Solo (1970) Script

Ladies and Gentlemen, here ends our voyage and I hope you've enjoyed it. Tomorrow we'll be at Le Havre.

We wish you a good last night on the Niagara.


What butchery.

She still has her jewels.

This one too.

Stuffed with cash. Nothing stolen.

The victims' papers, boss.


They're not just anybody. The crème de la crème.

Respectable dirty old men.

Shelve this for the moment. Black out.

She's not even 18. Picked up for the night...

By the morgue.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre had nothing on this.

The cartridges, Commissioner. From Tommy-guns.

Find those everywhere.

There are 77. They weren't being economical.

We've got some fun ahead.

For your private collection? For my files.

What's that?

My living. A Stradivarius.

A violin.

I see. Made in USA?

In Italy. Cremona, 1723.

No trouble? As usual.

Got them?

How? In Buenos Aires, tell you later.

Let's go to Paris, I want to visit my safe.

Broke? Women.

Your playing doesn't pay? Not enough.

Will you let me drive?

Go ahead, the keys are there.

Tell the truth to the press.

We're in France, after all.

Yes, Minister.

But be tactful, Commissioner.

Of course. My respects, Minister.

The truth.

The mail, chief. To hell with it.

To hell with this, too?

When was it mailed? Saturday evening.

Why the delay?

Postal workers were on strike yesterday.

Which killed 18 people.

"Tuesday night a 'special party' will be held

"at 'Les Peupliers' in Vésinet.

"Please come to prevent a massacre."

If we'd got it earlier...

It's signed "Virgile".

Must be a lunatic, or a mythomaniac.

Might be his real name.

No one uses their real name for things like this.

Besides, the signature wasn't cut from a newspaper.

More like a book. Yes, a school book.

Virgile is the name of a Latin poet.

Not everybody has that on their bookshelf.

Not everybody, but a student would.

Have it examined. Typeface, paper, everything.

And after Lebanon? Capetown, Durban, Port Elizabeth.

South Africa? They've got diamonds, and gold.

And the highest security.

So it's hopeless there for you... for us?

We'll see.

Still as suspicious?

I carry valuables.

The Vésinet massacre... a summary: Last night, during a society party

18 people were savagely murdered with machine-guns.

Commissioner Verdier thinks the leads point to the student community.

Those students.

18 of the bourgeoisie taken out.

That makes 18 less.

"A society gathering." An orgy.

Think it's funny? If it weren't for the bourgeoisie who would we steal from?

See me ripping off the Kremlin?

Almighty Lord, uphold peaceful coexistence.

Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable.


We won't even need to re-cut them.

Come on, count that up.

I've got to go.

My home is yours.

Lend me your car? Of course. I've another at the garage.

Leave the keys on the table.

You're not going to count them? You don't care.

I must see my brother. Still paying for his education?

Of course. He has no one besides me.

I'm can't desert him.

No prints, extra-strong paper.


From Le Monde. An intellectual.

Humanité... A communist.

And Le Fossoyeur.

There we go, Le Fossoyeur.

That dirty anarchist rag.

"The putrid deviationism of the Marxist-bourgeois leaders...

"The so-called leftist phrase-mongers and idiots...

"The paralytic trotskyists...

3,000 copies, only by subscription.

Subscriptions? That's very good.

Very good. Let's go.

The managing director, please.

That's me. I'm also the editor. At your service, comrade.

I see, you're a pluralist.

Is one of your nice contributors named Virgile? No, why do you ask?

It's about Vésinet.

That bourgeois settling of scores doesn't concern us.

And this... this doesn't concern you?

I forbid you to call me "kid".

You're not his father, and even if you were...

Show us the list of your subscribers.

It's all a plot to vilify us. It's provocation.

And it's not the first.

Be polite. Go to hell.

We don't advocate terrorism against our capitalist oppressors, but the union of the working classes.

Another time, I'm tired.

On this list there's a Virgile Cabral, 49 St-Julian Street.

You don't know him, of course.

We can't know 3,000 subscribers. And if we did...

You're upset, do you know him?

I'll go and buy cigarettes.

We'll check the Faculty of Law.

Those students can't stand us. Don't worry, we'll watch them.


A letter signed Virgile?

Cut from Le Fossoyeur.

Who wrote it? I'll clear this up.

The police are after you. Run.

I'll warn the others and keep you posted.

It's me, Micheline.

He's not in.

Not in?

He's rarely in. Are you a friend?

I'm his brother.

Vincent? The musician?

He's talked about me? Yes, often.

Please come in.

Thanks for the invitation.

So, my brother's got some girl?

That's not it.

Sorry, but I've got to go out.

What does Virgile do? Study?

I can't guarantee it.

He used to work hard.

We often worked together.

I was a student, too.

Sometimes I'd make dinner. It was nice.

But now he comes in late, goes out again...

A carousel.

Strange men visit him. He isn't one of those, is he?

It's not that, where did you get that idea?

Good. But what does he do with these friends? Politics?

I don't know. He never tells me.

He'll tell me.

It's 2 now. When does he get home?

It depends. But late.

I'll wait for him in the hallway.

Night's falling, already.

I see musicians aren't shy.

In my family, we're not all as serious as Virgile.

Virgile Cabral, third year.

Any family? Orphan.

His brother is his guardian.

His name is Vincent Cabral, a musician.

He's often on tour.

It stinks.

These students can't stand us.

When they get rich, they'll settle down.

But this Virgile is of different species.

Let's go.

Virgile and I are friends, that's all.

I might have liked more, he's attractive.

Maybe he thought I was too easy.

How churlish.

Don't joke. He's uncompromising, pure.

The world needs some.

He wanted to study magistrature.

He never wrote me about it.

He was set on it.

He said that in our rotten world a man is only saved by his honour.

Obviously he and I don't have quite the same mentality.

Don't answer.

Open the door. It might be Virgile.

Do you know Virgile Cabral?

Has something happened to him?

I see you know him well.

He's a friend.

I don't know much about him.

You're under obligation to help the police.

He's a murder suspect.

You've heard about Vésinet.

He couldn't be involved in that.

Maybe he was led astray.

Who are his friends?

Young men like him. Students. Strange fellows...

Do they meet here?

Not often. He met them during the uprising.

They must be a bad influence.

They must meet somewhere.

For a while he often went to the Cosmos.

Or so I heard.

Does he get in late?

At night I sleep.

Know his brother?

Never seen him. Didn't even know he had one.

I said too much?

No, love. They surprised us both.

Does he really go to Cosmos? Yes, of course I'll make a dash before the police get him.

The search is centred on the student population.

Easy to dump everything on us.

Can't even break wind without being accused of terrorism.

I don't see him. He may arrive yet.

Do you know Virgile Cabral That's different.

I haven't seen him today.

But if I do...

I do some work for your Vice Squad.

Informers have always been the defenders of justice.

Good manure is made with dung.

Doesn't stop it stinking.

All the tables are taken.

May we?

I'm waiting for someone. So are we.

Peasants. Bring a picnic, while you're at it.

We did.

May I?

We're waiting for someone. So am I.

Waiter, a beer. Munich?

This Vésinet case is unusual.

They're saying it was terrorists.

What do you think, gentlemen?

Don't believe all you read in the papers.

The police suggest it was a group of students.

And that Verdier isn't stupid.

Don't believe all the Police say.

No kiss, Marc?

What's up?

Nothing, I lost my father last night. He's at the morgue.

What happened?

An accident, twelve bullets. At Vésinet last night.

You seem upset. You loved him?

And how. He was such a hard worker.

He deserved his money.

He spent it on orgies and new cars.

When he was tired he watched TV.

He deserved the cross of Merit. A great man, my father.

I don't understand you.

Of course, you couldn't with ideals like yours.

Marriage, children, a car, TV every night...

And orgies when you're bored. Like them.

You're sad, but it's no reason...

Hello, Marc. Seen Virgile?

No. Why? Nothing.

So we're not going out?

No, I've something to do tonight. It's important.

The man in the raincoat with the girl is Virgile's friend.

Let's follow him, he might lead us to Virgile.

Jump in the car and follow us. He might be driving.

I'm Virgile's brother. Police are following you.

Give me your keys and get in.

Some chap got in with him. Let's go.

It's one-way. I know the music.

Green Triumph, 8297 RL 75.

What do you intend to do now?

I'm meeting Virgile at Conflans. Let's go, then.

We'll switch cars. Yours is identified now, idiot.

Now that we've shaken the police, what's this Vésinet thing and why's my brother involved?

Vésinet was us. Who's us?

Our group. Virgile, me and another friend, a liaison girl and some men who provide the material.

We've decided to destroy everything.

A nice objective, and ambitious.

What's your aim?

To take out all that's rotten and corrupted.

Only the young can purify the world.

You think you'll do it by erasing a few bigwigs who prefer under-age girls?

But tomorrow, when they're buried, others will replace them. You'll have to erase them too.

Something must be done. What do the politicians do?

They organize meetings, make speeches and sign petitions.

It'll take some pruning to change things.

When I was your age, I was a revolutionary too.

I fought alongside people who now sit at home and watch TV.

But why am I telling you this? I'm not one to give advice.

Think there's a solution?

Sure, to line your pockets.

You want to change society, I exploit it.

There are tons of pretty women with jewels. Suffices to take them.

All around us there's love, money, pleasure, happiness...

And music.


One who saved you from the police.

You're organised like novices.

Why are they already after Virgile?

And yourself, idiot?

I don't know.

I'm getting Virgile out of this.

Or he'll up end in jail, you all will.

Think Virgile will listen to you?

He's capable of killing you if you get in his way.

You're going to do it again?

Yes, tonight.

Stop eating bread with mustard.

What are your orders?

I called Marc.

I told him to meet us at your uncle's yard.

Why not here?

The workers will be gone when he arrives.

You're charged with receiving him.

What for?

To kill him.

Marc? But why?

He wrote that letter.

Only he and I subscribe to the paper.

He used that typeface.

Why would he betray us? To save his father.

He'd have been arrested too.

He didn't care as long as his father lived, though he swore he'd stop at nothing.

I'd kill my own brother if need be.

Yet I love him, and I've no one else.

If we want a clean world, we must make sacrifices.

It's the price.

If Marc is a traitor, I'll kill him.

I'd do it myself, but they're after me.

And I'm needed tonight.

What should I do? Get the bomb from Jerry.

Here's the address, and a note.

I'll meet you here at 8. Hurry.

Be careful. Here's the bus.

Take a taxi back.

The bomb attempt, tonight... Where is it, and at what time?

I don't know.

Or you won't tell me?

Ask Virgile, he's the boss.

So this is all his idea?

He told you to kill your father, and you did it.

If you think it was that easy... That I didn't...

But one must carry through on one's ideals.

If people can't even have sex in peace...

You don't understand.

People used to live and die for things.

God, the nation, revolution, honour...

Today, we live like sheep.

We study, pass exams, and for what?

To make things, to sell and buy products.

If that's happiness, the greatness of man, this world's gone mad.

So if you're left to act you'll take out all the top brass.

We've selected the most rotten.

You've a list, like for an election?

Virgile wants to change public opinion.

Things only change when people are afraid.

Frightened people don't revolt.

They hide until the terrorists are stopped.

And when the streets are safe again they go on holiday.

Go that way.

We sometimes meet at this restaurant.

Where are you meeting my brother?

You'll like it, the décor's marvellous.

You're romantics. You need a décor to conspire in.

You're romantic revolutionaries.

Pity the police aren't romantic too.

After you, Judge.

Looks like the Police museum, doesn't it?

The bastard.

No violence.

That's the man who left with the boy at Cosmos.

The one at our table?

"To Virgile with love, Vincent."

Virgile's brother is mixed up in this.

Carry on with your search.

Go to the TV channels.

I want the brothers' photos broadcast immediately.

In 1 hour, all of France will know their faces.

Get on it.

Cut the engine. I'll tell Virgile you're here.

I'm going with you.

You can't. What would they say when they saw you?

They might shoot.

Think I'm afraid?

You might have to kill in self-defence. Perhaps Virgile.

You're all insane.

I'll tell him you're waiting at that café.

Tell him to hurry.

Hands up, Marc. And walk.

The Vésinet case...

Commissioner Verdier speaks to us from his office at HQ.

We're tackling a small group of terrorists, bent on provoking a wave of panic.

Every citizen is in danger from these fanatics.

Everyone should be afraid for their work, their property, their lives and those of their dear ones.

But I regret the letter.

The police are onto us, it's too late.

Put yourself in my place. That of a bastard? No.

You tried to save your father, bravo. But you gave Virgile's name.

It's your duty to help the police and the courts to catch these dangerous men whose only ideal is destruction.

Who's that? Never saw him before.

Why didn't Virgile come himself?

He's hiding, thanks to you. The police are onto him.

Annabel is fetching the bombs.

I want to go in their place. Please.

I'll prove I'm not a coward. I'm ready to go up with the bomb.

Like I could trust you.

Call him. Tell him I want to make up for it.

He's at the "Petit Chef", isn't he?

You can reach him there.

Even if you no longer want me, you have to call him.

His brother's looking for him. How do you know?

He's here, waiting in the café.

You brought him here? Of all the....

Then he might just get it too.

Too? What do you mean?

That traitors have to die.

In the yard.

You're all mad.

How do you feel?

I have to tell Virgile I'm not a coward.

That bastard didn't believe me.

You go that way, to the yard.

You come with me.

Will you give me to the police? No, idiot.

Are you alright?

Hurry, Virgile will go without us.

Come on, let's go.

Tell me where Virgile is.

Don't leave me here. I'll take you.

I want to take part in the bombing.

We're going.

We'll blow them all up...

Stay here to block the way. If the fellow resists...

I've got all I need.

Hell, something's leaking.

There's a child... dead.

The bastard's killed a child.

Hurry, it's over there. Straight ahead.

Hurry, Virgile will leave.

There's a body over there. In the yard.

Identify the owner of a Ford Mustang 5406 UZ 75.

A white Mustang, that's right.

5406 UZ 75 I'm the owner.

You haven't declared it stolen, I take it?

Then you lent it to someone. Who?


Or we'll charge you.

Vincent Cabral.

Cabral? The elder?

Vincent Cabral, that's right.

What? A 17 year old murdered?

Have you closed the area?

Alright, I'm coming.

So the violinist was pulling the strings?

See adolescents concocting something like this? An adult's involved.

We'll get them all.

The brothers' photos will be on TV in a minute.

Stop here.

It's here. Virgile must be inside.

I'll go with you. I'll be alright.

If you want to make the bombing, wait here.

I'll get Virgile and be right back.

Got a light? I don't smoke.

Don't take me for a fool. You don't like my face, or what?

Pass the salt, please.

You must be waiting for your girl to be so impatient.

Women. Always late. Like time-bombs.

Before the news we interview Mr Lagnon, head of national education.

The young are eager, in a large majority, for calm and peace.

Our students work hard, concerned about their future, and conscious of their responsibilities.

Exams, which can open the doors to a decent life, must take place as planned and not be disrupted by young hotheads who see an excuse to play children's games and let down the rest of their comrades.

St. Joseph Hospital? Hurry, a child is dying.

At the "Petit Chef", on the road to Paris.

He's lying in the car park.

News flash:

Please pay attention to this photo of a criminal at large...

It's him.

Virgile Cabral, very dangerous, is being looked for...

Tell them to hurry.

He's leaving.

Don't go, you'll be killed.

The police have proof that Vincent Cabral leads a group of adolescents who are at the least irresponsible.

Cabral, a violinist, arrived at Le Havre this morning.

Anyone who has seen him and could provide information...

Virgile's gone.

Where's the attack?

Paris. I have to go.

But where?

You've no change?

Come on, perhaps we can get some inside.

I'll take you. But tell me where it is.

In Paris, near the Gare Tolbiac.

At Kelber's. The restaurant?

Virgile Cabral was here?

He ran, towards Paris.

Jerry? There's been some trouble. Virgile was spotted.

What, the TV? You saw it too?

He must have gone to Paris. Tell him I'll meet him at Kelber's.

Take the bomb.

It's in my bag.

Good luck.

I'll have to leave you.

An ambulance is coming, you'll be fine.

'Bye, idiot.

Please, sir.

I can't take you to Paris. I've another client waiting.

He'll get another cab. I can't.

I don't want to lose a good client.

I need to get my car out.

Are you going to Paris?

Why? The lady needs a lift.

Sorry, I can't take her.

Please, my aunt is dying.

Get out. Please.

Let's go.

What happened in the restaurant? I don't know.

A man was wounded.

They mentioned a man the police are after.

A certain Virgile Cabral.

I don't know.

They say students did that massacre.

If they'd done it in another country a few years ago they'd have been decorated.

Depending on the prevalent attitude, a massacre can be achievement.

How far is the "Petit Chef"?

About 20km.

There, try to have a spare wheel next time.

There are coppers about. That's right.

Apparently there's a roadblock near Paris.

Were you watching TV? No time, with all this traffic.

That'll be 40 francs.

You look different in glasses.

I suppose you don't have change.

Here you go. Have a good journey.

We're well protected.

It's because of the terrorists, isn't it?

They've no chance to get away with it.

The police will put up a roadblock and we'll lose time.

I'm in a hurry. Me too, because of my aunt.

There must be a side road. We'll leave the highway.

Is this an excuse to take me somewhere quiet?

What an idea.

I've hitch-hiked before.

I'll check the map.

Look, you're doing me a favour.

I'll do you one too, but I'm in a hurry.

Let's go. There's a road in 3km...

Hurry, please.

Your legs are a bit thin, but well formed.

You eat too many yoghurts.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm in a hurry too.

And I've an appreciation for matters of love.

You probably think I'm an old fool, but fornication in a car is so mediocre.

I prefer to take my time.

You complicate things. A liver is a liver, and a prick just a prick. Don't bring God into it.

I don't intend to bring God into my flies.

He'd find it uninhabitable.

I'm just a humble citizen, consumer of petrol, telephone and electricity.

I have my railway reduction card, my family allowance card, and even my driver's licence.

And I respect the property of others.

A good bourgeois.

You go fast, like a race car driver.

Are you in cars?

Insurance. Life, death, all the upheavals.

Nothing better than good insurance coverage.

It gives security, one must think of one's retirement.

Are you waiting to get old to enjoy life?

You're like the living dead.

I was raised in the respect of honesty, the virtue of economy.

Remember this: "Gains badly won profit none."

See this? It's a talisman.

From your grandmother, I'm sure.

No, it fell from the sky. It's yours.

Why? Because I like you.

And I enjoy giving when nothing's owed.

Part of being an old fool.

Get out, we have to search it.

If you're looking for Cabral, he's not here.

Alright, you can go.

I'd be surprised if you'd found anarchists in my cabbages.

We'll leave the highway up here on the left.

Hell, too late.

You seem afraid of being late.

My aunt is dying, I told you.

You seem pretty afraid yourself.

Well, I'm meeting a woman.

If I'm late I risk serious problems.

Think it'll be long?

I was running on time, but unluckily...

Unluckily is right.

Your papers. Get out.

Careful, the ammonia factory.

Always clean with Pollux Ammonia.

It does away with dirt.

Clean floor, clean butt, clean head, clean house...

For a glistening clean mankind.

I know why youths won't wash.

What are you referring to?

Don't worry, we'll make up for lost time.

The air's good.

What a night. All those police ruining the atmosphere.

Let's make up for it.

Not here. Let's get in the car.

We'll find a place in the woods where we can stop...

I'm not a coward, am I Virgile?

Let me make the attack.

I'll blow them all up, the bastards.

What attack? Tell me.


Leave him alone.

You can see he's dying.

You heard, there's an attack tonight.

More people will die.

His life's in my hands.

And the lives of his victims are in mine.

You've been kind, thanks.

'Goodbye, see you around.

To Kelber's, hurry.

Make it quick.

I'm coming.

"Cabral brothers wanted"

I'll drop you in front.

I want to surprise my friends.

I see, a little joke.

Let's drink to the success of our new agreement.

Through our humble beings... we are very small in the eyes of God... our newly merged companies will join to fight and conquer the European market.

How will we do it?

Through a stubborn fight towards our final goal.

And thanks to those in power who have helped us towards success.

The survival of the fittest is the law of nature.

Where's that damn restaurant?

Vincent Cabral was spotted tonight.

He's in a black suit, is tall, and wears a black hat stolen from a restaurant.

Anyone seeing him should inform the Police.

Be aware this man is a dangerous criminal.

Push. Go on.

The girl's alone. Go on, there's no one around.

I'd almost given up on you.

Are they here?


It's starting. Champagne, then clothes off. Let's go.

It's a risk, your photo's everywhere.

Not only mine, but my brother's as well.

The jewel thief? What's he got to do with this?

No idea, haven't seen him for years. Are you suspected?

No. I hitch-hiked here with some old fool.

A bourgeois who pays his taxes. Very serious.

He even gave me a necklace.

You can educate yourself this way.

Don't forget you belong to the most intelligent people on earth.

People will die any minute and we don't know where.

Maybe he'll talk.

I'd be surprised... he's dead.

Let's hope they've no time to watch TV.

Shall we risk it? I'll test the doorman.

We've reserved a booth.

Of course. Under what name?

I'll take you to the head waiter.

The cloakroom.

This way, please.

This is it.

I left my gun in my coat.

No, I haven't found anything.

Hold on, I'll check.

Extra: Cabral brothers hunted all over France.

May I sell my papers?


Cabral brothers hunted all over France.

They'll get those hooligans.

Here, table 12's beef rib. You'll die of indigestion.

The customer sent this back.

Let them go to hell.

When Marc and I checked the location, we made a test.

Pull this plug and the aquarium goes off.

Fighting fish. Remarkable, aren't they?

They look sweet.

Shall I bring the fois gras? With pickles.

Once it arrives, I'll fix up the bomb.

It's no time to eat mustard. It's no time to be afraid.

Damn, it's strong.

I'll bring your champagne right away.

I'll prepare the bomb. You keep watch.


Call for Commissioner Verdier.

Virgile Cabral is at Kelber's.

That's ten minutes from here. Hurry, it'll go up.

Reassure the customers. We're going to fix it.

He's up there now in the dark.

In the dark.

Damn, the bomb's stopped. I'll have to set it again.

Take that lamp to the big room. I'll do the other.

It's being fixed, please excuse us.

It's cosy.

Bring another lamp.

The police will be here in five minutes.

The clients... they'll be found naked...

There are no minors with them, like at Vésinet.

Think Cabral's here for them? So it seems.

Come downstairs. Yes, we're not safe.

Take a letter.

"In response to your letter, I have the pleasure of informing you that your order..."

It'll explode once the lights come back on. Let's go.

Virgile. It's me, Vincent.

Hurry, it'll explode.

Don't worry, they're just having fun next door.

A few crackers.

I guess you won, you idiots.

The bastards. They did it.

I'll alert the station. No trains can leave.

Go to the car. I'll alert dispatching.

You're afraid.

Get me the station manager. It's the police.

We drew the lucky number.

One's escaping. Who?

I couldn't see. Keep looking for the others.

And that one?

We'll get him when the train stops at Reims.

I think it was Virgile.

He's young and probably fit.

His brother must be with the girl.

Are you clairvoyant? Then shut up.

That train crosses the border.

If we don't get him at Reims it's over.

He must have revolutionary friends the world over.

Step on it.

We can't stay here.

We risk to be spotted in daylight.

We need to find a closed carriage.

I hope Virgile got away.

We didn't see his body.

True, we didn't.

If we had, what would that change?

We've all taken our risks.

You couldn't understand. I suppose I'm too old.

We're sick of living like cattle.

I know your theories.

We didn't ask you.

Think I'm happy being here with the police on my tail?

I'm not here for you, but for Virgile.

He's my brother.

He doesn't care about you.

You're not one of us, you never will be.

Where were you supposed to meet him?

At a friend's.

Does he have a phone?

When the train stops I'll call.

You don't give up.

Never. That's good.

It's all we have in common.

Thanks for the compliment.

I'll get him false papers so he can get far away.

Help me go with him. We'll continue our fight elsewhere.


Wherever men fight to free society from slavery to money.

You couldn't understand those who don't live to earn money.

Listening to you, I'm beginning to see.

But taking it to the point of obsession...

Do you never think of anything else?

Like love? No, never.

Look at where it took our elders...

You fall in love, get married, and start filling in all kinds of paperwork.

You're on file.

Then an apartment, furniture, bills...

Babies and baby-wear...

Suddenly you're pushing a pram in a park, looking self-satisfied.

That's not the type of woman you'll become.

It's a filthy comedy.

Children take the best years of your life, then stick you in a home.

You're left to die after working all your life.

That's where love leads. I don't want it.

You don't seem to either.

The idea of conjugal bliss never turned me on.

But from there to never getting it off...

I might think about it.

Only think?

If I like a man I do more than think.

And what sort of man do you like?

Not the ones who think only of financial security.

How about a jewel thief?

Do you really steal them?

That's different.

A second thing we have in common.

For that I think we could agree.

Only for that.

I see you've no ideology between your legs.

That's not its place.

Go ahead, I'm on the pill.

This bench is hard. Get on the bottom.

Are you in charge? Neither of us are.

But let's start off like that. Once I'm ready, we'll improvise.

A duet.

My country house is near here.

Do you garden?

Nothing grows. They built too many buildings around.

Try endives.

The train is arriving on platform 3.

Hide everybody and await my signal.

It's slowing down. We're at a station.

If it stops, I'll phone Virgile.

Careful, hurry back. Five minutes.

Hands up.

You got him.

Can we let the train go? It's blocking the line.

Go ahead.

Have that removed.

He's had enough attention.

Want a drink?

I'm not thirsty.

Well I am, after all this running.

And we'll get those two youths in the end.

All the borders are being watched, and the airports.

We'll comb the Quartier Latin. As usual.