Some Guy Who Kills People (2011) Script

You like making us look stupid, don't you?

You didn't think we'd see this, huh, Boyd?

You like to make people laugh, Boyd?

See? Now that's funny.

Wake up, Neo...

Late again.

I know. I...

Is he pissed? He's not thrilled.

Here you go, sheriff. The usual. Thanks, Al.

That looks good. I will take a scoop of chocolate with some sprinkles, please.

Now, easy there, Hopalong. We're still on duty. Just get him a sorbet.

Right away. Keep on keeping our town safe now.

Well, hello there, tardy two-shoes.

When everyone told me not to hire the guy fresh out of the loony bin, I ignored them.

I appreciate that, sir.

Don't make me look like an idiot, Boyd. Yes, sir, I am sorry.

You know if you would just set an alarm, you wouldn't have to eat that asshole's shit.

Not as good as when you make 'em, Kenny. Thanks, sheriff.

What do you say, Irv? Just living the dream, sheriff, living the dream.

Oh, by the way, I am heading by your mom's place later on for some exotic oils.

I might just start smelling like eucalyptus.

Boyd. Grab your party outfit and get out of here. I got you working a birthday.

Somebody's big day, huh?

Yeah, Marty Prichard's turning 34. Huge news. Whole world's celebrating.

Marty Prichard? Yeah.

Is that okay with you? Yeah.

Let's get a move on then.

Can I have some ice cream, please? Yes, you may.

Enjoy your delicious scoop. Thank you.

I don't think he got the message. What do you guys think?


Hi. Hi.

What do you recommend?

The "Chocolate Bananaza" is really good.


Like Bonanza but Banana... Za.

Yeah, that's ridiculous.

Well, this particular flavor is gluten-free.

But may contain a trace amount of nuts.

If you're allergic to nuts, I'd recommend staying away from it.

Not allergic to nuts, no. Then it might be right up your alley.

Unless you'd like to try "Rum Raisin the Roof".

I'll just give you a scoop of both. Okay.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Ken. Okay. Stephanie.

Thank you. Stephanie.

Kenny Boyd! How're you doing, buddy?

It's good to see you moving up in the world.

Look at yourself.

Kenny Boyd. Hey sweetie.

Did you see Kenny Boyd? Hi, Kenny.

This is great, baby.

This is a great party. Thank you. Come on.

Kenny Boyd.

Get away from me!

Do you have any aspirin? I have a splitting headache.

I always carry aspirin, so you don't need to "ax"(ask).

Well, this was no accident.

Well, this guy's going to heaven, and he's got an all-"ax"cess pass.

It's the "ax".

What are you doing?

I thought we were doing puns.

No, why would we be doing puns? I felt like you were doing puns with...

This guy's got a hatchet in his head.

Then he was dumped in his backyard after his birthday party?

No, our guy knew his victim.

Knew him and hated him.

Why would someone douse a body in gasoline and not burn it?

So we'd find it.

The coroner found these two cards stuffed in his mouth.

What do you think, chief?

I got nothing.

This looks like something my ex-wife would have done.

Good pun.

How was your day?

Just fine. Fine.

34 years, and all I ever get is "fine".

Not now, ma.

Ah, yes. The other thing you say when someone pulls your string.

"Fine"... "Not now"...

"Fine"... "Not now"...

Marty... had his vices.

But he wasn't a gambler.

At least not that I know of. Never owed anyone money?

I don't think so. Well, that must be nice.

Well, it's... not something I like to talk about, but, Marty did spend a lot of time with other women.

When he went missing the night of his birthday party, I assumed he was off with some new hussy.


This guy. Really?

Can I be honest, sheriff? Of course you can.

I didn't kill Marty.

But I am not upset that he's dead.

Does that make me a bad person?

No, no. Of course not.

Hey, Boyd! Hey, Boyd! You moving into your new house?

Say, shouldn't you be in a padded room somewhere? In your own shit?

You like making us look stupid, don't you?


Seems a lot like you do.

I'll tell you what.

I'm going to make you look stupid. How about that?

Hold that bitch. Hold him.

Ooh, he's shaking. He's scared, man.

Keep him still, bro. You like that, motherfucker?


Boyd! You're on street duty.

And for the last time, cover those up, will ya? They're disgusting.


He's right. They're not pretty.

Heads up, minty.

Aww, thanks. No problem. You all right?

Um, I, you know, my back, just...

Thank you so much. It's cool.

See you later. See ya.

You didn't have a problem with me playing basketball before Ronald came along.

Well, honey, that's because Ronald has opened my eyes, to many of the mistakes and imperfections of the life you and I are leading.

He and I now believe that the time you spent on sporting events can now be spent with us, at bible study.

Shall we? Jesus frowns on tardiness.

Guess he's okay with bad sweaters.

Lord, please send someone to aid this precious child and steer her down a righteous path. Amen.


I do not like the tone in her voice lately. I will talk to her, honey.

I hope whoever he sends bring pizza, cuz I am starving.

That's right. Don't let anybody see anything.

Keep it all to yourself.

I was gonna get that.

And come out of your little cocoon?

What kind of a mother would I be if I let you do a thing like that?

The doctor said 7 out of 10 people try suicide again.

You want to off yourself?

Then you have to earn it.


See you later.

I just thought Tammy's dress was very inappropriate. Well, it's a church.

I thought you told me the music box was from you.

Amy, honey, you scared us. My music box.

There is an engraving on the bottom.

"LOVE DAD". I guess you didn't know that.

Why don't I, uh, make us some chamomile, okay?

When I met him, he'd been in a hospital, for depression or something.

He was just a mistake in my life that I decided to put behind me.

But you didn't consider what I might want.

It was for the best. He's a troubled person.

11 years, mom.

I've spent 11 years thinking my dad just disappeared.

I understand you're upset. You think?

Do you know where he is?

How's the Lord feel about lying, mom? Where's your stand on that?

I think he lives in Green Oaks.

What's his name?

Amy, please. What's my dad's name?

Hey, motherfucker. You owe me a hundy.

Cuz you said I couldn't drive out here meth-ed out of my motherfucking mind.

Well, guess what, faggot? I just did.

Hey. Shut up. Shut up. I gotta bounce.

Just have my money ready.


Hey! I hope your ass is a whole lot better than this shit what I've been smoking, man.

What the fuck, bro?

What the fuck?

I didn't come here to watch no movie.

What do you got for me, Ernie? Another body, sir.

Wade Hutchinson. Got me a box?

What? I mean, no, I just got the... Attaboy.

Any witnesses? No, sir.

The manager just showed up. He said the projection booth was broken into but nothing's missing.

There's nothing missing off of Wade either, and he had over 200 bucks on him.

This one has no head, Ernie. I know, sir.

Most bodies have heads. Absolutely.

Where's this one's head?

Not sure yet, sir. Oh, we should find this head.

Good idea, sir.

You don't just cut off a man's head unless you're one angry fella.

Found the head, sir. Bring it on over.

See? Now that's funny.

You got what you deserved.

Deputy Dobkins?

Sheriff, reporter from the Gazette's on line 1.

Hey, there.

Still no press, sir? You heard the mayor. No press, no panic.

We're gonna find the bastard, Ernie. We're gonna find him.

We're gonna tear his skin off.

Make him wear his own skin.

Found a second body the other day.

Really? Yeah, indeedy.

Did you know Wade Hutchinson?

You went to school together, didn't you?

He says, "Yes."

Well, somebody did ol' Wade in good.


Big ol' messy mess.

But you gotta do me a favor, you gotta keep this on the DL because anything this grisly gets let out, we're gonna have a shitstorm on our hands.

Sure thing, sheriff.

I'm done.

Good kid. Not gonna win any Christmas contest, but good kid.

Well, he got him with one bold stroke.

Clean off. Machete?

I don't know, maybe a samurai sword?

That'll be cool.

It's like his eyes follow you.

I think, uh... you may also be interested in this.

Why does he have a "tepee" carved into his chest?


I'm thinking it's a "V".

Why do you let Fooger push you around? I like this job.I don't wanna cause any problems.

Don't you see that is the fucking problem right there?

I used to look forward to taking out the trash.

Yeah, right. In the loony bin.

We used to have to... We used to have to take the trash out... to the loading dock, and there was this mural... of a jungle... that was drawn by some patients a long time ago.

It's hidden behind the dumpster.

Hardly anybody knew it was there.

But if you moved the dumpster just a little bit.

And because the sun never touched it, it was still this... beautiful burst of color.

So a finger painting done by a bunch of schizophrenics. Is that what got you going?

That hospital turned you into a zombie, Ken.

You had no business even being there.

Especially with all the people running around this world with the freedom they don't deserve.

C'mon, man, it's a fucking joke.

All right, let's get the fuck outta here. You checked the till?

Checked the till. Yeah. I... yup... I...

I scrubbed the sink. I washed the scoopers.

Forgot to lock the door.

Hey, there. Hey.

Sorry, we're closed. He just forgot to lock the door.

Want me to get anything for you?

Okay, well then, we're closed.

I just want to say thanks for the music box.

My mom told me you gave it to me.

But she didn't want me to know, because she didn't want me to know about you.



So... I guess I'm just saying thanks.

You're welcome.


I guess... Have a good night.

Yeah, you too. Thanks.

You're a really good ice cream cone.

You have a fucking daughter.


How old is she? 11.

And who's the mama?

Janet Wheeler.

That girl you used to... used to date for like a week?

You got her pregnant?

I found out after she dumped me.

When I heard, I tracked her down to Clifton.

I took all the money I had and bought an engagement ring. It was the right thing to do.

So I proposed to her.

She didn't want anything to do with me. She said it was better if... Pretend I just didn't exist.

Couldn't really argue.

So that's when you...

Hi, dad.

Oh, right. I knew there was something.

Your daughter is here. Yes. I noticed.

She showed up about an hour ago, so I already went through the whole... being surprised thing. You just let her walk in here?

I made her tackle a series of obstacles but she passed.

Were you ever gonna tell me about this?

I don't want to get into this, ma. Seems a little late for that.

Now, go in there and say, "Hello", like a normal human being.

I don't know anything about her.

She's 11, talkative, unlike yourself, and she tears your batch of banana bread like a little gremlin.

She can't stay here.

She's staying, but you could leave.

Turn around. Turn around.

Go! Go! Can you say, "Hello?" "Hello." I don't...

Just say, "Hello." "Hello." Can you say, "Hello?"

Hello, she's your daughter.

That's my boy.

So she just showed up at your house? Yeah.

That's great, Ken.

It's not great. I don't know... I've no idea what to do.

Get your fucking life back on track.

All right. You're 34 and you work in an ice cream parlor.

You work in an ice cream parlor.

Yeah, but I'm a fucking loser, Ken. All right.

But you? You once had spirit, ambition.

You're not a loser. Man, I wish you weren't so fucking wrong.

You know, when you were gone. I tried to do a couple of different things.

I was a newspaper delivery guy, a garbageman.

I even removed snow.

Shit, I even tried to be a cop.

But the sheriff, he pretty much laughed in my face.

You wanted be a cop? Look, whatever.

That's not the point.

The point is, that girl, she's your daughter.

You have a right to be with her.

Yeah, but it's just not a good time right now.

C'mon, man, you said it yourself. That chick, Janet, she wants you to fail.

So, why not instead of hanging around here, you go home and you make an effort.

If not for yourself, do it for me.




Where'd my dad go?

I try not to make a habit of caring.

Gotta be kinda weird for him, you know.

I mean, one second he's doing his own thing, and I show up.

Know what I'm saying, grandma?

Call me Ruth.

Grandma makes me sound old.

Ruth makes you sound old.

I like you.

Let's talk.

Good night.

You like that, motherfucker?




Where'd you go last night?

I had... things to do.

Like, what kind of things?

Had to meet a friend.

That's cool.

Hey, just so you know. My mom knows I'm here.

I told her that after 11 years of lying, she owed me at least a week with you.

Don't you have school? It's Sunday.

Oh, right.

That's right.


If you're 11, that means you're in the 6th grade.

7th. I skipped ahead.

Really? I have a good brain.

Can you believe the way we just ran into each other?

I mean that's gotta be a sign or something, right?

Like, we were supposed to meet and spend time together.

Yeah, yeah. Maybe.

Did you want some coffee or something?

No, thanks. I tried it once and I didn't sleep for like a week.

We've got a lot of catching up to do. I want to know everything about you.

So what does my dad like to do? Do you like to fix stuff?

No, not particularly.

Do you like bowling? Are you a good bowler?

I'm pretty sure I'm not.

Did you know I'm on the basketball team? Really?

Yeah, point guard.

That's cool. You must be... pretty good. Yeah.

Actually I'm probably the best one on the team.

I gotta run. Practice. Bye, dad.

Not having a structured daily schedule, it really takes some getting used to.

You'll figure it out.

Really appreciate you getting me this job.

I wish I could do more, Ken.

I really do.

What a practice. I mean, I've been hot before but tonight was crazy.

I was totally on fire from three-point land.

I was like... Pop! Pop! Pop!

Honestly, I felt kinda bad for the other girls.

Did you want some ice cream? No, I'm cool. I just... thought I'd swing by and keep you company, you know, and get to know each other a little.

Hey, Boyd, It's not cocktail hour, Boyd.

Oh, of course not, sir.

Table four has got some new gum on its underside.

Go introduce yourself.

Hey, mister. Yes?

You're rich, right? Well, I... do quite well. I'm sure.

What kind of car do you drive? It's a champagne Camry.

Wow! That's a sweet car, mister.

How fast does it go? Actually I've had it up to about 91.

Awesome! I'm totally gonna tell my parents to get me a Camry when I grow up.

Thanks, mister.

Nice kid.

Shittin' yourself now, huh?

Hello? Where the hell are you?

I'm doing something. Get your ass home.

How old is my dad in this picture? I'm a little busy right now, ma.

She won't stop talking.

Is this my dad with the beard? Oh, God, oh.

Home... Now!

Can I have 10 minutes?

Sure would made things easier if he'd put a return address on here.


That... is... weird.

What the hell's happening in my town, sheriff?

Doing everything we can, sir.

Well, it's clearly not enough. Sir, with all due respect, you don't want to bring in outside help. That's fine.

But that just leaves me and Ernie here to solve the problem.

And hell! Those other two guys can barely read.

Now, you can't tie our legs behind our backs, and ask us to sprint.

So, please either call in reinforcements, take my badge, or shut the fuck up.

It's quite a tableau, huh, Ernie?

Tableau, sir?

Allow yourself to look at this thing in the greater context, as part of the whole.

The killer's use of... abstract expressionism.

In the obvious homage to the great works of Marcel Duchamp.

It's like the bodies before it, is displayed with a sense of minimalistic purity constraint.

Like the dumpster, the wicker chair.

Now, you see the bathtub, it's...


I bring justice.


Punishment for what, you think?

I have no idea.

Why do you smell like eucalyptus?

How's the spaghetti, hun? Great, thanks.


Do you cook, dad? I made lasagna once.

Yeah? It was pretty good.


Don't make me lie twice, Ken.

So how do you like Green Oaks so far?

It's cool. Not much happens really.

Well, we have an owl festival in a couple of weeks.

There have been some murders. Yeah?

Walt, we do not need to talk about this.

Oh, c'mon, she's a big girl. What are you, 19?

11. That's close enough.

Do you have any idea who's doing it? Well let's put it this way, hun, if we dumped all of our leads into a bucket, and then dunked your head in, you wouldn't drown.

But don't tell the mayor that.

Dad? Oh, hey.

Whatcha doing?

Errands. Errands?

Well, it's just... In Clifton?


You came to give me a ride home, didn't you?

I'll take that as a yes.

What's with all this?

Oh, these are... When it rains, the floor wells get damp, so I use these to block them.

Your car smells. Sorry.

That's okay.

It's a good thing you're driving, cuz I've gotten like 8 DUIs.

I'm kidding.

Let's go.

What's this? It's an ice cream sundae.

Boring. You don't want it?

Well, the whole plan is to mix as many flavors as possible.

Cranberries, yogurt chips, coconut thingies, caramel.

You gotta spice it up.

Hey, do you have any gummy worms back here? That's disgusting.

You should be ashamed of yourself. I am.

Check out what I got at the gas station.

I know some people who could use one of these. Yeah, me too.

I would've gotten more, but that was the last one.

Don't look now. But there is a woman over there, who's totally checking you out.

Way not to look. Go help her.

Nah, Betsy can help her.

Hey, Betsy. Can I borrow you for a sec?

What're you doing? My dad will help that customer.

I have a birds and bees question. Okay.

Ken, would you be a dear?

Hi. Ken, right?

Yeah. Stephanie.

Hi, Stephanie. ls that your daughter?

Ah... Yeah... No... I... Yeah... Yeah.

So we're still waiting on the paternity test then.

Oh, no, no, no. She... she's... she's my daughter.

She's... Yeah. She clearly adores you.

You think? Yes, I do.

I'll tell you what.

I will trade you my number for another scoop of that surprisingly good banana-zz thing.


Throw in 2 dollars and 90 cents, and you got yourself a deal.

No, seriously. If the till is low, my boss will tear me apart.

You like this stuff, huh? Sure.

Why would I... order it.

Fine then. Bye. Bye.

So, where ya gonna take her?

What? Nowhere. I'm not gonna call her.

Yeah, great idea. Women would love that.

I'm in no shape to be going on a date.

Well then, you'll just have to get in shape.

I've got homework. You think about where you gonna take her, and then we'll discuss.

By the way...

Betsy knows a lot about sex.

Sit down.

What? Am I interrupting something?

We're going to have a date.

A date? You need to practice.

Okay, I don't know a whole lot about you.

But I know you're not much of a talker. That's okay in this situation.

Let her talk. Women love to talk.

You listen.

Listen. Mm-hm.

I could do that.

You should probably ask a question.

Ask a question? So I should talk?

A little. Just a little would help.


No? Nothing? Give me a minute.

Okay, I'll go.

How'd you get this? I don't wanna talk about that.

Polar bear attack, right? No.

Sword fight? No.

Steel cage match? Not quite.

Well, whatever. Your scar's cooler than Harry Potter's. The lightning bolt.


I guess my ultimate goal in basketball is to get a nickname.

A nickname, huh? Uh-huh.

The Iceman, the Admiral, the Mailman.

If you get a nickname, it's like people care enough to come up with something.

Plus, Amy's kind of... blah.

I see myself more as a... Georgina.

I like Amy.

I had fun today.

You did? Mm-hm.

We should do it again sometime.

Wanna tuck me in?

C'mon, it's easy.

Pollers report show that only 5 to 10 people die from tucking their daughters in each year.

Who's the 11 year old girl here?

Good... sleep... you.

You want this open or closed? Open.

This much? Yeah, that's good. Thanks.

Don't you fuck this up.

We're gonna get freaky on her Murphy bed.

I will have the vegetable plate, thank you.

I'll have the curry goat, and a side order of ribs.

What was it? Oh, yes.

I've been here about 8 months, maybe.

I just... I needed a change of scenery from Cincinnati, so...

Cincinnati? Well, London, before that.

I followed a guy back to the States, like a little puppy. And then the two of us married.

Despite knowing absolutely nothing about one another, which I don't recommend.

So... How is Green Oaks treating you?

Yeah, it's... So far so good.

I am working at a travel agency, which is... pretty blah. The other lady there smells like charcoal.

But, you know I'm just using it to get some cheap trips, and I'm hoping to fly back to England, and visit my parents. Eat some humble pie.

Do you like to travel?

I don't know. You don't know.

I've never really traveled.

Ever? Anywhere?

How is that possible?

Well, I've been away. Away?

What? Like prison?

Sorta. Cotton Valley State Hospital.

Is that the... this... like...

A place for crazy people, yeah.

I'll close my eyes, and give you a chance to leave.

I won't be offended.

My ex was a Harvard-educated pediatrician.

He turned out to be an alcoholic cocksucker who videotaped me while sleeping, and cheated on me throughout our sham of a marriage. I try not to clench up.

It always blows my mind that people can draw with such detail.

If I drew a stick figure, with an arrow pointing to it saying "stick figure", you'd still be like, what did she draw?

This is kind of amazing.

Yup, it's nice.

What do we have here then?

A frustrated artist, or a harsh critic?

No, I leave the art to the artist.



I can't believe they made me buy it.


I had a very good time. Thank you. Me too.

I had fun. Good.

Good night then. I bought this painting for you.

Oh, lovely. Thank you.

I don't know where I'm going to... Can you get the door?

Okay, take care.

Bye now. Bye.

Whatcha doing out here, Kenny? Hey, sheriff.

Just a little private time to draw.

Wrap my mind around things.

Yeah, I hear ya.

There's a lot going on these days, huh?

So, drawing helps you, right?

You know, for me, it's chess.

I don't actually play the game but just thinking about it for some reason relaxes the shit out of me

Let me have a look see at that.

C'mon, Kenny, I hear you got real talent.

Who said that? Well, your good buddy, Irv.

I heard him pushing you to do the owl fest. That guy, you know, trying to get you to do the brochures, or the flyers and stuff.

He did? Oh, yeah, yeah. Irv, yeah.

He was pushin ol' Glen really hard, but apparently Glen's already got a guy.

I'd never seen Irv so worked up, especially over something that doesn't really concern him. You want a piece of gum?

Yeah. Here you go.


C'mon, let me have a look at that.

Wait. Look at that.

That's a thing of beauty, Kenny. Really?

I tell ya that you...

You think?

You got an eye on you, kid.

Well... I'll leave you to it.

You have a good one.

I'm not seeing it, Ernie. All I'm seeing are tire tracks and mud.

Now, you say I'm supposed to be seeing a hidden image of Jesus here?

No. No, sir. Just the tracks.

These are the tracks that we picked up at the drive-in movie.

They are made by Yokohama Avid T4s.

But it's a really common tire.

How common? Gary from the Tire Center... said that he sold that model to hundreds of customers just in this year alone.

You should go get a list from Gary, and then... cross-reference it with Green Oaks High grads.

Green Oaks High? All the victims were from Green Oaks High, and right now that's the only connection they have.

There you go, Mildred, an extra scoop of praline on me.

Oh, thank you.

You have a nice day, now.

Hey, Irv. Could you do me a huge favor? Yeah, what's up?

I want to catch the end of Amy's practice. Will you cover for me?

Yeah, man. Of course. Thanks a lot.

Give me one more and I will pass out.

Wonderful, wonderful.

Keep it moving. Let's hustle.

Nice, nice.

Okay, that's a good sound. I heard the swish of the best. Nicely done.

Well done. All right, come up. Okay, all right.

You know what? I'm gonna step out. You guys keep playing around.

Do you wanna be Wheeler?

Do you wanna be Wheeler? No, you don't wanna be Wheeler.

Keep playing. Keep playing like you know how to play basketball.

No, I'm just trying to figure out.

Why you're even on the team, Wheeler, when you know you're not gonna get any playing time?

Yeah, wearing the uniform doesn't make you a player. All right?

And wearing a purity ring doesn't make you a virgin.

What did you just say?


Go get it.


Next time, why don't you pick on someone your own si...

Wow. Nice, buddy.

Sorry, I don't mean to be laughing about your accident.

I... You know...

It's fine. I just...

The next time I see that other car, It's gonna be a little awkward.

I refuse to drive. It's something about the steering wheel that I can't get out of my mind. Like a little tug here or there, and you've killed someone, which is just... is too much power for me.

I guess I'll take power wherever I can get it.

You're a dad. You have all the power in the world.

That's like the world's worst greeting card ever.

Hey, Toots! Why don't you stop by the surplus store sometime.

Clearly you're into damaged goods.

He's a little wanker, isn't he?

You know what we should do? What?

I think we should buy Amy something.

Buy her something? Like what? I don't know. Use your imagination.

Up for some action?

You know what? I'm pretty exhausted. Practice was crazy.

I know. You know what?

I know you suck. I mean, I stopped by at practice to pick you up.

I saw.

Coach needed 8 for a team, and only 8 showed up for tryouts.

It doesn't matter.

Let's see your form.

C'mon, let's go.

I could teach you that shot if you want.

All right, balance.

Legs shoulder-width apart.

And your knees.

Okay, you hold the ball with this hand.

And shoot with this hand, okay? Okay.

That's good.

Watch me.

Were you on your high school team?

Not exactly. Not exactly?

You going to be all secretive, huh?

I didn't make the team. Hey, an answer! See, now it wasn't so hard?


I think that was actually closer.

It's like some horrible parlor game I don't understand.

Well, 6 more and we could field a baseball team.

Not the time, sorry.

Where're those yearbooks?

You going out? Yeah, in a few minutes.

Where are you going? Just have to take care of a few things.

So, we have a pretty big game on Thursday and I'd like you to come. Will you come?

Sure, I'll come.

And bring Stephanie. Yeah?

You like her, don't you?

Nah. You player.

Okay, I'll call her.

Sweet. I'll be the one on the bench.

All right.

Good night. Night.

They're all on the same fucking team!

What? Yes! Look at that!

Look at that! The Bee, the Black Cat, the Map of the U.S.! He's picking off the whole team.

There's only one of them who still lives here.


No, we're closed.

We're open at nine. Nine.

Shit. Fucker!

Who the fuck's out there?

I just cleaned this fucker. You do not wanna do this.

I was in the Green Berets, asshole. And the Navy SEALs.

And, I was a Gettysburg...

Fuck! Fuck me!

I think I still have bullets.


He didn't dump it. Why?

No, he still has skid marks outside.

He left in a damn hurry. Somebody interrupted him.

He got spooked.

Think he's all gone?


Found another body last night.

Yeah? Mm-hm.

What happened to your hand?

I was opening a box of sprinkles, and the box cutter got away from me.

That's a hazardous job you got there. You should be more careful.

Yeah. Mm-hm.

And when your hand scars, your wrist will have a new friend.

The tire tracks, outside of Miller's store, match the tire tracks in the mud of the drive-in theater.

And, according to Gary, from the Tire Center, Ken purchased a set a few months back.

Yeah, same kinda tire, but not enough to get us to Boyd.

But he did go to Green Oaks High.

Yeah, but what's his connection to the basketball team?

Well, can't we at least bring him in for questioning?

No, no, no, not yet. Boyd may be fucking weird, but I can't arrest him for - fucking weird.

Besides, if I bring Ruth's son in, I'm wrong, she's likely to stop giving it up, and I've sorta taken a shine to her.

Oh, hey!

What's up?

Hey, going to work.

We're going for smokes. You in, hun?

No, thanks. Too many fractions to multiply.

Okay, be back soon.



What'd you do?

What? She left.

I went out, came back.

She was gone.

I thought I told you not to fuck this up.


Didn't work out.

Well, I hate to say, "I told you so." Then, don't.

Now, you know why I kept you away.

He's a loser, Amy.


It's been going on for 3 days.

C'mon, get inside. You're damn near on time.

I know what it is. I'm not your speed limit.

You working tonight? I asked for Betsy's shift.

I thought you had Amy's game. No, I'm not going.


She left. She left?


Why? I don't know.

Didn't you call her? No.

Come on, Ken, why not?

Cuz I didn't.

I mean who the fuck was I kidding, I'm not a father.

We had it right when she thought I didn't exist. I told you. She shouldn't be around me.

Whatever, man.

No extra scoop? Not today.

Hi, it's me... Stephanie.

I'm just... I'm calling to see if you're okay, cuz I think we... had plans to go to Amy's game tonight.

You know, so... Give us a call.

You're a Jackal. Be strong. Come on. Walk it off.

Wheeler, you're in.

Ha ha, very funny, coach.

Well, we're up 28 points. With 6 seconds left, I'm actually curious to see if you can eff this up.


What are you doing here?

What? It's nice to see you too.

What do you want?

Wow. Um...

I was just... I came... by to see why you stood me up.

I had to work.

You couldn't have called or...

It's not gonna work out, all right?

I don't understand, cuz... we were having a really nice time together.

4 homicides have been commited in the small community of Green Oaks.

Kenneth Boyd, 34, a local resident, was taken into custody late last night, for his involvement in the grisly slayings of 4 other Green Oaks residents.

All were killed in what police are calling premeditated executions, utilizing a hatchet, machete, and butcher knife.

Boyd was recently released from Cotton Valley State Hospital, after a stint for clinical depression and suicidal tendencies.

The victims have been identified as Marty Prichard, Wade Hutchinson, Lyle Bagwell, and Brett Miller.

All local businessmen. For more on this story as it develops...


You know, I got to admit, Kenny. I was...

I was hoping it wasn't you. Turn that thing on, will you, please?

It's the red button on the player.

I'm sorry I went into your room, but...

I tell ya, these... these drawings. Excuse me, these drawings, they are just beautiful. All of them.

Look at that.

I mean, in a fucked up kinda way.

Also, you left this... in a couple of the crime scenes.

That's the thing about tires. They leave tracks.

So, you know, it took us a while, to figure out what your connection to all this was, Kenny.

I mean, who would hate the basketball team that much that he'd kill 'em a whole buncha years later.

You know, I was at the mayor's office today and...

Want some gum?

We were discussing the upcoming festival, you know.

It hit me.

Who would have motive?





The Owl. Whooooo.

Look, Irv. I'm sorry about your friend.

You stood up for him, and he let you down.

But how shocked can you really be?

I mean, you spend your whole life fuckin' up, you're bound to snap, right?

Come on.

Give me some of that "Fooger" energy.


Hey. Hey, Irv.

I was wondering if I could talk to you, but, about my dad.

Like, right now?

You knew him pretty well. I thought maybe you can clear some stuff up for me.

Yeah. Yeah, sure. Come on in. Thanks.

Did you visit my dad a lot when he was away?

No. No, I didn't.

Just... Sit there. How come?

Well, you know, I really wanted to, but it was hard.

I didnt really...

I didn't like seeing him like that.

Why did he hate those basketball players so much?

I mean, he wanted to be on the team.

And when he didn't make the cut, he was crushed. You know, they made him the mascot.

And... for a while, he thought he was one of the guys.

But, of course, the assholes on the team, they didn't see it that way.

And, it built... and it built to the point where...

where they thought they could do anything to him.

And then this comic book came out. And it made them look like idiots.

I mean, these players. They were used to being treated like kings.

And now... the whole school was making fun of them.

So, one night,

they decided to make him pay for it.

What did they do?

Do you want some water? Let me get you some water, okay?

He didn't confess? No.


But he also didn't deny it either.

He just, kind of, sat there.

I never thought he'd hurt someone.

You know, it's hard to imagine what those guys did to him.

But, whatever it was, it stuck.

Look, I know it's a little awkward now seeing as I just arrested your son for murdering a bunch of people but I hope, in time,

we could get pass this? Not likely.

You mind if I grab a cold one for the road? No.

I'm gonna drink and drive, so don't tell the cops.

Amy made that for me. Fucking adorable, ain't it?

I wish I were creative. Must be one hell of a release.

Here you go. Thanks.

What was that?

Oh, that's my cat. He hates being locked up. I didn't know you had a cat. What kind?

I don't know. Like a... you know, just like a cat--cat, regular cat.

You mean, other... You mean, other kinds? Yes, sure, there's like 40 different breeds.

See? I didn't know that.

Now these were a real treat, Kenny. I mean, who doesn't like getting mail?

You literally ramped up the creepy on them.

My favorite. Want to know my favorite? "I am a monster." Gave me the chills.

You did a really nice job on that. Thanks.

What are you doing here, Kenny? Excuse me?

We never got that message - "I am a monster." That was... "Son of Sam" or something like that.

That's good water. Thanks. Yeah.

So, is there, like, anything else you needed? Your cat doesn't sound so good.

Can I say, "Hi"?

No, you see, he's just skittish you know that's why I put him in the room when I heard the doorbell.

I'm really good with cats, though. I would rather you not.

Why? I'm just a little overprotective, okay?

I'll be nice. I promise. No, not today, Amy. Okay?

Your cat sounds sick. Look, the cat, okay? She's fine.

I thought it was a "he". Goddammit kid! I dont need any of this right now!

Look, Amy. I just think it would be best if you went home, okay?

Okay, I'll go. I'm sorry. Yeah, that's for the best.

Bye, Amy.

I've been looking at this evidence all wrong.

These drawings. They don't indict you. They exonerate you. I mean, you get it out on the work.

Kill 'em on the page, so you don't need to kill 'em for real.

I mean, you clearly hated the fucking guys, and you wanted 'em dead, but... Maybe you even...

I don't know, visited some of the crime scenes?

Maybe you even tried to convince yourself that you could actually do it. But, you're a creator, Kenny. You're not a killer. The only person you could really hurt is yourself.

Ooh boy, that leaves us in a very... a very interesting place here.

You kill a bunch of guys on paper, and then these bunch of guys ends up dead.

Now, it may not have been you. But, it sure as shit got to be somebody who hated them as much as you.

Who... you know. This thirst for... punishment.

Justice, sick. Sick... just...

So, what's your pal, Irv, been up to lately?

Quiet. Please keep quiet.

Your father gave him everything he had. And then he wanted to destroy him.

They tore away his soul. They took away his life. And I could have stopped it.

You're hurting me! Something has to be done, okay?

I couldn't let him get away with it.

Please let me go! I can't. You'll tell.

It's over, man. It's over, okay? Calm down. Calm down.

I never killed anyone before.

When I killed Prichard, it felt good.

And when I killed Wade Hutchinson, it felt fucking great.

My hatred began to build. With each asshole that I killed... Made things better.

Ken didn't have it in him.

He could never do what needed to be done.

You got your 5 guys, Irv. Why Fooger?

I failed to protect him once.

I wasn't gonna fail him again.

The bad guys need to be punished.

Ah, you're quite a friend, Irv.

You would have made a lousy cop.

I wanted to kill them, sheriff. I wanted to kill them more than anything.

Yeah, I know, but you didn't. If thinking about killing a bunch of pricks made us guilty,

we'd all be locked up for life.

You know, wait a minute. I gotta ask you, Kenny.

Why were you willing to go down for it?

I'm not really sure where I fit in this world, sheriff.

Being locked away just seems a lot easier.

If you don't know your purpose out here, Kenny, you're dumber than a bag of shit.

Hi, may I help you? Yeah, I'm here for my daughter.

Oh, sorry. You are... Her father. Amy!

Ken, what are you doing here? Dad?

Hey there. You want to come over? Hell, yeah.

Get your stuff.

Ken you can't come in here and take her like that 11 years, Janet.

It's my turn now.

So how's it going? You're good?

This is for you. What's this?

It's a little something. Is it a puppy?

That is the best nickname ever.

Thanks, dad.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about the other day. I really am. I'm really sorry.

Oh, and innocent.

I'm excited for the weekend. Who's excited? What do you have planned?

Well, there's the owl festival. Oh, what else do you have planned?

We can shoot some hoops. How's your shot?

Still sucks. But I hit backboard now. That's good. That's something.

Ma, Amy's here.

No shit, Ken.