Sonny Boy (1989) Script

but I don't wanna go in there.

Why not?

Well, what if there's bugs?

I don't care if it smells and there's bugs running around.

If we're getting back in that car again tonight, you're driving.

Okay, well, I'll look at it.

I don't care if it's ugly, baby.

There's a bed.

Well, you know, i bet you there's bugs in that bed too.

Have a look.

I am gonna look.


Hey mister.

What do you think you're doing?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

Take it easy. I'm out.

I'm out of the car, okay.

It was just an honest, little mistake.

I got into the wrong car.

Looks exactly like my car.

Look, I said I was sorry. Okay?

All right, college boy.

Get into your room.

Help! Somebody help us!

Lady, I swear I'll kill you now!

Don't even think it.

I mean don't even think it.

Move. Get.

Get, get, get, get. Fast.


Get, get, get, get.

A sound explodes in my head.

I want my mother's arms to make me safe.

Hello! I've got it!


Slue! C'mere!


Come on out!

Come on!

My, my, don't you look pretty.

My dogs didn't even bark at you, 'cause they know you're a weaselly piece of shit.

Now what do you have for me?

It's in the trunk.

Get out of the car.

Look I got you a- give me the keys.

I got you a TV, a beautiful TV, and the car trunk is full of stuff.

Didn't have any trouble getting this car, did you?

No trouble, slue.

No trouble, I promise.

No, it went real smooth.

Black and white TV.

Shit. I mean, i thought it was color.

The sign said, free color TV in every room.

What the fuck am I supposed to watch on black and white?


Okay, I'll take it back to the Harmony motel.

I own the fucking motel!


I got you a Lincoln continental.

You didn't own that, and I got a real nice present for Pearl.

A nice little overnight case with...

Perfumes and...

Women's under apparel.

My lord. Look what weasel brought me.

A beautiful little baby.

Poor little baby.

Aww. Can I keep him?

Please. Can I?



You got to believe me, man.

I mean, I didn't know nothing about no baby.

Sweet little toes.

No trouble, slue.

No trouble stealing the car.

Just a pile of junk.

A black and white TV set, and a fucking kid.

Well, I got an idea.

First I'm gonna fucking kill you, then I'm gonna burn the black and white TV set, and then I'm gonna feed the kid to the hogs.

Sounds good to me!


This is my baby.

I'm not going to let you do that.

You won't? You won't let me?

My my. Pearl, c'mon.

Give me the baby, Pearl.

I won't hurt the baby.

C'mon, Pearl. You don't deserve the baby.

Give me the baby.

Give me the baby.

You lay one hand on this child, slue honey, I'm leaving you.

I mean it.

Daddy, I knew I could trust you.

It's okay, honey.



You started this family problem.


Get up.

Where in the hell do you think you're going, asshole?

I'm going to Harmony.

The fuck you are.

You've got work to do across the border.

I want Charlie p out here tomorrow, and I want you to start walking.

Walk? You want me to walk?

You're lucky you're not fucking dead.

Now get moving. Now!

Okay, okay, okay. I'm walking.


Walk. This is me walking.

I'm walking.


I'm going!

I'm going all the way across the goddamn county line!

I'm walking!

Yummy, Sonny...

Yummy, funny, Sonny.

Aww, Sonny boy.

Mama loves you so much.

Hey Pearl!

C'mon let's play catch.

Yeah, right here.

C'mon, baby. C'mon.

C'mon, Pearl. Throw me that baby.

You fricking bitch.

Get out of here!

No team spirit.

That fucking kid is mine.

Hi Pearl!

Hi slue. I hope I'm not interrupting.

That rag on your head won't get you to the klan.

I'm here on business.


I heard you had a car for me to dispose of.


Where are we going, slue?

Back off!

Slue. Slue.

My. Does it work?

I like that.

I really like that.

It's not for sale, but she is.

Tell weasel I want it painted black.

I want new plates on it, and I want it across the state line by Friday.

Right. You're the boss, slue.

Slue, honey, have you offered our guest a drink?

Get off my back, Pearl.

When's the last time you offered me a drink?

Why Pearl? What have you there?

I didn't know my beautiful Pearl blossom was with child.

I've been keeping it a secret.

The shame of being an unwed mother is just too much to bear.

I ought to kill you, the kid...

---A"d you!

Hey slue! Slue, c'mon, take it easy.

You're missing one of the biggest joys of life.

I only meant that...

I only meant that I think you'd make a wonderful father.

College boy, right.

Grabs me by the lapels, right.

He's acting real tough.

So I grab my gun out from under where he's not looking at me, and I pull that to his face, I click it, and I say, okay, son of a bitch, get into the room.


Get! Get! Get, get, get, get, get, get.

I go into the room, i close the door.


I get him, Sam. Right here.

See? Right here.

Right between the eyes.

Guy thought he was tough.

He was nothing.

Hey, hold it down, weasel?

Well, look who's here.

It's doc bender.

How you doing, doc?

Put anymore monkey parts in unsuspecting patients?

The doc here is famous.

Slue told me that you had your picture on the front page folks of the goddamn New York times.

But you got yourself kicked out.

That's enough!

Careful, doc.

You don't go talking down to one of slue's men.

Slue doesn't hire men.


What's in your pant's pocket?


Your pistol.

My goddamn pistol is in my coat pocket, man.

Me and slue own this goddamn town.

Me and slue, man, is almost brothers.

I'm his goddamn righthand man, man.

I'll be putting flowers on your grave, doc.

Now, hold hold it. Just a minute, doc.

I see no reason to tell slue about the good doctor's indiscretion.

Let me give you a piece of advice, because I like you, doc.

In Harmony, you're allowed one mistake.

Only one.

Rules of citizenship?


You dumb bitch.

Who do you think you are? Mother Mary?

Always, had in mind.

Then someday you find, it's right there at your door, there's so much more, waiting for you.

I repeat, can you read me?

I'm going to check out Mr. slue.

This is deputy hall. Come in.

I need backup.

Madigan here. Hello.

Madigan here. Hello?

Now where the hell are they?

Hello? Slue, can you hear me?

27 TV sets, two refrigerators.

Do you want me to do make and model on all of these?

And one baby boy.

He's not for sale.

One baby boy.

Retail value 10,000 bucks.

Get rid of him.

Pearl! Get back here!

Man has no decency.

No decency whatsoever.

Pearl we got company.

It's that new fucking recruit.

Stirred up a little dust, didn't you?

Afternoon officer.

You lost your way, honey?

Nope. I believe I'm in the right place.

Lordy. Somebody must be in trouble.

I'm looking for three individuals.

Must have taken the wrong turn.

They did.

I'm told they took a shortcut through Harmony.

Maybe you ought to talk to sheriff madigan.

I thought I'd go straight to the top.

Are you sure you want to do that?

They were traveling with a six month old child.

How old's your baby, miss?

That ain't her kid. She's just sitting with him.

Pearl. It'll be gone by nightfall.

Mind if I look around?

I wouldn't dream of interfering with the law.

Pearl. Take this boy around will you.

It's inventory day.

You wouldn't happen to have a receipt for all this stuff?

No, we picked it all up in a swap meet.

See, slue and me are kind of junk collectors.

I wouldn't call that baby there junk, ma'am.

Find anything yet?

Now. Now, sweetheart.

Drink from me, honey.

Drink from your mommy.

Yes, sweetheart.


Stay away from my house, slue!

This is my house!

Get away from me, slue.

You get away from this baby.

Get out of here!

Give me my kid.

Give me that kid!

Stay away from me, slue.

No, please. Slue!

My son.

No no.

My kid.

The ground trembles, his hands hold me tight, a warm red liquid covers us both.

Now I am his.

Cake time.

Later for the cake.

Mask time.

Is that little cake for me?

Yes, slue honey.

Thank you.

I've got something special for the kid.

Make a little room.

Crazy little bastard.

Like father, like son.

Father cut loose my tongue.

A present for my birthday.

The gift of silence.

And Pearl, she put my voice in the freezer for safekeeping.

And then I ate sweet cake.

Goddamn Pearl. Look at him.

He ain't even...

Shedding a tear.

Father teaches me games of strength and love.

I tasted dirt from the ground, feel the rope across my back, and my mother's warm breast holding me close.

This game makes me stronger.

Given me a skin of armour.

It's so hard, that even fire can't harm me.

Yes sweetheart.

My slue says you're almost a man now, so time for a grown up hair cut.


Mama take good care of you.

Gonna be so handsome.

Yes, sweetheart. Yes.

I heard some sounds coming from over there.

We hear you're experimenting with something.

It must be close to feeding time, slue.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Sonny boy, daddy's got a surprise for you.

Little bastard's hungry.

Feed him a chicken.

You're the boss, slue.

My watch!

He ate my rolex.

Give it back!

I want it back!

I'll get even with you for this.

Cop car!

Slue, we got trouble.

Could be big.

Sure wouldn't turn down a cold drink.

What kind of trouble?

It's the mayor. He's getting greedy.

Wants more than his share.

Well, then send him out well it don't look good.

A town official speaking out against you.

Could give the people ideas.

This town's mine, and this land's mine, and nobody better dare give me any trouble.

By the way, the mayor's your brother-in-law, isn't he?

Yeah, he is.


Why don't you just relax?

Yeah, go. Go!

Without slue and his enterprises, we wouldn't have a town.

But mayor, if...

The town joined forces, we'd be rid of slue.


But folks seem content to leave things as is.

What the hell?

Who's there?

Holy shit! Who are you?

C'mon, speak up!

Breaking and entering is against the law around these parts!

C'mon, move it!

I said move it!

No dirty little son of a bitch is gonna intimidate me!

Can this be me?

This pitiful thing I see trapped in this mirror?

That will teach you to double cross me, you bastard.


That'll rot your brain.

Papa's come to take you home.

You did good. Real good.

Now put it on.

Put it on!

These bars are stronger than bones.

Colder than flesh.

Now I have tasted the blood of a man.

I have pleased my father.

Move it, son. Go.

Sounds like Jesus.

You're crying now.


Smells like female teardrops to me.

Good boy. Good boy.

Anybody see what happened?

Looks like a mountain lion got him.

Or worse.

Looks like the mayor won't be having a Christian burial.

Well, that's a damn shame.

It sure is.

A very grave situation, sir.

Well, I sure do hope our fine citizens of Harmony walk softly.

Yes, I sure do hope so.

Otherwise, the consequences are...

How shall I put it?


Yes, extremely dire.



Now listen, don't you boys go eating everything in sight.

I promised I'd bring the leftovers to my son.

Sonny boy's on a diet.

Slue darling.

I want him hungry.

But, he hasn't...

Pearl, don't cross me.

The man's heartless.

The boy's in training.

He's earning his own money, he's gonna be a champion.

I want him mean, lean and hungry.

Pearl, this is delicious.

I mean, there is nothing like good home cooking.

You bet.

Boys, kid's come of age.

It's time to move.

Leave? Harmony?

Weasel, weasel.

Time has not blessed you with wisdom.

When a man reaches a certain age, it's time for change.

No more petty theft, no more two-bit refrigerators.

Fuck it. We're going in for the big bucks.

We're going into the art world.

Art world?

Why not?

We drive across the state line into California.

We got bel air, Beverly hills.

We got a kid who can eat his way right through their golden gates, and we got this town to protect us.

Slue, we get a whole mess of bel air shit.


What are we gonna do with it?

Steal from one, and sell it to the other.

There ain't no fingerprints on that high class shit.

A class act, slue.

The big time.

A few practice runs, Charlie p, and then you deal with the sharks.

I always knew I'd prosper...

In the artistic community.

You're truly a man of vision, slue.

A man of vision.

Sonny baby.

Here's your mama. Some nice food for you.

Yeah, sweetheart. Yeah.

Your mommy loves you, and you know it, don't you?

Now you keep quiet.

Be quiet for mommy, okay?

Hey! Ice cream!


You scared me.

I wanted an ice cream.

What are you doing in here?

What's your name?


Fuck it. Bye.

Hate it here.

Don't you?

You know, I'm gonna get out of here one day.

Go to la.


My name's rose.

What's yours?

Fine. Forget it.

This fucking suburbia gives me the creeps.

You got no taste. Look at that.

Can I watch, slue?

You know the kid works solo.

Yeah, well one can only hope he's neat and tidy about this experiment.

I do have a squeamish stomach.

Come on let's go. Come on.


Real nice church you got there, father.

Thank you.

You're welcome to come in.

We're here on business.

No time for praying.

Well, I'll be in the rectory, in case you change your mind.

Father, son, holy ghost.

We're here on business.

My enemy's inside, boy.

This is what I want you to do.

Don't give me any back talk.

You're my son.

Do it.

What are you doing up there?

Come down, boy. Come on.

Who did that to you?

Stop it!

Give it to me.

Let go.

Drop 'm.!

You think he's right in the head?


Sonny boy.

What in the fuck is wrong with you?

Haven't you heard, slue?

Our weasel's taking to reading books now.

Well, I figured I ought to, since we're all artists now, you know?

What's an art book got to do with my kid?

Well, lots of 'em was off in their heads, and one of 'em even chopped his ear off, so I figured that maybe Sonny-

Sonny boy's my kid.

I made him what he is, and he ain't no fuckin' painter.

Good show.

You did real good, son.

Put it on.

There's something flowing in me now.

A taste I've never had.

The blood of a good man.

You know, I heard one of the prospectors in Harmony stumbled across some gold nuggets.

Now I was thinking of that boy of yours.

It's my fucking town.

We leave the people alone.

I'm talking about a hermit.

Some lonely old prospector nobody will ever miss.

Why, Sonny boy could have him for dessert.

Boy's got a good appetite, slue.

I got this whole town under my thumb.

One mysterious killing, and you'll see how nervous they get.

Old age is making you cautious.

You're the boss, slue.

I don't think this is such a good idea.

Hey. Weasel, wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

You've lost it.

Your joie de vivre.


I never crossed slue before.

- You're not. Shhh!

Look, we're simply going to borrow the creature.

That's all.

Anyway, he wants some airing.

Don't you, my little pet?


This isn't right.

Why have they come for me when father is away?

My chest burns.

Too many thoughts fill my head.

I don't now what's right anymore.

Good boy, Sonny boy.

Now give me the gold, Sonny boy.

Drop the gold, Sonny boy.

Give me the gold.

C'mon. Give me the gold.

Gimme that. Goddamnit, Charlie p.

He needs an attitude adjustment.

That's what he needs.

He just wants to play. I've played with him.


Show him. Show him.

He's tough. C'mon. C'mon.

Show him, baby.

That's it. C'mon.

C'mon babe.

I'm gonna get you this time.

Right here.



Charlie p., look at that, man.

He got my goddamn thumb!

Shit boy, you got a set of choppers!

Goddamn boy! Look at that!

Got my goddamn thumb, boy!


Let's just call him, it, okay?

It grabs my thumb, man, and bam.

Takes it off, just clean as a goddamn whistle.

Just like that, boys.

You outta let me have a look at that?

What? Let you put a monkey dick on it?

Your funeral.

I don't think I'm gonna be the one having the funeral, doc.

Sounds to me, there was just a little bit of screaming out on the edge of Harmony.

Almost like somebody getting themselves killed.

You should call your friend, the sheriff.

Why tell us?

You think it will make your dick longer?

Drinks are on me.

Since when do you pan for gold?

Since this evening.

That's right.

We took slue's secret weapon out for a little gold hunting.

Secret weapon my ass.

A real woman should be seen and not heard.

What did you do?

Hold up some tourists?

What's new about that?

Lady, we don't need a rifle.

Yeah! Guns are passé.

That's right.

From now on we use the secret weapon.

I'll tell you one thing.

He ain't no goddamn vegetarian.

Their eyes pierced deep into me.

Hurting me.

Am I that different from all of them?

Slue's a professional.

He wouldn't turn on his own people.

If you say so.

What the fuck?

Get up you little shit.

Where did you get that souvenir, boy?


Did it belong to holy man?

I asked you a question!

Whose is it?

Slue honey, you know my baby can't talk.

See this? He's been outside.

Sweetheart, he's at that age.

You can't expect to keep a young man cooped up all the time...


What are you looking at, you fucking pervert?

Get my clothes!

Let's get the fucker!

Hold on to your socks, shit face!

Sonny boy.

Leave her the fuck alone.

Somebody cut his tongue out.

You know that, don't you?

Well, maybe he did it eating some glass or something.

It's obvious he doesn't take good care of himself.

Leave it alone, Max.

You know this one's out of all our hands.

You finished yet?

You just patch him up.

I'll notify slue.

I'll let myself out the back way.

You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?

Shut up, Pearl. Here.

Why did he run away?

We gave him so much.

I just don't understand children.

Maybe we ought to steal the kid away.

Whatever you say, sweetheart.

As long as my baby comes back to me.

Who cut your tongue out?

Can you read? Write?

They want your blood.

We want action! Give him to us!

We want action!

He's in no condition to be moved.

Get out of my way.

Who's there?

Hey you!

Get the hell out of here, you son of a bitch!

Go on, you bastard!

Get out of here!

What do you want?

Hey, you thirsty?


Here, have some.


Want more?


It's good.


You like cookies?


Sugar's good.

Having a good time?

Yeah, me too.

I like tea time.

Company dropping in on me.

It's nice. Cozy.

That's nice.

You don't want to give this to me.

Give me that.

Now, take it easy.

That's right, boy.

That's a good boy.

C'mon. Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Good boy.

You son of a bitch.

There he is.

Slue, the town's up in arms!

Weasel and I will attempt to save the child!

Whose side are we on?

Whoever wins, my friend.

How much pain can I stand?

How much hate?

They should leave me alone.

Sheriff! There's a monster.

It's a blood bath! Do something!

You're the monsters.

You let it happen.

Now you good people are gonna have to pay the price.

Not so hard, dummy.

Come here.

It's like this.



Go ahead.


You're slow.

You don't know nothing, do you?

You know, you never talk to me.


What? Are you shy?

That's okay.

You know, I get like that sometimes too.

Believe it or not.

You like me, don't you?

You're shaking.


That's because...

Get up!


Listen you, I raised you like I was raised and what have I got?

A wild fucking pervert!

Come on you shit.

Ding. Ding ding cling.

No water.


What the hell are you doing here?

It's time to sober up, my friend.

The good people of Harmony want their sheriff.

Folks sure do love you, sheriff.

They sure do.

Here we go. Yes sir.

Hey you fat pig.

How about some police protection?


Protection from what?

Now come on folks!

Just take it easy!

He's got some monster hidden.

He wants us to take it easy?

There ain't no monster.

I say we can't wait any longer.

I say we hunt that thing down and kill it tonight.

What do you say?

I say you're a dumbass, Sandy.

Get away from me.

Look. He's just scared.

Shut up, rose.

You're not man enough to do the job, sheriff.

Stop, will you? Wait a minute.

You can't do this. This isn't some animal you're hunting.

It's a human being!

Go home, doc!

Stick to your clogs and cats, doc.

You don't give a damn about Harmony.

Am I right?

Yeah, and I'm gonna help ya find...

The monster.

He's lying.

I'm not lying! Look!

See that?

I'll tell you everything you want to know about him!

'Cause I know it.

I mean I knew him when he was like a little baby.


I watched him grow up!

And become a man!

Get up, you son of a bitch.

Get up!

Get up. Get up.

You almost got your father in a shit load of trouble.

What do you think I'm running here? A stud farm?

You can't say Pearl and i didn't raise you well.

Shit. C'mon boy, the cops coming.

Come with me. Come on.

Come on boy.

Okay, let's go get him!

Get out of here! Get out!

Come on let's get the...

Where is it?

It's in the pyramid. Let's go.

Come on, Sonny. Come on.

Come on, get in here!


Wait a minute. The boy's still in there.

Slue's got the canon.


Yeah, right. Howitzer.

Anyway, what we're gonna do is, you guys are gonna sneak in there in dirt bikes, and just burn the whole thing down.

What do you say?


Let me go! Goddamnit!

It'd be a real tradegy if that house were to burn without saving some of it's...


You're crazy.

C'mon! Let's go!

I was always a bit too fond of trinkets.


Slue, they're trying to burn us out!

We're all gonna burn to death!

Sweet Jesus, i don't want to die.

Please god, don't let me die in here.

Don't let me die.

Get down, son. Get down.


Get your act together! C'mon!

Goddamnit, you son of a bitch!

You never could hit for shit!

Now guard the front door!

I'll get the flames.



Yes, mama will take care of you.

I won't let them hurt you.

Sonny, we got to get out of here. Gone crazy.

We're gonna die in here. C'mon.

C'mon Sonny.

Sonny, we gotta get out of here!

We gotta get out!


Where are they?

They're gone.


Max, not even a hint?

I'm out of practice.

Willing to go for it?

Okay, and now all we need is a monkey.

Well, kid, good luck to both of us.

Head back. That's it.


You can make it in life without a voice.

I want to make that clear.

I mean, it's easier with one, but, it's not absolutely necessary.


Ope", open.

So whatever happens...

Well, we've tried our best.

Easy son.

Over here. Over here.



Easy son.

C'mon Sonny.

Easy. Easy, easy.

Okay, okay, c'mon.

C'mon. Sonny.

C'mon. Easy.

Take it easy.

Sonny, take it easy.

Sonny, take it easy.

Try it again.



Here's to Max bender.

Couldn't leave well enough alone.

Lighten up, will you?

This is supposed to be a celebration.

Him or me?

Operation's a success.

It is? I'm still a drunk.

And he's...

Mentally, that kids- everybody's crazy, Max.

His just shows more.

Haven't I got us a case in the post operative blues.

I'll run some tests on him, and keep him under wraps.

I have words now, but what good are they?

The pain doesn't stop, and I wonder...

Who am I now?