Social Nightmare (2013) Script

Save yourself now, because I am so drunk.

Do it!

No. Do it!

No. No way. It's yummy.

It's like lemonade. No way.

You're never gonna make it through college if you can't chug.

I can chug. I chugged at Aaron Fink's party.

Oh, Aaron Fink's party in middle school, where you drank all the root beer until you barfed in the rec room?

It totally counts. Really?

And it was cute.

That's a memory of you that I will treasure forever.

I'm so drunk, hammered. Hallelujah.

Wow, maybe I'm so drunk I can fly.

You guys think I can fly?

Should really stay away from this stuff.

I drink, like, this much, and I'm, like, whoo.


That's a good one.

Oh, nice.

Very sexy.

Come in.

All right, girlies. Time to wrap it up.

You have school tomorrow.

Oh. Hey, Daniel.

Hi, Ms. Hardy.

Didn't realize you were still here.

How's your sister doing?

Uh, good. Thanks.


Cat, you have boys over, door's open, okay?

Sorry, Mom.

Do you have any Coke, Mrs. Hardy?

Yeah, but it's a little late for caffeine.

It's a school night.

Mom, two of our friends already got their college acceptance letters, and that means ours are coming next.

It probably is, but I'd love to see you graduate high school first.

Come on, guys. It's getting late.

We'll wrap it up soon, Mrs. Hardy.



Uh, good night, Mrs. Hardy.

Okay, okay. Good night.

Sorry. Mom's a mom.

Yeah, I should probably be getting out of here pretty soon anyway.

Are you okay?

Uh... Come here.

Okay. B-Bye, guys.

It's fine. Don't worry about me. I'm just gonna... just gonna hang out right here.

Did I do something wrong?

No. No. Uh... it's Joan.


Her birth mother's been calling and asking to meet her.

And that's bad?

Joan doesn't know she's adopted.

Nobody does, besides family and... and you.

It's none of my business, but maybe it's time to tell her.

No. No, no.

You... You can't tell her anything.

No, I won't. Okay?

That's not what I meant.

She's gone through enough, you know?

Things are tough enough for her.

Now, this... this woman gave Joan away.

She doesn't want her.

She just...

She just wants to come in her life and ruin it for my sister again.

You're a good brother.


And a good boyfriend.


I'm gonna send you something tonight, hmm?


Something to cheer you up.

Really? Mm-hmm.



You're right. Mm-hmm.

I already do like it.

That's just the first in a series. Oh, a series.


Hey, now, I'm just a little bear.

I know.

You're a very sexy bear, though.

No, you're sexy.

Oh, me? I'm sexy?

Oh, stop it.

Oh, this is fun.

Good morning, sunshine.

Oh, not yet!

Come on, Kitty Cat. Today's the big election.

You don't want to have to accept office with bags under your eyes.


Is that Daniel's cologne I smell in there?

We weren't doing anything crazy, Mom, just kissing.

Just be careful.

Well, you're a very sensitive girl, and you know how boys can be.


Getting physical for them doesn't always mean the same thing to them as it does to us.

Just ask your father, for example.

Here we go.

Are you listening to me?

Mom, look.

Did you just hear anything that I said?

Yes. Look.

You haven't been up three minutes, and you're already online.

I've been promising Em I'd post this for months.

Okay, go! Am I going first?

Yeah. Okay.

Ha ha!

I'm nervous. Gah!

Okay, we did it!

You two are so cute.

In AP English, we had to map out our four-year plans, and Emily and I have everything all planned out.

We're gonna do the Brown/RISD dual-degree program.

You can request the roommate you want in the dorms, and we'll be taking the same dual-degree program, graphic design and marketing, which will give us the edge when we graduate and start our internships in New York.

Brown's so far away.

Well, I'll come visit on holidays.

My baby.

What happened to my little girl? Ohh.

You were only seven pounds, two ounces when you were born.

Gosh, not the birth story.

You were the most delicate thing the nurse had ever seen.

You were just like a little porcelain doll, this... Ooh. I gotta go!

This little finger.


Sweetheart, I think your four-year plan sounds great.

Okay. Bye.

Have a good day.

Has the Web had a positive or negative impact on modern society?

This paper will make up 20% of your final grade, so for some of you, that will make or break your GPA, so let's put some effort into it.

This paper will be due on Wednesday...

Are you ready to lose to me today?


It's okay to be a one-term president, Cat.

History looks kindly on them.

There was Nixon and George Bush and Taft, but I think he died.

No way. I'm winning.

Yes, I can.

Yes, I can.

Yes, I can.

Shh. Some of us are trying to pay attention.

Sorry, Jessica. Sorry, Jessica.

Was your parents' life better or worse because of the World Wide Web?

Yes, I can. In terms of economics, how has it changed society, religion?

Put the phone away, or it is mine!

Let's get to work.

Hey, Em! I voted for you.

Oh, thank you.

Y-You're hot.

Thank you.

You know what's more awkward than that?

Mr. Perryman calling it "the Web."

Who calls it "the Web"?

Well, I enjoy surfing the World Wide Web.

Oh, mocking a teacher.

You're like this pink candy shell on the outside and like poisonous venom on the inside, exactly how I like you.

Well, it's your bad influence, so...

Hmm. Well, yeah.

Your mom texts you, like, a hundred times a day.

So? She loves me.

She's my second-best friend.

So I'm your first-best friend?

Yeah. Oh, okay. Good.

Then I shall be thanking you in my acceptance speech when I win for president.

Boo! Oh!

I got you.

Yeah. Yeah.

I like the pictures you sent the other night.

Mmm. Shh.

You are very beautiful, really.

They're just for you.

I know. Mm-hmm.

They better be.

Bye, baby.


Bye. See you.

Oh, good luck on the election!

Uh, both of you.

I, uh...


This camera is so good. I love this lens.

Oh, look at this picture of Daniel and Joan.

He's so sweet to her.

He really is.

"I'm gonna send you something later.

Kissy, kissy, kissy."

You heard that?


Oh, sorry.

It's fine.

There's nothing better than hanging out alone while listening to you two make out.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. He's cool.

I get it.

That's a great shot.

Ms. Langran, I was thinking maybe we could do a page in the yearbook about Star Kids, like feature Joan and some of the other kids in the program and maybe some of the volunteers we know who work after school.

Like Daniel?

Well, I like it... but we are gonna need a few more photos.

Do you think you guys could go over to the volunteer center, maybe grab some interviews, get a few more pics?

Can we use this camera?

If you sign it out.

Did you take this?

Oh, yeah. Me and Cat.

You guys have a great eye.

I'm really glad you're both thinking of graphic design.

Thank you.

Attention, students.

Election results are in for Student Body Council.

Student body rep, Raymond Barajas.

Treasurer, Misty Jenkins.

Secretary, Pamela Ferguson.

Vice President, Casey Price.

And your president... it was a close one...

Cat Hardy!

Congratulations to all our winners.

I'm sorry.

No, it's fine. She won fair and square.

Ah, congratulations.

You're not mad?


Congratulations, silly.




Whoo! Hey, hey, hey!

No skateboarding, fellas! You know better than that.

Awesome, Cat. Hey, way to go, Cat.

Why don't you watch where you're going?



Oh, does that bother you?

Get away from me!

Look at me, retard!


What did you say?

It's just a joke.

Well, it's not funny.

Come on, Joan.

Sorry we can't all be suck-ups like you.

Hey, shut up!

Make me! Maybe I will.

You know what, Emily?

She's not even worth it.

Why don't you shut your stupid mouth?

Excuse me, ladies. Is there a problem here?

Yeah. Haylee's bullying Joan.

That's a lie. I didn't even touch her.

Joan, is that true?

She called me the "R" word.

Thank you, Joan.

Haylee, Principal's office now.


Come on.

Okay. Okay, now...

Now you can color two boxes, and then you have to write who, what, when, where and why.

Write along this red line, down to this...

Okay, okay. Don't rush me.

So, anyway, Haylee's on probation now.

What's her problem? I don't know.

She's a piece of trash.

Sorry, guys.

I just...

I just don't like people messing with my sister.

Thanks for having her back, Cat.

Of course.


Say cheese.

I... I don't like pictures.

One more?


Oh, we gotta go.

No! I wanted to interview more people.

I can drive you home.


Finally found a good one, Cat.

I know.

See you guys.



In here.

Madam President.

Oh, jeez, Mom.

I'm so proud of you, honey.

And I made a special meal.

Well, I got a special meal.

Santa Fe Supremo from Antonio's, your favorite, double guac.

Yay. You're the best.

I thought... we might even have one more reason we might be celebrating.

Oh, it's thin.

I don't think that matters.

I'm too nervous! I can't open it!

Can you do it?

Okay. Really? Yeah.

All right.

Wait, wait, wait!

Maybe I should wait for Emily?

It's too late. You want me to s-stop?


"Dear Catherine Hardy, "we are pleased to inform you of your admission to the Brown/Rhode Island School of Design Dual Degree program."

I'm in! I'm in!

"You have also been selected as a recipient

"of the Dr. Arthur V. Tassel Scholarship, "covering the full cost of tuition, contingent on maintaining a 3.3 GPA."

Oh, Cat.

I got a full ride.

I got into Brown/RISD.

Oh, baby. Kitty Cat, why are you crying?

I'm happy.

It's finally happening.

Oh, Mom.

We've still got the rest of spring and summer.

We'll spend tons of time together.


I'm gonna call Em.


Did you get it?


Oh, no.

It sounds like you got in.

That's great. I don't get it.

You have a higher GPA than I do.

Um, maybe you have, like, more activities, or... you know, maybe you had a better essay.

Oh, Em, don't cry.

I'm sorry. It's...

Don't worry about me, okay?

This is really good for you. Congratulations.

I'm not going without you. Don't be stupid.

This is our plan, our dream!

We'll contest it together.

You would do that for me? We're best friends.

They're not gonna split us up.

You know, come over tonight.

We'll write the admissions committee.

We'll change their minds.

Mom, is that okay?


Actually, come over now. We don't have a lot of time.


Okay, bye.

Jeez, you're taking longer to proofread it than we did to write it.

It's missing something.


What's that quote Ms. Langran keeps in the counseling office?

The one, uh, by Abraham Lincoln?

Yeah, something about let no feeling of discouragement set on you or something on you.

I don't know. I'll look it up.

I feel like if you put something in the last sentence that says that you respect their decision either way, that they'll like that. Okay, like what?

Like... hang on.



What? "Precede"? Don't you mean "proceed"?

No. How you wish to precede. Is that not right?


Are you sure?

Why don't you look that up, too, Emily.

Oh, I don't need to look it up.

It's pretty obviously welcome to Wrongville, population you.

Hmm. Really?

Okay, okay, here it is.

"Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and you are sure to succeed."

"...sure to succeed."

Okay. That's good, right? This will do it?

This will change their minds?

What do you think, Mom?

I think it's a great letter of appeal, and I think it's getting late.


We have to stay together.


So, what? I'm a loser?

I didn't post that.

Yeah, right. Nice quote.

Em, I swear.

Screw you, Cat.

What's up, guys? It's Emily.

Leave your name and a message, and I'll call you back.

Emily, I would never even think something like that about you.

I don't know what's going on. Call me back.

The BuddyMe site administrators just told me to change my password, but they can't guarantee it won't happen again.

Well, you kids put all your business up on that site, you're just asking for trouble.

I feel violated. Ah, it's just a website, honey.

There's more important things in life.

Yeah, but, Mom, somebody actually got onto my hard drive and pulled that quote.

Emily actually believed I would say something like that.

Well, pride can get the best of us.

What do you mean?

Madam President, need I remind you that, for the last two years in a row, you have beat out your best friend for office?

On top of her rejection from Brown?

I mean, she must be...

You know, people do crazy things when they're jealous.

She's not jealous. She's my friend.

Who had complete access to your computer and your BuddyMe account.

She loves me.

Didn't stop her from accusing you, now, did it?

Mom! Okay, okay.

Forget I mentioned it.

I'm gonna take your computer in today and get one of those fire thingies installed.


Fire... whatever.

Let's precede with our firewall plans.

Aren't you a little bit late for school?


The BuddyMe site administrators told me to change my password.

I just hope it doesn't happen again.

I'm sorry I freaked out. It's just my stupid temper.

I know you'd never really write anything like that.

I don't think you're a loser. I think you're awesome.

I know.

Okay, I'll... I'll see you soon.

Okay, bye.

What's going on?

I don't know. I'm so over high school.

Hey, Cat. Nice work.

Definitely put that site to use.

Ha! For sure. So much better to be an informed consumer.

What were those idiots talking about?

I have no idea.

Hey, Jessica. Hey, liar.

What? You think just because you're going to Brown and you're class president, you can do whatever you want?

You want to tell me what you're talking about?

You always did have such a superiority complex.

Thought you were smart enough to keep it to yourself, though.

Calm down, drama queen.

I don't know why you're defending her.

You're on the list.

What list?

Yeah, apparently you scored with some security guard at the mall where you work?

What the hell?

I don't even work at the mall.

Yeah! Way to go, Cat!

You suck, Cat. I'm taking my vote back.

Did you think this would make you popular, you stuck-up bitch?

I had nothing to do with this!


This is crazy.

Well, it's not me.

Well, these are all the pictures that we took.

Well, I didn't create the page!

It must be the hacker, the same one that posted on my BuddyMe page.

Where did they get all these pictures?

They were on the yearbook camera. I don't know.

Oh, no.


They put Joan on here.

We should talk to Mrs. Langran.


I would never do something like this.

Someone is setting me up.

I know you would never do anything to hurt Joan.

Besides, most of those girls on that website really are sluts.

That's what I heard.

That's a weird thing to say.

Girls, I need to see you in my office now.

Ms. Langran, we have to talk.

And you, don't you have a class you should be in?

Thank you. Come on.

Mrs. Langran...

Have a seat, girls.

Do you want to tell me what I am looking at?

Somebody hacked into my computer and posted this thing.

It's not me, I promise.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but both of you girls took these pictures.

Well, yeah, we did, but...

With the school's camera, and then you hacked into the admin's email database and sent this to every student in school?

No. We took those pictures, but we didn't do the other stuff.

Who took the camera home?

I did.

Did you loan it to anyone?


Okay, where's the camera now?

In my locker.

I'm gonna need the camera back immediately.

Of course.

And both of you are off yearbook.


That's B.S. I didn't even do anything.

Okay, Emily... I didn't have anything to do with it!

I didn't even have the camera. Cat did.

Did Emily have access to the camera last night?

No. I had it the whole time.

Okay, then. This is your responsibility.

I mean, this is very serious.

The school could be held liable for this.

I didn't do this.

I would never do this.

Mrs. Langran, please.

Well, Emily, you are off the hook for now.

And, Cat, we'll look into this, but it's not just gonna go away.

All right, now back to class, both of you.

Wow, Em. Way to have my back!

What? What do you want me to say?

Everything she said was true.

Um, how 'bout, "Cat would never do something like that in a million years.

Somebody else posted the site."

I defended you. No, you didn't!

You made sure you weren't kicked off yearbook.

Look, you took those pictures, and you had the camera the whole time, so I don't know what happened, but I'm not getting in trouble for it.


I'm glad we've got the facts straight.

All right, here we go.

Best medicine in the world.

Heh. I don't think ice cream is gonna fix this problem, Mom.

Honey, you remember that's the same thing you used to say to me when you were in third grade and Billy Peterson used to call you Cat, Cat, the fatty fat.

Well, then you fed the fat girl ice cream.

You were never fat.

Plus, it worked, didn't it?

You got over it, and now Billy Peterson is fat and works at that awful taco stand. Thank you, ice cream.

He does.

Baby, I hate to see you so stressed out.

I'll get through it.

Good, because next we're gonna move on to my second prescription for a tough day, shopping.

It's very serious.

Oh, that sounds like serious business.

It's actually really impressive how many times you're on that site.

You know what? You better be careful.

Wrap it up, so you don't spread your disease.

You're on it more than me.

Oh, she burned you, Haylee!

What is wrong with you? You're the one who outed the slut.

I didn't post that site. Yeah, right.

Heard you got kicked out of yearbook class.

Here. Have a couple.

You'll probably need 'em to keep your GPA up.

That's not all she's keeping up.

Are you all right?

I never even kissed a boy.

I know.

Here you go.

Welcome to the wonderful world of politics.


All right, so I'll put you down on the list that you're good with everything in class and everything?

All right, perfect.

Hey, Casey, can I talk to you for a second?

I'm kind of busy right now.

Please, Case? It's kind of important.

It'll just take a second. I'll talk to you later.

What? What is this?

Your website pissed off a lot of people.

You know me.

I would never do anything to hurt anybody.

Is there anything you could say that could change their minds?

This is crazy.

You don't believe me.

Cat, I'd like to believe you. I really would.

Then I wouldn't feel like such a fool.

What is that supposed to mean?

How is it that my name wound up on your little Internet list?

I don't know. I told you, it's not my website.

Followed by the quote, "Would do anything to make out with Jason Myerson?"

I don't know.

You were the only one I told that I was gay.

You were the only one, the only person I trusted.

I even knew exactly when I told you, two months ago in your bedroom, helping you with your calc homework.

It was important for me to be able to trust somebody, all right, to get it off my chest.

Nobody else knew.

Casey, you can trust me. I didn't tell anybody.


I was called horrible names in the hallway this morning.

People laughed at me.

Jason is threatening to beat my ass.

If you didn't make this list, then you told someone who did.

Maybe somebody guessed just by the way you look at Jason.

Maybe you're not as on the D.L. as you thought you were.

I don't know what's more offensive, the idea that you may have betrayed my trust or the sentence that just came out of your mouth.

Either way, we're done.

Oh, Casey, you have... No.

Hey, please!

No! I...

I don't know what's more offensive, the idea that you may have betrayed my trust or the sentence that just came out of your mouth.

Either way, we're done.

Heard you got kicked out of yearbook class.

I don't know what happened, but I'm not getting in trouble for it.

All in favor of impeaching President Cat Hardy, raise your hands and say, "Yea."

Yea. Yea.

It's unanimous.

All in favor of making Emily Hargrove Student Body Council President, raise your hands and say, "Yea."

Yea! Yea!

It's unanimous.


What are you doing home from school?

Are you sick?

I'm not sick. I just...

I just...

I can't be there right now.

Everyone hates me!

Oh, Kitty Cat, I don't.

This isn't about you!

Mom, I'm sorry. I just...

I got kicked off Student Council.


They can't do that!

Well, apparently they can, because they already did it, and they announced the runner-up is gonna take over my office.



Well, things are going pretty well for her these days.



After you guys spent all that time petitioning Brown?

I didn't even know she applied to Yale.

Well, you two haven't had secrets from each other before.

I know.

Oh, baby.

Oh, come he...

Oh, my sweetheart.

At least you still have Brown, okay?

What's the point if Emily's not going?

Honey, you know, in life, things rarely go according to your plans.

I'm sorry. It's really all about being flexible, you know.

So maybe you put off Brown and you stay here for your first two years and go to a community college, and then you can live at home. You're right.

I should go to Brown/RISD and get my degrees and start my own business, because I don't need a partner.

Uh, honey, you're not really hearing me.

No, you're right.

Be flexible. Yes, be flexible.

Cat, where are you going? To Emily's.

I'm gonna tell her I'm gonna start my own business and I don't need her.

Just... Honey, don't burn any bridges.

I'm not. I'm crossing them.



Emily, it's Cat!

Just a second, Cat.

Tell her to go away. She's standing there.

I don't care! I don't want to talk to her!

Just go. Just go.


So I guess congratulations are in order for Student Council.

You can't blame me for that.

Who can I blame for lying to me about Yale?

I didn't lie! I just didn't tell you every single little detail of my life.

We had a plan, Em.

We were a team.

You think I made that website, don't you, and that BuddyMe post?

You don't think there's a hacker at all.

You know what?

I'm kind of over this, so you just go to Brown, I'll go to Yale, and maybe I'll see you at the reunion in 10 years.

Or not.

I have to go.

It's like, I'm gonna drive straight, and then I'm gonna turn left.

Hey, I can help you keep score if you want.

Oh, what's the matter, Cat?

Got your tongue?


Hey, Cat.

You okay?




What's going on? You look upset.

You got troubles, huh?


It's 'cause of that scoreboard website?

Look, I know it has my name on it, but I didn't put up that site.

Somebody went through a lot of trouble to screw up my life.

And it's not just the website. It's the BuddyMe page.

Someone posted things that I didn't post.

Worst part of it all is nobody seems to believe me.

I believe you.

Look, nothing is safe on the Internet.

No matter how secure you think you are, there are people out there that can hack into anything.

Look, I know this guy.

He might be able to help you.

He's a full-on computer genius.

He... I had a problem. He helped me out a few months ago.

What kind of problem?

Well, someone was catfishing this girl using a picture of me from track.

So do you think he would help me?

Well, of course he would, yeah.

I mean, he's a good friend of mine.

That would be so great.

Why don't you meet me over at his place after school, say, 5:00?



Here. I'll give you his address.

Thank you so much for your help.

I so appreciate it.

Yeah, it's okay.

I gotta run, but I'll... I'll see you later?

Yeah. Okay.

Bye. Bye.

Cat! You made it.

Hey. Come on in.

Cat, this is my good buddy, Cool D.

Wassup? Cool, this is the girl I was talking to you about, Cat?


Go ahead. Sit down.

He not only fixed my catfishing problem.

We actually found the guy who was doing it.


Hell, yeah.

Just gotta know what you're looking for.

Cold one?

So you think you can help?

Well, that is always a possibility, right?

Hey, yo, why don't you give us some privacy so I can converse freely with my client?

Okay, sure.

So? Holler at me.

Somebody posted a website using information from my computer.


You mean this one?


Do you think you can find out who hacked into my stuff?

If you remember when it happened.

I can look into the logs on your router, see if there's any traffic going into your computer, you know.

Someone maybe copied your data.

That is, if they hacked in using one of them Trojans online.

Has anybody had access to your computer without you knowing?

No. I'm the only one.

All right. Did you bring it with you?

Yeah, it's right here.

That's what's up.

So, when can you start?

Well, there's still the matter of my fee.

Right. How much do you charge?

Something like this is gonna run you the tune of, like, 10 Gs.

Wow, that's a lot of money.

I do quality work.

Uh, I'll see...

I'm just messing with you, girl.

Damn. What?

I don't expect you to come up with that type of money. You crazy?

Oh, okay.

Yeah, for sure, 'cause it's not always about the monies.

You know what I'm saying?

I don't, but I can figure out some way to pay you later.

Nah, you can pay me right now.

Come on, Cat. You know you like to party.

Okay! Get off me!

Ah, come on, Cat. You're not leaving before the money shot, are you?

That's right! You better run, slut!

Hello. Hey, Mom.

Could you come pick me up?

I missed the bus, and it's getting late.

How'd it go? Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Okay, I'll be there soon.


Cat, you are typically a really good student, but I have to say I'm very concerned with what is going on here.

I've had four girls come to talk to me about this scoreboard site just this morning.

They say boys are writing stories about them, lying in the comments section.

They were very upset.

I'm upset, too.

I didn't post it. I think it's gross.

It doesn't seem like something you would do.

It's not me, I swear.

I didn't post it.

Somebody hacked into my accounts.

Well, can you think of who would want to do that?

I don't know. Somebody jealous, somebody trying to ruin my life.

Like who?

I don't know.

Maybe Haylee?

Cyberbullying isn't covered under state laws.

People are working on it, but it's hard to define.

However, when we find out who's behind this, they will be expelled.

You believe me?

I don't know what to believe, but this is not the Cat I know.

So don't worry.

We will get to the bottom of this.

Thanks a lot, Cat.


What was that?

Okay, you and you, in my office now.

I want to talk about these stories that you wrote.


Who did that?

Who did that, Joan?

What are you all laughing at, huh?

You think it's funny?

Huh?! You think this is funny!

Get out of here!

Oh, Joan.

Hey, did you guys see anything? Who did this?

It's not true.

I know it's not.

You said, but it's not true.

I would never say anything bad about you.

I'm not adopted.

This is ridiculous! What?

Joan, get away from her.

Come on. Let's go home.

Daniel. Daniel.

Just go home.

What's going on?

Get out of the way.

Are you angry at me?

I defended you.

I just...

I just thought there was no way you would ever post those things.

I bet you were just laughing at what an idiot I was, huh?

I don't know what you're talking about!

If you want to hurt me, then whatever.

But to tell Joan after I trusted you?

I didn't tell Joan anything.

We're done!





Aw, poor baby.

You should have kept my name out of your mouth.

You told Mrs. Langran that I wrote that list?

Now she wants to get me kicked out of school.

Why are you doing this to me?

I didn't do anything to you, yet.

When my mom finds out, she's gonna beat my ass, so I'm gonna beat your ass first!

Get her!

Yeah! Come on!

That'll teach her.


Stop it, girls! What are you doing?

Get off her! Now!

I'm talking to all of you!

Right now!

Your students have lost your minds today.

It was Haylee. Yes, I know.

She's going to be dealt with for fighting.

She did the other stuff, too, the list and the hacking.

Cat, I looked into it.

I don't think she did it.

Nobody believes me.

I want to believe you, I really do, but your story, it's just not lining up.



Why are you helping me?

Well, jeez, Cat, I'm mad at you, but I don't hate you.



It's gonna be okay.

Oh, my God. Baby.

Oh, baby. Hi, Mom.

Oh, my God. Oh, my baby.

I came as soon as the principal called me.

Here, come in. Here. Just lay down here.

Oh, careful, honey. Careful. Lie down.

Maybe... Maybe I could come by later?

If you feel like you have to, but maybe tomorrow would be better.

I'm starting to think maybe she didn't do all those things.

I'm her mother. I know.

We'll get you to the doctor.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Lately, yeah.

Yeah, she has a history of anxiety.

Oh. That's...

No, that's not in her file.

Well, it wasn't diagnosed, but she always had panic attacks when she was a kid.

Does anxiety run in your family?


Depression or...


Well, there was some trouble when I had a pregnancy, um, a miscarriage.

Um, but they said that that was just hormonal.

Okay, I'm gonna prescribe something for you, Cat, for the pain, uh, just enough for the next few days.

And I can prescribe a mild antidepressant.

Do you think that's necessary?

Well, if anxiety is negatively affecting her life, I...

I don't have anxiety.

Cat, please.

Have you had heart palpitations or trouble breathing?

Do you feel like you've had panic attacks?



I'm asking you, Cat.

Um... yes.

Do you want to try the antidepressants?




We'll get you started on a low dose of Alprazolam.

Is it safe?

It'll take her body a little while to get adjusted to the medication, but after that, she'll be fine.

Okay. Okay.

It'll be good.

This is gonna help you, sweetie.


Good morning.

How are you feeling?


Pain meds.

Happy pill.

Go on, baby.

Good girl.

They make my throat dry.

I'll get you more juice.

Em's coming over.

I think she wants to make up.

Do you trust her?

She was nice to me yesterday.

Maybe she feels bad.

Just be careful.

Let me know if you need anything.

All righty, I'm out of here, Dad!

I got it!



I'm Herb, Herbert.

You are so beautiful.

You're even more beautiful than your picture.

Excuse me?

Are... Are you here to see my Dad?

I thought you said we were gonna be alone.


That's no way to treat your Honey Daddy!

Get the hell out of here! Dude!

He knew my name.

Hey! Hey, I want to talk to you!

Honey Daddy.

I'm calling the police.

I wrote down his plate number.

Oh, my God.

Emily? They need to talk to you!

Okay. Coming!


"I'm young and dumb and ready to..." What?

"I'll do anything you want for the price of a Coach bag, anything at all."

That has my real name on it, Cat, and my address!

This is crazy.

What's going on out here?

You gonna tell her?

Tell me what?

Somebody posted... Your daughter is sick.

Thanks for setting me up with Herbert the pervert, Cat.

I really appreciate it.

You still think I'm doing this, don't you?

That's a picture that you took! That's on your bed!

Yeah, but I've told you and told you! It's a hacker!

I-I've never heard of that.

I've never heard of somebody being able to take pictures off your phone unless you sent them somewhere first.

Who's hacking you, Bill Gates?

You seem to know an awful lot about it.

You're both insane.

Okay, go home.

You win, okay?

You're better than me, so just leave me alone, and keep me out of your sick little games!


Shh, shh, shh.

It's okay, baby.

Here. Just take a breath. Here. Sit down.

I feel like I'm losing my mind!

Sit down. It's okay, baby. You're not losing your mind.

Cat, did you send that picture of Emily to that website?

No! Okay.

If you tell me, I believe you.

You're the only one.

Mom, can't you call the police again?

Shh. Oh, honey.

I told you there's nothing they can do about this.


You take another one of these.


Yes. You're having an anxiety attack.

Take one, baby. I'm right here for you, okay?

Shh. Shh.


What should I do?

I don't know.

Just concentrate on school, and...

I don't know... finish your AP English exam.

You only have a few months to go.

I mean, after graduation, these people won't matter.

You'll never have to see any of them ever again if you don't want to.

What would I do without you?

Oh, honey, let's never find out, okay?


How you holding up?

Not great.

Uh, how's... how's Joan?

Mom's been keeping her home until things calm down.

Yeah, that makes sense. I just...

You know, I don't get at all this stuff with Cat.

I mean, what do you think? I think she's twisted.

First this nasty site pops up mysteriously with a picture of me, a picture that Cat took.

Somebody sent it to the admissions office at Yale.

Are you serious?


Now they've revoked my acceptance.


I mean, It's not like there aren't plenty of sluts at Yale anyway, you know?

I'm really, really sorry.



Miss Hargroves.

In my office, please.


Let me guess.

Somebody sent you a link?

Your father's on his way.

She can't do that.

Come on, come on, hand 'em over.

There are no term papers good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Thank you. Thank you.

No phones. Thank you.

Thank you.

Jess. Psst.

What did I just say about the phones?

Oh, my God.

I'm gonna hit that.

Oh, my God.

I didn't know she was a slut.

What could be so fascinating?

Come on.

All right, I'll take that.

Hey! Hey, that's my phone!

Come on.

Hey, if Daniel's done with you, I don't mind sloppy seconds.

I'm just saying.

Hey, were... No, seriously, were those silk?

Hey, I was just... Oh, I was just kidding.

All right, all right! Knock it off right now!

Whoo, Cat!

All right, all right, knock it...

Oh, my God.


You sent those pictures of me!

That's right. Those were private!

So was what I said to you about Joan.

So was the stuff you sent to Yale about Emily, Cat!

What? You know what? I don't even care anymore!

You can't just mess around with peoples' lives and expect to get away with it!

I don't get it. So you sent those pictures of me because of what you think I did to your sister?

Okay, but that other stuff?

The scoreboard? Hacking into my phone?

That stupid HoneyDaddy site? Why?

What did I ever do to you?

I sent the pictures, yeah, but... but don't you dare try and turn all that other stuff you did around on me!

Just admit it! You're the hacker!

Oh. Oh, you'd like people to think that, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?

You bitch!

You know what? I am so sick of this!

You know why you're so jealous?

Because I earned being class president. I earned Brown!

I didn't have to beg for those things like you.

Face it, Emily.

You're good, but I'm better, and you can't deal with it.

I want to smash your face in.

Oh, so do it.

What in the world?



Cat! Emily!

Stop this right now!

Cat! Emily! Emily!

Stop this right now!

Watch me! Emily, stop.

Right now.

Don't touch my daughter! Back off!

Keep your hands off her! That's assault!

She assaulted my daughter first!

Hey, Cat started it.

You be quiet! Whoa! Whoa!

Put that phone away, or I'll take it from you!

Get back! Stay away from me!

I'm calling the police.



No, it was me. I...

I started it.

What are you gonna do about it?

I'm already suspended, so you guys don't have to deal with me anymore.

That's the second fight Cat's had on school property this week.

So why isn't she suspended?

Mr. Hargroves, I'll handle this.

'Cause you're doing a real bang-up job up till now!

Give me that phone.

Hey, no way. No way! This is for Emily if she decides to change her mind.

Take that phone from him.

You gonna let him post that online just like he did all those dirty pictures of...

Daniel, go home.

Take his phone! Mrs. Hardy, please!

My daughter is being bullied, and I don't see the school doing a thing about it.

Okay, we'll schedule a meeting as soon as possible.

You're damn right we will. Come on, baby.

Can't find my phone. It's not in your bag?

No. I think I dropped it during the fight.

We'll call the office and see if anyone turned it in.

I think someone picked it up.

That's all I need, more people looking at my stuff.

Honey, where did those... underwear pictures come from?

I took them.


I thought Danny was special.

I thought he'd keep them to himself.

What you kids just don't understand is that these things that you put up online and these pictures that you post or send or whatever you do is they... they stick around forever.

They have a life. They... Even if you erase them, people, creepy people, can pass them on and on, and they...

Okay, I don't need a lecture right now!

I learned my lesson. I'll never trust anyone again!


Mom. Yeah?

I didn't know you had a miscarriage.

That was a long time ago, baby.

Do you want to talk about it?

Maybe I won't go to Brown.

Maybe I'll just stay at home like you said, go to community college.

It's up to you, sweetheart.

Just for a while.

She can't sleep.

She's been on antidepressants.

I mean, this has just gone on too far.

Daniel has admitted to sending those photos, and we have suspended him accordingly.

Well, that's not good enough!

Well, we have no proof that he's done anything else.

My daughter is 17 years old! She is a minor!

What he's done is basically distributed child pornography.

I want him expelled permanently, and I'm gonna call the authorities.

No, Mom, don't.

I just want to forget this ever happened.

Honey, we cannot let him victimize you like that.

That fight, he's probably posting that online right now.

Yes, go ahead, and send both of them in, please. Thank you.

We have another problem.

What now?

Mr. Perryman, Ms. Langran, you know Cat's mother...

Hello, Cat. Mrs. Hardy.

Hey. Mr. Perryman, go ahead.

Mrs. Langran has a program that we run all of the students' papers through.

It checks the written story to Internet archives.

It's the first thing I do when a student turns in an assignment.

I hate to accuse you, Cat.

You're an excellent student.

Your AP final, the program found a match for plagiarism.

What? This isn't my paper.

That's what you turned in. I didn't write this.

That is the paper you handed to me yesterday.

I give up.

This is serious, young lady.

We take charges of plagiarism very seriously.

This, you take seriously?

I'm afraid I'm going to have to fail you, Cat, and you won't be able to continue in the AP classes.

But the school year's almost over.

Those classes will be removed from your record, and you probably will not graduate this spring.

This is insanity.

She's going to Brown!

Cat, this is so out of character for you.

You don't seem okay.

She's not okay. She is being punished for absolutely no reason. Come on, Cat.

Is anything going on that I should know about?

Maybe you should look into how those essays ended up on your computer program, Ms. Langran.

What are you insinuating?

I don't know what your problem is, but you've been doing everything you can to make sure that my daughter fails.

Well, I am sorry you feel that way.

We are suing you. We are suing this district.

We are suing those bullies!

Mrs. Hardy, considering everything that's happened, you might decide that homeschooling is more appropriate for your daughter.

It'd be a hell of a lot better than this zoo.

And you can wipe that phony look of concern off your face!

It's okay, sweetie. I'm gonna fight this thing all the way.

Don't you get it? I don't want to fight anymore.

They actually suggested you homeschool.

Sounds good to me.

You know what? I am so sick of this!

I earned being president!

I didn't have to beg for those things like you did.

You're good, but I'm better, and you can't deal with it.

I want to smash your face in.

So do it.


Oh, you okay, baby?

You have a nightmare?

Bad dream?

Oh, I just keep thinking about that fight with Emily and how Daniel has it on his phone and how I can't find my phone and how I'm just gonna go online any minute and see this title like "Real Cat Fight," and I'm just so sick of it.

Calm down, baby. Calm down.

Here. Take one of these.

It's not time yet.

It'll relax you.

Come on.

It'll make you feel better.

I have to talk to Daniel.

What? No.

No good can come from that.

Just stay away from those people.

Come on. Let's get you back to sleep.

Why did you send everyone those pictures of Cat?

What do you care?

I thought you hated her guts.

I do.

We've been friends a really long time, okay?

It's hard to just stop caring about her.

Do you still have that video of us fighting?


Well, can you erase it?

Because the last thing I need is for more embarrassing crap to get out there.

Maybe I'll erase it. Maybe I won't.

I don't know yet.


Are you the one doing all this stuff?

W-Wait. Are you serious?

You know what? I-I've figured you out.

You're totally obsessed with Cat.

That's what it is.

That's what it's got to be.

What? Yeah.

Taking all the same classes. Making the same plans.

You guys even go to the restroom together.

Yeah. We're girls.

That's, like, what we do!

I'm not the one who took her vulnerable, trusting first attempts at sexuality and just tossed them all out there for the world to see!

You know, whatever.

Are we done here?

You and I, yeah, we're done.

You know what? I think we're all pretty much done.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, peace, out!

I know. Shut up.

This sucks.


Dad, I got into Brown! They just...

They said they were moved by my appeal, and they're... they're letting me in!


What time is it?

You scared the life out of me.

I wish you wouldn't sneak up on me like that.

How long was I asleep?

A while.

You probably needed it.

Your body needs to recover from all that stress.

Ehh. I don't like this medication.

It makes me sleepy.

Well, the doctor said that you'd need time to adjust to it, so...

Is the sun coming up or going down?

It's evening, honey. It's almost time for dinner.

Are you hungry?


Oh, Kitty Cat, why don't you look at that after?

It's from Brown.

Well, maybe after you've woken up or eaten something.

Let's see.

"We are sorry to inform you, d...

"due to the extenuating circumstances, we have revoked your acceptance to Brown/RISD."

Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.

I know how hard you've worked.

You could still apply to community college and live here and be near your friends.

I don't have any friends.

I could still look after you.

What are we having for dinner?

Pot roast and spinach salad.

I want mac and cheese.

Oh, baby, I think we're out, but I can make it from scratch.

Mm, I like it from a box.


I'll run to the store and get some.

No, you don't have to do that.

Baby, I love looking after you.

Anything else you want me to get?

Did you call the school about my cellphone?

Nobody's turned it in.

Oh. I want to go look for it.

We did that already, honey. I talked to the office, and they said nobody's turned it in.

Well, I want to go look again, because somebody took it, so...

Don't get so upset.

It's probably just in the house somewhere.

I'm sure I can find it.

Maybe I'll go back to sleep.

I think that's a good idea.

I'm gonna run to the store, and I'll wake you up when it's time for dinner.

There's nothing like a warm mac and cheese to make all your troubles fly away, hmm?

HoneyDaddies. This is Miles. How can I help you?

Finally. I'm calling again about an account on your pervy website.

I'm trying to delete it.

Please hold. N-No!

No, Daniel.

"Due to the extenuating circumstances, we've revoked your acceptance."

It's okay, sweetie. I'm gonna fight this thing all the way.

No, it was me. I... I started it.

I feel like I'm losing my mind!

No, Daniel.

I understand you want to remove an account?

Yeah. I-I'll call you back.

Pick up. Pick...

Thanks for calling, and have a fantastic day.

Cat, it's me. Please call me back right away.

I... I think I know who the hacker is.

Hi. You've reached Cat's voice mail.

When you hear the beep, please leave a message.

Thanks for calling, and have a fantastic day.

No wonder everyone hates me. I hate me.

Whoa! What the...

Hey! Hey!

You stay away from my daughter!

You stay away from her!

Oh, my God.



Oh, my God!

I wish you wouldn't...

Honey, I thought you were gonna go lay back down.



I saw your computer.

I saw my BuddyMe page.

I saw everything...

all the videos and letters.

What were you doing in my room?

What were you doing in my room?!

What is this?!

You were spying on me.


Because I was worried about you!

And I was right.

You were sneaking boys into your room, and you were... you were drinking.

You were sending nasty pictures of yourself.

You hacked into my computer!

You... You posted those disgusting things!

You changed my AP English final!

You lied to my principal!

You ruined my life.

You're getting hysterical.

I'm calling Dr. Greenburg.

Oh, Kitty Cat.

Stop calling me that! What is wrong with you?

I'm protecting you.

It's what I do. It's my job.

You need help. I'm leaving.

I'm packing my things.

You can't do that. You can't do that!

I can't stay here another second with you!

If you leave, I'll kill myself.

I'll take every one of your pills.

Oh, stop trying to manipulate me.

Without you, I don't want to live.

I don't want to live.

I was an only child just like you, and I... I know what it's like, and it's lonely, and I tried to give you a baby brother or a sister, but I kept losing them, my poor, beautiful babies.

Then the doctor said that it was too dangerous to try anymore, and that's when your father left.

Oh, Mom...

But I'm so proud of you.

I'm so proud and so happy that you have so many friends and you're so popular and you're into projects and on teams and you run for office, and you're just... You're so amazing, and that's why I wanted...

I wanted you to feel like you were part of something.

Then why did you ruin it?

Because I just can't lose another baby.


You've hurt people, Mom, people who I care about!

They don't care about you!

Cat! Mom, this is my life!

Stay out of it!

Emily doesn't even care about your four-year plan!

Stay out of my life!


Baby, don't. Don't!

Oh, my God!

Leave us alone!

Stop it! No! Just leave us alone.

Get off!

Stop it! Can't take my daughter!

You can't have my daughter!


911. What's your emergency?

It's my mother!

She's attacking my best friend!

Please hurry!

Let go!

Let go!

Let go!

Let go!

Let go! Get off!

Look at yourself!

Look at what you're doing!

Look at what you're doing!

Em! Em!



Breathe. You okay?


No! Hey, Hey!

That's enough. That's enough.

Ma'am, that's enough.

Calm down.

Calm down. Cat!

Oh, Cat!


That's enough.

Cat! Cat!

Calm down, ma'am.



My baby. My baby.

Better get off that thing. We don't want to be late for class, especially after the way Professor Claude chewed us out last time.

Okay, I'm almost done.

Hmm, Daniel sent you another one.

So romantic how he sends you real mail.

Jeez, aren't you ever gonna forgive him?

I know what he did was messed up, but he had... did have a lot going on with that whole birth-mom situation.

I do forgive him.


I can't forget.

Well, plainly that was a bonehead move.

However, you did look very hot in those pictures.

Yeah. At least I'll have something to show my future grandchildren.

Oh. It's my mom.

I'm out.

She feels really bad.

She asks about you all the time.

Cool, but I can't forget either, so see you in class.

Hi, Mom.

Hi, baby. How are you? Good. Really busy.

How are you doing?

I love it. How are you feeling?

I'm good.

Still getting used to being in here.

Don't think I ever will.

I've been doing some painting.

Are they still trying to adjust your medication?

Yeah. I feel like a lab rat.

This last combination, I've been on for, like, a week now.

They say it could still take some time to get it right.

It seems like it's working.

Haven't tried to kill anyone lately.

You can't blame yourself for a chemical imbalance.


I know. That's what my therapist says.

Now you're sounding like her.

Mom, be patient.

Uh, I've gotta go.

Um, you're making progress. I can tell.

Don't get discouraged. I love you, baby.