Song of the South (1946) Script

Song of the South your music weaves a magic spell...

Song of the South, I see the scenes I know so well...

Cottonwoods in blossom, over my cabin door.

Pale moon light on a field of white...

You bring them back once more...

I Seem to hear those gentle voices calling low. Out of the long, long ago.

This heart of mine is in the heart of dixie.

That's where I belong. Singin' a song, a Song of the South

Remus: (Chuckling) Yes suh... dey's udder ways o' learnin'

'bout de behind feet of a mule den gettin' kicked by 'em.

Sure as I'm named Remus. An' Jes' cause dese yer tales 'bout critters like Brer Rabbit, an' Brer Fox...

Dat don' mean dey ain't de same like kin happen to folks...

So dem what can't learn from a tale 'bout critters, jes' ain't got dey ears tuned fer lis'nin.

Like as not dey too busy goin' along all mixt up wid dey own troubles, uh...

Like de time dat Miss Sally an' Mister John was comin' down to de plantation.

Johnny: Mama?

Sally: Yes Johnny?

Why are we going to Grandma's?

Well... I told you dear, for a visit.

Why don't she come to see us, like she did last spring?

Well, Because it... I thought you'd enjoy seeing the plantation.

Is Grandma mad at us?

But of course not, Johnny. What ever gave you that idea?

Well, Georgie says everybody's mad at what Daddy writes in the newspaper.

Don't Grandma read the newspaper? Don't she?

John: She does. And she likes what's in it.

Sally: John, please.

Johnny: Are you mad at each other too?

Sally: Why no, dear. Of course not.

Tempy: Gracious goodness, Johnny... We's almost dar! Lissen!

You ain't never heer'd no frogs like dem in Atlanta.

You know what they're saying?

Knee-deep! Knee-deep!



Knee-deep! Knee-deep!

You know, when I was your age, I used to catch lots of 'em.

I remember one time I ah hid a whole box of 'em over in your grandma's milk house John: And they got loose.

Yes, an' I 'members what you got for doin' it too.

Well, it was old Uncle Remus' fault, you know.

He told me that story about Brer Frog.

Tempy: De tale 'bout his havin' a tail an' losin' it?

John: That's it. Only... How can there be a tale...

When dey ain't no tail.

Aunt Tempy?

What is it, child?

Is Uncle Remus real?

Real? 'Corse he's real. You jes' wait 'til you hears him tell a tale 'bout Brer Rabbit.

Den you'll know he's real.

Welcome home, my daughter.

And you too, sir. Oh, it's good to have a man in the house again. Turn around here, young man.

Let me have a look at you. You favor your grandfather more every time I see you. Toby!

Yassum, Miss Doshy.

This is my grandson Johnny.. And he's the apple of my eye.

Now, you take good care of him and show him our plantation.

And if he gets into trouble, you see that he gets out of it.


I hope you're a noisy boy. I love noisy children.

It makes it so much easier to tell where they are and what they're up to.

Aunt Tempy, is that Uncle Remus?

Uncle Remus? Lawzy no, honey. Dat's jes' Ned.

Come on, I'll show you the big grandpa clock.

I've been hearing about the clatter you've raised in Atlanta.

Thumping for cotton mills, railways, and... heaven knows what.

Ned: Miss Doshy? Where do you want me to put dishyer trunk?

Put it in the.. Oh well, never mind.

Perhaps I'd better show him myself. Come along.

Now be careful you don't bump into things.


Well? What are you going to tell her? Have you changed your mind, or are you still going to stay?

Oh, I have to stay John. It wouldn't be fair to mama.

She has enough responsibility... I'm not going to saddle her with ours.

But it's only for a short time. She's be only too glad to take care of Johnny.

When dat big han' gits straight up, watch out!

What I tell you!

Oh, Miss Doshy, Sally wants Johnny to stay here for awhile... with you.

What will you do?

Oh, I'm going back. And I want Sally to go with me.

It's no use, John. I'm not going back.

Then... I'll have to go without you. And I'd better hurry, or I'll miss my train.

Miss it! You won't regret it.

Daddy? You're going back?

Yes, son.


I have to.

But... You... You've never left mama and me before.

No, I know. But I've got a job to do, and you've got one too.

Taking care of mother and grandmother.

You'll do that now for me, won't you?

Goodbye, son.

Goodbye Miss Doshy. Goodbye John.

Goodbye Sally. Goodbye.

Daddy! Don't! Don't go!

Please Daddy! Please! I won't stay here!

If you go, I'm going too!

That's what Uncle Remus said, Listen now to what I say. That's how the critters got that way.

The leopard's pappy got the gout from eatin' too much speckle trout.

His mammy dreamed of polka dots. That's how the leopard got his spots.

That's what Uncle Remus said. That's what Uncle Remus said.

Speckle trout and polka dots. That's how the leopard got his spots More, more, tell us more. The camel crossed the desert sands, with all them mighty caravans. His bed was full of sandy lumps, That's how the camel got those humps.

That's what Uncle Remus said, that's what Uncle Remus said.

Sandy bed was full of lumps... That's how the camel got those humps.

More, more, tell us more. The pig he saw his monkey friend, A swinging by his other end. He tried the same thing on a rail.

That's how the pig got a curly tail.

Yes sir, dat's de way wid Brer Rabbit... sho's I'm named Remus.

'Bout de time he git it stuck in his mind dat dey ain't nobody kin out-do 'im, Up somebody'd jump an do him scan'lous.

What you laughin' 'bout? Sez Brer Fox, sez he.

An' Brer Rabbit, he couldn't say nothin'. Well den, sez Brer Fox, sez he...

I'll settle yo' hash right now. And wid dat he grab Brer Rabbit by de tail and made fo' to dash 'im agin' de groun'. But jes' den, Brer Rabbit's tail snap off real short, an' he tuck thru the cotton patch like de dogs was after 'im. An' from dat day to dis, de only tail dat Brer Rabbit's got to his name was a lil' ol' ball o' cotton.

Pearl: An' what happen to Brer Fox, Uncle Remus?

(Chuckles) T'won't do to put too much cloth for to cut one pair of pants.

Uncle Remus, you tells the bes' tales in de whole United States o' Georgia!

Lawzy child, you should o' heard me tell 'em when I could tell 'em.

I boun' you'd a-busted de buttons off'n yo' what-cher macollums.

When Miss Sally was yo' age, she useda sit jes' as you's a settin' right now an' laugh 'til she could laugh no mo'.

Chloe: Uncle Remus! Uncle Remus! Lawzy mursy, have you seen Johnny?

Po' Miss Sally... She been lookin' high and low for dat child!

You sho' he ain't been down here lis'nin to one 'o yo' tales?

'Corse he ain't! Wouldn't I a-seed 'im?

How come you let dat boy git out o' yo sight?

Didn't Miss Doshy tell you to take care 'o him?

Come on Chloe! Us got to find him befo' Miss Sally go outer her min'.

Miss Tempy... You tell Miss Sally de boy's wid me.

What do you mean... he wid you?

Nem-mine. You jes' tell her what I sez.

Come on Toby, git yo'se'f on.

Well, bless my soul!

Ah, dar now, done gone and got sum'n in yo' eye.

An' I ain't surprised...

Things blowin' 'round here de way de does.


Hmm... Peers to me like you's figgerin' on goin' some place.

I am! And nobody's gonna stop me!

Well now. If dat don't bang my time!

You know, I was jes' figgerin' on doin' sump'n like dat myse'f. How'd you like ol' Uncle Remus to go long wid you?

Now, le'see now. Whar is we figgerin' on goin?

How kin we be goin' sum place if we dunno whar we's goin?

I'm going to Atlanta.

Hmm, pow'ful long walk to Atlanta.

Is you brung some grub?


Well, now... if we ain't got no grub, we sho can't get very fur.

S'pose we stops by my place an' picks up some cawn-bread?

An' mebbe some sweet tatters?

Tobby sho', honey.

Gimme yo' hand. I need young eyes in de dark.

Sort o' late in de day to be startin' on sech a long trip, ain't it?

Well, you don't have to go... Just 'cause you said you would.

Well, now, I ain't heard nobody say nuthin' 'bout not goin'. 'Corse I'll go.

And I'm not comin' back!

You're laughing at me.

At you honey? No suh.

I'se laughin' 'cause dem's sackly the words that ol' Brer Rabbit used de time dat he lit out from his briar patch!

An' I ain't never comin' back, neither!

Yes suh, dem was his very words.

Well, I reckon I better be gettin' my things together so's we can be leavin'.

What did you say about Brer Rabbit?

Which Brer Rabbit was dat, hon?

Why, you said something about Brer Rabbit.

Who? Me? I mighter said sump'n 'bout 'im day befo' yestiddy, but it done gone clean off my mind.

Why, you said there was a tale about Brer Rabbit not coming back to his briar patch.

Well, bless my soul, child. I sho' did.

And if I don't tell you about 'im, you're gonna pester me 'til I does.

So what's de odds? 'Tain't no great tale, no-how.

Is that the same Brer Rabbit that got away from the fox?

Why, don't you know? Dey ain't but one Brer Rabbit.

Now you jes' set yo'se'f down here an lissen wid bofe ears wide open... 'cause dis Brer Rabbit, he's de out-doin'est, The mos' bodacious critter in de whole world.

Now dishyer tale didn't happen jes' yestiddy...

Nor de day befo'.

'Twas along time ago.

An' in dem days, eve'thing was mighty satisfactual.

De critters, dey was closer to de folks... an' de folks, dey was closer to de critters...

An' if you'll 'scuse me for sayin' so... t'was better all around.

Yas suh Honey... It happened on one of them Zip-a-dee-do-da days.

Now that's the kind of days when you can't open yo mouth without a song jump right out of it...

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay, my oh my, what a wonderful day.

Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way. Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay.

Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder. It's de truff, it's actual, everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay, wonderful feeling, wonderful day.

Yass suh!

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay, my oh my what a wonderful day.

Moles: Oh, plenty of sunshine headin' my way Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay.

Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder. It's de truff, it's actual everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay, wonderful feeling, feeling this way.

Zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum. zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum zum.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. Bum, bum, bum, boo boo Boo

Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder. It's de truff, it's actual...

Where is that bluebird? [BLUEBIRD WHISTLES]

Mmm, mmm... Everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay, wonderful feeling, wonderful da...

Brer Rabbit: Doggone ol' briar patch! Doggone ol place like this!

Doggone.. Keep on...

Ahem... Howdy Brer Rabbit.

Wa-wa-wa-who-who-dat callin' my name?

Oh-ah-uh-uh-ah hello Uncle Remus.

Peers to me that you's in a powerful bad mood to go to de party.

B'ah ain't goin' to be no party. Cause I ain't goin' to be here.

I'm goin' leave this 'ol place.

You mean you's leavin' yo' ol' briar patch?!

The place where you was bawn and raised?!

You mean, leavin' for good?

Dat... I... OWWWW! Now see dar?

Dat ol' briar patch ain't brought me nothin' but trouble.

OWWW! And mo' trouble.

Dis's where my trouble is, an' dis de place I belongs away from.

Don't you know you can't run away from trouble?

Heh-heh. Where I'm goin', there ain't gonna be no trouble.

Dey ain't no place dat fur.

Well, just the same, I done made up my mind an I ain't never comin' back.

Well, so long Uncle Remus.

Ah sho' hopes you knows what you's doin.

Heh-heh! Don't worry 'bout me, ah can take care o' myself.


[UNCLE REMUS CHUCKLING] He left his old troubles behind all right, but, he was headin' straight for a whole mess o' bran' new troubles.

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee...

Fust news he knows... dar he dangled', ' twixt de heavens and de earth...

Fust he scared he goin' fall, den he scared he ain't goin' fall...

He yanked and he pulled and he heaved and he hauled.

But warn't no use.

He knows somebody caught him all right, an' he sorta specks he knows who dat somebody is.

An' sho' nuff, up on chickapin hill, where he live...

Who should hear de ruckus but ol' Brer Fox, and when dat ol' scamp see he done caught Brer Rabbit, he hollar out...

Fox: I got em'! I gots dat ol' Brer Rabbit!

I sho' is got 'im! Heh heh!

I got dat' ol' rabbit dis time fo' sho'. Heh heh heh!

And wid dat, he grab up his axe and make ready for to settle Brer Rabbit's hash, right now.

Heh heh heh heh!

Now, Brer Rabbit, bein' little and without much strength, he's supposed to use his head 'stead o' his foots, and that sackly what he starting to do when he hear ole Brer Bear come ambling down de road.

Brer Bear: Zip-a-de-do-da, zip-a-de-ay, Zip-da-da-da-da, wonderful day.


Er... ah, howdy, Brer Bear. How do you do!

Dah-dah-dah-dah. Who.. Ah.. where... uh...

How you come on? Wha.. Ah.. oh.. ah..

What you doin up dar?

Oh, keepin' de crows outa de cornfield.

I'se makin' a dollar a minute.

Uh... a dollar a minute? Deed ah is!

Would you like to make a dollar a minute, Brer Bear?

Da... yeah, but...

Ya know, you'd make a mighty fine scarecrow, brother Bear.

Uh, thanks. How'd you like to have this job?

Oh yeah.. ah.. no.. I..I couldn't take your job Oh no, no, dat's all right.

Bu-bu-bu-bu..I have made enough money! I gots all I wants.

You need money.. Here, you take my job.

Oh no, I couldn't do...

Thank you Brer Rabbit. That's all right. So long Brer Bear.

I'll never forget this. Goodbye.

Just don't know how to thank you enough.

Goodbye, goodbye. Don't mention it.

But I shore really mighty. Your welcome...

Yah, I know, I know, yah. So long I just don't know how to thank you.

But I shore really mighty... You're welcome. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

Yah, I know, so long. So long Brer Bear.

Fox: I... I... I... Oh no! Dollar a minute, zip-a-dee-ay Fox: What you doin' there? How'd you.. Howdy Brer Fox.

Fox: Get out of my trap. Zip-a-dee.. Hey! Huh! Bu-but...

Hey, I was making a dollar a minute.

Fox: You was not makin' a dollar a minute.

You rabbit theif. You was makin' a fool of you'sef.

I.. was too makin'.. a dollar a minute.

Hit 'im in the mouf' Brer Fox. Clip 'im in the head, Brother Bear.

Lookit that rabbit. Look at 'im, standin' there. See there?

See, he made a fool out of you. You fool.

He did? Of 'corse he did. He jes...

Well then.. I'm jes gonna knock his head.

You keep out of this Brer Bear. He's mine. clean off. He's mine, I caught 'im, I want 'im.

He's mine. I've gotcha Brer Rabbit. He's mine.

Let go.. I caught him.. He's mine..

Let go now.. He's mine look out dar I gotcha Brer Rabbit. Heh. Heh!

I got 'im Brer Fox. I got him Brer Fox.


So Brer Rabbit took his foot in his hand and put out for home.. where he b'long.

And just like I tol' 'im in the fus' place, you can't run away from trouble.

Dey ain't no place dat fur.

His foot in his hand Uncle Remus?

Sho honey. Dat's jes' a way o' sayin' dat he run as fast as he kin.

Straight back to his briar patch.

Where's Brer Rabbit's briar patch?

Whar? Well now, lemme see. Dat I can't zackly say, 'cause I ain't been keepin close track as I uster, but.. Do you think we could find it?

Find it? 'Corse we could!

But what's the use o' speculatin' on dat.. when we's goin' away?

Do you think we ought to go uncle Remus?

Not go? After I done fixed all dis grub?

But you said it was a mighty long walk.

But we'se goin' together, ain't we?

What's done come over you, honey?

Well, Brer Rabbit..

Well, what's Brer Rabbit got to do wid dis?

Tch Tch..! An' jes when I had a hankerin' for to go.

Well.. If you really want to go, Uncle Remus.

Oh nemmine, honey. Nemmine. I kin give it up if you kin.

Unc' Remus.

Unc' Remus, I can't find Johnny no place An' I'se s'posed to take keer o'him.

Well, whadda you know 'bout dat?

I reckon he done for, Unc' Remus.

He mighter got hisse'f los'.. He mighter fell in de mill pon'..

He mighter got et up.

Why, it's him! It sho is!

Tain't nobody else! How you like dat, Unc' Remus!

It's Him.

Mebbe it's jes his ghost.

Is you?

Naw, suh! Dat's him!

Dat's him awright!

Oh, oh!

What's the matter, Toby? I'se jes' thinkin..

He's sho' gonna ketch it when he git home.

I guess I better take my foot in my hand, Uncle Remus, an' git a-goin.

Hol' on dar! I reckon you better let ol' Unc' Remus go 'long wid you.

Tempy. Yessum.

Tempy, go and find Uncle Remus and see if Johnny is with him.

Never mind, Tempy!

Now, maybe I can get some sleep.

You think they're waiting for me?

Dey ain't passin' de time o' day.

Son! Where have you been?

Lawzy, Miss Sally, didn't sis Tempy tell you he was wid me?

Yes, she told me.. But it's so long past Johnny's bedtime.

Tooby sho, Miss Sally. I was tellin' him a tale 'bout Brer Rabbit.

An' I plum forgot de time.

Well, I don't mind your telling him stories, Uncle Remus.

But you know perfectly well, it's too late for him to be up.

Yessum. 'Twon't happen again, Miss Sally.

I'm sure it won't.

Well, son, let's run along upstairs and get ready for bed.

Miss Doshy, Johnny forget de bundle.

Didn't I tell you to run along home befo' yo' maw takes a stick after you?

You and your stories!

Miss Doshy.. What us gonna do 'bout dat child?

I wish I knew.

A grandmother doesn't count for much these days.

Yassum, it's a pity, too. What dat child needs is his paw.

And that's what his mother needs.

But I'm afraid it's going to take a little while for her to find that out.

Might cut de time down a piece, Miss Doshy, if you jes' draps a word.

If I want your advice I'll ask for it.

I'm a stubborn old woman Uncle Remus Yassum, Miss Doshy, I knows dat.

Well, goodnight. Goodnight.

You ain't mad wid me, is you, Miss Doshy?

You meddling old rascal! Of course I'm not mad with you.

Looka here! I brung you sumpin!

Oh, he's beautiful!

Mawnin', Brer Frog! How do you do?

Say 'knee-deep', Brer Frog, 'knee-deep', 'knee-deep'.

He got to be in de water befo' he say dat.

Where'd you get him? At the mill pond?

Yea! How come you know dat?

My daddy, he told me. He's caught lots of 'em.

Let's go down after breakfast and get some more.

Yea, maybe Uncle Remus'll let us use his frog box.

Come on, Brer Frog! Say it.

Johnny! Are you awake? Good morning, dear.

Mawnin! Did you have a nice sleep?


Come on! Take him!



Here we are now. Let's hurry up and get dressed.

Do I have to wear THAT suit?

Yes, dear. Daddy's mother is coming to see us today.

And the collar, too? Yes, dear, of course.

She made it for you herself.

She'll want to see how nice it looks on you.

But Toby and I were goin frog huntin'.

Well that's all right, darling. You can go another day.

Now get dressed and come on down to breakfast.

Jes' lookin' at de mill pon' won't hurt yo' clothes none.

It's no fun just to look. Sho 'tis!

'Sides, us gotter take Brer Frog back, ain't we?

We leave him 'round here, he liable to get stomped on.. or runned over.. or lost.

You look mighty sad. Like yo' miss yo' fambly.

S'pose you never saw yo' maw or paw ag'in.

Well, I guess just taking him back ain't frog huntin'!

'Corse 'tain't! Come on!

If you take dishyer horse, we kin git dar a heap quicker. Here!

How far is it? Jes' a li'l piece. Over dar, 'roun' de bend.

Come on! I'll beat you.

Whoa! Stay away from dar!

You can't cut 'cross dar! Why not?

Dat's why!

Sho is lucky I was wit you. What's that for?

Test whether de wind blowin' good or bad.

An' if it's blowin' towards de bull, dat ain't good.

'Cause den he smell you comin' an ketch you on his horns sho!

De best way is to don't cut 'cross dar 'tall.

Giddy-ap! Gidday-ap!

Joe: We oughta drown him. Jake: Sure, he's the runt.


Ginny: This here's my puppy! You leave 'im 'lone.

Aw, go on, Ginny. Ha ha ha.

Them de Faber boys. My maw don't low me to play wid dem.

Yo' maw don't neither.. If she ketch you.

You leggo o' him befo' I knock yo' head clean off.

Where'd ya git them funny lookin' clothes? Yeah.

Lookit that lace collar. Look, Joe.

What's your name li'l girl? Lookit the little girlie wearin' a lace collar!

Wearin' a lace collar! Wearin' a lace collar!

Wearin' a lace collar! Wearin' a lace collar!

Can I hold him?

You kin have him. For keeps?

If you'll be nice to 'im. They was gonna drown 'im.

His name's Teenchy. Teenchy? Gee, he's beautiful!

You can have it if you want it.

Guess Teenchy wants a boat ride. What's your name?

Johnny, what's yours? Ginny.

That's a pretty name.

Mr Bluebird's on my shoulder. It's the truth, it's actual.

Everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-doo-da, zip-a-dee-ay, wonderful feeling, wonderful day.

You take dat puppy right back where he come from, jes' like yo' maw tol' you.

An' don't you waste no time doin' it, neither.

You're my puppy and that's all there is to it.

If I take you back, that Jack Favers'll drown you.

Ol' Brer Possum, got a trick how come he get so fat, When trouble come along, he plays like dead, Now who wants to live like dat.

Well I do, I shorly do. I can't see nothin' wrong, while other folks is worryin' I'm sleepin' all day long.

Well I do, I shorly do, It's funny but it's true, That's what I abso-positive-I-lutely, wants to do.

Well, bless my soul.

How you come by dat? Ain't dat one o' dem Favers Dawgs?

You bin playin' wid dem boys?

No, Uncle Remus.

Then I ax you, whar he come from?

You better turn 'roun' and tote dat dawg right back!

But he's mine! Ginny gave him to me!

What yo' maw gonna say when you come home wid dat dog?

She ain't gonna 'low yo to have no mangy, no 'count puppy like dat!

Not in the house, maybe.

But it might be all right if... you kept him.

Now hold on there! Now hold on!

You don't 'speck ol' Unc' Remus to keep dat dawg!

What I gonna git stuff to feed 'im?

But I... An' fuddermo', he'd be hollerin' an' squallin' all night.

An' You got to be lettin' 'im out an' lettin' im' in.

I sho ain't got de time to be foolin' wid no dawg.

'Corse, don't 'speck a li'l dawg like dat 'ud eat ve'y much.

An' it ain't like you can't git uster all dat hollerin' and squallin'.

But it's dishyer lettin' in an' lettin' out.

'Corse I got a li'l corner what ain't bein' used.

Lawzy! Ain't he a ugly li'l critter?

He's not ugly!

He might grow up to be awright. An' den ag'in he mightn't.

Come here you li'l Rascal.

Look at dat!

Daw-gone, if he don't act like he think I'm gonna take 'im.

Got a nice li'l tail, too!

Trouble, trouble, trouble fly away, Wake up early in the morning, when the ding dong ring, look up, gwan' down to de kitchen room, It's the same ol' thing, want to get a bite of something', for that hungry look, look up, get yer' finger in the dumplin' get in trouble wid the cook.

Let the rain pour down. Let the cold win' blow, Gonna stay right here, in the home I know.

Trouble, trouble, trouble fly away, havin' trouble with de weevil, never did like that, look up, got the cotton full of evil, like a hypocrite's hat, when the weevil git the cotton, everybody feel low, look out, there'll be nothin' on de table, when de dinner horn blow, let the rain pour down.

Now you Favers boys go on home! Ain't I done tol' you? Go on away!

Ain't no if's and and's about it. Stop pesterin' me 'bout dis yere dawg.

I ain't gonna give him to you unles' Johnny tells me. He's yo' dawg, ain't he?

Course he is! Ginny gave him to me!

It wern't hern to give!

It was too hers! That dog's ourn.

An' we're gonna take 'im. You're not goint to take him! He's mine.

If I hears one more word bout dishyer puppy, I'll...

I'm goin' straight to Miss Sally. I'll do it, sho's I'm name Remus!

We'll git 'im yet! You'll see! Yeah!


Don't you pay no 'tenshun to them.

If they makes trouble, you jes' tell my maw.

'Cause maw says if I give 'im to you, he's yours.

'Member, you jes' tell my maw, she'll whale the daylights out of 'um.

Well, honey, you show got yo' se'f in a peck o' trouble.

You is wuss'n Brer Rabbit, when it come to stickin' yo' foot in it.

Stickin' my foot in it, Uncle Remus?

Tooby sho, jes' like Brer Rabbit when he took an' stuck his foot into sump'n he don't know nothin' bout, and ain't had no business mixin' up wid in the fust place.

Ain't you never heard dat tale?

Not yet, Uncle Remus!

Lawzy me, I 'clar to gracious..

I sho oughter tol' you 'bout dat.

Well, suh, once 'pon a time... not yo' time, nor yit my time... but one time, I was goin' fishin', an' I was just thinking how the flowers and critters was curious things... they can look in your heart and tell when it sings, if it's whistling a tune or singing a song, they all say...

'howdy' when you come along.

Butterflies: Howdy, Uncle Remus.

Good mawnin', good mawnin', girls.

Hello, Uncle Remus.

Oh, good mawnin', Miss Nellie. how do you do, mighty pleasant greetin'... how do you do, say it when your meetin', how do you do, with everyone repeatin'... pretty good sure as... your bawn.

What goes up, is sure to come down.

A penny lost is a penny found, I'll howdy you and you howdy back, this for that and tit for tat.

How do you do? Fine, how are you? how you come on? Pretty good, sho' as you're born!

Stop jumpin', Brer Rabbit, you'll run outta breath.

Why don't you sit down an' calm yo'se'f?

Well, the grasshopper jumps, an' so does the flea I do what I like, an' I suits me!

I don't know where you gonna fetch up at, I sho'ly don't.

How do you do?

Fine, how are you?

How you come on?

Pretty good, sure as you're born.

The weather's good, the fishin's fine, now what do you do with all yo' time?

Oh, I zips and I zags, I to's and fro's - dat's what you axe me an' dat's what you knows.

How do you do.

Frog: Fine, how are you?

How you come on?

Fish: Pretty good, sure as you're born

Mind out Brer Rabbit, better mend your ways.

You's headin' for trouble one o' these days.

Warnin' dat rabbit is wastin' yo' breath.

Don't worry 'bout me. I can take care o' myse'f.

Doggone, dat Brer Rabbit is sho' a caution... he sho is.

You mark my words, that... oh thanks...

That young scamp is gonna put his foot in it one o' these days.

'Corse I didn't know it at de time, but Brer Rabbit was a-headin' straight for trouble

'cause up on chickapin hill at de edge of de big woods... ol' brer fox was pow'ful curious 'bout the where'bouts o' Brer Rabbit.

Here he come, here he come, here he come right now.

Lem'me see, where was I?

Oh, yes, yes, yes... the head. Gotta have a head.

Gotta get a head right quick. Need about this much tar.

Yes, yes, about this much. I 'speck it's just 'bout right for a head.

That biggity ol' rabbit won't get away this time, no sir.

We'll catch him sho'... I'll catch him sho'.

Dat's... dat's... dat's what you said the last time befo', and de time befo' dat and da... look... les' jes' knock his head clean off.

Oh, no, indeed! Dey ain't nothin' smart 'bout dat!

I'm gonna show him who de smartest is, an' de tar baby do de rest.

It sho' gonna fool 'im! Yes sir!

Oh, no, it... it... hain't... it ain't gon' fool nobody... it hain't got no eyes!

Eyes! Oh, yes, indeed. Eyes! I'm glad I thought of that!

Lem-Me see now... hmm... let me see about this. Just 'bout this size.

Now... ah... uh... lem-me see. Oh, yes. A nose too... got to have a nose... Needs one of those very very badly.

Got to have a nose.

This is sho' gonna do the trick.

This is lookin' mo' natural all de time.

It hain't... It hain't It hain't got no hair.

Oh! Hair!

Now... Hee... Hum... Arite, come on, hep' me 'long, hep' me long, come on.

Us ain't got all day. Come on. Dat rabbit's coming down de road. Come on.

Dat rabbit gonna' be along any minute now, any minute. Everythin' gotta' be just right.

Yes, indeed, just right. Lem-me see now, lem-me see... Maybe you oughtta have a hat.

Uh huh. Maybe he do need a hat. Now maybe if he had one...

He's got one.

Huh? What's dat?

Here he come, here he come now.

Hurry, hurry. Gotta get a move on. Come on!

Look at dat rascal scamperin' down de road.

I'll fix 'im. I'll kill 'im.

Wha... wha... wha...

Yes, suh, ol' brer fox, he git de tar baby fixed up jes' in de nick o' time cuz right then Brer Rabbit come dancing down de road, lickety clip, just as fast as a jay bird. Till by and by he spotted that tar baby an he sing out...

How do you do!

Brer Rabbit wait for de tar baby to say 'fine, how are you'... but de tar baby he don't say nothin', an' brer fox, he lay low... so...

Brer Babbit try it ag'in.

How do you do?

But de tar baby ain't say nothin'...

Den Brer Rabbit scratch one ear with his off behin' foot an' 'low... he goin' find out why he cain't get no answer.

Den he say, sezee... what's de matter wid you? Ah said howdy!

Is you hard o' hearin'? Ah said howdy!

But de tar baby, he don't say nothin'... an' Brer Fox, he lay low.

I hope it works! I sho' hope... it does... ha ha!

Brer Rabbit 'low it's up to him to teach de stuck-up stranger some manners, an' he say... look, if you don't say 'howdy' time I counts three, I's goin' bus' you wide open!

But de tar baby he don't say nothin' an'...

Brer Fox, he lay low.

Be quiet! Be quiet! Shhh!

So Brer Rabbit, he start countin'...

One... but de tar baby, he don't say nothin'...

Brer Fox lay low' an' chuckle in his stomach.


But still de tar baby don't say nothin'...

Brer Fox, he lay low wid de fidgets.

Two anna half.


Here! Bu-Bu-Bu-Bu... bu-Bu-Bu-Turn me loose.

I got 'im, I got 'im, I got 'im.

Turn me loose or I'll poke you ag'in... lem-me go!

Brer Rabbit, he push and he pull, he heaved and he hauled, he kicked and he screamed, and he blubber and he bawled, but the more he thrash aroun', the wus off he gits, til he so stuck up, he can scarcely move his eye-balls.

Oh! How do you do.

Yeah, how you come on.

Bet he wishes he'd never been bawn.

Brer Fox, you an' me...

Well, Brer Rabbit... you sho' looks like a spo't, all stuck up in yo' swaller tail coat!

Don't he look good in this coat? I ain't never seen nobody look dat good befo'. lem-mm say... bu le lem...

Other folks business you minds de bes'

Don' say no mo', we see de res'.

We sho' do... We don' need nobody...

What I'se gonna say is a...

He's a pretty smart feller, the folks all say.

Yah, he knows a lot a tricks...

But he forgot 'em today.

He forgot everything, didn't he Brer Bear?

Well, suh, you ain't never see'd nobody dat had humble come-tumbleness down as fine as what brer rabbit had it den...

Poor li'l critter... He learned a pow'ful lesson, but he learned it too late... But it jes' goes to show you what comes o' mixin' up wid somethin' you got no business wid in de fust place... an' don't you never forget it!

How did Brer Rabbit get away, Uncle Remus?

Who say he git away?

Brer Rabbit always gits away.

Don't you be too sho'... ain't I done tol' you that Brer Rabbit, bein' li'l an' widout much strength, he's s'posed to use his head 'stead o' his foots?

Did he?

Sho he did!

Now, who tellin' dishyer tale?

You are!

Den you jes' set an' do de lis'nin.

Well, suh, dar he was, sittin' in de middle o' de road...

Jes' like you's sittin' in dat chair Only he's all mixt up wid dat tar baby... an' it sho' look like de end o' de finish fo' po' li'l Brer Rabbit, cuz ol' Brer Fox... was fixin' to barbeque him fo' dinna, right den an' dar.

Yes, suh, yes suh, jes' any minute now... won't be long now. dinner goin' be ready any minute now. all we have to do is put a few more sticks on the fire. Yes... get the fire goin' good.

Oh, skuze me, you is gwine stay fo' dinner, ain'cha', Brer Rabbit?

We ain't gonna take no 'scuses. Now, we jes' love to have you fo' dinner!

Wouldn't we jes' love to have him fo'dinner, Brer Bear?

Ain't dat jes' what you been sayin'?

No, sir. wuh-wuh-wuh-what I said was. I'm gonna knock his head... clean off.

No indeed, not that. Not that, no, no, not that.

No, no, stop! Wait no! No wait! Let loose. You can't do that.

Bu... don't do that... look, I'm gonna... now jes' look....

No, he's mine. I caught 'im an' you keep yo' hans' off!

But look! I'm gonna knock his head...

No! No! No! That's too quick. We're gonna make him suffer. an' I'm gonna do it the way I wanna do it. But... er...

Oh, I know that Right in the back o' my little head I knowed what we gonna do....

Now look. I'm gonna knock his head clean off Go ahead, Brer Rear, ha ha... go on, knock my head clean off. bu... hee... now.... see there. But please don't fling me in dat briar patch.

Now look here, you keep outta this! 'Tain't none o' yo' business.

Maybe I'll hang him. Dat's it. I'll hang 'im. Hang him by the neck til he's dead.

Hang me if you like Brer Fox. Go ahead, but don't flong me dat briar patch. well, I hav' no rope fer t'hang ya so I'spects. I 'spects I'll have to skin ya.

Yeah, sho'...dat's... what's dat? I said I'm gonna skin ya.

Skin me? Smiles. Oh yeah, heh, heh... go ahead.

Heh heh, yes sir... skin me if ya likes, Brer Fox, but bu-bu-bu-but there's one thing I don't wantcha to do.

Huh? What's dat? bu-bu-bu-bu-bu.... bu-bu-bu-Brer Fox... bu-Bu-Bu...

I mean... wa-wa-wa-whatever you do, Brer Fox... wa-wa-wa-whatever you do, please please Brer Fox, please don't fling me in dat briar patch.

Ahhhhh.....briar patch?

Briar Patch.

I'm glad I thought of that! Yes, indeed!

I sho' am glad I thought of that!

Butcha ain't gonna fling me in dar, is ya?

Who me? Oh no.

We ain't gonna do dat! No sir! We wouldn't do dat!

We wouldn't do dat... would we Brer Bear?

No... hee hee hee... nope! We jes' gonna knock his head clean off.

Oh no indeed! Look out! Now wait a minute!

Oh no, please don't! Look out, stop! There!

Owww! I'm done fo'.



I was born and bred in de briar patch.

Yes sir. Born and bred in the briar patch.

Born and bred in the briar patch.

So now, it's Brer Fox's turn to feel humble- come-tumble, but ol' Brer Bear, he don't say nuthin'.

An Brer Fox he lay low... heh heh... mighty low... Sho nuf.

Tell us another one, Unc' Remus.

The one you told daddy... about Brer Frog havin' a tail... an losin' it? That's it.

Well den, how kin dey be a tale...

Remus and when dey ain't no ta....

I could tell ya, but dat's annudder tale for annudder day.

Now you better run 'long an' git dat pup somp'n to chew on sides my shoes.

Come on, Toby.

How do you do?

Fine, how are you?

How you come on? Pretty good, sho as yo're born.

Jis' kaze ol' Remus take yore side don't mean we ain't gonna git Teenchy.

You wait an' see! We're gonna tell on you.

Yeah! Gonna tell Tempy. or maybe your grandmaw... or maybe even your maw.

Go ahead! I don't care! You can tell aunt Tempy.... you can tell grandmaw, you can even tell my mama. but whatever you do... don't tell your maw.

Why not?

Just don't you tell her, that's all! If you do, it'll be awful!

Ain't dat what Brer Rabbit did to Brer Fox? sh-sh! Bein' little... an' without much strength, we s'posed to use our heads instead of our foots.

Maw Favers: Now I don't wanta hear no more 'bout it. that's Ginny's dawg. an if she wants to give it away, 'tain't none o' yo' business.

I'll get even with that Johnny! He'll find out! Think's he so smart.

'Twarn't his fault. He told us not to tell our maw.

Yeah! 'Cause that's jis' what he wanted us to do.

Sooner or later, yer gonna be comin' aroun', I betcha, I betcha that I getcha, you wait and see...

Sooner or later your gonna be hangin' aroun'... I betcha...

I betcha if I catch ya' you'll hear from me.

Your gonna knock at my door you done it befo'...

Matter of factly, I don't know exactly when, but sooner or later you're gonna be hanging aroun', and want my cookin' again.

Your gonna knock on my door, you don' it befo'

Matter of factly I 'spected you zackly then, cuz sooner or later I know you'll be hangingn aroun', and want my cookin' again. But you ain't gonna get it.

Al'ays manage to come callin' on bakin' day, and totin' in three or four measley little piece of fire wood. Humph! Some folks does de work, while others jest visits. Sit around whiddlin' and tellin' stories... like Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit.

Stick his nose in dish here kitchen and we have Brer Rabbit stew.

Sis Tempy, I said it befo', I says it now and I says it again' there never was a better cook in these here parts nor nowhere else.

Humph! Ya ain't pullin' no wool over my eyes. Here!

Chloe: What you all doin' 'roun' here, anyhow?

We wants to see Miss Sally. Yeah.

What you want to see her about.

'Bout our dog. Yeah.

Why, 'tain't dey dawg. It's Johnny's.

No 'tain't. What's dat?

When he brung it here, Miss Sally tol' him to take it right straight back what he got it.

Why dat li'l scamp.

Where you goin'? To git Miss Sally.

Uh... oh.

Ain't I done tol' you to stop pesterin' folks 'bout dat mangy ol' puppy?

Now go on home. Go on, befo' I gits fractious!

We ain't goin' 'til we sees Miss Sally. Yeah.

Miss Sally ain't got no time to be bothered wid you.

An' she don't wanter hear no talk about dat dawg, neither.

What's this all about?

Johnny's got our dawg An' we we wants it back!

Your dog? You don't mean that little puppy?

Yassum. Johnny took it down to ol' Remus's so's you wouldn't know.

Is that right, uncle Remus?

Well, you see miss sally, I had..

I see.

Uncle Remus'll get your dog back to you. Now run along, please.

You gonna whup johnny?

Ya oughta!

Johnny said he didn't care if we told you.... bute not to tell our maw. and when we told her, she giv'd us a whuppin'.

Lawzy, Miss Sally, Johnny didn't mean no harm.

He was jes' trying to be like Brer Rabbit. I tol' him a tale 'bout de tar baby an' he just got a li'l bit too bodacious, and outreached hisse'f, dat's all.

Uncle Remus, I'm trying my best to bring up Johnny to be obedient and truthful.

But you and your stories are making that very difficult.

I think maybe it would be better if he didn't hear any more for awhile.

Well, Miss Sally, de stories ain't done no....

They only confuse him. Now I know you mean well, Uncle Remus, but Johnny's too young.

Miss Sally...

I'll have to ask you not to tell him any more.

Yassum, Miss Sally...

But what else could I have done, mama?

I can't just overlook it, he has to learn to mind.

That's very true, but without Uncle Remus and his stories, the child will be utterly desolate. He needs something to hold on to.

Well, he has his mother and his grandmother.

We're not enough, sally. The boy must have friends.

And if it's not Uncle Remus, or the Favers children then it must be someone else.... someone of his own age.

That's just good common sense.

What you trackin' through here for anyway?

Ain't I done tol' you 'bout messin' 'roun' my kitchen?


Yes, mama.

Do you know what next tuesday is?

Uh... of course. My birthday.

That's right, dear. And what happens then?

I get presents.

And a birthday party. Would you like that?

A party? Sure!

With lots of nice little boys and girls.

Can I ask Ginny?

Well, there'll be so many other children, dear...

That one more won't make any difference.

Gee! Thanks! Will daddy come?

Well, dear...

I'll write and ask him.

Oh boy.

Teenchy! Here Teenchy!

Teenchy! Here Teenchy! Teenchy! Where are you?

Uncle Remus? A present for Teenchy!

Where's Teenchy?

He's gone.

Gone? Then we gotta find him.

Sump'n might happen to him... if he runs around loose.

He ain't runnin' 'roun' loose.

Then, where is he?

He's back at de Favers.

Dat's what he b'longs an' you knows it.

But teenchy's my dog. He's mine.

Ginny gave him to me, and you said...

Nemmine what I said! Yo' maw tol' you to take dat dawg back whar he come from an' you ain't done it.

She don't like dat, an' I don't blame her.

But he wasn't botherin' anybody.

She yo' maw an' she know what's bes' for you!

But... but... I... I love him. He... he loves me.

You should'na done it, Uncle Remus.

Jake'll drown him! I know he will.

Ain't no use o' you carryin' on. Puppy's gone an' dat's dat.

You don't even care! Teenchy's gone... and you don't care at all.

Don't make no difference whether I does or whether I don't I'm jes a wo' out ol' man what ain't no good to nobody.

But uncle Remus, you're the best friend I have.

Mebbe so, but I'm dat pestered I don't know whether I'm end-upperds or end-downerds.

But I does know dis...

I ain't goin' ter be tellin' you no mo' stories.

Chick-a-ma, chick-a-ma, craney crow! I went to the well to wash my toe! When I got there, the well was bare!

What time is it, old witch!

Hurry, maw, hurry!

I'm doin' the best I can.

Please, maw! The party'll be over.

If you don't quit bobbin' up and down I'll never get this collar on.

I'm just doin' like you told me.

Well, don't forgit what you says when you does it.

Pleased to meetcha!

That's the girl. Now you looks pretty enough to go anywheres.

Ginny! Come on... we're late.

Ginny! Don't forgit your manners.

Pleased to meetcha!

Pleased to meetcha!

Gee, I thought you were never comin'.

Paw didn't get home with the thread, an' maw had an awful time finishing my dress.

Like it?

It's real pretty.

It's bran' new. It was maw's weddin' dress. Are we gonna have cake?

Course! They're eatin' it right now. But there'll be plenty left.

What do you do at a party... 'Sides have cake?

Oh, lots of things. Play games, an'...get presents.

Do I get a present?

Sure... Everybody does. Course, I get the most.

I get the most.

Go on home.

Go on home.

I'll tell maw.

I'll tell maw.

Don't pay any attention to them, Ginny.

Don't pay any 'tenshun to 'em, Ginny!

Quit it! Pretty strings.

You stop it.

Now look what you've done!

You've spoiled everything!

Ouch! Don't! Stop!

Make him leggo! Make him leggo!

Make him leggo! Joe, get him off!

I'll fix you.

Pull him off, Joe! Get him off!

I'll fix you!

Ouch! Don't! Stop!

Make him leggo! Make him leggo!

Aw right, get off him!

Come on, son! Get off 'im! Get off 'im! Now you git 'long... An' don't lemme ketch you pesterin' 'roun' dese chillun no mo'!

An' ah means it.



Gee, ginny! Please don't cry!

We can still go to the party... if you wanna.

I'll clean off your dress.

You're just makin' it worse.

It wasn't much of an ol' party anyway.

I know what! I'll tell you a story 'bout brer rabbit!

Now let me see... 'Bout this here brer rabbit... he was the most bodacious critter in the whole world. Anyway... de critters was all havin' a big party...

Please, don't ginny! Please.

Bless my soul! What's dis?

Ginny can't go to the party.

Oh, dat's a shame! It sho' is.

But don't you cry honey. Ol' Uncle Remus'll take care of you.

You better run along and find Sis Tempy to clean you up befo' yo' maw sees you.

Uncle Remus, I don't wanta go. 'Corse you do.

Miss Sally's gone to a heap o' trouble wid dis party.

I know, but daddy didn't come, and Ginny's all ldirty.

Please, Uncle Remus.

Move over, honey. I'se got troubles too.

'Corse I'se had troubles befo'. But dey ain't none of us ever had troubles like po' li'l Brer Rabbit. I 'members one time he had mo' troubles den all three of us rolled into one.

Yas suh, dere he was... way down in Brer Fox's cave.

An' it look like his time done run out, fo' sho.

Cause Brer Rabbit, he done used up his whole bag o' tricks.

You done played your last trick on me, Brer Rabbit.

You sho have, yes sir. You've played your last trick on me.

Here, hold that knot, you sho look mighty good in that bow-tie, Brer Rabbit.

Yes sir, you looks mighty good in that bow-tie.

Don't he look good in that bow-tie Brer Bear?

I ain't never seen nobody dressed with a bow-tie befo'.

He's all dressed up for dinna. Yea, for dinner.

Yes sir, he's really dressed up for dinner. Fo my dinner.

Cause I'se gonna barbeque you dis very minute, on dat fire.

Ain't dat terrible.

Now wait a minute. Wait jes' a minute, Brer Rabbit.

Maybe I better 'splain something to you.

I said, I'se gonna roast you... on dat fire!

Now! is dat somethin' to laugh about?

I can't help laughing, Brer Fox. I'se just been to my lauging place.

An everytime I starts thinkin' about my laughing place, I can't help.

What's a... Yeah, Brer Bear?

Wa... what's a laughing place?

Oh, dat just a secret place I knows about.

You keep out of this Brer Bear. It's another one o' his tricks.

Dat rabbit just trying...

Da... where is this laughing place at?

How can I show you where it is when I'se all tied up like this? Well, uh... I'll untie you.

You keep your big paws off. But uh... But uh...

He's mine and I'm gonna roast him.

Right now, right over this fire. I'm gonna...

I wanna see dat laughing place.

Boy am I in luck.

I think about my laughing place and yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

Everyone's go a laughing place, a laughing place to go, ho ho...

Take that frown, turn it upside down And you'll find yours, I know, ho ho.

Boy am I in luck.

I think about my laughing place... Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

Everybody's got a laughing place, A laughing place to go, ho ho.

Take that frown, turn it upside down And you'll find yours, I know, ho ho.

Now look here Brer Bear, this has gone far enough, I...

Now look here Brer Bear, this has gone far enough.

I ain't goin' one more step. But I wanna.

Not one mo' step. But I wanna.

This is just one o' his tricks.

That rabbint's just making a fool out of you, you fool.

He is? 'Corse he is.

There ain't no such thing as a laughing place.

Dere ain't? 'Corse not.

Come on now, we'll go and have some...

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. There it is.

Huh? There is the laughing place.

Where? Right through there.

That rabbit's trying to fool... Me first.

Hey! Dey ain't nothing' in here 'cept bees.

You sho' done made a fool out of yo'se'f this time.

Yes suh, you sho made a fool outa yo'sef.

I ain't never see'd nobody look dat silly befo'.

You know what Brer...

Now look, you said dis was a laughin' place...

An I ain't laughing.

I didn't say it was you laughin' place.

I said it was my laughin' place Brer Bear.

I wish I had a lughin' place. Me too.

What makes you think you ain't? 'Corse you got a laughin' place.

Really, Uncle Remus? Really?

Ev'ybody's got one! The trouble is, mos' folks won't take the time to go look for it. Where's mine?

Well now, dat I can't 'zakly say. 'Cause where 'tis for one, Mightn't be where 'tis for another.

Come on Ginny! Let's start lookin.

Johnny! Johnny! Where have you been?

Well, you... Look at your clothes!

What in the world have you been doing? The party's all over, dear.

And you weren't even there to tell your guests goodbye.

Well, you... Uncle Remus told us a story!

'Bout Brer Rabbit. You got a laughin' place ma'am?

Uncle Remus says eve'ybody's got one. Pleased to meetcha.

I sho is sorry, Miss Sally. No, it's my fault.

I should have known you couldn't stop telling your stories.

I don't like to say this Uncle Remus, but from now on I want you to stay away from Johnny, you understand?

Completely away. Yassum.

Let the rain pour down, let the cold win' blow Gonna stay right here, In the home I know.

When your achin' with the misery, when your old and grey, Then ya better be thankful that He let you stay.

Let you stay to see de chillun, playin' 'round yo door.

Oh, I knows... I knows... I'm jes' a wo' out ol' man what don't do nuthin' but tell stories. But dey ain't never done no harm to nobody. An' if dey don't do no good, how come dey las' so long?

Dishyer's de only home I knows.

Was goin' ter whitewash de walls, too,

but not now. Time done run out.

Unc' Remus! Is Johnny...

Unc' Remus, what you doin'?

I'se goin' away, to Atlanta

You shore I've got a laughing place?

Course! Didn't Uncle Remus say so?

Look! Aww, that's just your house.

But paw's home! I'm gonna tell 'im 'bout Brer Rabbit!

He'll laugh like anything.

Uncle Remus! Uncle Remus! Uncle Remus, I've found it!

My laughing place! It's right here...

Mama! He's gone! Uncle Remus is gone.

Where'd he go, mama? I don't know, son.

But why'd he leave? Why? I'm afraid mother's to blame.

Miss Sally! Unc' Remus goin' away! He's gettin' in de wagon!

Uncle Remus! Wait! Uncle Remus!

Johnny! Uncle Remus! Come Back.

Wait, Uncle Remus! Wait!

Oh Johnny.

More and more faith in him.

He made all the stars and the moon and the sun.

More and more faith in him.

He number the sparrows and the birds everyone.

More and more faith in him.

My Savior!

All I want... All I want... All I want...

is more and more faith in him.

My Savior! All I want, all I want...

John: Toby, what is it?

It's Johnny, sir. He got hurt by dat bull.

Mister John! John: How is he?

Well, he's out o' his head, suh, and' talkin' like his li'l heart's

'bout to break. You see, Mister John, he was cuttin' through de bull pasture... trying to stop Uncle Remus from goin' away.

More and more faith in him.

Angel have mercy on this little chil'

More and more faith in him.

He's only been here such a mighty li'l while.

More and more faith in him.

Son, daddy's here.

Uncle Remus! Come back, Uncle Remus! Come back!

Johnny! Johnny!

Uncle Remus... Please.

Uncle Remus!

De smoke was comin' outta de chimney, an de light from de lamps was shinin' soft. Inside de house, de kittle was singin' over de fire. On the hearth de cricket was a jiggin' to de tune.

Yes suh, things was mighty satisfactual. 'Cause Brer Rabbit done come back to his laughing place wid de folks all 'round him what b'longs dar.

Uncle Remus!

An' dat night, he was de happiest Brer Rabbit.

An' dat was de laughin'est place in de whole wide world'.

Daddy. Mama! Daddy's here! Mama!

She's right here, son Yes, darling. It's all right.

Mama! Make him stay, please!

There now, son. I'm not going anywhere.

I'm going to stay right here, where I belong.

Honest? Honest. And we'll have more fun than... than Brer Rabbit hisse'f.

And we'll have the laughin'est place in the whole wide world.

An' dat's de trufe!

Miss Doshy, things are lookin' mighty satisfactual.

Mighty satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, My oh my, what a wonderful day.

Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.

Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder. It's the truth, It's actual.

Everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, Wonderful feeling, wonderful day.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, My oh my, what a wonderful day.

Plenty of sunshine headin' my way...

Howdy do, how do you do.

Oh, hello there Brer Rabbit. Hi there, Brer Rabbit.

Yes sir, this here's one of them zip-a-dee-do-dah days.

For sho'. Zip, zip, zip, zip, zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.

My oh my, what a wonderful day, plenty of sunshine headin' my way.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.

Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder.

It's de truth. It's actual. Everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah zip-a-dee-ay.

My oh my, what a wonderful day.

Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way, wonderful feeling, wondeful day.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah zip-a-dee-ay. zip, zip, zip, zip, zip.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay. My oh my, what a wonderful day.

Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay. Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder.

It's really true, it's actual. Everything is satisfactual.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay. Oh what a wonderful feeling, What a wonderful day.

Singing a song,