Son of Batman (2014) Script

Here is your legacy, Damian.

Here is your inheritance.

The League of Assassins.

Yes, Grandfather.

They will be yours to command.

To make certain the Earth abides in natural contentment... without the abuse of man.

It is good to see our revered father so devoted to his grandson.

Yes. brother, it is.

We have been breached. They are already inside. Take the boy.

Who would dare?

Stay here, Damian.

Hold your" fire.

He's mine.

Confused, old man'?

'Slade .

What is the meaning of this outrage?

I call it a hostile takeover.

Your arrogance embarrasses me and shames you.

You still have some spring in your step.

Let's see how you do against a real swordsman.

Come and get some.

After you, boy.

How could you have pushed me out?

I was your right hand.

Your actions decided for you.

He's in positron.

Let's move.

After 500 years. the world's had quite enough of you, old man The Lazarus Pit will not bring you back this time.


So you're Talia's little bastard.

Not bad for a child.

But new, we end it.

Now your heart. Unh!

I'll make you suffer for this, boy.

Next time.


Come back and finish it, traitors.



Grandfather? Grandfather.


Damian. wait.



Unh! We have to get him into the Lazarus Pit.


We have to try. We can't just leave him.

He's dead.

The Pit can restore a body this damaged.

He's beyond healing.

You did your best.

I failed.

We can't think about that now. We have to move. Come.

Damian. now.

Where are we going?

Gotham City.

It's time to meet your father.

Waylon Jones, aka. Killer Croc.

Stealing drugs isn't your usual MO.


When half the biotech firms in town get hit, I get curious.

You look like you've been working out, Croc.

The tail's new.

Yeah, got an upgrade.

That's right, run.

What's your hurry. Croc?

I'm not done with you.

You know, Bats...

...the problem with steroids is I get the munchies.

Hello, my love. You should have warned your play date.

I'm the only one who can bite you.

Would you like a drink?

Last time, that didn't go so well.

Oh, you're right.

If I remember correctly, I put a little something in your beverage.

Same way I remember it.

It made you romantic. -It made me do what you wanted.

Was xi all bad, beloved'?

No, it wasn't all bad.

Then you remember our shared moonlight'?

Some of it.

The best parts'?

Talia, what do you want?

My father, he's dead.

Ra's? How many fathers do I have?

Sorry. He always seemed--

Like you? Indestructible?

Huh. You haven't seen my x-rays.

Maybe you can show them to me sometime.

You don't seem all that broken up about Ra's' death.

There is no time for mourning.

Assassins planned to take over Ra's' organization.

They are led by a man who Father believed could be his successor.

Until my father became aware of you.

Now this man wants to kill us.

Us? Not you.


...and your son.


You expect me to believe this?

I assure you, he's yours.

Don't look so stunned, Father.

I thought you'd be taller.

You didn't know about me'?


So Mother has made me your responsibility?

Something like that.

This isn't necessary. I do fine by myself.

So do I.

But things have changed.

She thinks you'll be better off with me, for now.

What do you think?

Better than with the League of Assassins.

They taught me how to fight.

And I take it not much else.

I'll drive. No'

I know how. No.

/-Alfred'? Yes, sir.

We're going to have company. ALFRED A sleepover?

Oh. goody.


So close.

Morn said leave your test tubes and come now. She has dinner.

In a minute. I'm close to a breakthrough.

You're always close to a breakthrough.

Rebecca, I'm doing it for us.

Oh, making something turn blue in a tube, that's for us?

Do what you like.

Perhaps I could use a bite.

I'm starting to see double here.

Wait up.

Welcome back, sir.

I presume this is the young man of whom you spoke'?

Hello, Pennyworth. I've heard of you.

At your service, Master Damian.

Where are the rest of the servants?

I am the sum total.

You have only one servant'?

He's not a servant. He's a friend.

So this is the fabled Batcave.

Grandfather told me all about it.

Smaller than I imagined.

Very efficient, though.

He is the spitting image of you at that age.

It's a bit chilling.

Tell me about it. Look, you're gonna have to get him settled.

I'm not sure how long he'll be here, but for the time being, this will be his home.

Looks rather effeminate, don't you think?

Master Dick was a boy when he wore that.

Where is he new?

Moved on. And so shall we.

Would you like to see where you" be sleeping?

I hope this isn't too cramped for you.

That door heads to your bath.

The other, to a game room.

And you also have this far your amusement.

Naturally, you have the run of the mansion.

Of course. I know that.

Prepare some tea, Pennyworth.

Brown sugar instead of white, fresh-cut lemon. a china cup.

Perhaps master would like some warm mixed nuts...

...and a moist hand towel.

Watch yourself, Pennyworth. I'm not so young that I don't understand sarcasm.

While I am much too old to care.

I have been released by Master Damian.

I miss him already.

How is he?

Facing the shock of downsizing, sir.

Nothing on cable?

An old video of Ra's being revived by the Lazarus Pit.

He's cheated death so many times...'s hard to accept that he failed to escape this time.

My son's role model.

Francine. -Kirk? What have you done?

Who are these people?

Please, let her go. This is some kind of misunderstanding.

I am doing my part.

Your family is all right, for now.

Nice meal. Vegan.

They say eating meat can make a person savage.

I didn't know, Daddy.

True, we arrived in her absence.

We are a stealthy lot.

Rebecca, Francine, it's okay.

Everything is gonna be all right.

You sound so certain.

Why are you here?

I'm proceeding according to plan.

Ah, you seem to think I'm part of the old agreement.

I am not.

Find to make that perfectly clear, from this point on...

...I will be arranging separate accommodations for your family.

[GASPS Rebecca!

Please, don't harm them.

Of course not.

Unless you disappoint me.

[GASPS You wouldn't want to disappoint me.

Who are you?

Let me put n this way, doctor.

Ra's al emu has been retired.

I am his successor.

My name is Slade Wilson.

You will call me...


I've gotta get down to the office. How's Damian?

See for yourself.

He's been at it since 5:00 this morning.

I hope you don't mind, sir, the sword is your grandfather's.

The one on the wall plaque'?

I think we might be able to skip the gardener this month.

Well, he was trained by the League of Assassins.

L, myself, am rooting for the shrubbery.

He has talent.

Don't worry, baby, it'll be okay.

Will it?

We have to have faith in your father.

Isn't he the reason we're here?

What's the holdup, doctor'?

The mutagen is unstable when added to my original formula...

...but I'm very close to solving the problem.

RN be better and more powerful than ever.

Perhaps you need more persuasion.

I know your family is very anxious for you to complete your work.

And F will, soon.

Make it happen, Dr. Langstrom.

It will be best for everyone if you do.

When can we talk about the Carlin account? Soon.

This afternoon is free for all--

Uh, here. Not that soon.

I heard LexCorp's ready to pounce if-- Where'd you hear that?

It's on the street. Carlin was m Metropolis last week.

Son of a- We have a confidentiality agreement.

Read him the riot act.

WOMAN Bruce, you gotta call him. Lay down the law.

What the hell?

Your profit margin is down in Argentina.

Someone is skimming revenue.

Argentina? That's my division.

Bruce. -It's okay. It's all right.

I'll deal with this.

What are you doing? -Reviewing my birthright.

This will be mine someday.

How did you get in here? -A bird's nest has better security.

We need to talk.

Deathstroke has a contact stationed here. In Gotham?

We find him. we find Deathstroke.

We could take Deathstroke out...


We don't kill. I was taught you destroy your enemy.

That makes you like them. It makes me better than them.

Deathstroke killed my grandfather. He has to pay.

Ra's was a madman.

He was a hero. He died a hero.

Ubu's Deathstroke's right-hand man. He used to work for my grandfather.

He stays in Gotham City between missions to indulge his vices...

...according to Mother. I looked up the rest.

This is classified mater--

You downloaded this from the computer in the Batcave, didn't you'?

I hacked into NORAD when I was 6.

It was easy.

Alfred is to take you directly home. No stops.

You will not go off on your own you will stay away from the computer...

...and you will stay out of sight. Do you understand?

I owe my grandfather a death.

Deathstroke is mine.

Poor Talia.

Ra's would be so disappointed.


I want her alive.

Croc's coming dawn from whatever juice he was on.

The drugs he was stealing were mutagens.

I think we have a pretty good idea for whom.

He's too far gone to interrogate.

And if he wasn't, Fm not sure he'd talk. Let's find out.

You're falling apart, Croc.

You're even shedding your scams.

It's over. You got the last fix you're gonna get from Langstrom.

Where is he?

Screw you.

They're afraid to medicate you, Croc.

They don't wanna get too close.

But Fm not afraid.

You help me, I'll help you.

Bar's to your right.

Make yourself at home.

Heh, hope there's no cameras in here.

And you're gonna have to keep this window shut-..

...If you want me to take my things off. Ha, ha.



I'm going to give you to the count of three. One...

Leave, harlots.

Right. Get out here. Hurry; up. -I'm not paid enough for this.

Where is Deathstroke?

Did you think it would be that easy'?

Just ask and I would talk'?

I don't want it to be easy.



You'll get nothing from me.

Either I get answers or you get the sword.

Do your worst.

The psychos just keep getting younger.

Talk. Missing something?

Not in the mood for games.

I have a kid here.

Says he's your son.

I'll be right there.

Really ticks me off alter all those lectures he gave me about using protection.


Are you all right, Master Dick?

I took the cut, I can take the stitch.

Maybe you need more anesthetic.

And maybe you need to go f-- Master Dick.

Maybe you should remember who the blood son is.

"Bloodthirsty" is more like it.

This was you rs? -Still is.

Keep your hands off it, kid.

Is this what you wore in training?

It's what I wore when I went on patrol.

The only thing it's missing is lace trim and a sun hat.

You don't fool me.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you could be Robin.

Well, you can't.

I don't need some insipid costume and a bird name.

I'm way beyond your kind of simplistic training.

As you saw tonight.

Don't forget, you lost that fight.

How's Ubu?

He's got more monitors connected to him than Arkham has Lunatics.

Can he talk?


It's a wonder he can breathe.

H! stay in touch.

He doesn't deserve to breathe.


Do you know what you were tonight'? You weren't a warrior, you weren't a soldier.

You were a child. -If it hadn't been for him, I--

If it hadn't been for Dick, you'd have gone too far.

It's easier my way.

It has nothing to do with easy.

It's about doing what's right because it's right, that's the only reason you need.

Seemed right to me.

That's the problem.

Heads up.

Good reflexes.

What if I had missed?

It would have hurt. ifs a League of Assassins star. Found it in a warehouse...

...belonging to a man named Langstrom. Ring a Dell'?

No. -It appears there's a connection... Ra's and Deathstroke.

Then we need to find out what it is.

I need to find out.

I wanna help. like he used to. Bad enough you've given yourself away...

...and let them know we're onto them, but you're letting vengeance guide you.

You've never felt vengeful'?

Every day.

You have to keep your center, Damian.

You can't fight crime by becoming a criminal.

From now on, stay close. That's an order.

I can do that.

Wait a minute.

I'm not gonna like this. am W Nope.


Is there any way you could show up without raising my blood pressure?

Another one? I'll explain later.

How's Ubu doing?

He's in ICU, still under sedation.

We searched his place, nothing much there.

But we did find one interesting item.


Whose number is it?

It's a phone se--

Uh, a phone chat line.

But that's not the interesting part, it's what's written on the other side.

Dad used to bring me here for ball games.

Sometimes afterward, we'd go to the amusement park.

Find now history repeats itself.

Let's go.

We made a deal. You're backup and this is no game.

Think before you act.

Surveillance cameras.

Somebody is watching.

Very well. You lead.

How did you know this was here?

I make it my business to know.

We can jump them.

We need to find Langstrom.


Down there.

Dr. Langstrom.

You? You have to come with us.

No. No; no. I can't.

Deathstroke has my family.

He says he'll kill them if I don't do what he wants.

Where is Deathstroke?

I don't know. You have to believe me.

I'll make you talk. Robin, no.

No swords. Fine.

Ha, ha. That was fun.

Which way'?

Time to retreat. I'm no coward.

Don't be stupid.

Come on.



Okay, now what'?

Ah, stupid kid.



Huh. Lucky.

Where am I? Just start talking.

Ra's wanted me to splice animal DNA to human...

...using advanced mutagens.

He would provide volunteers for me to work on.

Obviously, you took him up on it.

I knew it would mean prison if anyone discovered I was up to my old experiments.

But how do you say no to Ra's al Ghul'?

He wanted you to make the ultimate warriors.


Ra's called it Operation Air Strike.

No military could withstand an army of flying super-powered ninjas...

...using sonar in the dead of night.

But Deathstroke took over.

The formula was my ace in the hole.

I kept working on it, making improvements.

If I completely finished it, I didn't know what he might do. wheres your" family?

I don't know. He let me speak to them once, briefly.

My daughter mentioned something about snow.

Uh, two mountain peaks that she said looked like cat ears.

Interlaken, Grandfather's compound.

You're sure? I'm sure.

Can you make an antidote to the Man-Bat formula?

With the right materials, the right equipment?

It's possible, but what about my family?

Leave them to us.

I know where you took the boy.

He fights like an assassin.

Like you.

Your romance with the Dark Knight wasn't merely rumor.

Who is he? Who is Batman?

Do what you must.

I won't talk.

I believe you.

Besides. you won't need to look for them.

They'll find you first.

Works for me.

I hope you're right about this. I know these mountains well.

Pare been climbing them since I was 4-.

It was a part of my training.

That's some training for a 4-year-old.

First time I climbed, [fell. Broke my wrist.

I made it to the top anyway.

It was expected.

I was Ra's al Ghul's grandson.

Was it all like that, Damian'?

I was being groomed to lead humanity, like my grandfather.

We were going to create a whole new world.

By killing. If that's what it took.

How do you hope to lead humanity when you've never been a pan of it?

What about you'? From what I heard, your childhood wasn't a lot of fun either.

I had my traumas, but I also had people around me to help.

Alfred, Dick, others. I had friends.

As far as I can tell, all you've had are trainers.

There's a difference, Damian.

There's the stronghold.

Beyond those peaks.


Why are we wasting time when it's obvious they've abandoned it?

Wait. Listen.

A false wall.

Please, don't hurt us.


We're not here to hurt you.

Oh, Batman. Thank heavens.

Where's Kirk? Safe.

We've been so afraid.

You're all right now.

Robin, you saved us.

This is totally unnecessary.

Deathstroke said he would spare us if I gave this to "you.

Don't tell Batman. Please.

There's a landing pad on the other side of this stronghold.

I'll call Interpol to send a helicopter.

Shouldn't take long.

I have your mother, Damian.

This is her location.

Perhaps you've been there.

This is between you and me.

Leave the sperm donor out of it.

H! give you 48 hours before I end her suffering.

Be worthy of your heritage, boy.

Make your mother proud.

Why are you staying in London?

Interpol. I'm bringing them in on it.

Hows the lime prince?

Sends his love.

He just ordered room service.

Maybe he's human after all.

What about Langstrom?

Ever since I told him his family's safe he's been a scientist on fire.

Once actually on fire.

Something exploded, I had to put him out. Minor burns.

But he is producing the antidote?

Hundreds of doses.

Is something wrong?

Deathstroke has Talia.

Langstrom's wife said there was another prisoner.

A woman.

I think Talia attacked the stronghold and got captured.

I saw signs of torture in one of the cells.

But no idea where she is now?


Have you found anything?

Maybe. 1% dormant oil rig belonging to Ra's, part of a shell company-..

...went active a few weeks back. I thought that was interesting.

That is interesting. Hold on.


- Where's the oil rig? Close to you.

How close? Scotland.

Off the Outer Hebrides. What's wrong?

Damn it' He's gone' And took his uniform.

Bruce, chill.

The rig is 50 mikes off the coast. What's he gonna do? Swim there?

Stay on alert.

If so much as a seagull tries to land on this rig.-.

...shoot it.

It's a Kid. Get him!

I wouldn't make any threatening moves.

They'll stay put as long as I tell them to.

A Lazarus Pit.

That's right, boy.

The only thing this rig pumps is life everlasting.

To the highest bidder.

Looks like your mother could use a dip.

Let her go, monster, now!

Now, this is what they call a standoff.

Not even the Pit can bring back Mommy if her head's blown off.

Your may, Damian.

I should congratulate you for getting this far...

...but that would be like applauding a suicide.

You are such an arrogant little brat.

So entitled, so bloodthirsty-.. easy to manipulate. to kill you-.

Goodbye, boy. Run, Damian.

We are done.

Kill them.


I've got her.

Damian' I'll end him. I swear.

Eat it, you damn dirty bastards.

Ra's trained me to take his place.

Talia would have been mine as well, until your father came along.

And created something special. Me.

Now your luck ends.

You call it luck, I call it skill.


I knew you would save us.

I haven't yet.

Beloved. -The- whole place is collapsing.

Go ahead.

Finish me.

You were trained to kill your enemies, weren't you?

It's what you want.

It's what I would do.

It's what your grandfather would do.

Well, do it!

No. I'm my father's son too.

I'm Robin.



Gel in.

I thank you for my life and the life of my son.

Our son.

I need to rebuild the League. Make it stronger, better.

Come with me.

You and I, together with Damian, would be invincible.

The best way to fix the League is to disband it.

If only it were that easy.

Damian should stay with me.

He will want to be with his mother.

He's Robin now. He stays with the Batman.

Damian, are you ready to come?

If that's your wish, Mother.

Learn from your father, Damian, for he is very Wise...

...and you are the future.

I will come back for him.

Make him great.

I will.

Let's go home, Damian.

I'll drive. No.

I know how. No.