Society (1989) Script


It's like a nightmare...

Last night? life.

Are you scared?

I get scared.

Of what?

My parents, ah, my sister.



I don't know.

I feel like something's going to happen...

...and if I scratch the surface there'll be something terrible underneath.

It is perfectly normal to experience a certain...

...irrational fear.

It's no more than a phase.

It will pass, I assure you.

Come and get it, Milo!

Is that confidence or what?

A matter of good breeding Milo. Yeah you're Mr Perfect!

You'll probably end up assassinating the President.

You have one warped sense of humor, you know that?




Blanchard is here!

Damn it, Bill, you know I can't see him.

Will you get rid of him for me, please?

What are brothers for, huh?

Let go of me! I'm sorry about this, I didn't mean!

Just give me a minute, I can explain this!

Jenny, come on!

Listen to me!

What the hell do you think you're doing? I know how this looks!

Get out! Get out!

Something very weird is going on here! Oh, no shit I have to talk to you I didn't know you had to hide in a closet to talk.

Bill, she's playing games with me, man. I'm serious! - Liar!

Jen... Bill...

David, why do you keep bothering my daughter?

Mrs. Whitney, I just want to talk to her. Please, please...

...just leave!

C'mon Blanchard.

All right. I...

What's going on here, guys?

Oh, it was nothing, Dad.

It's okay, Daddy.

I thought we weren't going to see David Blanchard any more.

Yes, Daddy.

You should be getting ready.

You know Judge Carter will be there tonight.

I'm almost ready know.

Oh, ah...


Wasn't that Milo outside?

Yeah, yeah, he was just goin to take me to the...

...ah the game.

You okay? Sure!

So you want to tell me what's going on with Blanchard?

I don't know, jealous I guess. He just wasn't the right sort for me.

Could you zip me up Billy?

Something wrong?

Ah, no, no It's just a little damp.

Well, I'm not taking another shower.


But I'm really sorry that I'm going to miss your coming out.

What a coincidence the way things turn out, huh?

Yeah, come on, basketball's much more important than a stupid coming out party.

Besides, I have already been dating for years. Joke.


We are...

...the one!

We are the one!

We are the one!

All right!

The hero, the best player, our hero...

...Bill Whitney!

All right!

Isn't he wonderful?

You are for the girls!

We are number one!

They are just using their athletic ability to get the votes...

...of the childish morons in this audience.

Looks to me like you just lost the moron vote Marty.

Alright! Hey, let's carry on with the debate!

Candidate Whitney, you may respond concerning the proposed dress code.



We should have a dress code. I guess.

...and I think we should follow it... the most possible, ah strict, as we possibly can.

What I mean is if we can prove to the administration...

...that a dress code really is a problem...

I mean just imagine everybody walking around in those idiotic clothes.

Like Marty over here is wearing right now.

And I mean everybody.

It would make them think that there was some kind of a conspiracy.

Hey, she's bad news man.

The debate and the game, I nailed the guy, it was a shoe in, the election.

Well I'm glad to see you're allowing yourself some success without sabotaging it.

Let me ask you... do you feel about your family in light of all these recent victories?

My family?


Ah, nothing.

I mean, I don't think about them, they don't think about me, we're just...

...we're just one big happy family.

Except for a little incest and psychosis.

Look, I know you're being fishiest...

...but I think you really believe that.


No, no, I don't.

We are getting along much better now. Really.


Let's not waste our time bullshitting.

All right.

They don't approve of me, okay, they don't accept my friends.

They don't talk to me like they do Jenny.

And they don't even look like me!

I told you to teenagers sometimes feel alienated from those closest to them.

I think I was adopted.

Don't you think that sounds a little bit paranoid?

No, I've never been paranoid.

Just a little bit paranoid.

Within normal ranges.

You know, you really deserve what's going to happen to you.

What's going to happen?

You're going to make a wonderful contribution to society.

Jenny! Hey!

I need some sun tan lotion!



Listen, Jenny I'm just going...

God, Bill, what's the matter with you?

Get out of here!

I'm sorry, really, I just came in here to get his.

Get out of here!

Most incredible product we've ever done! It was fabulous, did a terrific job


Ah, yes! The future student body president of Beverly Hills Academy.

We're so excited about our party for Judge Carter next week.

Well, I'm going to go to the beach today.

When will you be back, son?

Well, that depends if we go out after... Don't be late, darling.

I love that one, that's really good. That's the best product we've ever own.

It's absolutely terrific.

I love you, you know.

And, if you really loved me...'d get us invited to Ted Ferguson's party.

I can't believe we were left out!

Look, he's over there!

Come on, Billy Baby, couldn't you just go talk to him?


Die, alien scum!

Jesus! Goddamnit! My hair!

Give me that! Hey, get back here!

Don't get too hot.


It's Whitney...

...the wonder boy!

Is this part of the beach dress code?

Hope you're not bent out of shape, I'm captain of the debating team.

Hey, nothing you do can bend me.

Just remember Whitney we don't lose.

What are you going to do, rig the election or something?

We don't have to. Martin here was born to lead.

So, ah, you know if anything's going on this week?

This week?

I can't think of anything.

Well, if you do, let me know, huh. I'll send you a telegram.

Yeah, let me know, huh? It's my pleasure.


Blanchard, what's up? I've got something you've got to hear.

You were out of line with my sister. Oh god! Now look, I'm serious.

This is very important.

What are you talking about?

Not here, Just come with me to the pier okay.


...paragraph ten...

Dad, something's wrong with my earring.

Jenny! Oh hi, Judge Carter.

How is our newest confirmed member of society this lovely afternoon?

Oh, I'm fine, it's my earring that's not doing so well.

I must say young lady you certainly added beauty... an altogether beautiful coming out party. Don't you agree, Jim?

Prettiest girl there your honor. Please, be seated.

Well, it's right in the back, by the claps.

Oh, yes...

Seems to be something caught in there.

Top Secret. Eh, Blanchard?

Everybody in. All right girls, don't forget your seatbelts.

Wait a minute, that's my family!

Allright now Bill, I know you're going to be a little upset about this but...

...I put a voice activated tape recorder underneath your parents' car and a microphone...

You bugged my family?!?

Just listen to the tape!

I remember my own coming out, I was so excited!

Then you can do it with women as well as men?

Of course! You know the schedule, first the dine, then copulation.

Someone your own age first, then with your mother and me.

Then in comes the host.

You know, I could hardly keep a straight face when Bill apologized to me...

...about not being able to make it tonight.

Don't be concerned about your brother, Jen. He's too busy with things in his own world to worry about ours.

You really lucked out, Jen! Ted Ferguson is really cute!

Ted Ferguson?!

Yeah, Jenny and Ferguson. That's just the beginning, here listen Wow! Your boobs are totally sexy!

Guys are going to pop high ones the second they see you.

I'm a little nervous about it. Oh relax Jenny! Just go with it!

It's so much fun to see how far you can strech!

Yeah the hotter and wetter you get, the more you can do, it's great!

It's a microphone.

Let me see...

David Blanchard's been bothering my daughter recently.

Following her around, things like that...

He's a real electronics wizard.

Is that so, Jim?

Oh, Ted you're wonderful!

Oh, Ted! Oh my God!

Is that him?

God! This is excellent!

What the hell are they doing?

Come on, you rigged it!

What, you've been living with these people all your life and you don't know anything about this?!

Shut up!

Come on don't do it!

Here's your stupid recorder.

Bill, wait!

Dr. Cleveland, you got to listen this tape!

Billy, something happen at home? I'm not crazy, this is real!

I can't right now, Billy, but I'll be glad to listen to it later.

No, now please.

Billy, please, trust me...

... I will call you just as soon as I listen to it or I'll see you tomorrow.

No, it's okay Billy.

Give me the tape. No!

You still don't trust me?

Are you still afraid of me?

Okay, it's up to you, Billy.

If you want to bring it tomorrow, it's okay.

I, I don't know why I'm afraid, but...

Doctor, it's very important.

I understand.

Listen to it.

Okay, Now listen...

Yesterday, after you left the beach, I heard something.

It involved my parents, my sister and Ted Ferguson.

He's not inviting us, is he?

I knew it!

Just listen to me for a minute here. And stop worrying about that stupid party!

It may seem stupid to you, but I want to go.

Is that all you think about? Parties and social status?

If you're having problems...

...because you're so big headed and selfish... wonder no one ever invites us anywhere!


I'm trying to tell you something you know? You're doing is giving me a bunch of shit!

Fine fine! That's just fine!

Is that how you feel about me?

Well, I'm just glad that I know it now, rather than later.

I don't know, Billy...

Maybe we should start seeing other people.

Wait a minute, Shauna!

Shauna! Wait.

Oh! Man!

Hey, Bill!

Hi, Milo.

Hey dude, I see you got... Oh.

I'm very concerned about you, Billy. You listened to the tape?

You're aware, aren't you, that what you're doing is illegal?

Yeah, what about what they were doing? father... sister and my mother...


Everybody in?

Yes, Dad. All right girls, don't forget the seatbelts.

Fast forward a little bit.

Oh I remember my own coming out, God, I was so excited!

You mean I can dance with anyone I want?

Of course.

I, what, I don't understand.

You know the schedule, first we dine, then introductions, then you'll be presented.

No, ah, no.

Oh my god! It's so exciting! Don't worry, dear, we'll be there to help you.

I felt really bad that Bill couldn't come.

I hope he doesn't fell left out.

We're very proud of your brother Jen, it's just unfortunate that he couldn't be with us.

That's not what I heard!



People are what they are.

Now you have to learn to accept that...

...and you have to learn to accept societies rules...

...of privacy.

If you don't follow the rules, Billy, bad things happen.

Some people make rules and some people follow the rules.

It's a question of what you're born to.

I really hate giving you drugs! What?

I don't believe this!

You can always trust me, Billy.

You got to believe me.

Blanchard, I need another copy of this tape.

No, it can't wait!


The corner of Roxbury and Wilshire. Right, okay hurry!

It's Blanchard.

Is he dead?


This isn't a garage sale.

Look, officer. He was a friend.

Look! You can't just wander into the scene of an accident.

Look, officer, something is definitely wrong here. Get the hell out of here!

No, wait a minute, you don't understand... Get the hell out of here!

Guess what, telegram came for you.

Listen Jenny, something bad happened today. Come on! Don't you want to open it?

Go ahead, read it!

"Mr. William Whitney...'re cordially invited to a party to be given at the residence of Theodore S. Ferguson..."


"...this evening 15th of October, at eight PM.

Cordially attended, tycoon, Ferguson."

Sounds like some bash, son.

But be careful on the drinking and driving.

That home is just beautiful!

Maurice Arno did most of the interiors and he says it's his best work to date.

You just don't understand. I'm trying to tell you something.

We know all about the automobile accident, son.

It's terrible, just terrible.

Oh, my! It's just awful.

I don't think you quite understand here.

David's dead!

Jenny! I know, I'm really going to miss him.

That's it, you're really going to miss him?

I know the guy freaked out after you dumped him, but come on, still.

Listen, I'd rather not talk about it. Please.

So, what are you going to wear?

You mean to the funeral?

No, you weirdo. To the Ferguson's party!

Oh, Ferguson...

Your name is Clarissa, isn't it? Uh huh.

Clarissa Carlyn.

So where is Shauna?


I didn't expect to see her here, if that's what you mean.

That is who you're going out with right?

Do you know my mom's maiden name too? Real or adopted?

Bill! What happened with Blanchard?

Milo, Ferguson invited you?

Come on, give me a break.

I'm not in the mood, all right. Whatever turns you on.

At least don't turn tricks to get my kicks.

That was totally uncalled for.

Well, have you seen her mother?

Wait, wait, listen, listen. What happened today with Blanchard?

Hey, I asked you about Blanchard, you saw it, didn't...

I can't deal with that right now, okay? I've got to go.

Well, Billy.

We need to talk. I guess you got my telegram.

Sorry it was so much to last minute.

I want to talk to you about Blanchard and my sister Jenny.

I thought they broke up.

He really wasn't her type anyway...

You are so intense.

Just relax!


I want to know what happened to Blanchard!

And I want to know what you did to my sister in her coming out?

You know the schedule, first we dined...

...then I fucked your sister!

And then everybody else got so turned on, they fucked her too.

And as far as that bagel breath Blanchard goes...

...I ran that low rent fool right into a pole!

That was a pretty busy week, don't you think?

You are stupid!

You make waves within, you're going to drown.

Wet dreams?

You're crazy, do you know what you just did?


But I know what I'm about to.

Don't bother, it's his party.

Some day it's going to be my party.

You're in a danger of loosing this button here.

It's only held on by one thread.


I told you!

You're weird.

Wanna go get sex?

Umm, sure.

Better get out of these wet things.

You're so fresh!

Are you sure no one's going come in?

We're all alone!

Mean machine jelly bean.

Try to run now!


What's the matter, Billy?

You... were in a funny position!

Billy, you are so sweet.

I wonder when exactly you lost your virginity.

That's Bill's Jeep!!

It is.

I can't believe he would do this to me.

Oh, come on, Shauna, it's better you find out now, rather than wait, right? - No!

God, what a bitch that Clarissa Carlyn is!

Can you imagine what's going on? All right.

How do you like your tea? Cream? Sugar?

Or do you want me to pee in it?

You're a class act, Clarissa!

Oh, I'm so mad I could just scream!

Who's that?

I don't know!

We better get out of here! Uh-uh!

Oh, shit!


Home a little early tonight, don't you think so, mother?

Has that brain of yours finally gone completely numb?

Mrs. Carlyn, Bill Whitney.

Come on mother, out! Out!


What are you doing?

Lighten up Billy boy, drink your tea before you drool.

So what's with her?

She does things I don't like.

I've never known anyone like you.

It's about time you did honey bunny!

It's getting late...

Shauna! So are you happy now?

What do you mean? What a bitch that Clarissa Carlyn is!

You think you can do anything that you want?!

Calm down and let me explain. Was she a good fuck?!

That's all you're really interested in, isn't it, Billy?!

No, look Shauna, let, ah...

Oh, Billy! How could you?

Ah, look, I...


Yeah, right there dad, that's good!

What's this?!

Oh, God! Bill!

Is that thing what I think it is?

That's a really disgusting thing to bring into mom and dad's bedroom.

I don't know what's going on here, but I don't appreciate it!

Calm down, Bill! - Some of us have to go to school on time!

You know, you look really nice in a tie!

Don't you think so, Jim?

Yes, yes, he does!

Knock it off here!

Why are you guys doing this to me huh?!

Don't be so paranoid!


I'm not paranoid!

Oh, don't be like that...

Come on, Bill, calm down.

You know, you'll make such a great contribution to society.

You'll do our whole family proud.

You guys disgust me.

Don't be disrespectful to your mother.

My mother? God knows where my mother is.

I won't tolerate this language from you, young man.

Fuck you, butthead.

Bill, how dare you use the F word to your father.

Oh gee, I'm sorry mom, you prefer the word, copulation?

You stay away from me, don't touch me.

Do something with him. You don't have to do anything, cause I'm moving out.

You can't do that.

Oh, Blanchard...

He looks really weird. Not like himself at all.

I think that is what they always look like.

They ah, must have had to do a lot of reconstructive stuff on him...



It's imperative that I talk with you...

...about your parents...

...about him...

...about some things that have been happening here lately...


What do you mean society? Not here.

Meet me tonight at Franklin Canyon, about nine, at the gate.




Who's there?

Who are you?

Clarissa, what are you doing here? I live here.

Yeah, look, I just saw Petrie with his neck cut.

Poor baby, I hope he didn't make a mess.

Where's your father?

This isn't the one.

I don't think we need the lab to tell us there's no blood.

Look officer, this isn't the car.

They must have taken it. I don't know. They?

What are you hopped up on?

Look, I'm telling you, someone killed Martin Petrie.

Up against the car, kids.

This isn't the car, okay, it was a Volvo...

...not whatever this is and there was a dead person in it.

Is it really this boring, being rich?

You are going to frisk me, too?

I guess you're just naturally fucked up.

Next time I see you, it will be a lot less pleasant.

What now?

You can go home with me. I'm not in the mood, all right.

Hey, that's not what I meant.

We'll have the presidential debate in a moment.

Why didn't you come home last night? Mom and dad are really upset.

Jenny, do you have anything to tell me?

What do you want me to say?

Come on, I swear it, it'll be just between you and me.

Just tell me the truth.

About what? You know what.

You know, I'm really worried about you.

Yeah, sure you are.

Pipe down!

Thank you.

Where's Petrie?

It's strange that Martin Petrie isn't here.

He's never late.

He's won every attendance award, but he's not coming here.

So please.

David Blanchard's death was no accident.

David Blanchard tried...

...tried to tell me about the society that kills to keep its existence a secret.

They killed Blanchard.

Martin Petrie...

...tried to tell me about this society...

...but they got to him before I did.

I saw Petrie last night in Franklin Canyon...


Martin Petrie is dead!

Someone like to tell me what's going on here?

I had car trouble.

Nice speech, Whitney!


Bill, we got to talk. Leave me alone, Milo!

I fucked you up man, and I'm sorry.

I didn't think you'd take it this far. What do you mean?

I mean, I was the one who put the shrunken head in your locker...

...and the sex doll in your Jeep, but I didn't think you'd flip out.

You. You. Petrie, Ferguson, who else was in on this, huh?

Who else, asshole?

Just give me a chance to explain, I'm trying to tell you, you son of a bitch...

...but you got your own answers, as usual. I'm not in on anything...

...but I followed you to Franklin Canyon last night.

I saw Petrie and Ferguson coming out from the wood.

Petrie was wrapped in a blanket, then some old station wagon showed up...

...then an old Ford. The whole thing was weird.

You, you saw it?

I only followed you because of the way you were acting.

Oh, then it's not me, I mean I'm not goin crazy here.


Why the dolls and stuff?

I don't know, you just got me angry.

You know, I'm your best friend when it suits you.

I guess I do go a little overboard.

I'm sorry.

It's all right man. It's all right.

I don't know what kind of trouble this is going to be.

I'm with you.

Why doesn't it surprise me that you're all here like this?

Thank God you're here! You nearly spoiled everything.

We've been worried sick about you.

Look, I would really love to stay and shoot the shit...

...but I got a big day tomorrow, so I'm going to go to bed.

Now wait.

Wait a minute, Bill. We want to talk to you for a second.

I don't think so. Wait...

Let go of me!

What do you think you're doing?

Yuo know how I hate to give you drugs.

You can't do this to me.

I have rights, I'm almost eighteen.

Thanks, Cleave.

Excuse me.


Bill... William Whitney, what room is he in?

I don't see anything here about a Whitney.

I know he's here, he was just brought in.

Just a minute.

William Whitney? Yeah.

Are you a relative?


Well, you'll have to go to the morgue then.

The morgue?

He isn't dead, he just got here.

Well, I'm sorry. No, you're not sorry.

There's been a mistake.

Please, we don't want to have to call security.

He can't be.

I'm sorry, you know how I hate to give you drugs.

You know the schedule, first we dine, then copulation.

Someone your age first.

Then your sister.

You know you'll make such a great contribution to society.


Oh oh. Let's get this one out of here.

Yes, doctor. Easy, easy now.

That's right. Roll out the red carpet, Bill Whitney never disappointed huh?

They said you were dead.

Things are just the way they seem, only more so, Milo.

What happened in there?

What did they do to you? Nothing, I'm here, aren't I?

I won, Milo. I'm free.

They couldn't handle Whitney, the wonder boy.

Bullshit, it's a set up.

They even brought your Jeep here. Come on!

They just want me to be happy.


You're officially dead.

Come on, can't you see they're setting you up for something?


I'm not paranoid, all my fears are real.

Let's party, Jelly bean.

Where's your mom? Or is she in on this too?

Why don't you come upstairs?

I want to be a bad...

Bad little girl, now right huh? Bad little girl?

Come on, you want to get rough?

Things aren't the way they seem, Billy. Oh, yeah?

Why don't you stay here a while?

Yes, stay a while.

Quit it!

It doesn't work anymore.

Don't go home, Billy.

Don't go home? Are you kidding me, they want me home.

It's time to party hardy.

Where are we going? What's the plan?


You kidding?

Ah shit!

Mrs. Carlyn!

Don't do that!

Get out of the car!


We're going to take a little ride.

But don't touch the hair.

Mom? Dad?



I'd like to have a little chat with you?


Wonderful! Everyone was just wonderful.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Judge Carter!

My dear!

You are both absolutely brilliant!

Well done, well done indeed.



And to say the very least...


I do love the...

... smell of the hunt and the taste of the shunt.

What's going on?

You see, Bill...'s like this...

...there's no business like show business.

Who are you?

I'm not your mother.

Jesus, Bill... you never were one of us.

Who are you?!

You almost understand, don't you?

You're a different race from us, a different species, a different class.

You're not one of us.

You have to be born into the society.

Alien scum!


We are not from outer space or anyhing like that.

We have been here as long as you have.

It's a matter of good breeding, really.

Alien scum!

Clarissa, where have you been?

You're late!

You've done very well, James.

I'm pleased to be able to contribute.

Anything for society.

You too, young man. You have a bright future for you.

We may have an internship for you this summer in Washington.

Come on!

Come on, Mrs. Carlyn!

You're going to be my date.

Jenny is going to Radcliff, she'll tour Europe first of course.

Oh, Nanny! You're such a lucky woman.

Jenny is a real beauty. She possesses such natural poise.

Yes, Jim and I both derive a great deal of pleasure for her.

Don't we, darling?

Ladies and gentlemen...

Tonight we have a double header.


After the first shunting...

...we'll have that special treating we've been hearing so much about.

A wonderful specimen, in his prime...

...nurtured by Jim and Nan... their very own home.

Keep your eye on Blanchard, Billy boy...

...because you're the next.

What are you doing?


Oh, god... Please...

Let go of me!



Good bye, David!

Stop it.

You're not losing your taste for these pathetic animals, are you?

Don't worry.

You'll get your share.

We all gonna get our share.

What's going on? Didn't you know, Billy boy?

The rich have always sucked off low class shit like you.

There it is.

Hey, what are you doing in there?

This is a private party. And private property.

To members only.

We're invited. You're invited? Who's that?

This is my mother.

That's your mother.


Hair, Mrs. Carlyn!

Good and pliable, your honor.

Oh, no!


A beauty mark.

Pretty isn't it?

Oh, please.

And now...

...we'll get to the bottom.

Oh God!

Run, Billy!

I love you.


Where are you?

Where are you, Billy? Anyone around my station is, I see it.

It's showtime, Billy!

You want to play, huh?



Let me give you a hand, Bill.


Oh, Billy! How sweet of you, to come here to me.

Do you have any edible fantasies, you'd like to indulge in Billy?

Now is the time.

Well, son, I guess you're right, I am a butthead.

Hey, hey, hey, Bill?

This isn't another hang up, Billy.

Hi, everybody! Here comes Billy.

Let go of me!

Billy on the half shell.


Leave her alone.

Well, well, well, what do we have here, you're going to rescue the young maiden Billy?

Something like that.

You and me, man to man.

Well, a slave revolt.

I love it you gotta save the girl, it's so cute.

Billy don't, you'll only make it worse.

Shut up, Clarissa.

Jim! Nan! Where the hell are you?

We got to pull myself together.

A beauty mark.

I'm getting too old for this.

Nan! Jim! Come on, you guys, knock it off, will you?

You've gotta come downstairs. You've gotta see this.

We're changing! Oh really? Into what?

Members of society...

...hailing from Beverly Hills...

...with lineage dating from Julius Caesar and Gengis Khan...

...the master of the hunt, the champion of the shunt...

...Ted the Tycoon Ferguson!

In this corner...

...from nowhere in particular...

...Bill the Bastard Whitney!



Everybody ready for the dessert of the night?


Bill! Bill!

See this arm, Bill, you can get very familiar with it.

Oh, shit!

Is that all you got?

Come on, gummy. Give me your best shot.

All right Billy, the game's over.

I told you Whitney, we don't lose, ever.

It's turned inside out.


Bill, come on man!

You'll never get away with this.

Don't count on it.


Come on! Come on!

Well Dr. Cleveland, it looks so I may have an opening... Washington next summer.