Solis (2018) Script

Come in, 2024.

This is Hathor 18 confirming we are inbound.

ETA five minutes.

Copy that, Hathor 18.

Landing dock prepped, ready and waiting.

Where in the system are you?

We've just pulled from Mercury's planetary gravity assist maneuver.

We stopped by for a boost.

We've engaged velocity redirection for DEC.

Commencing deceleration.

Copy that.

Watch for small rock clusters out there.

We've had a few outbursts.

Thanks for the heads-up, Lieutenant.

Hathor 18 primed for landing.

Copy that, Hathor 18.

Okay, guys, Hathor 18 is inbound.

ETA four minutes.

Copy that.

Let's finish getting this sector stripped.

Control's gonna want this load.

Of course they are.

How are your pressure readings, Holloway?

All green, all stable.

All good your end, Milton?

All good here.

Milton, I almost forgot.

There are some sun suit prototypes down in the hold.

Can you test them out? They need onsite activity.

If you can just play around with them for a bit and log it.

That's all I need.

Copy that, Lieutenant. On my way.

You got it, Holloway?

Yeah, I got it. We gotta get going.

I'm reading some serious seismic fluctuations.

I'm reading that too.

Subterranean surge of some kind.

Another outburst?

Yeah, it's a big one.

Holloway, cease operations immediately.

Milton, get yourself out of the cargo hold.

Milton, get out of there!



This is Holloway of 2024 DEC reporting from EEV Khapera 2.

Do you copy?

I repeat, this is Troy Holloway reporting from EEV Khapera 2.

Does anyone copy?

Hathor 18, please respond.

Come on.

Come on, come on.

This is Troy Holloway in the blind.

Can anyone copy?

I'm alone.

Milton and Lieutenant Harris are both...

I'm flying with limited power and no control.

Diagnostics are down. IPS is inoperable.

Does anyone copy?

I'm flying completely blind.

Shit. The, uh...

The EEV's beacon is down.

I repeat, the EEV's beacon is down.

So, uh...

Ah. Okay.

The PLB on my stat-band is functional.

Repeat, the PLB on my stat-band is detectable, I think.


Come in.

Hello! Hello is anyone there?

Is someone there? Hello?

Hathor 18, are you there?

I can't hear you.

I can hear you. Who is this?

This is Hathor 18.

Hathor 18, good, okay.

Hathor 18, this is Troy Holloway reporting from EEV Khapera 2.

Who is this?

This is Hathor 18.

I repeat, who am I speaking to?

This is Commander Roberts.


Commander Roberts.


I am the pilot of Hathor 18.

You're a new pilot? I don't remember you?


Okay, copy that.

Is Commander Serizawa available?

I'm temporarily standing in for the commander.

You'll be speaking with me for the time being.


Listen, there was an outflow of steam back on the site.

The harvester's drill anchors must've exposed a pocket on the asteroid.

The blast, the explosion, it blasted open the hull.

We initiated the emergency evacuation procedure, but, uh...

I'm aboard the EEV Khapera 2.

I'm drifting with limited power and no control.

The propulsion and ACS are inoperable.

Diagnostics are down.

Only the comms, coolant chamber and life support systems appear operable.

What is your status?

Well, I've never been better, really.

Uh, that was a joke.

I'm okay. I'm drifting.

I have very little power... and no control.

And the rest of the crew?

Holloway, can you expand on Milton's status?


Uh, Milton was in the cargo bay, signing off on prototypes or something when the explosion, the outflow, the blast, the force, it threw him, and Milton was thrown, and we, uh... we initiated the emergency evacuation procedure.

We made it to the EEV. Is Milton deceased?



Is Milton deceased?

Yes, Milton is deceased.

And Lieutenant Harris?

Lieutenant Harris didn't make it either.

Jesus Christ.

Copy that.

What are your visuals?

Visuals, uh...

Please report visuals to me.

Goddamn it.


Shit. Come on!

Shit! Holloway?

Can you hear me?

Yes, I hear you. Can you hear me?

Report your position. Give me your coordinates.

Coordinates? I... don't have any.

Just, uh... Just listen to me, Commander.

The EEV's beacon is down, but the stat-band, my stat-band, my PLB is linked and should be detectable.

Copy that.


Uh, we're not detecting anything.

You gotta be kidding.

Coordinates. Give them to me.

I just don't have any coordinates.

I need coordinates, Holloway.

Okay, but I don't have any coordinates, Commander.

Give me something. Describe what you see.

How about space?

That's what I see, Commander.

Is Hath... visible from your...

Please repeat.

Is Hathor 18 visible from your current position?


We will be a small white speck in the distance.

There are a lot of small white specks in the distance, Commander.

Nothing is visible from my current location.

Not you, not Hathor 18 or any other craft.

This heap of shit is ancient, Commander.

That heap of shit is keeping you alive.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

Holloway, are you injured?


No, I'm uninjured. Negative.

Copy that.

Okay, we've detected your PLB.


It's gonna take a moment to triangulate.

And is your stat-band linked to the EEV?

Stat-band should be linked, yes.

Okay, copy that.

This will take a moment. Okay.

Polarized filter online.

Are you there?

Holloway. Yeah.

I need your medical diagnostics.

I need to speak with the commander.

I am the commander.

Standing in for him doesn't make you the commander.

Commander Serizawa is unavailable. I'm now in charge.

Please give me your medical diagnostics.

I need to speak with him.

You're not going to speak with the commander.

You're going to speak with me. Put him on.

The commander is occupied. Put him on.

It is not possible. Fuck you!

We will not be handling this situation in that manner.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?!

My stat-band is partially inoperable, so I am unable to give you my medical diagnostics, Commander.

Then a self-examination will suffice.

My orders are to keep you alive.

Your orders? Yeah, who gave you orders to keep me alive, huh?

Why am I suddenly so important?

I need an evaluation of your condition, so I can report to Medical.

That's an order.

Back of my head had minor trauma.

Light or heavy?

Somewhere in the middle.

Are you concussed?

I guess.

Yes or no.

Yes. Copy that.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Medical is concerned about your head trauma.

Tell Medical their concern is appreciated, but not necessary.

I'm going to ask you some questions to determine the extent of concussion.

I'm fine. Is your vision clear?

I said I'm fine, Commander. Is your vision clear?

It's a little blurry. Do you feel nauseous?

No more than usual. Yes or no answers, please.


What is your full name?

Is this really necessary? Answer the question.

Troy William Holloway.

Company name and description.

Company name and description.

Orbis. An asteroid mining corporation that targets Aten, Amor and Apollo asteroids that are rich in minerals...

and compounds positioned primarily in the Near-Earth region.

What is your position in the company?


Full position, please.

Prospector and engineering technician.

And your current mission and responsibilities?

Maintenance control and general purpose engineer on Aten 2024 DEC for onsite processing for minerals such as indium, osmium, gallium, cobalt, rhenium, rhodium, ruthenium, platinum, palladium, and H2O.

Thank you. Oh, you're so welcome.

I can recite the entire periodic table, if it makes this better for you.

This is not a time for sarcasm.

Yeah, well, I'm just trying to have a little fun up here.

I hope you're enjoying yourself.

Wow. I thought we didn't have time for sarcasm, Commander.

Are you finished?

Is it possible for me to make contact with Control?

Are you there?

Please repeat.

I need to make contact with base.

Is it possible for me to contact Control?


Negative? What do you mean, negative?

It means we have temporarily lost communications with Control.

We were bombarded with shrapnel on your departure.

The relay transmitter has taken a hit, but our technical assistant and the commander himself are currently working on the fault.

Why is the commander fixing the relay transmitter?

We're only a four-man crew.

Our science officer is injured, and I am most-qualified to navigate.

You should've told me sooner what the commander was doing.

It didn't concern you.

Well, it would've made things easier.

I chose not to.

And you're in no position to question my actions.

How long until contact with Control is secured?

Should only be temporary.

How long?!

Within the hour.

We have successfully triangulated your beacon.

Your rapid departure from DEC has propelled you straight for the sun.

Yeah, I kinda assumed that.

Analyzing lifeboat diagnostics.

Okay, oxygen generators are functional.

O2 levels are green, nice and high.

However, propulsion systems, ACS, and rotation controls are inoperable, and so is the trace contaminant control unit and water recovery systems.

Cabin temp control is also inactive, and you seem to have a malfunction in the coolant chamber.

The temp is dangerously low, currently sitting at 14 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping fast.

You'll be dead from hypothermia in no time at all.

But the coolant can be switched off manually, which is going to be your best bet.

You're approximately traveling at bullet speed towards the sun with a labored RPM rate.

You should be seeing the sun through the portal every six minutes or so.

Polarized filter is online, but only for as long as you have power, and your power is dropping fast.

However, direct sun exposure at this range will result in a burn-up rate somewhere around 70 minutes at least.

And it gets better.

There appears to be a leak in the radiation chamber.

You're progressively going to be exposed to more and more radiation.

Just keep an eye on that radiation badge.

How dark is it now?

It's cloudy.

Copy that. We should be able to intercept you before significant radiation exposure and burn-up.

Excuse me, intercept me? It's going to be a close call, but we estimate our arrival in 75 minutes, approximately.

We're coming for you. You can't.

I appreciate your concern, but we're inbound and fast.

This lifeboat has no airlock.

The propulsion and thruster systems are down, all right?

I have no power. How do you even expect to grab me?

It's final. So, hold on, I'm just supposed to blast myself outta here, and you're gonna grab me, like in the movies?

With the inside of the EEV pressurized, when you open the hatch, the force of the gas will fire you out and if timed accurately, right into our hands.

We'll have personnel ready to catch you.

Oh, well, okay, if you're gonna catch me, then okay.

I feel reassured now, Commander.

It's not gonna work. I'm going too fast.

We'll counteract it.

Our trajectory will be parallel to yours.

It's not gonna work like that, and you know it.

We'll improvise.

Excuse me, improvise?

It's what we do.

I don't think Control would be too happy with you improvising for little ol' me, okay?

Milton, Lieutenant Harris, I can understand, not me, okay?

I'm sure that all Control cares about right now is their insurance policy, not you potentially adding to this shitstorm!

These are my orders.

Do you want us to give up on you?

Is that what you want?

Because I can tell you right now that is not going to happen.

If there's a chance I can save your life, I'm going to take it.

It all happened so fast.

I didn't know what to do.

You're going to have to let go.

It's so easy for someone like you to say let go.

Let go.

I'm going to get you home.

Have you made contact with Control?

I told you, within the hour. It's still being fixed.

I'll inform you when contact is secured.

Will it be possible to make a call home through a feed linked to the Khapera?

Calls home shouldn't be your concern right now.

Is it possible or not?

It should be.

Was Control aware of the risks they were taking when they ordered us to have the harvesters operate at full capacity?

Of course they were, and you called it in as a stable rate.

But not a desirable one. The solar flare was imminent.

Control had no choice but to speed up...

Control already had 10 million tons of mineral ore in transit.

They had to have that much more?

I mean, all this for one more fucking load.

What's that?

It's your stat-band informing you that early stages of hypothermia are setting in.

You'll soon start experiencing reduced manual dexterity.

You need to switch the coolant off before you're unable to do so.

Okay, if I switch the coolant off, it's gonna make things warmer in here, right?


Then I'll just fix it to stabilize temp control.

No. The damage to the coolant is irreversible.

Of course it is.

All right, I'll just rather withstand the cold than be oven baked.

The EEV has evac suits though.

If I leave the coolant chamber on, I'll just fully suit up.

Well, according to my readings, there's only one evac suit docked.

It has 15 minutes of O2 in its tank, with another 15 on backup.

Hold on. Why is there only 15 minutes in the evac suit?

Evac suits supplied in emergency escape vehicles aren't mission operative suits.

They have lower oxygen supplies.

If you turn the coolant off in the next 10 minutes, you should be able to withstand the rising temp for the next 30, then add another 30 with the evac suit's tank, that pushes your survival to 70 minutes.

We can be with you in 60. Did you hear?

Yeah, I heard all that.

Thoughts? Does it matter?

Great. Shit, my day gets better and better.

What is it? The cabin window.

What about it? There's a crack.

It's thermal shock.

It can't withstand the extremes in temperature on both sides of the glass.

Turn the coolant off and endure the heat for as long as you can, then put on the evac suit.

Do you have a more accurate timeframe until contact with Control is secured?

It sits between 50 and 60 minutes.

Just secure contact for me, okay?

That's all I'm asking.

I need to speak with someone back home.

Well, if you don't switch the coolant off right now, you won't be speaking with anyone.

It won't be a walk in the park, reaching that coolant valve, so you need to act now, do you hear me?

I'm working on it. Outstanding.

It's going to be colder than Antarctica back there, so you might want to make it snappy.

Copy that.

And remember, the rear units are outside the protection of the radiation chamber that encompasses the EEV cabin, so...

Make it snappy.

Commander, repeat.

Hathor 18, repeat!


Commander Roberts!


Hold onto something!

Can you hear me?

Are you there?

I'm here.


Can you hear me?


Did you switch the coolant off?

Yeah. Yeah, it's off.

There was a huge depletion in pressure.

What happened?

Debris pierced through.

Sounds like you're lucky to be alive.

Something like that.

Well, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

I'm counting on it.

Everything all right?

Not really.

Please expand. What's your status?

When the debris pierced through, a piece of shrapnel... found a home in my rib cage.

Left side. Okay, as your body warms, you're going to lose more blood and feel more pain.

We need to sort this wound ASAP.

I can't feel an awful lot.

Precisely. Do it now and use the cold to your advantage before you start to feel everything.

You need the med kit. It should be in the case next to the CO2 absorber cartridge.

Yeah. One step ahead.

I'm sure medical's gonna have a field day with this one.

I need you to breathe in for me.

A big, deep inhale.

Did that hurt?

Like hell.

Put Serizawa on.

That's a negative.

There's nothing stopping you from putting me through to his comms unit.

The commander and I are good friends.

I just need to talk to him.

I'm sorry.

Just put him on.


Just put him on!

It's out. It's out.

Okay, we need to stop the bleeding.

Yeah, well, please feel free in stating the obvious, Commander.

Just doing my job.

You need something that would cauterize the wound.

Look around, see what you can find.

You might need to improvise something.

Milton's got these...


They're the prototypes Control sent to DEC.

Electromagnetic hand grips for maintenance purposes.

So not gonna stop the bleeding.


Look, it's getting warmer every second.

Come on, talk to me.

We need to stop the bleeding, Holloway.

Yeah, I know.

Talk me through what you're doing.


Commander Roberts.

We must keep in contact at all times.

This isn't a game.

I know it's not a game.

Did you cauterize the wound?

Yes. How?

Found a way.

Okay. Just be aware your body won't have time to acclimatize to the rapid temp increase.

The pain and discomfort will get worse.

Give me Serizawa.

Holloway, there's something... I'd like to speak with him.

Would you just listen to me?

There's nothing stopping you putting me through.

I just need to tell you something.

Just put him on the line for me, all right?

Shut up and listen to me! Commander Serizawa is dead!

The damage we received from the shrapnel cluster was, it was substantial, and the life support conduits needed fixing.

We had minutes until we had no air to breathe.

More debris was inbound, and Serizawa's suit was damaged.

His coolant regulators split.

He drowned in his suit.

He died saving us.

Why didn't you tell me this from the get-go?

I knew you were close to the Commander.

I needed you stable.

You should've told me.

It wasn't the right time. You should've told me.

What difference would it have made?

Because I needed him to do something for me.

Holloway, debris inbound!

Holloway, are you okay?

Holloway! I'm spinning.

Okay. I'm analyzing the Khapera's rotation.

The Khapera's rotation, it's around 69, 70 RPM.

Make it stop.

I can't. It's not going to stop.

Just breathe, Holloway, and try to...

You've gotta turn back.

Holloway, repeat, I...

You and the rest of your crew, you gotta turn back or more people are gonna die.

I'm not giving up. We're not turning back.

Holloway, can you hear...


Can you hear me? What's happening?

Holloway, respond.

Answer me.

What's happening?



If I'm alive, you're still coming for me.

What do you mean?

Holloway, what are you doing?

What's right.

Don't you even think about it.

Don't you dare open that hatch.

We can secure contact.

You can still make that call home.

Let me save you!


Please answer me.

Please say something.

I'm here.

Thank God.

What's your status?


Pretty bad headache.



Can you talk me through the current approximated stats?


The Khapera will burn up in approximately 40 minutes.

You should, however, be able to endure the rising temp for at least another 10.

You have 15 minutes O2 in the suit's tank, then another 15 on backup, and we estimate that we can be with you in about 35.

And at this rate, you'll have enough gas inside the EEV to blast you out.

It's going to be like a furnace in there within the next few minutes or so.

You need to endure the rising temp for as long as you can.

And a revised estimation on when... contact will be secured with Control.


Around the same time as our arrival, approximately.

Can you make that sooner?

With Serizawa gone, it's down to our technical assistant to fix the transmitter now.

He's on his own out there, but he's doing what he can.

I need you to call home.

I need to speak with her.

Would you like me to record that message?

Just in case.

I'll tell her myself.

Must be pretty scary out there.

It's not so bad...

once you get used to it.

You know, I never wanted to work for the mining corp or be a pilot.

My father worked for the company, and once the ships were in the air, he was contracted to pilot Hathor 1.

But he had a fall before his first assignment.

The result was a concussion that terminated his contract.

It wasn't until then that my father encouraged me to look into the position.

It was a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a go.

I got the right education, passed the right exams and tests, and 17 years later, here I am, the pilot of Hathor 18.

And commander.

By default.

Tell me something about yourself.

Something about myself?

I'm thinking of early retirement.

I take it that's a new development.

After today? Yeah.

I need to tell her I'm sorry.

That's all you want her to know?

That's all she needs to know.

That's all I have to say.

You know, you remind me of someone.

Someone I once knew.

Someone who lived in the past.

Too busy being sorry.

What happened?

Why are you so sorry?

We had a son.

Holloway, what's going on over there?

You're losing pressure.

Commander Roberts?

Roberts, you there?

Commander Roberts.



I can hear you. Are you all right?

It was another shrapnel cluster.

All right.

Evac suit's on.

Give me your stats.

Life support battery, 95 percent.

O2, 18 percent.

You hearing that?

Yeah, I got it.

Holloway, there's been a breach.

The inside of the Khapera is now completely depressurized.

The O2, CO2, nitrogen, it... it's all gone.

Systems have automatically locked down access to the remaining O2 supply and the backup tank.

Your damaged controls will not allow you to override it manually.

The only option would be a spacewalk to fix the damage and allow access to the remaining O2.

That would grant you the pressure needed to blast you out.

But you have no tether. A spacewalk is impossible.

And the radiation and heat exposure, even with a suit on, you'd be dead within minutes.

There's nothing we can do.

I know all that.

I'm sorry.

You and your crew need to turn back.

You can turn back and still link the call...

I can't. home.

I can't turn back.

You can for the safety of your crew.

I can't.

You can, Commander.

Look, before we lost contact with Control, they ordered us to come and get you.

A strict order was given.

At least one member of the crew on 2024 must survive.

It's not my call.

A catastrophe like this, with all crew members deceased as the result of an accident, will cripple the entire program, potentially resulting in a permanent shutdown of the company, taking all related programs and organizations with it.

Best case scenario, with you alive, is a several-year hiatus, where a full, intense investigation and accident review is carried out.

With you deceased is a guaranteed immediate termination.

Your life determines the fate of Orbis.

You're the priority right now.

So I guess you're not coming out of the good nature of your heart after all.

It's not like that. Then what is it like?

I would be coming for you, regardless of my orders.

Oh, look, I'm flattered, Commander.

Really, I am.

I'm dead anyway.

The radiation's got me.

I'm not turning back.

My son was making something.

These... inventions.

He'd just go around, grabbing stuff and then make something.

Good things. I mean, he was good.


He was six.

I had the chance to do something right.

To make the right decisions.

But I didn't.

I chose to just run away.

To go to a dark place no one goes, somewhere... far away.

Just left.

I just need to tell her I'm sorry.

Are you sure that that's all she needs to hear, that you're sorry?

I lost my daughter seven years ago.

She was twelve.

My husband couldn't cope.

He left me.

He left me when I needed him most.

Do you know he left me a note?

It didn't say how much he loved me or how happy our lives had been together.

Nothing like that.

It just said...

"Eva, I'm sorry."

If I could speak to him today, I'd pray to God that he wouldn't tell me how sorry he was.

I dream he would just hold me in his arms and tell me how much he loved me.

I wouldn't want his apologies.

I'd just want him.

I need to sign out for a sec.

Copy that.

Roberts, you there?

I'm here.

If I seal the outside of the Khapera, will that definitely allow me access to the remaining O2?

In theory, yes.

And that'll be enough to re-pressurize this cabin and blast me outta here?

Well, only if you had a way of getting out there.

Electromagnetic grip enhancements linked to life support mainframe.

I think I do.

Power, 100 percent.

I'm gonna try these new prototypes.

Milton didn't even get a chance to test them.

They might not work. It's 50-50.

Well, those are the best odds I've had all day.

You will be exposed to 100% solar intensity out there, and it'll take too long to fix.

It's over 700 degrees in direct light.

Okay, then I'll fix it in the shade.

Look, you still have the ability to analyze the rotation of the EEV to keep me on the shaded side of the Khapera.

Radiation levels are off the chart.

Radiation badge is already black.

You won't have enough time.

This is the only chance I've got.

It's only going to take another 15 minutes before we're able to contact home.

Can you guarantee that timeframe?


Okay, so I'm going to need you to guide me through this.

Roberts, have I got your support or not?

Of course you do.

The damaged area will be situated by the oxygen generators, directly above the CO2 scrubbers.

Right on top.

Tell me when you're ready.

Ready as I'll ever be.

O2 count activated.

Allow further rotation.

Stand by.

Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one.

You are clear to go.

O2, 11 percent.

Climbing starboard.

Bow to my left.

Copy that.

Nice and steady.

What's the temp in the shade?

Minus 150.



What's wrong?


I, uh...

I don't feel so good.

Please expand.



I got blurry vision.



Burning all over.

It's the radiation.

O2, ten percent.

You need to slow your aspiration.

You're gulping the O2 supply.

That's better.


Horizon line is starboard, moving your way.

Approximately five minutes until full exposure.

If you're exposed, your suit won't withstand it, not at this range.

You'll be cooked alive.

Did you hear me? I got it.

I can't locate the damage.

It's above the scrubbers.

Yeah, I'm on the scrubbers.

Well, it's right there.

I can't see it. What's your position?

Right on top.

O2, nine percent.

You are situated towards the front of the capsule?

Negative, no. The scrubbers are central.

Not on the Khapera modules.

The CO2 assemblies are situated towards the nose.

Shit. I remember.

It's an old design.

The biology's changed quite a bit.

I forgot I was aboard an antique.

Damn thing's probably older than the asteroids.

O2, eight percent.

Okay, we're losing time. Fast.

I found it. Thank God for that.

What's the extent of the damage?

Fixable in five minutes?

Is that rhetorical?



Roberts, repeat.

You have just under four minutes before that area is exposed.

Copy that. Four minutes. Plenty of time.

Wilco. Copy that.

O2, seven percent.

O2, six percent.

Okay, your breathing is too fast.

I know, I know.

Slow it down.

Whew. It's... damn hot.

Keep it under control.

How's contact with Control coming?

Nearly there.

Is there more debris incoming? More wreckage?

There was a series of further explosions from the asteroid station, following your departure.

Each blast must have thrown further shrapnel clusters in our direction.

Looks like it's gonna rain.

O2, five percent.

You're doing good. Hang in there.

You know, after this, I feel like a vacation.


Uh, nowhere warm.


Alaska sounds good.

O2, four percent.

How about Barrow?

They're currently having a polar night.

Sounds perfect.

Ah, shit!

Damage to outer shell detected.

What happened? Holloway, talk to me. Come on.

Pressure gauge and O2 cartridge, primary life support subsystem critical.

Did you hear all that? Yes, I heard.

That's how I'm doing.

O2, three percent.

Malfunction in core temp control.

Air conditioning unit disabled.

Ah, come on, come on. Come on!

Horizon line inbound. You have 60 seconds, if that.

O2, two percent.

Come on, come on.

Holloway, you've got to hurry.

I know, I know.

Warning: O2, one percent.

Warning: O2, one percent.

Roberts, has the O2 in the tank been stabilized?

Roberts, is the O2 stabilized?

Repeat, is the O2 stabilized?

Danger: Heat resistance.

Come in! Roberts!

Depletion subsided.

Backup O2 stabilized.

Warning: O2, 0.5 percent.

Warning: O2, 0.5 percent.

Warning: Power loss imminent.

Electromagnetic grip enhancements reduced by 50%.

Warning: Power loss imminent.

Electromagnetic grip enhancements reduced by 50%.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Connection not detected.

Connection not detected.

Connection detected.

O2 restoration in effect.

Danger: Damage to O2 regulators.

O2, seven percent.

Danger: Rapid O2 depletion.

Commander, are you there?


Holloway, can you hear me?

Polarized filter disabled.

Malfunction in polarized filter.

Damage critical.

Polarized filter disabled.

Malfunction in polarized filter.

Damage critical.

Polarized filter disabled.

Malfunction in polarized filter.

Damage critical.

Polarized filter disabled.

Holloway, talk to me!

I can't... I can't see anything.

You just listen to me.

O2, five percent.

You have enough backup O2 to throw yourself out when I arrive.

I'm so close to you now. I can still get you.

I'm so close.

Just hurry. Just hurry.

We've made contact with Control.

They're securing a line with home as we speak.

O2, four percent.

Danger: Rapid O2 depletion.

I can see you.

I can see you!

Hathor 18 inbound.

You need to make that call.

I'm waiting on Control.

O2, three percent.

I'm monitoring your rotation.

You need to re-pressurize at the very last moment when we're in position.

Make that call first!

They might not secure the feed in time.

Just make it happen!

You need to head back.

You need to turn back! You're gonna burn too!

We can make it. I'm so close.

I'm not turning back. Not now.

I can get you. I can get you!

It's too much. It's too much.

I can't. Holloway, listen to me.

I can't. I can't. Holloway!

You listen to me!

Don't you dare! Don't you dare let go!

Don't you ever let go! Don't you give up!

You're not allowed to give up on me!

I won't let you!

You hold on right to the very end!

No matter what, you never give up!

Warning: O2, ten percent.


Warning: O2 depletion.

Dad won't give up.

Not this time.

I don't know what to say.

I didn't know what to do.

I love you so, so much.

Danger: O2, one percent.

Roberts. I'm here.

I need you in front.

I'm gonna come out that window.

Copy that.

I'm pulling in front.

I've got you.

O2, zero percent.

I'm in place. I'm ready.

O2, zero percent.

Warning: O2, 0.5 percent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Holloway, we've made the call.

Control's punching us through. I'm connecting you now.



Thank you.

Thank you, Troy.





What's going on?

What's going on?


Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.

CO2 aspiration in effect.

Loss of consciousness imminent.

Warning: O2, zero percent.


I'm going home.