SnowComing (2019) Script

It was a heartbreaking lossyesterday on Super Sunday.

Morning, Sam.

Hey, can I have the usual?


I caught up with quarterback Jake Gillette after the game.

Well, you know, of coursewe came here to win.

I wish we could have madethat happen.

But we were just outplayed.

Jake, this must feel exceptionally bitter after winning it all last year.

What about the rumoursof a trade?

Uh... Coach!

Come on over.

Hey. Good goin' today.

Oh, thanks, coach.

Uh, Coach Kerrigan, he, uh,he was my high school coach, he taught me everything I knowabout football.


Your latte and bear claw?

Oh, um, thanks.

He never gave up.

That's my father.

And he's even gonna be betternext year.


That's your dad?


So, you must knowJake Gillette.

'Cause, you could definitelyintroduce me to him.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, I was just watching youon TV.

Yeah, you should havebeen there.

Jake played great.

They just couldn't bring it homethis year.

Oh, well, maybe next year.

Yeah... maybe.

You okay, Dad?

Yeah, well, I'm betterthan okay.

I'm great.

Okay, what's going on?

Well, I've made a New Years'decision.

What, you gonna skip the tieon casual Fridays?

No, I'm gonna retire.


Hey, there's the bell.Love you, sweetie.

Wait, Da...

(Crowd) We still love you, Jak!

Jake! Jake!

Can I have your autograph?

Thanks, man.You're the best.

Thank you.



Thank you guys.


Jake, buddy.

Here, sit in my seat.

Take a seat, right there.


Hey, listen. I've beenon the phone all day.

Interviews, couple ofcommercials, got some walk-on partson some shows for ya.

You're gonna love it.

Yeah, great.

Uh, they know I lost yesterday,right?

Eh, there's losing,and then there's losing.

You had yourself one heckof a season.

And by the way, you look greaton camera.

This is a win for us, andthere's always next year.

Is there?

I mean, have you heardanything?

Not definitely, but they'renot gonna trade ya.

Not yet.

That's why we have to lookat the opportunities that are out there right nowand capitalize on 'em.

You know, you gotta startthinking about that next phase of your life.

Hey, Samantha.

You see the game last night?

Uh, no.

Not a fan.

What do you got there?

Oh, um, our publishing datesfor the year.


Of course, some of thosemay slide, but it's pretty close.

Where's the rest of them?

That's the full list.

These are almost all non-fictionand self-help.

"Bonkers for Brussels Sprouts,"really?

It's a working title.

Brussels sproutsare very big right now.

Where are my young adult titles?

We've decided to postponethat initiative.

You're postponing itfor another year.


Harry, you hired me to launcha series of young adult books.

Samantha, I...

It's been four years.

I've got amazing authorslined up.

You... you just keeppostponing it.

We're not postponing itfor a year.

We're postponing itindefinitely.

I'm sorry.

But we all love your work.

We want you to stay on,absolutely.

And do what?

I mean, student literacyis what I know.

It's been my passionsince I was a kid myself.

We want you to focus full-timeon the cookbooks.

What if I...

Ah, ah.

I'll talk to the board.



I don't blame Harry.

I mean I want to,but I can't.

It's just...

It's just the entire reasonyou went to work for them.


Speaking of jobs, happen to run into my dadin the hallways today?

Is he really retiring?

No one can believe it.

The whole school is walkingaround in a daze.

It's like we've enteredsome alternate reality.


Graham's doing an article in the newspaper, and Principal Evans wants to have a ceremony for him during Snowcoming, so you'll come to that, right?

Uh... I don't know.

In all these years, you've nevercome home for Snowcoming.

You used to love it.

Well, that's becauseI moved away.

Three hours and10 minutes away.

I know this because I'm always the one who drives down there to see you.

Come on, I need you to helpme decorate for the Snow Ball, and chaperone.

Do you think Jake's gonnabe there?

'Cause I don't wanna goif he is.

Not that I've heard.


Okay to what?

Okay to all of it.

Let me arrange the time offand I'll be there.

This is why I love you.

Ha, ha, ha!


Looks cold.



This is a thing?

It is a thing.

I mean... at leastin my hometown it is.

The whole town gets togetherto celebrate the new year.

There's a dance at the school, it's called the Snowball Dance.

Of course you do.

It's all about second chances and celebrating the good thingsto come.

There's a bonfire, and everyone writes down a wishfor the new year.

They put it on a piece of paperand then throw the paper into the fire.

Oh, and there'sa Snow Bowl game.

Like a football game,but in the snow.

Usually disintegrates prettyquickly into a snowball fight.

We consider it a good yearif no one goes to the hospital with hypothermia.

This sounds crazy.

I don't remember you takingthis time off before.

That's because I haven'tbeen back.

At least not for a while.

I don't go back that often.

But I'm going back now.

I'll be online frommy dad's house.

Hey, uh, try to find some morewinter recipes!

Like brussels sprout soup.

Hey, what a surprise, sweetie.

Hey, Dad.

Welcome home.



You seen all the signson Main Street?

You are a rock star.

Endlessly embarrassing.

So, whatever happenedto working forever?

Thought you were going to dieon the 50-yard line.

The way I see it, a man getsto admit he's wrong three times in his life.

So what were the other two?

I'll let you knowwhen it happens.

Come on.

So, uh, it's so greatto have you home.

I also have a little surprisefor you.

Oh, you made hot chocolate,that is a surprise.

When did you start doing that?

There's a perfect numberof marshmallows too.

Uh, that's actually mine,but, uh... you know, you can have it.

I can always make another one.




Hi Samantha.



Yeah, long time.

You've... you look great.

So, Jake is gonna stayin his usual room.

Your room, ready to go.

No problem?

His usual room?

He's staying here?

You're staying here?

Yeah, it's kinda likemy second home.

Besides, I don't want coach'sretirement celebration to be about me, so I'm flyingunder the radar.

Yeah, when he comesto town, he usually likes to stay awayfrom the press.



Well, this is... fun.

But um, I told Diana thatI would go and visit her, so I'm gonna go do that now.

You just got here.


And I'll be back.

You look good too.


And he's just standing therelike he owns the place, like it hasn't been 12 yearssince he's been there.

I don't think it has.

What do you mean?

Well, Coach was always likea father to Jake, you know that.


And I'm pretty surehe visits regularly, unlike some people I know.

Can I borrow this?

I don't remember how it ends.

You know what?

It'll be fine.

Jake and I can certainlysit in the bleachers at my dad's ceremony, but Ican't share a house with him.

It's just weird.

Can I crash in yourspare room?

You can't.

We're remodelling it.

Why are you remodelling it?It's fine.

When are you due?

You're not even showing!

I just found out last week, soI wanted to tell you in person.

Graham's already pulled theroom apart and started painting.

He's so excited.

I'm gonna be an honouraryaunt.

I can't believe it.

No, you're not.

You're gonna be a godmother.


Sorry. I can't stop hugging you.

It's okay.

But come anyway, I'llfind something to cook.

No, no, you've been workingall day, you go home, you put yourfeet up and relax with Graham.

I'll be fine.

Probably barely even see him.


You baked a cake?

Well, you might rememberthat, uh, cooking wasn't exactlymy superpower.

Yeah. You once triedto microwave a salad.

So, I took some cooking classes.

Got pretty good at it,actually.

If you count following a recipe.

I would've thought you had stafffor that.

You know, just snap your fingersand a cake just appears.

In fact, I have one personin charge of icing.

You don't have one for chocolateand one for vanilla?

You know, I thought about it, but then what happenswith things like carrot cake?

I mean, whose jurisdictionis that, it's just... it's too complicated.

So, how's Diana?

She's great.

She's having a baby.


That's terrific.

How's she feeling?

She's Diana, you know,she's working full-time, she's pregnant, she's renovatingthe house.

She's organizingthe Snowball Dance, she's probably, you know,trekking Everest next week and forgot to tell me.

It's not bad.


Told ya.

Wanna answer that?


Tell me about the dance.

Um, she wants me to help herdecorate the gym.

She wants me to help chaperonetoo, but...

I don't know.

Why not?


Sure, we had so much funour junior year.

Remember how long it took usto find a tie that matched your dress?


But I also remember senior year, sitting in the living roomby myself.


I must have fallen asleepon the couch.

Never done that before.

Oh, first time?

Is that what we're gonnago with?

All right, well,goodnight to all.

Sweet dreams, darling.

'Night, Dad.


I'm gonna head upstairs too.


I'm sorry.

All right, fire it in here old man.


Hey, cut it out!

Oh! There it is.

Do you remember that last game...

Yeah. played for me?

Wake up!

It's too weird.

The big day!

Hey, sweetie.

Hi, Dad.

-How are ya?-Mwah.

What brings you here?

Can't a girl bring her dadlunch at work one last time?

Well, I'm gonna guessyou're here because you didn't want to bealone in the house with Jake.

I can neither confirmnor deny that allegation.

My favourite.


It's the only oneI can make.


Okay, please just, uh, tell 'emto postpone for a week.

Jake, buddy.

They wanna film the commercialthis week.

We've got a lot of endorsementmoney riding on this.

I know, I just... look, I wanna be here forSnowcoming and for coach.

Fine, I'll run interference.

And speaking of which,that reporter, Casey Carnes?

She wants to bring a film crew up to your hometown.

So, it's perfect timing since you're there anyway.

Not gonna happen, Lenny.

I don't want press up here.

Come on, Jake.

You can make the time.

Sorry, Lenny.

Gotta go.

In an ironic twist of fate, thedog has fallen down the well and I gotta help Timmyget him out.

Please tell me you madethat up.

Bye, Lenny.



Okay... Okay.

Excuse me, Ma'am.

Have you heard of a bookabout a boy wizard from England?


Get over here and hug me!

Miss Alice, how are you doing?

Oh, couldn't be better.

Oh, let me look at you.

I haven't seen you in so long.

I had to come backfor my dad's ceremony, I can't believe he's retiring.

Well, happens to all of ussooner or later.


Really happy for him.

This place looks exactlythe same.

Oh, your nook is still there.

But don't get too comfortable.

We're closing soon.

Why are you closing so early?

It's not early, not anymore.

We're only open for aboutfour hours a day now.



Things have been going downhillfor a while.

We don't have enough money tobuy books and new technology, and... so the studentsdon't come.

And... then we get evenless funding.

This place was like a secondhome to me.

After my mom died, I came hereevery afternoon while my dad was at practice.

I remember.

Sad to see it so empty.

What about this one right here?

Is it my imagination ordid this place get smaller?

I thought the same thingthe first time I came back.

Oh, Samantha!

It has been way too long.


Have you noticed Grahamstill wears football jerseys?

I did.

It's a good look on you, Graham.

You're killin' it.

Do you see?

She wasn't being serious,honey.



Oh... speaking of beingserious...


Can you please explainto my lovely wife, Diana, that she can't be climbingladders to decorate now?

Oh yeah, you absolutelycan't be climbing ladders to decorate now.

Don't be silly.

I'm pregnant,not incapacitated.

It doesn't matter.

He's right, it doesn't matter.

Stay off the ladder.

Yeah. Stay off the ladders,mom.





So good to see you,Diana.

Wow, this place got smaller,didn't it?


What happened to staying at homeand avoiding people.

Come on, you guys are friends,not people.

I feel comfortablein this town.

Have you met my husband,Graham?

Hey, nice to meet you, Graham.

Graham thinks it's niceto meet you too, he's just having a bit ofa fanboy moment.

No problem.

Hey, congrats on the baby.

Yeah. Yes.



Thank you.

Uh, Jake.

It's a baby.

I'm gonna, uh,need this hand back....


So, let's uh, let's getthis thing started.

What can I do to help?

You can help Samanthawith the streamers.


Okay, so uh, what do I do?


All right.

No... we can't both gothe same way.


No, uh.

Just, you start, and I'll goin the opposite direction.

Uh, you know there'sa, uh, metaphor for our relationshipin all this.

Hey, Mrs. Wells.


You kids aren't allowedto be in here, we're decorating.


I know, I'm... I just had a question about a reading assignment.


This is supposedto be a surprise.

Okay, everyone outin the hall.


You're not everyone.



Well, this place is smallerthan I remember, too.

Wow, how many timesdid we sneak in here, huh?


I don't want to talk about that.

So, what are we doing hidingout in here?

You know, kids put theirentire lives on social media.

Someone finds outI'm down here, the, uh, press will descend.


What am I doing hiding in here?

Look, Sam, I knowthat this is awkward.

Yeah, but I just wanted to behere for Coach's ceremony.

He was like a father figureto me when, uh... when I really needed one.

He loves you, too.

Means the world to him whenyou fly him all over the place for a game.

Yeah, well I always seemto play better when I know he's in the stands.

Look, I don't want thisto be hard for you.

This is important, but it's more important to methat you're comfortable.

So, if you think it's betterthat I go, I will.

Just tell me.

Just tell me to go, Sam.


It's good that you're here.

After all, it's your Snowcoming,too.

Thank you.

I'm sorry if I've beenacting weird.

I mean, it''s ancient history, we've both obviouslymoved on.

Coast is clear.

I've locked the doors.

Now, come help me decorate!


Ooh, ooh, hey.

Are you sure you don't want meto get that?

Well, what you lackin arms' length you definitely make upfor in stubbornness.




Care... ah, ah, careful.

We do good work.

It would have taken me daysto do this all by myself.

Thank you.

Well, that'swhat friends are for.


Well guys, I'm heading home.I gotta put dinner on.

You, stay off the ladders.

You, hurry home.

You, see youin the morning.

Yeah. I'm lookin' forward to it.

Did he just say he's headinghome to put dinner on?

That's what I heard.


What are you two doing tomorrow?


Oh, you know, just goingout for a run.


Like friends do.

You know, good friends likeJake Gillette and me.


Yeah, I'm just going to takethese boxes back to your classroom.

Oh, here we go.

Thank you.

So, Jake looks good.

Jake looked good before he wasa professional athlete, and don't look at me like that.

Clearly, he still has feelingsfor you.

You can see it every timehe looks at you.

Can I be blunt?

You are literally never subtle.

I can be around Jake right now,for my dad's sake, but that's it.

There's nothing going on,there never will be.

He broke my heart.

He doesn't get a do-over.


I'll see you later.

What do you think, Coach?

It ain't bad, all right?

Well, thank you.

That's... that's pretty darn good, I'll tell ya.

Did you make a pot roast?

But you were with me all day.

Put it in the crockpotthis morning.


I called my slow cooker advisor,and uh, he explained to me howto do it.

You know, Jake and Ihave a deal that when he comes to visit,I do the shopping and he cooks.

I'm getting really goodat reading a shopping list.

You two sound likean old married couple.

And he never takes outthe trash unless I nag.


So, did, uh, you get allthe decorations up?

Yeah, we did.

It looks great.


Coach, have they, uh, decidedwho's gonna take your job yet?

No, not yet.

They have to find someonewho's willing to take over my PE class andmy health class.

And coach a football team.

Well, uh, aren't you gonnamiss it?

Ah, it's time for some new blood.

And to be honest, I'm reallylooking forward to starting the next chapterin my life.

A lot of things I wanna do.

Like what?

Well, like a lot of things.

I wanna spend more timeat the lake, I got about a hundred booksthat you gave me that I...

I still wanna read.


Speaking about books, I stopped by the library today.

It hasn't changed at all.

Huh, well that's nice.

No, it's not.

It literally hasn't changed.

No new books, no technology.

I mean, it's like a... likea time capsule in there.

No one even uses it anymore.


Oh! This is delicious!

Please, thank your slow cookerchef for me.

Well, actually, you should bethanking yourself.

Me, why?

'Cause I got the recipefrom one of the cookbooks your company put out last year.

Let me guess, from ouraward-winning cookbook, "100 To Die ForChocolate Desserts?"

I don't know how to answer thatwithout making you mad at me.

Hand it over, mister.

It's been a chocolatekind of week.

Yes, it has.

You probably heard about mine.


I wish I could sayit was a close game.

But you don't lie, I know.

So, tell me aboutyour chocolate week.

I was hired by New Editionto launch a line of books for teens and young adults.

Coach told me how stokedyou were.

Yeah, I was.

My boss just told me it's beenshelved completely.

I'm still being kept onto do cookbooks.

Next up, a brusselssprouts cookbook.

Well, you can restcomfortably knowing that I will never be tryinga recipe from that book.

It's funny how I used to thinkit was my dream job.

Now, I don't know.

It's funny, I'm sort ofin awe of my dad.

Sayin' no, this chapteris over, and... walking away to starta new one.

I just don't knowwhat I would do.

You used to know exactlywhat you wanted to do.

Young adult literacy.


Well, you know, maybe you needto start from the beginning.

Try a new path.

If only I knew what that was.


What are you doing?!

What are you doing?

You scared me!

I scared you?

You... you stormed in here like some kind of tacticalresponse team.

Yeah, 'cause you were in herewaving a flashlight around like you were tryingto steal things.

It's because I didn't wantanyone storming in here

'cause they thought I wasstealing things.

You okay?

I will be once my heart ratereturns to normal.

Wait, how did you getin here?

Oh, the... the back gym door hasone of those push button locks.

They haven't changedthe combination in decades.

Well, what are you doing here?

Well, I wanted to, uh, you know, decorate Coach's classroomfor his retirement.

What are you doing here?


I uh, found some picturesof him when he was coachingand playing.


And, I made this.

Lots of it.

It's... it's, uh,little footballs.


I, uh, I have some streamers.

Oh, well uh, what's that?

This is...


"We love you Coach Kerrigan."

Yeah, well.

You know?

We do.

We do indeed.

Oh, uh...

Wanna help me with something?


You might want to grabthat end.


And up...

It's great.

Thank you.

Come here.


What? What? What?


I was saving that for later.


I can't believehe still gets out of bed at 0500 every morning.

That's why he falls asleepon the sofa every night?

Go, go, go!


It's gonna take me foreverto clean up this mess.

Oh, it's okay.

Good morning.

Oh, hi.

Hey, someone went crazy inyour dad's classroom last night.

I wonder who that could be.

I wonder.

It meant the world to him.

Miss Alice, could I askyou something?

Did you mind me coming hereevery day after school?

Just, after my mom passed,the house was so empty, and coming here and escapinginto a book, it meant everything to me.

Looking back,I don't know, I wonder if maybe it felt likeyou were babysitting me.

Do you remember my nephew,Tyler?

He was about six or seven yearsolder than you?

Oh, yeah, he's on, uh, he'son Wall Street now, right?

Yes, he is, but... he was on a much differentstreet when he was going here.

So, my sister made a dealwith him.

She said "you can keepyour friends, "you can do whatever you want, "as long as you playthree sports.

"Football, baseball,and basketball."

All the sports my dad coached.


Took about a month,Tyler started saying "sir," doing his chores again.

Your dad has a way of turningkids around like that.

So, your letting me stay herewas like paying my dad back?

No... no, that's...that's what friends do.

That's... we help each other,any way we can.

And, for the record, missy, having you in this library mademe as happy as it made you.

Race to the finish!

Yeah, whoa, ah!

I'm gonna have to tell everyonefor the next 60-70 years that I beat, uh, bigJake Gillette in a foot race.

No problem.

So, anyway, uh, well Sam and Iboth lost our moms early on.

The difference was,Sam had Coach.

My dad, well, I was just a little too muchfor him to handle, so he left me with his mom,my nana.

And then at football camp,I just... I latched onto coach.

Of course, I fell immediatelyin love with Samantha.

Took me ten years to convinceher to love me back.

Three years to mess it all up.

Well, what about now?

What about now?

I mean, she's made it prettyclear that she's moved on.

Well, sure, but, um, I know fora fact she's not seeing anyone.


Are... are you okay?



I'm Samantha.


Hi Sage.

What are you reading?

Uh, it's for freshman English.

We have to read a new bookevery month.

You don't like it?

It's a classic.

It's classically boring.

I'm halfway through, and it'sall about getting some rich guy to be your husband,so you're well-off.

Yeah well, timeswere different then.

What kind of books do you like?

I don't.

Okay, well, what kindof movies do you like?

Adventure, fantasy worlds,you know, weird stuff like that.

That's not weird at all,I actually love those too.

People created entire worlds andinvited you to come and visit.

Here, try these.

I love them all.


Come on, give methat top one.


See, there is my name rightthere from where I took out this actual book.

Yikes, that's like50 years ago.

I'm kidding.

I'm kidding.



I'll try them.

I mean, it can't be worse than

"gazing into the garden,dreaming of a man of means."

Oh, don't scare me like that.

I need you to come with me.

What? Where?

Come on, let's go.

Get your coat.


Come on.

But I... Okay.

Come on, come on, come on.

So you're kidnapping me?


For lunch.

That's right.

Should I, uh, should I beleaving a trail of breadcrumbs?


I forgot about these woods.

Happy to see that every treeis exactly where I left it.

Yeah, I love it.

Come back herewhenever I visit.

I didn't know you cameto visit my dad so often.

Well, I think Coach didn't knowhow to bring it up without upsetting you, so...

In accordancewith the male rules for avoiding awkwardconversations, he just, uh,didn't say anything.




Our first kiss, under that tree.

A million years ago.

Yeah. What?

It's weird, I remember everydetail about our first kiss.

Yeah, me too.

I don't remember anythingabout our last kiss.

Maybe that's becauseit hasn't happened yet.


Is that our treehouse?

What have you done to it?

Well, last time I was visiting,Coach and I gave it a, uh, little facelift.


It's like you rebuiltthe whole thing.

There's a picnic basketup here.

Well, that would bethe lunch part.

A winter picnic.

It's different.

Well, you know, I've alwaysbeen a rebel.

I stopped by the school today.

Miss Alice said Dad lovedthe decorations.

Good. I'm glad.

Wanna hear something weird?


I met this girl therenamed Sage.

That's not weird,Sage is a nice name.


Sage needed a... a book forclass but she hates reading.

Also, not weird.

Slightly tragic, but...Sorry.

Go on.

So I recommended a few books, and we were lookingat the checkout card, and my name was stillon one of them.

Okay, tha... that is weird.



I mean, there were onlyfour names on the card, and these are reallygood books.

People really should bereading them.

And they haven't,not for years.

So I was thinkingabout what you said, about going backto the beginning.

So, what are you thinking?

I don't know.

I mean, with my work, I... I have all theseconnections with these amazingyoung adult authors.

Most of them self-publish,because traditional publishing companies like mine aretoo afraid to take a risk.

I was wondering if there wassome way that I could, I don't know,bring them together.


Like if there wasn't strengthin numbers or something.

I don't know, I'm still thinkingabout it.

In the meantime, I shouldprobably get back to the house and do some real work.


Those brussels sprout recipesare calling my name.


All right, little man.

Remember, keep yourpointer finger on that seam.

There you go.

The other fingers on the laces.


Now, left foot forward and...hit me in the end-zone.

Oh, touch down!

And the crowd goes wild!


There you go.

All right, you got it.

Just gotta keep on practicing.

All right?

Nice to meet you, folks.



Wanna see what I gotDiana's baby?

Oh, do I.

His name is Squeakers.

Isn't he adorable?

You're gonna beone of those aunts that just spoils 'em rotten,aren't you?

That is my exact plan.

What do you got in your bags?

I got... a football onesie.


You just used the word onesiein a sentence.

Hey, don't judge me there,Miss Squeaker.

Hey, could I ask you a question?

Absolutely not.

You think you're gettingburnt out?

Maybe a little.

I mean, not with the game.

I love everythingabout the game, but the rest of it,the fame?

I thought you loved that.

I did, but you were right,it's not real.

You know me.

A part of me would becomfortable saying

"buy this truck because,well, I think it's swell."

I do it because there's billsto pay.

You know, Lenny, my manager,he's a... he's a really good guy and he's a machinewhen it comes to money, which is great.

But, I just find myself stuckin my apartment and my hotel because I... can't even go outto buy a sandwich without drawing a huge crowd.

And, he's positioning meto do even more of it.

You know, TV spots,commercials.


I know this should be my dream,but it isn't.

I feel like your dad's tryingto coach me one last time, to know when to close one bookand open the next.

Wait, what did you say?

Okay, I used the book metaphorto impress you.

No, not that.

Before that, about the crowds.

Always, everywhere.

I gotta call Diana.

We've gotta go.

To where?

To the library.

I'm not sure what you meanby that.

I'm joking.

Oh, my.

Oh, you're both... here.

Uh, yeah, I uh, I was just doingsome cleaning up in my classroom, and...


Oh my, I didn't see you there.


It's great to see ya.

Good to see you too.

All right.

Why'd we all get the SOS text?

Well, this library was myfavourite place in the world growing up.

You know, that's not exactlybreaking news.

Hurts my heart to see itsitting here empty.

So that's why I needyour help.

We're gonna restorethe library.

That's a great idea, but...

But what are you thinking?

We're gonna have an open house.


Before the Snow Bowl game.


Like an indoor tailgating party.

We'll have hot chocolate,and food before the game.


We'll spruce the place up,we can decorate.

Yeah, you know, I know where we can getsome streamers, too.

Oh, yeah, I heard what happenedto your classroom.

That's weird.

We can get some new pillows,put up some new posters, and we'll take donationsat the front door.

Ah, it's... it's a lovely idea,honey.

Um, I just don't thinka tailgate party at the library soundslike much fun.

But how does"Tailgate with Jake" sound?


If you're okay with it.

No pressure.

So, you want me to usemy power for good?

Eh, yeah, why not?


If you think people will come.

Yes, they will come, becauseyou're asking them to come, because you're a hometown hero, and if you say the library'simportant, they'll be here.

She's right, I mean, I'll even show upthe night before just to make sure I get in.

Well, how about this?

Every $5 donatedgets a raffle ticket, we'll pull a raffleat the Snow Bowl, and the winner will geta football signed by Coach and yours truly.

That's great.

This is wonderful.

Okay, so Boss,when do we start?

Right now.

Diana, do you think youcould come up with a flyer for the event and put itall over town, especially inthe storefronts?

I can do that.


And Graham...

Do you think you could writean article for the newspaper and maybe get them to put iton their website, too?

I am on it.

And the rest of us, come on.

We got work to do.

He gave up endorsement moneyfor this?!

Looks like we'regoing tailgating.


I am gonna head home and make a dozen new pillowsfor the nook, perfect use for allmy leftover fabric.

And I'm going shopping,I got hot chocolate, hot dogs, buns,mustard and relish, I can handle this.

And I make a greatvegetable soup we can sell.

I'll text you my list.


Let me guess, "50 Hot Soups fora Cold Winters' Day?"

How many of our cookbookshave you bought?

All of them.


Yeah, of course,they're yours, you know?

I wanted to support you.


You know, and you joke, but there's a lobster bisquerecipe in there that a freight trainwould take a dirt road for.

What? I don't evenknow what that means.

But you know,once we do this, the whole world's gonna knowyou're here.

No more hiding out.

I'll just escapeto my treehouse.

They'll never find me there.



Umm, excuse me.


Jake, buddy.


I thought you were takinga break.

Wow, that was fast.

I get it, you want to dosomething for your old school.

Let me work on howto spin this.

There's no "spin,"Lenny.

It's for a good causeand I'm having fun.


Yeah, fun.

Jake, this is your life.

You're not supposedto be having fun.

Oh, my...

That didn't come out the wayit was supposed to.


Yeah, Jake buddy?

Everything's good.

Don't worry about it.

But I just...

Aw, Jake.

There you are.


I love that you organizedall this.

Well, it's easy when you'redoing something you enjoy.


I can't do cookbooks,Jake.

Not anymore.

I know.

You found your passion,it's right here.

It's this library.

I mean, maybe I couldn'tfind it out there because it was right hereall along, just waiting for me.

I have to do something more thana tailgating party, though.

There's gotta be something else.


I saw the light on.


Oh, you're here.

I'm here.

So what's the verdict?

They're awesome.

When Calinda summonedthe dragon?

Right. And she doesn't seethat Xerxes is there?

I was dying.

This is my kind of love story.

Wanna know the best part?


Each one of those is the firstbook in a series.

Are you kidding?

Nope, this is one of five,that's a trilogy, and this one,there's like 15 of them, and the author is still writing.


I can't wait to read them.

They just keep getting better, too.

Seven's my favourite.

Wow, Diana really paperedthe town.


Hey, you, uh, mind if we takea little detour before we go to the bonfire?



Nana's old house.Looks great.

New family really fixed it up.

Yeah, Coach says they havea little girl who just started schoolthis year.

I bet she has your room.

It's hard to imagine itdecorated with anything other than trophies andposters of Brett Farveand Darrell Green.

And that lime green rug.

I forgot about the rug.

You miss it?

The rug, no, no.

I installed lime green shagin every room in my condo, so, you know, I'm good.

First day of football camp,I was a skinny kid who couldn't sit still for morethan 20 seconds.

They put a football helmeton me and I looked likea bobble-head toy.

It wasn't until a few yearslater that I found out that Coach had called Nana and suggested that I come outto camp, at no cost.

Maybe he saw yournatural talent.


I think he was just doinga kindness for a woman in a tough spot.

That changed my life.

I wish I could help kidslike that.

Well, you do that football campin the summer.

My dad told me you organizedthe whole program in the city.

I think that's amazing.

Yeah, well I mean those kidsare great, but each session is only a week.

I mean, as soon as I startto get to know 'em, it's over.

I just wish I could do more,like Coach did.

Is that smoke?

(Both) The bonfire.

Let's go.

Wish time.

All right, thank you.

Ah, ah, no cheating.

Let me see.


It won't come true.

Who made up that rule?

It's always been a rule.

No, it hasn't.

Okay, then.

Show me yours.






Are you ready?






Now our wishes are on their wayup into the cosmos, where they can come true.

Speaking of wishes coming true.


Can we talk about my Dadand Alice?

I can neither confirmnor deny.

I have been sworn to secrecy,my lips are... sealed.

I don't even know whatyou're talking about.

Alice who?

You know, I think I should tryone of these.


In... in the interestof quality control.

Okay, one.

One only.

We need to save themfor the tailgating party.


So, have you thoughtabout retiring too?

That lake is calling us both.

Yeah, no, I know it's beautiful.

But I'm not exactly ready yet.

Not until that library's fullof happy students.

You know, we gotta tell Samanthaabout us eventually.



Hey, it's been going onlong enough.

Not yet.

She's got enough to deal with.

I just don't want to upset her.

What makes you thinkshe would be upset?

She thinks you're great.

You're her dad.

She's not happy about us,she'll get over it.

She'll still love you.

But I might lose her forever, and then maybe I'd lose you tooif it came down to it.

It's not gonna happenlike that.

Okay, I... I just don't want herto think that...

I'm trying to replaceher mother.

So, please?

Give me a little more time?

That's fair enough.

Now, let's pack upthese cookies.

Put it back.

Darn it.

Goodnight, sweetie.

'Night, Dad.

Love you.

I love you too.

Sleep tight.

Come on! Come on!

Wake up! Get up! Get up!

Come ooooooon!


What? What?

What happened?


I'm kidnapping you.


It's my turn to kidnap you.

Come on, let's go.

Okay, just um...

Give me, give me,give me five minutes.

You get three.

Our hill.

Yeah, Graham and I werejust up here, actually.

Did you tell him about ourmany failed attempts to sled to the bottom of the tree-line?

I did.

I think we could make it now.


I know you haven't put onany weight since high school.


I put on a few pounds.

Of muscle, maybe.


You know, in retrospect,sledding as fast as we can, trying to hit trees probablywasn't such a good idea.

And you brought the toboggan.

All waxed up and ready to go.


Come on, let's do it.

Come on, it's Snowcoming,it's all about second chances.

Yeah, I totally got this, huh?

You totally got this.



You ready?

I was born ready.

I mean, maybe not, but,let's do it anyway.

Okay, here we go.

You okay?

That was awesome!

Why did you do that?

We almost went into the trees.

'Cause we almost raninto the trees!

Yeah, but it was super fununtil we crashed.


You wanna do it again?

No, no, I do not wannado it again.

It was dangerous, wecould've gotten hurt.

Says the man who routinely facesa metric ton of linebackers.

We're professionals.

Are you saying I am nota professional tobogganer?

Yeah, that's exactlywhat I'm saying.







You'll regret it.

Will I?





Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo,hoo, hoo.

Get it!

What did you wish forat the bonfire?

Those pictures in your necklace,hmm?

We should probably go back.


It's still really early.

I had an idea last night.

I just want to checkmy emails.

So, I was thinkingabout all the authors that I've contactedthrough work.

The ones who areself-publishing.


And I thought, what ifthey would give one or two of their books to libraries,at a discounted rate?

Like, super discounted.

So, I targeted all ofthe authors that I knew wrote series, and I asked themfor just the first book, for our library andfor other libraries.

Because, if a kid lovesa book, they're gonna read itover and over again.

And, they're going to buy allthe other books in the series, which is a win for the author,but also a win for us.

I just want to see if anyof them emailed me back.

Sam, it looks like some of themdefinitely emailed you back.

Look at this.

I've got 200 authorswho are interested.

So, if we make money atthe tailgate party tomorrow, that means we might be able tobuy one book from each of them at the discounted rate.


Plus, I've been reaching outto other libraries, and they all want in too,'cause they're all having the same problemsthat we have.

They've got no money, and the donations that they aregetting are terrible.

I mean, they've got40-year-old textbooks, paperbacks thatare missing pages, and magazines so oldthat they're speculating whether Charles and Diare having marital problems.

So, what I think I need to dois just make a list of people that I think cou...

Why am I dressed like this?

Ah, you were right,this is cathartic.


I miss that laugh.

I miss being with someonewho makes me laugh.

All right.

All right.

I gotta go make myworld-famous soup.

You comin'?

Only 'cause there'snothing I like more than watchingsomeone else cook.

Let's see how much you like itwhen I leave the dishes for you to clean.


No. I am notsigning up for that.

Come on.



So, anything you want to tell meabout Jake and you?



Nothing to tell.

Girl, the lies you tell.

Anyway, listen, the whole schoolis buzzing about Snowcoming Tailgate with Jake, so make sure he makes loads of soup.

I think we're goingto be okay.

And whatever your dad is grilling, tell him to get twice as much.

I'm on it.

And, what did you doto Sage Abernathy?




Three days ago, Sage wouldn't read the backof a cereal box.

Yesterday, I had to physicallytake her book away from her so she would stop reading it under the desk.

She's an awesome kid.

And you're an awesome mentor.

Sage is the first kid inyour literacy campaign.

Student No. 1.


Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, actually, it is.

Talk to you later.

Okay, bye.

Your soup smells very good, but we're going to need a lotof people to show up or we're going to be eating itfor a month.

Oh, there's gonna be so manypeople we're going to run out.

You watch.


So, I was able to findgraham crackers.


And marshmallows, though I have no ideahow old these are.

You know the half-lifeis a hundred years.


Got a chocolate bar.

Ooh, did you...

Why would you doubt me?

For the man who likes peanutbutter cups in his s'mores.

Told you.

I'm a rebel.


Thank you.

There you go.

Thank you.


Can I tell you something crazy?

Crazier than us sitting heremaking s'mores again?

Yeah, even crazier than that.

Tell me.

Well, my contractis up this year, and I don't know ifthey're going to keep me, trade me, or completelycut me loose.

Are you kidding?


You're at the peakof your career.

Why would they trade you?

Peak or not, I am getting older.

I'm tired.

Tired of football.

Never thought I'd hear yousay that.

I... I still love the game,I will forever, but uh, you know, my body'sgetting tired.

I make those old man noiseswhen I get up in the morning.

I took a really hard hitlast year.

Oh yeah, I saw that.

What? I was channel surfing.

I just... happened to see it.


Anyway, it freaked me outa little bit.

I dunno.

Thinking about walking away.

Really? You?

I know. Insane, right?

But, when I allow myselfto consider the idea, I really like it.

I want to leave on my terms,you know?

My decision.

I don't want to be a piece insomeone else's chess board.

You still like your marshmallowcrispy, right?

Of course.



For you.

Thank you.

There you go.

To new beginnings.

To starting over.



Right there,that's perfect.

And all the lighter colours,let's put on that there.

It's looking good,you guys.

Okay, let's get ittogether here.

I got your text,what's happening?

I don't know, we got a callfrom Miss Alice to come now and use the back door.

What's wrong?


We need to get set upright away.


Maybe we shouldopen up early.


Dad, hot dogs.

Graham, can you set upthe drink station?

Miss Alice, can you getthe soup prepped?

Diana, let's get the raffletable set up.


Mmm. These are delicious.

Is that... is that nutmegI'm tasting?

Yeah. I add it at the end.

Well, it gives a nicelittle kick.


Are you opening early?


Ah, in one minute and we willbe taking donations and selling raffle ticketsright here.

When will Jake Gillettebe here?

You know, I heard he wasalready here.

Good morning everyone.

Thank you all for coming.

Hi Jake.

Um, thank you.

Thank you all for coming.

You know, uh, my school'slibrary was always one of my favourite placesgrowing up.

Outside the end zoneof course.

And I'm very passionateabout supporting literacy through our library, not onlyhere in my very own hometown, but also across our country.

I'm especially excited topromote a new literacy program piloted in our very own library, and we hope that the moneythat we raise today will go a long way towardssupporting the program.

Jake, I have a few questions.

One moment please.


Who is that?

Beats me, but I don'tlike her.

...we'll pull a raffle rightafter the Snow Bowl.

All right. Thanks everybody.

For every $5 donated,we get one raffle ticket?

Yep, and 5 for 20.

Jake, do you think you'llbe traded?

Can you commenton the rumours?

Oh, and why are you hidingin your hometown?

Thanks for all the questions,Cassie, but, uh, today is aboutCoach Kerrigan and today is about Snowcoming.

Everything else can wait.

Thank you.

Oh, hey guys.


I'm glad you could come.

A lot of people.

(All) Cheese!

Oh, there you go.

Good going, sweetie.

Nice work, guys.Thanks for coming.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you.

Jake, buddy.

Lenny, um, what are youdoing here?

I came up hereto support you.

That's so sweet of you.

Hey, whatever you want meto do, let me know.

Well, Cassie Carnes is here.

You think you can runa little interference?


I don't see the problem.

You're getting some great press.

She doesn't want a story,she wants a scandal, and she's not abovestarting one.





Okay, tell me the truth?



Yes, it's a slow start,but stick with it.


Put that one on top.


I'm so glad you work here now.

Oh, um, I don't work...

Excuse me, um, you're CoachKerrigan's daughter, aren't you?

Um, Samantha, yes.

And you are?

Oh, Cassie Carnes.

So nice to finally meet you, I know coach has been a biginfluence in Jake's life.

Um, yes, they've alwaysbeen very close.

Any insight into Jake's plansfor next year?

He wouldn't talk to meabout that, I don't know anything.


That's not what I hear.

I heard you two datedfor years.

Um, here we go.That was a long time ago.

Of course, it was. I mean, a guylike Jake can date any woman he wants to date, live anywherehe wants to live, it's really sweet thathe's doing all of this for the library andfor your dad, you know, but he's got a plane ticketbooked out of here tonight.


He didn't tell you?

Oh yeah, he's leaving rightafter your dad's ceremony.

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie.

What brings you up?

Lenny, long time.

Good to see you again,what brings you up here?

Oh, you know, just trying to geta little info on the trade.

What trade?


Have you heard somethingabout a trade?

Hey, coffee, yes.

Hey, Coach.

You, uh, seen Samantha?

Uh, no, not for a while.

I think she's probably backthere helping people find books.

Hey, Graham.

Oh, back for seconds, are we?

You need me to take over,Coach?

Yeah, we're almostdone here and I gotta get over to thatcrazy Snow Bowl game.

I'm gonna see youover there, right?

Yeah, sure.

All right.

Hey, do you knowwhy Samantha left?

I mean, did we run outof something?

Wait, she left?

Yeah, yeah.

20 minutes ago.

Coach, can you comment onJake's plans for next year?


Hey, Graham, uh, you mindif I borrow your keys?

Yeah, no problem.

Thanks, bud.


You're gonna love this.


Jake, just a coupleof questions for you.

If you have a minute.





Ah... look...

We've been here before, Jake.

Same place, it's déjà vuall over again.

They manipulate meto get to you.

Now I'm older and waymore stubborn, so this time we're gonna talk.

I'm gonna make you hear me,so stand there and listen.

Do you remember when we werein middle school and I was sad and skinny and lots of kidspicked on me?

You were always sticking upfor me.

And in high school,I was the quarterback.

We won the division, and all the same people suddenlywanted to be my best friend.

And you'd smack me around andtell me that they only liked me because of what I could do,not who I am.

Maybe I was just looking foran excuse to smack you around.

And then we went to college,and the same thing happened, but you loved mein a different way, so... this time it hurt.

Sam, this is the exactsame thing, just on a bigger scale.

People latch onto mebecause I can throw a football, but they have no ideawho I am.


Cassie is a reporter.

She wants a story.

But more than anything, she wants to be therewhen they announce that I've been traded soshe can get a picture of me looking devastated.

Jake, I can't do this again.

I can't compete with this.

There's no competition.

It's you, Samantha.

I've always loved you.

I didn't know how to tell you.

Do you really have a planeticket out of here today?

Are you leaving?


But only because I have ameeting with the team owners, that's it.

It's all some walk downmemory lane for you?

Absolutely not.

Look, I'm going downto the Snow Bowl game.

They asked me to presentyour dad with an award.

Please come.

I want you to see something.


Hey, I was starting to worry.

All right good game!

Good game!

Good game!

All right!

Thank you for that wonderfulSnow Bowl game.

While the rules were vagueat best, the spirit and enthusiasmwere truly inspiring.

And now, it's time forour raffle from the library tailgating party.

And to draw the winning ticketfor the signed football...

Jake Gillette!

All right, so who wantsto win this football?

Let's see...



Uh, Sage Abernathy!

There we go.

Nice catch.

Do you think you could teach mehow to throw a spiral?

I absolutely can.

Aw, you gotta love that.

Now, for some sad news, by now you've all heardour beloved Coach is gonna be retiring.

So for one last time, let's give a big hometown roundof applause to Coach Kerrigan.

Yeah Couch, whoo!!!

Thank you, thank you.

As anybody who's playedon one of my teams knows, I'm not the kind of manthat likes to listen to his own voice, but...

I'd just like to thank everybodywho supported me for all these years.

I couldn't have picked a bettertown to raise my daughter in.

We love you, Coach!

Thank you.

One minute, Coach.

You know, you won a lot oftrophies for us.

So we had one made for you.

Coach, on behalf of allthe students you taught, the teams you coached,the parents you supported, and the townspeopleyou love.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What's he doing?

One final announcement.

I don't know.

While I wish the coach allthe best in his retirement, as you can imagine, he's left some prettybig shoes to fill.

But this week, we wereapproached by a fine candidate, and I am pleased toannounce we were ableto extend an offer.


You're going to bea great coach.

Aw, Jake buddy.

What are you doing?


You are not gonnabelieve this.


He's our new coach, people!

What do you think?



-All right, we'll see you guys.-Yes.

Take care.

Jake, buddy.

Are you ready for me to talksome sense into you now?

Lenny, thank you for everythingyou've done, and I fully intend on honouring the commitments you've madeso far but then I'm done.

Just give me an hour or soto wrap up here, and you can give me a liftto the airport, huh?

All right, I'll do that.


I'm gonna talk youout of this.

I know you'll try.

You know I will.

So, anything newin your life?

I have a question for you.

They hire you as the coach,you know, they're still going to haveto find a teacher.

No, they aren't.

My degree is in education.

I, uh, I am a teacher.


What do you think I majored in?

I don't know, the mechanicsof how to throw a spiral?

Sweat sock repair?

Really? You... you'regoing there?

No, you're... you're gonnabe great.

You're always great.

You know, I'm coming home, Sam, but it's not going to be homewithout you here, too.

It sounds wonderful, Jake.

It really does.

But I can't go from beingthe old coach's daughter to the new coach's girlfriend.

I have to find my own way, too.

We can work it out together.

You gonna get that?

Seriously, you of all peopleare asking me that?

It's my dad, he wants to knowif we'll meet him at the library before you head out of town.

You got time?

Barely, but come on,let's go.


I know. I didn't expect it at all.

Ah, so there you guys are.

What's going on?

Oh, well, we just added upall the donations, and we have more than enoughmoney for the renovations for the libraryand the tech centre.

And with your literacy program, we have hundreds of new bookscoming in.

That is terrific news.

Yes, it is.

I have more news.

I'm going to retire.

And I want you to come homeand take over the library, and launch your literacy programright from here.



Um, I'll think about it.


Don't think too long.

Just maybe say yes and make usall happy.


Yes, yes, yes!Yes, of course!

Thank you!


Oh, and, uh, one other thing.

You know, for, uh,a long time, it's been you and me againstthe world, and I'm really proudof the woman you've become, and I'm, you knowI just think you've been a wonderfuldaughter.

But wouldn't you know it,I fell in love with this... this wonderful woman.

We're going to get married.

I can't believe you two.

I can't believe it took youthis long to tell me.

You knew?

Of course I knew.

You guys aren't exactly subtle.

I'm so happy for both of you.

Can I help plan the wedding?

Oh yes, and please bemy Maid of Honour.

Of course, of course.

Oh, shoot.

Lenny's outside,I gotta go.


I'll call you tonight.

I'm gonna be at the dance.

♪ I hate good-byes babe ♪

♪ Say you'll stay. ♪ Hey.

Sam, you look lovely.

Thank you, sir.

You as well.

Thank you.

Well, I'm gonna hit the buffet.

Of course, he is.

Hmm, bring back memories?

Of dancing with you?

My whole life.

I'm so happy you'recoming back.

You'll be here for all ofmy baby's birthdays, and soccer games.

Babysitting when Graham and Igo away for the weekend...

Wait, what was that?

♪I love you and that's forever♪

♪I ain't gonna give up now, no never♪ What are you doing here?

I thought you were gone.

I wasn't going to stand you upat the Snowcoming dance twice.

♪Nothing we can't storm together♪

♪ Come on, won't you kiss me, kiss me ♪ Ow.

Oh. Ooh.

That's my toe!


All these years and you're stilla terrible dancer.

Well, I need a little practice.

No doubt I'll be the teacher stuck chaperoningthe dance next year.

Oh, well, you areon your own for that, because I am gonna be hostinga Book-A-Palooza in the library for all the students who wouldrather eat pizza and read booksthan go to a dance.

Of course you are.

♪Why don't you give me all your love.♪

♪C'mon, why don't you give me all your trust.♪

♪Why don't we try babe...♪ What did you wish forat the bonfire?

♪What's been tearing up our hearts.♪

♪ 'Cause I know we could be stronger♪

♪Than we were before♪

♪Don't you close, you close that door.♪ Just came true.

♪Baby you should know me better♪

♪I love you and that's forever♪

♪I ain't gonna give up now, no never♪

♪Boy I'm gonna give you my four letters♪

♪We've been through much colder weather♪

♪Nothing we can't storm together♪

♪Come on won't you kiss me...♪