Solo (2013) Script

Hello, Hi, darling, How are you?

Yeah, I don't know, No, he stopped bothering me, I guess he got tired of calling me,

No, now I'm going to have something to eat, and then I don't know, I'll probably watch TV, Same as usual, Yeah, Yeah, tomorrow will be another day, Yeah, Vicky, I already heard you, Stop it, seriously, Okay, I'm hanging up, Bye, All right, Okay, Yeah, yeah, tomorrow at nine, as we agreed, Everything's ready, Okay, I love you, too, Kisses, my friend, Bye, bye,

WIIthout doubtIIng, I have sIInned of dIIsappoIIntment wIIth your IIndecIIsIIon.

You've sown yourjury.

You've appeaIIed to thejudge of quIIck resoIIutIIons.

What a mIIracIIe! I'm the sIIbIIIIng of dysfunctIIon and IInjustIIce.

I've cIIosed my IIock and I'm goIIng to awake IIn another pIIace.

Once agaIIn, aIIone, unchaIIned. You're not comIIng back, even though I'm torn and dIIsIIIIIIusIIoned.



You're not comIIng back, even though I'm torn and dIIsIIIIIIusIIoned.



I've been stood up, dIIsregarded.

You aIIready IIgnored me yesterday and today I'm not gIIvIIng IIn.

I've IIooked for you and IImpIIored.

My pIIan was for the two of us. You've mIIssed your chance.

What a spIIcy mouthfuII! I thought I'd dIIe.

I accept the numbers you got on roIIIIIIng the dIIce.

Your turn IIs over, now IIt's my turn to pIIay.


Oh, hi, What's up?

Everything okay?

Yeah, Well, it left me feeling horny, too, But it's too bad you don't have a picture, No, I mean a picture of your face, You don't have any?

You're a liar, I don't believe you, And I don't believe all that's yours either,

No, Okay, stop it, seriously,

At my house, bored,

No, No, I'm not going out today, I have to get up early tomorrow, so I'm staying here, Yeah, I know you're nearby, but you don't have a picture, remember?

Yeah, I have enough space, But do you have the picture already?

Okay, then let's talk some other day,,, when you have a picture, Okay, I was nice talking to you, Bye-bye, Bye,

Hi, What happened? Did you get a picture?

No, No, when I say ''no'', I mean ''no,'' That's how I am,

Really? Are you that hot? Well, I must be missing out,

Okay, All right, I'll see you in a while, I don't know,,, in an hour, No, on the corner of Caseros and San Martin.

That's close for both of us,

Okay, I'll see you in a bit, then, Bye,

-Hi, -Hi, -Manuel, -Julio, Your name is Julio?

Yeah, what about you,,,? Sorry, -Manuel, -Manuel, yeah, I'm a little nervous, because,,, I don't usually meet up with people from chat rooms, No, neither do I, Neither do I, So?

What's up?

-I'm great, -I'm great, too,


Well, come in,

-Are you still cold? -No, I'm fine now, I'm fine, This is where you live?

-You live alone? -Yeah, why?

-Do you want something to drink? -Okay, yeah, -What do you have? -Everything, What do you want?

-Whisky? -I have whisky, -All right, -Okay, make yourself comfortable, I'll turn up the heater if you're still cold,

Hey, Manuel, is this place yours or do you rent?

I wish it were mine, No, I can't have a place like this yet,

Here, We can sit down, right?

So is your rent very high?

I'm looking for a place now, My contract expires in a few days, It's expensive, but I get it for my job, -What do you do? -I work at a design studio,

What do you design?

Furniture, What do you do?

I look at you,

What about you? Are you bi?

No, I'm gay, Why?

Oh, I don't know, You don't look like it, So are you alone?

Now I'm here with you, Of course I'm alone, Manuel, Otherwise I wouldn't be here,

-What about you? -What about me?

Are you with someone?

Oh, you know what? I thought you were gonna ask me if I'm bi, Am I that obvious?

No, I'm not with anyone, I've been alone for a while now, But let's change the subject, okay?

Are you sure?

Sure about what?

That you're not with someone, I don't know, When I asked you, you got nervous and looked down,

Look, Manu, I don't want any trouble, I'm a little sick of being lied to, It's always the same thing, I meet someone, we have this same conversation, they tell me a bunch of cool stuff, obviously we end up doing it, and then they always end up screwing me over, I don't get it,

I remember everything, you know, When we talked on the phone you said ''Only my boyfriend fucks me'', Yeah, and it's true, You want some?

If I'm in a relationship, it's fine, get it?

But now I'm alone, seriously, I broke up recently, It sucked, but I'm alone now, I'm single, seriously, But how long have we been here? What? Five minutes?

Just relax, seriously,

Fine, I'll relax,

Take it easy,


You're sure you're not with anyone?

Yeah, I'm sure,

What's the matter?

Nothing, I just got distracted,

With what? Tell me, I was thinking about Horacio,

I met him like three years ago,

Until then I had never been with a guy, We just met five minutes ago, but I feel like I can trust you, I feel the same way,,, I mean about trusting you,

Do you wanna go get some coffee?

I'd love to,

I had a lot of fantasies, but I'd never acted on them, And when I met him, I lost my head like an idiot,

I don't know, it was just me and him, And I believed everything he said, We had two great years, and with time, my family and friends came to understand,

We had a normal life, A gay life, but a pretty normal one,

And we were very happy,

But then I don't know,,, shit started coming up,

In less than six months I got to know all the gay dives,

I had phone sex, sex in public bathrooms, threesomes,,,

Chatroom sex, gangbangs, Everything, Do you know what really pissed me off?

That he never told me it was going to be like that,

The worst part is,,,

And don't judge me for what I'm about to tell you,,,

But,,, I started to get turned on by all that,

But the thing is,,, he wanted to keep doing it,,, Something new,,, another guy, Then another one,

I'll be right back,

I'm going to the bathroom,

What are you doing?

He's my boyfriend, Don't getjealous,

You should get going, We have to go to work tomorrow,

And don't keep calling all the time, One time is okay, but that's all, Are you guys gonna leave me all alone?

You know what? I'm gonna go now, Can you call me a cab?

It's late and I don't like to be there alone, Manuel, change the sheets, He's staying with us, It's late for him to be out there, Come, Come with me,

I'm telling you all my problems,

So what about you?

I don't know, What was your experience like?

You know what it was like?

I had a bunch of Horacios, A lot, you know,

But I didn't have any Manuel,

Hey, Manuel,,, What did you say about only having sex with your boyfriend?

Well, if you become my boyfriend, there's no problem,

Okay, I don't know, let's have a relationship,

What about you?

What do you like?

A little bit of everything, But I don't like being penetrated, But we're in a relationship now, remember?

No, wait, What's the matter?

Wait, no,,, I'm sorry, but,,, I can't, it's hard for me, I'm sorry,

But seriously, if,,, if you don't like it, I don't know,,, It's fine, really, I understand,

Wait,,, Wait, wait, I don't wanna cum right away,

It's late, Manuel,,, and I have to take two buses to get home, But don't you live around here?

No, I came to drop some resumes, I'm looking for a job, Oh,,, What kind of job?

I don't know, any kind, I'm a month behind on my rent and I need a job, What about at the studio?

Do you guys need someone to run errands or something?

It looks like they pay good salaries, I don't know, not right now, But give me your resume and I'll see what I can do, Okay,

-Now you know what I want? -What?

Now I wanna suck your cock,

And you're not taking any buses, okay?

Tonight you're staying here with me, You're my boyfriend, remember?

I'm not sharing you with anyone, okay?



Hey, are you okay?

Yeah, Yeah, I'm fine,

It's one o'clock already, It's really late, -Yeah, it is, isn't it? -Yeah, Hey, I wanna take a shower, Can I get some towels from there?


You're pretty direct, Well, I wanna take a shower, A quick shower, You come with me, okay? You're not staying here, Oh, listen, can you let me sleep on the right?

It's kind of a habit of mine, I have to sleep on the right, Or we can sleep in the middle, which is a bit more neutral, Yeah, But you know what?

I just remembered my friend Vicky is coming over early tomorrow, I'd rather sleep alone, You don't mind, do you?

No, No, what can I say?

It's fine,

Okay, you don't have to exaggerate, I'm leaving now, What?

I don't know, looking at the clock, yawning,,, That's all really typical, You could've told me you're getting back together with your boyfriend and he's coming back from a trip tomorrow, Or that your parents could walk in any minute, Or that you have an exam tomorrow, So you need me to leave, Those are all post-fucking stories, What a coincidence, When do they all come up?

After having my cock in their ass, Right? You can tell me I'm gorgeous, and all those other gay lies, No, but it's true that my friend's coming over tomorrow, Okay, I'm sure your friend Vicky a key, Yeah, she has a key, See? It was obvious that she had a key, And since you don't know when she might come, it's better if I'm not here, Right?

Yeah, but don't get mad, Julio, No, I'm not mad, No, it's fine, -Okay,,, -I don't know,,, We'll talk some other day, Okay?


When what?

You said we'll talk some other day and I asked you when, Because that's the third most common lie, First it's the clock,,, then that fake yawn, which not even you believe, Looking to a side so you feel less guilty that way, right?

And then,,, so I don't worry,,, so I don't worry at all, you say we'll talk some other day, You don't say we'll talk tomorrow or on Sunday,,, when you won't be doing anything but missing me and your friend Vicky won't be here to bother us, You say ''some other day'' so I ask when, I don't know, some other time,,, You know when?


I,,, I have to go open the door for you downstairs, No,

Come on, Julio, I have to open the door for you,

What are you doing?

I forgot my keys,,, my house keys, But don't worry, I'll just go get them and then leave, Okay, I'll wait for you here,

They must be on the couch,

Got 'em,

I'm sick of these shitty ads, Wait,,, Manuel, I'm not like this, I'm sorry, I just get mad easily, It's true about my friend, Plus, I'm going through a rough time,

Why did you get mad like that?

It's okay, never mind, I just thought something stupid, -Forget it, -What did you think?

That I like you so much, I was such an idiot, I actually thought we were gonna sleep together,

Look, I've got a million problems of my own, You're not the only one, I'm studying like an idiot,,, and I can't get a decentjob, I'm 27 and I still don't have a permanent place to live, The friends I have are all hypocrites, The few relatives I have are caught up in their own stuff, They don't care, I feel very alone right now, Alone,

So, anyway,,, I thought that if I stayed and we slept together I'd come looking for you,,, so you could fuck me,,, so you could be the first, But forget it, never mind, really, But we're not in a relationship anymore, are we?

Forget it, Manuel, It's okay, seriously, Plus, you friend Vicky will be here any minute now, It's okay, Wait,,, She's coming at nine, and she's very punctual, We still have a lot of time, Like until eight, or eight thirty, at the most, Should I stay?

We're paying $200 a day for this shithole?

Why do you need us to be here alone in the middle of nowhere?

To see what the hell we're gonna do with our relationship, I'm sick of all your little affairs and lovers,

And YOU are going to pay for it, -Ok, as you say, -There she comes, Hi, I was just about to leave, We said at 10, right?

Well, that's alright, You can park here and I'll show you the place and we can check you in, okay?

Come in, Well, this is the living room,,, kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom in the back,

And I'll leave you the password for the Internet connection, All right, but we don't plan on using the Internet this weekend, Right?

Okay, The town is 20 minutes away, Everything closes early except the restaurants, Is there any delivery service?

Seriously? You'd better go early, Well, enjoy your stay, and if you need anything just call me, You have my number, right?

Yeah,,, Thanks, Bye, cuties, Bye,

You know, your confession on the stairs made me really horny, -Yeah? -Yeah, Well, you know, if you had let me leave,,, you would've never seen me again, Really, I don't give second chances, -You don't? -Neither do I,

Come on, let's go to bed, -No, here, -No, the bed's more comfortable, -No, here on the couch, -Why?

I don't know, just because, Plus, when we were here on the couch,,, a while ago I was thinking,,, I was looking at you and thinking,,, ''I want him to be the one,''

-Really? -Really,

We're really shy, aren't we?

You know, when I saw you on the street I got really horny, I was this close to cancelling, -Really? -Yeah, And I was this close to kissing you passionately on the street, Really? Were you embarrassed?

No way, I wasn't embarrassed at all, But you know how it is, Manuel, There are really bad people round there, They say one thing and they mean another,

You never know who you're dealing with, You don't even know who you're bringing into your home, Well, I'm different, Really, and so are you, Look at me, I'm looking at you,

You can tell me anything, Really, I can stand anything, And let me add,,, Never, never lie to me, Same to you, -Deal? -Deal,

I love watching you,

Did you like it?

Yes, -And you? -Yeah,

Manuel,,, What?

Tell your friend not to come tomorrow, Come on, tell her not to come, Tell her not to come or to come later, No, tell her not to come, Come on, I wanna stay like this the whole weekend, Come on, Come on, tell her, -Tell her not to come, -We already agreed she'd come,

She has a problem with her family, She needs me,

I'm here!

Sorry for taking so long, Can you believe you can't pay with a debit card?

I had to go to the only ATM there was, I waited in line for like half an hour, It sucked, But the girl at the supermarket was really nice, She took care of all my stuff till I came back, I brought some movies, We brought the computer, right?

They're bootleg, but the guy told me they're not the kind where you see people getting up and laughing at the movie theatre,

What a surprise!

What's that guy doing here?

How did he get here?

We're in the middle of nowhere and you found a way to get him here?

Listen, we're gonna do things the way I like them, and this is how I like them, Well, I don't like them anymore,

When all that crap happened with my boyfriend, she was there,

Have you ever thought you were gonna die?

That there was no way you could bear so much pain?

I left with a little bag, with three underwear and two shirts,,, my wallet,,, and that was all, He screwed me over again, It's okay, -Get me out of here, -All right, -Please get me out of here, -Yes, don't worry, And he didn't call you to give you back your stuff?

-That was it? -I never saw him again, Well, he's gonna get sick of that kid soon, And then he'll do the same thing to him that he did to you, Assuming he hasn't found a guy with a bigger dick yet, They're still together, They can go to hell, Manuel, Forget it, Plus, I don't like threesomes, I hate them, really, That's what you say now,,, It was like that with him at the beginning too, Like it was just now, But then everything gets fucked up, That's not gonna happen to us, Really,

Come on, let's go to bed, Come on, let's go to bed, No, wait,,,

Nothing, I've just always wanted to do this,

It's really cheesy, Shut up, It's always gonna be like this, you know?

What happened?

-Nothing, -Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine, Come here, let's continue, No, wait, Maybe something happened, It's like four in the morning, -Are you sure everything's fine? -Everything's fine, Manuel, It's nothing, They must've gotten the wrong number, How do you know if you didn't answer?

If someone called me at four in the morning, the first thing I'd think is that it's serious, and I'd answer, Julio, no lies,,, -Remember? -Yeah, You can tell me anything, I've told you everything, It's okay, everything's fine, seriously, Everything's all right, Let's dance,

Hello, Yeah, No, not at all, Not at all, I'm sleeping, Stop ca-

Stop calling me!

Stop calling me,

What's the matter,

No, nothing,,, He's a guy I met in a chat room,,, and we met and,,, I didn't like him, I didn't like him and now he won't stop bothering me, He wants to go to my house, he texts me, he calls me at any time of the day or night,

He's even offered me money,

Now you see why I hate all that shit you told me?

That's also why I'm telling you it's gonna be different with us,

Whenever I meet someone I think it's gonna be the last time I'm gonna tell him the same thing, That I'm gonna answer the same stupid questions,

That I'm gonna have to go through that shitty moment of having to wait on the street for someone,

For that asshole who lies,

Who passes by you, looks at you and keeps walking,

Or that stands you up,

Or a gay guy like this one,,, who thinks you have to be interested in him because you're gay too,,, and won't stop bothering you,

I'm sorry, I ruined,,, I ruined the moment, Forget it, If he calls again, I'll answer and yell even louder,,, so he'll stop bothering you, I'm sorry, I woke everyone up, Don't worry about it, No one can hear us in here, We're alone, Come here, Let's go to bed, Let's get at least a little sleep, Okay,

Can't we just get the hell out of here?

Do you wanna just go,,, far away from all these bastards?

We could, Let's do it, So where should we go? To the beach or to the snow?

What about the falls?

Okay, let's go, I haven't been there before, But I don't know, Let's go somewhere further away, where no one knows us,

We could, Let's go tomorrow,

Okay, No one will miss me,

Do this: Call you friend Vicky and tell her I got us tickets to the middle of nowhere, I have $400 pesos in my wallet, Where can we get to with that?

Seriously, We could leave tomorrow,

Look, Julio, this house isn't mine, Vicky got it for me so I'd have a place to stay, Tomorrow morning I'll leave her the apartment and go to the falls, And then, I don't know,,, I'll go to Paraguay, cross the triple border, and keep going, I wanna get the hell out of here too, Far away from everything,

Well, Manuel, that's fine, but let's get real for a second, We just met and I have all my stuff here, But you just told me yourjob sucks and you have no permanent residence, That you're sick of people bothering you, I'm going tomorrow, I'm leaving the apartment at nine thirty and leaving,

Come on, Come with me, I don't have any money, man, Do you know how much a bus trip to there costs?

And where the hell would we stay? What would we eat?

You're really sweet,

Listen, I wanna take a shower before I go to sleep,

Can I?

We have enough money, I kept some money my boyfriend owed me,

He wasn't gonna give it to me, But since he screwed me over so bad he won't come asking for it,

How much money?

Manuel, I brought you everything, I don't know if it's the brand you use, but get used to it, because I'm not going down again,

Manuel, are you okay?

Now where am I going to go?

How do I go on, You'll stay here for a few days and I'll take care of that later, Okay?

Everything's going to be fine, Everything has a solution, Everything,

I'll get some towels from here,,, Is this where they are?

Yeah, but just wait,,, I'll take them to the bathroom for you later, Okay?

Okay, Hey, Manuel, listen,,, How much,,, money do you have?

Enough to take a plane and get the hell out of here tomorrow, We can stay at the falls for a few days, and then we'll see, Allright,,, But how much? How much?

Like ten thousand,,, dollars,

-Where do you have all that money? -In the bank, I took it from his account and put it in mine, Only I have access to it, so when we get there, we'll withdraw it all, -Okay, -Come here,

Who would of thought? With that innocent face of yours,,, You turned out to be pretty sly, Well, I'm nice until I get screwed over, That's how it is,

Just think that tomorrow we could be at the falls, in an amazing hotel, having an awesome time, Everything would be new, It would be a new life, -And a new boyfriend, -And a new boyfriend,

So? What do you say?

Yes, of course, -Yes? -Yes, -We're leaving? -Tomorrow, -Now! -Right away! In a little while, Go get your stuff, I'll talk to Vicky and we'll meet at midday, Okay?

-And we'll go, -We'll go, -Far away, -Far, far away, Okay, now I'll let you take a shower, Bye,

I'll leave your towel here,

Manuel, tell me a little bit more about the trip, I have a reservation at eleven, but we'll see about that in a while, What? I can't hear you!

Just wait, I'll be right there, Okay,

What's goIIng on, man?

Next tIIme you taIIk to me IIIIke that I'm gonna cut your tongue off.

DIId you hear me?

I spent aIIII nIIght freezIIng my ass off here at the cybercafe and you don't answer me?

What IIs IIt wIIth that gay guy you pIIcked up?

You want hIIm aIIII to yourseIIf?

Huh? I'm ready to go IIn.

Is everything okay?

Who was it?

Who are you?

Look, Manuel, I don't know who it was or what he told you, but you're jumping to conclusions, What the hell do you want? Who sent you?

What's wrong with you? I already told you, It's this idiot who keeps bothering me, Get out, You better go away, Manuel, where do you want me to go? We're leaving together in a while, No,,, I'm being serious, Go away right now, I can call security and they'll be here in a sec, You'll be in trouble, What security, Manuel?

Don't you remember that you told me that there were no neighbourgs?

We are alone, What do you want?

I want things like a minute before, No lies, Remember?

Yeah, I remember, What did he say?

Are you leaving or not?

No, I'm not going anywhere,

Julio, I heard everything, You've got a guy waiting downstairs, Manuel, no one's waiting downstairs, It's nothing, It's just a guy I met in a chatroom, I said I'd call him, But when I saw you, I changed all my plans, Get out, I'm serious!

I answered and the guy said he was waiting for you to let him in, What the fuck do you want? Who sent you?

Manuel, if I wanted to steal from you, I would've already done it, I don't have any money! I'm renting, I don't live here!

You have ten thousand dollars, Julio, I have it in the bank, In an overseas account, My friend has the card for safety reasons, It's really hard to withdraw it, Do you think I'm some kind of an idiot?

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Didn't you tell me when your friend Vicky came we'd go to the falls and you'd withdraw the money from a bank there?

Come on,,, Tell me what you want and get out because Vicky's gonna come and it's gonna be a big mess, Look, Manuel,,, I already told you, It's a guy I met in a chatroom, We got along, so one time he wanted to get kinky, and he met a guy, told him he had a hot friend, and he called me, He asked the guy for money, so I went, He likes this stupid, idiotic game,,, and I like to fuck him, And he likes to get paid, That's all, -Stop lying! -I'm not lying,

Stop lying,

Do you want me to call him?

I want you to leave,


Where are you, man?

I met a guy who wants me to go over.

I toIId hIIm about you and I sent hIIm a pIIcture of your cock.

Look, I met this guy and we just clicked, We fucked all night, I thought you'd left, But why dIIdn't you teIIII me, man? What an asshoIIe!

I spent aIIII nIIght freezIIng my ass off here at the cybercafe.

Look, I'm already in bed, I'm at home, Stop calling me, You're a fuckIIng asshoIIe! Go to heIIII, you moron!

Stop calling me,

Do you believe me?

-Hey,,, -Yeah, fine, I believe you, You'd better leave, Stop!

Look, Manuel, if I wanna screw with you, you're dead man,

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it, Since I've been here, you've told me almost everything about yourself, I know that there's no one here, that there's no security, That we're alone, That there are no neighbors, That you work at a furniture store, right?

What about me? Who knows I'm here?

No one, You know why?

Because you're so ashamed to be gay, that you can't tell anyone about a guy you met in a chatroom, If I were a bad guy, I could do anything I wanted to you and no one would find out,


You know why I wanted to stay when I was about to leave?

Because imagine if they guy was lurking around there, Imagine if he followed me, Right, you were taking care of me, right?

Of course, Manuel, Yes, I was taking care of you,

I screwed up, but it's over, I'm sorry, But didn't we have a good time?

You'd better leave, I wanna stay with you,

I don't care if the stuff about the money isn't true, I don't care, We can get the hell out of here tomorrow anyway, Didn't you tell me you were leaving early tomorrow?

I don't lie, I'm not saying you're lying, Manuel, I'm saying that maybe you told me another version of the story,

Look at me,,, Didn't we swear we could always tell each other everything?

Didn't we swear that to each other?


There's no turning back, There's no turning back,

I love you, you know that?

What are you laughing at?


Nothing, I was just looking, Listen, Manuel, I have almost $3,000 in the bank, I can take out $1,500 now and the rest tomorrow in Paraguay, -Okay? -Yeah, How were you planning on going?

We can go to the airport, I have no idea how much a trip to there costs, I looked it up last night, There's a flight at eleven and there were still several seats left, We can check again now, but I'm sure there'll be seats left, Okay, So how much money do you really have?

I have enough, Don't worry?

Are you sure? If you don't, it's fine, Seriously, I have my card with me, we can use that, and use the cash when we get to Paraguay, -Seriously, -Okay, Otherwise, I can get a job on the way, -You know what? -What?

You really turned me on when you got mad and said you were capable of doing anything to me, -Yeah? -Yeah, I'm going to do all kind of things to you, Okay,

So can we trust your friend Vicky? Does she know people there?

She's the only person I trust, What do you mean the only person?

What about me?

Well, don't get jealous, -But you're not counting me, too, -You too, you too, ''My friend Vicky this, my friend Vicky that,,,'' What about me?

-Don't laugh, -Stop it, So then Vicky's gonna come over,,, and you'll leave her the apartment, and that's it?

That's it, -And then we'll leave, -And then we'll leave, Okay, on our way to the airport we have to stop by an ATM, Do you know any nearby?

I was thinking it would be better if we went by bus, By bus?

But don't you think it's better to go by plane?

-No, no,,, -Is it more expensive?

There's not as much control,

-Where are you going, -I'll be right back, just wait, Come here! Stay with me,

What do you have there?

Vicky says she wants to meet you, She says hi, She'll be here in a little while, Hey, Manuel, don't you think it's better to go by plane?

It's 16 hours by bus, And I don't think there will be a problem with taking $10,000, Vicky said it's better by bus, We can go with our bags and no one will ask any questions, And it's not $10,000, It's $100,000, Are you kidding me? You have $100,000 here?

-What is it? Your severance pay? -Yeah, Then let's do this: We'll get to the falls, stay a few days and then go to Foz do Iguazu, From there we'll go to Ciudad del Este and we'll be able to do whatever we want there, No one's going to check our stuff or ask us any questions, It's all done, And I know going by bus sucks, Butjust think we're gonna be tired and we'll sleep through most of it,

We'll get there tomorrow and make a new start, And I know the right seat's yours,

What did you do, man?

We should divide it into two bags, right?

Don't worry about that, okay? We'll pick it up with some newspapers and Vicky will take care of it tomorrow, Well, in a little while, You know what? We could put the money in another bag and leave that one here with the rest of the stuff, We can buy a small bag tomorrow at the station,

Hey, Manuel, I'm going to buy some cigarettes,,, and some pastries for when Vicky gets here, You take care of that, and it'll be all set when I get back, Okay, great, Can you get me a sandwich?

Yeah, of course, -You have money, right? -Yeah, I do, Great, Okay, I'll be right back,

The keys aren't there, You're not coming back, Remember you told me we could tell each other everything?


-I got this flier on the street, -Yeah, And I wanted to know what the process was like, All right, Tell me your name, -Horacio Bianco, -Horacio,,, Tell me why you came to us, What do you need?

I'd like to bring some money into the country, -Can I? -Yes, No problem, How much money are we talking about?

A hundred thousand dollars,

You came to the right place,

Do you wanna go get some coffee?

I'd love to,

I'll be right back,

There's no turning back, What are you doing, man?

The other day this client came in with a lot of money, -Yeah? -Yeah, It looks like he wants to bring in some money, so I'm gonna get him in touch with Vicky, 10% is ours, Is it a lot of money?

A lot, And is the guy hot?

He's really hot,

What did I do? What are you doing?

You disappointed me, Don't you think that's bad enough?

Remember when you told me everyone tells their own version of things?

Do you remember or not?

-Huh? -What did I do to you?

I thought I could tell you everything,

How much is that 10% ?

Ten thousand dollars, Is it ten thousand for each or do we have to split it?

We have to split it, Is there a problem with that?

Everything closes early except the restaurants, Is there any delivery service?

Seriously? You'd better go early, -Listen, you,,, Horacio,,, -Yes, Here's all your money, okay?

Count it carefully and then let me know, but it's what we agreed, okay?

Well, enjoy your stay, and if you need anything just call me, No! Please, Manuel!

You were right about so many things,,, So many things!

There's no turning back means there's no,,, turning,,, back,

They're bootleg, but the guy told me they're not the kind where you see people getting up and laughing at the movie theatre,

What a surprise!

What's that guy doing here?

How did he get here?

We're in the middle of nowhere and you found a way to get him here?

Listen, we're gonna do things the way I like them, and this is how I like them, Well, I don't like them anymore, Come on, sweetie, Come over here, I spent three hours on a bus to come here and surprise you, The three of us are gonna have a great time, Why don't you trust me?

I told you to wait, that I'd let you know,

Don't worry, everything's fine, Now we'll get our share of the money, and that's it, Nothing's going to happen to you, What are you talking about? Get away from me, -Wait,,, -Stop, Maxi!

-Horacio, stop it! -Fuck you! Let me go!

-Wait, stop! -What are you doing?

-Fuck you! You fucking moron! -Stop!

-Stop it! -What are you doing? Stop!

Stop it, Horacio! Stop!


Horacio, are you okay?

Shut up, Manuel, Be quiet, You know what, Manuel?

We're going to have to take some time with this,,, -No, -You stay here,,, We'll split up,,, Split up? No! We're going together, No way! You're out of your mind!

Where the hell are you gonna go? We're going together!

You're out of your mind!

Where do you think you're going?

Come here!

When all that crap happened with my boyfriend, she was there,

What did you do, Manuel?

I'm sorry, I didn't know who to call,

He screwed me over, He screwed me over again, It's okay, -Get me out of here, -All right, -Please get me out of here, -Yes, don't worry, I'll take care of it, Don't worry, You'll stay here for a few days, I'm going to make you a road map so you can leave the country, Just for a few days, It's gonna be fine, Okay?

Don't talk to anyone, Don't send any e-mails, When we talk to each other we have to speak in code, Okay?

We'll talk about the important stuff in person, Are you listening to me?

Okay, and remember, from now on, I'm your friend Vicky, -What are we gonna tell mom and dad? -Nothing, Nothing at all, Manuel,

You know how it is, There are really bad people round there, They say one thing and they mean another, Well, I'm nice until I get screwed over, Well, he's gonna get sick of that kid soon, And then he'll do the same thing to him that he did to you, They're still together,

You never know who you're dealing with, You don't even know who you're bringing into your home, It was like that with him at the beginning too, Like it was just now, But then everything gets fucked up, That's not gonna happen to us, Really,

Let me go!

You know what else you told me?

''You never know who you're bringing into your home,''

Let me go!

-And I would add,,, -No, please!

-You never know,,, -Please,,, whose house you're getting into, ALONE ALONE

Translation and subtitling : DIVERSA FILMS www,diversafilms,com,ar