Song Lang (2018) Script

My father used to say that the Song Lang was not merely an instrument.

He believes that it embodied the god of music, keeping the tempo for the musicians and the performers while delivering the rhythm of life and guiding the artists down the moral path.

But my life has been missing that familiar beat for a long time.

♪ On a rainy autumn morning ♪

♪ the Heaven Temple is still asleep. ♪

♪ As the temple bells strike sporadically. ♪

♪ Old monk! Quickly! Hand out the Duong Phong. ♪

♪ I will be the one to decide his fate. ♪

♪ With my sword I shall end all suffering. ♪

♪ And people will see the power of the infamous Khong Dong clan. ♪

♪ With this sword I crushed the enemies and rose to power. ♪

♪ If you are a true religious man ♪

♪ you shouldn't lingered in these worldly matters. ♪

♪ Quickly hand out the man... ♪ Hey, what is going on?

What the hell just happened?

Mr. Dung, can we talk this through?

We have been through this too many times.

Debts must be paid on time.

You shouldn't try to hide.


What are you laughing at, fool?

Here, I don't require collateral. That’s why the interest is a bit higher.

For urgent loans, the interest is 20%.

For a five million dong loan, the interest is a hundred and fifty thousand dong per day.

The principal and the interest must be repaid within forty days.

How does that sound?

If you're agreed, I need to see your household register and ID.

I'm just grateful that you've agreed to help.

Here you go.

Let me!

Here, watch this!


Brother Dung!

Give it to me.

Brother Dung!

Any fun stories from work today?

Whatever you want, just ask brother Dung to put in a word with Auntie Nga.

What now?

He wants to join Auntie Nga's crew.

Brother Dung!

Would you take me under your wings?


I asked Dad to let you come here to help out with the shop, not to cause trouble.

Brother Dung!

Thank you for your help.

Have a good evening!


Have you eaten?

I just ate.

On your way home, stop by Kim Electronic for me, would you?

Mr. Dung, I've already spoken to Auntie Nga.

She's agreed to give me a few days extension with the payment.


If that's true why did she asked us to come here?

You can clear things up with Auntie Nga tomorrow.

My guys are just gonna hold on to your things for now.

Nothing will be damaged, don't worry.

Mr. Dung, please reconsider! What about my customers?

They are just going take what they need then leave.

They are not bothering your customers.

You have this?

I've been waiting for it.

That one just came in.

Don't worry about it, it's on me.

That's not right.

Can't mix personal with business.

The altar is usually simple and solemn: a table, incense and a light or fire that is always lit.

Before taking the stage, petformers light incense and pray to the god of theater for luck.

There are many other legends and superstitions surrounding the altar.

See you later!

Electric bill.

Why is this month so high?

Use less next month then it'll be cheaper.

Thank you.

Electric bill.

Bring it up a bit higher.

Over to the left.

OK that is good.

It's quite a grand opening this time.

It's been a while since we were back in the city.

We have to make it special.

Where is it?


Why aren't My Chau's costumes more authentic Vietnamese?

This way we can use them for other shows.

It's much more cost effective this way.

We are nearly bankrupt putting up this new show.

I know. I was just saying.

The costumes are still gorgeous.

And the two of them look so good together.

Just leave that over there.

Set it down here.

Can I help you?

A couple of 555 cigarettes please.

There are six left in the box.

Would you mind buying them all?

Keep the change.

Thank you.

Are you visiting the crew?

You can leave your bike there. I'll keep an eye on it for you.

Alright it is done. You guys can go on your lunch break!

Dung, have you had lunch yet?

He is having too much fun.

♪ I will kill you, you be betrayed me. ♪

♪ I will kill you. ♪

♪ I am as fragile as a flower bud. ♪

♪ I cannot fight against this mighty power. ♪

♪ No more fear or sorrow. ♪

♪ From now on, I shall always be by your side. ♪

♪ With the gods in heaven as my witnesses. ♪

♪ I will be true to you until the end of time. ♪

♪ Dieu Thuyen! ♪



Hi? Excuse me?

Are you looking for someone?

Mr. Dung!

Oh god, please stop!

Please understand!

These past few months we've been losing money on tour.

We just got back in town.

I invested all the money we have left into our new production.

You're killing us all if you do this.

Go see if anybody is back from lunch yet.

Ask them for help. Hurry!

What are you doing?

No. You can't do that!

What are you doing?

He is destroying our costumes.

What's going on here?

He was going to burn our costumes.


Where does this thug come from?

What did you just call me?

What would you call this?

Let’s see what the cops say.


You can explain to them about the money you people owe me.

What money?

Who owes you?

Even if it’s true, this disrespectful conduct is uncalled for.

As if you people have any self-respect.


I got this.

I'll pay the rest after tomorrow night's performance.

You have my word.

If you shut us down, we can't perform and won't have money to pay you back.

There's a bed.

Why do we have to always do it on the floor?

My back is killing me.


After this cigarette.

Hurry up.

I don't trust Bon to close the shop by himself.

The other day, he abandoned the shop and took off with Hien.

All those gangster movies got into his head.

All he wants now is to be apart of Auntie Nga's crew.

I think he idolizes you, Mr. Dung Thunderbolt.

If he wants to join, let him.

Great idea!

Yeah, just let him.

My dad would shave off my hair first, and then kill him.

Let's go!

This is the only way we’re gonna be rich.

Brother Dung!

What are you two whispering about?

Nothing. We were just chatting.

I still don't understand how Mr. Tu could let you do this.

We each have our own point of view.

We can't tell each other what to do.

Yes, I know.

If the arts committee can't tell you what to do, no one can.

Don't forget the monthly company members's review.

How long is this break?

This color palette is better for this type of show.


When you grow up, don't be stubborn like your mom.

It's only going to make your life more difficult.

Dung, here's the money!

Mommy said that selling a figurine of Christ is a sin.

Besides, you can't get that much money for it anyway.

They threw paint into the house.

What's this?

It's her long slitted dress.

I'm a schoolteacher.

Please have a drink.

Dad took mom to the doctor.

They should be home soon.

Remember what the teacher says.

I must maintain good hygiene.

Other hand!


Your hands are covered in chalk.

Go wash it!

Sit down, please!

Why didn't you do it?

Do what?

Thank the Lord before you eat.

Are you a Buddhist?


What's your religion?

I'm an atheist.

So when you need something who do you pray to?

No more questions.

Let him eat.

Stop bothering him.

All right.

People said these tiny seeds are not digestible.

Thank you.

Mom and Dad are home.

Are you girls ok?


I said never open the door for strangers.

Hai, take your sister to the back.

Mom and Dad need to have an adult conversation.

Take whatever you want!

I have already sold everything to pay you people.

What are you doing?

Asshole! Can't you see she's ill?

I will be back tomorrow.

Figure out what you need to do.

But don’t try to run off.

♪ Together we will return to the pearl well ♪

♪ true to the vow we took. ♪

♪ Even in death we'd still be by each other's side. ♪

♪ Please wait for me my dear My Chau! ♪

Here you go.

How was it that time? Any better?

Your technical skill is great.

But you are missing emotion.

I don't feel it yet.

Still the final scene?

Just look at Van!

She's an emotional mess when it comes to men and romance.

That's how I get into my character!

There you go!

Unlike this guy.

For someone who's never been in love, he's doing a pretty good job.

Fall in love!

Love and heartbreak will help you become a better artist.

Are you listening?

The future is uncertain.

But for sure leaving means we have to retire.

We can always join another company.

There are plenty of them.

Which one?

It's the same everywhere.

Perhaps we should sneak around from province to province to perform?

So what if we get to continue to perform.

If others can do it, so can we.

I'm not them.

I want Dung to have a...

I've made up my mind.

Dung and I are not going anywhere.

If you want to leave, go ahead.

Thank you!

Two tickets please.

You will be great.


Are those flowers for me?

So beautiful.

Are they from Mrs. Le?

So they are for him.

I guarantee my salary is always untouched.

That's how I roll.

They probably charge you more if they know that you are a performer.

Wrong! Wrong!

So it was an improvisation performance.

I played a general.

The music started.

I stepped out on stage, struck a pose.

♪ Hey, invaders ♪

♪ I am the intruder. ♪

What the heck?

I stopped doing improv ever since.

Once is enough.

Are you all ready? We are starting now.

Keep it down!

Keep it down so I can make the announcement!

It's almost show time.

Please hurry and take your seats as the show is about to start.

Please hurry and take your seats as the show is about to start.

♪ My Chau, take a look! ♪

♪ What a beautiful last day of spring! ♪

♪ The sun is setting behind the smoky mountains. ♪

♪ The afternoon clouds are hiding behind the tree tops. ♪

♪ As a mood of melancholy descends on us ♪

♪ I want to ask the setting sun ♪

♪ if perhaps she's in a sulk? ♪

♪ Is that why she's blushing? ♪

♪ Causing Co Loa citadel to glow red. ♪

♪ I've completely forgotten about my motherland. ♪

♪ The sound of the formidable battle drums ♪

♪ has been replaced by a love song. ♪

♪ My dear husband! ♪

♪ My Chau! ♪

♪ Can you hear the melodious music in the air? ♪

♪ The flower’s fragrance fill the air. ♪

♪ All things are in perfect harmony between heaven and earth. ♪

♪ No more stormy weather. ♪

♪ No more bloodshed war. ♪

♪ Allowing this traveller from a far away land to be with you in this joyful union. ♪

♪ By this jade well, ♪

♪ the young lovers are in lost love. ♪

♪ Digging out a stream of love. ♪

♪ Let it gently flowing from the hearts. ♪

♪ Planting a seed of peace. ♪

♪ Letting it grow to cover the border between the two countries. ♪

♪ With god as our witness, ♪

♪ nothing can come between us until the end of time. ♪

♪ No! No! I'd rather die than starting another brutal war. ♪

♪ Let's have no more bloodshed, deaths and tears. ♪

♪ Don't let honor and loyalty be forever buried under the rubble of Co Loa citadel. ♪

♪ We will be branded in history as cowards and traitors. ♪

♪ My Chau and I have shared a true love vow. ♪

♪ I thought our two countries are now allies. ♪

♪ Why are we repaying good with evil? ♪

♪ Disloyal son! ♪

♪ Father! ♪

♪ How dare you, Trong Thuy! ♪

♪ You've let love cloud your mind. ♪

♪ You no longer have the spirit of a brave general. ♪

♪ Loyalty. ♪

♪ Fidelity. ♪

♪ Those are things you need to reserve for your country. ♪

♪ As your king, I've given you my order. ♪

♪ Don't waste your time trying to dissuade me. ♪

♪ Father! ♪

♪ Traitor! ♪

♪ Father. ♪

♪ Father, please forgive your foolish child who believed in the marriage vow. ♪

♪ Unknowingly I've committed a crime. ♪

♪ My heart is shattered to find out my husband has betrayed me. ♪

♪ Perhaps the Gods are envious of my beauty. ♪

♪ My name will be tainted for eternity. ♪

♪ The day he left, he assured me that nothing could change our love. ♪

♪ And swore that we would be together until the end of time. ♪

♪ And now it's he who started this war. ♪

♪ You've caused all this suffering. ♪

♪ Father! ♪

♪ The fire of war has destroyed everything. ♪

♪ All in the name of... love. ♪

♪ Oh god! ♪

♪ Together we will return to the jade well ♪

♪ as I've sworn to you. ♪

♪ Even in death we will be by each other's side. ♪

♪ Please wait for me my dear My Chau! ♪

Wait here, I will bring you your money.

No, he is not one of the artists.

Where is Thuy Van?

I don't know, stop asking.

Hello everyone!

Oh, Ms. Le!

Look at you!

Are you trying to outshine us?

I'm at the theater!

This little effort shows my respect for the artists.

You are just keep getting younger.

You guys were incredible tonight.

Was it good?

I was crying my eyes out.


Linh Phung!

I ordered this just for you.

It's from Brodard Bakery.

Thank you!

What about me?

You will get to order whatever you want at the restaurant.

Tonight I'm treating the entire company.


If it's eating and drinking, I'm there.

Linh Phung!

Why don't you just go in my car?

Actually I think I'm gonna take a rain check.

It's always rain checks with you.

He hates big gatherings and parties.

You already knew that.

That's strange.

How can you be a performer and hate big crowds?

Perhaps he wants to have dinner with just me.


It's been lots of work preparing for the opening night.

I'm exhausted.

Oh no, really?

Poor thing. Are you not feeling well?

Next time I will bring ginsengs and vitamins for you.

All imported goods.

Thanh Lan, the singer, she uses ginseng every night.

That's how she maintains her voice.

Of course.

Nothing but imported goods from Mr. Le.

Ok that's great.

It's time for them to change.

Oh, yes!

They still have to change.

I will see you all in a few.


Well, isn't that fabulous?

Somebody got himself a fancy admirer.

I will be off now.

[Radio]...just like a river carries the fertile soil, "My love for Ca Mau", written by Hai Anh and sung by Linh Phung, will continue our program tonight.

You can check around.

There are a lot of fake merchandise out there in the market.

Trust me. You get what you pay for.

We heard that you guys were back in town.

I just wanted to check up on everyone.

I had no idea he was being so aggressive.

How embarrassing!

Speak of the devil, here he is.

Dung, Why didn’t you wait last night for him?

Look, he had to come all this way this morning to drop this off.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

It's all right.

I just don't want people to think that artists have no self-respect.

Who would dare to say such thing?

We are always ready to help any artists in need.

I messed up.

Let me try again.

There's no one home.

Are you looking for Mr. Tai Den?

You know where they went?

Do you think they will make it?

I heard that by the time he got home, his wife and the two girls were already unconscious.

Rat poison?

It was insecticide.

Oh god!

The wife has terminal illness. They borrowed from the loan sharks.

Then couldn't pay it back. It was an act of desperation.

Getting involved with those loan sharks, there're no good endings.

Those two poor innocent kids.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai.

Yes, doctor!

How are they doing?

I am so sorry. We did our best.

Some are so quick choosing death as a way to avoid responsibility.

Life is hard. Only the strong survive.

If they all commit suicide when they can't pay their debts, I will be broke.

Now what?

If they die then both sides take losses.

Otherwise their debt stands.

This is on the house.

Last night we went to see your show.

It was amazing.

Thank you.



No free desert for this table?

That's my boss's call. That gentleman is an artist.

What type of artist?

He's a Cai Luong performer.

I see. Only artists get special treatment.

No shit.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Drink up!



Cai Luong performer?

How fabulous!

What an honor to meet a celebrity!

Bottoms up?

No thanks.

I had quite a few already.

What's one more beer?

One more drink won't kill you.

No thanks.

I have a show tonight.


He doesn't want to drink. Stop forcing him.

Alright, you don't have to drink.

How about entertaining us with a verse or two?

Maybe next time if you don't mind.

Think you're better than us?

Loser! Let it go!

Little shit.

Arrogant asshole.


Her make-up is too much. She is trying to outshine the lead.

Alright I remember.

My Chau, have a look!

That's when we enter.

Why is Linh Phung still not here?

I hope he didn't get into an accident.

This is so unlike him.

Will you be all right?

Would you relax?

I too used to play leads.

But you were much younger then.


Linh Phung doesn’t go overboard with his make up.


You're going on for Linh Phung tonight. I'm not doing it.

Stop that!

Don't be so sensitive.

Hurry up and get into costumes.

Go easy on the lips.


Hot ginger.

Good for hangover.

Don't worry, I didn't poison it.


What's the rush?

The show's over by now anyway.

Why didn't you wake me up?

You did this on purpose, didn't you?

Instead of getting thanked, I'm getting blamed.

Thank you for what?

I didn't ask you to bring me back here.

Right. As if you could.

They beat the crap out of you.

I should've left you there unconscious.

Stupid move on my part indeed.

In that case, I won't bother you any longer.


Those assholes broke my necklace.

Top lock.

Turn left.

You probably dropped it during the fight.

Good luck finding a locksmith at this hour.

It's late. You can crash here til morning if you need to.

That was quite impressive.

What are you talking about?

You starting a fight with those guys all by yourself.

They provoked me.

Anyway, violence is nothing to be proud of.

Of course it is.

Those jerks will have more respect for you next time.

Why did you drink so much on a show night?

I didn't.

I'm just lightweight.

I only had two beers.

Two beers and you were like that?

How embarrassing!

Loaded with great weapons and you still lost.

Now that's embarrassing.

You can do better?

There! He is releasing them.

Wait, don't take that!

Stop jumping! Just keep walking and shooting at the same time.

Watch out for those suckers.

Jump up!

He's releasing those creatures again.

Don't take that ammunition.

Why won't they die?

Stop jumping and shoot up.

Shoot diagonally!

Damn it.

Keep shooting! It's dying.


I killed you, sucker!

It took me almost a week to win this game.

One more round?



♪ Doing good deeds will bring you luck in returns. Thank you. ♪

♪ A singing career ♪

♪ and the life of an artist ♪

♪ has taken me through all corners of life. ♪

♪ The journey is full of hardship. ♪

♪ Keep moving from place to place. ♪

♪ The music has captured my soul. ♪

♪ Though my heart is filled with sorrow. ♪

♪ When I think of my aging parent back home. ♪

Why are you so pensive?

I can't get their music out of my head.

It felt as if they were just telling their own story.

If their lives were easier, their music probably wouldn’t be the same.

My mentor said to be able to give an honest performance the artist needs to have real life experiences.

It's the same for musicians.

A great musician must know how to put emotion into what he's playing.


My father was a Cai Luong musician.

You have the Cai Luong gene in your blood?


And your mother?


Was she a Cai Luong artist as well?

Is this an interrogation?

It just that I've never met a gangster with a Cai Luong background.

We're not all the same.

Are you into those?

Not at all.

I was just trying to help out.

I hate gambling.


No gambling. No drinking.

What kind of artist are you?

We are not all the same either.

Hey, watch this.

That was terrible.

How could you miss that?

It is late. Go home!

You go home, Dung Thunderbolt!

Let's continue.

You are famous.

Back in my village, every time the power was out and the moon was bright like this.

The kids would gather in the cemetery to tell ghost stories.

It was so much fun.

But when it was time to go home, no one would dare to walk back alone.

It's childhood reminiscing time?

Do you believe in time travel?

Like in the movies?

Personally I believe we can travel through time three ways through people, objects, and places.

What do you mean?

For example, every time that you meet someone, or are at a place, or look at an object, the memory of the moment sends you back.

And then you've time traveled.

Or like my sequin keychain.

What sequin keychain?

Back then, whenever a Cai Luong troupe came into town, I would just hang around the stage door searching for the sequins fallen off of the costumes.

I strung them together and kept them safe.

They were my treasures.

Because back then, it was the only thing from Cai Luong that I could actually touch.

Now, every time I look at it, it brings me back to the time when my only dream was to be a performer.

Typical artist, always with your head in the clouds.

Or like now, everytime I put on my costumes smelling like gasoline.

It will bring me back to the first time we met.

Get it?

It all should all be evaporated by now.

But there're still my watch and the gold chain that you didn't take.

Can I ask you something?


Each time you have to go to collect a debt, how does it feel?

They have to borrow.

I have to collect.

We just do what we have to do.

Dung Thunderbolt, strikes where he's told.

You get used to it.

I supposed we are all meant to be in our professions.

I don't think I can ever get used to something like that.

Were you into Cai Luong ever since you were little?

So much that my parents were afraid that I would quit school.

So they tried to forbid it.

But I was obsessed.

Finally, seeing how passionate I was, they gave in and let me pursued my dream.

Now that you're successful, they must be so proud.

I hope so.

The first time I went on for the lead my parents said that they would make a trip to see the show.

But after the show was over, I couldn't find them anywhere.

Next day I got the news.

On the way, the bus driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Today marks the sixth anniversary of their death.

But a great performer must understand grief, right?

What about you?

What about me?

Were you really into action movies and street fights as a kid?

Want me to kick your ass?

The power is back.

Let's play another game before bed.

You forgot about your date?

What date?

I have a quick errand to run.

I don’t want to be in the way.

It's a work thing.

Just stay here.

Debt collection at this hour?

Wouldn't it be quicker if I just splash the whole bucket?

Paint is expensive.

Ah, right.

Brother Dung?

Did you just get here?

Brother Hien is training me on “house painting".

When I first got into this business, it was brother Dung who taught me this trick.

That makes me brother Dung's disciple as well.

Bon, go home!

Not yet.

We still have another to go to.

Brother Dung!

Brother Dung!

I forbid you to take him with you next time.

Yes brother.

Get lost!

You want to be like them, those street rats?

Are you an orphan or I am still alive?

I would rather kill you than let you throw your life away.

You little shit!

Go up stairs!

You too, go up stairs.

What's that?

Now it's my turn.

I'm the only elephant in this circus.

Unlike the Tai or Krachie with their packs.

I'm a lonely elephant.

An elephant who is far away from his jungle.

This book was a part of my childhood.

When I first left home to join the troupe I felt exactly like the elephant in the book.

Wandering from place to place.

Accepting these strangers as my new family.

That's a silly comparison.

How so?

In the book, the elephant was captured and sold to the circus.

Nobody forced you to leave your family.

You must have read this book a lot. It is all worn out.


Who is Tu Sang?

It's my father.


Sing it.


So random.

I wanna hear it.


It doesn't sound right without music.

♪ On the last day of autumn, the sky is grey and dark ♪

♪ My heart shattered when I received your letter. ♪

♪ I've been faithful and true to the wedding vow we took. ♪

♪ Only to be let down in the end. ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ only through this song I can express this pain. ♪

♪ I'm thinking of you throughout these sleepless nights. ♪

♪ Shocked. ♪

♪ Disbelief. ♪

♪ Millions of miles away ♪

♪ are you still thinking of me? ♪

♪ The moon may be bright and glowing. ♪

♪ But its light can't penetrate my aching heart. ♪

♪ Only the sounds of my lute echoing in the night. ♪

♪ As if it's crying for the end of a love story. ♪

♪ Like the beat of the Song Lang, ♪

♪ I keep moving on. ♪

♪ Longing for the day we will be reunited. ♪

♪ Heal the pain and pick up where we left off. ♪

♪ Not knowing you've decided to walk away for good. ♪

♪ Left behind an unfinished love song. ♪

That explains why your mother is not on the family altar.

He wrote this and put it away ever since.

It's been ages since I last played.

I'm all rusty now.

Trying to be modest?

I meant it.

Only if the boss knew how well you play.

She would definitely try to convince you to join our company.

If you were to carry on the family's tradition...

I think your father would be so proud.

What's there to be proud of?

Do you really love your current job?

With debt collecting, the work is exactly as it sounds.

Unlike yours...

On stage, the stories you tell are all about honors and loyalty.

But in real life...

So you dismissed Cai Luong because you're still angry at your mother.

Why bother?

To stay angry at someone, you have to think about them.


Right now, you look nothing like Dung Thunderbolt.

A gloomy future is waiting for me.

No family.

No friends.

Alone, I will have to try to survive.

Alone, I will have to fight against all the predators.

How frightening.

Just thinking about the long journey ahead!

That day if I didn’t show up in time, Were you really going to burn our costumes?

But you did.

After the show tonight, why don’t you come to the theater and play for the boss?


It would be such a waste if you don’t.

The first time we met wasn't when I was collecting.

I remember now.

Mommy! We are back.

We brought back some fruits for you from Long Thanh.

Where's Mom?

Here you go.

I'll be there in 30 minutes.

Great. Thank you.

An elephant with a lifted trunk is a symbol of good luck.

Thank you.

How much is the orchestra seat?

120 dong.

Give me one for the balcony.

70 dong.

Not a single number.

Thank you.

Don't be too disappointed.

No luck in gambling means that you'll be lucky in love.

These type of cases happen really quickly.

What would you like me to tell your mother?

You're still a kid.

With no parents.

How are you going to live?


The funeral arrangements haven’t been made.

How did the Mr. Tai get the money so fast?

You should count to make sure it's all there.

Just remember.

We've never forced anyone to borrow from us.

Which hoochie borrowed my lash glue? Please return it.

Not here.

Auntie Nine!

Auntie Nine!

I know that I'm no longer the star tonight.

You don't need to be so insensitive.


Sorry if I made everyone worried last night.

You're safe, that's all that matters.


But what?

I was just gonna ask...


You seem different today.

Does he even know that you sold all of your things to pay his family’s debt?

How's Bon doing?

My father is threatening to sign him up for the military.

He needs discipline.

Otherwise he's no good.

Last night he was angry at Bon.

Don't mind what he said.

Don't worry about it.

Now that you've quit Auntie Nga, what's your plan?

♪ My Chau. ♪

♪ My dear husband. ♪

♪ My Chau. ♪

♪ My dear husband. ♪

♪ Tomorrow you will be a thousand miles away. ♪

♪ With only the moon illuminating your road back home. ♪

♪ The sound of the night heron is breaking my heart ♪

♪ Through the sleepless nights I will be longing for you. ♪

I hope this is enough to cover the damage last night.

Thank you Mr. Dung.

By the way, did you drop this last night?

♪ We have to be parted. ♪

♪ Even if war breaks out, or a thunderstorm that turns land to sea ♪

♪ we would still search for each other. ♪

♪ So we can die by each other's side as we vowed to do. ♪

♪ Please have faith in me. ♪

♪ Wipe away the tears and wait for the joyful reunion. ♪

♪ Day and night, ♪

♪ I will be anxiously waiting for your return. ♪

♪ The crows built the bridge to connect the tragic lovers Chuc Nu and Nguu Lang. ♪

♪ There will be no force that can keep us apart. ♪

♪ If something does happen, just follow the trail of the swan feathers. ♪

♪ It will lead you to me. ♪

♪ I beg the Gods not to play any cruel tricks, ♪

♪ challenging our love by blocking your path home. ♪

♪ Leaving you, my heart is arching. ♪

♪ Each step is heavier than the last. ♪

♪ Seasons come and go. ♪

♪ But my burning love for you will last til the end of time. ♪

♪ My dear husband. ♪ ♪ My Chau. ♪

♪ My love. ♪

♪ My Chau. ♪

♪ My love. ♪

♪ My love. ♪

Have some water.

Thank you.

What time is it?

There's still the final scene.

Why are so you anxious tonight?

♪ Perhaps the gods are envious of my beauty? ♪

♪ My name will be tainted for eternity. ♪

♪ How did the enemy know that we are here? ♪

♪ Oh god! ♪

♪ Swan feathers cover the road. ♪

♪ My Chau. ♪

♪ It was my fault to believe the enemy's lies. ♪ Thank you.

♪ Your marriage arrangement was also my idea. ♪

♪ Not realizing how wicked people can be. ♪

♪ We both committed unforgivable crimes against our country. ♪

♪ Today is the judgment day. ♪

♪ The ocean's roar sounds like a million souls crying. ♪

♪ The battle is lost. ♪

♪ Now I'm standing between heaven and earth. ♪

♪ Using our blood to pay for the mistakes that we've made. ♪

Phung, go on!


♪ My Chau! ♪

♪ The flowing tears are dissolving with the blood on the ground. ♪

♪ The vow we took ♪

♪ is now lost. ♪

♪ How could the gods be so cruel? ♪

♪ Allowing us to be together yet worlds apart. ♪

♪ Why must it be this tragic? ♪

♪ Death has separated the lovers for eternity. ♪

♪ The bond is broken. ♪

♪ Perhaps we will meet once again on the other side. ♪

♪ How tragic is this? ♪

♪ This love story will be remembered for many years to come. ♪

Stop lingering in the past.

Perhaps that's what giving you sorrow.

Things that happened there is nothing you can do to change it.

Just try to complete today's tasks and learn to enjoy the present moments.