Son of God (2014) Script

[ Crickets Chirping ]

[ Flies Buzzing j [ Fire Cra ck/ing j

[Man Narrating ] In the beginning was the Wora'.

And the Word was with God.

And the Word was Goa'.

He was with God...

In the beginning.

He was there, in paradise, with Adam and Eve.

He was there with Noah... in the great flood.

He was there with Abraham when he was chosen.

[ Male Voice ] Abraham, I w/7/ make you a father of man y nations.

F Narrator j He was there when Moses led our people out' of Egypt'.

[ Male Voice j / w/Y/ be with yo u.

[ Men Chattering ] Charge!


God is with us!

[ Narrator] In the struggle for the promised land-

[ Shouts ]

He was always by our side.

[ Men Shouting ]

Jerusalem, our new home.

[ Narrator] He was the I/Qghz'... shining in the darkness-

Then he came into the world.

[ Thunderclap]

“A star shall come out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise out of lsrael.”

[ Crying ]

[ Narrator] The Word became flesh-

[ Thunder Rumbles ]

Look. There.

And made his dwelling among us.

[ Thunderclap]

[Crying 1 Our son.

Lady, I believe your son... is the promised king of his people.

What is his name?


His name is Jesus.

[ Narrator] lam John, and! was one of his followers.

Afier what / saw, how could / not be ?

Jewish land.

Jewish people.

Our Jewish nation... under Roman rule.

[ Man ] In the name of Rome, taxes are owed.

[Crowd Shouting ] [ Man #2 ] Time to pay up!

Get in line! You can't do this.

Mind your tongue! Put it here. All of it!

Get out of the way. Get back.

[John Narrating ] Occupied and oppressed.

[ Man ] Bring those women back! [Screaming ]

Those who spoke out-

[Shouting ]

Were crushed.

We craved a savior.

[Sword Slashes] A messiah.

[Screaming ]

But instead, we got a new Roman governor.

[ Horse Whinnies ] Pant/us P/Yate.


[ Man In Distance] What's going on? [Woman ] What are you doing?

I can't lift it. It's too heavy. [ Man ] You're in the way!

Let me help. We need to be quick.

I know!

[ Exhales Sharply]

[ Soldier] Prefect. What's the delay this time?

It's a broken cart, sir.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get it off the road.

Let's get it moved!

Will it be much longer?

[Whinnies ] Very soon, my love.

Come on. Move! Move!

The governor needs to pass. I'm doing what I can.

[ Soldier] Pilate won't wait.

Wait. I can fix it. Move it!

No, my son!


[ Screams ]

[Women Screaming ]

MY Son!

[ Soldier] Clear!

[Chattering ]

[Woman Wailing ] Come on.

[Wailing ]

[ Breathing Deeply]

[Chattering ]

Do you need help? I'm not looking for any help.

And, besides, there's nothing to help with.


You can't just climb into my boat.

Yeah, you're right. Give me a helping hand.


[ Panting ]

What do you think you're doing? We're going fishing.

There are no fish out there this time of day.

In fact, there are no fish out here any time of day.

Peter, just give me an hour, and I will give you a whole new life.

Who says I want one?

I'm telling you-

There's no fish out there.

There's fish!

[ Grunts 1

[ Panting ]

How did this happen?

What did you do?

I'm giving you the chance to change your life.

Peter, come with me.

Give up catching fish, and I will make you a fisher of men.

What are we gonna do?

Change the world.

[John Narrating ] When Jesus spoke to me, I fol/o wed.

Others joined us.

Soon our numbers grew, and all who heard him... felt his power.

[Child ] No, no, it's my turn!

[Chattering ]

[ Bleating ] [ Man] ...put the Lord your God to the test.

You should untiringly... keep the Commandments of the Lord your God... and his statutes, which he has commanded you.

You shall do what is right and what is good... in sight of the Lord.

[Child ] Look! Can you see him? Over there.

[Chattering ]

So the Lord commanded us to observe all these statutes.

It's Jesus!

No. God makes the law.

[Chattering ]

[Chattering ]

This way, John. Keep everyone moving.

[Chattering ]

Oh, Jesus.

[Shouting ]

[ Murmuring ]

[ Murmuring Continues]

How shall we picture the kingdom of God?

It is like a mustard seed... which a man took and sowed in his field.

[ People Murmuring ]

The smallest seed in the world.

Yet, when planted-

[ Rafters Creaking ]

[ Grunts 1 it grows up-


[ Crowd Murmuring ]

[ BOY ] He's paralyzed.

Your sins are forgiven, my son.

[ Ragged Breathing ]

Did you hear that?

He has forgiven his sins.

I thought only God could do that.

Isn't that blasphemy?

He knows. It is blasphemy.

Is that your wish, my friend?

Well, answer me.

Tell me which is easier-

to say his sins are forgiven, orsay...

get up and walk?

[ Murmuring ]

[ Ululating ]

[ Ululating Continues]


The Son of man has authority to forgive sin.

[ Crowd Exclaiming ]

[ Ululating ]

Fflends! What is this about?

Not even Moses himself would have thought he could forgive sin.

You heard what our teacher said.

On what authority does he think he can do this?

On his authority.

That is blasphemy.

Only God can forgive sin.

And your friend... could be stoned for a false claim like this.

This is just the beginning.

Let's go!

[Crowd Chattering ]

Greetings, prefect.

Welcome to Judaea.

I hope your time here will be prosperous... and peaceful.

I intend to make sure it is.

From Caesar. Disorder will not be tolerated.

[Chattering ]


[Chattering ]

[ Man ] All taxes must be paid in full!

I'm not doing it. It's all I have.

[ Clucking ] Get it out of here. Take it away.

No! [ Screams ]

[ Thomas ] They're all Jews.

Our own people working for Rome.

Makes me sick.

Collaborators. Let's move on.

[Chattering ]

They're stinking vermin.

You should keep your distance from them.

Two men...

went to the temple to pray.

One a Pharisee, and the other one... a tax collector.

The Pharisee prayed, “God, I thank you that I'm not like other men- thieves, adulterers...

or this tax collector.”

But the tax collector... didn't even look up to heaven.

He said, “God, have mercy on me.” Have mercy on me.

I'm a sinner.

[Whimpers ]

God blessed the tax collector, not the Pharisee.

Anyone who praises himself will be humbled.

And anyone who humbles himself will be praised.

Matthew, come.

See! Now he even calls the sinners to follow him!

One has to wonder of the sins committed by his other followers.

[ Muttering ] [ Man ] Come.

Come along.

Tax collectors. [ Sighs ]

There's not a thread of good in any of them.

[John] Thomas, Jesus has not come for the good, but for the sinners.

[ Mary Magdalene ] He gives people a second chance.

We should too.

[Jesus ] Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of hea ven.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Pray to him, and he will listen.

And how should we pray?

Like this.

Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

[ People Shouting ]

No! Leave her alone!

[ Man ] Stone her!

She's a whore!

[Woman ] No! [ Man ] Here!



Please! Adulteress!

Come away. [ Peter] Mary, over here.

The law commands us to stone such a woman.

What do you say?

[Sniffles, Crying 1

I'll give my stone... to the first man who tells me... that he has never sinned.

[ Sniffling ]

Go... and sin no more.

Thank you. Thank you.

[ Pharisee ] This cannot continue.

He ridicules our laws, insults the traditions of our fathers.

Everything we've fought so hard for- our faith, our communities, everything God has given.

You have heard it said, “Do not commit adultery.” Why don't you join us?

[ Jesus ] But I tell you that any man who even looks at a woman with lust-

You're welcome, brother.

[Jesus] ...has already committed adultery.

Why do you follow him?

He is leading us to something greater.

Open your eyes.

This is a dangerous man.

[ Crowd Murmuring ]

[ Footsteps Approaching ]

High Priest, Nicodemus is here to see you.

[Gates Clatter]

Caiaphas. Nicodemus.

I've had reports of a young prophet, a Jesus of Nazareth.

He has a big following in Galilee.

It's rumored he'll come to Jerusalem.


He works miracles.

They all do. [Others Laugh ]

Nicodemus, don't worry. Nothing important ever came from Galilee.


A miracle worker from Galilee. [Laughs]

[Children Shouting ]

[Shouting Continues]


Looks like a quiet place.

Rope. That's it.

Take the rope. Lock it off.

Rabbi, let me help you.

[ Chuckles ]

[Crowd Chattering ]

[ Man ] it's Jesus!

There he is!

[ Clamoring ]

[ Mary Magdalene ] They've come a long way. They're hungry.

Give them food. But how? We have nothing.

Just a few fish and some bread.

[Cheering ] Bring them to me.

Thank you, Father, for what you bring us.

Our Father in heaven feeds the birds of the air.

How much more will he give to you?

[Crowd Gasping ]

[ Murmuring ]

[ Laughing 1

[ Murmuring ]

[Jesus] Don't worry about daily needs. God will provide.

Put God first, and everything else will follow.

[ People Exclaim ]

If you hunger for righteousness, you will be filled... through me.

[John] He said, “Ask-

[ Chuckles ] and it will be given.”

[ Cheering ] [Laughs]

[Jesus] John, we can feed them all.

[Crowd Exclaiming, Shouting ]

From God.

It's from God!

[Crowd Chanting ] Messiah! Messiah! Messiah!

Messiah! Messiah! Messiah!

Messiah! Messiah!

Messiah! Messiah! Messiah!

Messiah! Messiah!

They want you to be their king. King of the Jews!

You can lead us like an army. We're strong enough to beat the Romans.

No. No, this is not the way. Not by force.

Messiah! Messiah! [Woman ] Our king!

Messiah! Messiah!

[ Mary Magdalene ] Peter, where is he going? What's wrong?


5,000 came to see him.


Now they shout “Messiah.”

The people today- they called you king.

They think you are a messiah.

But you seem to ignore them.

Aren't you going to be our king?

Who do you think I am?

You are the Son of God.

You can't have known this by what you know of me, Peter.

It has been revealed to you by God.

You are Peter, and on this rock...

I will build my church.

Tomorrow I will meet you on the other shore.

[ Wind Whistling]

Why did he walk away just when we're getting strong?

Surely a messiah wouldn't leave us like this.

A messiah should be a-a warrior, a conqueror like David.

Judas, force is not the way.

So tell me what the way of the Messiah is.

He's different.

[Thomas] But, Mary, what if he's not the one?

We're risking our lives. For what?

Thomas! He has shown us his power. We must have faith in him.

[ Peter] He said he'd meet us on the other side. Let's go!

[ Thunder Rumbles ]

Take the sail down!

Tie everything down!

[ Thunderclap]

This is too dangerous! We should turn back while we still can!

You heard what he said. He wants us to cross.

What is that?


[ Gas-PS ]

[ Thunder Rumb/ing ]

It's a ghost.

[John] No, Thomas. it's Jesus!

He is the messiah.


[ Thunderclap]

Peter, what are you doing?

Don't be afraid.


[ Thunder Rumbles ]


[ Jesus' Voice ] Peter.

You of little faith, why did you doubt?

Who do you think lam?

[ Peteris Voice ] The Son of God.

[ Exhales]

[Crowd Clamoring ]

[ Man ] Make way for the high priest!

Make way for the high priest!

[Children Shouting ] Papa! They're coming!

[ People Shouting ] Malchus.

Malchus! Malchus, what's happening?

It's another protest, High Priest.

We need to get you out of here. It's turning into a riot.

Get the master back to his residence quick as you can.

[Shouting In Distance]

What is all this about? The aqueduct.

The people are furious that the Romans used the temple funds to build it.

Hundreds are heading to complain to Pilate. What?

He'll have them cut down before they can get anywhere near him.

[Shouting ]

Thieves! Scum!

Filthy Roman scum!

Just give it back!

[Crowd Quiets]

[ Pilate] Jerusalem needs water.

You think your god brings it?

No, he does not.

Rome does.

It's time you understood what your masters do for you.

[Screaming ] [Crowd Screaming ]

[Shouting ]

[ Groans ]

[Woman Screams]

[Caiaphas] There's nothing Pilate won't do to keep control.

[Sobbing ]

[ Wailing, Native Language]

[Sobbing ]

[ Mary Magdalene ] Martha, what's wrong?

My brother is dead.

Show me the tomb.

[ Martha] He's been dead four days.


[ Sighs ]

I am... the resurrection... and the life.

Anyone who believes in me,

even if he dies,

he will still have life.

[ Gas-PS ]

[ Martha Sobbing ]

[ Gas-PS ]


[ People Gasp]

[Crowd Chattering ]

My brother.

Whoever believes in me...

shall never die.

Believe in me, and you will see the glory of God.

[John Narrating ] I knew that word of such a m/'rac/e would spread fast No one could Ignore it, least of all the authorities.


They say this Jesus has raised a man from the dead.


He- He could come here, to Jerusalem, for Passover. No.

But if he comes with thousands of supporters-

The city will already be breaking at the seams with those arriving for the festival.

Nicodemus, you are right.

The Romans will step in.

We must not allow this miracle man, this fraud, to disrupt Passover.

Does Pilate know?


Where's my wife? It's late.

[Woman Sobbing ]

Claudia, what?

E Sobbing ]

I saw a man... in a dream.

A man being beaten... and killed.

An innocent man!

A holy man.

A good man.

Help your lady back to bed. No!

It was a warning.

It was you who killed him.

[Sobbing ]

[Crowd Clamoring ]

N [ Humming ]

[ Man ] Come on. Quick. Hurry.

Mary! He's here.

Who? Jesus! He's back, at last.

Lady, I believe your son is the promised king of his people.

What is his name?

I M317] His name is Jesus.

[ People Clamoring ]

[Chattering ]

N [ Man Chanting In Hebrew]

N [ Continues ]

♪ Amen N

[All ] Amen.

[ Man ] Jesus will now read from Isaiah.

“The spirit of the Lord... is upon me, because he has anointed me... to preach good news to the poor.

He has sent me... to declare freedom for the captives... and recovery of sight for the blind, to set free those who are oppressed.”


this scripture... is fulfilled.

[ People Gasping ]

[ People Chattering ] What are you saying?

[Chattering ]

What are you saying- that you have achieved all this?

That you are the messiah, the chosen one?

Sent by God? No!

I'm saying you must accept God's word.

How dare you! That is sacrilege!

He has never studied the law!

This man knows nothing!

His healing is the work of demons.

It has begun.

He undermines our faith!

He recruits adulterers!

Peter, turn the other cheek.

You'll pay the price for this.

Like your friend John the Baptist.

You haven't heard, have you? He was executed.


[Crowd Shouting ]

He was a good man.

[ Jesus' Voice ] Baptize me.

John was the greatest teacher I ever knew.

He was more than a prophet.

Our work goes on.

Soon we go to Jerusalem.


It's too soon.

It's too dangerous! We're not ready.

Judas, why are we all here?

To take the easy path?

We must take the message to Jerusalem.

Right to the heart of power.

[John Narrating ] We set out for Jerusalem.

Thousands were heading there for the festival of Passo ver.

[ Chattering, Laughing ]

The Messiah! Bring your palms. Messiah! Messiah!

Bring your palm leaves!

There he is! There he is! Hosanna!

[Crowd Cheering ]

This way. This way.

Look at this.

Messiah! Hosanna!


[Crowd Chanting ] Hosanna! Hosanna!

Where is he now? He's just entered the city.

On a donkey.

“See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, humble... and riding on a donkey.” Where is he headed?

Towards the temple. [ Grunts ]

He must not interfere with Passover.

God will bring his wrath down upon all of us.

And... who knows what Pilate will do... if the crowds run out of control.

Nicodemus, go with Malchus.

If he enters the temple, watch him.

Do not blink.


[Cheering ]

[Cheering Continues]

[Woman ] Jesus!

[ Man ] The kingdom is coming!

[Man#2] Jesus!

The kingdom is coming! Messiah!

That's Barabbas.

[All ] Messiah!

[ Barabbas] King of Israel, why don't you make us free?

Save us from the Romans, Lord.

[Clamoring Stops]

We come in peace, Barabbas.

[ Chanting ] Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Get out of the way. Get back.

[Woman ] it's Jesus.

[ Man ] He's going into the temple.

[Chattering ] [Goats Bleating ]

You exchange money here? Yes.

[ Man ] Change your money here!

Two and a five. I give you one.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Man ] Exchange here! Don't like the look of this.


[W0 No! man]

Jesus, please.


Is it not written-


Is it not written-

“My house”-

“My house shall be called a house of prayer”?

But you- you have made it a den of thieves.

[ Nicodemus] Who are you to tell us this?

We teach the law, not you.

You pray lofty prayers... and love your shows of piety in the temple.


[Crowd Chattering, Murmuring ]

This is outrageous. And you were little help.

He's clever.

The crowd worship him.

There is something unusual about him.

There is nothing unusual about him, apart from his ability to cause havoc.

If he returns, challenge him.

Make his supporters see their messiah... for the simpleminded peasant that he is.


We're eating.

Sir, a Jew has been causing trouble in the temple.


He has a large number of supporters.

What's his name?

They call him Jesus of Nazareth.

My servants talk about him.

He's Caiaphas's business. But you keep an eye on the crowds.

If they start to get out of hand, I'll shut the temple.

Festival or no festival.

[John] Thank you very much. [Jesus Chuckles]

You're very kind.

Where's Judas?

Have you seen him? No.

[ Breathing Heavily]

[Judas ] I'm worried. Things are getting out of control.

Come to me when you need... assistance.

[ Birds Calling ]

[Chattering ]

Alms for the poor. Oh, bless you.

[Crowd Chattering ] [ Man ] Be quiet. Quiet.

It is much harder for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God... than it is... for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

The most important thing... is that you should love your neighbor... as you love yourself.

[ Nicodemus] Teachefl

They say you are learned. So tell us.

Should we pay taxes to the Romans?

[ A Noll' 1

Well, teacher, should we... pay the Romans taxes... or- [ Barabbas] Not pay!

KAII ] 0t Day! Not pay!

Not pay!

[ Chanting ] Israel! Israel!

Israel! Israel!

Tell him!

Whose face is on the coin?


[ Crowd Murmuring ]

Then give to Caesar...

what is Caesar's... and give to God... what is God's.

[Shouting ]

[Shouting Continues]

High Priest, that man there with Jesus, he wants to help us.

Really? That could be useful.

[Crowd Shouting ] Israel! Israel!

You let him get the better of you.

Yet I may have found a way to deal with him.

[Chattering ]

[Crowd Quiets]

Do you see all these great buildings?

Not one stone of this place- not one stone will be left standing. [ Giggling ]

[ Man ] Did he say he'd destroy the temple?

[ Man #2 ] What does he mean?

He said what? Not one stone will be left standing.

He threatens to destroy the temple.

We must move swiftly, but softly.

We cannot arrest him openly, or his supporters will run riot.

No, not at Passover, no!


We must bring him in quietly... at night, before Passover.

Malchus, what was the name of that follower of his... that you pointed out to me?

Judas, High Priest. Judas. Yes.

Bring him to me... here.

[ Grunting ]

[ Screams, Groans ]

Prefect, you're needed.

There's trouble.

Roman scum! Roman thieves! Let's show them!

Roman thieves! [ Man ] They're scum!

Roman thieves! Roman scum!

Since I've been prefect, you Jews have tested my patience to breaking point.

Now I'm beyond it. Yes, but, Prefect-

I'm speaking.

If the disturbances that took place today are repeated tomorrow, I will shut the temple immediately.

There will be no Passover.

I will put this city under curfew.

I will crush any rebellion.

Do I make myself absolutely clear?

[Chattering ]

What are you preparing, Mary?



I come here of my own accord.

The high priest knows nothing of this.

What's he doing here?

[ Caiaphas ] Judas.

Your friend from Galilee has caused quite a stir.

One cannot deny that he has followers, especially amongst the less well-educated element.

But you, Judas-

I'm intrigued.


He has a power.

It's hard for me to put into words.

A power to cause trouble, to stir things up.

Attacking money changers.

Threatening to destroy the temple- the holy of holies.

If he were... the Son of God-


Would he abuse the house of God?

The true messiah... will unite Israel, not divide it.

What do you want with him?

Just to talk.

If the Romans step in, can you imagine the slaughter?

It will mean the end of the temple, the end of our faith, the end of our nation.

Is that what you want, Judas?

Judas, you are his friend.

Bring him here... discreetly.

Let us try to stop this... while we still can.

And what's in it for me?


We shall expect to hear from you presently.

They say you can perform miracles, that you have seen the kingdom of God.

You can see the kingdom of God.

But you must be born again.

Born again? How can you be... born again?

You must be reborn.

Not in the flesh, but in a spirit.

[ Wind Rushing]

The wind blows where it wishes.

You don't know where it comes from... or where it goes.

And so it is when the Spirit enters you.

God... so loved the world... that he gave his one and only Son.

Believe in him, and you will have eternal life.

Malchus, any word from Judas?

Nothing, High Priest.

I won't wait any longer.

We arrest this false prophet tonight.

How do we know he is a false prophet?

Has he fulfilled... any of the signs of a true messiah as written in our scriptures?

He will be tried according to our law.

We remove this man, or the Romans destroy everything.


Yes, Nicodemus.

The life of one peasant... for the future of God's nation.

What does he want us for? To take supper.

Just supper?

[Chattering ]

Whose is it?

[Chattering Continues]

[ Screams ]

We thank you, Lord, by whose word everything comes to be.

[All ] Amen.


This is our last meal together...

before I die.

What do you mean?

I'm going to be betrayed to my enemies.


and condemned to death.

Don't be afraid.

Trust in God.

Trust in me also.

You know the way to where I'm going.

We don't know where you're going. How can we know the way?

I am the way,

the truth... and the life.

Take it.

[ Sobs ]



This is my body.

[ Liquid Pouring ]

This is my blood.

Remember me... by doing this.

I'm going to the Father.

But I will always be with you.

But now I must tell you... that one of you here... will betray me.


Whoever eats this.

I will not. I will not betray you.

Do it quickly.

[Judas Gasping ]

[Jesus] Let him go.

[ Groans ]

[ Coughs 1

You will all fall away.


I will not fall away.

I will lay down my life for you.

Will you?

I will.

Peter, I tell you... before dawn, you will deny me... three times.

Judas. Where is he?


Do you know where he is now?

I know where he's going.

Lead my servant to him.

Wake up. And keep awake.

The time has come.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

I must pray.


I know...

it must be... as you will it.

Father, take this from me.

Spare me.

[Caiaphas] Lord, I know you are pleased with me... for you sustain me in sincerity.

We thank you, our ancestors, for watching over us.


[ Caiaphas ] Praise the Lora'.

God of Israel.

[All ] Everlasting and everlasting.

Amen and amen.

If you will it, Father-

if you will it,

your will...

is mine.

Do what you came for.

[ Peter] Traitor!

[ Groans ]

Take him.

Run, Jesus! Run!

[Shouting ]

Run, Jesus!

[ Screams ] Run, Jesus!

Run! Run, Jesus!

[Jesus] Peter. Run!


He who lives by the sword... dies by the sword.


Come on, you! Move! Move it!

Take him back.

[ Soldier] What about this one?

Get out of here!

Come on. [ Peter] I won't leave him.

Come on! [ Mary] Peter!

Come on, Mary.


Keep him moving. [ Men Shouting ]

[ Groans ]

Tell Caiaphas we have Jesus. [ Soldier] Yes, sir.

Not you.

You cannot go through with this. It is not legal.

Our scholars say it must be in court, in daylight, in public.

It is necessary. Why the rush?

You know why.

Pilate will close the temple.

We must be rid of this Jesus.

But what if he really is who they say he is?

We are to decide precisely that... now, with God's guidance.

God demands we obey the law.

Let me remind you what the law says.

Anyone who shows contempt for the judge or for the priest... shall be put to death.



Thank you for coming at this hour.

You know I would not have asked you... if it were not so serious.

[Chains Rattling ] Ah.

Get him up.

[ Caiaphas ] Jesus of Nazareth, you are charged with blasphemy.

N [ People Singing, lndistinct ]

[ Mary Magdalene ] Mary?

[ Sighs 1 Mary.

What has happened? Where is my son?

Jesus has been arrested. Arrested?

But we don't know where they have taken him.


At night?

They want to keep it secret.

They don't want any protests.

He has employed demons... to heal.

He has threatened... to destroy the temple of our Lord.

But, brothers, we must listen... before we judge.

And so I invite the prophet... to speak.

Tell us the message you bring from God.


Nothing to say? Surely-

Tell us this.

Are you... the Chosen One?

Are you the Son of God?

I am.

And you will see me coming... with the clouds of heaven, sitting at the right hand of God.

This is repulsive!

With God? lmpostor!

Fool! Blasphemer!

We have heard enough.

There is only one verdict.


[ Priest] This is wrong.

This brings shame on our council.

Does it not?

[Crowd Chattering ]

Let it be known Jesus of Nazareth has been tried... by the supreme court of elders.

And he has been found guilty of blasphemy... and of threatening to destroy the temple.

The sentence... is death.

[ Crowd Exclaiming ]

You! Take back your money!


I've seen you before. You know him.


I don't know him.

You called him Rabbi.

He has nothing to do with me.

[Woman ] You know him. I've seen you with him.

I don't know him.

[ Grunts, Groans ]

[Jesus ] Peter, you w/7/ deny me three times.

[ Crying ]

Don 'z' be afraid.

[ Malchus] Take him to Pilate.

[ Cock Crowing ]

Sir, the High Priest Caiaphas and his elders are here to see you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Caiaphas ] Prefect, good morning.

Prefect, we need your help.

We have convicted a dangerous criminal.

So? Execute him.

We cannot.

This is a tense time... when my people celebrate... their deliverance from past oppressors.

He claims to be our king... and is whipping up the crowds into a rebellion, a rebellion that could tear Jerusalem apart.

Caesar would not be pleased.

His name.

Jesus of Nazareth.

You better not be wasting my time.

I'll see the prisoner.

[ Chains Jangling ]

So, tell me who you are.

Are you the king of the Jews?

Are you asking, or is it a question coming from others?

Are you a king?

That's what your own people and chief priest... tell me you claim to be.

My kingdom... is not of this world.

If it were, my servants would fight my arrest.

My kingdom is from another place.

[Water Splashing ]

You are a king then.

You say that I am a king.

I have been born... and come into the world... to testify to the truth.

Everyone on the side of truth... listens to me.


What is truth?

[ Door Slams ]

That's him. The man I saw in the dream. That's him!

They want him executed. You can't.

They say he could start a revolution.

You mustn't!

If I don't, Caiaphas will blame any rebellion on me.

Caesar will see it as my failure.

He's warned me once. He's not going to warn me again.

I'll be finished.

We'// be finished.

He's guilty of nothing more than being deluded.

He has broken the law.

Your law, not Caesar's.

Prefect, we cannot be held responsible... for what the people may do today... with their eyes on God... if you release a man... who has broken our sacred laws.

The people?

Caesar decrees...

I can release a prisoner at Passover.

Let the people decide which of the prisoners I hold... will be executed.

Get him out and teach him some respect.

Forty lashes.

[John] Peter.

Peter! What's happened? Where's Jesus?

Peter. Peter, where's my son?

They've condemned him.

Peter, stop. Where are you going?

I denied him.

Three times.

[ Mary Sobbing ]

[Crowd Chattering ]

Come on!

[ Grunts 1

[ Soldier] Come on!

[ Gasping ] Here! Quickly!

What have they done to him?

[Gasping ] They're going to kill him!

It's as if he knows this must happen.

[ Shouts ]

[ Soldier Shouts ] [ Groaning ]

[ Gas-PS ]

[ Groans ]

[Whip Cracks] [Jesus Groans]

[ Jesus ] One of you here-

[ Groans ] w/7/ betray me.

[ Soldier Shouts ] [ Groans ]

[Soldiers Shouting ]

[Whip Cracks]

[Sobbing ]

[ Gas-PS ]

[Jesus Shouts]

[Whip Cracks]

[ Groans ]

[Sobbing Continues]

[ Mary Sobbing ]

[ Ragged Breathing ]

[Gates Clanging ]

[ Men Laughing ]

So you're a king.

[ Laughing 1 Every king needs a crown.

[Groaning ]

[ Men Laughing ]

Get up!

[ Laughing Continues]

Come on!


Yes. You. You and you.

You. Go on.

Yes. You.

[ Man ] No followers of Jesus!

Go! No, not you. Back. Back.

No! Step back! Not you. Back.

Let us through.

[ Man ] Close the gates!

Hey! Mary! Mary, move.

Move. Let's go.

[Crowd Quiets] Today, Passover begins.

And your emperor, Tiberius Caesar, makes you a gesture of good will- the release of a prisoner-

[ Gas-PS ]

Chosen by you.

I give you a choice.

Barabbas- a dangerous agitator.

Or this preacher,

who claims to be your king.

[Whimpering ]

He is not our king!

We have no king but Caesar.

You must decide.

[ Crowd Murmuring ] [ Man ] Barabbas.

Free Barabbas. Barabbas.

[ Crowd Muttering ]

Free Barabbas. Barabbas.

[ Man ] He's one of us.

Give us Barabbas!

Release Barabbas! Free Barabbas!

[Crowd Shouting ] Barabbas! Barabbas!


[Crowd Shouting ] Barabbas! Barabbas!

You choose a murderer?

[ Man ] Barabbas!

Do it!

Do it!

[Crowd Shouting ] And the prophet?

How could this blasphemer be our king?

[ Man ] He's a false prophet! [ Man #2 ] Crucify him!

[ Man #3 ] Crucify him! Kill him!

[Crowd Chanting ] Crucify him!

Spare him! Save him!

Kill him! Put him out of his misery!

[ Man #4 ] Crucify him!

Crucify him! Crucify him!

[ Man #5 ] Crucify him!

Crucify him!

Crucify him! Crucify him!

Crucify him!

Very well.

Crucify him!

[ Sobs ]



You! Go back!

Get back, you! [Soldiers Shouting ]

Get back!

[Groans, Gasping ]

Move! [ Horse Whinnies ]

[Cries Out]

[ Groans ]

John, I need to see him.

I need to see my son. [ Soldier] Get back!

Get back! Get back!

[Crowd Shouting, Muffled, Distant ]

[Whip Cracks] [ Groans ]

Move it!

[ Man ] Somebody help him!

Show him mercy!

[ Sobs ]

[ Soldier] Get back! Stay back!

My son.

Don't be afraid.

Everything is possible with God.

[ Soldier Shouting ]

Move forward!


Please! She's his mother!


Get back. Get back.

Get back!

[ Groans ]


Help him carry the cross.


My Lord.

[Gasping ]

[Caiaphas] What will the sign on his cross say, Prefect?

Put in Aramaic, Latin and Greek-

“Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews.” He was never our king.

It must read, “This man said...

'I am the king of the Jews.”'

It stays as I've commanded. The king of the Jews.

[Crowd Clamoring ] [Soldiers Shouting ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Man ] Cowards!

[ Soldier] Get away!

[ Horns Blowing In Distance]

[ Horns Continue]

[ Bleats]

[Soldiers Laughing ]

Come on!

Come on! Move!

Move! Come on! Hey!

Come on!

You! Leave! Leave!


[ Soldier] Come on, king.

Come on!

[ Laughing 1 Come on. [ Laughing ]

Get him! [ Chattering, Laughing ]

[ Laughing Continues]

Get him up on the cross!

[Gasping ]

[ Soldier] Come on!

No further. [ Gasps ]

[Sobbing ]

[Sobbing ]

[Gasping, Shuddering ]

[ Screams ]

[ Hammer Strikes ] [Jesus Screams]

[ Hammer Strikes ] [ Screams ]

You'll live to regret this.

Hardly the first Jew we've killed.

He was different.

He was chosen by the gods.

He thought he was.

He'll be forgotten in a week.

[ Soldier Shouts ] Get him up there!

Steady! Come on!

[Soldiers Shouting ]


Come on!


[ Gas-PS ]

[ Crying ]

[Gasping ]

My son.

[ Soldier] King of the Jews!

Can you see the temple from there?

[ Laughter] Leave him!

[ Laughing 1

[Jesus] Father!


Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

[ Thunder Rumb/ing ]

[Gasping ]

F Rumb/ing Continues j

Aren't you the Messiah?

Why don't you save yourself and us?

Our punishment is just, but this man... has done nothing wrong.

Remember me when you come into your kingdom.

Truly I say to you, today, you will be with me in paradise.

Mother, this is your son.

John, this is your mother.

My God.

My God.

Why have you forsaken me?

I thirst.

N [ Chanting In Hebrew]

[ Sniffling, Crying ]

[Gasping ]

F I/I/ind 5/0 wing j

it's finished.

N [ Chanting Continues]

[Clattering ]

[ Rumbling 1

[ I/I/ind Howling]


into your hands...

I commend my spirit.

Claudia! This is an omen!

[ People Screaming In Distance]

[Crowd Screaming ]

[ Thunderclap]

N [ Man Chanting In Hebrew]

N [ Chanting Continues]

N" [ Ends ]

[ Boulder Rolling ]

[ Footsteps Marching In Distance]

[ Sighs ]

Where were you?

You were supposed to be his rock.

I failed him.

Now I can't ask him to forgive me.

[ Gas-PS ]

[ Wind Rushing]

Who are you looking for?

If you've taken him, tell me where he is.



Go and tell our brothers...

I am here.

[ Mary Magdalene ] Peter. Peter!

Everyone. The tomb is open.

He's alive. What?

That's not possible.

I saw him.

Mary, maybe it was someone else.

You think I'm mad.

Peter, see the tomb for yourself.

Now do you believe me?

F I/I/ind Rushes j

But he's gone.



He's back.

[ People Chattering ]

[ Man ] The bread is fresh.

Thank you.

A cup. I need a cup and some wine.

What happened?

His body.

His blood.

“L am the way,

the truth”-

[Jesus] And the life.


No, this isn't real.


Stop doubting...

and believe.

It is you.

Because you see me, you believe.

Blessed are those... who have not seen me... and yet... have believed.

When the Holy Spirit comes to you, you'll receive power.

The power of the Holy Spirit... can be with you all, wherever you are.

Go into the world... and preach the gospel to all creation.

Peace be with you.

[ Thunder Rumb/ing ]

[ Thunderclap]

My brothers, my sisters, we have work to do.

[John ] With Peter as our leader, we spread the word of Jesus throughout the world, shining the I/jghz'... on all creation.

Bu! in the I/yhz' there was darkness.

Persecuted for our preaching, all of the disciples died for our cause.

Except one.

I must live out my days in ex/Ye... alone.

One day, I hope to see my friends again- - - for the y are with our Lora'.

The people today- the y cal/ed you king.

They think you are the Messiah.

Who do you think I am?

You are the Son of God.

What if he's not the one? We're risking our lives for what?

He has shown us his power. We must have faith in him.

[Jesus ] Don 'z' be afraid.

Trust in God.

Trust in me also.

You know the way to where I'm going.

We don't know where you're going. How can we know the way?

I am the way, the truth... and the life.

[Jesus] I am the alpha... and the omega.

The first... and the last.

The beginning... and the end.

[ Sobbing ] My Lord.

I had been expecting death to come.

There will be no more death... or mourning or crying... or pain.

I am making everything new.


I am coming soon.

May the grace of the Lord... be with all God's people.


[Man] ♪ Ma/y, did you know."

♪ That your baby boy."

♪ Would one day walk on water? ♪

♪ Ma/y, did you know."

♪ That your baby boy."

♪ Would save our sons and daughters ? ♪

♪ Did you know ♪

♪ That your baby boy."

Baptize me.

♪ Has come to make you new? ♪ FAnd this child ♪

[Woman ] Mary! Jesus! He's back at last!

♪ That you delivered ♪

♪ W17! soon deliver you ♪

[ Crowd ] Hosanna! Hosanna!

♪ Ma/y, did you know."

♪ That your baby boy."

♪ Would give slight to the blind men ? ♪ Peter! Where's my son?

♪ Ma/y, did you know."

♪ That your baby boy."

♪ Would calm the storm with his hand? ♪

♪ Did you know ♪

♪ That your baby boy." Jesus!

♪ Has walked where angels trod? ♪

♪ And when you kiss your I/Yt/e baby ♪

♪ You kissed the face of God ♪

♪ 0 Ma/y, did you know? ♪

[Sobbing ]

If [ I/o cal/Zing j My son.

♪ Ma/y, did you know, ooh ♪ If [ I/o cal/Zing j

♪ The blind Will see ♪

♪ The deaf will hear." It is you.

♪ The dead will live again ♪ Get out of him.

♪ The lame will leap, the dumb w/7/ speak ♪

♪ The praises of the Lamb ♪

[ Horse Whinnies ]

♪ Ma/y, did you know."

♪ That your baby boy." [Crowd Gasps]

♪ ls Lord of all creation ? ♪

♪ Ma/y, did you know."

♪ That your baby boy."

♪ Would one day rule the nations ? ♪

♪ Did you know ♪

♪ That your baby boy."

♪ ls hea ven's perfect Lamb ? ♪

♪ And the sleeping ch/Yd you're holding ♪

♪ ls the great ♪ F/aml'