Songs from the Second Floor (2000) Script

Hi, Lennart, it's Pelle. Hi, Pelle.

This bloody cough! Terrible!

It was good of you to come.

Sorry, Lennart, didn't catch that. It was good of you to come!

Well sure, you asked me to, but I can wait outside.

No, no, no. Stay here. I'm flying to Barcelona at three.

Right then.

You're not pleased, so I hear.

No, actually I'm not, Lennart. I think it's a shame.

This is no fun. We'll soon be up to 700.

Who said anything about fun?

You know very well we have to make it to a thousand.

You really mean that, Lennart?

I do.

Everything has its day, Pelle.

Yes, but...

The pyramids had their day.

Of course they did.

Steam engines had their day. Sorry... didn't quite catch that.

Steam engines had their day.

That's true.

This is a new day and age, Pelle. You have to realize that.

True enough, but still...

If this keeps up we'll have to shut down entirely.

That would be a disaster for a lot of people.

What's that got to do with us?

You have a point... We won't be around then, Pelle.

Sorry, Lennart, what do you mean?

I mean, what's the point of staying where there is only misery?

No, there's no point.

When that day comes I'll be long gone...

...and so should you!

Beloved be the ones who sit down.


Very nice!

Oh yes, the old boy must look his best.

Pelle Wigert wants to meet me today.

And what does he want?

We'll have to wait and see.


It would be nice if you could be home today when I have my day off.

Sure, but how would that look?

I haven't missed a day in 14 years.

It would be nice just the same.

Everything has its day, dear.

There's a time for work and there's a time for other things.

No, no, no! No, no!

Everything has its day, dear.

You old bore!


So long, traitor!

Would you let go now! No, no, no, no!

Pull yourself together, Lasse. No, no, no, no!

Pull yourself together!

I've been here for 30 years!

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

I've been here for 30 years! There's nothing I can do.

I've been here for 30 years!

There's nothing I can do.

There's nothing I can do!

But I've been here for 30 years! There's nothing I can do.

I've been here for 30 years, Pelle!

I've been here for 30 years!


Is there an Allan Svensson here?

No, there isn't.

He's not here!

Close the door!

Excuse me, is Allan Svensson here?

What are you doing here?

What the hell are you doing here?

He's talking to you. What do you want?

I look for man, he not here. Speak clearly!

What did you say? I look for man, he not here.

What's up?

Who are you looking for? Allan Svensson.

What the hell are you doing here?

Lasse... You-who?

What happened?

Such heavy traffic!

Even though it's so late...

What's wrong, Pelle?

We'll buy a new golf club.

We'll buy a new one!

May I have a volunteer?

Over here!

There's one there! Welcome up on stage!

No, leave me alone.

Please, come over here.

May I take that for you? Sure.


Ow! Ow! Ow!

When are you going to get a divorce?

When will you do it?

Answer me!

Let's move along a bit then, shall we?

Move? Oh. Right.

There we go. Thanks.

You have to believe me, Krister.

You "have to" believe me!

I'm stuck here!

I haven't advanced more than a few hundred yards in four hours!

Hi. Hi.

Krister, I swear...

Hi. Hiya.

Darling, what shall I do?

How are you?

What can I say?

It's not easy being human.

I agree.

You saw your boy's there. Yeah.

He's been sitting and waiting for hours.

You think I look like this without reason?


Dare I ask what you've done?

Done? I'm ruined.

My whole business has burned to the ground.

What's that?

I said, the entire business has gone up in smoke!


What have you done?

I'm ruined.

Don't you see?

My whole business has gone up in smoke.

Look at this...

The books!

Nothing could be saved.

It's a fortune!

Maybe it's just as well...

Is that what you have to say to your father, when he's in trouble?

I've been waiting for you.

I want to talk to you.

About what?

You know -the future.

How everything's going to... be.

What we're going to do.

How we're going to get by.

How we're going to put food on the table.

Enjoy ourselves.

Does anyone know how to get out of here?


You could have called.

Something terrible has happened.

My whole business has burned to the ground.

Nothing but ashes...

I'm the one who set fire to it.

And I think I'll be discovered.

Don't you see? Dear God!

I'm the one who set fire to it!

I think I'll be discovered.

You seen that crazy traffic over there?

It hasn't moved in over 8 hours. No one knows why.

It seems the whole town is on the road.

Everyone going the same direction.

Makes you wonder, you know, where they're headed...

...the people.

Do you know where they're headed? Where they are going?


Do you want some bread? No, I'm fine, thanks.

It's good. There's mustard on it. No, thanks.

You live around here?

Not any more.

What the hell are you doing here, then?

I was just passing by.

I used to live up there.

At the top, to the left of the drainpipe.


I got thrown out. Thrown out?

Yeah, she didn't want me anymore.

Man, that's sad. I'm so sorry to hear that.

God damn...

Ask me, I know.

What's her name?



Susanne, don't be so cruel! Shhh!

Open your door to a man who hungers and thirsts.

Don't be so cruel, Susanne!

Damn, what beasts!

Maybe there's more...


Don't be so cruel, Susanne!

Open your door to a man who hungers and thirsts.

Who the hell is that? How do you know him?

I don't know who it is.

You've got to believe me, Micke!

It's true... I don't know who it is.

Yes, well naturally, I tried to put it out.

But it was impossible.

I was about to catch fire myself.

You see here before you a fortune turned to ashes.

Everything seems to happen to me!

One catastrophe after another.

Have there been other fires?

No, there haven't.

There are other catastrophes besides fires...

...that are much worse.

I have two sons.

The oldest...

...he's seriously ill. I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, he's lost his mind. Writing poetry made him nuts.

Oh dear!

Yes, it's terrible.

What's a few charred pieces of furniture compared with that?


Of course, they were expensive.

Well... not this one.

But there was a Chippendale suite over there.

A sofa.

Two armchairs.

Top quality!


Do you have that on paper?


Obviously, they've gone up in smoke.

But a Chippendale is a Chippendale.

Even if it doesn't say it on paper!

You, for example.

You are who you are, whether or not anybody's made note of it.

Aren't you? I suppose.

Yep, we'll just have to believe it.

This, this is my youngest son.

They're from the insurance company-

Or so they say...

So, we'll just... have to take their word for it.

In case you have trouble understanding this, you may as well join the demonstration and do some good.

Stock prices are falling.

The country's in a very bad way.

They're fighting for better times and here you stand and quibble over a sofa and a few armchairs.

Hi, Tomas!

Here we go again...

What have I done, Tomas? What have I done wrong?

He's not answering. He's not answering today either.

Can't even say "hi" to his own father!

He's been writing poetry and it made him nuts.

It's okay, Tomas.

The kids are fine.

Elisabeth too.

I drop by now and then.

You don't have to worry about them.

Or about the cab. I drive as much as I can.

It's a lucky thing somebody's taking care of business!

He's left his cab and family high and dry.

Writing poetry till he went nuts.

It's awful! It's just awful!

Beloved be the unknown man and his wife.

My fellow man with sleeves, neck and eyes!

Beloved be the one who sleeps on his back.

The one who wears a torn shoe in the rain.

Beloved be the bald man without hat.

The one who catches a finger in a door.

Catches a finger... What's so special about that?

It's happened to everyone. Writing poetry made him nuts.

Beloved be the one who sweats out of pain or out of shame.

What kind of nonsense is this? Give me my smock.

The smock!

The one who pays with what he does not have...

There was a wallet here too. Where is it?

Beloved be the ones who sit down.

Sit down?!

What's with that? Calm down now!

Beloved be the one who sits down?!


Why should you love him, eh?

Look at that brother of yours. Take it easy!

He sits where he sits.

No yelling in here. Calm down now.

Sit down, sit down...

He sits where he sits!

Who's going to come along and love him, then?

Can no one help him?

It's good of the Father to let me come and talk to him.

See, it's like this...

My entire business has gone up in smoke.

It's nothing but ashes.

And I have a son who's gone mad.

Makes you wonder what you've done wrong...

You can't talk to him.

He doesn't respond.

I'm at my wits' end.

At your wits end... So, who isn't?

I've been trying to sell my house for four years.

No such luck.

Yep, I'll lose 200 thousand - at least.

That's a shame.

A shame. A real shame.

What about me, then? I paid for a trip and then the travel agency went bankrupt, the money's gone.

It's all because of the stock prices.

They... they go up and down.

It's frightful! I quite agree.

Beloved be the one who sits down.

I beg your pardon?

Beloved be the one who sits down.

We can go with this.

When are you going to do it?

You could answer at least!

It's nice to sit down for a bit.

I've walked all the way from North Station.

I thought...

"It'll be quicker to walk", I thought.

In chaos like this, that just goes on without anyone being able to give a reasonable explanation.

But it was a long way!

Longer than I thought.

I'm in a hurry. I'm late.

I overslept.

I had nightmares. Oh dear!

Where are we going?

I'm going to visit our former Commander-in-chief who has a birthday today.

He's turned a hundred. I see...

Where does he live?

Where do you think someone lives who's reached such a venerable age and who doesn't have to pinch his pennies.

St. George's rest home.

St. George's. O.K.

A lot of people will be paying their respects.

Admiral Bengtsson is going to make a speech.

And can you guess who wrote the speech?


I did.

That's my main job these days, writing speeches...

But it still makes me nervous every time.

Terribly nervous.

Fact is, I had to nip into the Grand Hotel and have a drink.

I needed one.

Well, three... to be perfectly honest.

So now I'm actually quite pleased with what I've written.

My approach was a rather philosophical one.

About being human year after year...

This is how I see it...

Life is time and time is a stretch of road.

That makes life a journey, a trip.

Don't you think so? Yes.

I guess you could look at it that way.

Yet in order to travel you need a map and a compass.

Otherwise you wouldn't know where you were.

Would you? No.

And our map and compass...

...are our traditions.

Our heritage, our history.

Aren't they? Yeah, sure.

If we don't understand this...

Before we know it, we're fumbling around in the dark.

Where are we?

Well, actually we haven't moved more than a few yards.

We haven't? No.

They keep delivering more flowers!

Sure they do -when someone celebrates his 100th birthday!

And has been so clever! Become both a general and a millionaire!

Millionaire?! To put it mildly!

He's one of the largest landowners in the country.

20,000 acres of cultivated land and twice as much forest.

How much is that? 60,000 acres.

How many square meters is that?

240 million, isn't it? Exactly!

Two hundred and forty million square meters of land.

And eight lakes on his property.

Fantastic! Unbelievable!


Uh-oh. I think it's time for the bed-pan.

Anna, the bed-pan! Coming...

They're here now.

They're here now.

Right honorable general and Commander-in-chief Emeritus.

It is man's fate to grow older.

Year is added to year, experience to experience during our never-ending journey around the sun.

Honored general and, if I may say so, dear colleague.

Few people are privileged to have completed such a large number of orbits around the sun as you, sir, have done.

Today when you set out on a new orbit, your 101st, I, as an active member of the joint Chiefs of Staff, have the task, pleasure and honor on behalf of all branches of the armed forces to extend our hearty congratulations to you, sir as a person and as a human being and as a representative of the safeguarding of our country, our traditions our distinctive character and our history.

My best to Goering!

I beg your pardon? My best to Goering.

Sound the regiment's recognition signal.

Hoist the flags!

Hoist the flags!

Hoist the flags!

Where have you been? Sorry...?


What do you mean, "been"? I've been all over.

I've driven all over town around and around...

...and listened to people with problems.

I asked where you've been!

Yeah... and then...

Well, then I felt like having a beer.

At least three, to be honest.

At least six, to be honest.

You could have called.

Seven, to be perfectly honest.

You didn't need to come here.

For Christ's sake, should just sell that damned carthis minute.

Tomas can't drive a cab.

He's too soft.

He takes everything to heart.


What's wrong? Am I not allowed here?

Why not? You don't love me.

Beloved be the one who sits down.

Beloved be the one who sits down!

...who sits down.

Beloved be the one...


"Do unto others"

"as you would have them do unto you."

In other words...

If you want me to make you happy, you have to make me happy.


But you haven't done that! You've made me damned disappointed.

Have you seen the nails?

You come here, you sit down and start talking business without any cash. Who the hell do you think you are?

I was thinking you could give them to me on credit, Uffe. 30 days...

30 days?! Who the hell knows what could happen to you in 30 days?

I'm really in a bind, Uffe.

Kalle! Well, I'll be damned!

You're here this year too! Yeah, so they say...

Alive and kicking! And here I was thinking you'd burnt to death.

How're you doing?

Oh, you know how it is, Uffe, in times like these.

You have to struggle for every crumb.

Try to find something you can sell with an extra zero on the end...

In that case you've come to the right place, Kalle. Take a seat!

Hi, Kalle. Hiya.

Sit down. Sure.

So, this is what you're up to this year.

Yes, I too have to survive.

Here is the product you can put two extra zeros on.

You think so? Think?!

We're heading for the year 2000. Two thousand, Kalle!

And this here is the birthday boy.

You get a chance like this only once in a lifetime.

It'll be another thousand years before this man is as important again.

I guess I won't be around then.

This, this suits you, Kalle.

It suits an old furniture salesman.

Come here. Between you and me... check it out.

There are already too many in on the champagne and fireworks.

Choose three sizes.

Take along an order-book. Get out there and make some money!

Yeah... I don't know, Uffe. I'm so tired.

I already have a cross to bear.

The insurance company is giving me a hard time.

Besides my son has gone mad.

He what...?

Yeah, he's been writing poetry and it made him nuts.

Well, it won't be a bread winner but that'll blow over.

It'll blow over, Kalle.

You think so? You shouldn't think so damn much.

It's not good.

What happened? That's a good question.

He's stuck. He's stuck in the door.

Well, that's pretty damned obvious. But how did it happen?

He slipped, I guess.

Slipped? Yes.

How clumsy can you get? It could happen to anyone.

He slipped and fell backwards and hit his other arm against the door.

And it shut. Well, it's clumsy all the same!

Try to take it easy. We'll help you in a minute.

My colleague will come and open the door carefully from the inside.

Here he is now. He's opening the door now.

That's not so bad. That wasn't so bad now, was it?

It wasn't so bad.

It wasn't so bad, was it?

Poor man! It could happen to the best of us.

Our son got himself stuck in a deckchair last year.

No, it was three years ago! Wasn't it last year?

No, it was three years ago.

What about me! I got my finger caught in a dresser drawer and it really hurt. And that was ten years ago.

And look, you can still see the gash.

Hi. Hi.

It's been ages... Yes, it has.

It really became barren.

You really scared me, Sven. I did?

Yes, you did.

I suddenly felt really guilty.

When I caught sight of you, Sven.

You understand, I guess.

You know what I thought? No.

As a matter of fact, I thought you were dead, Sven.

I heard you'd committed suicide.

Yes, that's right.

For Christ's sake, Sven! Why did you do that?

I had no choice.

Sven, am I to blame?

Is it my fault? I didn't say that.

He's so unhappy, the poor boy.

What does he want? He's gone astray, got lost.

Are you looking for me? He's looking for his sister.

Sister? Yes, his sister.

The Germans hanged her over in Russia...

Then they hanged him too.

He's so very unhappy, because he didn't have time to apologize to her.

If I've understood correctly. Apologize, for what?

He'd done something mean.

Hurt her, I think.

And regretted it, but he didn't get a chance to make it up to her.

Please! That's awful!

I can't bear to listen.

What had they done? Why did they hang them?

Something to do with being from the wrong race, I think.

What? They belonged to the wrong race.

Oh dear, oh dear...

What happens now? What's he going to do now?

Who? The boy.

What do you mean, "do"? He can't do anything.

That's why he's so sad.

Don't you see?

He didn't get a chance to make amends with his sister before he died while she was still alive.

Then he was hanging there himself from the rope...

That's why it's so tragic.

Because he can't do anything can't even try...

He's dead.

They both are.

Sven, how much did I borrow from you?

Was it 280000?

No, I know, it was 287...

Excuse me for saying so, Sven, I'm only being honest with you...

...but I was relieved when I heard you were dead.

"Now I don't have to pay back the money," I thought to myself.

There weren't any papers. I was free from my debt...

Good God, Sven, what should I do?

I can't very well pay back the money now, can I?

To me? That would be difficult.

I'm only human, Sven.

A man does the best he can struggles to get a bit...

...of food on the table.

And enjoy himself.


He wasn't the son of God.

He was just a nice guy.

That's why he was crucified.

He was tormented and killed. What?

He was tormented and killed.

Who? Jesus.

He was crucified. Of course he was.

Because he was a nice guy.

Hi, Tomas.

Hello. Hi.

You could at least say "hi"!

When your grandma's here and all! Take it easy.

Forgive me, Tomas.

I had something fun to tell you.

I've got a new business concept. Me too.

I've got a business concept too, but it's secret.

Imagine, Tomas...

The insurance company gave in.

And why do you think they did that?

You've got to be able to speak up for yourself.

Speak plainly and you'll get results...

You can write poems with words too.

It's not that.

Why complicate things, Tomas?

Life is a market.

It's as simple as that.

It's all about buying something you can sell with an extra zero.

Or two.

The whole world knows that everyone but you, it seems.

Is there no one who can help you?

Is there no one who can help you?! Take it easy!

Writing poetry till you went nuts, huh?

Easy does it.

It's awful!

Is there no one who can help him?

Is there no one who can help him?

...that's why he was crucified.

...who can help him? Calm down.

Is there no one who can help him?

It would of course be an advantage if the chairman of the Economic Faculty's council of experts could at this point present at least the main features of the long-term perspectives and strategies which the council would like to propose to the government.

Long-term... I don't know if I have those with me here today, but the short-term ones should be here somewhere...

One moment, please.

Strange. I'm sure I had them this morning.

This is obviously not good.

It appears that we shall have to skip the strategies and concentrate on tactics instead.

But before we do so, we should perhaps attempt to summarize what we've discussed here today.

It's difficult, I know.

Our discussion has lasted over eight hours but is there anyone who feels they'd like to have a try?


Professor Frank, for example, hasn't said anything for a long time.

Well, I agree with what most of the others have had to say today.

All we can do is hope.

Would Dr. Wendt care to comment on that?

The house across the street, it's moving.

I don't follow you. It's moving.

That house over there.

What do you mean, "moving"? It's moving!

That's right, it is!

What kind of nonsense is that?


It's moving...

It is moving! It really is!

Take it easy! Take it easy!

The doors open inwards. Back up! Hey!

It's very important we don't lose control.

Very... important!

What papers are you looking for?

What papers?

An official report.

A very troublesome report which is supposed to clarify why we can't afford to work.

You'll just have to write a new one!

Try to remember what was in it.

Write a new one!

What was in it?

There wasn't very much in it.

It's hard, it's very hard to explain why we can't afford to work.

It's impossible!

It's not us who decide that sort of thing.

We're not the ones who decide.

We must understand that.

It's fate that decides.

Not us. Fate.

Who can decide over fate?

Not us anyway.

All we can do is try to appeal to fate.

That's all we can do.

You'll have to forgive me, but I'm afraid I can't help you, because I can't understand what you're saying.

Like I said, I can't help you.


Ow! I'm stuck!

Enough is enough! Get out of here!

Well now, Anna. From what we've heard you're feeling fine, not sick or anything.

Yep, very healthy. I see.

She's very healthy. She is, is she?

And you're doing well in school.

You're good at reading and writing from what your mum and dad tell us.

I see.

Have you read many books? Yes, a few.

I see.

You see, these ladies and gentlemen sitting here...

...they've read all the books. That's right! An awful lot!

Yes, most of them! Yes.

And when you've read that much, well, then you also know an awful lot.

Yes, and we also have the benefit of experience.

Quite right.

Long experience, I might add.

Yes, indeed.

That's how you know and how to do it.

And, Anna, there's one more thing you know if you've read that much.

You know what can't be done, what's impossible.


Because you can't do just anything.

Certainly not.

An ant, for example, can't eat up an elephant. It's impossible.


And when it's your birthday, well, not everyone can come to the party.

If they did, then everyone would get a piece of cake this little.

No bigger than a crumb! So small you could hardly see it!

That wouldn't be such a fun party. No, darn it!

I can see you understand that.

But there are other things, Anna, that are impossible and that can't be done.

That you can't really understand when you're small only when you're big and have read many, many books.

And then there's also experience. You mustn't forget that!

No, absolutely not. No...


I can't get up.

Help! I can't get up!

We have sacrificed the bloom of youth.

What more can we do?


What? Nothing, absolutely nothing What more can we do?

Where are we? Huh?

Where are we?

At the Grand Hotel, for Christ's sake!


What more can we do?


But, where are we? I can't get up.

Where are we? I can't get up.

Where are we? I can't get up.

What's wrong now, then, Robert?

It's heavy, Pelle. I can't take it any more.

You have to, Robert. You have to try!

Come on!

Hang in there, Pelle! You've got to hang on!

Yes, I know. I know.

There's a time for everything. Sure, right.


There's a time for misery.

Sure, I know there is.

But it'll soon be over.

Only a few more yards and we'll have left this damned dump under the clouds for good.

Yes. Let's hope so.

As free men, Pelle. Sure, right. Sure...

Free at last! Yes!

And then we'll only have ourselves to think about.

Right, sure, that'll be nice.

And do what we feel like!

Sure. Sounds good.

Do we not deserve that, Pelle?

Aren't we worth it, when we've worked so hard?

Only a few more yards!

A new day is dawning!

Come on then!

There's a time for everything, Tomas.

There's a time for everything.

Your time will come, Tomas.

It will... I know that.

It's not true that no one cares about poetry.

They just pretend they don't.

Right now...

They're just pretending.

That's how it is. I know.

Beloved be the one who works by the day, by the month, by the hour.

Beloved be the one who sweats out of pain or out of shame.

The person who goes, at the order of his hands, to the movies.

The one who pays with what he does not have...

The one who sleeps on his back.

The one who no longer remembers his childhood.

Stop it, Stefan! You'll only make him unhappy.

You mustn't be unhappy, Tomas. You mustn't cry!

Take it easy, Tomas, it doesn't matter.

Beloved be the one who sits down.

It's okay to cry.

That's what you should do when you're unhappy.

Jesus did. What?

Jesus cried when he was on the cross.

He hurt so much.

He was crucified...

...because he was a kind person.


Tomas is kind, too...

...but he's got no head for business.

Of course you're unhappy!

Jesus didn't either. He just hurt.

Yeah, sure.

He was tormented to death because he was kind.

He wasn't the son of God.

He was just a kind person.


Beloved be the just man without thorns.

The bald man without hat.

The thief without roses.

The one who wears a watch and has seen God.

The one who has honor and does not die!

Are you here, Uffe?

It's been a long time.

I'm ashamed, Kalle.

I'm ashamed.

It was a bad idea. Yeah...

The worst I ever had.


Damn it all!

How could I be so stupid?

Out of my mind.

To think you can make money on a crucified loser!

God dammit, I blush to think of it!

What a fucking dud product!

I haven't kept up with the times!

That's the bitter truth.

But I'm going to get my act together, Kalle.

We'll have to find something else to sell with a few extra zeros on it.

If I think of something...

I'll call. Bye, Kalle!

Is that Sven?

Is that you, Sven?

Why are you following me, Sven?

Why are you tormenting me?

I can't make it up to you.

How could I do that?

You have no relatives.

What can I do?


Can we not treat each other decently?

Forget it all.

The past... Just look ahead!

I'd be really happy if we could do that, Sven.

You have to see it from my perspective.

I can't take it any more.

I can't take it any more!

I just can't take it any more!

What the hell is this?

How much can you ask of a person?

You do what you can.

You struggle... get a bit of food on the table.

And enjoy yourself.

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