dr. Gutenberg.

Lady Hoffman. Excuse me. I was expecting one of your servants.

They've gone.


All of them?

Yes. They became very ill quite suddenly.

What has happened here?

It was terrible, even to look at them. They could barely walk.

Their hands and their feet were filled with blood, and their faces...

The Black Death.

I didn't want to send them away, they were like our family.

You were compelled to do so.

Everything has happened, with Lilli still gone and...

Yes. And with Frederick.

I'm trying to be strong.

I have no one to turn to... for solace and understanding.

I feel so alone.

So alone.

What a fine young man you are.

What a wonderful husband you're going to make Lilli.

I miss her so much.

Will you find her for me?

Yes, of course.

I can rely on you, then?

I promise.

I promise. I'll tell Frederick you called.

He's much better.

He dreams of fire.

They tied him to a stake, then burned his family while he watched.

Then they placed a red-hot cross of iron on his face.

Because he would not repent. What was his crime?

He would not fight for their cause. Who were they?

Crusaders for the Church.

Men of God.

My face, it frightens you?


Scares me, too.
















Lilli, over here.

Come on! This way!

No. Watch out.



Lilli, no! No! We can't leave him.

Lilli, come back.

Reach out your hand.

Come on! Come on!

Come on.

I got it.

Help me.

Don't. No!

Good journey.

Good journey, old friend.

Good journey. Good journey.

Good journey.

Why does she live?

While your child lies cold and still.


Take back the child and give him life.


Steal the father's seed.

Bathe the child in the father's blood.

Frederick's life... for his.

Hello, Frederick. Did you miss me?


My poor husband. Look at your arm. What happened to you?

Where have you been? Where are the servants...

I want to free you of your misery for a little while.

I want to give you a moment of peace... and happiness.

What are you doing to me?

It's what any wife would gladly do for her husband.

I have seen our child, Frederick.

I want you to give him life.


The life he never had.

The life he was meant to have.

That's enough.

You must become like the serpent.

The serpent's fruit is what you need.

I give my brother's heart.

Don't be afraid.

I'll take care of you.

Forgive me for startling you, my dear.

You look troubled. Are you lost?

I was. But now I'm going home.

Good. Make sure you're out of the forest by nightfall.

There are creatures here. Men and beasts.

I know. You know.

I know, too.


Dearie. You want an apple? I have another one.

I have no way to pay you for one.

It's a shame.

Never mind.

Two ladies on the road together...

For luck.

It's beautiful.

Well, don't just look at it, dearie. Eat it.

I'll share it with a friend.

With a friend?

You mean a...

You mean a boyfriend?

I was young once.

I had many boyfriends.

Life is sweet when you're young?

So, tell me... what's he like?

He's strong. That's good. That's good.

And he's kind and gentle.

And you love him, don't you?

You can tell me, your old granny.

You can tell me.

What's the matter, dear? Cat got your tongue?

Give us a kiss, dearie.

You can see and you can hear.

But from inside the tomb of your mind... no breath will escape your lips.

No tears your eyes.

To the world, you are dead.

And soon, even your precious father will forget you were ever alive.

But you, my dear... you will have all eternity... to remember.





What is she doing here?

What are you doing? I'm a doctor.

Lilliana? How do you know her name?

We were going to be married. Can you help her?

I don't know yet. Can you help her, please?

I said, I don't know yet.



Rigor mortis. What?

I said her limbs are stiffening. There's nothing more I can do.

Father? Go away, phantom.

Father! Father!

Go away, phantom.

My daughter is dead.

I'm going home. I'm going to take her back to her family for a proper burial.

No. Lilli will stay here.

She's gone.

What are you doing?


Lilli? Leave her alone.

I demand you stop this at once.

Stop this at once. No.

Leave her in peace.


Leave her alone. Breathe!

Breathe. Breathe.



Good journey.

Good journey.

Good journey, little princess.

I'm in your debt.

Come, Lilliana.

Where are you taking me?

I brought someone... to keep you company.

She knew I would come back.

Let's not disappoint her, then.


I'm going to go find her.

I'm going to find my father.

Lead the way.

Lady Hoffman?

Is that her?


Lady Hoffman?

Get back!

No, Odo, no!

Come on, through here.

Father? Father!

Go away, phantom.

Father, it's me. Go away. My daughter is dead.

Take my father out of here.




You seem quite alive... for a little wench who's been rotting in the ground.

I felt you stir... the moment you took your first breath.

It was like a knife in my heart.

You have no heart.

That's too simple.

I've seen what you've done to my father.

For my son.

Your baby is dead.

He's alive in this room.

Dearie, don't point that thing at me.

Someone might get hurt.

That's better.

My son.

My son! Claudia.

Claudia! No!

What have you done to me?

What have you done to me?

What have you done to me?

Help me.

Am I in paradise?



Yes. It's me.

It's snowing.