Sonatine (1993) Script

[ Clicking ]

It's okay to operate here, but don't forget to pay us our cut.

Show us some respect. Those are your rules.

I'm not a yakuza. I'm not paying you anything.

But you're acting like a yakuza.

So let the police arrest me, but I don't have to listen to your bullshit.

You're dead, asshole!

Don't say such stupid things.

You are the stupid thing.


For your date?

He's not coming.

We can go to the disco or whatever.

[ Man Speaks ]

Boss Kitajima called you a little while ago.

Said he'd call again.

How did it go?

Let's scare him.

I'll take it.

It's the old man.

Yes, sir.

Today? I got it.

How are you, sir?

I thought you decided to go back home.

The cafe owner needed a waiter, so I figured I'd postpone the trip.

Then act like a waiter. Yes, sir.

If you screw me, I'll make you pay for it, punk.

Sorry, sir.

Marakawa Productions.

It's for you, sir.

Katagiri speaking.

Tanaka can drive, can't he? Yes, he can.

You know the mah-jong parlor? Yes.

Go there and wait for me. Got it.

You can't?

Don't bullshit me! I'll cut off your balls!

We're loan sharks with a reputation to maintain!

Don't fuck with us!

[ Comedy On Radio ]

Ken, I'm thinking about retiring.

We've been living the tough life too long.

Yeah, I'm worn out.

Maybe you're too rich for this business.

Here they are. I hear he's doing real good these days.

Because of the new subway line, business in his turf is booming.

Our business is lousy.

Well, this might change our luck. So handle it carefully, okay?

The Nakamatsu clan of Okinawa started a war against the Anan clan.

They are begging for your help.

So we've got to send some troops.

Would you fly down there with some guys?

Last time we were sent out, three of my men were killed.

I'm not happy about that.

That's how you earned your turf.

Business is booming, isn't it? Show the boss some appreciation.

Only if you go with me, Takahashi.

You know my job.

I gotta take care of the boss, the syndicate operation.

I can't deal with a local issue. How about my turf?

You have a good lieutenant. Think about it, will you?

It's to restore peace. There should be no bloodshed.

You may smoke.

Nakamatsu might be my sworn brother but he's never done anything for me.

He's merely a distant relative to the family.

Unlike you guys. You're my immediate family.

We've sworn allegiance and put our lives into your hands, boss.

You're putting my life into his hands.

Mr. Murakawa, there's a call for you.

I'm taking off.

Have a good night, sir.

Ladies, you may join us now.

[ Grunts ]

What the fuck?

[ Toilet Flushing ]


What's going on? Look over there.

We're bad, aren't we?

Mr. Murakawa, can we talk? Buzz off, numbnut.

Please, be reasonable. How much do you want?

Sorry, too late.

How long can he stay underwater?

A couple of minutes, I guess.

Let's try two minutes. Dunk him.

Mr. Murakawa, please, don't kill me.

[ Continues Pleading ]

Check him. Upward.

Mr. Murakawa!

Still breathing, huh?

Please, stop.

Try three minutes. Sink the man.

Stop it, please.

Stop it, please.

Mr. Murakawa!

There's something fishy about the Okinawa job.

The old man says both sides are waiting for us to negotiate.

The situation is sticky in Okinawa.

We lost three men in the Hokkaido job.

It's over three minutes, isn't it? You're right.

Hoist him up.

Boy, we killed him. It doesn't matter. Cover it up.


I'm Sakai.

Hello, sir.

Okumura, sir.

Hirose, sir.

Itoh, sir.

I'll have my men join you guys later.

You'd be happy if I dropped dead, right?

Sure. I'd feel safe pissing again.

[ Door Opens ]

Tell us who you are.

Maeda, sir.

Ohno, sir.

Tsuda, sir.

Why are you here?

Mr. Takahashi says you can take me to Okinawa.

Fuck, they look green.

This is no kindergarten picnic!

You fuck off!

[ All Shouting ]

[ Shouting Continues ]

[ Jet Engine Roars ]

What's going on?

I told you to quit that stuff.

Welcome to Okinawa, gentlemen. Now we take you to your office.

Have some rest, and the boss will take you out to dinner.

Hi, my name's Ryoji.

I have some drinks and ice cream here.

So whoever wants those...

Let's go, Shiraishi.

Yes, sir.

Something to drink?

You stabbed me in the belly and it still hurts.

I'm in wonderland.

We haven't used this office for quite a while.

It's not clean but you won't be staying for long, so I guess it's okay.

The restroom is over there.

Ryoji, bring the pieces. Sure.

I don't think you need these, but in case you feel lonely, take your pick.

We kicked some butt faces and conned these.

What does this mean?

It means "hello" and nothing more.

It could mean the end of the war.

What are we supposed to do now?

The boss talked to the Anan clan a little while ago.

Some of them got excited seeing you guys coming.

You want a tea break or what?

I guess we have to say hello to them.

I'll give it a try.

Big deal, you idiot!

It was made in the USA. You can trust it.

Now what?

[ Radio News Announcer in English ]

It all started out with a goofball from my side shooting an Anan guy, but it's nothing.

Nobody got killed and I didn't need any help.

Your old man insisted on sending some troops.

Well, I appreciate your coming all this way.

We were told that you were desperate.

It's new to me. Like I said, your old man insisted.

Nothing serious there.

It's one of those little problems we encounter every day.

[ Man Singing ]

What is your plan tonight?

Mr. Uyeji will take us out.

What part of Tokyo are you from?


Then you know Tommy's by the station?

Never heard of it.

It's a popular hang-out. I told you, didn't I?


What's that?


That's not my thing.

You feeling okay? I'm okay.

Got cigarettes?

Let's split into groups from now on.

And send whoever wants to go back to Tokyo.

It's total war now.

How are you?

Why don't you relax at a booth? It doesn't matter.

What would you like? Beer.

I'd better call some hostesses, okay?

This is Tomiko.

Send some girls over here. We're getting busy.

You know my friend Kinjo of Nakano?

He robbed a market and barricaded himself in.

I don't know him.

What about Nanbara? He's a gang rider.

You don't have any decent friends?

Somebody famous in high school baseball or something.

More beer.

Hi, how are you?

[ Labored Breathing ]

[ Breathing Stops ]

Come on in.

This is my brother's house but he lives in Osaka now. So nobody should bother us.

I'll call Tokyo from the market.

Call about what?

We hang low and check out the situation.

Beer and sake, nothing else? No.

[ Both Laugh ]

You better shoot straight. At the can.

You almost got me, dickhead! I saw it flying over here.

Give me the gun.

Let's play. Play what, sir?

Paper, stone and scissors.

You go first.

What game?

You could've killed me. Let's play.

Paper, stone, and scissors. Come on.

You again? Wait a second, please.

[ Gun Clicks ]

Let's play. It's the last chamber.

Right. So paper, stone and scissors.

So you lost.

Don't do that! Please!

[ Gun Clicks ]

[ Chuckles ]

I don't believe this.

It was empty.

He's a fake!

Watch out, blabbermouth!

And you were shitting in your pants.

[ Boys Continue Laughing ]

Don't just sit there. Dance with me.

Some other time.

[ Engine Revs ]

[ Engine Stops ]

[ Woman Protesting ]

[ Squeals, Protests Continue ]

[ Clothes Ripping ]

You've been there all the time?

You are a pervert, aren't you? Answer me.


You're dead. I mean it.

I'll slit your throat.

This is a bad joke.

You sure the broad killed him?

Two shots in the belly.

Shall we dump him?

What about the car? We'll use it.

You should even go faster, idiot.

[ Horn Honks ]

It's my pal.

How is the boss? Still talking about the truce.

I just don't understand him.

Here's some clothes. Nothing fancy, though.


Call me when you need me.

Just a second.

Hand this to Marino at Bar Chez Nous, will you?

What's this?

A present.

I'm not your messenger boy. Just do me a favor, will you?

[ Engine Starts, Revs ]

[ Engine Starts, Revs ]

There are many more over here.

I won!

Here's my favorite.

What's his name? Mai-no-umi.

So you like those lousy shirts?

You don't like it? You look terrible.

Can I visit again?

You can, but you won't bitch.

Why do I have to drive you home? I'm an awful driver.

Does it matter? Yes, it matters.

This is my husband's car.

Do I have to know?

When was your first kill?

In high school.

Who was it?

My Dad.


He wouldn't let me fuck.

Take the front seat.

[ Engine Starts, Revs ]

How can you miss this wide road?

There was a snake crossing.

You don't have a driver's license, do you?

She was driving. It's not true.

Give it a push.

You sure you can make it back in one piece?

I'm sure.

[ Engine Starts ]

You gotta pay for the gas.

Come over here. Watch out for holes.

They are coming.

Come over here! On the double!

What's going on? Move quickly, come over here.

Let's have a drink.

Boss, isn't it too childish?

What else can I do?

You are still wearing the shirt? Looks terrible.

No more traps. You sure?


No more water.

Otherwise we can't take a bath.

You can wait for the rain.

Where's the boss?

He went fishing with the broad.

She's here again?

I guess she's in love.

You don't like the shirt anymore?

None of your business, asshole!

It's great not to be afraid of shooting people.

Not afraid of killing people means not being afraid of killing yourself, right?

You're tough. I love tough guys.

I wouldn't carry a gun if I were tough.

But you can shoot fast.

I shoot fast because I get scared first.

But you are not afraid of dying.

When you're scared all the time, you almost wish you were dead.

I don't get it.

What is your plan now?

No word from Tokyo, so we'd better go home in a couple of days.

Fuck me, darling.

You fuck off!

You're bothering my girl. I'm gonna break your neck, fuck.

Will you shut up, dickhead?

It's raining!

Thank God! Shampoo!

[ Thunderclap ]

Indecent exposure is fun.

That's all? What the fuck is this?

Ready? Action!

[ Man Singing ]

No good. You gotta come out slowly.

Once more.


[ Resumes Singing ]

Listen. Do you call that dancing?

You gotta enjoy yourself! I'll dance with you.

I want to talk to Takahashi.

He's always out. He'd better be there next time.


What happened to the change?

Did you put money in?

I'm not a bum, moron. I was calling long distance.

Is your phone a piggy bank? I can kill you for this.

[ Car Door Opens, Slams Shut ]

[Engine Starts]

[Men Shouting]


You're using a gun!

It's not fair, boss!

Don't do that, Mr. Murakawa! Murderer!

Where's Mr. Murakawa? Maybe he's on a date.

My boss wants to see him now.

About what? Maybe about a truce.

Then I should go instead.

Your boss aid, Takahashi, came to see me yesterday.

He's been finalizing the truce with the Anan clan.

It's good news.

On one condition.

Anan wants us to disband.

What was your answer?

My answer to them? I told them to fuck off.

But you know Uyeji.

I'm thinking of retiring.

I want you to take over my turf.

She is having a baby.

I am getting old.

You decide whether to disband or to kill.

Did Takahashi say anything about us?

The Murakawa clan will be banished.

Well, then...

[ Gunshots ]

You are so impressive.

Are you nuts? How can I hit it?

I'm not Buffalo Bill, fuck. You try, fuck.

I say when. Got it?

Throw over there, okay?

Ready? Go!

[ Gun Fires, Clicks ]

Shit! No more!

You're fucking impressive too.

[ Gunshot ]

It's over for Takahashi.

He's ready to go all the way.

Will you?


Is Mr. Takahashi here?

I'm Takahashi.

Sorry, wrong number.

Yeah, he wouldn't register in his own name.

[ Elevator ]


[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshot ]

I swear. I know nothing.

Our boss always wanted Anan to become our partner.

He had to get rid of Nakamatsu.

The squabble was a perfect excuse for him to eliminate Nakamatsu.

Then why expel me?

Your turf is doing great business. He's greedy.

Listen, Murakawa,

the boss is coming today to see Anan.

You can take over Nakamatsu's turf.

I can arrange it.

[ Gunshot ]

Your turn.

No, thanks.

The car's gone. We gotta walk all the way.


What are you doing?

I got lost.

Are you coming back?


You'll be here?


Can I shoot? Go ahead.

Take me with you.

No way.

You had enough, didn't you?



In 10 minutes, the lights go out.

Fill the car up on your way back.

[ Rapid Glares ]

[ Gunfire Continues ]

[ Gunfire Continues ]

[ Fires Gun ]